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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 7, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". the tragic death of thea young dr. found lying half naked the other night. >> she met up with 51 -year-old television producer, mark and read thompson. he is also married. the findings are consistent with drug use, namely cocaine. bill: a tale of two women. >> dunkin' donuts is apologizing after an employee wrote #black lives matter and handed it to a police officer. bill: the 2nd incident in two days. >> last time i spoke with we'd man, he opened aa restaurant. now he started a new company reality television.
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the joint. >> potheads are productive. bill: we have team chaser coverage of the tragic death of a younga young dr. who lived on long island and was found in chelsea after was some are saying is a night of drugs and strange people. a very bizarre story, the tale of two women. you are chasing your background which provides his contrast of someone you would never expect to be involved in some of these alleged activities. you are in front of the door that this young dr. was found lying half naked the other night. >> the facebook page that seems to showcase a woman that had it all has some modifications today. at the top it now says and remembrance of.
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as we remember and look back at her life we look back at the now clear timeline of her last night saturday night. met up with 51 -year-old facebook friend mark and read johnson. between three and four am she left her friends and gotten a. she arrived here. later in the morning she was carried down the stairs incapacitated. at 8:32 a.m. johnson called 911 to 221 west 16th street. the nypd was then directed unresponsive and she later died. mark henry johnson owns a production company. he has won numerous awards and produced for hbo. some speculate he was having an affair largely because she was seen at this
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location on multiple occasions. what we know now about the autopsy according to the daily news, findings are consistent with drug use,, indication of force of her death. bill: you are chasing the other side of the story. what looks to be like a dramatic double life. >> before her career,career, marriage, and children she led an incredibly the daughter of robert and diane with one brother, and as a high school school gloucester county junior ms. miss which qualified her to compete at the state and later she won the national title in 1995. i spoke with the cochair of
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ms. miss organization. even one from the night that she one with bruno and marie miller by her side. now, from her paperwork in the pageant, some information about her. she performed a lyrical ballet dance to the song. favorite recording star, barbra streisand, movie, gone with the wind. spectator sport basketball. i gives you a little bit of what she was like as a team. bill: thanks. "high speed chase", start us off. >> dunkin' donuts is apologizing after one of its employees wrote #black lives matter on a cup of coffee and handed it to a police officer. the employees seem somewhat
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rude and appeared as though they did not want to serve the officer. a spokesman has apologized. bill: that is the 2nd incident in two days. >> dollar sliced pizza from some of new york's top pizzerias, part of an annual charity event. now, all proceeds will go to the food bank for new york city. keep an eye out. they are capturing all the action. >> police are looking for this subway performer who allegedly attacked a subway rider. the incident occurred as the train approached the queens plaza thursday. the performer told amanda stop. copscops say he is between 18 and 25 years old. approximately 160 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call crime
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bill: just when i thought we were done talking about we'd man, we are not. >> he is no stranger to the spotlight as an outspoken marijuana activist, he had opened the restaurant in trenton called the joint. attached to the restaurant is what he called a religious temple called the liberty bell temple where his members partake in their sacrament, marijuana. sound interesting? want to see more? it turns out that you will be able to. he along with two silent partners have started a new venture, reality television. bill: only a matter of time. >> the creator of this reality show at some point.
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show. bill: it is a working title. >> 25 cameras with sound. i was shown around and check out the high tech control room. >> you can call this the green room. >> he calls himself the wizard. >> moving into a whole different entertainment realm. he told me about his mission and what he wants. >> i want to send the fact that potheads are productive. i am a very productive pothead. i want this joe to be the opposite of that show intervention. that is a horrible show.
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we are funny, dramatic, have a lot of interesting things going on in our lives. >> nothing scripted. >> nothing scripted. >> as of now the joint can be seen on the website of weed man and will be playing on public access tv. shopping the show to some big names, one being snoop dogg. he just started his own television channel, and i channel, and i can't think of a better fit for weed man. bill: good? >> have had a couple things. >> this is fun, but there are people who are struggling to follow the law in desperate need of medical marijuana, and this guy is saying it is for religious purposes come and this is not a reflection of him but on the state and legislature the people that really need it. bill: you had that family
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that cannot going to give the kid this drink with the cannabis oil. anyone else might have a distorted view. >> maybe he is making a difference. >> making a serious topic more entertaining. >> like us. bill: like us. >> pumpkin spice bagels. >> with valerie right around the corner we will see offensive and weird costumes out. now they have brought out probably the weirdest one yet, the pizza rat costume. i don't know what is more
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offensive. >> the nypd blue. check out this photo. tweet it out. the nypd is showing your support and raising awareness for breast cancer. many people are affected directly or indirectly. >> on monday night i hosted the signature chefs auction we had a great time. it featured the ambassador family which we did a story on last week. the event raised about $90,000. bill: congratulations. >> stole our hearts as a kid musician sean brady is suing her. >> money is a tough thing to talk about.
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>> sometimes when you need help, time may not be on your side. himself and alcohol rehab. check to his facebook page to address some of the fans. a picture of a dog. just trying to get my ship together. >> one of america's sweethearts. she stole our heart as a kid and was nominated for an oscar for her role and is now starring in the fox show scream clean. >> you guys will stay here
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>> her career is blowing up. musician sean brady is suing her accusing her of making her work for free. i went to his home.home. when i got there he was playing beethoven's masterpiece. part of the local new jersey band called the weekenders. >> a big opportunity. have been working my life for this. >> estimated to be worth $12 $12 million is now suing her for $2,125. i asked what went wrong. he saw the dream. he works works with abigail on her album which has not been released yet but never signed a contract. >> money is a tough thing to
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because he desperately needed the money. he showed a text message. how to the conversation with her manager go? complains about the manager command she replies with a curse word which establishes that they did have a conversation about money. >> threwthrough me 500 bucks. i would have just kept my mouth shut. >> he is now taking this to court because he is getting no response from abigail, herabigail, her mother, manager, no one from her. i reached out to her lawyer, and she gave me a no comment. bill: is she any good?
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nominated for an oscar. the album she was helping her with was to launch her musical career. he thought that maybe one day he could play on stage with her. >> described as home intrusion beginning with a knock on the door from the new jersey social worker. >> it would not let her in the house, but then she told me ii had ten minutes to let her in our house was her answer. >> they say what came next was a two-hour investigation by new jersey's child protective services delving into the way they homeschool their child resulting from an anonymous tip made about the family. during that time the social worker quiz the couple on everything from their sons homeschool curriculum to questions about his medical records and family guns. the social worker came in and started quizzing the 15
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parents beat you. what is your relationship to these guns and then demanded to see them and then proceeded to try to break into the safe to see how easily the sun can get into the guns. the sun holds a license to hunt with the father. >> i guess she wanted to see. >> they are now suing new jersey for $60 million. alleging new jersey's department of child protection permanency violated their civil rights. >> created to protect abused and neglected children. >> not investigate everything. >> and they are overseen by anyone, so they can do what they want. >> the case comes at the time that the number of homeschooled children is growing across the nation. under new jersey law's homeschool curriculum does not have to be approved by a local school board or monitored and does not require homeschool parents to keep records of the
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are two key components of the lawsuit saying, the social worker had no legal authority to be in their home questioning them about their child's education. >> someone has to step up and say enough is enough. >> the department of child protective services refused to comment that did formally dismissed the allegations. bill: i can't imagine what kind of fear went through their heads when they thought here is the stranger coming in. having said that, why 60 million? >> would we be talking about this if it was not a lot of money? on that note, what will they do with it? they say they will donated to help other people in the situation. >> the social worker is doing her job. >> this is not how the system works. the system does not give the right to a a social worker to go on your home without any paperwork or documentation. >> the system is put in place to protect children, of course,children, of
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course, but not to make social workers have the end-all be-all right. >> as angry if the social worker busts in and seeing the's child actively be nor be used. bill: the police would have been there. you don't just send one social worker. sound like a start it was something having having to do with homeschool which makes some people uncomfortable, but it seems like this went way beyond. the doormatbeyond. the doormat in front of their house, look at that. >> everyone from democratic activist to elected officials are interested in seeing biden challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. >> working together as a team, accomplish a lot of
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>> america loves joe biden. [applause] i found out that much myself everyone from democratic activist to elected officials to the press and some republicans are interested in seeing biden challenge hillary clinton. biden has run for president twice, 88 and 2008. there are people out they're who think he has a shot this time. >> one of the people most interested is john cooper who run suspect john ask. i came here to talk to the guy who raised a million dollars for president obama and is now the national finance chair of the draft biden super pack. >> president obama and joe biden working together as a
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team accomplished a lot of good for the country command i do not want to see those advances rolled back. >> i am here in philadelphia the summit started over the weekend and concludes tomorrow. happening tonight with artists such as lindsay sterling, aesop rocky, and some of the crowds favorites attendees have come from all over the world to attend the summit, almost 2,000. speakers included sean white, kelly osbourne, monica lewinsky and more. tweet me your photos. bill: making history. >> can't even remember life without a wheelchair. bill: she thought her dreams were impossible until now. >> or internal -- incredible journey to become a broadway star.
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on thousands of dates? a lot of crazy stories. bill: new rules. microphone away from face when yelling to chasers. >> to see ever eat chips in your ear? >> i thought the gum was
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