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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news", this is good they wake up. >> ben: this could be the nicest week of the year. a nice sunday, monday, tuesday. today is going to be nice, suddenly. high in the mid-70s. mike woods in the mid- 70s. mike woods has the forecast. >> kerry: conviction overturned. a man jet for 25 years has been released on bail. >> ben: the search continued for two men wanted for shooting in brooklyn that left a father dead. witnesses say he was they were trying to stop them from
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breaking into cars. >> kerry: the yankee season is officially over. they lost to to the astros and the wild card game. >> ben: wednesday morning. >> kerry: i'm carrying for juliet. thanks for being with us. >> ben: let's check in with weather with mike. >> mike: it's been pretty nice. october is a decent month for us here. toward the end of it you can feel it. halloween, you never know what you'll get. here's what we have this morning, bus stop forecast. a lot of sunshine coming up. i just upped out, moon is up right now. another hour before sun comes up. morning temperature around 57 degrees. should be nice and warm this afternoon. you probably don't need much in terms of keeping comfortable
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today. 59 is current is current in central park, 60 in newark, 54 in monticello. some clouds working across the tri-state region. not too much going on. don't have to worry about rain for the time being. now his high clouds coming through with the cold front that is going across the trice eight region. it it is a weak one. it will bring cool air tomorrow. that will knock your high temps down about 5 degrees. as we head into friday another cold front is approaching but times will bring back up. today we are on the upswing, high temp 7475 degrees. tomorrow 69 degrees. 72 degrees on friday and 64 degrees on saturday. there's a rain chance coming through late friday.
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let's get you to ines and see what's going on. >> ines: good morning. everyone is waking up. westchester is no problems. fine on. fine on the tappan zee bridge, no problems to report. new jersey looks good, let's go to cameras right now with delays on the bridge. this is the gowanus by 72nd street. construction set up here, only one lane is open between 86 street and 72nd. this is causing heavy delays on the bridge coming from staten island. let's go to the bq week, there's orleans are open on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge. the metro-north has some mechanical problems. at a 20 to
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street cleaning roles are back in effect. spee2 6:04 am. after 25 years, a quarter century five years, a quarter century behind bars. a man john for a notorious crime has been released. >> kerry: 's conviction was overturned today after being convicted in 1990. robert has more. >> reporter: the morning. since his conviction, witnesses have come forward saying they never saw johnny on the platform where he is accused of committing the crime. he says for him justice is long overdue, but he is glad he finally came. >> 43-year-old johnny can copy walked out of free on bail and says it feels so good. >> i feel wonderful. i feel free. >> reporter: he was one of seven
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walk-ins at a tennis tournament. he was stabbed in 1990 on a
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tack. >> even though he was pitching they never got on board. the yankees now look forward to a long off-season to regroup. will hear from players coming up. more to come why thousands of inmates will be release for prison. mike is here to take a look at the forecast. >> high temp on average goes up to 6070 degrees. if you you like that.
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we have a coming up for you today. daily and hourly forecast, just download the fox 5 weather app, it's there for free for you to download right now. we'll be right back
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>> ben: welcome back. it is 6:14 am. fairly a.m. fairly mild out there this morning. >> kerry: it's been a good week. >> mike: compared to where we should be it's not bad at all. sixty-seven is the action average high. it is milder than what we've had the last few mornings. sunrise will be at 6:58 a.m. 56 degrees at nor, 58 at allentown, 60 at montauk with high clouds going through the tri-state region. there some reign over canada and the great lakes but it's up to the northwest. there is a cold front dropping into the tri-state's. as it continues to make its way
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with. it pushes by tonight and into tomorrow and cooler air will be with us tomorrow. it will knock temps down by 5 degrees. approach thursday into friday bringing more clouds and eventually some rain chances but not until late friday. today, sunny skate skies, 68 by 11:00 a.m. very light winds. friday. more clouds and showers late in the day on friday. we will warm it up for the weekend and into next week. things don't look bad at all next week. we have weather texting
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and data rates apply. let's talk to ines. >> ines: staten island expressway is not looking good. late construction on the gowanus by 92nd street show traffic slow. they just cleaned it up it was between 86 and 72nd. it does get does get better on the expressway but expect delays. they said it was clear but it looks like it's still going on. there's a few lengths close. connecticut 95 south bound by exit 14 expect delays, new jersey doing fine on route three. no problems on the parkway.
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let's check on the l ie traffic is moving fine, like internal if you delays, is it slow approaching the bridge. >> kerry: the death toll is rising from the flooding in the carolinas is. >> ben: seventeen reported deaths, two in north carolina. at least 11 dams failed or breached. more than more than 400,000 people are under a boil water advisory after water main breaks. then economic damage. thousands of cars completely submerged, homes turned into rivers. >> we are putting ice on these dams, we have people on the ground assessing as we go. we know what what numbers we are watching. >> ben: governor has described
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then there's this period. gross. massive colonies of fire ants surviving by forming what resembles a rafter island. they have been known to do this for survival and can keep floating for weeks. around 6000 federal inmates will be released from prison. it is an effort to cut back on to inmates who were giving harsh sentences in drug cases. they'll make sure they are not a threat to public safety. obama administration says it's working on reforms to lower the country's incarceration rate. >> will have to happen where help them get jobs. they'll go to home confinement and then be under supervised release. >> ben: officials say this is the first wave, more than 40,000
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other prisoners could be released. >> kerry: volkswagen recall for all cars will start in january. 1,111,000,000 cars with the ea89 engine were installed with software to cheat diesel emission tests. the company's new chief executive says they should all be sick fixed by 2016. volkswagen has set aside $7 billion to cover the cost of the recall. more to calm. the 30. thirty minutes of exercise a day, not enough. a new study talks about how much you really need. >> ben: today is coming right back.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> kerry: welcome back. there on a roll. they are getting paid better as well. >> ben: more than 30,000 drivers in the big apple. that's apple. that's an increase of 50% in four months. numbers came up after mayor said he would not put a cap on uber drivers. they average 40 bucks per hour. pretty good. microsoft has released its first ever laptop. it said tablets would replace
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new laptop just in case. it can actually be used as a tablet as well with a detachable keyboard. it starts at $1500. >> ben: and healthwatch, forget 30 minute workout, you need to hours a day to get healthier. who has time for that key mark that's according to a study. a standard 30 minute workout a day is not enough. those who did 30 minutes had a moderate reduction in heart failure risk. those who increase that had a substantial reduction. so an hour is good but they're saying it should really be two hours. the findings are in the new issue of the journal circulation. >> kerry: a new study says runners get the same high as marijuana users.
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cannabinoid receptors in the brain. it has a feeling of euphoria to high levels of beta endorphins. >> ben: this next story could be pretty gross. they're they're taking a page out of gray's anatomy and they are going to broadcast a live brain surgery. he or she will go under a deep brain stimulation surgery. it's an elective surgery to help with parkinson's disease. the patient will be awake, the two are special is called brain surgery live, it will air october 25. >> kerry: that's interesting. >> ben: would you watch? spee1 i
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is interesting. maybe they get paid. your top stories when we return. >> kerry: why a man pointed a musket at a child, we will be right back
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> from "fox 5 news", this is the day wake up. >> kerry: good morning. highs are in the low 70s today, mike has the full forecast.
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>> ben: a man jailed for a quarter-century for a notorious crime that shocked the city has been freed on bail. the the judge cited new evidence and testimony for his ruling. he could get a new trial. >> kerry: the deadly building explosion in brooklyn may have been intentional. why they are changing their minds. >> ben: more fallout from employees on draft kings. the new york attorney general is launching his own investigation. >> ben: i am ben simoneau. >> kerry: ime kerry drew thanks so much for being with us. >> ben: it is a beautiful morning. i think this could be the nicest week of the year. sunday got nice, monday and tuesday nice. fingers crossed for a nice, mild
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winter. two small storms, that would be enough. >> mike: two big ones? >> ben: i'll give you 10 inches. >> mike: we have 59 degrees in central park, 46 in poughkeepsie he, 60 in montauk, times are warmer across the tri-state's. of big jump from last week. high clouds in the area, not a problem for us though today. mostly sunny skies coming to you. high temp going up to 74. tomorrow a cold front is coming through but bringing in high clouds.
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rain scheduled to come through late friday and early saturday. not a lot of rain though. let's get over to ines and take a peek at what's going on. >> ines: it's still dark outside. let's start off with exit 14, there's an accident blocking two lanes, only only the left lane getting through. new jersey your fine, no problems on 80 into 87. problems on the bridge this morning, an accident there. at the verrazano bridge. there is an accident. then an early construction on the gowanus. traffic jammed by new hyde park.
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eastbound is fine, tappan zee bridge wet bound expect delays. traffic slow because of an accident. as far as trains are going there are problems, 20 to 25 minutes. >> kerry: thank you. after 25 years behind bars a man jailed man jailed has been released to. >> ben: johnny has been overturned yesterday for killing a tourist in 1990. there were tears of joy, a lot of hugs, robert moses has more about what led to the judge decision on this case. >> reporter: good morning. johnny has, for years maintained his innocence. witnesses witnesses have come for supporting his case.
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free on bail. he triumphantly walked out and embraced his loved ones, including his parents and brother. he is one of seven people convicted of killing a tourist in 1990. walkins was stabbed on the subway platform as he tried to protect his family from a group of muggers. it was a sensational crime, he was more than 2200 people who died in the city in 1990. since johnny's conviction witnesses came for saying he was not actually on the platform when the crime took place. he said although justice was a long time in coming it feels, zero so sweet. >> 25 years they kept an
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i thank god that i can start to put this behind me. >> reporter: he might not be able to put it behind him just yet. the da is considering an appeal and says they will retry the case if necessary. johnny didn't start to think indulgence he is looking forward >> kerry: thank you. 6:34 a.m. a deadly explosion in brooklyn may have been intentional. it happened after a stove was taken from a gas line. they say gas has been shut off to the floor where the blast happened. police are looking to see if something else happened.
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sought three men break in, he was chasing the men when one of the men opened fire, a 13-year-old girl was hit in the hit. one man man died and the other two are hospitalized. one woman woman is dead and a child injured as a seb jobs occur. this white suv ran a red light and hit by a another vehicle and hit another woman. the woman was pronounced dead but the girl is in critical condition.
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video for a man wanted in carrie , he was wearing a black, black framed glasses. police have not made arrests in the shooting death. he was caught in the cross for a year of rival gangs leading up to the west indian day parade. a man accused of pointing a gun at child. >> ben: he pleaded not guilty, prosecutors say he aimed an old, on loaded but operable musket at a boy and threatened to shoot it happened attic catholic church and little fairy. the reverend said he was joking with the child because there are rivals of a football game. remac i know know he and his family came into the rectory to have some good-natured fun about a football game that would take place later that night.
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>> ben: attorney general, eric schneiderman is looking at a fantasy football company. draft king employee who won $350,000 on fan fuel. they want to know if they are exploiting their company's data. until yesterday employees could play on rival sites for money halted. >> ben: fox means business. >> kerry: adam is joining us. >> very interesting about amtrak this morning. >> kerry: are they threatening to suspend rail service? >> by december 31, congress has a has a deadline for positive tracks. remember the accident in may, eight people were killed when the train was going too fast and
6:32 am
it derailed outside of philadelphia. this safety device is supposed to prevent that kind of thing. congress has a deadline to be installed but amtrak, would not be jeopardized from new york to dc. the the vast majority of trains would have to be system suspended. imagine from new york north he went be able to use amtrak. they want to expand the deadline to ask stall the safety devices. it's not just amtrak, they use other rail lines. so they're threatening they would have to suspend service without some kind of congressional service. >> ben: we will see what happens. seems like amtrak is not and a great state of affairs.
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again they will not suspend washington to newark. it's the track they rent from the freight companies were they haven't been installed yet. >> kerry: you can catch adam on the foxbusiness network. >> ben: log onto finder. this next story is interesting. a student from long island was busted because he couldn't get an order of mac & cheese. it was caught on camera. >> the video shows 19-year-old freshman arguing with and then shoving a campuswide court manager. happened on sunday. he was denied service because he had an open alcohol container.
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until police arrested. >> ben: he didn't just want plain old mac & cheese. he how do you like your mac & cheese. >> kerry: plane mac & cheese is fine with me. lobster mac is good. >> mike: let's look at what's up. sunny and mild, temperatures in the mid- 70s today. next chance of showers, a cold front front going through today but no moisture with it. friday we should get some rain out of it. as we head into weekend it gets cooler and breezy. the second call front goes by and knocks temperatures down where they should be.
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>> ines: good morning, commute is a bit of a mess. the expressway traffic jam coming off the bridge. heading towards the verrazano. there's an accident on the upper level and there was construction on the gowanus. watch out for an accident by the manhattan bridge. connecticut exit 14 expect delays, only only the left lane getting through. the trains, then north jersey coastline has a 20 to 255 minute delay because of a stall train. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> duke: they yanks are going home. houston says the yankee highlights from last night.
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>> wednesday morning, 6:44 a.m. police are looking for a man suspected of groping little kids in a bronx park.
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last weekend he groped three young boys. spee1 a massive rally in brooklyn. thousands of students, teachers, parents are demanding minority kids to have the same access to white students. >> ben: gabbay was caught in the cross fire at the west indian day parade. spee1 duke is here to look at sports. >> duke: the ballpark was alive last night. the yankees could turn it on in 2000 because they had championship pedigree. this team is banged up all season. the yankee season came to an end
6:40 am
they got the start for the yanks it wasn't terrible, they take the first pitch. yanks never got on the board. he'd dominated striking out seven in six innings. 22 scoreless two scoreless innings against the yanks this year. the solo blast made it two-zero. houston wins 3-0. after the game i caught up with some players. >> do you think the poor plate this game. >> it's hard to say, you have a great picture he was really good
6:41 am
>> a lot of things have to go right. all the way to the end. there's nothing to be ashamed as a teen. we went through a lot of ups and downs, we fought. >> duke: i think they miss the player who had a broken bone in his leg. they're being dominated by left hitting pictures. the paper says the silver hill hospital, a patient there he looked kind of sad. a28 day stay there cost more than $37,000. it's $37000. it's a popular rehab facility for celebrities. it shocked others by saying he was entering rehab. onto the mets who'll go against
6:42 am
the dodgers on friday. matt harvey was late to mandatory practice yesterday. the practice, by the way started at noon. harvey apologized for the latest distraction but come on. the mets haven't been to a postseason game since 2006. this guy supposedly one of their best players. you can't show up for a new practice q mark on believable. harvey's explanation is this. >> i screwed up, there's not really anything else to say. i've apologized everybody and told them it will not happen again. >> ben: that is the lamest excuse. >> duke: it's new. the pressure is on.
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get booed. they say monday night he was out watching monday night football and downing drinks. says that he had a couple drinks, a couple glasses of wine and left by 11. not a good book. the giants feeling a lot more than the aches and pains in the locker room. one of the player has mercy and they're trying to prevent it from spreading to others. it's a bacterial infection is especially hard to treat. this is a bug that evil over time. it doesn't go away. if it gets into your bloodstream, your bones, bones, you can have a major problem. he was being treated for an ankle infection when it started. he will will miss the remainder
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the ranger season opens tonight, the chicago blackhawks in chicago. >> ben: let's go mets. it's time. matt harvey. it's a nice morning out there. >> mike: above normal temperatures today. fifty-nine in central park, 54 and belmar, 48 in picket ski. sixty in montauk. the sunrise time is in under ten minutes. we'll have sun today which is good news. high temp 74 degrees. sixty-nine tomorrow, showers late friday and early saturday. don't forget the fox 5 ny
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weather app. you can click on the weather app on the eye to storm and google placed door. you can can download it for free right now. it comes in handy at times. >> kerry: the latest entertainment news coming up next. >> ben: sad story about rocio donnell, her daughter is telling her side of the story and she is slamming her mom. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. were back a few problems out there. let's look at the staten island expressway is slow this morning. there heading toward the verrazano bridge. there is construction on the gowanus. right now watch out for an accident on the bq e by the manhattan bridge. there's an accident southbound by exit 18 blocking the lane.
6:47 am
this is affecting the connector. trains, the new jersey coastline is a stall train. a 20 to 25 minute delay. >> ben: anna gilliard gilligan is back. >> anna: rosie o'donnell's daughter chelsea, is speaking out about her mother. she. she is not say nice things. chelsea o'donnell said she didn't run away in august. rosie had set her daughter was missing for a few days, she was found safe and sound on the jersey shore. she never actually ran away but rosie kicked her out of the house because they were not getting along. the 18-year-old said said her mom is two different people, one in private and one in public. she was also hurt when rosie told her she was mentally ill.
6:48 am
allegations are not true. >> ben: as an 18-year-old it's hard to get along with your parent. >> anna: yes so it's hard to know what's going on. we know tom hanks is a good samaritan. he found this idea in the park to a student named lauren. he tweeted a photo of the id and said his office would return it to her. a few hours later a person claim to be her roommate said she got the id and that hank is a true gentleman. hank is paying a poor, he lost his credit card a few months ago and said a lovely man, tony had returned it to him. twitter is popular on social media. yesterday thousands gathered and honored of what would have been
6:49 am
he would have been 75 this friday. they fell short of the world record. yoko ono widow organized it and spoke to the crowd. she and lennon went on a honeymoon in 69, it was a cause very close to her heart. >> ben: that's it for us. have a good one. ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health.
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