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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 5, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: all right. hello. welcome back. it is monday. the fifth of october. i am greg kelly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. highs will be in the mid- 60s.
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greg: a fire in brooklyn. a home demolished. trying to figure out what happened here. rosanna: a young woman, a dermatologist, she somehow was found dead. they do not know what happened. she is the mother of three children. greg: hillary clinton. saturday night live this weekend. very defective. the cat was pretty good, too. the plan to handle con violence. rosanna: 1000 year flood. the flooding is so severe in south carolina. officials going door to door to see if anyone is still trapped. a lot of the neighbors are really feeling the effects of
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it is really sad. greg: rain was really not such a pig deal. we missed joaquin. this little guy was fantastic. [laughter] rosanna: what did you call it, oreo? greg: he is only like six days old. you can name it whatever you want. rosanna: i don't know. they did not send me pictures. greg: came close.
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it this big? greg: now you are making me regret it. [laughter] mike: good weekend. friday, kind of rough. it got better as time went on. a little bit cool, a little bit breezy. it felt like fall because it is. mix of clouds and sun. let's talk about the rainfall. we only got about an inch and a half. rosanna: what about those reservoirs or should mark. >> they actually have above normal storage at this point. we are in pretty decent shape. here is all we have for october.
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we could take a little break from the rain for a little bit. obviously, we will need to get back to it. here is what we have out there right now. fifty-three and partly cloudy skies. fifty-six in montauk. wind, well, a little bit of a player. makes it feel a little bit cooler than it actually is. you are looking at a mixed sky here in the tri-state region. lads take a look at the radar and satellite. still looking at some very messy weather. that is with that stalled out area of low pressure. here is joaquin. still in the offshore waters as a category one hurricane. showers do not look like a
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you will see a lot of wave action from that storm. it is still capable of sending back a lot of waves. that can be a bit of a problem. the track still takes it way out to sea. not a direct hit. partly sunny today. high goes up to 65 degrees. another shower chance comes through on friday with a front passing by. the wind is actually causing some problems. >> airport posting some delays. meters remained in effect. the commute, l.i.e. slow this morning. we had some problems. traffic is slower than normal as you approach the van wyck. as far as new jersey, 280
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your commute this morning, the fine. no delays southbound. northbound, you are fine. we do have a problem in front of newark airport. you have this accident involving two vehicles. expect delays. with the trains, there is a little bit of a problem with long island railroad. everything else, running on or close. rosanna: thank you very much. investigators are searching for clues with that explosion. greg: jim smith is over the scene. rosanna: look at the debris on
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let's go to robert moses. live in borough park with more. >> reporter: good morning. they are still searching for that woman. you could see the huge pile of rubble. let's take another look at skyfoxhd. it gives you a sense that the immensity of the explosion. authorities did find a missing woman's car nearby. they also pinpointed it to nearby power. no sign of her. authorities are still looking for a missing tenant. relatives have identified her. figueroa's car was found nearby. the park commissioners said a tenet connected a gas line from a high-end stills when moving out from the building.
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is that tenant. according to the fire department, 13 people were injured. most of the injuries were minor. fifty people were displaced from their homes. a search dog could be seen combing through the rubble yesterday. firefighters were delayed getting into the building because of concerns it would collapse. the collapse was so strong that it flew off the front of the building. another live look at 13th avenue this morning. debris piled up outside. firefighters have really not that much access inside. they have been using a piece of machinery to bring that debris out and search through it on the street.
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jewish area, many people were inside their homes observing the sabbath. therefore, not in the line of fire. that is the latest live from borough park this morning. back to you. greg: robert, thank you very much. we also have this. a dermatologist found dead over the weekend. rosanna: she was found around 8:30 a.m. in the morning yesterday at 223 west 16th street. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. friends. she lives with her family in manhattan. she was partying in the chelsea area. surveillance video shows two men carrying her down to the lobby. one of those men was questioned.
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her husband was also interviewed by police. an autopsy is pending. greg: we can see that picture while my time. three children. while respected dermatologists. an active investigation. rosanna: maybe drugs may have been involved in all of this. gun control is on the minds of presidential candidates. greg: hillary clinton will reveal her plan to keep weapons out of the hands of people that should not have them. this is a huge debate. ongoing. solutions do not appear in reach. >> reporter: good morning.
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non-stopping -- are aimed at stopping this. hillary clinton is unveiling new measures aimed at making it tougher to buy a weapon in the united states. her plan also coming in the wake of these comments made friday in the wake of the campaign trail. >> what is wrong with us that we cannot stand up to the nra and the gun lobbyists? this is not just tragic. we need to act. we need to build a movement. >> reporter: in early breed shows that she hopes to call for universal background checks. a crackdown on gun sold on the internet and at gun shows. she wants full background checks even on private sales. clinton also wants to make sure
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are held accountable. trump believes the issues is not illness. >> if there were guns in that room other than his, fewer people would have died. fewer people would have been injured. >> reporter: there was no gun control mentioned on saturday night live. hillary clinton did cut john >> it really is great how long you have supported gay marriage. >> reporter: back to gun control for one second. this issue of gun control will affect hillary clinton and her opponents.
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thursday's massacre. meantime, hillary clinton maintains an 11-point lead in iowa. bernie sanders is nine points ahead in new hampshire. greg: thank you, teresa. when is the new york primary? rosanna: if joe biden throws his hat in the ring, it will be the next seven-10 days. that is another wildcard. thank you, teresa. we're hearing about an alert this morning after threats of violence. it is not specific, but it is still alarming. greg: okay.
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would happen at 2:00 o'clock by an unspecified university in philadelphia. there is a place called philadelphia university. the threat was posted on social media. colleges are telling students to watch out for any suspicious act committee. rosanna: search teams may have found debris from a cargo ship that went missing in hurricane joaquin. life jackets. life brings. a container. and oil sharing in the area. thirty-three people were on board.
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over in jersey, a successful rescue. people got in trouble on jet skis. rosanna: crashing into the rock from the monmouth county coast. it made for rough surf. remember friday? a helicopter group pulled a man out of the water. he was lucky the coast guard was passing by when they spotted him. he was in a lot of distress there. he was okay. can you imagine being rescued in a little basket, by a helicopter? greg: rosanna and i love the jet ski in warm weather. rosanna: that was a magical day, by the way. greg: good stuff.
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of creatures that should not be in water. greg: the water in manhattan is surprisingly fresh. rosanna: it is clean. next time i will maybe take you with us, mike. mike: warmed up. ready to go. today, we have some rough surf around the tri-state region. waves coming in around six-8 feet. it makes a potential for rip currents out there. you will see tides around a foot and a half to feet above normal. that will give you some minor to moderate flooding. as much as 11 feet around cape may.
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seeing from joaquin. 53 degrees. we do have an amount of cloud cover out there. maybe a few quick sprinkles. looking at some of the moisture passing. the main thing that we will see from the storm is exactly that and the ways being generated. the area of pressure still going on today into tomorrow. tenet leaves for you later tomorrow. checking out the storm, hurricane joaquin, forecasted to stay out to see. not a big father. high temperature is 65 degrees. things look nice and sunny. happy birthday to this guy. they're looking for a birthday shout out for like five years.
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ines: five years to say happy birthday to have? mike: i guess so. i don't know how that happens. happy birthday, buddy. rosanna: adorable. mike: let's bring in mind as now. ines: happy birthday. street cleaning rules are suspended today. meters are in effect. some emergency construction going on off to the side. the l.i.e., those are normal stopping go. 684. no issues on the taconic. the l.i.e., stopping go. normal slowdowns. no problems on the eastbound side. george washington bridge, 20 minute delay on both levels.
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greg: south carolina. a lot of rain down there. rosanna: major flooding goblins. they've had to rescue people. greg: let's take a look at what tim can see from the helicopter. rosanna: a beautiful, fall, crisp day hand-crafted...layer by layer. from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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rosanna: all right. welcome back to "good day new york." look at what is happening down south. crews going door-to-door searching in south carolina. greg: let's get to joe baldwin. good to see you again. >> reporter: i wish i saw you under that of better circumstances. downtown charleston. you had this way onto chisholm street, water gets a little bit ether. going downtown charleston. reports of at least five dead in
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worst flooding in its history. >> for any reason you are in your car into her driving and you see water, turn around, do not ground. >> reporter: warning residents about the severity of what has been called the thousand year rainfall. >> we have never seen anything like this here. >> reporter: the state capital of columbia pummeled over the weekend. destroying dozens of homes and businesses. >> backing up in the house. >> reporter: are hundred of national guard troops are also deployed. specially trained firefighters are moving throughout the area. >> overnight, somewhere in the
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officials are enforcing >> lease follow that. stay safe. stay home. >> reporter: despite the floodwaters out here, dogs still getting to go out on a walk. it is not advisable to be out here for any prolonged period of time. people are out and about. meanwhile, president obama has all ready declared this a federal state of emergency. schools are closed here today as well. the university of south carolina, they seem to be getting the worst of it. charles did, they could get some more flooding. we are in the low country here. they are expecting enough water
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greg: jule waltman. thank you. this rain is not from joaquin. this rain is from something else. >> reporter: yes. you are exactly right. these are low pressures meeting high pressures. it is just moisture coming in from the south right now. high-pressure system coming down from the north. creating too much oyster into little of an amount of time. this, obviously, is an end result. this is the most rain may they have ever gotten in the month of october. we are only at october 5 right now. greg: let's get you out of that water. we have to go overseas and also
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arrested after allegedly entering the country illegally. this morning, he was released to south korean officials. he was attending nyu when he decided to travel abroad. he went over a border and they picked him up. greg: remember her from titanic? kate winslet's birthday. call it a crisp day. rosanna: a nice fall crisp day. greg: what is our name for a little guy here? $0.99 a pound for the pumpkin. rosanna: maybe we will take it
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>> if it were 1976, we'd be the coolest people in town. [laughter] >> i know. >> welcome to new york city. fall 2015. how many days til halloween? >> i would say 25. >> three weeks, something hike that? >> yeah. >> all right. we've got big plans this halloween. >> we do. >> the costume gala, i think maybe you'll see donald trump and maybe -- >> hillary. should we put a twist on it? >> what you got? >> you hillary, and me donald. [laughter] >> not that there's anything wrong with that. >> the standard thing's kind of boring. >> unless you can do it really good. >> that's the thing. he's got a skill for that. >> i don't know. mike, what do you want to be?
7:31 am
superhero. >> what are you, 5? [laughter] >> pretty much. the kids in my building, they're all getting excited over halloween, we're going to your house, you've got good candy. >> oh, you do? >> have you noticed the grocery stores, the candy is everywhere? just to be prudent, i'll buy it now. >> i do buy a lot of it now, and then i have to hide it because my kids will go looking around because they know i buy it. >> your kids are adults! >> but they're still my kids. >> let's get you out the door here. it's early october, it's feeling kind of fresh, but we also have a decent amount of cloud cover. maybe a few sprinkles on the east end of long island. the average high for today is 68 degrees, the normal low is 54. we're going to be a hair below normal with the temperatures here but not too far off the mark. it's now 51 in newark as well as
7:32 am
cloudy skies, 56 in montauk. winds a player coming in from the northeast at 7-15 miles per hour, so that's breeze -- breezy. the rainmakers are here and trying to make their way into the east end of long island. a quick sprinkle in that area is not out of the question, but for the most part, it's because that storm is passing by well withdraw shore. it is -- offshore. it is sending in a bit of wave action, high surf and the potential for beach erosion out there. 71's your high tomorrow, 73 on sens, next chance of rain is on friday. let's bring in ines, breezy conditions but other than that pretty quiet on the weather front. >> mike, not bad, actually, for a monday morning. street cleaning rules suspended today for religious observances.
7:33 am
as far as your commute goes in queens, the lie's normal slowdown as you approach queens boulevard passing van wyck. let's go to our cameras, take a look at traffic on the bronx river parkway. you have some volume southbound, a little below the speed limit but not too bad. as for the van wyck through the q gardens interchange northbound and southbound, no delays. the cross bronx, exiting delays heading towards the major deegan, just some exiting delays. but if you're heading towards jerome avenue eastbound off the george washington bridge, things are moving fine. as for the trains, the port jefferson branch of long island railroad, some of the trains have been delayed because of a broken rail. everything else running on or close. >> thank you so much, ines. police are investigating the death of a dermatologist from long island. her body found in the vestibule of a body right here in
7:34 am
>> 38 years old, a leading dermatologist in the medical community found dead in a chelsea building. what happened here? no one knows yet. liz dahlem has more on the investigation from the scene. >> good morning, greg and rosanna. police are trying to figure out the details as to exactly what led up to this mother of three's death, and we are on 16th street between seventh and eighth avenue, and this is the entrance to the building here, 223 west 16th street. there is a police officer in front of the property guarding that entranceway where this dermatologist's body was found in the vestibule of that building. she was pronounced dead at lennox health medical center, and according to the post, she had been out partying with friends, was first bar hopping on the lower east side and ended up in this area sometime later in the evening. surveillance video reportedly shows two men carrying her down the stairs of the building to the lobby.
7:35 am
was questioned but released without charge. her husband was also interviewed by the police, and investigators do not believe he was involved at all. back out here live, we're told that an autopsy is pending, and we're also told that this woman was just 38 years old, again, a mother of three. the nypd investigating as we speak this morning. we're live on west 16th street, back inside to you. >> we don't hear about this kind of thing too often. let's take a look at her one more time, just 38 years old, mother of three, and a very accomplished doctor. she went to duke undergrad, tulane medical school. >> i know. she has three children at home. anyway, police are investigating, and as soon as we get information, we'll bring it to you. there was another tribute for yogi berra yesterday. >> fans paid tribute in new jersey at the yogi berra learning center. a public memorial.
7:36 am
his father. as you know, yogi died september 22nd. he was 90 years old. i had the pleasure of meeting him, actually walking around that museum with yogi. >> that was cool. you'll always have that too, you know? >> i know. he was such a legend and, anyway, we wish his family all the best. >> let's take a peek outside. kind of chilly out there. what else, rosanna? >> well, greg, it's monday. >> you have a tough time on mondays followed by a very tough sunday night, right? >> yes. i get that anxiety on sunday night. >> a solution to the sunday night blues when we come back.
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so many -- so much life >> by the end of the week we've got
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through. right now mostly cloudy, central park. 53 the humidity and dewpoint not so bad. a lot of cloud cover still around the tristate region but not the rainmakers well offshore, a little closer to joaquin which is a category one hurricane, still forecast to hang out and push out into the atlantic waters. hopefully this is the last day of rainfall. today we make it up to 65 by about 2:00 in the afternoon with partly to mostly cloudy skies, and as we go through the next five days, 71 tomorrow, 73 on wednesday and 73 on thursday. daily and hourly forecasts are broken down on my fox ny weather app. happy 20th birthday to amanda. and that's kyle, remember we met him, ines, at the auto pant big
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big fan. let's bring in ines right now and see what's going on. we've got some gray skies but no severe weather other than wind. >> and that's okay. airports reporting delays, so make sure you call ahead because of the windy conditions. new jersey, we're okay. parkway, delays in the area of the essex toll plaza. westchester county, if you're heading towards the tappan zee bridge, you have normal delays almost back to the garden state parkway. once you get onto the westchester side, you're fine. let's go to our cameras, on the lie by deer park avenue, westbound, not bad of a ride. eastbound, you're fine. the lie in queens, traffic slow. there have been several incidents right now. right now there's an accident by junction boulevard westbound blocking a lane. even the service road is moving slow. as for lincoln tunnel, 45 heading inbound, the holland and george washington bridge, 30
7:44 am
greg and rosanna. >> all right! [laughter] >> it's talk about's turn. mets' fans, yankees' fans, you worried about your team heading into the postseason? tweet me. i like teams playing well at the end of the year, but regardless this is what we're, we have right now. we know the yanks will be at home tuesday night against the astros in the wildcard game despite getting crushed yesterday in baltimore. this game was never close. baltimore pounded the yankee pitching led by chris davis. 46th and 47th home runs of the year. the yanks getting swept in baltimore 9-4, but houston also lost, so the yanks will host the wildcard game against the astros tomorrow night. >> well, there's nothing like playing at home, you know? so it's going to be fun, no doubt about that. >> i've been on teams that played extremely well going in, and you don't get it done, and vice versa. tuesday's a new day. we're where we want to be, we're
7:45 am
so i think the guys feel good about that, and they'll be ready tuesday. >> all right. the mets trying to finish off the season on a winning note after getting no hits saturday night. curtis granderson hit his 26th home run of the year, the only run of the game, and the mets beat the nationals, mets wind up with 90 wins on the season. granderson asked about his advice to young players who have never been to the postseason. >> have fun, enjoy it. this is a moment that you've all looked forward to, that you get a chance to be a part of. we played 162 games prior to this point. what you've been doing to that point got us here, so no reason to change anything. >> curtis granderson will be live on good day new york starting at 9:15 this morning. now into football, the jets are reading into their bye week with a 3-1 record. team for real? i think they are.
7:46 am
across the pond to london including fireman ed. chris henry, what a day he -- chris ivory, 166 yards rushing. 7-0. later in the first half, quarterback ryan fitzpatrick, jets led 20-7. here's head coach todd bowles. >> i mean, it feels good going into the break 3-1 instead of 2-2, so it gives us a chance to start the second quarter of the season off with a good note. to come out here and play with the energy they played with, i was proud of them from that stand point. >> the giants were up in buffalo, eli manning threw three touchdown passes, the first to duane harris to put the giants up 9-3. later in the half, randle, he had a breakout game against washington, another nice game again yesterday. 11-yard touchdown with the giants up 16-3.
7:47 am
giant ares' fans had to be worried about another fourth quarter collapse until eli manning hits rashad jennings who breaks tackles here. 51-yard touchdown pass. giants win 24-10, they're now 2-2 on the year. tom coughlin after the game. >> we knew it was going to be a battle, and it was a battle. i thought the offense did a great job in the first half, the defense did an outstanding job throughout the game. i thought special teams, we didn't get the big break on field position today, but we hung in there, we did our job on special teams as well. >> coach challenged us. that was a big challenge after the first two games where we had leads going into the fourth quarter and lost 'em and weren't able to come back. you know, we weren't playing as well in the fourth quarter, so he challenged us that, hey, we've got to elevate our level of play in the fourth quarter and, you know, i think we've done that these last two weeks. >> all right. giants fans will like this, dallas and new orleans, right? last night, the late game.
7:48 am
drew brees, he's got a clear path to the end zone -- >> never catch the guy. >> this you have it. bries' 400th career touchdown pass. dallas loss, good news for the giants. the giants and dallas play each other week seven -- >> was everybody up early on sunday watching the jets' game? >> yes, i was. >> it's crazy. i've never seen my husband hop out of bed so fast -- >> you know, the more you talk about this lou, the bigger bum he sounds like. [laughter] >> he's fine. but, you know, when it comes to football, baseball, golf -- >> providing for the family. [laughter] >> it was all those sports things. you would think he had a job with sports. >> lou, you're all right. >> he's a good guy. all right, when we come back -- >> we'll take a peek outside. i spy a bunch of airplanes. looks like newark airport which
7:49 am
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to say it, than jfk or la this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do...
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>> easy there. >> very smooth. >> watch this. sooner or later, he's going to start pulling back on the stick. you want to land on those back wheels. >> let's see. >> you ever been in the plane when they give the pilot a round of applause after they land? >> i don't like that. >> why not? [laughter] >> because a friend of mine had a wad experience -- a bad experience. things happened afterwards. >> they clapped prematurely? they ran off the runway? >> yes. >> well, clap when you get to the gate? >> don't clap at all, just say thank you. >> i do like -- you know what? the crew, being a flight attendant, that's a tough job. >> oh, yeah. >> and the pilots, some of them will be based in newark, but they live in arizona. they've got to fly all the way here. >> i remember growing up it was very glamorous -- >> everybody got dressed up. >> now, listen, we're not on the plane. nice landing. [applause] >> thank you. is that a united? was that --
7:52 am
they became the same airline. i think it's united -- whoever won the corporate takeover. [laughter] >> let's -- >> i think continental got taken over by united. >> here's anna gilligan. >> okay. i also keep an eye on entertainment, of course, and speaking of that miley cyrus kicked off the 41st season of saturday night live by paying tribute to this summer's headline-making scandals. [laughter] >> cyrus sang "my way" for the people who made the summer famous, that was the naacp chapter president pretended to be ousted -- this is the dentist who killed cecil the lion, and there was kentucky clerk kim davis who refused to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples, went to jail for it.
7:53 am
appearance -- harry clinton also made an appearance as a bartender. here are some highlights from her cameo. >> me? i'm just an ordinary citizen who believes the keystone pipeline will dry our environment. [laughter] i agree with you there. it did take me a long time to decide that, but i am against that. [laughter] >> did somebody say vacation? [laughter] [cheers and applause] oh, my god. [laughter] they're multiplying! [laughter] >> that, of course, bill clinton impersonator, and we'll have more clips of hillary clinton including her doing her donald trump impression which a lot of people were talking about. you guys will do that in the next hour. and ridty scott's 3-d space epic, the martian, touched down over the weekend bringing in $55 million.
7:54 am
>> i'm okay! >> it's gotten great reviews. it stars matt damon who plays an astronaut left for dead on mars. he has to survive and give signal back to earth that he's still there. a lot of people are saying ridley scott could be getting an oscar for it. and hotel transylvania ii came in second. and you've probably seen people using funky ducks, but have you seen them do this? what do you mean when you nod your held your yes, but you want to say no? >> i love this. this is them doing justin bieber's "what do you mean" on funky ducks. >> it's like a ballet. >> yes. >> you know are, greg has done something similar to that. >> these things are fun. we had them on the show a while back. >> and you really got a good
7:55 am
i think we've got some footage -- just so you know, bieber called it "dope," and since it was posted on october 1st, over one and a half million views. >> he called it dope? >> dope. >> greg had some dope moves too. [laughter] >> that's j.b.smoove, we had a little ballet. >> i think you need to upload that on youtube. i think you could rival these guys. >> i think they copied us. hey, anna, less than two weeks to the big day. >> exactly. two weeks from yesterday. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. [laughter] >> i mean, seriously. >> oh, good. >> well, you know how i feel. all right, anything else going on? >> that is all. >> okay. >> much more to discuss next hour. >> okay. excellent. see you in a little bit. we have a facebook fan of the hour. >> let's take a look, please. hey, harry and willie blair.
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rosanna: today new york. monday, october 5. how are you feeling? greg: it is monday.
7:59 am
rosanna: it is sunny. mike woods has all the details for us. police are investigating a very mysterious death. a dermatologist from long island found dead in chelsea. greg: what happened to her. what she killed? were drugs involved? we will have more in a moment on this. rosanna: a deadly explosion in brooklyn. the building is unstable. they really have to take everything slowly so they do not lose the building. greg: what is the latest from the campaign trail? hillary clinton has some announcements to make about gun
8:00 am
say about this situation? rosanna: meanwhile, a mammoth of a find in michigan. a woolly mammoth. greg: icy task. anybody know what a woolly mammoth? do we have them at the zoo? interesting. rosanna: interesting. greg: it really makes you think. karaoke coming up. rosanna: a friday and saturday night. not a monday morning. greg: we will be sober when we do it as well.
8:01 am
do not embarrass us. rosanna: he is in scandal. do we have something in store for tony? greg: tony seems like a really great guy. rosanna: anyway. mike: let's talk about what is going on with the weather here. a little bit of this. a little bit of that. a little breezy, a little cool. we have 53 degrees right now. i do not know where that comes from. this is not going to work. let's bring in nine as. ines: get it together. get it together, mike.
8:02 am
we will check in with mike again. rockland, westchester side, first you have an accident blocking a lane. traffic slowed towards the tappan zee bridge. as far as staten island, the expressway, moving slow. let's go to our cameras. see how things are moving this morning. fifty-ninth street bridge, looking good. as for the trains, port jefferson, expect delays. mike, how are you feeling? ready to try this again? >> i am okay. 53 degrees in central park. 47 degrees in allentown.
8:03 am
showers are not a problem. wind coming in from the northeast at 18 miles per hour. makes it feel a little bit cooler than it actually is. joaquin did not make landfall anywhere in the states. that will be our weather player out there. the area of low pressure looking down over south carolina and north carolina. absolutely disastrous. seventy-one tomorrow. seventy-three on wednesday. next chance of rain is not here in till friday. greg: thank you very much. we have to go to brooklyn. another gas explosion.
8:04 am
they think her body may be in the rubble. rosanna: they did here playing's from her cell phone in the rubble. they could not get there. fox5 robert moses is at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. a slightly different perspective. you can see how totally destroyed that building is and why this has been such a painstaking search process. the fire marshals office is out. and the office of the medical examiner has a representative here as well. this fire department says they are still looking for that missing woman inside. authorities are still looking for a missing second-floor
8:05 am
48-year-old francisca figueroa. her car was found nearby. disconnecting a gas line when moving out of the building. that may have caused the blasts. 64-year-old died in the explosion saturday afternoon. according to the fire department, 13 people were injured. most of the injuries were minor. the red cross has been helping them. search dog could be seen combing through the rubble yesterday. concerns that it would collapse and compound the tragedy. the blast was so strong that it blew off the front of the building. a virtually obstructed view of the debris inside. we are learning that figaro outlived inside that apartment building with her children.
8:06 am
the time of the explosion. she remains missing at this hour. we hope to get an update from fire officials. that is the latest. back to you. rosanna: robert, thank you so much. gun control is on the minds of presidential candidates following that deadly shooting and organ at that campus last week. greg: what to do about it, it is not easy. do we have any video of this? hillary clinton is poised to make a major announcement. whatever proposals are produced in this environment, they work at the margins. all of the gods guns that this young man had were all legally obtained. >> and his mother encouraged him. she knew that he had issues he was dealing with. greg: let's go to teresa priolo.
8:07 am
hillary clinton has gone control proposals aiming at stopping this. presidential hopeful hillary clinton is unveiling new measures aimed at making it tougher to buy a weapon in the united states. her plan also coming in the wake of these comments nate friday on the campaign trail. >> what is wrong with us that we cannot stand up to the nra and the god manufacturers? this is not just tragic, we need to act. we need to build a movement. this is in. aiding. >> reporter: hoping to call for universal background checks. she wants to require full
8:08 am
private sales. it is something she is willing to take executive action onto an act. she wants to make sure that gun dealers and manufacturers are held accountable for negligence when crimes are committed. donald trump, and an ra number and supporter of the second amendment. >> i could make a case that if there were guns in that room other than his, fewer people would have died. fewer people would have been injured. hillary clinton did touch on another controversial topic that has embroiled both parties. >> it really is great how long you have supported gay marriage. >> i could have supported it sooner. >> well, you did it ready soon. [laughter]
8:09 am
control. the voters have to say. the latest wall street journal marist poll taken before last thursday's massacre shows that trump is holding a sizable lead. then carson is on his heels in iowa. bernie sanders has a nine-point lead in new hampshire. >> check this out. >> all anybody wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that is like, you are all losers. [laughter]
8:10 am
job. >> i think that she was better at hillary clinton and hillary clinton was. >> hillary clinton, looking off to the side to the cue cards. greg: okay. let's bring in brett beyer. did you see the episode? >> i did. that kind of thing helps hillary clinton tremendously. she has done very well in that particular episode. she gets to say i am just an average citizen who believes the keystone pipeline is an environmental disaster. greg: setting them up for the last two. all right. what else should we be worried about here. >> joe biden. i think the decision will come
8:11 am
every indication is that he is going to run. that is a huge deal. changes the whole dynamic. next week is the democratic debate. that decision could come days before that. greg: what do you think, rosanna? rosanna: that could be real tough for hillary clinton who came real close of the first time. a major come to jesus moment. greg: joe biden. got to the senate at the age of 29. elected before he could actually become a senator. he was there until barack obama named him as vp. donald trump. how is he going to march in himself as a guy who can shake
8:12 am
it seems impossible. >> that is a great point. the system also seems to like authenticity this election cycle. it is also tied to this administration's terms. if you like president obama, you like the way the country's going, that will probably be the joe biden ticket. it would be tough to run away from joe biden if you are with president obama. bernie sanders, a lot of people say he is doing really well it is hard to see the party going with the democratic socialist as the nominee. maybe so. rosanna: we will be watching you today. every week day at 6:00 o'clock on the fox news channel. greg: politics is relatively
8:13 am
the g train last month. there was that derailed them. they are going to sue. the daily news is reporting that two women, one was holding her three day old baby at the time planning to sue for $4 million for back and neck injury. after the derailment, the for failing to properly fund the city subway system. that is when the woman's attorney said it could make the five the city's liability. you see where the problem was there. greg: they were injured. they are suing. take a look. de blasio jumping over a turnstile. rosanna: i saw that this morning.
8:14 am
rosanna: the transport workers union is behind the ad with the headline saying stop fare beating new york city working families. it wants the city to pay $3 billion. greg: okay. have you ever jumped a turnstile in your life? rosanna: yeah. when the train is coming, you have to get to the train. you pay it back. somehow or another you pay it back. we are taxpayers. greg: mike woods. mike: i inadvertently did it. rosanna: we do not suggest we do it now. now they are rescue. now they cuff you.
8:15 am
they are waiting. why do we incriminate ourselves like that? first of all, it is a little cool outside. 53 degrees in central park. approach. they are basically falling apart before they get there. still a lot of cloudiness. the wind is still going, too. there is the hurricane and the offshore waters. anyhow, some of the outer bands have brushed up against some of the cloud cover. maybe a quick sprinkle in the eastern end of long island. that area of low pressure over south carolina still bringing in the rainfall. in two eastern north carolina, two. definitely a soggy mess there
8:16 am
skies. high temperature gets up to 65. high of 71 tomorrow. sixty-eight on thursday. next weekend looking sunny. temperatures where they should he. there is not a whole lot going on. carly's mom. happy birthday. went out there to celebrate with the islanders. she always has her islanders gear on anyhow. happy birthday brandon schock.
8:17 am
let's bring in ines right now. ines: all right. hope you enjoyed the cake. major deegan. there is an accident by 138th northbound. two lanes are blocked. they are approaching. the l.i.e., flight delays. heading into queens, you are fine. fifty-ninth street bridge. good all morning. hudson river crossing, if you are taking that, about a 15 minute delay. 495, 45 minutes heading towards the lincoln tunnel. greg and rosanna. greg: thank you very much. anybody remember ghost? he moves in on demi moore right after patrick swayze is out of the picture.
8:18 am
going to stay with his wife. >> you need some way to warm good morning. a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. just the way you like it. on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring
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8:21 am
greg: your watchdogs over there at lincoln center. world premiere arts facility. world-class arts facility. that is a really good meeting spot. meet you at the south did. rosanna: they used to do those dance nights there during the summer. rosanna: very fancy. you feel like you have to wear a tuxedo. you can kind of wear whatever you want now. the times did this story on people coming in shorts. men had to wear hats everywhere. rosanna: did you hear about
8:22 am
has been given a gift of $100 billion. >> they must have really liked going to that school. rosanna: the university of board of trustees. her husband is an engineer by training and a hedge fund founder. that is why they can go around 100 million might, you know, $100. anyway, nyu is happy. the largest gifts by a member of this kind of community. the school of engineering will be renamed to recognize that their generosity. rosanna: all of their defendant should be able to go to that school. no questions asked. rosanna: do not even bother filling it out.
8:23 am
simonetti. rosanna: she is in labor, we greg: a baby girl. she told us it was a girl a long time ago. guy. we are wishing him the very -- best. she was e-mailing me a little while ago. very excited. hopefully, there will be pictures that we can share at some point. greg: october 5. that is when the baby will be born. >> american apparel. they just fired for bankruptcy this morning. the board of directors through
8:24 am
problems with past employees and how he behaved towards them. as well as issues of spending money. they lost more than $300 million over the last five years. they are restructuring their debt. the good news, if there is a silver lining on this, they will not close. they are not closing. greg: lauren simonetti, good luck. today is the day. rosanna: do not forget, you can the fox business network. greg: coming up, we are going to meet curtis granderson.
8:25 am
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8:28 am
our clock says 8:29 a.m. greg: hello. let's see. i still do not recognize the neighborhood 1000%. rosanna: mike, do you know this neighborhood? lincoln center. there you go. what is this? why do i know my landmarks -- what is wrong with me? they make their walkable he right at the table there. greg: a group to lincoln center. sophisticated. you and i were going to do something with opera.
8:29 am
we went to the school of rock. now, it is time to go to opera school. you are halfway there. welcome back, everybody. 8:30 a.m. just about. mike: halfway where? rosanna: this is the halfway point for us. we cannot get anywhere. mike: goodtime charlie day is coming up. let's get you going out the door. lincoln center and all the way around the tri-state. things are a lot better for us here. let's talk about the rainfall that we have seen so far this year in this month. we are almost an inch ahead. since january 1, we are about a six and a quarter inches behind
8:30 am
you are still behind for the year. forty-seven in sussex. forty-three in monticello. when coming in from the northeast around six-15 miles per hour. it is going to be another breezy, cool day. breaking up four parts of the tri-state. the only showers that we see are well in the offshore hours. it looks like cloudy skies and a big day of quick sprinkles. the wet weather continues for one more day. for the most part, keeping our skies nice and drive geared it will filter this out there and start to knock that ran out of the carolinas. for us, it just stays dry.
8:31 am
later on tomorrow into the next day. finally, that area of low pressure to the south is moving on. some places have seen more than 2 feet of rain in the last couple of days. high temperature goes up to 65 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, we make it up to 71 for a high. by friday, more clouds in the area with more clouds passing through. let's get over to ines rosales. some problems starting out with the hutch. expect delays. a stall on the exit ramp heading towards the major deegan.
8:32 am
two lanes are blocked with an accident. no problems westbound or eastbound. let's go to 495. lincoln tunnel. normal delays. the george washington bridge. upper and lower level. with the trains, long island railroad, port jefferson branch, expect delays. everything else running on or close. rosanna: thank you so much, ines. police are trying to figure out why a dermatologist from long island was found dead. greg: there she is. mother of three. a doctor. a medical doctor. she was out partying with friends.
8:33 am
liz has more from the scene. between seventh and eighth avenues. we just caught crime investigators going inside this building. that is where this dermatologist and mother of three was found. found around 8:30 a.m. on sunday. she was pronounced dead later at lenox hill health medical center in greenwich village. according to her husband, she partying. side. surveillance video reportedly shows two men tearing her down the stairs of her building to the lobby. one was questions and released without being charged.
8:34 am
back out here live, we are told in an autopsy is pending. thirty-eight years old. a mother of three. living in manhattan. not sure exactly what played a role in this death. drugs, a bad altercation that went wrong. investigating here this morning and chelsea. i will send things back over to you. greg: thank you very much. we do expect to have information later today. rosanna: crews will continue to go door to door. searching best morning and south carolina. devastating floods put towns in several feet of water. hundreds have already been rescued from their homes. greg: none of this is from joaquin.
8:35 am
floodwaters allowed coffins to come up from loose soil and orangeburg, south carolina. rosanna: south carolina's governor said flooding like this is unheard of. >> we have not seen this level of rain in the low country and 1000 years. that is how big this is. rosanna: : via, many are without drinking water due to several water main rakes. greg: we had some people on jet skis get into trouble near us. the coast guard was ready. rosanna: crashing into the rocks on the monmouth county coast. rough surf. some people really get off on that rough surf. this guy played a little too close to comfort.
8:36 am
the water. the coast guard was just passing by when they noticed him. greg: we love jet skis. right by the statue of liberty. we highly recommend it. you can go all the time. rosanna: doctors without borders says it is pulling out of north afghanistan after this deadly weekend. greg: looks like an airstrike on a u.s. jet fighter was responsible here. president obama has promised a rosanna: still ahead on "good day new york." and after that plays alfred in the hit show got some is going
8:37 am
8:38 am
spotify stuff? what happened to the radio? the childbirth -- the trumpet player. rosanna: those of us that have been down the aisle know-how and poor in the wedding dress is even after we have said i do. greg: a dress somehow found its way into the trash. rosanna: the mother of the bride was bringing it to the bride. the doorman got confused somehow. they went to the dump in new jersey and they started dumpster diving. greg: i hope that they found it.
8:39 am
they found the dress. surprisingly, still in good condition. did not smell like our pitch. still in the carry-on case. greg: the nobel prize. three new recipients of the prize. uu two of china. i do not know. cited for creating a new treatment to fight roundworm infection. a new malaria treatment. this is heavy stuff. stockholm.
8:40 am
we also have this. maybe you solve them in books about prehistoric times. rosanna: a soybean field. he thought at first he had unearthed a big post. instead, it was part of the pelvis of an ancient woolly mammoth. stashing them meet so they could come back later. rosanna: econo looks like the snuffle up a gift from sesame street. a dog in california showed that she had a lot of kurds. this french bulldog managed to
8:41 am
take a look at that. chasing them until they left the property. oh, my goodness. she is lucky, that little dog, that the bears did not have her for lunch. greg: i heard that bears do not have any concept of their size. rosanna: eight jersey a jersey shore landmark is getting a much needed makeover. did you ever see that? >> no. >> meet either. $58000 through crowd funding and selling t-shirts. hopefully he can spruce it up.
8:42 am
>> karaoke singing. rosanna and i'm not really into it. we have a karaoke machine. >> and deborah cox will be here. greg: running a special in that. rosanna: we're going to take part.
8:43 am
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hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits rosanna: where is he with we need him? karaoke right now. we cannot figure out what this statue is. >> i know that you have some rosanna: i know you are trying
8:46 am
for you. this picture tweeted out on friday by universal pictures announcing bridget jones baby has started filming. rene e zellweger in a title row. it looks like patrick dempsey could be playing a love interest. usually, there is a love triangle with this story. there have been two previous movies this year. we know he is returning. the third book that this is based on, apparently, he dies in that book. this film franchise, it came out because she famously gained a lot of weight and would lose it in between movies. it looks like she will maybe not go the more voluptuous route is on that picture that we saw. it is coming out in 2016. you could possibly win tickets
8:47 am
dead and john mayer play. they are giving away 10000 tickets in total. 5000 people. they will not sell any tickets, but they are encouraging anyone who wins tickets to donate to the robin hood program which fights poverty in new york. the show will be on november 7. it is only fitting that the batmobile is coming to got some. it will arrive on the upper west side this morning. so cool. it will be showcased in the lobby. the exhibition opens on friday. also, the exhibit will tell
8:48 am
superhero in new york city. the role of sando. we are definitely worth the visit. rosanna: thank you very much, anna. sean. he will be here. season. maybe some backstage pass up.
8:49 am
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rosanna: that looks like one of the cool kids. rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. rosanna: mike is going to give the forecast. first of all, we have a pc
8:52 am
five-15 miles per hour. coming in from hurricane joaquin. still well offshore. nice fall weather returns to the area. warmer temperatures. there could be some showers on friday. split up later on this weekend. here is what the wave high looks like right now. around 8 feet. waves coming in for you. eleven seed feet in the southern
8:53 am
closer to the storm center. not too far offshore. temperatures this morning are on the cooler side. fifty-three in central park. forty-three in monticello. the wind profile coming from the northeast. not a lot of wind, but it does make it cooler. it will be one of those grayish sort of days. more clouds in the morning. there is joaquin as it stands right now. a cat one storm. we will see a little bit of water moisture towards the tri-state. the area of low pressure. that will be wrapping up soon. high-temperature today is 65. rosanna and crake.
8:54 am
coming up at 9:00 o'clock. greg: curtis granderson. we're hoping for an awesome postseason. rosanna: tony gold wind is here. we have a lot to talk about with tony.
8:55 am
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