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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 5, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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just the way you like it. on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. greg: one of our finest cool truro institutions. i remember now. seventy-fifth anniversary. cultured. greg: on the sleep, i only went for the champagne. i know shakespeare is the greatest, but, let's see, he
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finds juliet asleep. assumes right away that she is dead and then immediately kills himself. greg: undiagnosed. hello, everybody. hope you had a nice weekend. friday. the rain coming down. the traffic around town. greg: a female from manhattan. found dead over the weekend. there are reports that maybe this was drug related. a video was found of two men
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carrying her. rosanna: a mother of three. she was out with friends that i. was their trunks. was there foul play? not really the first time we have heard dermatologist dabbling in drugs. we are hoping for the past on what happened with this young woman. there are some theories and morning. we should know more by the close of business. greg: curtis granderson. going to the playoffs. a winning home run yesterday. clenched the game.
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they will have company in the playoffs. the yankees. rosanna: that should make it interesting. now, he has with the mets. greg: some great players never get this close to october festivities. tony gold wind. he is very good. here is a little portion. >> you do not want a divorce. you needed a way to get back in here. >> think about it. they make senator graham look neat and frigid and that she
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your presidential run. >> believe me. >> he should really consider it. i believe olivia pope -- greg: i think that he is great in this role. plain creepy carl. got hit by the bus. he was shot during a robbery. making himself at home. tony gold wind. let's find out about the weather. mike: you like my gear? it says that yeast is ours. greg: that is nice.
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we are happy to have it. that is cool and that yeast is ours. curtis granderson. there he is. we will have more with him in a bit. let's get you the weather cast as well. let's talk about the rainfall that we have seen so far for the month about opera. we are now at .96 above normal. for the year, we are still about six and a quarter inches behind. we still could use some more rain out there. the reservoirs are in pretty decent shape. 54 degrees. humidity is at 64%. we have 45 in burlington. same thing for you in syracuse. mostly cloudy skies.
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especially here in the no real showers. it looks like some of it is trying to drift up to the twin forks. a lot of that will remain as cloud cover. adding more so to the east as time moves on. and maybe keeps it a little extra greasy hair. taking it out into the atlantic waters. a few showers that want to flirt with the eastern end of long island. temperature wise, a high of 64, 65 degrees. we start to come right back down. as we go through the next seven days, a high of 65 today.
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showers in the area. next week, we are looking fantastic. rosanna and crake, over to you. greg: the mets are going to the playoffs. curtis granderson got a winning home run last night. rosanna: running the basis as for effortlessly. curtis granderson. a fantastic baseball player. curtis, are you psyched for the playoffs or what? congratulations. >> of course. this is what we all look forward to. i am a big halloween guy. >> huge halloween guy. steve urkel.
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do it all. hopefully, we will still be playing. greg: we are into it. you should come to our halloween party. rosanna: what is it like? you played with the yankees not too long ago. >> it is awesome to get to the postseason with both teams. the seven line. the chance to be out there. they also travel on the road. it has been amazing to watch all >> to talk about the mets was quite frankly, you guys were still very much in contention. i was a little taken back. >> it is amazing.
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best team ever. rightfully so, the focus is on baseball. whether people mets or the yankees. continue to stay confident. continue to have fun. rosanna: you only have a conciliatory and to play. you win a few, you lose a few. what is the big deal? >> everyone is so focused and locked in. they are into every game and every pitch. rosanna: was there a little pressure? >> we do not worry about it too much. it is out of our control. putting you into consideration to be one of the top people.
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very good to you. what is the first thing, the item that you required? >> a leather jacket. it was out of style. a brown leather palm project it. >> i have one of those. it was something that i saw at the store. i need a jacket. i do not think i have worn it more than one off-season. i love to travel all over the world. australia is next on my list. i will hopefully do it soon.
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greg: or did you go to africa? >> cape town and johannesburg. baseball. me. a chance to spread baseball out to other parts of the world. rosanna: i know that you just played the game yesterday. you also do so much for the community. we thank you. you are a great wall model. donating some money to. >> we had told friends at citi field. four great partners. great organizations throughout the city of new york that have a great fan base.
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we are able to donate $190,000. eighty-five home runs. >> i think that it was a city feels a record. greg: that is fabulous. i know my parents have a picture of me holding a plastic bat. store. i remember asking my mom and dad how come they did not switch me to right-handed. he solemnly go lefthanded. you grew up in chicago. where do you live now? >> i go back to chicago for the nice warm winter months. >> we had our own problems. i can only imagine what chicago was like.
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we are looking forward to it. advantage. does it strike you out? >> not necessarily. regardless of when you step on the field, l.a. or new york, you have to find a way to win the ballgame. either way, it you have to find a way to win. greg: the roberto clemente award. pittsburgh pirates. tell us about that, please. >> a great baseball player. he is definitely a player you need to find information about. died in the act of helping out his community.
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to an earthquake. rosanna: can we talk a little bit about the health of some of the players. are you ready for friday? >> i have some snow falls right now. the team does have some bumps and bruises. he will be ready to go. whenever you does, he will be ready to go. >> i forgot about this issue. limitations. you are doing great. how do you feel about that? >> a player that has his career ahead of him. a chance to come back. hoping to be very long. >> he has to think about the team and the world series.
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>> he has a way with words. he is so diplomatic. he knows how to turn it around with a positive spin. greg: have you thought about what you want to do post baseball? >> coming to an end sooner than later. >> hopefully not any time soon. who knows if baseball will give me another opportunity to play afterwards. education has been a very important thing to me. who knows what will end up happening after that. greg: let's talk about halloween for a second. are you good with invitations. do you have a donald trump invitation? rosanna: greg -- greg: curtis, you are the past.
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bring it back home. what is your favorite tv show? >> i am excited for your next guest. >> the president of the united states on scandal. greg: we have a little oval office s mmm. yeah that's right...i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice. it's like...a little fluffy cloud in my mouth. fluffy, fluffy cloud. make your tummy happy. mmm, yoplait. mighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. as the giant goliath moved in for the kill,
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>> this is a good song. challenging. >> vocal. >> karaoke. some of us have to be drunk. special karaoke event at the hard rock cafe. here to tell us more about it is never a cox. >> tell us about this event. >> tonight 7:00 o'clock at the hard rock cafe. hosting. we will all be there tonight. celebrity karaoke.
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contestants to perform with myself. school of rock. alec to brightman, also another rising star. >> the winner will win a bunch career. photo shoots, vocal lessons, and opportunity to be seen in times square. >> that is pretty cool. all of the contestants have signed up already on youtube. you can come and check it out at the hard rock. rosanna: i wish that i could
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greg: you like to karaoke. i would like to do something with you. >> you want me to do a single first? >> yeah, yeah. do that. tonight, we have just begun. >> help us a long. >> i do know a bit of the words. greg: i cannot make eye contact with anyone when i sing. rosanna: we are ready any time you are. anything for the people of this city. we are not going to need the
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we've only just begun
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you can get tickets. >> you sound great. thank you. >> good seeing you. >> the president of the united states. rosanna: are you rooting for him to get together with olivia? greg: i thought that we impeached this guy. >> enough already. >> more legislation. >> we have only just my name is amanda and my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes riverspring health unique. greg: chilling in the naval office. rosanna: no president inside. greg: welcome to our oval office. we are waiting told me gold when. we have to do whatever we can to get him to break up with that olivia pope. rosanna: we have seen this
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happen before. rosanna: i always hoped of my lifetime -- maybe me. i doubt it. rosanna: do not get me angry. greg: the president of the united states coming up. in the meantime, anna gilligan. anna: i decided to check out a kickboxing workout. this one is a lot more serious. there are ones in carroll gardens. take a look. >> take that and less junk mail to sort through. donuts i ate last night. that would be my inner monologue. a workout. as much for your mind as it is for your body. >> it was incredible.
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really high energy. it was awesome. >> every day. four or five different trainers. anna: we actually started as members. trainers. owners. >> reporter: many prefer this atmosphere to a traditional gym. >> i was looking for something that was a little more than a treadmill. anna: they stand out from other you do your cardio and strength training at the same time. you learn some self defense techniques while getting fit. adriana assured me to do the workout. >> we have people that have never thrown a punch in their lives. never walked into a gym.
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anna: i got some one-on-one lessons. we started with some jazz. it took me a little getting used to. adriano showed me it was all in the pit present and using your whole body. of course, we had to put the kick in kickboxing. we will hit the bad. good. >> it is a little ballet lesson. i may need a little more practice on my form. give me one more. [laughter] >> thank you.
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get monthly memberships. greg and rosanna, back to you in the oval office. rosanna: having to kick some presidential you know what. let me tell you something. greg: olivia pope.
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>> inside the beltway, it is still a frenzy. olivia pope and the president are still going out that shows scandal. >> rosanna, what we have uncovered previously unseen footage of the deputy national security adviser and deputy chief of staff, mr. ray hond, desperately trying to talk sense into president grant, sir, you got to break up with this girl. it is ridiculous. the cob try is going to hell. rosanna: i am looking at the poll numbers. you are dropping faster than hillary clinton on the alaskan pipeline. you need to reconsider. >> we mow she is hot. you got hov on. >> not going to happen. rosanna: okay. let's talk about that. let's talk about too. what does she bring to the table? the country is indies array. >> what doesn't she bring to the table if the country can indies array.
9:33 am
would you break up with her? greg: no, i wouldn't. rosanna: wait a second. am team nelly. >> crazy. try being married to her. greg: now, he has great taste. rosanna: nice him on good day new york. welcome to the oval office. we wanted you to feel at home. >> this is really nice, yeah. looks like our situation room. greg: well, roll the show, please. he we're in season five. the show has been aing that he hit, and you mow, you start out in movies it seems like to me, tony. nour a fined tv star. surprised that the american public ob session with this show? >> i am surprised that i still have a job. and so, yes, i am. we have the best in the world. rosanna: well, let's talk about what happened at the end of the last episode. okay. for those who debut the spoil are alert. we talk about it a little bit. >> i directed that episode.
9:34 am
>> yeah. dow double duty sometimes on scandal. rosanna: that is cool. >> yeah. rosanna: basically thely wants you to stay are with her. you are not having. i are together fly olivia much? then get convinced, maybe, olivia isn't the pest ting for you. ting for me. you know, i kicked nelly out, but abby says to me, that thisle colling storm of publicity in media frenzy with us trying to be together is going to destroy oh cliff with not a life she will ever want and i into ed to face reality. i take that to heart. said come back. i told olivia i love her much to put her through that. i understand she doesn't want it. she surprises us. rosanna: yeah. she does. greg: you are off-duty now. you look leak the president president of the united states. nice. rosanna: maybe he is the face of brook brothers. look at that.
9:35 am
it just so happens, i am wearing that today. ju are look the fabio of brook's brothers. does this mean. rosanna: he does look fabulous, by the way. thank you. greg: courtesy of brook's brothers. >> i wear a lot of brook's brothers. yeah. they are what they have done with their clothes is fantastic. they made suits for me for "scandal," and, yeah. greg: okay. if you want to look like president grant, go to brook's brothers. rosanna: okay. can we talk a little behind the scenes, so kerry washington says that you and scott foley have this little thing going on a about your bodies. you both like, you know, show off the six packs, but you -- >> i don't really show off. at any moment, the way it works. shonda's rule is women can wearever they want. the guys have to take their clothes off when i tell them too to. rosanna: i love that. >> scott and i, every
9:36 am
week he would be reading a script out loud. we would do it together. you know? one of us, we turn the page, and our show would be off. you are on deck. you on. rosanna: but kerry says you are naturally athletic. scott has work at it. like can be seen like eating doughnuts. >> well, scott is far better athlete than i am, actually. scott has, he starts himself. >> he does. he does. greg: he is like duca stig gly own. disciplined. dow go to gym but i will have the doughnut whenever want it. greg: for a moment, for micro second, i think of you as call in ghost. just consideriams not the only one. carls the guy who moved on dem hi moore after patrick swayze died. lo. >> all the time. yeah. askings scandal" has overtaken it now. that movie is still a favorite to people.
9:37 am
rosanna: i bass to say you look like a baby in fill. greg: still the same guy. you still got. also, before that. that is true. oh, my god, i got to take off my shirt. i also remember you in a film about nixon. it was by oliver stone. you were terrific as one of the brothers. a yeah. he died of tb. greg: suffered a lot. a lot of his brothers. >> yeah. screw terrific. rosanna: backing to the future. greg: back to the future. rosanna: back to the future. can you gives a little int. >> the next one is incredible, this week. such a great script. all i can tell you, now, that olivia said yes, the feeding frenzy of the media is going to ut the white house in complete ki sis. you will see dif he ren kind of episode the way that shanda has, you know, has constructed this one. it is intense. it is like being in pressure cooker.
9:38 am
really, really good. rosanna: we got a clip. >> hit it. >> do we have a zip. greg: yeah. last week's episode. it will still be enjoyable. >> sure. this is survey rens issue. >> loyal on the inside happen right. >> not the issue, sure. >> those photos are everywhere. >> there is blood in the with aer. we need a game plan. we need a statement. we will need a bigger boat. >> she is right. the white house from you. >> sir. >> i am going back to >> bus that. >> because oh life that is why. i can not make a statement without olivia. >> mr. president. if a statement is being made, olivia and ry making it together. >> pretty intense stuff. are terrific. >> well, thank you. greg: have you m eat real president? greg: that's >> i met president nixon when ways kid because he presidential medal of freedom. rosanna: no kidding. wow.
9:39 am
and then, i, you know, i met president clinton and president obama a couple of times? what does he say about the for trial and whether scandal gets it are of right or wrong or maybe i ties right. >> president clinton? greg: yeah p. we get it. >> tony, i love this show. you know? so, you know did shall -- rosanna: yeah. if things played out maybe that is it. greg: have you been on air force once. >> i have never. have you? greg: actually, i have. a half dozen times. rosanna: are you thinking about doing any directing if. >> i will do another one in the second half of the season. rosanna: what about pof visor's well, when he get time to. hard with scandal. we only have a couple of months off. i will do more movies. probably not untille scandal. greg: witness xane, if you want to look like president grant, go to pk's brothers m. very cool. let's go about a k to the old office. >> where we more work to do. greg: the oval office is so impress.
9:40 am
i do you fantasy when you are president when offdut? i. >> absolutley not. it is too stressful. greg: hold on a second. something is going on. a bit of a thing. row snap? how do you feel, tony? >> the story knife live. you are like olivia. rosanna: right. >> you are welcome to it. he is ugly job. a million people think they want it. donald, it is not as good as you think. rosanna: i got ask you something. i read somewhere that kerry washington said it is kind of strange doing the love scenes with you because she knows your wife. >> we are found of each other, all of us. greg: something wrong this picture. >> i don't know your wife. greg: there you go. >> sorry. >> well you that i have. will be sure it. tony be, are the best. rosanna: thank you so nice to see you. all the best. check him out. of course, scandal. greg: still down there? all right f. coming up next, more content yeah, we know that feeling.
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>> bang. nothing look the old batman show. batman. batman. greg: and robin. rosanna: batman.
9:44 am
rosanna: i used to to love. greg: it was crazy. now the new show obviously, gothham, the prequel of batman. superior but nonsense. rosanna: yeah. it is a little dark, but suss senseful, right? greg: yeah. the new since going well. greg: all right. we met the butler. >> we grew up watching, which is like anybody else, you know, this is my day. now, i loved it. i grew up there. it progresses through >> okay. al pred, at stage of bruce's life, is not a baby cert but alsos no preparing him drinks, main,s what he the role right now in bruce wean's wife? well, he is molding him, in many respects. he is line with the richest man in the world. he is that for reason. the good thing about our
9:45 am
show, it is a redefeign. it is remainening characters. rosanna: your cracker gis going to get dark the season in the new season. >> yeah. does. the things he services from are post-traumatic stress. he comes from a dark place. he was in the msas, that is the yen is there. the wherein he is work forking the richest man in the world before he was assassinated. assassinated. there is to be the butler, valet, then he tacks on the position of the guardian. hes the only one that could. rosanna: shall we see you in snacks here is a clip. do we know how to set up this slip into this is when i take a young master to a charity event. and the maniacs decide and all hell breaks loose. quite an episode. rosanna: take it away.
9:46 am
gothham. >> you know i think about being normal. >> excuse me. >> i am lee tompkins. i work with james. he mentioned you. i saw you. >> tk. >> nice meet you. >> thank you. >> he would appreciate that. >> can i get you something to zane just water. thank you. >> so i hair are going to be a magician. >> so i hear you are going to be a magician. rosanna: oh boy. the butler has after-hours life. yes does. he tries to. yes, he does. you vit v to with it and see. rosanna: she is in homeland, right? yeah. there is a certain sense of freestyle between them. greg: oh. cool. all right.
9:47 am
how did you you get show bus these? well, my family has been actors for about 150 years. my fath per was a doctor. greg: in the 1970? he. >> right. he is a doctor. i first came to new york. i came over here when i was young when he was doing shows on broadway. a lot of my friends have been here, worked here, so to be here is an honor. yeah. my family has been actors for many years. rosanna: wow. now, hire are working in brooklyn. what is that strike in. >> well, i know, it is awesome. i get go back once a year. i got my half-brothers and sisters that i grew up on the island. rosanna: is it wildle as we all imagine it to be? >> yeah. it is. i try to, it gets crazy now. it is too busy, basically.
9:48 am
part of this huge party triangle. i like to two when it is less crowded, really. greg: we look forward to seeing you in tonight's episode of gothham? ham. 8:00 here on channel 5. bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... which you can help reverse by using listerine(r). added to your brushing routine... listerine(r) kills up to 99.9% of germs... and helps reverse early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth ! also try listerine(r) floss...
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rosanna: thanks so thanks so much for saying nice things abouts on the facebook
9:51 am
page. we appreciate it. all right. greg, you know, i feel like we didn't do enough karaoke. he with have not scared if you of the audience away. greg: if you pay ruse karaoke on the internet, you will see lot of people drunk. alcohol and a karaoke go together, right? rosanna: what does it say bus? greg: we will try. rosanna, lady gag ga, poker face. rosanna: shall i try it? greg: let's try it. this is anyover here with the computer. rosanna: need your help, many. [poker face] greg: lights up. you say it. rosanna: okay.
9:52 am
rosanna: thought were you going fex. greg: will get my act together and do it right. thank you. oh, wow. that sounded big. heard that. fix him up. meteorologist: all right. i think you did a good job, row soon ma boosh think i with a. i we got 58 degrees central park. 54 this is average high. 54s the average low.
9:53 am
we dropped it down to 52 way back pup but it going to be a cool day. yeah. mets all set for the playoffs here. let's go, mets! 53 degrees the tem at newark. 55 in islip. same thing for you in binkport. 57 in montauk. 46 in monticello. thed withs coming from the tort east still at around 5 to 13 miles per hour. so what we are seeing. tehran g here. generally speaking, i dig to be breezy today. not incredibly windy, but yeah. also cool at the same time. so with that, cool tempance the breeze, you know, going to feel a little bit. you may have to bundle up, go on, throw on an extra layer. mixed sky here in the tristate. we had moth mostly cloudy skies. i see a cue breaks in the cloud cover. pecks today. morning. more sun in the afternoon. our temperatures on the cool side as the high, shine control them temps are going to be below normal. are you saying i am done this, zig hear you? i hear you. south.
9:54 am
high temp of 6 a. hovershine four for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. next chance of rain onp friday. all right, let's see what you got, pal. karaoke bar. come on over. this karaoke will be dobe blindfolded. rosanna: okay. are you channel marky mark. greg: 1981 "good vibrations." rosanna: manny, go for it. greg: come on, pal. rosanna: okay. i hear it. greg: i got peak. rosanna: you got to take off that blindfold. i think you should look
9:55 am
at the words. come on. here you go. come on. come on hold on. hold on
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