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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of newark airport up through 16w. traffic is at a complete standstill from elizabeth up to carney on the east and western spurs. only alternate we can tell you is try and get over to the jersey -- the garden state parkway or route 109. do not go anywhere near the new jersey turnpike up around 15w for the next several hours. a lot of this traffic has been stuck here since 3:30. you can see state police have allowed them to turn around and get back to one of the exits there. what a major investigation ongoing northbound western spur at 15w. steve: what a mess. thank you, joe. thousands of demonstrators making their voices heard today in downtown brooklyn. dari: a former "american idol" star was there to help. sharon crowley joins us with more on the pro charter school rally. >> reporter: that's right. star power helped fuel the cause thanks to jennifer hudson who
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charter school advocates want more recognition and funding from the city. the groups took its concern to the steps of city hall. [music] >> jennifer hudson performed during the rally in brooklyn. [music] >> reporter: teachers parents, and students marched across the brooklyn bridge, ending up on the steps of city hall. the group wants new york city mayor bill de blasio to be more supportive of expanding charter schools here. >> every school should be the same across the board. we're here today to right what's been wrong for so many years. >> reporter: what's been wrong? >> it has not been the same playing ground for everybody. >> reporter: she has two children in a charter school. >> i love it. it's amazing. i think i'm really challenged. >> i want to be a scientist. >> reporter: the bronx borough president joined the cause saying charter schools in the city need more funding. >> reporter: charter schools
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have to go to the business world and raise money. they're doing that in order to fill in the gap between the amount of money they get per capita and the amount they need to run the system. >> reporter: this woman who transferred this year hopes the mayor is listening. >> before public schools, i was doing great. at this school, they say i'm -- i'm in the middle. i'm trying toe -- to get to the highest place. >> mayor de blasio released a statement saying his vision is that every school be brought up to a point of excellence. he touted full day pre-k for every child and advance placement in high school and went on to say that a majority of the kids are in traditional public schools and that is where his resources and attention are going to try to turn any failing schools around. public schools still getting most of his attention. dari: all right.
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thank you. another case of legionnaires' disease has been reported in the morris parks section of the bronx. it's unclear if it is related to the current cluster that saw 14 people come down with the disease in the same neighborhood late last month. one person died in that, but health officials say there have been no additional deaths and everyone is out of the hospital with the exception of one person. and on long island, cooling towers at seven different school districts have tested positive for legionella bacteria. in both suffolk and nassau counties, the affected towers disinfected. earlier this month, schools in smith town central school district were disinfected after testing positive for the bacteria. there are no confirmed island. steve: police asking for your help catching a groper who's targeting teenage boys in the bronx. authorities releasing this surveillance video of the man they say is responsible for three separate incidents dating
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back to august where he lured the teens into seton falls park and touched them. none of the victims was hurt. if you have any information about the suspect, the guy on the screen here, call crimestoppers. 1-800-577-tips. >> thousands of drug offenders getting out early. dari: as antwan lewis explains, this comes as lawmakers seek to change sentencing rules for non-violent drug crimes. >> the doe fund has helped inmates get on their feet. >> if we provided an opportunity for them, we know that they can climb the economic ladder >> reporter: the justice department announced 6,000 federal prisoners will get early releases. all of the convicts are nonviolent drug offenders serving out sentences deemed offensive. >> federal prisons are 40 percent overcrowded and the exorbitant costs and the unfairness of sentences from the '80s and '90s. to change the drug policy going
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offenders and to make it retroactive. >> reporter: a federal commission lowered sentences for drug offenders last year. it could impact 40,000 prisoners. a judge will make sure the prisoners are not a threat to public safety. >> what will happen is they will go to halfway houses where sometimes there's counseling and sometimes they help them get jobs. then to home confinement. and then they'll be under the supervisory lease of the probation services. >> reporter: >> the key is putting money in their pocket for the work they do. if they can go to work the first day they come home, have money, bring that home to their family, they turn into just everybody else and that's what we want. >> reporter: the releases are set to begin october 30th. antwan lewis, fox 5 news. steve: russia continues to ramp up its military force in syria. the defense minister says moscow
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from warships in the caspian sea. sea supposed targeting isis strongholds, but russia continues to go after anti-assad rebels and civilians. dari: president obama is apologizing to doctors without borders for the deadly u.s. air strike on one of its hospitals in afghanistan. the non-profit organization is demanding an independent investigation, the first time a fact finding mission would be launched under the geneva convention. the group's president says that this so-called mistake cannot be tolerated and she went as far as to call it a war crime. >> if we don't safeguard that medical space for us to do medical activities, then, you know, it's impossible to continue to work in different context like syria, like south sudan, like yemen. it is really, really important. dari: a reminder, the weekend attack killed 22 people, including doctors and children.
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steve: the hope of finding any survivors from the missing cargo ship just about over. the coast guard ending its search for the 33 crew members tonight at sunset. however, the ntsb search will continue. it vanished near the bahamas last week during hurricane joaquin. dari: a town in ocean county, new jersey, crediting a steel seawall from protecting it from major flood damage. if the wall was not there, officials say that the washover from last week's storm could have caused a major highway to shut down and more properties would have been damaged. the storm did wash away the sand that protects the dune and the steel wall is exposed. >> since the nor'easter, the wall has been exposed because of it. the storm came in. it's washed away all the sand that we had been pushing all this amount of time. it's now gone. good portions of the wall are exposed. now we have a problem.
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dari: town officials are working to repair the dune, so the beaches will be closed until further notice. the city is trying to keep it real in the new birth control ad campaign. steve: one ad reads you spent the night in brooklyn but left your birth control on staten island. maybe the iud is right for you. is straight talk the best way to raise awareness? linda schmidt is live in the >> reporter: good evening to both of you. this campaign, first of all, is directed at women. it is not directed at men. it encourages the use of iuds as a form of birth control. this is a three-month campaign that has kicked off. the birth control ads deal with one-night stands. this one says you spent the night in brooklyn, but you left your birth control in staten island. maybe the iud is right for you. another reads, the iud is 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. that's one less thing to worry about. maybe the iud is right for you.
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the city health department is featuring them as part of a new birth control campaign. this is the president of the national organization for women in new york city. >> i think it's great. i think the more information that exists about effective contraceptive methods, the better it is for women. >> reporter: the ads target just women, not men. and they encourage the use of intrauterine devices known as iuds. the ads do not mention any other forms of birth control. >> it's important to have similar campaigns for men certainly to take responsibility, but in an ideal responsibility. ultimately women are the ones that do get pregnant. department tells fox news that the goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of iuds and to also connect new yorkers to information on other birth control methods. okay. now iuds do not prevent the spread of h.i.v. or other sexually transmitted diseases.
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we posed that question to the health department a while ago, asking the department why would they focus so much on encouraging women to use iud's knowing that fact. the response that we got back from the health department is that this is not an std campaign. campaign. that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. steve: very well. thank you, linda. emergency, but you can't make a phone call. dari:let hudson valley community that will become the first in the area to let people text 911 for help instead of having to call. steve: and the reason homeowners can expect lower heating bills
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steve: if you're in rockland county and in trouble, help could be a text away. dari: lidia curanaj is live in new city to tell us about the potentially life-saving update to the area's emergency response system. >> reporter: we've all seen the demonstrations in movie scenes where someone is calling 911 and the call drops at the last second or they're unable to speak. now the rock land county sheriff's department is hoping this new 911 to text system will save countless lives.
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from people at the worst moments, dire emergency situations. realizing every second counts, rockland county is the 7th in new york state where people can text 911. >> we'd like you to pick up the phone and call if you can, but if you can't, you're hearing impaired or you're in a situation such as a bank robbery or something where you can text as opposed to pick up the phone and call, that's what we want. >> reporter: the sheriff says in order for the system to work, callers must be in range of a cell tower serving rockland county. >> god forbid if they're in an accident. they can get to the phone but can't speak. they can text us. >> verizon, at&t, sprint, t-mobile and metro pcs have the 911 texting capability. people in rockland county say this type of technology makes life simpler and safer. >> anything to open up the lines of communication with first
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>> i think it's remarkable. >> reporter: anything to help save lives? >> yes. >> reporter: the rockland county serve is hoping by this time next year they'll have the technology where people will be able to send picture messages to 911. dari: all right. thank you. i'll take that. volkswagen says it could take until the end of next year to fix the emissions units that's led to a recall of nearly 3 million of its vehicles. vw says it would start in january with cars in germany. volkswagen is accused of rigging software to evade emissions tests in the u.s., but the current recall does not include calls in the u.s. the automaker says it's waiting on the epa to approve a recall here. steve: the mystery is over. the woman who's college id card
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she lost it while jogging. he said his office would get it to her if she needed it. now that she knows hanks found it, she's hoping she'll get to meet the actor in person to get it back. very exciting. dari: without a doubt. that's going to happen. nick, what can we say? lovely. lovely. nick: another great day. a little sketchy this morning, but we were saying we'd have morning cover loud cover. another day in the low and middle 70s. 73 in the city. 58 the low this morning. you see the numbers are above average and will be above average for tomorrow. even above average for friday. 88, 39. those are the records for the day. 6:59 the sunrise. it now sets at 6:29. we have a few clouds out there. not that much. still beautiful. 72. humidity is dry. a light northwest wind and the pressure is rising. nothing showing up on the radar. don't expect any rain tonight. we have a weak cool front that will slide across the area with
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cloud cover with that. that's going to be the worst of it. things will turn nice thursday. so low 70s around the city. 75 in newark for the warm spot. 60s to sussex, new jersey. low 70s hudson valley to islip. 68 towards the east end. the current temperature is the same regime. low 70s in town to belmar. 73 at bridgeport. 64 at monticello. everybody with the northwest wind. that will continue tonight. the wind becoming north to easterly tomorrow. you can pick up the front a little bit here on the satellite photograph with the cloud cover and a couple of showers racing across the northern appalachians and heading to the east. i should say the adirondacks, get my mountains correct. for us, it's just cloud cover. tomorrow, we get back into the sunshine as the front presses on and continues to move on to the east. let me see if the front will appear. maybe it won't. what we'll be watching for is the next weather system for friday afternoon and friday night. moving a little faster.
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there will be showers with it starting as early as 1:00, 2:00 friday afternoon. it will be out of here past the midnight hour into sunday. we have some clouds overnight into tomorrow morning. 50s in the city. 50 in the suburbs. 64 at noon. hit 69 in the afternoon. that's just a little above average. you can see that happening on the futurecast. sun and clouds tomorrow. this front jumps north of us friday. we get into the 70s. here's the showers. not a lot of rain. watch how fast it moves through. friday night and saturday morning, the showers get out of here and your holiday weekend is fine. clouds tonight. 58 in midtown. 50 in the suburbs. a couple of pockets of upper 40s. tomorrow, 69 in midtown. mid to upper 60s other locales. a real pleasant day. 74 friday. a little sun early. that shower threat maybe as early as early afternoon. saturday, a touch breezy and cooler. nice. 64.
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68 on sunday. look at columbus day. 71. low 70s tuesday. a couple of afternoon showers and we'll cool it down for wednesday. steve: people are trying to take columbus day off if they didn't yet. nick: what a great weekend. pumpkin picking, all that good stuff. steve: thank you. dari: homeowners may get relief on their heating bills this winter. steve: as jodi goldberg tells us, experts are predicting warmer weather. that means lower oil prices. >> reporter: homeowners who use propane and oil can expect to see lower prices this winter. >> oil prices are anywhere from a dollar to 1.25 a gallon less than they were last year. >> reporter: according to the ceo with the oil heat institute of long island, a homeowner who uses about 800 gallons a year will be spending on average a thousand less. >> it's good for homeowners. it's good for the economy. it's a win-win situation.
5:18 pm
prices were this low was over four years ago. with an abundance in supply, he doesn't see the trend changing anytime soon. >> supplies are about 13 percent above a five-year average and almost 50 percent over where they were this time last year. >> reporter: experts say the best advice, don't be greedy and wait too long to lock in. the likelihood of the price going up is greater than it going down. >> it's a huge difference. it's a huge difference. it will make an impact in a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: she was locked in for less than $2 a gallon. don will put the extra money towards the children's college fund. >> i'm really looking forward to being cold this year. >> it's very important, especially when you're a senior and on a fixed income. >> reporter: while the government predicts it will be 11 to 13% warmer and you may not
5:19 pm
need the heat, it comes down to savings. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: "empire" is back tonight at 9:00 on fox 5. steve: simone boyce spoke with the stars about cookie's decision to start her own music company. dari: plus, paying up for talking with his fists. the fine the league just dropped on giants wide receiver [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need. are you guys texting each other? whether it's 3 megs or 300 megs, yeah. for the right price. internet, to 300 meg ultra-fast internet, we have you covered. the go. plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today.
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dari: it was the start of a new dynasty on last week's "empire". steve: potentially a leap that could mean more power struggles. simone boyce joins us to talk about the newest drama within the lyon's family. >> reporter: they thrive on it. the actresses reveal what it's like to play two of the most controversial characters on tv's most talked about hit. >> i woke up this morning thinking why don't we do what the hell i -- we're going to start our own company. >> i told you we'd get to work.
5:21 pm
>> are you sure cookie wants me. >> reporter: the lyon dynasty is uniting the women in surprising ways. grace and caitlin offering up advice for their characters during my visit to the set. >> make yourself indispensable. for anikkei eek ika anika, it would be go light or go home. >> i'm not drinking because i'm pregnant. we're having a baby. >> reporter: rhonda dropped the baby bomb on jamaal, but will it bring the family closer together or tear them apart? >> we're expecting a little bundle of joy in the lyon family. have we started thinking about baby names? >> rondre. >> reporter: while they are the power couple for now, we still don't know where anika's loyalties lie. >> she's very alone. she doesn't have friends or talk to anybody.
5:22 pm
she doesn't have anybody she can trust. she doesn't make the best choices. she does things out of emotional eruption. there will be more she does that she won't be proud of in season 2. >> reporter: as for the outspoken "empire" fans who are invested in their character's lives, caitlin and grace hear you loud and clear. >> the nastiness is always going to exist. that's just part of life. it doesn't really bother me. >> i saw a change in my fans' reactions when they started to watch my interviews and see me as a person. the comments went from i hate you, i hate you, to i love you as a person but hate your character, which means you're doing a great job. >> reporter: the voices are about to get louder. >> the fifth episode and the 10th episode, those are the ones where i was like -- >> and the 10th as well. >> reporter: any more? >> no. >> reporter: i said it before, i'll say it again, i don't think rhonda is pregnant. dari: nobody does.
5:23 pm
steve: we have yet to see proof. >> reporter: i want them to go on maury. i want to see the tests. dari: it is classic like all my children type of a plot. >> it's a soap opera. dari: thank you. >> don't forget to watch "empire" tonight at 9:00 and then join us after the news at 10:00 for another hilarious episode of the after "empire" special. it starts at 10:30. lots of cool guests, dj tonight. steve: getting the city's homeless the help they need. dari: remembering the people behind the statistics as the city tries to find a better way to get people the help they need. steve: the move made by a daily fantasy football site to try to restore confidence in the multimillion dollar business. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the
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steve: experts say breaking the cycle of homelessness depends on having the right support system in place. dari: zachary is here to explain how city officials are trying to make programs more effective. >> reporter: that's right. it's an issue we've been talking a lot about. today there was a forum to discuss and address what is and isn't working when it comes to delivery of social services, but
5:27 pm
specifically homelessness. >> it's hard, but you don't give up. you just don't give up. >> reporter: for people living in shelters and on the streets, homeless, getting on their feet is an everyday struggle. >> are the shelters safe? are the disabled veterans being helped? what are we doing to assist homeless survivors of domestic violence? >> led by tony avela, advocates did their best to confront the issue in new york city today. two themes from the meeting, improving the conditions for individuals and families and thinking about prevention. >> we are here to discuss the current state of homelessness. >> reporter: the task force for delivery of social services is recommending an increase in benefit levels and access to emergency benefits, a nod to the prevalence of the issue. a record of 42,000 homeless
5:28 pm
according to the coalition for the homeless. senator liz krueger. >> every child in our city should have a home that they can go to and feel secure in. >> reporter: some estimate the homelessness numbers are the highest since the 1930s, but the numbers are just numbers. behind them are people. like 58-year-old ralph crump. >> then my wife died. so i let everything go. >> reporter: got depressed? >> reporter: department of homeless services says with the government's help, more than 15,000 people moved out of shelters and into permanent housing over the last year. initiatives. but there's still work to do. >> it is clear homeless individuals and families feel trapped. >> reporter: are the services being provided? are the shelters safe? those are the most pressing questions here. mayor de blasio and his team have invested over $1 billion
5:29 pm
that will be spread out over the next four years. you're starting to see some of the initiatives in practice now, but certainly a lot of work yet to be done. steve: thank you, zachary. dari: they're -- officials say this happened a week ago and affects dozens of employees at the pharmaceutical company. the nurse is an independent contractor with the company total wellness. the company has taken full responsibility for this and is working with a health department to notify patients that may have been affected. steve: giants wide receiver beckham in a punching mood on sunday against the bills and now he has to pay for it. there were reports the nfl fined him roughly $9,000 for punching several bills players after the win. some said he was trash talking every play. tom coughlin did talk to him and was confident he will do a better job going forward containing his emotions.
5:30 pm
dari: fantasy sports giant fan duel is banning employees from playing in any daily fantasy sports leagues for money. now, the announcement is coming after an employee for rival company draft kings may have used inside info to unfairly win $350,000 in a fan duel contest. >> we have done everything to investigate this incident and have clearly found through evidence that we pulled records of when data was sent to this employee that there was no wrongdoing here. dari: new york attorney general eric schneiderman is demanding details of any investigations into their employees. daily fantasy sports leagues are legal, but not regulated. steve: the future of regular lied s -- regular >> pete rose remains out of baseball because of gambling.
5:31 pm
fresh consideration to legalize gambling. to me, gambling is still gambling. >> i don't think that baseball's fundamental stance that illegal gambling certainly and some kinds of legalized gambling, meaning sports books, could be detrimental to the integrity of the game. >> reporter: russ: you have sponsorship deals with sports, fantasy operators, such as draft kings. is there a concern that it still invites younger people, whether there's an 18-year-old age limit, to get them involved in gambling? >> first of all, it's important to remember that legally the games on draft kings that we license the use of our marks for are not gambling under the federal statute that governs this area. they are considered fantasy or games of skill. secondly, it's important to
5:32 pm
those fantasy sites is a fan goes in and picks a number of players from different teams within a set of guidelines and accumulates points. it's not like on draft kings somebody is betting on the outcome of the mets-phillies game. that's not what happens. i see a huge difference. russ: you could be pitching nickels in a school yard and it escalates. my only concern is not just about major league baseball, all fantasy sports. it is something that gets kids started. i know how important kids and kids and baseball are to you. >> fundamentally, i see fantasy as a game and the fantasy sites as a game with a prize associated with it. i think that's different -- i
5:33 pm
know it's different than a true gambling operation where you're putting dollars at risk for a defined payback. russ: i'm russ salzberg, fox 5 news. dari: the mets, including matt harvey, held their last workout today at citi field as they get ready for their showdown with the dodgers in l.a. on friday night. jacob will get the start for the mets in game one of the national league divisional series. it's the mets first trip to the playoffs since 2006. steve: that's right. business cards getting a 21st century upgrade. dari: the company that wants to make cards compatible with your smartphone. first, here's tonight's new york minute. minute. >> reporter: pretty unique art lesson in port jefferson as richard anderson used chain saw carvings to teach his students. >> they see me draw and give demonstrations. they see me outside of school doing art.
5:34 pm
that's the most important thing for them to see. >> reporter: hundreds of kids get a chance to experience the math museum thanks to the stem day out. it gives underprivileged kids a chance to experience museums and other educational activities. >> they'll see math that's not like in the classroom. math that we hope will engage and excite them and teach them about the wonder of discovery. then they'll have free time with all of our wonderful exhibits. >> reporter: it was a big party at the mcdonald's in times square as they began serving breakfast all day instead of ending at 10:30. the brooklyn united marching band helped with the launch.
5:35 pm
it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
5:36 pm
dari: here's the business card. all kinds of shapes and sizes and weights. business people use them all the time to keep in contact with other people. steve: they haven't changed for decades. that's not the case any longer. mac king shows us the new version. >> exciting. no. not particularly. >> reporter: tough to get excited about business cards. >> i use them for other things. like take notes in my apartment. >> kind of obsolete. >> richard, the ceo of moo launched his company in 2006 and has enjoyed 35 straight quarters
5:37 pm
of growth and ships a million orders a year. >> we've seen an increase in the demand for what is a simple product. win of the reasons why it's -- it just works. it's incredibly resilient. >> reporter: the latest business card innovation pertains less to decreasing demand and more to increasing potential. >> we discovered it a few years ago. we've been trying to figure out how to mass produce it. it's complicated to do. >> it's ground-breaking nfc technology embedded in every card. >> reporter: launched on monday, the business cards plus contain chips allowing those to tap the card and see whatever web page the card's designers programmed. >> the customers define how the product gets used. >> reporter: it's only a fraction of the possible applications of the business cards plus, but with more small businesses looking for business cards, he sees the offering further popularizing the ritual
5:38 pm
family. what we tried to do is combine the physical product that works very well in that and add a whole range of features and value. forever. you can go online and up with site what web page you'd like to bring it up and someone can tap it against their device and see information. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: very cool. new hope for female cancer patients who want to have a baby. dari: the procedure that's fertility. steve: and meet the daredevil who inspired the film the walk.
5:39 pm
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dari: fox 5 health news. hope for women who have undergone cancer treatments and want to have a baby. there's a new study that finds ovarian tissue transplants can be effective for preserving fertility. steve: joining us dr. manny with this technique that holds a lot of promise. explain exactly how this works. >> a lot of women, when they have cancer, they need radiation and chemotherapy. in many cases, it destroys the natural ovarian tissue. we've had techniques with radiation where we operate and remove the ovaries to one side so they don't get exposed to the problematic.
5:41 pm
now what they're doing is basically if they have cancer, one of the choices available is to remove one ovary prior to treatment and you take that ovary and cut it into pieces and freeze it, similar to semen freezing. they undergo treatment, they get better, and we transplant that back to the remaining ovary in her body. and that -- the ovary that is not working well, along with the new tissue that has been reimplanted, regenerates a new ovary and now they have enough eggs to have normal pregnancies in the future. this is an alternative. remember, there's other alternatives. in many cases, when you have time, you do offer the patient sometimes chances either to retrieve the eggs, so egg freezing is one option that we have available. and if you have enough time between treatment and cancer, you could do ivf and freeze the embryos and wait until the patient gets better.
5:42 pm
the numbers, even though small, seem to be quite good. dari: that's wonderful. very promising. steve: the proposed new set of dietary guidelines under review in washington that could affect everything from food labeling, school lunches, to the advice your doctor gives you. is that a food pyramid thing? >> listen, you can make a television reality series over this. this happens every five years. this is what 15 doctors and scientists appointed by the federal government get together, they look at all the studies and come with new guidelines how we should eat. what they're saying, more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, more seafood, low fat dairy, very little meat and sugar and no refined or little refined grains. now, five years ago, 2,000 people wrote letters to the federal government putting their been on the table. as of now, we have 26,000
5:43 pm
letters or comments that have been sent to the federal government. and every organization, from the meat manufacturers that are saying, wait a minute, what about the paleo diet. didn't dr. manny talk about how good it was on fox 5 the other day? from the sugar companies to everybody is kind of -- a massive campaign to try to derail the recommendations. what's going to happen is we'll talk about this again because people are going to get confused. there's a lot of -- steve: are those lobbyists or people with real points? >> these are people appointed by the federal government. like the agriculture department. the critics will say, sure, it's a political agenda. they want to create diets that are politically correct. this. this year. more than ever. we're in the middle of an election year. anything that comes out of washington is politicized, including the american diet. dari: i'm sure there are lots of lobbyists -- >> i love it.
5:44 pm
in the meantime, talk to your doctor. steve: all right. dari: there's better trash we'd rather watch. >> drink red wine. nick: thank goodness for that. has to say in the diet. dari: he's saying vodka as well. nick: single malt scotch. dari: all of it. nick: all in moderation. dari: without a doubt. nick: what we can take a lot of is the weather we had today. wasn't that fabulous? sunshine after morning cloud cover. the temperatures took off to above average readings in the lower 70s across the area. boston hitting 71 today. mid 70s philly. washington, d.c., it's 78. real nice october weather. slightly cooler, but nice albany, 69. we have a weak cool front coming down here tonight just with clouds. as you look at fox 5 sky guardian, there's no rain around. yes, we have a rainfall deficit. yes, we could use some rain. we don't have much coming. a little friday afternoon into the first part of friday night
5:45 pm
that's going to be the worse of it, that system coming along is moving faster and it doesn't have much moisture to work with. there are some showers upstate new york. you see a line of clouds here. that's the cool front. it will slide past us overnight. by the time we get to tomorrow, more sunshine and slightly cooler and above average in the upper 60s. right now, 72 in new york city. it's 72 down at belmar. we're holding on to the low 70s in the hudson valley. 63 monticello. back to 78 at islip. 73 bridgeport, montauk, on the east end at 67. the wind has been light all day. mostly out of the northwest. it will stay out of the northwest tonight and become more sort of north tomorrow, becoming easterly in the afternoon as that front moves along, the front right up in here. then a little ridge of fair weather is back up at this locale. that gave us the nice weather for tomorrow. where are the showers for friday? that's this system. as it slides to the east, it's
5:46 pm
not going to be in are much in the form of rain. showery friday afternoon. it may come in about 1:00, 2:00 friday afternoon, north and west of the city. then it's out of here by friday night. your holiday weekend and mine is going to be looking nice. a little cool to start saturday, but comfortable. and warming up through the weekend. look how mild we are across the midsection of the country tomorrow. 80s kansas city to the gulf coast. 70s in chicago. we're slightly cooler, upper 60s here. that's pretty seasonal. minneapolis, 66. 91 vegas tomorrow. 70s as you head towards the west coast. let's check out the futurecast. we'll see the front dropping down with some clouds. there they go. by the time we get to tomorrow, it will be a good amount of sunshine and clouds around as we go into the later part of the afternoon. but no big deal. there are the clouds for friday. notice even a couple of showers by the middle of the day. mostly north and west as the front moves -- two fronts move through. first is the warm front. we get into the 70s on friday. this will be the real showery
5:47 pm
weather. by later at night, it goes away. 58 in the city. 40s in the suburbs with clouds tomorrow. it's nice after scattered clouds. we'll climb into the upper 60s and hit 74 friday. a little sun, then showers in the afternoon and at night. 64 saturday. looks good. sunday looks great. better. sunny, 71. 72, tuesday, showers in the afternoon and drying and cooling for wednesday. steve: good deal. thank you, nick. a dance party broke out in massachusetts. the mighty mights were scrimmaging when the popular song whip nae nae broke out and they broke into the dance on the field. field. dari: you can do it. it's all good. you wanted an excuse to do it because you're always singing that song. in any case, the walk, the movie. it details a daredevil's plan to walk a tight rope between the twin towers.
5:48 pm
steve: the man was in the city today. jen lahmers spoke with him about this incredible feat. >> reporter: people have said it makes them dizzy to watch in 3-d. what was it like to do it? we talked to the fearless man behind the new film the walk. >> i think highly of the film. i saw it in 3-d imax. it's incredible. it invites people on the wire with me. the twin towers spoke to me from the moment i saw their representation on a picture. it was a model. they didn't exist. i was just learning how to walk on a wire. i was 18 years old. i was already dreaming of accomplishing amazing walks. they called to me. they were the highest in the world. then they were being built. i followed all that.
5:49 pm
it was not a goal of mine to become famous and to profit on that. i was not thinking of breaking records of heights and all that. i was thinking of doing a beautiful theatre in the sky to inspire people. people said you inspired us to move mountains, to do the impossible. >> the walk will be released in theatres nationwide on friday. reporting from the empire state building, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. dari: maybe we should do it on camera and you can dance it through. this is what steve was talking about. steve: this is the kids youth football game. kind of gets distracted doing the whip and nae nae. dari: so cute. steve: let them enjoy being children. dari: there they go. so delicious. steve: look how little they are. dari: go ahead. this is your opportunity. steve: there you go.
5:50 pm
fun stuff. good to see them maintaining their childhood even on the football field. dari: we'll see you back here at 10:00 after "empire". steve: and after "empire" at 10:30. here's ernie with what's coming up as 6:00. >> thank you very much. we have the latest news coming up for you. and our feature story, the race for president. what's going on? frontrunners are slipping. did they peak too soon? who's the most serious challenger? and could new names shake it up? live guests will join me tonight. and next at 6:00, the changes that make a billion dollar jackpot, a powerball jackpot possible. it's a new way to look at the news straight ahead at 6:00. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just
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ernie: it is monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we begin tonight with what people are talking about. the presidential race changing
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