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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 9, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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>> now on "chasing news." >> to go with working at them shore hospital went to the bathroom and got locked and for five days. when the door was open he was found dead. >> the only way he would know he was missing was the smell. this is unacceptable. >> his name is richie campbell. now 37 years later he still signing autographs and planning a 40 year reunion for the cast but first he has to get the attention of opera of course. >> she is good friends to the giants football. >> there's another doctor was making headlines these days. he does holistic medicine one thing that i don't believe in.
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capabilities. >> i'm in prince and outsiders a sicko pharmaceutical where employees were administered flu shots on september 30 but it's been reported that a nurse was bound for using a syringe to administer flu shots there and now nearly 70 employees have received a letter from the new jersey department of health warning of the situation. they cited those employees may have taken this post to quote contaminated blood. those employees have been advised to seek testing for hiv and hepatitis. for all of my updates my updates follow me on twitter @chasing monica. >> anthony was working at them onto fewer hospital in the bronx. he went to the emergency room, went to the bathroom and got locked in for five days. when the bathroom door was open he was found dead. i chased this to the family home
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in the bronx. there i spoke to one of his brothers. >> we call them and told them he was missing and they said he never called for work and they never looked for him in the emergency room. he was an employee and they knew each other there. they couldn't contact him. they never check. stack the families of these been stonewalled by the hospital and not getting any answers in its complete mystery as to first of all how their brother anthony got locked in the bathroom and second of all why it took five days to even open the door. no cleaner, nothing like that. they actually filed a missing was person report and went to the hospital. the police were involved and they saw anthony on surveillance footage and that's how they knew he'd gone into the bathroom. >> if they didn't go there the only way they would know he was missing was the smell. this is unacceptable. >> i spoke to anthony's parents, his mom.
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but she broke down. i also spoke to anthony's father. >> he was the nicest guy on the earth. he would do anything to help you. >> i got an exclusive interview with anthony's daughter jessica daughter jessica who is 17 a freshman in college who came back to help the family with funeral arrangements. >> there's no words to describe it. it's uncalled for. >> the police are doing their investigation. after he was done speaking to the family i was so affected by this that i got into my car and called the hospital immediately and i said i want some answers on what happens to anthony. i got a voicemail so i drove to the hospital and there he tried to get somebody on the phone and they gave me a statement which basically said they were and struck in condolences for the
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family but they can't give any more information because of the police investigation. >> i would assume if you go the bathroom and locked the door no one can get in. you don't know how many people walked by and tried to the door. >> he went into that bathroom and was locked in and didn't come out for five days and nobody tried to open the door until they approach the police and said we are looking for a family member. >> what's next? >> when we find out their investigation we will find out if someone gets arrested for it. >> high-speed chase. >> check out the surveillance video inside a bodega in sunset park brooklyn. an ems worker assaulted a man being restrained by nypd officers for allegedly stealing his iphone. police say daniel 21 years old was given a slew of charges such as possession of stolen property and arrest -- resisting arrest.
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streaming into the bodega and shooting the suspect through the floor. >> hankie were chasing a story in philadelphia. it's a tragic murder. a transgender woman shot in the back. what happened? >> it was kind of a weird journey we went on last night. we met on the corner of weehawken and 13th. we try to make sense of the killing of keisha jenkins. her mother was out there looking for answers to. she didn't want to talk. maam? anything you want to say? i won't ask a single question. anything you want to say. i'm sorry for your loss. jenkins as we know as a transgender. she was beaten and shot to death and as you said according to police they are saying what might have looked like a hate crime was likely murdered by
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robbery. there's a weird energy out 1310 weehawken. just ask dmf -- ems. >> they were responding to a call. they got a call 10 minutes before and they went to i believe and very straight and as they were making a turn that got hit with a rock in the front of the truck. >> this truck was at 13th and winger hawkins for the murder occurred and someone put a rock into the windshield of the ambulance. the ambulance. somebody threw a rock at the windshield of the ambulance. do that math. the lieutenant told us you got no idea why. he knows the ambulance needs a new windshield and that's not all. as we walked back toward the scene of the jenkins killing, we found these things, the contents of someone's personal wallets
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>> that's the same dude. >> the picture on the left looks to new. this guy looks young. >> there are insurance cards financial responsibility cards and doctors appointment cards belonging to someone named -- reached after he left a message but i'm going to put them in with a note telling her where i found it and send it to the address on one of the cards. when we got back to the initial scene of the killing we found the smallest memorial just a little candle and one little rose. no arrests in the jenkins murder if you have any information call police. >> how would you describe it? sergio aqr from philly. what is a word that describes the neighborhood? speak i live five minutes from there. the midsection of philly there's
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a whole bunch of transgender people there. drugs, money. >> that area is the first thing you see in the neighborhoods of philadelphia just in one month there have been 50 violent crimes and over 100 nonviolent crimes. it's not a place you want to be. i used to work in a school down there and i was constantly scared. i have never been scared living in north philadelphia or south philly. i was scared every time i went there. >> you have this high number of transgender women of color that are either involved in some kind of nefarious activity in a bad neighborhood you are going to have a high number of problems. robberies and murders. that speaks to the area but there's a lot more to the crime than the fact that she is transgender. irrelevant. i don't think it has anything to do with that.
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stock exchange rci holding origin of them bricks gentlemen's club. they rang the closing bell at the nasdaq for their 20th anniversary of training. i was invited to the after party but first i went to times square and i wasn't alone. mario wants a picture of you guys. $5. rick's gentlemen's club prides themselves on the elegance of beautiful women. last year's trailing 12 month revenues totaled more than $140 million. and they are expanding but i will let victoria tell you herself. >> the hottest clients and we are the hottest girls and we are so much fun. we have really good food. >> the chairman and ceo bring themselves to get at 4:00 but
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they been able to trade on wall street for 20 years? >> industry was different when we started out 20 years ago and we have created a standard on how the business should be run. >> after that it was off to the party. the champagne was popping in the girls were dancing and there was a cake from carlos bakery. the crowd was mostly men although there were a few women and i was the only female reporter there. ricks is noted as one of the top gentlemen's clubs and the girls are all wearing gowns boasted the time. >> if you come to work to make money won't have make money while and a fun and he probably won't make any money. >> it sounds like the money they're making is $300,000 a month. >> when you are listed on nasdaq which has 3000 listed companies with a market cap of
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$8.5 trillion you are doing something right. you are not running a strip club by the airport. >> i read some of the objections and i'm asking. >> i'm certainly not a part of it. 73% of women they polled say they should all be shut down. i personally disagree. i've been to that club and people say they go there for the food. some of the best steak houses are in cabaret clubs. >> every guys excuse to go to a strip club, the burgers are great. >> 1 dollar for one slice of pizza. that happened last night that the pizza party in new york state. >> every dollar that goes to
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>> were there homeless pe >> take a look at this video of a tractor-trailer engulfed in flames on the jersey turnpike yesterday. the thick black smoke could be seen for miles and it took the port authority and fire crews hours to put it out. we know there was a bit of crash that happened after 3:00 p.m. when the truck driver swerved to avoid a mattress and box spring that dislodged from a passing car. in a few yards from the accident scene on my 109 on the northern turnpike and the western area
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guardrail and -- we also note the tanker was carrying 8500 gallons of gasoline from a refinery. >> the driver who lost a mattress that caused the accident has been identified and is not being charged at this time. the truck driver who lost his life has been identified as 40-year-old felipe kumar. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. >> five years ago, the picture the numbers were 50. 50 of new york's largest. >> stop, stop, stop. 1 dollar? >> done with the math. >> 1 dollar for one slice of pizza.
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at the annual pizza party in new york city. >> we are feeding the masses. >> who hosted? an organization called lights out hunger. who runs the event? scot who is a friend of the show. >> every dollar goes to food bank for new york city and they use every dollar to help fund meals for people who can afford them. >> he found a way to turn his favorite food into something that can help others. these people love pizza. >> there's a wood fired oven but it's not too hot. >> it's bubbling a little bit that's not turning it. >> hi. what's up? pizza, pizza. >> i showed up around 5:00, five city blocks. let me walk you through the
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they can do these boxes. you can fold this box or break it up. i got 10 slices for the show. for example this is from the pt a -- pizzeria which is one my favorites. the slices 1 dollar it's incredible. last year they raised 30 granted this ear 40 grand. >> just to throw a little cold water on it they are making this tiny little defended its great for business. it doesn't seem that effective. >> i'm glad you brought that up. the difference here is people find domino's or papa johns they only use independent pizzerias who don't have the money to donate that much. >> what about the homeless? >> that's a good question.
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>> i'd understand why you have to all over it. >> take advantage of people's sensitivities. >> what's wrong with that? >> the pizza is good. >> coming alive on new york city streets. his name is ricky campbell. he played in dance extra. now 37 years later he signing out of graphs even for those who
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>> campbell calls the outing therapy in the fight against parkinson's disease. using his motorized wheelchair he rolls a up the passerby's on parker avenue. asking simple questions. >> it's nice to meet you. >> before long he signing photo after photo writing messages to the whole family. >> he has now signed more than 500 thousand autographs -- 500,000 autographs. so what's the deal? he is planning a 40 year reunion for the cast but first he has to get the attention of one person to make it all happen. oprah of course.
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>> her birthday is january 29 and minus the 28th so we have a connection. >> tell me the u.s. and? tweak the show in tweet me. >> another doctor uses holistic medicine. >> it's not me, and see the
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>> what do you do when you have two best friends and only one of them comes with you on a guy trip to nashville? >> a life-sized cardboard cutout and bring it everywhere you go. the bars and restaurants and it
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made the trip fun. unfortunately he's currently living at the embers ski lodge. go check them out. >> there's another doctor still who is making headlines and helping people but its tv his tv intervention. he uses holistic medicine that i don't believe one bit in. dr. phillips ruby on a visn acupuncturists from it up or west side of manhattan who basically says site key identifies clients it works on it but also helps the client to work it on -- work with on a daily basis. >> gives you the patient that needs to be empowered so the less i intervene as a therapist the greater experience and the happy they are. >> from looking at somebody can figure out what is wrong with them and what's going on with their body and by using pressure points in their body he can alleviate their pain and transform their lives. he asks the potential client be
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open to changing their lives their mindset stress management overall lifestyle. >> the idea is once you understand it it's up to you and consciousness to make the choice that's going to change that or correct that were even want to live with it. it's okay too. >> i decided i had to disprove it and boy was i proven wrong. i couldn't feel it at all. >> when i get out of my own head i can listen to your body. >> i walked out of there feeling great. i feel great a few years later and i would highly recommend it to anybody. i'm super impressed. i would be open to try it.
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>> let me ask you what you let someone stand over your. >> hell, no. it's not for everyone i have to say that. i did meet another client christine who is single and stressed out when she met him and since she has met him she has lost 15 pounds and was recently engaged. so why not?
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is here. geico motorcycle,
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