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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 6, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". believe will warm up temperatures going from 50s this morning in to the 70s this afternoon, pretty nice, a lot of sunshine. mike woods has your forecast in a moment. theresa: a second body was theresa: a second body was discovered in the rubble of brooklyn building following an explosion which investigators requested that he did he entered. ben: the search is on for the gunman who rob the store inside the posh plaza hotel. theresa: yankees star pitcher cc sabathia is thrilled for the season, checked himself into rehab. we go live to yankee stadium for the latest on this. ben: tuesday morning, ben
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simmoneau. theresa: teresa priolo in for juliet. 5:00 on the dock, thanks for joining us. ben: let's check the forecast for mike woods, thank you for being here, juliet was supposed to be back today but she got ill in london. >> meteorologist: which bent gives that look of -- use that you were curious. to the she does love the brits and issue one doubleday's. theresa: she applied for a visa of any kind. >> meteorologist: she got us on this infection and you are not supposed to fly especially seven and two hours. theresa: we hope she gets home soon if she is not already and we will see her soon. >> meteorologist: exactly. in the meantime you have got the wheel. let's show you what is going on weatherwise, doing all right, a double cool out side but not too bad, 53 degrees at central park, winds from the north at 6 miles
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today, no big deal, 49 boston, bank board, mean, 48 in burlington, and 52 degrees was mainly clear skies throughout the northeast and a tristate, winds done not doing a lot but if you do have a generally coming from north around 3 to 6 miles per hour, amazingly clear skies in the tristate region. mainly clear sky will get temperatures will come up a little bit. if it was not too cool for yesterday than it should be quite nice, temperatures above little bit but not much. here is what we see with wider scope, radar and satellite looks nice and quiet as high pressure is building in, lot of clear skies and not much to focus on. we weren't talking about all the wet weather over but carolinas moving on from there and joaquin is in the offshore waters and moving away. it had been sending a lot of wave action but it is getting far enough away that the wave action is not as much of a
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player, high pressure in control bringing as clear skies, there is an area of low pressure we were speaking of, we could have used a little bit of the rain fall but not like the hacks on there, 10 to 20 plus inches of green in the carolinas. that is a disaster for sure. it will take a while to recover even though the arena is coming to a close. joaquin now moving northeast at 7 miles per hour, maximum sustained winds still 85 miles per hour making it a category 1 hurricane. it is out over the open atlantic waters, not much going on others and shipping interests. of. and that not in an area that is forecast to hold together well. it will be coming over cooler ocean waters and begin to weaken and fall apart which is probably a good thing as it heads over to europe that could impact the weather there. here is what we have with the drought situation, moderate drought, an inch and a half of rain is what we have seen in the
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above normal for this month but still 6.36 behind for the year. today a lot of sunshine, high temperatures 72, tomorrow high of 74 and 69 is your high thursday and there is your next rain chance friday. only one in at 7 day forecast. let's get you to ines and see what is going on. construction wraps the burly. ines: watch out for an accident in queens, two lanes blocked by a story a boulevard with this crash, a connecticut no problems 95 or merritt parkway moving 5 northbound hands of known. let's look at your commute this morning, new jersey, route 80 by 42, traffic towards us eastbound, moving fine towards 280 no problems towards 287 west bound. as for the cross bronx let's go to the camera on the alexander hamilton bridge, same for the major deegan, no issues and the george washington bridge construction wrapped up on the upper level were level open, no
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delays at the lincoln or holland, trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules suspended today once again for religious observances. meters remain in effect. ben: yankees fans getting ready for tonight's must win wild-card playoff game, the team is already suffering a loss. theresa: they will have to do without cc sabathia for the rest of the season after he checked himself into rehab. duke castiglione joining us live this morning from yankee stadium and he has only test. this is a bombshell yesterday. duke: it caught lot of people by surprise. the news came at lunchtime, yankees star pitcher cc sabathia will not be on the playoff roster this season at all. eject himself into an alcohol rehab facility. the news the yesterday, he took steps to get the carrier needs to be a better man, father and player. he will miss the entire
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yesterday brian cashman spoke to the media about the surprise announcement. >> not alone because he is not the only one walking this planet dealing with this problem. there is a lot of different avenues to pursue to try to help someone when they find themselves in this situation and i applaud him for his courage. >> he had a 6-10 record with an earned run average of 4.73. he had pitched better of late especially coming back after that stint on the disabled list after the all-star break. yankees fans will have to hope that is not a big distraction as the team gets ready to face the houston astros in the american league wild-card game. yesterday the yankees worked at a yankee stadium. masahiro tanaka will take into the yanks, his biggest stars as a new york yankee. he had a hamstring injury down the stretch but before that was yankees most dependable starter.
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houston astros, he has a 20 game winner who has really been among the best in the american league this year. as a matter of fact beat the yankees twice this year and a two times he has pitched he is throwing 16 shutout innings and the yankees struggled against left-handed pitching all season long but you know what? all that goes out the window tonight, yankees have come fielded vantage which is key in this game because dallas was 15-0 at home in houston this year. big day to night, must win if the yankees want to move on and play and the american league division series. that is the story from yankee stadium. we will have much more throughout the morning. theresa: thank you very much. 5:07, many questions need to be answered, the debt the law and dermatologist. ben: she was found in the entryway of adelphia apartment buildings and the. investigators are waiting for
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the toxicology tests. liz dahlem is live in chelsea with the latest on what we know. >> reporter: good morning. the nypd still standing guard in front of this building on west sixteenth street where kiersten cerveny was found over the weekend with the medical examiner says he performed multiple tests but the exact cause of death could take weeks to determine. meantime the nypd says this mother of three spent her last evening partying, drinking and using cocaine. kiersten cerveny, a prominent dermatologist from a long island and mother of three and children was found in the doorway of this chelsea apartment sunday morning. according to police the 38-year-old team into the city saturday for a girl's night out which started at a embark on the lower east side and included alcohol and cocaine. according to the new york post around 3:00 in the morning she met up with her 51-year-old male companion who works as a
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the two went to an apartment at 223 west sixteenth street to meet with another man and continued partying with more cocaine. some time around 4:30 police a surveillance video showed the two planted carrying an incapacitated kiersten cerveny down the stairs and leaving her in the vestibule. four hours later 51-year-old companion called 911 and directed paramedics to kiersten cerveny's body but left the scene. she was taken to greenwich village and pronounced dead at. police questioned kiersten cerveny's companion. you, was released without charge. nypd detective are trying to find a second man seen in this surveillance video and question him. they are asking anyone who may no information to give the mccall. we are live from chelsea, back to you. dave: liz dahlem, thank you. 5:09, rescue crews discovered a second body in the rubble of a brooklyn apartment building that was destroyed by an explosion
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over the weekend. this victim has not been officially identified but 47-year-old francesca has been missing since saturday in borough park. officials say she was moving out for second-floor apartment at the time of the explosion. >> i feel's that and i hope they are up there in heaven with god. ben: the body of another tenant was found over the weekend. authorities think the explosion may have happened after a stove was removed from the gas line which may not have been properly theresa: flags on all state buildings in new jersey will be lowered to half staff today in memory of the oregon college shooting victims. chris christie called that massacre that left the students and the teacher did senseless and devastating. president obama will visit roseburg, ore. the home to the community college, he will meet with a family of the victims privately.
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mr. obama was already scheduled to head west this weekend for democratic fund-raising. ben: the gunmen in the oregon shooting, christopher harper mercer and left behind ridings in which he ranted about not having a girlfriend. he wrote how he thought everyone around him was crazy so his rantings were found at the scene where he shot himself. his mother told investigators her son was struggling with mental health issues. theresa: police looking for someone who held the currency shop, the suspect who appears to be in his 30s was wearing a black pico but changed into a lighter one as he went up the police say he had a semi-automatic weapon and made off with 4600 euros, about $5,000. was last seen walking east on west 58th street, no one was injured. ben: much more still to come on tuesday morning including a scandal involving fantasy football, big money involved. theresa: mike is keeping track of the forecasts. change out there, sunshine
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ben: president obama signed a disaster declaration for south carolina recovering from record rainfall and record flooding of the weekend, 12 people died in the carolinas, hundreds of others needed to be rescued from rising flood waters, historic rainfall down there, 40,000 people still without water, 26,000 without power. theresa: it is 5:15. the new booster seats for a check of the forecast. it is tiny. i can see the shock. this is from yesterday, from one of our beach locations. thank you for giving us that since that from yesterday end ed up being nice in the evening and
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here, has that all look to it. it. 52 at newark, 45 in poughkeepsie, and not much going on with radar and satellite. through the tristate region, on the lighter side, not much going on, there's a slightly wider scope, and low pressure, all that rain fall for days and days as low pressure here sliding off shore thankfully, thank goodness for that. here is the hurricane joaquin heading further out to sea, causing less and less of a player in the tristate. is all about high pressure in control bringing clear skies and a lot of sunshine.
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see from fine weather, cold front approaching tomorrow, it fades out as it gets here. doesn't bring anything but high clouds and slightly warmer temperatures, the next cold front will slide through friday and that has a better chance of bringing serena at that time so temperatures 72 today, average 67, 90 the average record high temperature, we're seeing slightly warmer than normal temperatures today and tomorrow, i temperatures 74, 69 thursday and there is your reins lighting by friday, doesn't look like a big storm but a little something. let's bring in ines and see what is going on as you head out the door. ines: not lot going on, often with good start, no problems putnam county, you are fine and 684, and sailing away from the parkway, let's look at your commute, long island expressway, was down side traffic moving
5:18 am
red cameras speeding things about everything going at the speed limit, eastbound fine, grand central parkway, no issue is there. west bound by a story of boulevard that cleared away and then withdrew the queue gardens interchange and construction set up. and ben and jerry's, back to you. ben: a scandal in the multibillion-dollar fantasy football industry. >> major fantasy site is accused of using insider information to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. robert moses is here, to explain all of this including why this is such a big deal. any insider maneuvering going on. >> think about it as insider trading on wall street, that is what a lot of people like comparing this to. this is like betting on a long shot in a horse race where no one knows the worse is a long shot but you.
5:19 am
win big money, others don't. we might be talking about fantasy sports, the money and controversy is very real. >> play one week fantasy football this sunday. >> reporter: is impossible to watch a pro football game without seeing ads for the web site draft kings and and jules. the site allow football fans for a fee to create their own fantasy teams each week and win money. now the site have created a scandal. an employee of draft kings gained access to information not available publicly showing which nfl players were most popular for fans to draft. that same week he would have won $350,000 on and do will. some say the use of the information others were not privy to is akin to insider trading since he could have used it to create his own team and gain an advantage over his competitors miss the two companies released a joint statement saying nothing is more important to draft kings and
5:20 am
handled and the integrity of the games we offer to our customers multibillion-dollar industry and is drawing attention of lawmakers like representative frank cologne of new jersey who told us recently he thinks it is hypocritical for major sports leagues like to nfl to oppose legalized betting while supporting fantasy sports. >> all the major leagues say ok, why do you think involving your players in fantasy sports, gambling is less of a problem and sports betting in general? even have still did not get access to that insider information, on sept. twenty-seventh.
5:21 am
news to him, could conceivably have used that information, and an interesting line up. >> they took the ad revenue to this. >> bob kraft, whose name escapes me, invested in these websites. and of financial interest in these web sites. >> i don't see how this is different from general sports betting which is illegal. >> and how prevalent this might be, is this the only guy doing this. >> a lot of employees are winning big money at other fantasy sites. he is not the first one to win big money but this is the first time we have heard about this insider stuff. >> much more to come, day lot of
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folks have been waiting for. all they breakfast starts today at mcdonald's. >> they day coming right back.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: temperatures will rise into the 70s 2 day. little nicer today. this is why october, september and october of the nicest months in the northeast, mike woods has details coming up. theresa: of the search is on, police hoping this video will lead to an arrest. ben: if you don't have a ticket to the yankees game pay big bucks, what they're going for. theresa: four girls who cannot stop sneezing, a bizarre condition that has the family
5:31 am
this looks at people who can't stop hiccuping. which also seems like the debilitating thing to happen. ben: it is tuesday morning, october 6, 5:30. 53 degrees, pretty chilly, you might want to grab a coat or sweater, sweater weather. we won't need it this afternoon. >> meteorologist: trade it in for nothing. not bad. ben: i did central park yesterday. it felt nice. the toes could be better. >> meteorologist: i got the inside scoop. the knees are all right. here is what we have out there. it is cool and fresh out side, not a bad deal at all, later this afternoon will be on the waterside plaza the sky is coming to you, your morning
5:32 am
as you head to the bus stop or the trade stop, whatever the case may be it will be just fine, no need from bras, like jack or sweater this morning but earlier in the afternoon you push that to the side. it is 47 in islip, 41 in sussex, 57 degrees in montauk, 45 in poughkeepsie, depends where you are but temperatures are where they should be this time of year, mainly clear sky, no problems with marine, closest green is done in the carolinas as the area of low pressure is still spinning bodies exceeding the region there, grateful for that, it will take awhile for floodwaters together, the last four five days to go away, high pressure in control for a while, mainly clear skies, that is what we're going for again. a lot of sunshine, a cool start around 52 degrees at 7:00 in the morning. by noon 67 degrees, sunny, less wind than yesterday and as we head to the afton in a high
5:33 am
temperature of 72, 70 for the ride home, 5:00 or 6:00 nice and smiled at that time and through the next five days high of 74 tomorrow, lots of sunshine for the next 3 days. let's get to ines rosales thomas should start to pick up a little bit. ines: 84 problems eased down as you approach exit 6, an accident blocking a lane, route 17 across the newburg beacon bridge, no problems on the grand central, the lie, the bqe brooklyn side construction as usual closing down the brooklyn bridge the you have delays to atlantic avenue, let's go to our cameras and look at the long island expressway by a deer park avenue no problems with that dories down, tappan zee bridge a bit of a problem so traffic at westchester doing fine, westchester no problems, an accident on the rockland side
5:34 am
at the end of the span involved in the tractor trailer, one lane closed, as you try to get off the bridge. we will keep an eye on that, tree is doing fine, street cleaning rules are suspended for religious observances, meters remain in object. ben: this morning investigators are waiting for the results of toxicology and other tests to determine how long island dermatologist died. theresa: she was found in the entryway of the chelsea apartment building. liz dahlem joins us from chelsea and has the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning. the nypd in front of this building on west sixteenth street where kiersten cerveny was found sunday morning. the medical examiner says they have completed contests but they have not determined the cause of death and that could take weeks to figure out but the nypd says kiersten cerveny spent saturday night drinking with friends a using cocaine. this woman lived in manhattan, mother of three and very
5:35 am
prominent dermatologist and according to police she came to the city saturday night for a girl's night out, which start at a bar on the lower east side and included alcohol use and cocaine. according to the new york post that the:00 in the morning she met with her 51-year-old male companion who works as a television producer. the two went to this apartment at 223 west sixteenth street to meet with another man and continued party in. sometime early in the morning police say surveillance video shows two men carrying kiersten cerveny down the stairs and leaving her in the vestibule at 8:30 in the morning her 51-year-old companion called 911 and directed paramedics to kiersten cerveny but left the scene, she was taken to greenwich village and pronounced dead. back here live we are told police interviewed kiersten cerveny's companion, he was released without being charged, they're trying to find the second man seen on that
5:36 am
surveillance video and question him, asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in chelsea, back to you. theresa: thank you very much. as we told you at the top of the show yankees fan stunned to learn cc sabathia will miss the playoffs after entering alcohol for rehab, rehab for alcohol. cc sabathia says it hurts me deeply to do it now but i owe it to myself and my family to get myself right. i want to take control of my disease. the yankees are giving him the support he needs, they play their american league wild-card game against that houston astross tonight at the stadium. ben: big cheerios recall, general mills recalling one.8 million boxes of regular and honey nut cheerios because they may contain week even though they are labeled gluten free. this is important 41 who suffered celiac disease or wheat allergies. the serial boxes have used by
5:37 am
fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth, 2016. check those boxes. seven american airlines pilot on a flight from phoenix to boston, the co-pilot to cover and made an emergency landing in syracuse, passengers and crew said was an alarming experience the safety experts say no one 13 to file a. captain michael johnson was 57 years old, no word what caused his death. ben: the supreme court decided not to your challenge to new york's public-school vaccination law. the justices led an appeals court ruling stand it said the immunization requirements do not violate students' constitutional right of religious freedom. upheld a ruling that allows the state to bar students exempt from vaccinations for religious reasons from school during outbreaks of vaccine preventable disease. theresa: a girl in houston,
5:38 am
he can't stop sneezing. >> anytime anybody says i can't stop sneezing. >> reporter: this is a commitment for lee. her parents say she sneezes 20 times a minute. that is 12,000 sneezes a day. this started three weeks ago. they have been to a bunch of specialists but all of the my stumped. soothing music like the beatles offer some relief but the only time she doesn't sneeze is when she takes bedroll and falls asleep. that is one of those medical mysteries. ben: that is terrible. >> that is unusual. a normal person sneezes a few times. ben: ended is done. >> meteorologist: we have one guy here who is not here to
5:39 am
defend himself, robbie. theresa: and then it is done. but it is not that. >> meteorologist: good morning. let's see what you have, out the door this morning, clear skies, a 53 degrees, no big deal, the weather is quiet, calm and cool, winds from the north at 6 miles an hour at this point in time, other temperatures in the region, 40 degrees, 54 in syracuse, mostly clear skies. area of low pressure that devastated carolinas moving out to see. what gene stalling category 1 hurricane well out to sea, will not be a big problem for us here but a category 1 storm heading to these northeast at 7 miles per hour, should have less and less impact, a little wave action, high-temperature 72 lots of sun the next several days, next chance of rain friday with
5:40 am
a cold front passing by over the weekend looking pretty good with a lot of sun and temperatures where they should be this time of year, daily and hourly forecast available over the weather apps. let's bring in ines to see what is going on with the commute. ines: traffic on staten island doing fine on the expressway, a construction closing the manhattan bridge, delays on the bqe, no problems in new jersey, route 80, garden state parkway from the ethics poll plaza to the bergen told lies, fdr drive 155th street, northbound construction wrapped up in the overnight, no problems southbound so you are fine both directions. as for the lincoln tunnel no delays, saying and holland and george washington bridge. ben: a lot more to come including paying the price for driving in new york and new jersey, we will tell you where the metro area at rain compared to the rest of the country when it comes to paying tolls.
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5:44 am
other in marble hill, she is described as an early 30s. theresa: rescued crews discovering a second body in the rubble of a brooklyn apartment building destroyed by an explosion over the weekend little victim has not been identified but francesca has been missing since the blast happened on saturday. ben: in new jersey and new york drivers pay one third of all tolls collected in the united survey. the new jersey turnpike authority brings in the most money collecting the one$.4 billion in 2013. the port authority and mta came in second and third, each collecting more than a billion dollars each. theresa: we are heading they yankee stadium. if you are planning on heading out for tonight's give you will pay a big, big. tickets for tonight's wild card game, $180 a pop on average. on the secondary market. still that is a deal compared to the other wild card game tonight. the pirates cubs game in
5:45 am
pittsburgh, an average of $300. the cheapest seats a yankee stadium going for $52 so that is not bad. to see what could be the game. ben: we hope there are many more to come but we will see. duke is out at the stadium in the bronx. duke: awhile guardian between the yankees and the houston astross and that an afterthought yesterday when the news came out that cc sabathia will enter an alcohol rehab facility. that is the big news that came out about lunchtime, the yankees were set to work out. cc sabathia took steps to get the care he needs to be a better man, father and player, the post-season, yankees general manager brian cashman spoke to the media about the surprise announcement. >> reporter: time for him to rely on all of us to support
5:46 am
in his time of need and so he carried this franchise on his back in the past and lead us to places we wanted to go and i think obviously he raised his hand and said we need someone to guide me. duke: he might have pitched tonight in relief of masahiro tanaka. and the yankees advance, the 6-10 record, 4.73. and pitched much better of late leakey's fans will hope that is big distraction the team gets ready to face the american league, a houston astros. and after growing up and watching in the national league for so long, yesterday the yankees worked out. masahiro tanaka, this will be his biggest are never for the
5:47 am
who has had one tremendous season this year. he beat the yankees, 16 shutout innings against the yankees of far this season. this will be a test. it is key in this game. because dallas was 15-0 at home this year. he beat the yankees at yankee stadium. the mets will open their division series with the dodgers on friday night. everyone looking forward to that series as well. they will work out later today. jacob will pitch for the mets friday. no word on who will get the ball for the dodgers but if i was a betting man i would take care shot, i would go with her shot. mets will bring it back to is the field, four game with matt harvey in the mound. he said he is proud where the
5:48 am
>> a lot of pride. noaa coming up, those guys knew we would have a good pitching staff and it is nice to prove we could pitch at this level. this is what we play for in the postseason and try to go to the world series so i'm looking forward to this. duke: controversy and monday night football, seattle and detroit, you got to see this country to minutes left before it driving for the winning score, calm johnson hit the goal line and drops the ball, the ball popped out, check the replay, chancellor puts a hat on calvin johnson, is again, punching the ball on a johnson's arms but his teammate, illegally out of bounds, there should have been a penalty on that play and detroit should have had a first down near the goal lines but
5:49 am
it is a turnover, seattle wins 13-10, the head officials said officials made a mistake last night so if you are counting seattle in the last three years on monday night football they had that hail mary play against green bay are couple years ago and went on to win the super bowl, they had a big way last night so this gets them going in the right direction but nevertheless the big story east adm. cc sabathia checking himself in an alcohol rehab facility and the yankees play a must win wild-card game tonight against the accused and astros, the winner of the game moves on to the division series. that is the story from yankee stadium, let's go back to you. ben: cc sabathia did not have the best record, what role would he have played? would be a big part of the lineup? duke: he had been pitching much better since he took a break
5:50 am
all-star break, thought he came back, 69 thursday. the rain squeezing through late first or friday. let's bring in ines and take a look at where we are.
5:51 am
island doing fine, the southern state parkway in new jersey, morris county no problem the, 287. let's put the bronx parkway over by 230 third street, very quiet southbound and northbound, tappan zee bridge problem to tell you about, rockland bound on the tappan zee bridge, westchester doing fine, but rockland bound, expect delays on the freeway, two lanes blocked with an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a car. the rest of your commute, trains doing fine, street cleaning rules are suspended for religious observances. leaders remain in affect. >> we like when street cleaning rules are suspended. ben: and much more to come, a controversy over the kardashians on the cover of cosmo and what they're being called.
5:52 am
you see this look on my face? sfx: growling that's not anger, that's hunger. so i'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better and once i do you will see a look of satisfaction and contentment blossom across my face. see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm yoplait [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way?
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and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. in the we are back at 5:55. duke: the kardashians have some controversy. anna: some people are upset because they are on cosmo's 50th anniversary cover, they are gathered for the first time, they have been fully closed, photographed together in four years but the controversy is the letters next to them says america's first family.
5:55 am
some people are upset that it is the bash to the obamas, they are the real first family, america's reality first family. when i heard there was controversy i thought they should have included the lynn jenner because they are excluding her, then i thought where is rob, they left out rob but apparently the first family. it is not that huge deal. juliet: did you see the attached photos? the best one of the bunch is slowly. the untouched. most people think there are other sisters more beautiful. anna: she has credit for her work outs because people say she is photoshop 4 got plastic surgery to achieve her current figure. if you are up will smith fan, take a listen. anna: now you can hear him in a remake of the hit cbs the.
5:56 am
and this is the first time he has been in the studio in ten years and recorded about 30 songs, reportedly still struggling to find his voice. es esteban world's 4 with jazzy jeff who was his fresh prince of bel-air co-star. between eddie murphy honored at the kennedy center next month paying tribute to him tracy morgan. morgan was seriously injured when a truck hit his limo on the new jersey turnpike. morgan also had some career parallels to murphy. both of them are saturday night live alumni. murphy will be awarded the mark twain price for american humor on october 18th. other stars honoring him include dave should help, kathy griffin, arsenio hall, trevor noaa, big list. and if you are planning on getting married tom hanks just might officiate. at the premiere of his new movie bridge of spies hank said he enjoyed presiding over the wedding of his friend allison
5:57 am
williams last month laughing, he said he might do it again if people can afford his feet but he would not here in vineland, home of we love all kinds of chicken soups... white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid
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toaster strudel.
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