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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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edge from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". ben: it is over, the can then, yankees season came to an end with a loss in the wild card game, the end of the 2015 season. theresa: after being locked up for a crime that shocked the city, johnny is waking up a free man this morning. ben: tom hanks searches for florida college student, why he wanted to get in touch with her and how he eventually did. media. 10 million followers. i am kerry drew in for juliet. ben: i am ben simmoneau, it is
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thank you for being with us. it is not too bad this morning. i thought it was warmer than the past couple mornings. mike woods is here. >> meteorologist: good morning. yesterday it was pretty nice, we made it into the low and mid 70s, 75 degrees in newark, 73 in central park, 71 in islip, quite a few 70s, 60s here and there, 69 in bridgeport, 66 in montauk, these were yesterday's high temperatures, at 60s and apart, 59 at newark, 55 in allentown, the air doesn't have quite the chilly and the last few mornings but still feels pretty good, 54 in monticello, 57 in bridgeport, temperature changes up for everyone, 11 degrees warmer in allentown that was 24 hours ago, 6 degrees warmer in central park, newark and belmar, 10
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degrees warmer in islip, a nice bump up in temperatures, a little push back to warmer temperatures for a while. not really clouds of consequence, high clouds flying through the tristate region, should be nice and mild the next several days, there's a weak cold front approaching but guess what? as it passes by is not going to be much of anything, you can expect that today, 70 by noon, high temperatures 74. tomorrow we make up to 69, a drop in temperatures with the front, showers not a big problem, better chance of rain late friday. let's switch to ines rosales, what do we have going on? ines: long island fine, no problems with the expressway, let's go to connecticut, see how 95 is doing through the
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connecticut turnpike, they collected cameras, outside the goat, new jersey, route 80 over by exit 42, traffic coming eastbound towards 280, same for the west bound side. george washington bridge construction wrapped up, only one lane open on the upper level, everything cleared away, no problems toward the lincoln tunnel, 495 review are taking the holland tunnel doing pretty good, street cleaning rules in effect, trains running on or close. kerry: a lot of sad fans, yankees season over after losing to the astros in the wild card game. ben: they could not solve dallas, the yankees never got on the board, houston went 3-0 to advance the american league division series, yankees look for the off-season to regroup. here is an emotional joe gerardi after the game. >> it is hard, the seasons end
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this was a club that fought all year long and there is a lot of character in the room and this hurts. we just didn't get it done. >> over the last few months, 45 days between losing all, and a lot of underperformance. played radically different we. and the next four months change the complete complex of the team. ben: we will hear from players later on in sports. >> the first time in 25 years, johnny nkopier wakes up outside prison. ben: he insisted he was innocent of the killing of a tourist in a subway buzz in 1990. >> reporter: this was a sensational crime that took place during the bad old days of
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johnny has always maintained his innocence and now a judge agrees new evidence supports his case. 43-year-old johnny inkompier walked out of the court in and hadn't free on bail and it feels so good. >> i feel wonderful, wonderful. i feel free. >> reporter: he was one of seven convicted of killing brian watkins, a tourist from utah visiting new york city for the u.s. open tennis tournament, he was stabbed on september 3rd, 1990, on a platform at the seventh avenue, 50 third street subway station as he defended his family from a group of muggers, new witnesses and come forward claiming he was not on a platform when watkins was savagely murdered and a detective be a false conviction out of him.
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uncovered, is sad that they kept in isn't man in prison so long because of a false confession that should never have taken place. i sang god now i can put this behind me. >> reporter: the killing of watkins was one of 2200 in 1990, it was emblematic of a more dangerous city than the one we know today. by comparison 333 people were killed in the city according to the nypd. this was a long time in coming and his mother could barely find words to describe her joy. he's looking forward to eating seafood. could face a new trial but he did not think that. >> jim on individuals who did this city or had knowledge of what happened to me.
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i forgive them. >> a spokesman says the d a is considering appealing the judge's decision to release him. he also said the office will retry the case if that is necessary. that is the latest, live from the newsroom. back to you. ben: robert moses, thank you. the nypd released new video of a man wanted for questioning in the killing of kerri, the aide to governor cuomo who was shot and killed last month. the man is seen steps from the site of the shooting in crown heights, brooklyn, black pants and black frames glasses. so far police of not made any arrests in the 43-year-old shooting death. was caught in the crossfire of rival gangs on labor day during the overnight celebrations leading up to the west indian day parade. kerry: the search is on for two men wanted in a triple shooting in brooklyn. >> it started with car burglaries. teresa priolo tells us what goes on from there.
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two men in their 20s the one where a multicolored sweat shirt, the other great swinger. police believe these men are responsible for troubleshooting and killed a life of a metal shop worker on the streets of these williamsburg yesterday. >> trying to survive and pay his bills. >> reporter: according to eyewitnesses, 53-year-old michael who went by the nickname much was welcoming a new job when he's the three men breaking into cars parked on the streets. >> tried opening the doors to see inside what they had and his car, he came out side and confronted them. >> reporter: the father of two approach the men and when they took off he gave chase, followed from, when without warning one of the suspects pull out a gun and started firing but he was hit in the chests, a co-worker was shot in the torso and the bullet grazed his year. a 13-year-old girl was hit in
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but he died at the scene, the other victims are recovering at elmhurst hospital. >> at this juncture we do not have suspects per se other than witnesses to give us information about the individuals we believe are involved. >> reporter: crime scene workers got the street, investigators are confident they will find these guys soon but those who knew him are in shock. such a crime happened to such a good and honest man. teresa priolo "good day new york". >> one woman is dead and a little girl critically injured after an suv jump occurred in queens. it happened just before 6:00 last night in the richmond hills section. police say a white is you be ran a red light and was hit by a black kiosk. the suv green on to the sidewalk and hit 52-year-old nina. another woman and a 2-year-old little girl. she was pronounced dead, the little girl is in critical but stable condition.
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the other pedestrian and two drivers were listed in stable condition. >> reporter: uconn student from long island got busted because he couldn't get an order of macaroni and cheese and was caught on camera. the obscenity laced video shows him arguing with and shoving i campus food court managers sunday. he was denied service because he had an open alcohol containers. oh oh. another employee tackled him before cops showed up and arrested him. he has not commented on the incident. >> tom hanks is a great actor and a good samaritan. he found this id in a park, it belongs to a university student named lawrence though he tweeted of votes tuesday saying his office would return it to her. he happens to have 10 million twitter followers.
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woman claiming to be roommates tweeted back and lauren forgot her id and hanks was a true gentleman. ben: he seems utterly nice guy. kerry: i love that video. ben: they really like me, that one. kerry: still ahead on "good day early call" we are looking at mild day with temperatures in the 70s. mike woods has a forecast. ben: could it be the end of the world? one group says it is all over today. we will tell you what they are basing that on when we come
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just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: eat here we go as you step out of the bus stop and train stop, heading out another nice one coming at you, lots of sunshine, temperature starts at 57 degrees, warmer than it was, 5 to 8 degrees depending where you are, you down need anything special, i
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start isn't for par, 59 in newark, but you keep your
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sunshine around, breezy and cooler saturday in particular. weather apps has daily and hourly forecasts downloading for free and get your forecast going at the apple itunes store and google play store. ines rosales is quite impressed. kerry: it is huge. let's talk about this. here is what is going on this morning. turnpike in new jersey looks good, no problem for 78, westchester doing fine of of the tappan zee bridge, no issues to the cross westchester, sawmill or through way. let's look at your commute on staten island, there's the expressway by bradley avenue, east bound to the verrazzano and west bound, cross bronx by the alexander hamilton bridge smooth sailing, no problems with the major deegan underneath and if you're taking grand central in front of la guardia airport both
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directions doing fine. i am not hitting on curtis. that. have a nice day because the world is going to end with the leader of a christian group says the world will be destroyed october 7th, 2015, that is today, by a great fire. guess you'd better bet going. chris mccan predicted may 21st, 2011, was going to be the rapture. we were all waiting for that, there were billboards all over the place but nothing happens, mccan left himself some wiggle room. said there's a strong possibility the world will end today but, quote, there's an unlikely possibility that it will not. i think you are not. kerry: curtis sliwa, posted "the curtis and kuby show," the world has ended because curtis is here in city. ben: i said the mets would go further than the yankees, turns out i was right and you had -- kerry: how does it feel?
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of the morning when i was at the club. you didn't think i was just going to get all suited up so i deadbeat. ben: you didn't think i would wear the guardian angels guard? >> you wanted to feel like that we man. i understand. kerry: you looking very gq. and bottles of champagne. ben: the end of the world today. this is the same group this guy on may 23rd, 2011, said the world is coming to an end, new jersey turnpike nothing happened. >> pass the plate of ammunition, and stock up on ammo.
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piazza, remember when roy had roger clemens head hunting for him because i watched my beloved yankees, breezed yankee amc. what was that on the field of jeter? others and carlos beltran and the point dynasty reject, but houston astros to like mowing down my beloved yankees won by one by one. kerry: if the world was coming to an end the last thing you would do? >> i would pray for the return of mickey mantle incentive feels, the greatest baseball player. >> and black pants. >> you saw me dance before, i am not showing on the grave all
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that flotsam and jetsam. >> black pants with navy jacket. >> what about the best pitcher. the leader of the club. ben: let me ask you this, the yankees are out. to detert for now? i hate the mets, i loaf of them. kerry: what went wrong? >> we didn't hit. other than carlos beltran the only silent hit, going to the warning track, just we were out of gas. and nothing left in the yankees' season. mark tiexiera is on the bench that our hopes and the playoffs. >> who play a minute maid stadium. what kind of baseball team is that, minute maid stadium. this is another one. kerry: keep smiling and
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profiling. >> took out my aggression and a anger and management issues. >> have a great day. and o.j. simpson. wabc 770, thank you. a new controversy about matt harvey. you will hear what he has is that of showing up very late to practice. kerry: most sorry. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want.
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>> meteorologist: we have made it to win as they looking at fine weather going on and on. not much to deal with this week, sunny and mild, high temperatures in the 70s, we are talking mid 70s, next and showers late friday. a cold front approaching, lacking moisture, we're seeing high clouds out of it but that is it. the cold front that comes through friday goes by, turns a
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cool and breezy, looks like it is pretty good here. kerry: more on the yankees' season has come to a selected the houston astros and the take a wild card game. ben: not a single run, dallas kitchen and three days rest for the first time in his career. he was dominant striking out seven, gave up three hits. and in the second, carlos gomez in the fourth, houston went 3-0 advancing tomorrow night against the kansas city royals. here is the reaction from yankees players. >> scoring runs and getting those types of things. it is going to be tough for a
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>> the team fought hard all year. the twenty-seventh to about all year. today was not our day. ben: duke will join us with more in a couple minutes. kerry: con to the mets to start their season against the dodgers friday and controversy already. pitcher matt arby was late to practice at city field yesterday finally showing up near the end. harvey apologized to team that sent coaches for the latest distraction. >> i screwed up. there is not really anything else to say, they know what happened. i told everybody and apologize to everybody. told them it is not going to happen again. kerry: not the first time there has been drama with harvey. several weeks ago there were grumblings over his innings limit. harvey is scheduled to start game 3 at city field next monday. ben: the giants dealing with more unusual aches and pains in their locker room, the team has
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the team says it is taking steps to prevent it from spreading which is tough to do, they're scrubbing down the entire locker room and trading facility. dr. manny alvarez says material and fiction is hard to treat. >> this is a bug that evolve over time because we took so many antibiotics and now is very smart and it doesn't go away. you can have a superficial staff infection but it did it in your bloodstream, your bones, you could have a major problem. ben: phelps was being treated for a chronic ankle condition when the staff infection was discovered. he is expected to be okay but he will miss the remainder of the season. i saw this when i was out running, they gave peace a chance that came up with its short. kerry: more than 2,000 people joined together in central park yesterday trying to break a record for the world's largest human peace sign. look at it from above. more than 5,000 people needed to
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they did it in honor of john lennon.
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