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tv   Good Day New York  WNYW  October 8, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> from foxing 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> ah, comic-con. everybody's channeling their inner geek, right? all their favorite cartoon characters and heroes. >> feels like christmas. you're looking live over at the javits center. people from all over the world, rosanna, showed up for this one. remember? >> i know. they have really good stars. i hear some of the cast from walking dead is going to be at comic-con and maybe some from "star wars," right? >> everybody. there's a new "star wars" movie coming out in december. special announcement and display here on good day new york, they haven't told me the details, but look at the fancy hat and light sabers they gave us. >> i know. i'm so excited.
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>> i always wanted one of these stormtrooper hats. >> you look good. i'm going to take you out. >> i can't see. one thing about these things, you can't see anything. >> thank you for my helmet. i'm not sure i'm going to put it on, because it's a real contraption, and hen the hair is going to be -- and then the hair is going to be messed up. >> these are so cool. let's transition from empire strikes back to empire, the tv show, hit show on fox. last night another hit episode. >> oh, i like this look on you. >> we -- rosanna and i, actually, are all decked out in empire clothing. >> our homage to empire today. way. >> i know. i feel cookie-esque. >> let's check this out. what's going on? you see -- >> i got the thigh-high boots do you like? i mean, it goes with the outfit. >> let's take a look at the top here. >> what do you think? it's the whole thing that goes together. >> you look a little battle star galactica.
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>> cookie can do this. >> it's very flattering. what do you think of my sweater vest? >> i love this. who are you channeling this morning? >> seems like you've got to wear a vest of some kind. >> i love this look, by the way. >> right? right? >> you should get that. >> i want to keep it. >> i think you should. it looks good on you. >> what's rumbling over there? >> it's yours. give me this. give me that. [laughter] >> oh, you fixed it. >> i did. anyway, we're going to have a fashion show coming up, empire inspired, and, of course, we're dressing up our staff. so mike will be here, anna and crystal. it's going to be fun. >> in the meantime, walking dead, is new season comes out on sunday on amc. it's one of those shows i really got into a while back. let's see some footage, if we can. this, rosanna, i don't think you can call it a cult classic was it's mainstream as well -- because it's mainstream as well. >> my daughters are crazy about it. >> it's really cool.
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one of the guys who makes it all possible is the executive producer of that show, dade alfred who, by the way s a lawyer. we'll find out more about that. >> and he's from long island. did you know about that? >> sounds like a cool dude. and he's surrounded by some of his enemies r. you in there, sir? >> david alpert, somebody needs to rescue him, i think. >> they're kind of easy to dodge, aren't they? >> i'm checking them out. [laughter] >> we wanted you to feel at home, by the way. >> welcome, sir, and congratulations. thank you for the wag dead. >> hi, i'm rosanna. we have some guns just in case you need them. >> if they get close. >> you can hold it in case they start to attack. anyway, how are you? >> i'm doing great, thank you. >> do you film walking dead around here? >> no, we fill in georgia. so it's pretty far away from here. >> gotcha. >> well, congratulations on all the success of the show. season six, anything you can tell us? >> you know, i think this year's going to be bigger and badder
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we're taking the show into entirely new territory, it's unprecedent inside the history of television, what we're trying to pull off. >> i know you can't tell us too much, but can you give us a little bit more than that? >> well, i think, you know, if you been watching the show, we've sort of taken our group of survivors, and they've found a safe haven on the road. and for the first time they're actually secure. and in some ways that's great because they don't have to worry about someone sneaking up behind you and biting you. but for some people when you've been on the road that long, it's actually even scarier than being on the road. >> i think we have a trailer. we don't have a clip from the new season, but we have a trailer of the new season. >> fantastic. >> shall we show it? >> the people in here, they've been inside from the start. they haven't had to survive.
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they just don't get it. they can't. i don't -- [inaudible] >> then you shouldn't. we'll make this work. keep this place safe. >> help us! >> keep our families safe. >> so we're all supposed to just fall in line behind you -- >> [inaudible] >> how many more of us have to die before we do something? >> oh, man, this is going to be rich. >> i'm concerned. [laughter] somebody's going to die, right? >> you know, it might be a crossover season with glee. it's possible. [laughter] probably not, but it's possible. >> do you ever hate losing a character? >> oh, my god, losing characters is absolute torture.
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and the truth is for us if we don't feel like losing a character is going to be heartbreaking and going to make us cry, we don't lose that character. >> was there any one that almost made you cry? >> oh, there's been a lot. when sophia came out of the barn, honestly, it kind of teared me up. >> really? you don't look like that kind of guy. >> watch out, the zombies have gotten loose. people can have normal conversations -- >> yes. >> -- and off a zombie on the side. >> absolutely. >> boy, they're taking their time. the zombies are not agile. >> should i show you how it's done? >> yes, please. show david, show david. >> there you go. >> take a shot. >> oh! that's a good one. >> like you'd just be talking, right? oh, yeah. >> do you want some more coffee? >> right. [laughter] >> we've got to find some fuel. >> so i understand you're from westbury. >> i am, yeah. go wildcats. >> do you have family around here?
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>> yeah. my parents and my sister live here as does my grandma. >> we wanted you to feel right at home, david. >> i do. these are great guys. >> "star wars" -- >> light sabers are excellent at decapitating zombies, but you can't get too close. >> i am behind -- hi there -- on fear the walking dead, the whole prequel. >> ah, yes. >> what's the latest on that situation? >> we just wrapped the series, we had our last episode this past sunday. we start or production on season two in early december. but we were the big, highest rate ared cable premiere in history. hey, excuse me for a second, okay? [laughter] >> well done. you're really getting the hang of it. >> so what do you do in your off time? >> there's not a lot of off time. i've got two beautiful kids, i spend a lot of time with them -- >> do the kids like to watch this? >> my kids are too young. if you have 5 years and below -- >> it's been about 36 since you
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killed a zombie, do you mind? >> absolutely. >> you guys are so cavalier. >> that's how it is. you get used to it. [laughter] >> thank you for the walking dead, seriously. >> thank you, guys. big fan. >> thank you so much. all right. >> all right. mike, are you ready for the weather? >> i'm ready. i'm all set for you, very good. all right. let's tell you what's going on as we head out the door here this morning. it's pretty quiet outside. we don't have a whole lot going on, so in the next couple days, not too bad. 52, that's your temp in monticello, 53 in sussex, newark at 63, 62 at central park and 59 in bridgeport. not much happening with the cloud cover. maybe a few high clouds here and there. winds are on the lighter side if you have them at all coming in from the northeast at around 3-8 miles an hour. and it should be a decent day altogether. a lot of sunshine, a little bit of a breeze. temps are cooler this morning, and the reason why, well, we had a cold front drop through yesterday, and now we have
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mainly clear skies. we did not get rain with that cold front that came by, but we do see a drop in your temperatures this morning but not by much. looks slightly cooler later this afternoon, dropping about 3-5 degrees from yesterday. high pressure's in control, that'll give us a fair sky around the northeast and the tristate. this is the area of low pressure, the warm front, the cold front that will eventually swing through the tristate region in about another 24-36 hours. so in that time frame you are going to notice some changes. let's take you through the future cast and show you what the computer models are saying. high and dry. then we're going to see the moisture starting to spread in this direction as we head into tomorrow. we're going to see, yeah, some cloudy skies, scattered showers trying to work their way through mainly in the evening, and drier weather as we head into the rest of the weekend. things look pretty good here. today you've got mainly sunny skies, 65 by 11 a.m., high temp up to 69 degrees, and as we go
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through the next seven days, high of 75 tomorrow with showers popping through here later on in the evening, but it will be out of here by the time we get to saturday. saturday, sunday, monday, the holiday weekend, full of sunshine. 64 saturday, 68 sunday and 72 on monday. another shower chance on tuesday of next week. altogether, seven-day forecast still looking pretty good. rosanna and greg, over to you. >> thank you so much. >> how about those zombies, huh? >> yes. what's the place they come from? halloween spirits, i believe it is. >> spirit of halloween! >> where are you located? >> everywhere. >> everywhere. spirit halloween. you can get these costumes there. and i don't think you can rent the zombies for yourself. [laughter] anyway, last night we had a lot of fun. you went to see a movie and i went to see a movie. >> you go first. >> all right. i went to see this new movie that opened october 16th, it's called "the truth." and it's a movie that's based on
9:11 am
the true story of what happened with "60 minutes" and when they decided to go after president bush and his military record with the air force base. >> oh, yeah, the memo. >> the memo. >> the memo about his records -- >> so it's behind the scenes. great cast. cate blanchett, everybody's talking about she plays mary mapes, the produce per, everybody's talking about she could win an oscar. >> there was a letter that seemed to indicate george w. bush was, essentially, awol during his military service, but almost immediately questions were raised about the authenticity of this letter. 60 minutes -- >> they went with it anyway. >> they said it was verified. they brought in an expert on typography and said this is the real deal. turned out there were all kinds of problems with that letter. >> well, you see the behind the scenes on the debate that went on, and what's interesting is this movie is going to bring up the debate whether corporate interference was actually part of this whole story or whether
9:12 am
great journalism that brought them down. but meanwhile, i went with byron harman, the boss. we did the red carpet, but really the treat of the night was meeting robert redford who plays dan rather in the movie. >> how does he do as dan rather? >> you know what? i think he did a nice job. dan rather was there. he sanctioned the whole thing. i think it must have been pretty heady for him to have robert red 230rd play him in the movie. >> dan rather lost his job over all this. >> he did. he had to resign. >> all right. >> so tell me about your movie. >> well, i did not go to the red red carpet. i did go see the martian with matt damon. it was awesome. and one of the reasons, number one, matt damon's a likable guy. he's on mars with his restaurant friends -- astronaut friends, something goes wrong, and all the astronaut leave him by accident. does he get home? i'm not going to tell you. at times the movie is funny. great soundtrack, lots of disco,
9:13 am
>> i like that they have rock the boat in that. >> by the hughes corporation. abba -- here we go. do you like this? >> yeah, i do. >> i like it too. makes me think of the beach, by the way. >> awesome. >> i highly recommend it. did serious damage. i got a small popcorn with butter -- >> oh, you did the butter? >> rae. i got three of them. >> and did you get a coca-cola? >> i got a coke zero and sour patch kids and licorice. >> you really went to town. >> i know, i know. >> meanwhile. don't tell dr. raj that you ate all that junk food. today we are going to be on dr. oz's show. >> as medical experiments. what else could we do? he's the doctor. he came on, he asked us about how we fall asleep. >> yeah. you know, with these early morning hours, sleep is really -- it's a tough thing. last night i don't think i went before 11:30, 12:00. >> the end ode was taped a coup -- episode was taped a
9:14 am
couple weeks ago. so i'm wearing the white pants after labor day -- >> you can still wear the white pants -- >> you're right. in fashion there are no rules. >> we got a chance to go on his show, and you'll be able to see it today at 3:00. we talk about how to get the perfect night's sleep and who doesn't need a perfect night's sleep? right? >> all right. so r listen, i want to show you this guy. we've got bone baa fete -- boba fett in the studio. step over to your right a little bit. >> yeah. he needs to get into -- >> we first met boba fett in, i think it was -- >> come over here. i can't see you. it's my eyes or just the lighting. >> he is kind of dark. come on in here, pal. have a seat on the couch. i never could figure out if he was a good guy or a bad guy. >> i don't know, but he's armed.
9:15 am
>> oh, yeah. that's good. >> very impressive costume. all right. we've got a special -- >> rook at me. >> yeah. i saw those at toys rr us. >> don't start with me. >> you've got to -- i got a nice stormtrooper mask. i've never seen one of these before. a special announcement right here on good day new york. we don't know the details. >> we don't know. >> something's going to happen. >> coming up. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call
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>> wow. "star wars". >> looks a lot like the martian. [laughter] all right. take a close look. it looks like a tuscan raider to me, but this is actually a character from the new "star wars" movie that comes out in december. >> so we're getting a first look at this? is this big news? >> yes, this is very -- by the way, this very costume, this garment, you can see which actually appears in the movie you can see over in times square at discovery zone, a new "star wars" exhibit there. this is reminiscent one more time of the old tuscan raider, but this is leyla. hi, leyla. >> manager of archives and exhibits for the lucas foundation? >> right.
9:18 am
>> tell us about this character. is it totally new? >> totally new. >> he feels reminiscent. >> this is ray from the force awakens, which will release in december. we are very lucky with our close relationship with lucas films to be able to bring this costume and six others from the new movie into our traveling exhibition which we're opening at discovery times square on november 14th. >> so november 14th, it opens to the public. >> yes. >> do you need tickets beforehand? i know the fans are going to go crazy. >> yes. there'll be tickets online, you can follow the discovery times square web site. it's a huge exhibition. we're doing 70 costumes including six from the new movie. >> permanent? >> it's going to be here through the summer. >> and how about this? you're going to have some stormtroopers there? >> of course we're going to have a stormtrooper costume. >> i love this mask. >> but here's the thing -- >> you hurt your nose with that.
9:19 am
touring an original stormtrooper costume from return of the jedi. >> that was the number three one, it was awesome. >> and do you know how rare those costumes are? princess leia's slave bikini. >> oh, my goodness. >> there's over 70 costumes, and they're all the real thing. >> leyla, sounds good what's this person's name? >> this is ray. she'll be in the new movie, but you will get to preview her and six other costumes from that new movie, november 14th at discover times square. >> is she a good or bad character? >> i don't know. >> what is she carrying in this pocket? >> i think it's a grenade. i'm a little nest. [laughter] >> that's cool. thank you, leyla, thank you very much. discovery zone, rosanna, come with me. the force brings us this way. >> leyla, thank you. may the force be with you. >> i hope you win the fight. [laughter] >> right this way. actually, i need you to lead me. >> where are we going? >> that way. we're going to meet some more "star wars" friends. >> we are?
9:20 am
>> okay, over there we've got boab baa fete and a female han solo. >> i like when we turn the tables. >> hi, everybody. >> hi. >> what's your name? >> natalia. >> i've never seen a female han solo, right? >> yeah. >> are you comic-con worthy? what are we doing today? we're just promoting the movie? >> well, this is my brother. >> hi -- oh! laugh. >> she's very much involved, so i'm kind of -- >> the movie or with comic-con? >> both. very much involved. >> your brother can't speak through there. >> he can talk. >> what do you like to do in real life? >> i'm a graphic designer, but aside from that, just bounty hunting. >> that is so cool. all right are, so are you going over to comic-con? >> absolutely, yeah. last year i won the east coast championship for best -- [inaudible] be so we got pro passes this year. and we're heading over to comic-con to enjoy all the cool
9:21 am
stuff. >> i've seen a lot of costumes, this thing is awesome. you look great. >> there's effects too if you want to check it out. >> yeah, let's see. >> could you hold this? >> oh! [laughter] that's good. what other tricks do you have? >> this gauntlet, i've got to hit the switch. my range finder drops up here -- >> oh, wow, look at that. man. >> could you do that one more time? >> sure. it goes up and down. >> that is cool. >> is boab baa fete is good guy or a bad guy? i could never figure that out. >> he's like his own thing. he's a hired man, he's a gun. so he's kind of in the middle. whoever brings the best contracts, he gets the job done. >> do you want to take on lucius skywalker over here? [laughter] >> this is between me and xena the warrior princess, actually, that's what she looks like. >> you guys are going to battle it out? all right, let's go. >> give me a second. >> no more seconds.
9:22 am
>> should i give you some music? >> yes, give us music. [laughter] >> i can't see! >> i win! i like that. >> okay. [inaudible conversations] >> you turn that off? thank you, boba fett. >> absolutely. >> all right. is the sexy hand solo -- >> i like this, brother and sister act. all right, greg, we have done -- >> got you now. >> we've done everything from walking zombies to "star wars". >> and some of it has been -- whoa! >> should we talk about buffy the vampire slayer? >> sarah michelle gellar next.
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we love the theater. >> we do love the theater. >> you more than me. although i did see -- what was that carol king thing? >> beautiful. >> oh, it was awesome. our next guest is "the new york post" theater columnist michael reidl, and he has a new book called razzle-dazzle, the battle for broadway, which has been going on for, oh, i guess, well over a century. michael, welcome to good day new york. >> nice to be back. i haven't seen you guys since they were almost killing actors in spider-man. >> they were breaking legs. >> falling into orchestra pits. >> they wound up doing all right, right? >> they still lost $80 million. >> so razzle cause cl, the book goes back even further than bob fossey. >> the basic idea to have book is those of us who have been around new york for a long time remember in the '70s and '80s this was not the glamorous, shimmering, tourist attraction city it is today. times square was dangerous, the city was going bankrupt, the theaters were empty and being
9:27 am
torn down, and this booking is about the handful of guys who stuck around broadway, turned broadway around and helped bring times square up and saved new york. >> and you also talked about the competition between the theater houses -- >> broadway is full of rivalries and back stabbing, and a lot of that went on in the '70s and '80s because these producers were scrapping around to find shows. they were fighting for shows, so they were trying to knock somebody out of the way to get hold of a big show that might save their theater. everybody was going after michael bennett who created a chorus line in the '70s, and that show is the show, i think, that saved broadway. the attendance had totally collapsed. after a chorus line, it went up and up and up. >> i saw it three times. >> longest running show at that point. >> it strikes me broadway's like the restaurant business. a show will open, and i might be a great hit, or it might close in about a week.
9:28 am
a fair analogy? >> yes, absolutely. broadway is a place where there's no room for something in the middle. you're either a smash, a chorus line or a cats, the shows i talk about in this book, or you're a spider-man, and you lose everything. the critics are important. they've got to give you a sendoff. if they rip you apart, you die, you die very quickly. the point is, the people in the theater are so resilient. every single person, they had tremendous flops. i mean, flops you think would just end their careers, and the next year they come back and have a biggest hit on broadway. >> are they okay with naming becames -- >> well, the people i really go after are all dead -- [laughter] >> you could be spooked in your dreams. do you have nightmares -- >> no. as gossipy as the book is, i do think the people i write about, michael bennett, andrew lloyd weber, cameron mcintosh, these guys who created these big, super-successful shows, they love the theater, and without
9:29 am
theater would not be what it is today. >> i saw all about eve not too long ago. >> you know it well. >> boy, oh, boy, they were nasty. >> i saw broadcast news, so don't deme -- you tv people! >> i have to ask you, this book is great, but i want to know i'm not a critic, but you get the vibe of what's out there. what do you think are going to be the hot shows on broadway for the season? >> the scoop i can give you are, i went to a workshop, is andrew lloyd weber's new show, school of rock, based on the movie. >> really? >> now -- [laughter] you know why i did that? it seems like a lazy idea. >> absolutely. i've got to tell you, they cast kids who are not actors, they're just kids who play instruments. >> right. >> and their kind of awkwardness on stage is so charming. i was afraid it would be croixing. it's adorable, it's charming. the guy who plays the jack black character is terrific, and
9:30 am
rock and roll score. >> these shows are not designed for sophisticateds in new york, they're designed for the people in iowa. >> yeah. the majority of people coming to broadway are coming from out of talk about. >> whatever happened with, like brando, he start 3 small on broadway, now it's the other way around. >> they do, was they've discovered -- because they've discovered if you're someone like a hugh jackman, you can walk away with $3, $4 million. that's what they love. if you talk to hugh, there's nothing he finds more exciting than a doing a play on broadway. >> there's a certain prestige. >> look at helen myrrh remember. this is what they want to do. >> what are the other shows you've got your finger on? >> i'm looking at misery -- >> is that the one with bruce
9:31 am
>> now, it sounds a little cheesy, by grant you -- i grant you, but i happen to be in love with the old-fashioned thriller. i think it'll be terrifying. >> it's the same thing, novelist, car crash? >> yeah. >> what about emilio estefan was on our show. >> on your feet. a new music call about their lives, their struggle as cuban immigrants to the top of the pop music world. i haven't seen it yet, but what i'm hearing is it's going to be like mama mia. it's not my fair lady, but it's just fun. >> yeah. >> i'm going to the opening night, and i'm planning on congaing. maybe my book -- >> meanwhile, people can see you, right? at barnes & noble on the upper east side? >> tonight, yeah, 86th and
9:32 am
lexington. >> fantastic. >> good for you. >> michael reidl, everybody. >> i'm a theater buff, so i love the backstage -- >> i'll take you to the opening of the gloria estefan show if you're around. >> really. i'll have a date with michael. >> cool. [laughter] i'll take you to misery, greg. laugh you know, the best -- i like the movie ares, you know? i just, i get bored in the theaters. give me a solution. >> if it's good and engaging, you shouldn't be bored. if you really get bored, i would say have a couple of mar tipnies -- [laughter] >> so, michael, were you impressed with our show? it was like a circus today. we had walking dead, we had "star wars" people, and we're going to have buffy the vampire slayer. >> i really walked in and i thought i'm in some comic-con convention. [laughter] you're all dressed up like comic book characters. >> came off the rails a couple of times. michael reidl, everybody. razzle-dazzle, the battle for broadway, available everybody.
9:33 am
east 86th street. coming up, sarah michelle gerl,
9:34 am
we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of
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in higher was on tv last night and entertaining tens of millions of people and changing the way we dress. rosanna: everyone is talking about this show. we thought we would get into that action. look at this stuff. greg: i feel fantastic way frankly. the sweater vests we were to the show. rosanna: you pull off. do you think i looked a little cookie -- greg: the advantage i had, as this could be -- rosanna: there's a lot going on. greg: let's bring in our expert. greg: 7 does a lot of fashion shows, always plugged in. what am i wearing? rosanna: you are wearing of jay victory and the king of style today. you think he is lucius' inspired? >> this is modern style.
9:37 am
it is jeans and we have the jacket and plaid, blue is a hot, sweater vests, $119, all this from bloomingdale's. greg: i have a jacket like this, the sweater best transforms go old deal. rosanna: it does pop on tv, give you a cool look, and an edge to it. >> the book is outrageous, it is over-the-top, fashionable, they are fierce, fearless and they where fashion like nothing else. you can see it all over the streets of new york, hard to get the look. rosanna: alan bean your address, various characters. and that is one of my favorite affordable brands, the jacket is pricey.
9:38 am
i love this metallic strike, the address is $300, that is a great look, don't be afraid to to bling. rosanna: greg: can i cut the climate? really want it. >> bloomingdale's has that thing. must leave our characters. who is the first? >> antwan lewis. >> oh my goodness, that is so good. you got to love that watch. this is the hipster quote look. and those joggers, sweatpants, my son wears these hats.
9:39 am
and 295. $49. >> very bad day. >> it is just cool. greg: antwan lewis. >> these happen to the $2.95. don't know if you can see it. they have the disco vibe to it. sneakers are everything. greg: how are things on the nighttime news? >> all good. thank you for being with us. hanging back on the side. >> tried to give my ear in. who is the next model? >> this is wrong that. greg: anna gilligan, is that you? anna: this is rhonda. and this is the press the p r
9:40 am
but what i love is this leather collar. very cool blue color that is very in. greg: we do look smart together. >> just today. greg: you are breaking pmi heart. >> getting married. greg: what is another word for engage? >> single. so wait a second. a big wedding day sunday. >> and $100 in range. greg: the honeymoon or what?
9:41 am
>> right here, over-the-top. that comes out of her mouth or what she wears. and $14.95, and where is her animal -- we got the cheetah going for more interesting animals. >> it is not real see brought. >> she has the meals, you wearing my boots too? they copy the fancy shoes for the brands. and everything else, 498. >> this statement purchase and if you brought them they would be over -- >> a angling to get this for free.
9:42 am
now for the piece of resistance, are you there? oh man. all the way. you look like you are in charge. >> he is our lucius and this is another one. why even where it? again the same brand you are wearing, and we turn it again with matching jeans, modern schools to look. >> the caller is marin. >> you can call it burgundy, another hot,. rosanna: you should get this. and skinny jeans. $79. >> get this stuff.
9:43 am
and all this stuff is at bloomingdale's. and i will be tweeting all day. team rhonda. >> don't forget the contribution. thank you, we appreciate it. thank you. coming up sera michelle ng geller is here. is an empire seamstress.
9:44 am
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>> "all my children". greg: sarah michelle geller, some highlights of her career, all my children. rosanna: did you see that scene? greg: did she ever get that any? buffy the vampire slayer, an american institution. common point of reference for all of us, she was fantastic in that. next, cruel intentions. can we see a little bit? you have had quite the courier and you are mixing it up with star wars people and taking stuff at home.
9:47 am
welcome to "good day new york". rosanna: did you feel out of sorts when use of people dressed as zombies and star wars characters? >> seems like monday, like a morning on the upper east side. greg: which is your haunt. rosanna: do you still have family here? >> i love new york city because i walked in and being held that because i was laid my best friend was up the street and i love this and it happens here. >> you'll be doing comicon. >> i don't know it is from that and higher but the other one. greg: you were involved in star wars rebels. >> they will fear -- they will take away my house. not sure what i am allowed to say. i waive the seventh sister who is the big bad one. rosanna: we had a new costume on the show before you got here. they said it is a new character.
9:48 am
are you one of the new characters in the movie? >> yes. greg: let's take a look. >> you hide your fear well, porche filed. if only you had the power to protect your friends. >> shows what you know. i am growing more powerful every day. >> there's no one left to train you. the jet i of old are did. and mcnall of an. >> we know that. >> it is so good. >> as pretty as you are i only want you live, that doesn't mean in one piece of the now, where is it? rosanna: you sound very scary. i your kid's going to be able to watch this? >> i hope my kids watch it because my husband is on the show. that is,'s daddy, he is that that i and she drives a car pulled.
9:49 am
greg: freddie prince jr. great guy, great actor, tell him i said hi. greg: >> this is a new company, i can hold it, it is the straight to your door culinary cooking -- this is the brownie popsicle it and i love the idea of food cracking, taking food and putting a twist on it, the kind of things you would see on peteinterest but never feel you could do. we love spending quality time together where you unplug and connect and 3 found there wasn't something on the market by wanted to feed my kids that had better ingredients, a preservative for me, diet freely rosanna: how does it compare to the brownie makes you get in the us for? >> a lot better quality. all the highest quality ingredients and we make it simple enough that you create --
9:50 am
pin all this stuff, we are busy people and what are the odds we will actually do it? 18 to the doorstep. if you click on line and descended your doorstep you and heartache in what we feel is the experience of spending time in the kitchen and plugging an connecting. greg: all you got to do is add water. rosanna: my kids love to be in the kitchen. >> it is cold in the winter and you are looking for activities, the conversations >> reporter:. by the way really good chocolate. all the studies show children the spend time eating family meals are less depressed, less likely to do drugs, and it all comes back to the real family experience that families lose.
9:51 am
greg: did you always go by the michelle barnes. >> there was another sarah at geller in the union. it helped, if it is -- >> if you take sarah michelle. >> what about sticking chamorro's speech in here. did you move on? >> a slab of roast beef.
9:52 am
greg: maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
9:53 am
rosanna: she wants to dance like in the month chairman. this is kind of pulp fiction. greg: that is very nice. it is a rip-off of batman. rosanna: a little bit. greg: let's talk star wars, the new movie getting closer and closer, seemed like years away. it is in december. the trailer, we got it, we celebrated star wars today. comicon is in town. i have but cool storm trooper hat and you about light saber. two of them. show me how to use it.
9:54 am
use it and hope you don't get hurt. greg: made the force be with me. rosanna: have a "good day," new york, see you later. greg: can't see. >> "good day new york" isn't over. if you want to connect to great stories and people engage facebook, twitter and use it to go to for news and stories you care about brought to you by raymore and flanagan furniture furnishing your style. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds.
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