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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 7, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. ben: we will see clouds the day but otherwise looking at nice wednesday. a great week so far. mike woods has all the details coming up in his forecasts. kerry: please release the new kerry: please release the new picture of a suspect wanted in a deadly shooting in brooklyn. it happened when a good samaritan tried to put an end to car burglaries. live report coming day. ben: free after 25 years with the judge throws out the conviction of a man who spent time behind bars for the murder of a tourist in 1990. kerry: it is the end, the season is over for the yankees after
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being shut out in the wild card game. ben: not a pleasant night in the bronx. kerry: duke will have highlights in a little bit. i am kerry drew. ben: it is 5:00, i am ben simmoneau, october 7th. thanks for being here. juliet is on her way back, we think that is the case, she was under the weather during her trip to europe but she may be back tomorrow. thank you for filling in. kerry: it has been a very nice week. mike says -- it is a group trip in the works. >> meteorologist: yes, yes. we might have fog wolfing. a little crisp in the air. it will be a little brisk. especially saturday, maybe sunday is a better day. ben: the leaves have not had a change. it will happen soon enough. 59 degrees your temperature central park, cooler than it was yesterday, still dropping, winds out of the north at 6 miles an
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hour, temperatures around a region not at at all. pretty mild stuff, 53 in burlington, 55 in syracuse, 61 in pittsburgh, pretty much the same as anyone else for of the northeast. a pretty good sign that cold air is not a big problem today. another cold front coming to us but almost hard to pick out because of cloud cover ahead of that not all that substantial at this point, high pressure is the bigger weather control today with only a few high clouds pushing through and the dry cold fronts winning by too so as it continues to swing by we keep high clouds in the area. there will be a push of player knocking temperatures down. another cold front coming in to the area, that when there as we head into friday bringing us more clouds and showers chances but today looks mike weir going to be at 74 degrees later this afternoon, 69 tomorrow, cooler by 5 degrees, 72 is your high friday with showers winning by.
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and see if we have many backups on the wednesday morning commute. ines: that commute doing pretty good. let's start with new jersey, you are fine, no problems on the turnpike for the parkway, if you are traveling in westchester looking good, rockland side of the tappan zee bridge no problem on the thruway. let the cameras. if you are taking the verrazzano bridge, this is the guana speights 79th street traffic moving fine but there is emergency construction so there is no hov lanes going in down, not affecting your commute for the moment but we will keep an eye on it. let's look at the tappan zee bridge, westchester doing fine, george washington bridge in great shape and the lincoln and holland tunnel, 495 no delays in down. as far as trains everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules that can affect city wide.
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ben: johnny the enemkpali is working the periphery man. kerry: robert moses is here with more on what happened. >> reporter: good morning. new york city was up much different place back in 1990. trouble and crime lurked around every corner. record 2245 people were killed in the see that you're including a tourist, brian watkins but johnny enemkpali said he didn't do it and a judge has sided with him. 43-year-old johnny enemkpali walked out of state supreme court in lower manhattan free on bail and he says it feels so good. >> i feel wonderful! wonderful! i feel free! >> reporter: you was one of seven to be convicted of killing brian watkins, a tourist from utah visiting new york city with his family for the u.s. open tennis tournament. watkins was stabbed september 3rd, 1990, on all platforms at the seventh avenue
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50 third street subway station. as he defended his family from a group of muggers. new witnesses and come forward claiming enemkpali was not on the platform when watkins was savagely murdered and the enemkpali said the detective be a false confession out of them. >> it is that it took 24 hours for the truth to be uncovered. is sad that they kept in isn't man in prison for so long because of a false confession that it never have taken place but i thank god that now i can put this behind me. >> reporter: the killing of watkins was one of 2200 in 1990. it was emblematic of a far more dangerous city than the one we know today. by comparison 333 people were killed according to the nypd. this there was a long time in coming and his mother could barely find words to describe her joy. >> i bring about isn't the 5 years. >> reporter: he is looking
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forward eating seafood. could face a new trial but didn't seem to be thinking much about that. >> shame on those individuals that did this to me, shame on those individuals that had knowledge of what happened to me. but i forgive them. >> reporter: really emotional night at the courthouse. a spokeswoman for the manhattan district attorney says the d a is considering appealing this judge's decision to release hincapie. she said the office will retry the case if necessary. prosecutors maintain that hincapie's claims of innocence are not true. ben: robert moses, thank you very much. the nypd has released new video of a man wanted for questioning to governor cuomo. the steps from the site of the shooting in brooklyn wearing a glasses.
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arrests in the 43-year-old shooting death. was caught in the crossfire of rival gangs on labor day during the overnight celebrations leading up to the west indian day parade. kerry: the good samaritan was killed trying to stop car burglars. ben: police released a picture of one of the suspects. teresa priolo is live in east williamsburg, brooklyn with details for us. >> reporter: good morning. there is a memorial here where this man died. it says the world would be a better place if we had more people like you in it. i don't know you but you are my hero. yesterday's things escalated quickly. at one point things seemed as if to was a simple normal tuesday and all of a sudden a man was dead and police are on the hunt for the person or persons responsible. take a good look at surveillance images, two men in their 20s, one wearing a multicolored switch it, the other a gray sweatshirt. police believe these men are
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the claimed the life of metal shop worker on the streets of east williamsburg. >> trying to survive and pay his bills, take care of his cars and all that. >> reporter: orting to eye witnesses, michael was working a new job when he sought three men breaking into cars parked on the story. >> we tried opening the doors and seeing what they had and they went to the car and he came outside and confronted them. >> reporter: the father of two approach the men and when they took off gave chase. he followed them, when without warning one of the suspects full out a gun and started firing. he was hit in the chest, a co-worker was shot in the torso and the bullet grazed his year, 13-year-old girl was hit in the head and she walked to school. the other victims are recovering at elmhurst hospital.
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>> at this juncture we do not have suspects per say other than the witnesses who gave information about three individuals we believe are involved. >> reporter: crime scene marker's got the area where the killing occurred. investigators are confident they will find these guys soon but for now those who knew him are in shock. such a crime happened to such a good and honest man. and i reached out to the nypd, they are continuing their investigation. we want to mention the york post is reporting a 90th recently to cars and a motorcycle were stolen from the street this week, a few other vehicles also had their windows-so this is something that had been happening clearly throughout the week but escalated yesterday with the death of this man. that is the latest from east williamsburg, back to both of you. kerry: thank you. 5:09. a pastor in new jersey pleaded not guilty after being accused of pointing a gun and an 8-year-old boy at his church. father kevin carter is facing
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charges of endangering the welfare of the child and aggravated assault. he is accused of pointing an old and loaded musket at the boy and for ending to issue him. the incident happened last month at st. margaret catholic church in little ferry. father carter says he was joking with the child because they are fans of rival football teams. >> i know that he and his family came in to the rectory on september 13th to have some good-natured fun about a football game that was going to take place later that night. kerry: in addition to being a priest for 30 years carter has been chaplain to the middle ferry in jersey city police department. ben: yogi berra used to say it is not over till it is over. it is over. the yankees season. they lost the wild card game to the houston astros last night at the stadium. kerry: duke castiglione is joining us with more. duke: i went to the game last night.
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it was amazing. 22 scoreless innings against the yankees this year. that is just -- ben: in the bronx too. duke: he was 15-0 but starting yankee stadium as well. he was dominant. they couldn't solve it. he dominated the yankees for six innings and the yankees never got on board, houston went 3-0 advancing the division series, the yankees look towards the off-season to regroup. here is an emotional joe gerardi after the game. >> really disappointing. it is hard, seasons end abruptly ended is difficult. this was the club the fought all year long and a lot of character in that room and this hurts. just didn't get it done. >> over the last 45 days between
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from some guys that played erratically differently down the stretch than they did the first four months change the complex of the team. duke: losing mark tiexiera hurt. he was in the running for mvp. we will hear from players coming up a little later in sports. you watch last night, he added so much land to the lineup, they struggled so mightily in the second half, saw it last night on full display. ben: we still have the mets. we will talk about matt harvey. thank you. see you then. much more still to come including a recent investigators believe the building explosion in brooklyn over the weekend may have been intentional. kerry: mike is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: a little change out there, temperatures will be milder this morning, 59 degrees right now all at central
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ben: heavy rain has stopped but here comes the hard part. hundreds of stores closed after 11 trillion gallons of rain fell. a dozen people were killed, a hundred billion dollars in damages. kerry: let's check with mike, different forecasts in the area. >> meteorologist: yesterday was very nice, a lot of folks were caught by surprise, caught off guard with a mild temperatures in the afternoon and evening, 73 or high-temperature at central park yesterday, 75 your high at newark, 74 in allentown, that is not that in bridgeport, 66 in montauk, beautiful day yesterday, looks like it will be
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if you like that stuff you are in good shape, 59 central park, 48 in poughkeepsie, 54 monticello, 57 in islip, 60 in montauk, more moderation in temperatures and temperatures all warmer depending where you are as to how much, it is warmer than it was 24 hours ago, 6 degrees warmer in central park, 7 degrees warmer in bridgeport, 3 degrees warmer in montauk, still looking at a clear sky even though you see high clouds on radar and satellite locally, it won't amount to much of anything, no rainmakers out there despite the fact there is a cold front sliding through. there is not much moisture with it so with that being the case it will swing through without bringing us any precip. as long as winds come from the west to some degree temperatures will continue to come up. after that front goes by from
5:18 am
cooler for you so mainly clear sky tomorrow but high-temperature plastic ahead by 5 degrees and another cold front will approach friday and that will bring more clouds and showers by late in the day friday but leading up to what we have a couple nice day and warm one today heading to 68 by 11:00 a.m. high temperature of to 3:00 p.m. high of 74 back to 69 for the ride home. as we go through the next several days high of 74 today, 69 tomorrow, that cold front passing by, 72 friday, that is the next cold fronts, a little rain late friday, it is out of here early saturday and the breezy cooler day saturday and we started to warm up into the low 70s in the next work week. let's bring in ines and check it out to see if we have anything that will back you up early this morning. ines: in putnam county things are fine, no problems 84, 684
5:19 am
looking good, the lie, a lot of green, red on the jackie robinson parkway westbound, some construction going on, lane closed, let's go to cameras and look at the guana speights seventy-second street, west bound side, east bound side, first -- emergency construction, delays on the verrazano bridge, no hov lanes, that is where construction going on you will not have that from 92 to 77. from seventh avenue to the brooklyn battery tunnel and the one here, this law were part of the oneness with construction going on will affect your commute into staten island. let's look a trains, everything on or close to schedule. ben: not only are there more drivers than ever in the sea there getting paid better as well. uber says there are 30,000 uber drivers in the big apple, an increase of 15% in the past week for months. numbers of shot up after bill
5:20 am
was not going to put a cap on drivers. uber x drivers average $40 an hour since two years ago they earn $20 an hour. kerry: a deadly building explosion in brooklyn may have been intentional. initially authorities believe the explosion happened after a stove was removed from lot gas line that was not properly disconnected but now police say the gas had been completely shut off to the floor where investigators believe the blast happened. police are looking at whether something other than gas caused the explosion that left two people dead. ben: around 6,000 federal inmates will be released from prison within the next month. the justice department says the release is an effort to cut back on overcrowding and to provide relief to inmates given harsh sentences in drug cases. a judge will make sure the prisoners are not a threat to public safety. officials say this is the first wave, 40,000 other prisoners could be released over the next couple of years. we have a lot more still to come on wednesday morning including
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winter, heating bills could be lower. kerry: stay with us, "good day" will be right back. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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ben: you may not be looking forward to winter but you could pay less for heat. the energy department's forecasting a drop in heating bills, the biggest drop for those using propane or oil, heating oil, at this video is a depressing, 25% lower this winter, propane and users could see an 18% reduction thanks to a combination of lower oil prices and is this true? predictions of a warmer winter? is that true? >> meteorologist: let's see. i am sorry. i was not listening. kerry: we will check in with mike. us. kerry: he will do a little research.
5:24 am
along the late american dream mall in new jersey has landed another big tennis. was far as is planning to open a 3 story calls for covering 55,000 square feet. a spokesperson for the company says it won't replace the times square flagship that is set to close at the end of the year. and a new location in manhattan. the american dream stores expected to open in fall of 2017. ben: facebook has found a way to customize your photos to the social networking side, you can draw, but colors, and stickers by using the editing features, function with of services like snap chat that had a feature for quite some time now. you know who dos a lot? audrey. it is available on android. kerry: are you on snapshot the ben: no but she has joel photos and his shown them to me. airtran vote and get awkward if the european aircraft manufacturing gets its way.
5:25 am
kerry: airbus has filed for a patent in the u.s. for a new seating design the sex passengers on top of each other. stairs or ladders leading to them, the company things this that seating design work best in business class cabins because they don't have a bridge storage compartments. ben: why don't they get rid of all furniture and cram as many people in as possible. top stories when we come back plus we check with mike and see if it will be a warmer winter. kerry: i think we will have an answer.
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>> from fox 5 news is "good day" wake of. ben: when is a morning, a great week so far and another spectacular day, to bridges in the mid 70s. mike woods has the complete forecast in a moment. kerry: an attempt to stop car burglar ends in debt for one man
5:28 am
police need your help finding two suspects. ben: research is on for a man suspected of roping kids in a bronx park. we have more of this video. kerry: won and then as the ec's and comes to an end with a loss in the wild card game of the knocks them out of the flight of. we are ear with sports and a little bit. i am kerry drew in for juliet, thanks for being with us. ben: we were reading the story about heating oil and how it could be a milder winters than usual. i think we are due. it has been two pretty cold winters. what do you think? those forecasts are driven on is what is going on with el nino which is pretty strong this year and that affect our weather, to berkeley we get out milder winter that will help us out. ben: my daughter was born in 2012 and that winter i remember being pretty nice.
5:29 am
february when it was a perfects. we didn't see until june. >> meteorologist: we had a couple rough once in a row so we had to. that is the case. let's keep fingers crossed the long-range forecasts don't hold have. to the bus stop, go to the train or whenever this morning at some point, you need to get the kids a little extra something, not too bad, we have a low of 57 degrees, lots of sunshine coming at you later, nice and mild, high temperature of 74, 75 degrees depending on where you are, bust of forecasts, 54 in belmar, 56 in allentown, 47 in poughkeepsie, 47 in islip, high clouds crossing the tristate region but when it comes to precipitation, rain or anything that is not happening, not even close, the closest showers we have our around the great lakes
5:30 am
together so things of looking try to the east of the mississippi. that is us. 68 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and the high of 74 by 3:00 p.m. plenty of sun with high clouds in the mix, 69 your high tomorrow, 72 friday, more cloud in the area friday and shower chances out there late friday. it is out of here by the weekend. let's bring in ines and see if anything is a problem out there relieve this morning. ines: not a lot going on, suffolk county no problems on the lie, southern state or northern state parkway, new jersey checking in on 80, 287, you are fine, 24, 280 looks pretty good, let's take a look at the guana s by 72 story, eastbound emergency construction has the hov lanes so you have no hov lanes from 90 2 and seventh avenue until further notice, between seventh avenue and brooklyn battery tunnel there will be hov lanes. this will affect your community
5:31 am
or taking the verrazzano bridge but not a lot of delays, long island expressway moscow as the camera shot by grand central park west bound moving pretty good at the speed limit, no problems on these downside the latrines' running on or close. >> two men wanted in a triple shooting in brooklyn. >> reporter: it started with, burglaries. please release a new picture of one of the suspects seen here. teresa priolo joins us from east williamsburg, brooklyn with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, there are candles, flowers, cards, one actually reads michael, the world would be a better place with you in it. they are referring to the man who died here yesterday morning, his name, michael, 53 years old. he started working a new job in this area, eyewitnesses say the
5:32 am
and without warning apparently, breaking into cars here in williamsburg, so he confronted them. listen to one eye witness. >> we tried opening the door to see inside what they at an and confronted them. >> apparently he did the rat after them when they took off. police of looking for three men, here are pictures of two of them. the men ran down the street, turned around and started pumping bullets. michael was one of three people hit. he was only one who died at the scene, hit in the chest with a co-worker hit in the torso, a 13-year-old girl also hit in the hit as she was waiting for the bus on her way to school. we talked to police, they tell us they are working this investigation, they were able to dust for fingerprints and other cars in the area so they are hoping they are able to make quick work of their investigation and bring those
5:33 am
people responsible to justice. that is the latest from east williamsburg, back to both of you. ben: thank you very much, one one is that and a little girl critically injured after an suv before 6:00 last night. a white suv ran a red light and was hit by a black kia. the suv green on to the sidewalk as you see and hit 52-year-old mean that, another woman and the 2-year-old girl, she was pronounced dead, the little girl is in critical but stable condition. the other pedestrian and two drivers of listed in stable condition. kerry: police summoned from and suspect of groping little kids and a bronze star, the release this video of a suspect, on aug. eighth he grabbed a 13-year-old boy's bucks in seen falls park. on september 17th in the same park they say the exposed and touch himself and touch the 15-year-old ebola's groin. and apart this saturday is a eagles a 12-year-old boy into a
5:34 am
wooded area and grabbed his own waist band. the man is said to be slim with a shave head and foreign accent. any information on this please call crime stoppers at the hundred-577-tips. ben: for the first time in 25 years johnny hincapie is waking up outside prison. kerry: the judge overturned his conviction in the 1990 killing of a tourist on a midtown subway platform. robert moses joining us with what happened. >> reporter: good morning, johnny hincapie has for years maintained his innocence with witnesses of come forward supporting his case and yesterday at judge ordered him freed on bail. hincapie triumphantly walked out of the courthouse in lower manhattan and embraced his loved ones including his parents and brother. hincapie was one of 7 convicted of killing brian watkins, a tourist visiting from new york city from utah visiting near new york city from utah in 1990. watkins was stabbed on a subway platform as he tried to protect
5:35 am
his family from a group of mothers looking for money to go dancing at the ballroom. it was a sensational crime emblematic of the bad old days of new york. watkins was one of 2200 people to die in new york city in 1990. since the hincapie s conviction witnesses came forward claiming hincapie was not on the platform when the crime took place. hincapie says although justice was a long time coming it feels really good. >> is sad that it took 25 years for the truth to be uncovered. it is sad they kept an innocent man in prison so long because of a false confession that should never have taken place. thank god that now i can start to put all of this behind me. >> reporter: he may not be able to put it behind him just yet because the d.a. is considering an appeal and says he will retry
5:36 am
that. one of the indulgences use most looking forward to is seafood because presumably there is not a lot of that in prison. he spent 25 years, one month and three days in prison. ben: do we know what the victim's family things? >> reporter: they have not commented. multiple messages my various news organizations, so far we have not seen a public comment. ben: raging floods in south carolina washed away cars and homes but not these guys, check it out. it is of floating island of fire ants. a biology professor says this is how they adapt to living in flood zones. they make a raft with a lot are bought and the queen on top, float downstream until they have land and then build a new colony. just what we want. biologists say these rafts can remain floating for weeks.
5:37 am
apologies if you are having breakfast. full of markup. kerry: let's talk about something else. >> meteorologist: protein. ben: a great week. >> meteorologist: somebody get the spice. good morning, everyone. look at the bright side. we have 59 degrees, another mild start today, 59 central park, 47 in poughkeepsie, 56 in bridgeport, succinct in montauk, partly cloudy sky, winds from the north at 3 to 9 miles per hour, not that big a deal if you have wind at all but looks like not a bad day coming up, a few more high clouds in the mix, cold front sliding into the tristate region will try to bring us showers but it is not happening with this one, not enough moisture. we could use more rainfall, still behind for the year, the month of october still little above normal but it will be dry
5:38 am
for a while so it will even out soon but since january 1st we're 6 inches behind so a little additional rain could help us out. we are looking at mostly sunny skies with high temperature coming in around 74, 75 degrees in the city with high c3 c1 skies with high temperature coming in around 74, 75 degrees in the city with high clouds in the area, 69 your high tomorrow, 72 friday, cold front comes through bringing us showers and a cool down, temperatures dropping eight degrees saturday, it will be breezy, back to 69 on sunday. weather apps as daily and hourly forecasts available, download for free at the apple itunes store, google play store and put it to work, let's bring in ines and see what is going on, little early for folks just yat ines: getting ready and your commute looking good. connecticut no problems on 95 towards westchester, you are fine on the parkway, new jersey, garden state parstcay fine, exit 98 by the toll plaza northbound and southbound, 195 you are
5:39 am
okay. lat d mear what he has to say about showing the extraordinarily late to practice. kerry: "good day" coming right back, stay with us. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
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of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the top commander of u.s. forces, would never intentionally targeted at a medical facility. >> the search for answers begins in a sinking of the cargo ship that vanished in a bad hurricane joaquin.
5:42 am
refits, the power loss led to was likely syncing. issue that it story 3 crewmembers of not been found. >> another doomsday forecasts, a leader requesting group said the earth will end today. chris made that can believes it will be consumed by a great fire. wouldn't you think the fire would be burning by now? it is almost tomorrow in some parts of the world. mccan predict another does a back in may of 2011. kerry: yankees pitchers cc sabathia was seen at a connecticut rehab facility according to the daily news. d me was at the silver hill hospital and the patient told the paper, quote, he looked kind of sad. 28 days they cost more than $37,000. that is a popular rehakeefacility for celebrities. cc sabathia shocked fans by saying he was entering rehab for alcohol addiction. he vows to be back with the team next year. ben: duke castiglione here, not when yankees fans wanted to see
5:43 am
last night. >> meteorologist: it was a beautiful night. duke: the crown was into it. there were a lot of astros fans in our sectio's b the crowd was into it, couldn't solve dallas couple. the owsnkee season came to an end after falling to the houston card game. they never got on the boarvel a strong outing from the houston, 22 scoreless innings against the yankees this year pitching and three days rest for the first time in his career dominated striking a seven giving up three had. used to know whereed twice. in the second, carlos gomez, former that went deep, houston wins 3-0 advancing the series which begins tomorrow against tsansas city. after the game, some of the yankees players including a rod. >> up for play down the stretch carried over into this game. g> hard to say. when you have a great pitroher on the amount he has been phenomenal and was really good
5:44 am
a stin. >> it is diffipklt. a lot of things have to go right for a team to make it all away to the end. in that case there is nothing. we went to a lot of ups and downs. we fought. to gohe: they miss mark tiexiera. starting the division's series on friday isday.t controversy already. matt harvey was late to practice, mandatory practice at city field finally showing up near the end, harvey apologized to his teammates, this is u. theccad. this latest distraction. >> i screwed up. there's nothing else to say. they for tow what happened. i told everybody and apologize to everybody, told them it won. c happen a stin. duke: not the first time there has been drama with harv. s. their rumblings, he scheduled a
5:45 am
star, game 3 at city field, that will be the first game poseameason ever as the fields monday and i tell you what, he better bring in monday because sa he doesday.t they will. d mim off the mound. the daily news reported monday night hady,. s was out watching bonday night football having some drinks, the papers said he had a couple drinks l hut by a love and:0nd it is not a good look. the team head message into the ioseameason. be sta you mhene a lot of money and got to shovel work sometimes. can you ldsepine? it is noon. ben: you wonder if that is the case he was at the bar, went somewhere else. talking about 13 hours between leaving that baor that is a lot of slead. to gohm t mandatory practice. ben: see you next hour with much bore.
5:46 am
5:47 am
looks like that prat as we go through the next several days 74 your high, 79 tomorrow, 72 friday. shower chances here briefly, looks like the weekend looking pretty good, sunny, dry, cooler. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what it is like to look the roads and rails. ines: if you're traveling this morning in queens you are ok for the most part. why no problems, grand central land bqe moving fine, a little red on the jackie robinson
5:48 am
parkway, construction wrapping up west bound, as far as staten island goes a heads up, expressway doing fine as you get close to the verrazzano bridge, traffic jams, late running construction on the lower part of the oneness is here, 72 story, from 86 to 72 construction right now has one lane open. 9 minutes. we will keep an eye on that, delays crossing the verrazzano bridge you have one lane blocked not affecting traffic light is on the eastbound side, 59th street bridge, upper and lower level no problems, then recruited you gardens in to change, northbound southbound smooth sailing. kerry: it is 5:51, lot more still ahead this morning. ben: rosie o'donnell's daughter speaking out about her famous mother and pretty sad story when she has to say.
5:49 am
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dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ben: anna gilligan is here. >> rosie o'donnell's daughter speaking out about her mom, not saying nice things.
5:51 am
according to the daily news chesley said she didn't run away in august. remember rosie said her daughter was missing for couple days and was very concerned about her. her daughter was found safe and sound on the jersey shore. chelsea says the reason she left was rosy kicked her out of the house, not because she ran away. 518-year-old says her mom is two different people, outgoing in public but keeps herself at home, she is not the person she presents to the world, she says. and it really hurt her when her mother called her mentally ill publicly and says she is not. a spokeswoman for rosie o'donnell said the allegations are, quote, heartbreaking, joel c. currently lives in new jersey with her boyfriend. release at. superstar rihanna opening of about a troubled relationship she had for many as with chris brown, told vanity fair the reason she took him back after he beat her in 2009 was because she thought she could change in. the singer said she felt protective of brown and people didn't understand him.
5:52 am
she goes on to say she still cares about brown, always will but they are not friends. for all you empire fans, episode 3 years to night and from the start of season 2 there have been dramatic character shifts, a lot of people who are friends are now enemies and some enemies are now friends or at least appear to be especially when it comes to cookie and amigo. enemy of the enemy is my friend. we both have a common goal and a common enemy and will that allow us to work together? >> you can see and by tonight at 9:00 on fox 5 and i know ines is excited that the bull is making a guest appearance, lot of good guest appearances tonight. we know tom hanks is a great actor but he is also a good samaritan. oscar winner found is id and apart, belongs to a student named lawrence a tweeted a photo
5:53 am
return it to her and she just happens, he happens to have 10 million followers. a few hours later a woman claiming to be her roommate's we didn't do that loren daughter id and hanks was a true gentleman. also officiates weddings. what does the man not do? >> didn't he just do alison williams? available. he is that nice guy. i was saying at a hotel when he was shooting a movie. i didn't see him but a number of people i knew did and they said he was lovely and he spoke to everyone. ben: thank you. came up a bit short. kerry: 2,000 people joined yoko ono in central park yesterday trying to break a record for the world's largest human peace sign. look at this. more than 5,000 people were needed to turn out to get a record, they did it in honor of
5:54 am
john lennon, he would have
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