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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 6, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ben: 6:00 o'clock. tuesday morning. it is going to be a beautiful day up there. mike has the full forecasts for us coming up. >> c.c. sabathia's surprise announcement he is going to rehab. he says he has been battling alcohol addiction. ben: a pilot dies midflight. a copilot was able to make an emergency landing safely.
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juliet: a scandal comparable to insider trading. ben: a lot of money involved. >> good morning, everyone. i am teresa priolo. ben: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for being with us. it seems like the last couple of weeks it was light until 730, 8:00 o'clock. juliet: a conflate early. is that what you're saying? mike: short. i know what you mean. the sun is setting too early. our temperatures this morning, it is taking a little while. fifty-two out at newark.
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48 degrees in pitchfork. wind is like, if you have them at all. we had a meeting with a clear control. things are looking pretty quiet. there is a week cold front approaching after that. it does not look like it will produce much. hurricane joaquin still a category one storm. rolling out to see. sending packing little bit of wave action. sunny skies. 6400 day. ai of 72. sixty-nine on thursday. there is another cold front
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pretty good. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: good morning, mike. everyone is waking up, heading to work at the moment. if you are traveling in new jersey, no problems to report. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your new. on the taconic, traffic moving fine. the tappan zee bridge, there is an issue there. westchester side, doing fine. two things are parked within accident of faulting a tractor-trailer and a car. george washington bridge looks good this morning. trains are running on or close. street cleaning rules are suspended.
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ben: 6:03 a.m. c.c. sabathia made a pretty stunning announcement yesterday. he is heading to rehab for an alcohol addiction. teresa: duke joins us live. >> this came as a big surprise. c.c. sabathia has checked himself into an alcohol rehab facility. yesterday, he released a statement. he said he needed to work on different things in this life that will help them you become a better man, a better father and a better player. yesterday, brian cashman spoke about the news regarding c.c. >> he is not the only one walking this planet healing with
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this problem. there is, again, a lot of different avenues to pursue to help someone when they find themselves in this situation. again, i applaud him for his courage. >> reporter: the yankees will play the houston astros tonight in the wild-card game. one game. a do or die situation. this will be to knock us to guest starred as a new york y. sixteen scoreless innings against the yankees so far this year. this is a must win situation for the new york yankees tonight. much more coming up in sports in our next half-hour.
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a while. what is your read on this whole situation. was he forced at all to rehab? >> reporter: that is not quite clear. he is a tremendous person. community. one of the nicest guys. he has been on "good day new york." he and his wife. numerous times. i guess c.c. went through premature joe girardi on sunday. look, i need to do this for me. i need to do this for my family. now is the time. it obviously must have been a very tough decision for him. especially with the timing and all. teresa: make you very much, duke. 6:06 a.m.
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body in the rubble and a building explosion. ben: the body of another tenant was found over the weekend. the explosion may have happened after a stove was removed from a gas line which may not have been properly disconnected. ben: we are learning more about mother. teresa: it seems that drugs may have been a problem for report good morning. she was left in this building just behind me on 16th street. the medical examiner to perform some tests. this mother of three was out
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drinking and using cocaine. a very prominent dermatologist. she came to the city saturday for a girls night out. it included alcohol and cocaine. around 3:00 a.m., she met up with a 51-year-old male companion. the two then came to this apartment here. meeting another man. they continued partying. police surveillance video shows the two men carrying the incapacitated woman down the stairs and then leaving her. she was taken to len next health and was pronounced dead. police didn't interrogate and question her companion. he was released without being charged.
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still trying to question the second man seen in that surveillance video. hoping to get some answers from him. we will keep you updated. back over to you. teresa: a scare in error. an american airline pilot died in the air. no one was at risk. first officers are trained to fly alone. that is why there are two officers on board to fly a plane. we have a lot more still to come on this tuesday morning. including the review of a new dvr that allows you to play back your shows 30% faster. >> that is nice. mike is here with your forecast.
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mike: another clear, start today. less land than what we had yesterday. the sun will be out there to do its job. daily and hourly forecasts. also sell for you on the fox5 and wife whether at. we will be right back. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
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ben: already. we are back. it is 6:13 a.m. teresa: a fantastic tuesday in store. mike: temperatures slightly above normal. let's take a look at what is going on here. we have a nice fall day coming up for us. temperatures a little bit warmer than what we had yesterday. we have a cold front passing by tomorrow. it will turn a little bit cooler as we head into the weekend. here's what we have with your temperatures right now. 52 degrees. the sun does not come up until
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wind coming in from the south, southwest. we have 54 in syracuse. thirty-seven in maine. clear sky around the tri-state. an area of pressure keeping us quiet and drive. that area of low pressure is out to see. of course, we are still keeping an eye on joaquin. the wind action is starting to die down. hurricane joaquin still a category one. moving to the northeast. picking up speed as it gets caught up in the jetstream. a little bit of wave action that this way. less and less of a player. high temperature goes up to 77 degrees.
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seventy on friday. now it is time to get you over to ines rosales. see what we have with the roads and the rails. >> let's start off with the tappan zee bridge. tractor-trailer involved in that accident. you have only the right lane getting through. westchester side, traffic moving fine. it is just headed towards our rockland county that you have delays. let's go to our maps.
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ronkonkoma branch. customers are advised to the port jefferson branch and the montauk ranch. ben: thank you very much. teresa: a technology disaster this morning. ben: it allows you to access everything with a single remote. shelly palmer. we are all kind of curious. why do we need another device? potentially with another bill. >> this is the next coming of the lord. it really is. it has commercial skipping. please do not skip commercials. if you have to, this one but it
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it has a 30% speed increase for playback. you can watch a one-hour drama without commercials in about 31 minutes. you do not think it is going faster, but the show is actually going faster. it will save you about a month of your year in your pants watching. it is just for television lovers. it also completely aggregates all of your video sources. it is like a unified walks. for the first time ever, with one remote control, you can binge watch at 830% increase of speed. it has perfect commercial skipping. teresa: what is the big selling point here? honestly, if you get through
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your commercial site quickly, i think, how lazy can you be. >> sometimes you have commercial overshoot which or premature wage. this has none of that ever. 299 and eight z99 version. it includes the first year. there is an annual fee. teresa: do you have a whole cup that the genius bar. ben: you have a gigantic genius problem. teresa: what is going on at the apple store? >> i do not know, but what is going on with your phone. you should have that checked right now.
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greg: there it is. one-game wild-card playoff. the winner moves on. the loser goes home. the yankees are already home. teresa: without c.c. sabathia. he is checking himself into rehab. seeing how the team will perform tonight. teresa: a perfect fall day ahead. teresa: people in rural africa will soon be able to update their facebook status. teresa: the signal will reach 14 continents.
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governor jerry brown signing the controversial bill into law yesterday. lethal drugs to terminally ill adults. the new law modeled. last year 105 people took their lives using doctor prescribed drugs. ben: a big cheerios recall to tell you about. general mills. they may contain wheat in their cheerios even though they are labeled gluten free. they have used by the eighth of july, 15, 16 and 17 of 2016. used to getting an annual performance review from your boss.
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what about your spouse? >> people usually wait too long to go to therapy. goals to repair things before they become major irreversible problems. the criticism could deconstruct this. got to make sure you are willing to work on it. ben: that is true. i wonder which grade my husband would give me. ben: 6:24 a.m. we have top stories. we have weather and traffic when
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medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. just the way you like it. on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. teresa: today is the day where you want to take lunch outside. it is going to be sunny, dry today. highs in the low 70s. mike has a full forecast coming up. ben: c.c. sabathia us surprising announcement yesterday. he is headed to rehab. battling alcohol addiction. he had to made a decision.
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results in the long eyelids dermatologist case. ben: rescue crews the asteroid by an explosion over the weekend. good morning. i am ben simmoneau. teresa: i am teresa priolo. low 70s. lots of sun. >> this is why we put up with the winter. let's show you what is going on. here is one thing you can be sad
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comparing october 1 to october 301. sunrise time, 6:53 a.m. eleven hours and 45 minutes from the first. you can see how quickly the day has come to a close here. anyhow, yeah, it looks like we have false setting in. it feels pretty good. wind is very light if you have anything at all. again, the late clear skies. there will be plenty of sunshine. your temperatures will be above normal. the average high is 67 degrees. ninety, that is not happening. it will be a little bit above
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normal. showers are out of here in time for the weekend. let slide over to ines rosales. ines: would start off with the bronx. accident leaving only the left lane open. a couple of problems here on staten island. this just popped up here. definitely two problems here. expect delays on the verrazano bridge. there is some construction going on. upper level, you have an accident there. this is also by 92nd street. this is past the construction zone.
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westchester bound, you are fine. cleared. you still have the right lane blocked. they are trying to clean up everything. you have delays as you head towards rockland county. and then long island railroad, the ronkonkoma branch suspended. a car went on the tracks. your alternates are the port jefferson or the montauk branch. ben: under scrutiny after a scandal comparable with insider trading. teresa: robert moses is here now with the very latest. teresa: you mentioned the word regulation. an employee is accused of using insider knowledge.
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hundreds of thousands of dollars playing fantasy football. the fantasy is very real. it is impossible to watch a pro football game without seeing ads. the site that allows football fans, for a fee, to create their own team for money. an employee gained access to information not available publicly showing which nfl players were most popular for fans to draft. some say it is akin to insider the two companies released a joint statement. nothing is more important then
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we offer our customers. it is beginning to draw the attention of lawmakers. opposing legalized sports betting. >> i would like to have a hearing and pull them in. why do you think that involving the players in fantasy sports, gambling, is less of a problem? >> reporter: both draft kings and fan tool are permitting their fans from other websites.
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the knowledge that he gained would have been of little value after he already said his lineup. ben: all right. we are learning a little bit more about that mother and dermatologist. teresa: found dead in the doorway of this apartment. 838-year-old came into the city saturday for a girls night out. according to the new york post, she met up with her 51-year-old male cub. in who works as a tv producer. ben: the rain may have stopped in south carolina. teresa: it really is incredible there. power has now been restored to
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a little bit of good news. president obama has signed a disaster declaration for part of the state. 6:35 a.m. flags will be lowered to half staff today. governor chris christie calling the massacre senseless and devastating. president obama will visit oregon on friday. he is expected to meet with the families of those victims privately. mr. obama was already expected to head to the west. ben: a rockslide may have -- the train would have stopped here in new york city as well. officials say that the
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locomotive and another car went over an end they live. all right. fox means business. teresa: joining us now is adam shapiro. >> reporter: good morning to you. fox means breakfast, too, by the way. mcdonald's has got to turn that ship around. to declining in the united states. 14000 plus stores. you can get in the burrito you want, fruit and yogurt, hash not at all places can you get past browns. hotcakes and hotcakes with sausage. the issue with hash browns,
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franchises to not have the right equipment. in markets with biscuits, you can get the bacon egg and cheese biscuit, but you cannot get the southern style chicken biscuit. teresa: is the met griddle on the list? >> it is not. ben: that 8 muffin. i am good with that. teresa: speaking of muffins. somebody had a little boston. >> lauren simonetti and her husband welcomed ray vivienne.
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ben: there was not news to share so you were correct and withholding. teresa: fabulous. send lauren our past. ben: check out fox business. teresa: last night i had the true honor and pleasure -- the annual charity golf tournament. the voice of lettermen for many, many years. these guys were incredible. they were talking about all the hard work that went into
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they were really fantastic. i think you for allowing me to be a part of it. mike: folk set out to work or school. we have sunny skies. a cool start to the day. you will end up at about 72 degrees. get out there and enjoy it. another fine fall day. let's get to ines rosales. >> live picture from skyfoxhd. northbound no problems. let's go to our maps.
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ben: tuesday morning. checking your headlines for you. and american airlines pilot died in the air. fifty-seven years old. no word yet on what caused his death. teresa: hacked between may 2014 and june 2015. free identity theft protection is being offered. ben: tracy morgan. murphy will be awarded the mark twain prize for american humor coming up on october 18. teresa: 6:44 a.m.
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good morning, two. >> reporter: morning. tonight, 8:00 o'clock. obviously, the big news yesterday. c.c. sabathia will enter an alcohol rehab facility. the news really caught everybody by shock. sabathia said he took the step to get the care he needs to become a better man, father and player. brian cashman spoke to the media about the surprise announcement. >> he feels horrible that he cannot be here to help compete. he cannot be here for his teammates. meantime, he is making the right decision with his family by taking the necessary steps that he is taking. >> reporter: he had picked much better. ever since late july, he had been pitching better.
6:43 am
the yankees may have used him out of the bullpen tonight. tanaka will get to start. cced no longer with the team the remainder of the postseason. yankees did a workout yesterday. tanaka will make his biggest start with the new york yankees. this is why they got him. battling a hamstring problem. missed the start. twelve days on the shelf. better on the next are. he will get the ball tonight. very well could be the american league cy young winner. west coast. taking on the dodgers.
6:44 am
later today at citi field. pitching better at home than he does on the road. matt harvey will get game three. proud of what the team has accomplished so far this season. >> we knew coming into this year. we knew we would have a good coaching staff here at it is nice to go out there and prove that we can pitch at this level. this. >> monday night football. seattle and detroit. did you see this? going for the winning score. calvin johnson gets hit. check the replay here. one of the biggest hitters in the game.
6:45 am
saving the game by punching the ball out of johnson's arms. that is the ball out of bounds. that is an illegal play. detroit should have been awarded the distance to the goal. they were not. they obviously pluto call. game. by the way, the head of official said after the game that the refs got it wrong. that is two times in the last three years, three or four years, that seattle has been on the receiving end of a pretty good call. we will talk about that for some time to come. some rules that we should look at in the off-season that need to be changed.
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later tonight. teresa: thank you so much. remember that pizza rack? i love that story. probably my favorite story in the last six months. hearing a slice of pizza down ben: his or her struggle has been turned into a videogame. making sure to this discarded trash. now, a sexy halloween costume. does anyone else think that this would be perfect for juliet? she loved this story. ben: $90. that is crazy. if you spend more than $50 on a
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halloween costume, you should have your head examined, i think. mike: some people spend thousands. ben: let's check the forecast. a great day coming up. mike: did i understand you? what is going on. i am not quite sure i heard you properly. we have a cool start to the day. 56 degrees a month out. we have a clear sky. lots of sunshine for you. just before 7:00 o'clock is your sunrise time. we do not have any of the stormy weather that is around the region that will affect us here in the tri-state.
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ines: welcome back. traffic jams this morning. take a look at the freeway here. an accident blocking two lanes. you are left with this backup right there. traffic slow. earlier accident still trying to clear. on the rockland side of the top of the bridge. take a look at the westchester side did not seeing a lot of traffic. traffic is a mess this morning. teresa: thank you. anna gilligan is back. anna: the kardashian cosmo cover
6:52 am
here they all are. photograph for the first time altogether in four years, apparently. it is the headline that is upsetting some people. some people feel that they are being compared to the obama's and that is insulting. >> women's day was first to break the story. isabella cruise got married. september 8 team to her boyfriend of less than a year. it was reportedly a very intimate ceremony. people say that that is why she did not want to invite her a list and -- a list parents.
6:53 am
was not in any of the pictures. she was in london at the time. it was possible that she was there. they are kind of famous enough that they did not have to confirm anything if they do not want. we're talking about nancy drew. ben: nancy drew and the hardy boys. anna: developing a new series around nancy drew. this will be her in her 30s working for the nypd. the last time we saw her was in a movie in 2 million played by emma roberts. ben: all right. thank you very much. that does it for us on a tuesday morning. teresa: thank you for having me. ben: have a great day.
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