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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". >> new jersey transit officials saw service could stop in three months. why the trains may not be running. in the bill bratton says this year will be the city's safest year ever. does it seem that way? he says is going to get even better. juliet: in a few minutes we will learn who this year's nobel peace prize winner is. we will look at some who have a chance coming up in a few minutes. i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is friday morning. it has been a long week for you, october 9th. thank you for joining us for "good day early call".
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mike woods is here. >> meteorologist: i am starting to believe she was a little bit -- ben: are you news here? ben: whatever. >> meteorologist: we are ready for it. heading into the weekend, 53 at central park, 61 at newark, 60 and islip. 52 in monticello. temperatures this morning not too bad. a little milder, temperatures of come up in most locations, not all, three degrees cooler in sussex but the only spot that is cool at this point just a degree warmer at montauk, 6 degrees warmer than it was in islip and 9 degrees warmer in bridgeport so we have decent conditions, decent start to the day, partly cloudy sky but you see what is happening to the northwest, a scattered showers and thunderstorms out there too and looks like that will be rolling across the tristate regional
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little later in the day-to-day, basically as the day goes on your shot at showers will be picking up, the warm front is riding by to the north, the cold front of hide it, here's the low pressure driving at all, the bulk of it will be going in to upstate new york, not here in the tristate the week to deal with some scattered showers and storms as we go deeper into the day, temperatureswise it will be mild because we have where southerly and southerly flow in the area, 72 by noon, 76 is your eye, scattered storms pretty risky and looks like that will continue into the evening and then we will be done for a while and we will see dry skies for the upcoming weekend including columbus day, nice and warm and sunny, high of 74. now lets see christina stoffo, she is set for your friday commute. >> early this morning not much going on. let's take an overview of new jersey, garden state parkway
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traveling on 3 or 17 not too bad on 280 of you are traveling and 80 at the new jersey turnpike the briefing is running up to speed and if you are traveling or need to travel on long island if you're traveling on a lot or northern state, state, sunrise highway, meadowbrook everything running of to speed. a live look east bound moving away by a victory boulevard hardly any traffic to talk about, that is good news, the george washington bridge looks a little congested but that is because a couple minutes ago we had construction vehicles blocking the in downside for the upper level, that his been cleared and now we are seeing all the traffic that was funneling through but we are not seeing any delays as a result of anything but construction so that looks better soon, lincoln and holland moving well land alternate sides and affected day. juliet: bill bratton says this year will be the safest overall
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overall crime is down 3% for the year compared to 2014 despite a 9% speights in orders and 5% spike in rapes. bill bratton made the declaration at a swearing-in ceremony for 678 new police recruits. >> historic low crime guaranteed by the end of this year we will have the best crime year in the history of the city. juliet: bill bryan says next year will be even safer. in the the u.s. airmen who stopped terror attack on a french train was stabbed multiple times a fighting california. surveillance video shows the 2 groups of people throwing punches at each other and a bar in sacramento early yesterday morning, basically late wednesday night. police suspensor stone was stabbed three times in the chest. he survived and is recovering in the hospital after two hours of surgery. police a is doubtful the suspect
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>> this incident as a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the nightlife in sacramento. as two months ago the 23-year-old along with two of israeli as heroes for tackling an armed terrorist on a train bound for paris, they were awarded france's highest honor for their actions, the legion of honor. juliet: the nba is looking into the love triangle between derek fisher and his former teammate matt barnes, this brings in the reality television aspect as well. ben: we're hearing for the first time from both sides. where is the third side in this, robert moses is live with the latest. ... triangle had three sides. we haven't heard from the woman at the center of this yet. >> good morning. the knicks always seem to make news for all the wrong reasons, we heard so much about the team's triangle offense, derek
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fisher wishes he could be talking about that. instead he has been besieged with questions about an entirely different kind of triangle, the love triangle that involves his former team mate. >> we were good friends at one point. >> reporter: from the looks of it memphis grizzlies forward matt barnes and derek fisher are not good friends anymore. bonds spoke publicly for the first-time about what reportedly happened in los angeles, barnes said he drove 15 minutes, not 95 miles as previously reported to the home of his estranged wife to check on his kids. fisher was there too, that apparently did not sit well with barnes and reports the tech fisher. >> what happened saturday is a personal matter at this point. obviously being around this
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concern is my kids and their health, happiness and 60. >> reporters were not there to check out the triangle offense or the shooting or the passing. they wanted to hear fisher's side of the story. the coach says he has spoken to the team and management about what happened but wasn't interested in sharing details. >> it was a distraction, we will see how it goes for our team. is unfortunate but it is what it is at this point. >> reporter: you might know january 16th on the calendar, the first time the knicks play the grizzlies this season and that game could be interesting. >> reporter: matt barnes was arrested in 2010 for domestic violence but charges in that case were dropped. police said they do not
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this case. that is the latest from the news room this morning. back upstairs to you. >> lots of pregnant pauses. ben:-he is trying to pass along a message, fans will agree with that. >> reporter: the season hasn't even started and we are already knicks. we will see what happens. new jersey transit, speaking of debacles claims rail service could cease in two month unless the fed act soon, no train service. juliet: i can't imagine this is going to happen. teresa priolo explains. as to do with a deadline for positive train control system. >> reporter: p t e c, but let israel commuters will become accustomed to hearing because a federal deadline is looming this
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positive train control on all the commuter rail networks including amtrak and and a transit. this was mandated by congress seven years ago, intended to monitor and control of rain's speed to prevent collusion and derailment like the amtrak tragedy that claimed eight lives in july in philadelphia but despite the massive influx of federal dollars to install and operate pt see some real networks are still not ready. they blame the fact this is an off-the-shelf technology. now trend is sounding the alarm telling congress if it makes the offer passenger service come january 1st will be seriously impacted. amtrak, freight train and n.j. transit sometimes run on the same line. amtrak might be ready to go with pete easy on the northeast corner, nj transit isn't. they are working on four vehicles a week, they should be ready to go by the end of next
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the bell companies are asking congress for three installment delay plus two years to make the system fully operational and while local rail companies are threatening to shut down the government is threatening hefty fines for those companies and employees who operate trains without pc after dec. 31st 2015. juliet: i like the way this is written. it is nobel peace prize day. that means we will find out very soon who will be taking home the prestigious award. german chancellor angela merkel and pope francis are among the favorites this year, angela merkel pledged to keep her borders open to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing syria and other countries. ben: but there's the greek crisis. my money would be on the pope not the time a betting person. >> the most obvious seems to be
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the pope championing the poor. a pakistani teenager, mullah's were campaigning for education for girls and indian children. still ahead on "good day early call," this is an umbrella today. ben: i didn't because i think it will be later in the day. juliet: mother nature might have some surprises for us to. the first time you ever said that. ben: a mass invasion taking over of this become a we will get
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>> meteorologist: welcome that, let's get you going out the door on this friday morning, high temperatures from yesterday not bad, we made it to 72 in new york, 70 in newark, 68 in bridgeport, 67 with your high in montauk and islip, temperatures were above normal. average height is 67 degrees, we are 5 degrees warmer than normal and another mild stock, this day is going to be warmer in yesterday.
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63 degrees central park at this point winds from the south southwest at 8 miles an hour, and it also brings, other temperatures in the region, 60 in philadelphia, 63 in d.c. mainly clear skies right now all. we will see more clouds building back in and showers and storms are to the northwest. what they will be scooting through here enough. this frontal boundary will be coming in and we will be lackluster when it comes to the moisture with this front as it passes by but there should be enough for everyone to get in on that rain action for a while. some get more to the northwest. the future cast is saying here
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like the peak of it, 6:00 to 8:00 coming through, it clears out quickly. dinnertime could be messy, make sure you have wet weather gear at that time. it does clear out nicely as we head into saturday and the weekend. high temperatures 76 with showers, and next showers tuesday or so. weather apps has daily and hourly forecasts. you might want it. let's bring in the weather info. duke: a couple things are popping up like this issue if you're traveling on long island, temporarily closed down because of this accident and it is right by the parkways and we will keep you up-to-date on that so early
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this morning people are avoiding it, if you are planning on going to work, take sunrise highway definitely avoid that area. we have not much going on on the staten island expressway, everything is moving okay. let's take a live look at route 80, exit 42, and our next shot will be bought van whig expressway, in the queue gardens interchange, very tight here, flashing lights construction vehicles, wrapping up any minute, we will keep you up-to-date with this construction, back to you. >> brooklyn woman and friends dimming the city for the right to give police officers beating her. channing krieger, bond but he train.
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in the train car without any provocation they slipped them the bird. according to their lawsuit the officers that handcuffed them took them to the 110th freezing tent get that cell overnight charging them with this order the conduct. the officers said they were insulting, charged with disorderly conduct. those charges were later dropped. juliet: let's talk about people is spend time in court rooms. curtis sliwa, are you going to a courtroom today? >> my beloved yankees lost. i am still sitting shivah and gq boy and mike woods, it is the same suit and was wearing wednesday. that is unique to know. where they friends with favors
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towards one another. that is not there when we are talking about. bird at 50. ben: what is the story? their relationship with each other? >> we are -- ben: you got a concrete facial or two. should you have a right to give cops the finger? >> are you out of your mind? you have two cops in the same car and all of a sudden and provoked these two yahoo!s, and the nypd, put their tail between their legs and walk out, they will get no respect from any homeboys, home girls or anyone in the city of new york, we will allow that to continue. they didn't get a wooden shampoo, and therefore meet the
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closet taken to central booking, and and sleet and kool-aid. juliet: really annoys me. there are so many, you got the bad apples out there but so many police officers are good people who work so hard putting their lives on the line, doing anything else for the city. >> if we allow that kind of disrespect you lose control of the city and not only that, it is at taxpayers who settled this case because corporate accounts for the city has no onions, they won't find this case, nodding your mayor -- bill deblasio. ben: but thought about the knicks love for a. getting involved in what we call the triangle offense sometimes. ben: you have a lot of experience with triangle relationship. let's say you run into one of
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your ex's new partners, what do you do? that is the case with eric fisher and bad lines. >> classic mistake. at the new york knicks, did you find a way out the out door, the back window? juliet: they are not buddies any more. >> it doesn't matter. this guy thinks he is his home slice so he's coming, has revenge on his mind, feet don't fail me now, grab your clothes and go out the back door. it happened half a dozen times. i am a lot tougher, what is derek's name? juliet: don't you know his marital history? >> phil jackson. triangle offense. ben: let's talk about comicon. juliet: at 5:00 and the morning. are you a comicon tie? star trek, star wars kind of guy? >> you think i am freaky? juliet: yes.
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meaningless that i got to dress up as a star trek/star wars character, go to the jacob javits center and fight with laser swords all day. juliet: this is more significant is the people and halloween. >> i am a sick feeling in that guy who dresses up in a costume every day of the week. juliet: so what are you, you got -- >> i suggest since i am not -- i am a stand up guy. that you are forced to wear the red jacket on hollywood day. ben: i would do again. juliet: i know exactly, a perfect -- >> and on your suit. ben: you did go to the guardian angels jacket until after the
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fact you will or doing something, he wasn't supposed to bring a jacket. it was fred fleet, our producer. >> like christie's fleas, it did not say governor chris christie. juliet: always a pleasure to see you. >> the ride back on the broom to the airport.
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juliet: i will be fighting with my brother who is a huge dodgers fan. that is the big night. waiting for this for nine years, their first postseason game since 2006. ben: game the one against the los angeles dodgers east coast west coast, new york l.a. game 1 in l.a. set for 9:45 tonight, jaded gets the ball, clayton care shock, dodgers. juliet: they 1 of the a l division series between the royals, kansas city and houston
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at the top of the third. got completely covered up by the tarp. they don't even stop rolling. he is clearly in massive pain. a lot of the jokes on social media but obviously the guy was in pain, no serious injuries, astros in the fifth inning, george springer takes game 1, game 2 is the final. >> theater series game 1 between the texas rangers and toronto blue jays, bottom of the fourth rangers of 4-0, jose batista at, and takes it to the head, he will leave the game. and a missile over the right-field wall, 5-3 the final. juliet: we're few minutes from the top of the hour.
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