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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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teresa: we will have to do were some showers and storms this afternoon. look, the rest of the weekend is going to be nice. brighter, happier. my courts have the complete forecast. ben: 2015 nobel peace prize has been awarded. that is the stitches came.
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could be forced to halt training service to us. ben: a woman who escaped police custody is back in custody this morning. facing several new charges. juliet: in police custody. life could have been okay. good morning, everybody. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: october 9. juliet: you are feeling really sassy today. mike: i like your shoes. juliet: these guys talk more
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women in the studio do. mike: one and a half. >> making all the women mad. you are right. [laughter] 54 degrees. sixty-one in islip. things are actually okay for starters this morning. lined up just to the north and west of us. there is even some lightning in the mix. a chance of thunderstorms rolling through town. it looks like they will be in and out fairly quickly. we are still going to get hit by the scattered showers and storms here. do not worry about it for the morning commute. all right. there is the cold front sliding
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into town. the main line comes through right around six-8:00 o'clock. it does not stick around for too long. cooler, drier air comes back to us. it will still be preceded tomorrow. more sunshine out there, too. today is kind of a throwback. a little messy for us. it does get better for the weekend. your rain chances, they pick up as we go throughout the day here at 6:00 o'clock, you have an 80% chance. the good news is it is in and out very quickly. seventy on sunday.
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christina stoffo is in for our ines rosales. ines: we have a couple of things going on around town. we have this incident here. we will definitely see some added delay's. things really are not looking too terrible. sunrise highway. not looking terrible. the westbound side was closed down. it has been reopened. delays lingering around that area. traffic is cut off. traffic hardly moving here. right now 58th street. now we're going to go outside to
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the tappan zee bridge. looking okay. rockland county a little bit better. the northbound freeway, we do have a stalled vehicle taking out one lane. your crossings, all moving into town are okay. ben: thank you. the 2015 novo peace prize has been awarded to a quartet in tunisia peered. juliet: here is the tweet. the award is for the quartet. the wake of the revolutions of 2011. ben: made up of four key organizations.
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a whole. >> instrumental in enabling tunisia. establishing a constitutional system of government. ben: indian children rights activist. ben: new jersey transit officials say they do not expect to meet a deadline. juliet: rail service could be -- teresa has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. absolutely a huge story for anyone that relies on new jersey
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they are saying this morning they simply cannot meet this deadline despite the fact that they have had ample notice. the one piece of technology that everyone agrees would save lives. ptc. the three letters real customers will be used to hearing the next couple of months. amtrak and mj transit. mandated seven years ago. intended to monitor and control a train speed. that amtrak tragedy claimed eight lives in philadelphia.
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despite the massive federal dollars, some real networks still are not ready. this is off-the-shelf tech knowledge he. alarm. passenger service, january 1 will be seriously impacted. sometimes they run on the same line. while amtrak may be ready to go, and mj transit is not. they are working on for vehicles a week. they should be ready to go by the end of next year. another two years to make the system fully operational. the government is threatening hefty fines.
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part of the holdup mj transit claims, other government agencies getting in the way preventing them to be able to put this process into place. this government has been saying for 40 years that ptc is the way to go and that it is needed. that is a long time. ben: it is indeed did thank you very much. a woman who escaped custody is now facing a slew of more charges. >> she was taken to a medical center in smithtown. around 6:00 p.m. yesterday, police say she jumped into a
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she crashed into another car. we really have not elaborated too much. this also involved barnes estranged wife. robert moses is following the triangle. therefore good morning to you. charges in the case were dropped. he is known as aggressive and a volatile player. now, all the attention is on what he allegedly did to his former teammate off the court. >> are you good friends now?
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barnes spoke publicly for the first time about what reportedly happened saturday evening in los angeles. driving to the home of his estranged wife. checking on his kids. fisher was there, too. that, apparently did not sit well with barnes. reports say that he attacked fisher. >> obviously, being around this >> they were not there to check out the triangle offense or the shooting or the passing. they wanted to hear fisher's side of the story.
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details. >> it is unfortunate. it is what it is at this point. ben: january 16. the first time the knicks played the grizzlies this season. that could be interesting. ben: police say that they have case. doing a full investigation into what happened. away. back to you. ben: let's hope that their record does not reflect these kinds of incidents. juliet: we have a lot more coming up. ben: mike is tracking the forecast for the weekend coming up.
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mike: the rain will not be here until later this afternoon. temperatures will be warm. fox5 weather app as a live interactive radar on it. all the way down to the street level. downloaded. it is free.
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ben: check this out. nasa has released some pretty new pictures of pluto. these pictures were taken back in july. pluto apparently has a blue sky. caused by tiny particles in the atmosphere. scientists say there could be an ocean beneath pluto's surface warm enough for organisms. juliet: clear evidence that mars was able to store water in massive lakes over time.
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>> great lakes we are talking about. the new data goes hand-in-hand with earlier theories. a premise that could have had as much water as ours. a water team found evidence of water. mike was juicier. a not so nice encounter with an apple. mike: can find to eat it? i am treating it. juliet: portable. mike: mike woods fox5. anyways.
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for you for the holiday weekend. sunshine throughout. the warmest day will be columbus day. let's show you what we have out there. cloud cover comes with that. now 63 in central park. sixty-one belmar. getting kind of a mixed sky there. showers and storms out there to the northwest. they will be coming to us a little bit later on in the afternoon and evening. warm front is are the sliding by to the north. behind the cold front is where the cold air is. that will work its way through as we go through the day. your biggest brain chance will be around 4:00 o'clock in the
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warm and breezy out there today. high temperature gets up to about 76 in the city. showers will come to a close tomorrow you will see sunny skies with a high of 65 degrees. on tuesday, and other quick hit of showers comes on by. let's get to christina stoffo. christina: unfortunately, i do not have an icon for a man running from police. northbound, this person apparently was arrested on the side of the road. watch out for some minor delays
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right now the laser stretching back to the l.i.e. cross bronx is bumper-to-bumper. two lanes are blocked off. allow yourself a lot of extra time if you are traveling here. traffic moving away from me. as you can see, things are a little bit crowded. we also have the george washington bridge. through the toll plaza, everything is fine. the lincoln and holland are also looking okay. switching problems at 80th street. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben: the u.s. and men.
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a fight in california. police say he was stabbed as many as three times in this chest. he survived. it is doubtful they knew who he was. >> one of those folks apparently bringing a knife to the fight. they were awarded the highest honor for their actions.
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man. grabbed him from behind and threw them him to the ground and stole his wallet and cell phone. he was carrying $1100 in cash. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. 1-800-577-tips. juliet: let's go to kevin mccarthy. withdrawing his candidacy for speaker of the house. the shocking announcement came just before the vote to nominate him. this move was for the good of the team. republicans will meet today to decide what to do next. there is some talk about paul ryan.
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the debris pile ground zero has the 20 year study was the largest ever focusing on cancer rates in law enforcement. 81% serve background zero at some point. 56% had thinned kidnapped the site within 24 hours of the attack. one of the characters featured. users are instructed to place a metal shackle around his neck. they released a statement. the pirates who was a former slave. did not mean to offend anybody.
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ben: top stories when we come
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juliet: it looks dark outside. tomorrow will be nice. >> great football watching weekend. also, baseball. anyway, mike has your full forecast. ben: eight deadline to install a
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deadline not being extended. the state could be forced. juliet: opera and predicts that 2015 will be the safest year in new york city history. crime is down about 3%. ben: the first one in nine years. clayton kershaw and the dodgers. thank you for joining us. a very good start outside. only have partly cloudy skies in the area. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
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cloud starting to thicken up. there is plenty out there. sun coming through pennsylvania. we have mild temperatures out this morning. we will see warmer temperatures. mid- late afternoon. up until then, pretty good shape. high temperature gets up to about 76. getting ready for the showers and storms. high of 65 on saturday. let's bring in christina stoffo. she is in for i noticed today. >> it has been a busy morning. let's just go right to it. we are looking at some trouble
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both places were running on delays. the freeway we are looking at some congestion. of course we have the apple lisa to video. delays as you are traveling into all of these areas. let's go outside to the garden state are quite. here is a live shot. everything is okay for you here. the fdr drive. traveling in either direction. we are still seeing this minor delay. alternate side is in effect today.
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the end of the year. ben: meeting the federal government's deadline. let's get to teresa priolo. she has more from rutherford, new jersey. >> reporter: good morning. follow. if you are not in compliance, you cannot run. one of them happens to be positive train control. if it does not have to, they will have to shut down. would you talk to commuters here, they say that there has to be a better way. >> there has to be a better way. >> reporter: ptcs.
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this new year's eve that would require ptcs on all commuter rail networks. the safety technology mandated by congress seven years ago. the amtrak tragedy claimed eight lives back in july. despite the massive influx of federal dollars to install and operate, some still are not ready. mj transit is sounding the alarm. telling congress that if an extension is not offered, passenger service will be seriously impact did. sometimes they run on the same line.
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amtrak may be ready to go, mj transit is not. they are working on for vehicles a week. they should be ready to go by the end of next year. the government is threatening hefty fines for those companies and employees who operate trains without ptcs. as far as transit is concerned, they will meet other entities. caught in the middle, of course, is the computer who relies on this. the ntsb has been saying that this technology has been needed. it is not like it was sprung on anybody. that is the latest.
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ben: 6:37 a.m. mistakingly arrested. trying to negotiate a settlement . juliet: it could move into a trial. he used excessive force during the mistaken arrest. he has been misidentified in a fraud investigation. this year will end up being the safest for overall crime in city history. down about 3% for the year. that is despite a 9% spike in murders and more than 5% spike in rates. the declaration was made at a swearing in ceremony. >> historic, low crime.
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in the history of the city. argument. the four police officers on the street, next year, will be even safer. ben: fox means business. juliet: adam schapiro is here. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. if you have netflix, you are okay for one more year. different plants that you can choose on netflix. $8.99 a month to $9.99 a month. you did not get the price increase for another year. anyone signing up, that is a different story. it will cost you $9.99.
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you can cancel it anytime. you still get the first month yesterday when they announced the increase in the price, the stock soared. juliet: i love netflix. television. a big impact on the industry. juliet: good to see you, adam. you can catch him on fox business. ben: if you are unsure where to find fox business in your area, simply log into fox juliet: and channel finder. ben: that increase will show up on bills next month. the increase is part of an
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i can remember when my whole cell phone bill was like $37 a month. the call quality was amazing. ben: she wants her clamshell phone back. mike: in rose gold. >> it is here. ben: she has not set it up yet. check back with her in february. mike: a quick preview on what is happening with the holiday weekend. sunny skies all the way through this holiday weekend. a little nicer for you on
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sunday. columbus day itself, perfect for the parade. let's bring in christina. see what is going on. nice and dry out there this morning. christina: it might be a little messy later. we do have a lot of incidents to talk about. exit 55. it crash taking out one lane. multiple lanes are blocked off. new england freeway, north and south on. both are taking out at least one alternate side of street parking rules are in effect today. coming up. ben: we do. sports is coming up.
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juliet: anna is coming up. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health slash take control. juliet: we have breaking news this morning. a deadly shooting on the campus
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the campus may have been fairly at this. the shooter is in custody right now. one person died. three others injured. ben: the 2015 nobel peace prize. the committee says that they want for the contribution to the first and most successful movement. juliet: mayor deblasio begins a three-day trip to israel today. his topic will be anti--- months of speculation. the ceo of one of the city's biggest charter school will not be running for mayor. ben: a former city council member.
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she would rather focus on educating the students then run for office. that is not sitting well. >> nothing but a stalking horse. >> there is work to do. i will continue to do that work. >> she has not ruled out a run for mayor. perhaps 2021. >> not exactly a lighthearted move. juliet: april clint woman and her friend are suing the city for the right to give police officers, get this, the finger.
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in the train car flipped him the bird. the officers handcuffed them and took them to the precinct, both them and kept them in jail overnight. the charges were later dropped. ben: the first postseason game. game one of the national league division series out at l.a. against the dodgers. east coast. west coast. new york. l.a. clayton kershaw. rain. the poor crew guy just got
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ben: talking hundreds. juliet: he is okay. he looks like he is in pain. he's okay. he's okay. moving on to the actual game itself. a solo blast to write. five-two is the final. ben: game one between the two texas rangers and toronto blue jays. watch as josh donaldson slides into second base and takes a knee to the head. he ends up leaving the game. a missile over the right-field wall. texas wins game one. five-three the final.
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will return. cruz says he will be ready. he is meeting with doctors this week. ben: a big night for new york hockey. islanders. they will play chicago. leaving the empire state building. spending the last 43 years at nassau coliseum. a lot of -- it has to be off-center. much bigger than a basketball court. juliet: i love the barclays
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center. it is great. juliet: brooklyn afterwards. >> a shut up before she went off to work. have a great birthday, olivia. happy birthday to you. sixty-one in new work. sixty-four in poughkeepsie. showers and storms in upstate new york. time. it will come or so from the west. showers will start up. not until a little bit later on. it is a fairly quick hit of rainfall.
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if you are going off to a show or something later on this evening, it could be a little wet for you. high temperature goes up to 76 for you today. it will be sunny and breezy. nice and sunny all the way through this holiday weekend. the warmest day is columbus day itself. the fox5 and live weather app has an interactive radar. download it for free at your apple itunes hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look downtown. an accident right by exit 55. we're looking at some trouble here headed in the northbound direction. taking out at least one lane. you will see some smoky conditions. roadwork on the cross bronx. really really tied up here.
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north by north avenue. we are looking at accidents in both those areas. more troll on the freeway. we have an accident. a lot of congestion. let's go outside quickly. the gwb. twenty minutes for all of your approaches. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben: thank you, christina. the most wonderful time of the year for sci-fi and superhero fans. juliet: such a fun event. draws tens of thousands of people each year. anna gilligan is live with a look at what is going on.
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, kahn. this is the back for that will be filled up with pop culture fans later this morning. one of the few times you can. they really are celebrated for it. if you have a pass, it will get you into the ballroom. some big stars are also showing up. on sunday, you can meet then the kennedy.
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your favorite stars. inside information on your favorite shows. on the game of the road. most, no, i promise he is dead. all kind of window reveals. we will be here all morning. in the next hour, we will get you some behind-the-scenes
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