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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: are right. however you doing? thursday, october 8. greg: very pleasant. the leaves are changing. enjoy that. rosanna: fall foliage. greg: the leaves are changing. rosanna: information on a violent beating at a bodega caught on camera. evolving and emt and police officer. greg: an adult woman apparently tried to sort a teenage girl into her car.
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fisher attacked by a former teammate. hang out with barnes estranged wife. the wife of. in basketball wives l.a. very pretty woman. greg: star wars fans, comicon. that is the cutest producer. perhaps some zombies. rosanna and i both went to the movies. separately. rosanna: "the truth". the 60 minute story about president pushes military record. greg: that bogus --
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controversy about the memo. this movie kind of reignites the debate. sloppy journalism or was it corporate interference. i went with our boss last night. the entire cast was there. we actually got a picture with robert redford who plays dan rather in the movie. greg: that is not that big of a deal. rosanna: that is the original guide. kate lynch at was there. let me just tell you something. hoping that this movie would open and close next week. other people think that cate blanchett is so good in this movie that it will have wife. greg: cbs.
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was seeing normal movies. i saw "martian" with that damon. i do not want to tell you too much. struggling to get home. this is just one of them. anyway, pretty cool guys. i usually get bored at movies. did not get one hit forward. anyway. there you go. rosanna recommends "truth." rosanna: reminds me of my sons friend glenn. always made us laugh.
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let's talk about the weather, michael it's. mike: looks pretty good. good morning to you all. another sunny day coming at us. temperatures started off where we should be this time of year. happy thursday, everyone. here is what we had with our high temperature yesterday. here is what we have for him starting temperature today. 61 degrees out at such a part. fifty-seven in newark. 46 degrees in monticello. light wind. five-six-7 miles per hour.
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trying to cross on five. there will be some showers by tomorrow evening. time to get you to islanders. traffic extra slow this morning. ines: and a lot of people on the l.i.e. residual delays on the bandwidth. route 22, accident cleared away. headed towards the holland tunnel using the new job day extension, expect a lot of delays. garden state parkway, in accident involving an overturned truck or trailer. at least one lane closed. let's go to our other cameras
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fdr drive, harlem, no problems. you do have that new path there as you approach the driver operates. george washington bridge, dirty minutes on the upper, 15 on the lower. the holland tunnel has about a 10 minute delay. greg: videotape of a paramedic and a cop beating up a guy. rosanna: in brooklyn. apparently, it looks like the paramedic up. to wail on this thief. greg: it does not look good right now. rosanna: robert moses. what is going on? >> reporter: the sole incident
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internal review by the nypd. this bodega is where that took lace. you can see the suspect inside leaning up against the freezer. also identify him. he is accused of stealing and emts cell phone. cops use the find my iphone app. they entered the bodega. the emt started feeding him up. again, this incident is the subject of an internal review. that emt is not employed the fire department. we do not know where he works.
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according to a source, he has been arrested at least 18 times in the past. we are hoping to speak to the clerk that was here on that night. due to speak to him. we will bring to you what he had to say coming up in the next hour. greg: let's go to connecticut now. loring a teenage girl. rosanna: they got the car. hopefully they have the license plate. this is video of that young girl. rolling out of the card. walking to school. the young girl was 17 years old. the woman assaulted her and that is when she jumped out. the suspect have struggles. black hair.
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looks like she is in her 40s. please call bridgeport will lease. greg: remember that tired tennis player? we all solve this. james blake. ruling against the office. rosanna: he had been mistaken as a suspect in a credit card case. mr. blake wants him to lose his job. a voice to those that do not have one. >> i'm not looking to in rich myself by this. i can see opportunity when it knocks.
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this is an opportunity for me to be a catalyst of change. rosanna: the ccr be substantiating the use in such a questionably public manner. the officers did not strike the individual. >> another accusation. he plays for the atlanta hawks. he testified that he was trying to get money from a panhandler when an officer pushed him. it happened april 8.
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an early stabbing. he lunged at a police officer. he has pled not guilty to misdemeanor obstruction. meanwhile, he was hurt. i think his leg was broken or something. greg: what did your mother always say? rosanna: nothing good ever happens after 12. greg: last night, a police vehicle was shot out. let's go to jim smith in the helicopter. >> reporter: the fort greene section. north portland avenue. there is still an investigation ongoing. in unmarked police officer was
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pulling up on a seed. the police car was shot up. the police then returned fire. one of those persons involved was shot in the leg. they are in police custody. the other two people got away. the circumstances are still under investigation. police cars blocking this area off. no police officers were injured. they were taken to the hostile for observation. one suspect in custody after being shot in the leg. the other two will on the loose. back to you. greg: a tanker truck got into an accident hampers into flame. the driver was killed.
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rosanna: it shut down traffic. back open this morning after being shut down for hours yesterday afternoon. some actresses became loose. the driver of the tank swerved. flipped over a guardrail and verse into flames. an suv was also in bold in the crash. not hurt. greg: the mini macaroni and cheese. i think we have videotape of this. listen to this. rosanna: luke godley passed up his longings and loaded them into his dad's car yesterday.
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orderly enrolled at uconn. taking him home and giving him some macaroni and cheese. greg: a good talking to. rosanna: sometimes these kids go to school and they are not ready for it. greg: i was one of those kids. greg: like what's, what is going on? mike: sunny skies. still a little bit cool for you. fifty-seven in newark. forty-six the monticello. tri-state. the cold front came on by. it dropped her temperatures down just a little bit.
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up tomorrow. first of all, you will see high clouds out there today. tomorrow, the clouds will pick it up. the showers could going later on in the evening. the good news is, they are in and out real quick. they do not produce a whole lot of rainfall. high temperature going up to 69 for you today with mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. not too much when it comes to rainfall. the weekend, including the holiday, columbus day, looking nice. happy birthday to samantha. hope you have a fantastic earth day. got a lot of love out there. let's bring in nine as.
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let's see what is going on right now. you have an accident blocking one lane. expect delays as you approach terry wrote. you have a crash off to the shoulder. let's go to cameras. garden state parkway. traffic slowed here northbound. in accident by 131. the cross bronx, not a bad ride this morning. alexander hamilton bridge, you are okay. some delays exiting off the deegan. as far as the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: let's take a look outside. rosanna: yesterday we had somebody from the hudson valley region.
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i saw a little burnt orange in their. we should go looking for fall foliage this morning on.
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greg: 7:19 a.m. in the morning. and little chilly out there. just north of the williamsburg bridge. they have been around for 50, 60, 70 years. what else about this, rosanna? you like that song. i know that it basketball. a complicated situation. the triangle offense, well, this morning, talking about a love triangle. getting into an altercation with his former teammate. it happened last saturday. barnes is estranged from his wife. apparently, sarah fisher -- greg: that serve?
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she has twin sons. the next coach was saying he had a thousand with a bunch of people. he got in his car and drove 95 miles. greg: it is rather complicated so far. what we have learned is that the new york knicks coach were involved in some kind of physical altercation that happened saturday night. the fight happened in the backyard of a home. the post says that barnes was at a training camp on saturday drove almost 100 miles to confront fisher.
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sissy, but no one was arrested. before last night's exhibition game, fisher said that he is not distracted. he is completely focused and admitted to the team. rosanna: fecal ramifications. "i guess we will see." it was immature to comment on the situation. the league is investigating the brought. barnes and fisher played together from 2010-2012. back to you. off-limits.
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real estate heir linked to three killings. he is actually in jail right now in louisiana on gun charges. there is a case pending on him and california. a 15-year-old murder of an old friend of his. rosanna: his lawyer wanted to dismiss gun charges. a special. we were totally into it. greg: on hbo. a story about his first wife. she disappeared decades ago. rosanna: he got arrested the night of the finale of that hbo show. greg: the timing was pretty wild. he admitted to killing his roommate. the jury found him not guilty of the murder.
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he could get 10 years behind ours. he still may have some charges in california on the death of his friend. greg: you heard about that dog is today in central park. found dead. the dog was not shot. it had a defective part, though. they thought that duquette and shaw. no weapons or plastic evidence at the scene. they confirm that he had not been shot, but rather died from natural causes. this was the second tragedy. on saturday, his wife died of pancreatic cancer. that is sad. sometimes you hear these dogs taking on the symptoms of their owners.
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mr. berg's father many, many years ago. a big executive at abc. greg: i want to show a picture of the dog. they found him about 40 pounds underweight. rosanna: read. he was for. greg: a beautiful thought. sorry for the family. rosanna: let's talk about this. he is running a restaurant called this out. four nights a week at columbia was all. greg: should the tv doing homework.
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he is running a restaurant. serving things like rainbow trout with fennel. greg: going to the cafeteria for mac & cheese. rosanna: he is an economic student. he does not even make a profit. it just covers his groceries. the city's health department says they will come in and check for flies. greg: they will put it great in the window. it will get old really quick. rosanna: continue on. greg: and other motorboat. seeing if we can meet the bridge. rosanna: williamsburg? greg: yeah.
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greg: this is in the movie i told you about. "abortion." , 123. rosanna: we're getting really blessed by this weather. an applet day keeps the dr. away. greg: it is fantastic what this stuff does to you. i ate popcorn at the movies. sour patch kids, too. mike woods, how are you, buddy? mike: i am doing well. rosanna: greatly eased great
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eats his apple right down to the sea. mike: why stop there? [laughter] it is very nice outside. this all-powerful vp one of the nicest weeks we have here for friday while. let's show you what we have out there. wet weather on the average. fifty-three is the average low. we drove down to 59. slightly warmer than normal. sunset is that 6:27 a.m. tell mark, 52. bridgeport 55 degrees. 59 degrees in montauk. coming at you three-5 miles per hour neared we are looking at,
7:30 am
again, a partly cloudy skies. a cold front to come through here yesterday. there is some slightly cool air back find it. this is the next area of low pressure. in loping along with it a warm front. that, tomorrow will be feeding us some showers. it does not look like it will stick around for too long ago. i noted a quote, partly cloudy skies. sixty-nine is your 2:00 o'clock temperature. nice and quiet today. let's bring in i guess right now. ines: traffic challenges. traffic flow crossing the
7:31 am
an accident by 131. overturned tractor-trailer has formally closed. you will see some delays. quickly building. tappan zee bridge, normal delays. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the long island expressway. hov lanes are moving fine. no problems on the eastbound side. there is an accident by woodhaven boulevard. use downside looks good. greg: batman and robin. captain kirk. they are all that comicon. rosanna: absolutely. the stars are some of the
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greg: a lot of fun. what is up, teresa? >> reporter: what is up everyone. so much fun. a couple thousand people in mind already. this event is expected to be huge. the biggest one in this city yet. hot to bring in the government knows everything about comicon. >> reporter: so many people dressed up. some of the people excited. what is new this year? >> captain crew here. 6 c different tv shows.
7:33 am
sleepy hollow. >> they are the best. walking dead is doing a paper mere. the kids in your life would love it. >> reporter: even if you are not a geek, even if you don't watch sci-fi movies, horror movies, you will still find something that you love. >> reporter: it has become so big. it has become so popular. you had to expand beyond the javits center. >> we are. we moved out into hammerstein ballroom in midtown manhattan. spreading out more and more. rosanna: i hear that we may see --
7:34 am
i am a big star trek guide. i know great cat a cool toy last year. greg: something for everybody. again, he organized the event. did a fantastic job. has the latest. back to both you. greg: he knows me well. as you call me a nerd, by the way. greg: captain kirk. leonard nimoy. i could have gotten his autograph. i got there and he just loved. rosanna: we have the pope campaigned on the air. [laughter]
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greg: expose . take a look at this. moving a little closer. lower manhattan. it looks like an old world war airplanes on the top of a building down there. can you make it out bush work. rosanna: i thought that it was garbage. greg: back in 1870 or so, they decided it is a bunch of air-conditioning ducts. they put the plane up there. rosanna: candidate to go up on the building? 77 water street.
7:39 am
he like to do this. greg: a regular cement building. rosanna: why didn't they just put up a big fence into law chairs. greg: look at all of that equipment. you could get hurt up there. have you ever stood on a rooftop that mike, what would it be like if -- you know? rosanna: i get really nervous. greg: exactly. what the heck. joel goldstein was here yesterday. talking about what you think is what you are. you have to think positive thoughts. mike: i am extremely positive. greg: that.
7:40 am
feeling you get when you apply the railing. it is hilarious. it is really spooky, two. mike: totally get it. look at what is going on out here. this is westhampton beach. the colors changing. this is from joann. she checked out her twitter. her twitter pals. thanks for giving us this. color setting in at least parts of the tri-state region. care. our facebook page. we love these pictures. soon enough, we will be pleasing in this fall color. 61 degrees out at central park right now. 57 degrees in newark. forty-two in monticello.
7:41 am
a mainly clear sky in the area. we will keep it mainly sunny throughout the day. there are some quick showers coming on by tomorrow evening. that is it. the rest looks pretty good. including columbus day. we have the fox5 weather app. the extended forecast. it is all there for you. download it for free at the apple itunes store and google play store. let's bring in ines. ines: let's check in on long island. nassau county. delays approaching" wrote. delays go all the way to woodhaven boulevard. 287, not that. let's go to our cameras. there is that expressly by victory boulevard. no problems.
7:42 am
you will encounter normal delays. as for the bqe, tooling subplots. traveling eastbound towards the long island expressway. delays going off with isabel. greg and rosanna. greg: cool. let's take a look at the mets. rosanna, i am making you a fan. rosanna: you know how i feel. i always root for the home team. greg: duke has a very special guest. duke: 1986 royal champion bobby ojeda. the mets, dodgers. welcome. 945. a lot of mets fans are upset
7:43 am
it is a young team going on the road. fewer distractions. there is so much hype about here. >> when it gets to post season, it kind of does not matter. all bets are off. the light is on. have lots of maine was over the home field. strategically, having said the guard pitch will be different. duke: that move actually surprised me. i thought matt harvey was going to pitch game two. harvey missing the workout. mandatory workout tuesday at noon. we think it is inexcusable. especially at noon.
7:44 am
you were a player here. >> it is wrong. you cannot do that. there is no such thing as early. i promise you there is late. this made a lot of headlines. made a lot of noise. they have moved past it. what i would have liked to have seen is they could have kept it in the house. they had a personal issue. and of story. greg: a little sick of all a trauma. greg: they could be. good point. so we write. greg: he was going to win this one? >> i'm going to have to take the mets.
7:45 am
duke: the mets beat the dodgers. the cup spieth the cardinals. the mets would have to deal with the cubs in the national championship series. back to the future part two. the cubs win. they have a lot going on. >> it would be phenomenal to see something like that happened. tell us about the 86th world series games. traded one of the guys. that game, tells about that team. so much sound. so much character. >> we had sound. we had character.
7:46 am
when i say on the field, it does not matter what you did for when you left the ballpark. no one cared. the only thing that mattered was winning. that was a team that was driven to win. it mattered if we want. we policed each other. duke: poppy did not remember this until this morning. i first met him as a seven or eight years old. you were traded to the mets. one of the heroes. eighty-six red sox team. >> that is what happened in the postseason. everything is amped up. what we do in october is followed up. i guarantee you i am not sitting
7:47 am
greg: bobby, duke, thank you. i am glad to win endeavour injured by one of those big piles of people.
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greg: careful. rosanna's eyes are going creepy. rosanna: allergies. greg: you wear contacts. rosanna: you like my glasses? >> a new campaign here in new york city. some people are saying -- this is a campaign talking about i used these and people who may be -- rosanna: i do not like that. i do not like the tone of that. >> wanted people to have proper birth control.
7:50 am
woman's uterus. some people are saying these ads may be a little bit misleading. greg: you see. rosanna: equal. greg: what are they selling? >> promoting the use. you basically inserted and keep it in four years. stds are still very much an issue.
7:51 am
is a pain in the neck. >> that may be a form of birth control. >> you have an iud. he careful out there. >> now i got you. [laughter] greg: did you know she's from brooklyn. >> i was born in brooklyn as well. >> born in brooklyn. >> thank you. greg: nassau county. >> you can take the girl out of brooklyn. >> not from brooklyn at all.
7:52 am
an injury she suffered. don't have details about what happened. greg: what did she injure? >> they did not say. on opening night, someone got up and started screaming. the play is called -- it is at the roundabout theatre. hopefully they will keep that tonight. greg: what other celebrity related news. anna: well. selena gomez. she is speaking out. went to a treatment center.
7:53 am
it was not for you diction like a lot of people have speculated. also, she is coming out with some health news. turns out she has lupus. rosanna: i think that when somebody says something bad about you and you do not want to disclose what you are going through -- >> people were accusing her of addiction. greg: -- >> she could have had a stroke from the autoimmune disease. all the body shaming she has had to endure. >> i like her music.
7:54 am
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hello. it's thursday, huh? can you feel friday? >> i do. >> don't wish it away.
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>> i'm rosanna scot stow. -- scotto. it's going to be another beautiful day, don't miss it. high in the upper 60s, sunny. tomorrow could be to a different story, that's why i'm saying get out and enjoy this beautiful, sunny, fall day. >> it is a work day. >> well, as much as you possibly can. >> take a look at this. a paramedic had his iphone stolen, and they find the guy they think did it, and then they start beating him up. he's in custody, then kind of start wailing on him for really no reason that's apparent. >> meanwhile, the knicks' coach is in some kind of love triangle, and he may have had a few punches thrown at him. derek fisher reportedly got into a fight with a former teammate, matt barnes -- >> there's the coach in the middle. >> -- because he's possibly dating matt's ex-wife. so there's a problem.
7:58 am
do you remember that tennis player who was standing in front of the tell when testifies -- hotel when he was jumped by a cop? it looks like the commissioner is forced to rule against him. >> james blake wants that officer fired. meanwhile, comic-con begins today. four days of panels, costumed celebrities, your favorite cartoon characters, freaky characters. you name it, it's all there under one roof, and we're going to try to emulate this morning that at 9:00. >> i went last year, i got a phaser and a triquarter. i'm a big star trek guy. you can check it out over there at the javits center. you know, we don't go to the movies like we used to, so it's a big deal. rosanna, what did you see? >> last night i saw "the truth." it's based on a true story. if you watch "60 minutes" like i do, perhaps you remember the
7:59 am
>> are that's robert redford >> and cate blanchett. >> this is all about the memo about george w. bush's military service. >> right. >> was he really awol when he was supposed to be involved with the military. >> it look looked like that letter might have been bogus. tell me, was it a good movie? >> the movie kind of reiging nights the debate. -- reignites the debate. was it corporate interference or sloppy journalism? if you love news stories, if you love robert redford, it's great. by the way, robert redford was at the movies last night. i went with my boss, byron harmon, to go see. there we are on the red carpet. and we got a picture with robert redford. i almost died. all i could think of was the way we were, butch cassidy and the sundance kid. meanwhile, he was there. and he was dan rather.
8:00 am
and can rather was there as well. >> i'm dying right now, because you're hanging out after hours with the boss. do you know how that makes me feel? threatened. >> i would never -- >> the movie i i went to, "the martian," matt damon was not there. i saw it at the regal at two in the afternoon, but it's awesome. first movie i've seen in a long time where i wasn't bored. matt damon is on mars with his astronaut friends, and they leave him on mars. it's an accident, by the way. >> right. >> and you kind of watch and, guess what? there's some laughs, you know? you laugh -- i didn't cry, but i felt sad from time to time. >> okay. >> and great music. disco music. >> i love that. i'll go just for the music. by the way, this movie is doing well at the box office. >> i'm pretty sure it's going to be number one again this weekend. i think it's one of these movies, quite frankly, kids, everybody can enjoy, adults. that matt damon's okay. >> he always picks interesting
8:01 am
roles, don't you think? they always have meat to them. >> well, actually, ben affleck, let's face it, was kind of beating him for a while. now it's matt's turn. >> there you go. >> good for you. >> now it's mike's turn. >> michael. >> yep. that's one of the movies i'm going to see. >> you going to see that? >> the truth doesn't come out until next week, so go see martian this week -- >> i saw empire last night. >> oh, i gotta watch that today. dvr. >> yeah. all dress canned up. it's juicy. >> at 9:00 -- >> right, are we playing? >> yes. we're going to dress up as the empire stars. >> i'm doing empire strikes back. i've got a stormtrooper hat. [laughter] >> we've got a great lacking day, gang. fall is here in full effect and, yeah, as far as fall color is concerned, most of us not seeing too much of that just yet, but the temperatures, a little taste here and there. here's what to expect on the day here today. first of all, mostly sunny skies
8:02 am
cooler than yesterday. a cold front swung through and a little bit of a chill in the air but not too bad. next chance of showers is coming at us tomorrow late in the day. more like the evening hours, and it's only here for a short while. then on column -- columbus day, temps not bad 59 all. they're kind of doing an up and down thing. it's 60 in central park, 56 in bridgeport, 46 in monticello with a mainly clear sky throughout the air. nothing really happening weather wise. high pressure's still in control, and that'll keep us mainly clear here today. high temp goes up to 69 this afternoon, and as we go through the next seven days, high of 75 tomorrow, but we do have some showers making a quick appearance, but the weekend looks gorgeous. let's bring in ines rosales and see where our hang-ups are with the commute. >> new jersey, 280 westbound
8:03 am
exit 15, an accident blocking a lane. also on the new jersey turnpike southbound before interchange 14, two lanes are blocked, so you want to stick with the truck lanes around that. another problem on the turnpike, this one is northbound. tractor-trailer flipped over after exit 11, the exit for the parkway. off to the shoulder, try to the stick with the car lanes if you can. and the parkway, a residual delay crossing the driscoll bridge. if you're taking the west chester, normal delays here. the saw mill, there's an accident northbound by exit 16. lawrence, you have one lane blocked there. take a look at your commute on the lie, an accident westbound by the hov lanes, eastbound doing okay. as for the bqe, there's also a crash with delays on constitutional bridge. at least one lane closed eastbound heading towards the long island expressway.
8:04 am
as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. >> it's almost basketball schedule, excuse me, and usually we talk about the knicks' coach derek fisher, but this time we're talking about him in some kind of love triangle. >> all right. he got into it with a former teammate, and the issue? a woman has come between them. her name gloria. you can see her in basketball wives. i don't watch that show. i've seen a couple of episodes, actually. carrie drew has more on what happened and why. >> are good morning. let's talk about the love triangle. details are still unfolding. all we know at this point is that knicks' coach derek fisher and matt barnes were involved in some kind of physical altercation saturday night. the post is reporting fisher traveled to los angeles after the knicks' practice on saturday. this fight happened apparently in the backyard of the home of barnes' ex-wife gloria jovan who
8:05 am
barnes was at his team's california training camp on saturday but drove almost 100 miles to los angeles to confront fisher. according to the post, neither man suffered any injuries. cops were reportedly called to the scene, but nobody was arrested. fisher missed practice on monday, and at the time the team said it was for personal reasons. before last night's exhibition game, fisher said he is not distracted, he's completely focused and committed to the team, but he did not rule out the possibility of legal ramifications in relation to this incident. he told quote, i guess we'll see. he's in his second season as knicks' coach after spending most of his career playing in los angeles. a spokesperson for the nba said it was premature to comment, but the post is reporting that the league is investigating this brawl. by the way, barnes and fisher have a history. they played together for the l.a. lakers from 2010-2012, and one former teammate was quoted as saying they were very close at the time. greg and rosanna, back to you.
8:06 am
and we have some developing news. at least two suspects opened fire on an unmarked police car in fort green, brooklyn. >> 11:00 last night, gunmen owned fire. the car, again, was unmarked. police say the officers had turned around their vehicle to approach three men in an argument. at least two of them fired at the cops. they weren't hit, but they did return fire. all right. active investigation. those involved still on the loose. >> yeah. meanwhile, a crazy beatdown by an emt who's now accused of maybe excessive force after somebody stole his iphone. >> yeah. they use that my iphone, find my iphone app, and they found the guy just stand anything a bodega, they asked to see his iphone, he surrendered it, then they took him down. let's go to sunset park, brooklyn, that's where robert moses is. hi, robert. >> good morning to you.
8:07 am
i just spoke to the clerk who was on duty that night here at the bodega. he had some pretty powerful things to say. we will hear from him momentarily. the video of what happened that night is just now surfacing. you can see the suspect inside of the bow day baa that unite -- bodega that night leaning against the freezer. 11:45 on september 11th. daniel is accused of stealing an emt's cell phone from the emt's vehicle which was parked just a short distance away near the intersection of 55th street and second avenue. cops tracked him, as we mentioned, use the find my iphone app. well, they found him. the cops entered the bodega, and do so did that enraged emt who started beating him up. the officers were right there. the nypd would only say that this incident is the opportunity
8:08 am
of an internal review. the emt is employed elsewhere. i spoke to the clerk who did not want his face shown. he told me, yes, the paramedic certainly took matters into his own hands that night. >> he got a little aggressive. grabbed him by the neck and punched him a couple times. >> did the cops do anything to stop him? >> the cops -- one of them was actually swinging as well, punching him as well. i felt like the cops should have told the emt to wait outside while they arrested the guy and then maybe came outside when he was arrested, and i think they should have gone about it that way. >> does it surprise you with so many cameras all over the place that the cops and the emt would do this? >> it surprises me that the emt would do this. they're supposed to be out saving lives, helping people, and they're out here hurting people? that really doesn't go too well
8:09 am
>> now, chevchenko, the alleged phone thief, was arrested in this case. a source says he has been arrested at least 18 times in the past. again, all the nypd has said so far is that this is the subject of an internal review are. i would suspect we would hear more about this as the daysing progress. that is the latest live from sunset park this morning, greg and rosanna, backing to you. >> robert are, we have this now, thanks a lot. remember james blake, the tennis player who was tackled by the cop outside the hotel around the u.s. open time? well, the police officer remains in trouble, and it's getting worse for him. >> while the civilian complaint review board says excessive force was used in this mistaken arrest of james blake, he was tackled by officers outside the grand hyatt hotel on september 9th. do you notice with all these stories, there are surveillance video from somewhere. >> you are, basically, you are outside, you are being watched or recorded by something. >> anyway, mr. blake was mistaken for a suspect in a credit card fraud.
8:10 am
apologized, but blake wants the officer to lose his job. and now blake's lawyer told us that his client wants to be a voice for those who don't really have one. >> what james blake has said from day one is i don't want a penny for my own pocket. i'm not looking to enrich myself by this, but i can see opportunity when it knocks, and this is an opportunity for me to be a catalyst for change. >> well, what does the union say about this, the pba? it is still no surprise that the ccrb which continues to be nothing more than cop-hating branch of the new york civil liberties union, would sub instant shade the use of force in such a public manner. clearly, the cop did not seek to harm him in any way. there is the union's statement. meanwhile, another story, a good one, about a police dog helping out in a pretty big way. >> yeah. this police dog, named after an officer shot in the line of duty, helped get two guns off the street. this is emergency service unit
8:11 am
k-9 -- [inaudible] he up covered a stolen glock and a smith & wesson pistol inside the side door panel of a vehicle in prospect, leopards garden and brooklyn. >> the dog named after a hero cop who was gunned down during a he was killed. the stop, by the way, just two and a half blocks away from where the officer lost his life. a true hero, and how about that dog, huh? >> all right. check this out. president obama did something american presidents rarely do, he apologized for an airstrike. >> well, you remember the airstrike that took out that hospital. the doctors without border facility in afghanistan, it was clearly a mistaken bombing. u.s. forces say they were called in by afghan forces on the ground with the help of special forces from the united states' military. it was wrong. it shouldn't have happened, and the president could up the head of doctors without borders to apologize. >> yeah. he's also promising a full
8:12 am
investigation. as you know, 22 people were killed including 12 staff members of doctors without borders. >> i know. >> all right. we've got to go now to that cargo ship that's mussing a. search had has been underway. it looks like they're officially expecting to not find su >> yeah. el faro. it vanished near the bahamas last week during hurricane joaquin, possibly taking all the lives onboard, 33 people. they were category four conditions at the time with waves as high as 50 feet, and the water depth in that search area is 15,000 feet, so they have quite an investigation on their hands. >> all right. remember when the pope was here? it seems like such a long time ago. >> just a few weeks ago. >> i guess it was two weeks ago. two weeks ago today, he arrived. it was fantastic. however, however, some businesses felt a bit of a
8:13 am
crunch, a bit of a pinch. they lost business. >> yeah. that sandwich and salad place, they're blaming pope francis for a real drop in their earnings. >> i hope they're not making it personal against the pope. >> no, they're not. they were hoping that the pope's visit to new york, philadelphia and washington would send sales soaring at their stores. instead they say the pontiff's visit negatively impacted 30% of its restaurants. overall, it says it dropped sales maybe 4.5% compared to last year. >> well, look, t not the pope's fault. -- it's not the pope's fault. hey, the media, security, and let's not blame the pope individually. who blames pope francis? >> i know. i understand what they're saying, you know? it's the hoopla around it. it's closing of the streets, people staying home, and that midtown area where cozy is, you had that, the president after that, then you had the u.n. it's been one problem after another to. but, hey -- >> it's new york. >> that's the price of living
8:14 am
tell that the landlords too. >> would you like to live in lincoln, nebraska? >> no, i don't think so. >> mike woods. >> right. nah, i don't think you're going to get too many arguments there. let's show to you what's going on for the day. your average is 67, 53 is the normal low, and we're warmer than that. we started off around 59, 60. it is now 6, 0 central park, with partly cloudy skies. winds around 3-7 miles per hour. other temps around town and beyond, bangor, maine, 43. and that's what we have around the region. it's a pretty quiet weather scenario for us altogether. cold front came through yesterday, but it was lacking the moisture, so without the moisture, we didn't get rain. but we did get the cooler temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. and now we're watching this area of low pressure which is dropping down into the upper
8:15 am
midwestern states toward the great lakes, more moy chus than the last -- moisture than the last area of low pressure did, so this one is going to try to bring us some showers. tomorrow as that area of low pressure and the warm front first drags through, that'll bring some cloud cover early tomorrow, then the clouds thicken, and the showers try to pop on by later in the afternoon and evening. looks like a quick round of showers, probably right during then evening commute. we're all looking at skies past midnight, and the weekend will be sunny and mild. temps about where we should be this afternoon is where we're looking at. a hair above normal, high temp up to 69 degrees. good looking day. tomorrow it makes it up to 75 because you get more of a southerly flow, and you have the showers you have to deal with tomorrow evening. sunny skies saturday, sunday, monday, including the holiday itself, which is columbus day. and then on tuesday there's a chance of showers coming at you in the evening again.
8:16 am
not a big storm. the fox 5ny weather app has daily and hourly forecasts, download it at the apple itunes store, google play store. it's all set up for free for you right now. let's bring in ines and check it out. we flow we've got some slowdowns out there -- we know we've got some slowdowns. >> couple of problems. west side highway of the george washington bridge, by 125th southbound, there's an accident. here is the bqe right before the long island expressway, you can see how the delay goes way beyond the brooklyn bridge, all the way back to the belts -- [inaudible] this is a stall you're seeing on the grand central parkway westbound. on the lie by holbrook road, on this shot traffic looks fine, but this accident is causing delays. once people start approaching the accident, they start moving a little faster, but you have delays westbound. george washington bridge driving into the city from new jersey, 40 minutes on the upper level, 30 minutes on the lower.
8:17 am
the holland tunnel, 15-20. greg and rosanna. >> it's the one show i'm almost completely up-to-date on, walking dead. >> you are? i didn't realize you are into zombies and everything. >> it's the whole post-apocalyptic thing that's cool. >> you know, and that's norman -- [inaudible] >> he's pretty handsome, that guy. >> he is. >> you've been talking about him ever since you met him. >> i kind of dissed him at first, i didn't know who he was. my daughter said, idiot, walking dead.
8:18 am
and the boss of the whole thing, switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their 1 hour appointment window. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100 meg internet, hundreds of hd channels, and unlimited calling across the u.s, and 34 other countries around the world. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card plus tv equipment and epix included. get installed for free as early
8:19 am
call 1-800-341-9716. >> all right. let's go take you back to the summertime when you're walking around, particularly midtown manhattan. it's hot. then you might feel a blast of cold air coming from a store. >> that might be very tempting to go in and just cool off for a second. what do you think? >> rosanna, that's what it's all about. they do it on purpose. they want you to feel the urge to come inside and get relief, and then they want you to buy something. it's later trick. >> okay. >> guess what? it's soon to be illegal.
8:20 am
>> oh. >> yes. they don't want -- they think it's a waste of energy. so measures are are being taken to, basically, say no more. let's go to "the new york times" on this story, if i can. it became law on wednesday. starting summer, nearly all shops and restaurants in new york city will be required to keep front doors and windows shut while their air conditioners and cooling systems are running. >> not that i am taken anybody's side, but businesses pay their own electric bills, so what's the problem? >> you know what? fair point. they say, overall, waste of energy. >> let's get down to business. fox means business. jo ling kent is in this morning. >> hi there. lauren is on maternity leave. hi, jo ling. >> hi. i've got news on amazon versus etsy. the craft retailer online isn't doing so well because a big, new
8:21 am
threat has moved into the neighborhood as of today. amazon launching handmade by amazon which is a craft marketplace that is going to sell hand made around advertisal goods you might want. amazon's just so much bigger than et city. it's got 385 million active accounts, earth city only has 22 million. some of the stuff you thought was handmade there is actually manufactured. some of those merchants and small business owners are defecting to amazon. so some big changes if you like to buy from small businesses. and also etsy's stock down more than 50% since that ipo earlier this year. >> you know what you don't see as much anymore? flea markets. remember flea markets? -- >> plenty of flea marks in brooklyn. you need the space. >> yeah.
8:22 am
>> and speaking of space, thank you so much, jo ling. >> thanks. >> the real estate market in brooklyn, red hot. home prices there have are hit a new record high. the "wall street journal" is reporting this morning that brokentowns in -- brownstones in brooklyn heights are selling for, on average, $2.3 million. that's an increase of nearly 32% from last year. overall median prices in brooklyn rose 15% in the third quarter compared to the same time last year. >> and by the way, other boroughs, we're not quite there yet in terms of getting to where we were before the financial crisis of 2008. >> right. maybe there's some good deals out there. maybe queens had some a-- has some affordable places. everybody talking about long island city being the next big place. >> in 2001 you could have gotten a penthouse there for $80,000. all right. let's take a look outside, if we can. first, sarah michelle geller, remember her?
8:23 am
>> she's got a maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you.
8:24 am
8:25 am
[laughter] >> all right. couple of spidermen with their lunch. that's comic-con over by the javits center. >> i love people dressed up early, late, whatever. it's kind of fun to go to that convention. >> would you like to meet my new friend michael? come on over here, michael. [laughter] man, oh, man, oh, man. whoa, he's got the walk. have a seat next to rosanna, she'll love it. [laughter] >> i thought it was bad luck sitting next to greg kelly. >> you thought you had problems before. >> all right, michael, can you come out of character for a second? >> sure, of course. >> how are you, buddy? >> i'm doing well. >> what do you do in real life? >> i'm an actor. >> can i see what you look like? oh, you're cute. >> thank you. >> and you really like this show, right? >> i love the show. >> good day new york, you're crazy about it.
8:26 am
>> that's great too. >> thank you very much. you and a bunch of friends, other zombies are joining us in a little bit. >> very soon. >> don't say anything to dade, but we want -- to be david, but we want to scare him. hide from are him, and then you'll jump out of the couches later. >> great. >> you ready? it's an acting challenge. >> you better be good! >> he almost had you -- >> he almost had me because i was tweeting, and then all of a sudden -- >> you're oblivious, and -- next time. >> i'm doing social media. we're engaging. do you remember that a promo we did? >> the commercial? [laughter] all right. what's going on, everybody? welcome back. >> what's going on, mike woods? another beautiful day. it's all about you. >> it looks very pleasant outside. i'm kind of tired of that word as a weather guy. anyhow, it is very nice. we've got mostly sunny skies, maybe a few high clouds in the area. things look good altogether. here's what we have, what to expect for the next few days.
8:27 am
mostly sunny today, it is going to be a little bit cooler because a cold front came through. not a particularly strong one, but we have our temperature that is came down maybe 3-5 degrees around the tristate region. no rain with that one, but we have another one coming through tomorrow. actually, a warm front first, then the cold front. so it's going to be warmer tomorrow with more clouds out there. then the showers get going. by the time we get to the evening, the evening commute might be a little sloppy as we wrap up the workweek. columbus day weekend, fantastic fall weather. temps about where they should be or maybe a little above. here's what we have right now, 60 degrees out at central park, 59 at newark, bridgeport you've got 56, 55 in belmar, and montauk checked in at 50. not too much happening locally, let's back it out and see if there's anything going on as we take a look at, basically, the eastern half of the country. a lot of sunshine out there. here's the cold front that we're
8:28 am
talking about that came on by. it didn't have moisture to work with here, so we didn't get the showers out of it but, again, your temps are a hair cooler. the warm front out ahead of the next one, the cold front behind, that will be changing things up as we head into the weekend. actually, into tomorrow. by the weekend, it's out of here. mainly sun new york skies -- sunny skies, 65 is your high temperature. tomorrow we make it up to 75 for a high, but sun's getting blocked out a bit, and we do have showers for the evening commute, but it is gone by the time we get up to this upcoming holiday weekend. let's get you to ines be rosales if see what's going to slow you down this morning. >> good morning, mike. right now problems in p queens and also manhattan. the grand central parkway blocking a lane. the bqe has an accident on the bridge, take a look at those delays, traffic backed up all
8:29 am
and beyond. and the westside highway coming off the george washington bridge because of an accident on 125th street. expect delays by ackerman avenue, two lanes are blocked. and then the garden state parkway, residual delays northbound. earlier accident by exit 131. the turnpike, tractor-trailer flipped over. it's off to the shoulder, but a lot of delays in the truck lanes. let's go to our cameras, take a look at traffic on the lie. holbrook road, expect delays there as people slow down approaching this accident on the westbound side. bqe, that accident i told you about, actually on the other here it is. you can see those cars are standing right on the bridge, so delays towards the long island expressway and metro knot. 5-10 minute delays both directions. everything else running on or close. >> aren't you glad you're already at work? >> i am. and with you. but out there we're going to have a lot going on at the
8:30 am
javits center. >> comic-con. it's kind of crazy, kind of freakish, kind of weird. i should know, i go every year just about. >> but lots of people have such spirit there. they really love their sci-fi characters and their comic book characters. they stand on line sometimes for hours just to get in there and mingle. >> comic-con at the javits center, let's go to teresa priolo, she's there. >> i have to tell you guys, my knowledge of this is woefully inadequate. i am getting such an education just from talking to the people in line all of who are amazed that i don't know the difference between star trek and tar wars, but -- "star wars," but i'm learning, and that's the good news. all those filing into the javits center this morning, whether or not you know the difference between "star wars" and "star trek," is if you're a lord of the rings fan, if you like horror movies or some of the great fox shows like sleepy hold to low, there's something for
8:31 am
how about anime, how about video games and the like. this is expected to be the largest comic-con showing outside of the main event in san diego. nearly 170,000 people expected here this year and, in fact, so many people that they can't fit everything inside of the javits center, and so they're going to be spreading things out across the city. they're adopting what they call a campus-like experience. so there's going to be a lot of events happening at the ballroom, other things happening at msg. but for the main event which opens here today, i tell ya, i talked to some people here in line, and they gave me a pretty interesting perspective on everything. take a listen. >> it's a friendly environment. everyone's here for the same interests, and we all have a lot of fun. it's, like, the one time of year where you find people that share common interests with each other. >> you could come here and just watch. even if you don't understand the sci-fi, it works for everybody. >> you can wring out your imagine -- bring out your imagination and portray characters that you always dreamed of as a kid.
8:32 am
>> it's one to have few places where you can be yourself. i can't be this way in school, i can't be this way at home because my brother and sister would think i'm weird. >> i found that to be probably the most fascinating response that i heard and certainly worth the hype in and of itself, the fact that you can come to this event, and no matter what suits you, you can be yourself and enjoy the company of like-minded people. some of the major events this year, a big "x-files" revival. of course, a show that was a hit on fox back in the day. david duchovny is going to be moderating that panel. also they're going to be having their u.s. premiere of shows like gotham and sleepy hollow. walking dead f you're a walking dead fan, they're going to be premiering the season six premiere two days early. there's a huge panel of stars that will be arriving for that on friday night. and the big thing that has everybody talking today, we may, in fact, get an appearance sometime over the next few days from batman himself, adam west. that's what everybody's saying. oh, my god. that's what everybody's saying
8:33 am
here, greg and rosanna. got a stair from somebody behind -- scare from somebody behind me. >> i would go for adam west. >> was that a moment in. >> i don't even know what he said, but he got so close to me that i jumped forward. >> be careful. i really like that walking dead show. >> you do? >> yes, i do. hello. oh, boy, check this out, rosanna. some friends from the walking dead are here. oh. are you guys okay? where's my bow and arrow? >> oh, my goodness, this is so scary. how do we kill these? are they alive? are they dead? >> hello, everybody. that's the thing in the show, they're so easy to kill. timeout zombies. come around here. what do you think? >> i think they're very realistic -- >> say hi to everybody. you've got to get into this walking dead show. hi, what's your name? >> amanda. >> who? >> amanda. >> she's still in character. what's your name? >> maureen. >> are you into the show?
8:34 am
>> i love the show. >> no kidding. you going to comic-con later? >> maybe. >> tell rosanna why she should watch the show. >> it's a great show. >> oh, okay. [laughter] >> what do you guys do when you're not, you know, when you not cadavers? >> working at the halloween store. >> oh, fun. >> you guys are full time into this stuff. good for you. >> where are you from? halloween? >> halloween spirits. >> yes, thank you so much for being here and coming with all these great costumes. >> how are you doing on the donald trump wig? are a lot of people asking for that? >> yeah, they are, actually. >> rosanna wants to go with hillary. >> hillary? [laughter] a nice wig. >> good luck with that. >> we're going to dress up later. we're going to do an homage to empire, the tv show on fox. >> that's right. and the cool thing is, you bays are ease i -- you guys are easy to kill on that show. >> anyway, who's going to be hakim, who's going to be cookie,
8:35 am
we are dressing up our staff, okay? it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
8:36 am
i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. >> how are things out there this morning? >> what's going on? can't tell where we are exactly. oh, we're right across 10th avenue. man, you forget how wide --
8:37 am
>> and they're talking about putting public transportation over there which is great because you've got to walk those really long blocks. >> the seven train, we've got the seven train now that takes you all the way over there. all right. and where are they all going? the big comic book convention. my first one i went to see leonard nimoy and, man, oh, man, i didn't get to shake his hand or anything like that. it was too crowded. 10,000 people there. all right, should be fun. what else? >> well, let's talk to dr. raj. last hour we talked about not getting pregnant and how not to get pregnant. this hour we're talking about how to get pregnant. >> okay. >> you spend your 20s trying not to get president and your 30s -- pregnant, and your 30s trying to get pregnant. having sexual intercourse during the fertile part of the month, they may want to think about having more sex during the other parts of the month as well
8:38 am
because this study shows the more sex you have throughout the month, your immune system is priming your body to become pregnant. so even having sex on those off days when you're not actually of toulating can help you get -- ovulating, can help you get pregnant they looked at immune cells and they're called t helper 1 and 2 cells, were activate ared even during the nonof la story time of the month. more is more in this situation. [laughter] not even just during ovulation time. so interesting. >> when is ovulation time? >> it depends on your cycle and how long it is. but, basically, about 14 days before you get your period. so there are ways you can track it online. there are apps that you can use to actually figure out when you are ovulating and when you want to be having sex if you're trying to get pregnant. >> okay, interesting. >> and then really quickly, another study looking at people who get gastric bypass surgery, a common weight loss surgery in this country.
8:39 am
many people are getting it, but it looks like they're at increase risk for suicide or self-harm within 2-3 years after the surgery. >> after they a lose all that weight? >> some of them lose weight, but some of them gain it back, they may not be doing well after surgery, and it look like the aftercare is not that good, and a lot of people are saying we need to continue with counseling and therapy after the surgery, make sure these patients are following up because they are seeing visits due to self-harm or suicide attempts. if you're getting that type of surgery, make sure you're maintaining the support and the psychological care afterwards. >> i want you to take a good look at elvis duran. he lost, like, 40 pounds. >> no, 100 pounds. >> he looks great. >> he feels great great. >> his emotions are high. >> he's feeling so good and, you know, he looks good. >> he looks skinny, like al roker. >> he, i think elvis' waist is now 29. >> that's ridiculous.
8:40 am
>> and he's wearing all these fancy clothes that he wished -- >> like the skinny jeans and the skinny ties? i want that surgery. >> i wanted that. >> no, you're not -- >> now, rosanna, that would not be -- how much does the surgery cost? >> good question. sometimes it's covered by insurance if you have another disease associate with the obesity -- >> like diabetes. >> exactly. but if not, it can be very expensive. >> if you just want to look better on the beach, they're going to charge you. >> right. >> first of all, you have to be a certain amount overweight. >> there are risks and side effects, so it's not something you go into lightly just because you want to lose a few pounds. >> you want to gain weight so you can lose weight? [laughter] it's a serious issue. >> all right. well, the results are spectacular for elvis duran. >> they can be, yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> he had the sleeve done though, he didn't have the bypass. >> gotcha. >> we've got a really special announcement concerning the brand new "star wars" movie
8:41 am
coming out in december. special announcement on good day new york. the stormtroopers are going to help us out. >> what's happening? >> well, you'll have to stay tuned, greg. >> i genuinely don't know. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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>> welcome back, everyone. well, last night on empire there was lots of good music. take a listen. -- they know my worth -- >> that's hakim singing from his new album at a radio station with sway, who you probably know. and we also got an appearance from pit bull last night. take a listen to that. we going to the party, who they going to see? it's vip --
8:45 am
that was at rue shus' welcome home party after getting out of prison. but that party takes a very serious turn. the battle is really heating up now, and that brings us to cookie who was back in full cookie-esque forge having great moments -- form having great moments like taking all the food off the a table here. she's whipping a new girl group into shape, and she's also getting pretty serious with her son. >> you think just 'cuz you slept with my son that you don't have to work for it? >> it's not like that with hakim. i worked my ass off to get here, and i don't need to sleep with anybody to get to where i want to be. >> prove it. because that's not what the rest of the world is going to say about you if you don't knock this thing out the park tomorrow. >> she really put that girl through her paces. everyone wants to be like beyonce, but you want to work. and in the next hour, we also want to be dressing up as your
8:46 am
be sure to catch that, that's coming up in the 9:00 hour. and steve-o is going to jail for his stunt to protest seaworld. he pled no contest to using fireworks and trespassing for climbing on top of a crane and setting off fireworks on augusting 9th in hollywood while wearing a shirt with a black orca on it. this is all to protest seaworld keeping the whales captive. he made the announcement about his 30-day jail sentence on instagram. steve-o is due to turn himself this on december 9th to seven his time. he'll also be on probation for three years, and part of his deal is he's not allowed to possess fireworks or conduct unapproved stunts in los angeles county. and the nominations for the rock and roll hall of fame's class of 2016 are in. the list includes janet jackson,
8:47 am
purple, the cars, nine inch nails, the smiths and chaka khan. artists become eligible when their first single or album was released at least 25 years ago. you can vote on can. fan opinions are being taken into account. they'll be inducted next april in a ceremony in new york. coming up next, sarah michelle geller. she's taking her skills to the kitchen, she's here to talk all
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