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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 8, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news", this is good day to wake up. >> good morning everybody it is a wonderful day to celebrate an anniversary. >> ben: you never stop do you. >> juliet: someone in this room is celebrating. it will be a nice day, highs highs in the upper 60s and 70s. full forecast is, up.
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medic say stole an iphone form and beat him up. spee1 a civilian complaint review board says excessive force was used in an arrest for tennis pro james blake. he's calling for calling for the officer to lose his job. someone else's and there was no attack. >> ben: president obama apologize for two drs. without borders, 22 and died in that attack in afghanistan. >> juliet: good morning i am juliet. >> ben: you are back. it is thursday morning, october 8. 6:01 a.m. it never ends with her. mike woods is here. it is his her three year anniversary and we have showered her with gifts. >> juliet: i don't need the gifts. it wasn't two weeks off it was eight days and would have been a
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sick. >> mike: i hope you feel better now. i had a cold last week that started turning into a sinus thing. >> juliet: the dr. and said no you're not fine. >> mike: happy anniversary. 73 degrees high temp yesterday. same thing in bridgeport it was 68 degrees. looks like today similar to yesterday. a little cooler. 62 in central park, 58 in, 58 in newark, 48 in monticello. quiet start to the day. there is a cold front that went through last night. all it did was bring slightly cooler temperatures. a partly cloudy sky but expecting more sunshine to build and as high pressure takes over. we will keep an eye on the warm
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front and cold front that will come through the tri-state region in the next 24 to 36 hours. tomorrow the cloud start to thicken as the warm front approaches and slides by. warmer temperatures and cloud cover. later in the day and evening we have a few showers that will swing through. i don't think we'll see more than a few hundredths of an inch of rain. mainly semi skies today. high temp is 69 degrees. as we go through their 75 tomorrow, a shower by friday and then cool and dry for the weekend. let's bring in ines and see what we have as we get out the door. spee4 if your eight taking the vanwyk expect delays by jamaica
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avenue. normal delays on the l ie approaching queens. >> no problem on the union turnpike and 24 into 80 also look good. the gowanus was a problem yesterday. long-term construction was set up, right now a few lanes getting through. so far the lanes are pretty good. the bq e, heading towards the brooklyn bridge and atlantic avenue all lanes are open, lincoln lincoln tunnel is starting to build volume. there's a five to ten minute delay. hollon and george washington bridge, same thing. trains are running are running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: there is a crazy beat
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down by an emt by an accused iphone for the and it was caught on camera. >> ben: they caught up with the guy and that's where robert moses is with the story. >> reporter: good morning. this this is a story about cameras, technology, and what happened thereafter. bodega, where this took place there is a video that has now surfaced. let's let's take a look at it again. you can see the suspect inside the bodega, leaning against the freezer late in the night on september 11, he is danielle, he is accused of stealing the emt's cell phone which was parked in the emt vehicle parked just a
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so did the enraged emt who began beating him up with officers looking on. the nypd would only say that this investigation is under internal review. the fdny says that emt is not employed by the fire department. the suspect has been arrested for stealing a paramedic cell phone. he is no stranger to the law, sort told us he has been arrested 18 times before. there are unanswered unanswered questions. why did the cops allow the emt to beat this guy senseless? that would be the subject among other things of that nypd review. that is the latest, back to you. >> ben: thank you robert. the the civilian complaint review board said excessive force was
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the tennis pro, james blake. i think it is kind of obvious to a lot of people. >> juliet: not to everybody. blake was attacked by officers on september 9. he was mistaken was mistaken for a suspect in a credit card case. the mayor and police commissioner apologize. blake wants the officer to lose his job. he said he wants to be a voice for those who don't have one. >> what james said for day one is i don't want a penny for my own pocket, but i can see opportunity when it knocks. this is an opportunity for me to be a catalyst for change. >> juliet: were talking to people who don't think this is a beat down. in a statement patrick lynch wrote, it is no surprise that the ccr bait which continues to be nothing more than cop hating branch would use such a use of force in a public manner. clearly the officer did not strike the individual or want to harm him in any way. >> juliet: a woman tried to abduct a teenage girl.
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they need help finding her. 17-year-old jumped-year-old jumped out of a car going down boston avenue on monday. watch this. she said she was walking to school when a woman blurred hurt to the car. the teen said the woman assaulted her and that's when she jumped out. the suspect it's freckled, black black hair and is in her 40s. take a close look at that car. please call two or (##3)581-5293. >> juliet: pres. obama apologized for the airstrike. he called doctors without borders and apologize for the u.s. bombing in a hospital in afghanistan. 2222 people were killed in the airstrike including ten doctors. >> he believed it was appropriate for the united states to do what we have done before. that was to acknowledge a mistake had had been made an
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offer an apology. he did so in a transparent way, owned up to our mistakes. >> an investigation must be. >> juliet: after the call the doctors without borders asked the u.s. to consent to an independent investigation. >> ben: the coast guard has ended its search for survivors from the missing ship. the l pharaoh, a huge ship disappeared during hurricane joaquin possibly claiming the lives of 33 people on board. category for storm at the time, about 15000 feet. spee1. >> juliet: i had friends in the nova scotia area, they said they
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about the ship and they said the waves were crazy up there. and that was way up north. >> ben: a powerful storm. >> juliet: we have more including comic con. >> ben: we know mike doesn't watch these things either. spee3 i think i i would be better than she was but. >> juliet: she got five out of five. >> mike: we have another beautiful day. sunny skies. 62 degrees is the current temp, mostly sunny skies coming at you today. we'll be a hair above the normal. the fox five ny weather app has updates for you, you can download it at the google play
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store or the itunes store. we'll be right back. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools!
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sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of
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>> ben: were back. 6:13 a.m. >> juliet: were having a conversation about the men in the studio talk about their
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by far. >> ben: i'm not worried. we have to get you out the door to work or school. >> mike: sun and clouds coming at you today. your hair, yeah number 46 out of place. sun and clouds, as you head out to the bus stop it will be a little cool for starters. temps around 58 degrees this morning. much nicer later in the afternoon.
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temperature, 48 in in monticello, 50 in allentown, 54 and i slip, a quiet start to the day. mainly clear sky right now. see he struck his hair right now even as we speak. a beautiful day coming at you today. however tomorrow we'll have a cold front and the area. that will bring bring clouds and quick showers tomorrow evening. might be inconvenient for your friday night activities. it will be here before we get to the weekends which is columbus day. high 60s in the low 70s. let's bring in ines and see what's going on. >> ines: you know what you want
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all we have is green, not that hard. no problems in the tappan zee bridge. your final morris county. let's go to go to the camera and see how things are moving. the staten island expressway by bradley avenue, smooth sailing on the westbound side. there is a stall eastbound as you approach the bq e. traffic a little slow there. on the eastbound side you're fine. george washington washington bridge extra volume but moving okay. approaching on upper level is ten to 15, lower level is five. lincoln tunnel is 15 to 20 inbound, fdr drive no issues. back to you. >> ben: thank you. more fallout from fantasy football scandal. they decided
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from cashing in after playing fantasy sports. spee1 i didn't the company hired former u.s. atty. general to general to evaluate its internal controls. this is huge. after a draft king workers $1,350,000 in a contest, possibly by using insider information. it is legal in some states but is not regulated. >> ben: new york city will be invaded by mythical features. >> juliet: it's comic time. this is where he set tresa where she knows nothing about sci-fi but she's giving us the laypersons report. >> reporter: i think this might be the most informative report because if you want someone already into comic con then you
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don't need me to tell you about it. so this is for the samantha's of of the world who don't know anything about this. >> ben: this time around it's a game of thrones versus lord of the rings. >> reporter: in which city do many of the main characters of this particular show, the land i mean, the people who live. >> reporter: west rose is lord of the rings right? >> you are incorrect. >> ben: the writer of this series has two our initial. >> reporter: j.r.r. tolkien. >> ben: this was a trick question because i was j.r.r.
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tolkien. i will give her half a point. >> juliet: tell us more about what is going on. >> reporter: let me type of this year's event. massive, perhaps biggest we have ever seen in new york city. expecting 150,000 people to 50000 people to attend the convention over the next few days. a few hundred people are already out here. the line is down a block or so and it wraps around the corner. it's so big that they will be adopting a campus like experience. they are spreading it out from
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of panels. they're going to have the video games, the anime. it's. it's impressive what they are pulling off. when we talk about major shows that are going to be dropping big news, x-files revival, those of fox hit back in the day, they'll have a u.s. premiere here with david to company. that will be have been in on saturday. also the walking dead, on friday night the season six premiere will debut two days early and they will have a star-studded panel as well. there is talk that adam west, the original batman might be appearing at some point over the next few days. they have a fantastic mobile app. back to you. >> ben: thank you teresa. we have more to come this morning.
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the campaign about birth control is controversial. >> juliet: yes shockingly. that's not shocking.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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>> and we are back. >> the city's latest health campaign is getting to the point
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maybe the iud is right for you. >> reporter: a morning to you. riding the subway can out double as a form of education thanks to the latest campaign from the city health apartment. take a look at these ads, you'll see them for the next three months. they end with a quote may be maybe the iud is right for you. the former birth control commonly known as iuds, of
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they hope the new way is to failure. 31 trillion people in the u.s. have chronic amy disease. my dad is one actually.
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return. >> juliet: amazon is looking to compete with at sea and its handmade craft marketplace will it be able to compete?
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>> from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> juliet: good morning everybody. it will be a nice day on this three year anniversary of someone special. the highs will be in the upper 60s and sunny. >> ben: is the 30th time you
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an accused iphone the, the victim appears to beat up the suspect and that was all caught on camera. >> juliet: on the all lanes on the jersey turnpike are open. remember that fiery crash. mattresses are being blamed for the crash. >> ben: guns and drugs off the street thanks to a canine named after detective was killed in a line of duty. we'll have that coming up. >> juliet: thanks for joining us. >> ben: it is nice to have you back. even though we been poking fun at you all morning. you been reminding us it's y to have you back. even though we been poking fun at you all morning. you been reminding us it's your three year anniversary. >> juliet: yes a fan of the show reminded me it's been three years. i was getting up at like 230 in the morning.
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>> mike: we do have a good time. >> juliet: as much as i sometimes want to strangle all of you. >> mike: that means word true family. >> ben: we save our negative comments for when you're not here. >> mike: today is actually a nice day temps a little cooler but more or less the same as last few days. north, northeast when coming in at five-10 miles per hour. sitting at 40 degrees not even in the full roster range. 59 degrees in philadelphia. mainly clear skies, cold front came through yesterday and brought in clouds. cooler temps are on top of us and will nrue tem you' down about 45 degrees. today's will be 69 degrees.
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anrueher warm front approaching the area that comes with storms and showers. cool air will be here for the weekend. more on that and the little bits. let's bring in in ines and look at the commute. >> ines: a problem in queens. vanwyk north broand d black into lanes. they go back to the belt parkway. a few stalls on the be qe. anrueher one by tillary street. new jersey route 22, two lanes are blocked with an accidenack t the sto en island expressway ordrmal delays. gwb upper-level 15 minute heading inbound, lower levnes` wnve to ten. 495 is five is sto
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sing to build. the holland tunnel has a ten minute delay. >> juliet: a fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike killed the driver of a tanker truck and shut down traffic. >> ben: all lanes are reopened this morning. that is good news after being shut down for hours. the flames and and smoke burned for an hour and a half. ofwncials say it mattresses on top of a van came loose. the holiver of the tanker trureet swerved to avoid cars, flipped over a guard rail and then burst into flames. the driver was likely nrue hurack t spee1 these people put these giant mattresses on their cars and they don't strap them dy an. >> ben: you ` 5 pt go dy an the hallway entre e highway. an accused iphone thief was caught on camera. >> juliet: they ` 5ught up with
6:32 am
the guy ich ide brooklyn bodega. robert moses has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. this scene unfer rded just it inside the door behind me on this 24 hour bodega. this crazy video just recenre ny surfaced. let's take a look. initially the em the suspect leaning against the freezer, co you' identify identk. him as 21-year-er rd daniel, he is accused of stealing the emts cell phone ich ide thenfehicle. thenf-yicles parked at 56th street. the victim of the theft flagged the cops down, then tra you' tracked the thi dy dy an, they entered the bodngla and the emts
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started beating up the thief. nypd says this it incident is under internal review. the emt is not employed by the fire department. in the meantime the suspect who lives on sto en i 2and, he has been aes.ested at least 18 times in the past. again an internal review taking place here. the the clerk who is here to witness the beat down is due here and work in 30 minutes or so. were hoping to speak with him. that is the latest. back to you. >> ben: okay curious to see what he has to say about iack t the civilian complaint review board says excessive force was used in the mistaken aes.est of the fao lers tennis pro, james blake. he was attacked on september 18 mistaken for a suspect in a credit card fraud case.
6:34 am
the mayor and commissioner aper rogize but james wants the police officer to lose his job. they said that officer did nrue secome to harm him in adown way. >> juliet: a police officer who is dog helps trareet dy an to people i get t st guns off the street. the dog by the way was name after russell who was gunned liand after a traffic stop in julykw007. the officer was killed two and half blocks away from where yesteratiy's ` 5r was stopped. for suspects i you' d tde several charges including drug and weapon charges. >> ben: fox meach business. >> juliet: and we have joe with us today.
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>> reporter: happy anniversary juliet. >> juliet: let's talhe n cout amazon and handmade products. >> reporter: amazon is going off handmade amazon were people can go on and snes thelik wares. as he should be a little afraid. amazon has amazon has more than 28 the smillion active users and customers. the comortdown says they started this because a lot of people were putting in the search bar, handmade iteigh. they decided to launch, they are are in many countries around the worlith at sea, onlykw2 million active customers. some questions about the manufacturing behind it. >> juliet: these are interesting lates.
6:36 am
handmade products. they are really getting popular. boss. >> ben: that is true. good to see you. >> juliet: if you want to see the leaves change this fall but ` 5n't get away, you you can have them delivered to your door. >> ben: okay. a comortdown called ship fer ria ho will harvest from the vermont and new hampshire, and insisted lies nrue rake a bunch but but ` 5refully pics and preserves each leaf. one box costs about $20. that. that df bs nrue i you' d tde shipping and handling. anyone who buys a box of leaves needs to have their heads examined. this is one of the stuf ydest things i've heant od n i will get you a box of leaves
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>> juliet: i went on this ` i ` 5tion, the coolest thing ever the london bridge. it is very cool. england is one of the mofwt amgesing places on the planeack t it was beautiful, the food was fantastic. this is paris at the foot of the eiffnes ty aer. >> ben: you ` 5 pt tell that because you can't see the tower. mike let's get. >> juliet: will thanhe ounfery much about correcting me. >> mike: we love that you're back so we can have fun at her sopech e. mostly sundown today a litre ne
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cooler as it gets warmer. more clouds in the area. as we head ty aarre, cer rum` hs day wecomeenern fanto tic weather, sunny and nice. back into the low 70s for highs. let's bring in ines and get a quick look at the morning commute. >> ines: a few incidents here and there. ordo lal dnes ys on the l ie. trafwnc slow coming off the northern state parkway. the trains, all running on are and ofwe to schedule. ing dke is in with spopss. >> duke: we were on vacation and paid 30 euros, i want my money bareet. coming up in spopsunn hockey is back. back. rangers open up season last
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chicbaro's banner party. we'll be right back
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>> ben: check in the headlines for you on a thursatiy morning.
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approached men in an car and to open fired on them. the gun was rick covered at the scene. ofwncers were not hit. they did return. one man did go to the hospital with a gunshrue to his lngl. the other t st are on the loose. >> juliet: fan duel has decided to ban all of its employees and for cashing in after playing fantasy sports game. a draft king worker one money in a contest, pofw lably by u lang in lader infoo lation. >> ben: if you like comic books, video games ,, con begins begins today. people are lining up. for four days youing dkl experience panels, costumes, celebrity spotting's. >> juliet: it's also these great bani-wn fanto
6:42 am
high duke. >> duke: hockey is back. rangers in chi` 5go open season for the eighth straight yeapari chicago held a lengthy ceremony last night raising their stanley cup entepari the ran hors grue off to a'v sreet start. the first nhl career goal, rangers on the first shot of the season. leaves the game tied at one. then over to kevin kline, into the back of a net. rangers off to a good starack t they wins:orte. they have thelik home opener on
6:43 am
i love this movie can you imbarine if it happen. mets fans li nrue want it to happen. back. back to the future part two. marty mcfly travels tokw015. one of the flikst thing he sees is a banner congratulating chicago cubs from winning the world series. we are close right. it's something. the cde bies, they rolled to a four to nothing over the pirates last night. some drama and the seventh when the picture hits the cubs picture. areata didn't like it. sean rodrilooez is ang li , hits a wateseriooler.
6:44 am
>> duke: the pittsburgh pirates lost, cde s will ny a head to the hit division series tomorrow with the st. louis cardinals. can you imagine if the cde s win and the mets beat the dod hors. mets codes, that would be awesome. as for the other national lebar od, the mets ale ainst the lidgers. it all sto ss tomorrow night out west. they had a final workout yesteratiy heading out. >> i was edececting to feel different or have this overwhelming feeling going out for my flikst play out game. it really wasnpeo. >> it no matter what level or no matter what season you are
6:45 am
to have fun with iack t i think i'll be key moving forward. it's a sign of things to come. >> ben: coming up in our n sot hour, former met picture played a big role, 118 games in 1986. he will be here with me on the couch over there talking about the series. this game tomorrow night, 9:45 p.m. >> ben: soap opera drama going on in basketball. >> duke: barnes, fisher is involved with the romantic relationship with barnes a strange white. wnsher wanted to see his children and it happened while
6:46 am
wiies. wnshermen practice on monatiy and says he is not complete distracted, he is completnes focus. the buffalo bilt k is ny a paying for, there's a reports the fines for punching other players. head coach did talk to beckham about his action. is confident he will do a better job containing his emotion. >> juliet: o v boys. ame you' ing people. he has the money to pay for it i guess. >> ben: thank you duke. let's chereet the forecast. >> mike: looks good such hine coming at you. son is almost up. fifty-eight in newark.
6:47 am
fops% s lax in monticello. we have a few clouds hanging in the tri-state region. a cold front is coming through. will head offshore. high temps are 69 today. showers come through tomorrow evening. fox 5 ny weather app is at the apple itunes store and google play store, downloaded for free right now. we'll be right bac>> ddu f. >>
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put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> welcome back. lotta stalls on the be qe. trying to clear some away. one by tilla li streeack t twenh.-two westbound in newark, there is an accident blocking two lanes. this just happened. sopect dnes ys. for f you're heading toward jersey city there is a multicar accident, aveo lanes bloreeted off in thaack t traich are dew ng good, running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: loohe as herrange anna t'slligan.
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there is a shakeup as one brother stole the show from another. lots of good music last night. weing dkl wseriell talk more about it on good day. and steve zero, remember him from the show jack a. he is gew ng to jail for his, the star pled no contest to using fireworks and trespassing for gsimn. g on top of a crane on auloost 9 in her rly stod. he was wearing a shirt with a black orc on it and carrying an inflat p.le whale with him. he made the annou you' ment by his 30 day jail sentence on instagram same if your g9:l is to make a sto ement about `
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5ptivity, you may as well get locked up yourself. he is due to turn and snes them on december 92 do his time. he will be on probation for three years and is not allowed to do any fireworand i or stunts in orn g county. eector cou v be daniel craig's last on film. already craig is talking about anyt wanting to do a anyther. he ter rd that he wou v rather rake glass and slashes wrist
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rosanna: are right. however you doing? thursday, october 8. greg: very pleasant. the leaves are changing. enjoy that. rosanna: fall foliage. greg: the leaves are changing. rosanna: information on a violent beating at a bodega caught on camera. evolving and emt and police officer. greg: an adult woman apparently tried to sort a teenage girl into her car.
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