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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is good the new york. greg: is october 9th. of friday. i am doing well. rosanna: me too. what and then we have, it is beautiful, thanks for joining us, partly sunny and warm out there. can you feel it? mike is saying that santa storms later day. mike has the weekend forecast not looking so bad. greg: look at this. rosanna: a woman out of custody in long island, used an ambulance to make her get away but she did not get far. greg: transit officials warned they could be forced to halt train service at the end of year, if a critical deadline is not extended.
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they will figure it out. rosanna: derek fisher and matt barnes talking about their dustup over the weekend, barnes was up said fisher was seeing his estranged wife. i think hands and reused and we have more details about the son coming in, mr. barnes's son coming in and breaking up the fight. greg: there is the third. the playoffs, the mets are finished and they will be in los angeles, they are very right now facing off with the dodgers. okay, what is going on? rosanna: a big dinner i was involved with. lime disease awareness. gigi is the blonde, that is their mom, that is their son. the daughter, they were all
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there. to support lime awareness. it was an amazing -- me? rosanna: she didn't but what a nice young lady she is. she made a beautiful speech about her mom, started crying how difficult it was to see her mom been written for a few d written for a few years with lyme disease. jonas was there. greg: what is the claim to fame? rosanna: windier endy also has lime disease. i thought i should get tested, i get a little paranoid.
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it doesn't end bqe you finish the antibiotic course of treatment. greg: meantime we could stay out of the woods. rosanna: you will hear more from people coming that. you don't like that? i invite you to be part of it. you had plans. the paparrazzi went crazy. they ice supermodels. she is a singer, very famous. they have lyme disease, their sisters, that is there mom who is of real housewife of beverly hills, the brother have lyme disease too. his daughter has lime disease.
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greg: you can live with lyme disease. rosanna: you and live with it but it is debilitating. greg: it is fancy when you wear that off the shoulder and less. rosanna: issue was fancy. greg: how was the food? rosanna: i didn't get a chance to eat. i was working coin. greg: lambs on the joel, that was a serious event. rosanna: larry scott designs did all the decorations. he is going to be here for the halloween special, fantastic. greg: looks like a great night. we just found out a lot. rosanna: you will hear from these people coming up in their own words. rosanna: what did you do? >> meteorologist: not a lot of anything. i went to bed bath and beyond.
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rosanna: i will check what i do tonight. may be the bad part. >> meteorologist: looking forward to hearing some more because it concerns me. rosanna: it is very difficult to diagnose. >> meteorologist: getting out the door, looks ok, clouds gathering in the tristate region. however showers are still long, they hold up until later, temperatures 63 degrees, central park, 49 in sussex, 52 in monticello, the rain not here yet but will be years in, temperatures warmer in all locations, 16 degree jumped in poughkeepsie, quite a bit warmer, generally speaking it will be warmer but only by a little bit as we head into the afternoon because clouds gathering. so far the heaviest rain has been in upstate new york aging
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of the tristate region, not quite here yet and we don't expected to be in the metro area until this afternoon some clouds will start to build in an showers and storms start breaking up as the cold front biggest risk time for showers and storms as we head for the evening rush. your is your forecast the next seven days, 76 today, clear and try to mug, breezy and cool with a high of 65 and a gradual warm-up for the rest of the holiday weekend. let's bring in christina stoffo in for ines, great to see you. christina: good morning, thanks for attuning in with us. a couple things going on in new jersey, 78 express lanes at 65, an accident here, one lane blocked off and we had a crash involving a vehicle fire on the turnpike eastern spur at 15 at the toll plaza so the fire is taking care of but the wreckage is out there. look out for the maze and then we are dealing with the cross bronx, construction blocking two
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are seeing a couple accidents on the new england thruway, those accidents either pushed to the shoulder, the final stages of being cleared away so we will keep you up-to-date and very slow on the south bound thruway on your projected 12, once you passed that you'll see traffic and did the speed limit all t the way over the tappan zee bridge. let's go outside and i will bring you to the lie, west bound to willis avenue, at is crowded and moving, the new jersey turnpike let me bring you to 13 a where things are moving well in this spot, car and truck lanes not looking bad and along the bottom of the screen, running up to speed, meadowlands parkway, the age range north with delays because of switching problem still at 80th street so watch for further notice and alternate site in effect. greg: we had another university shooting at northern arizona university in flagstaff, arizona. greg:
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rosanna: the shooter easing custody and the campus has been tweeting all morning about it. we are hearing there are four confirmed victims, one fatality, three people wounded and as we mentioned the shooter is in custody. the situation has stabilized. greg: we got to go local land california. and nba and the situation with head coach of the new york knicks is enough you'd. rosanna: the head coach eric fisher and his former teammate both on the l.a. lakers together. as you know derek fisher is the next coach, the two of the involved in a love triangle involving bonds's extremist wife who happens to be one of those real basketball housewives or something like that. >> reporter: we are hearing from
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and eric fisher spoken cliches. it is what it is and it is a personal matter and we have to let the process play out. so much has been made of the knicks triangle offense, derek fisher wishes he was talking about that right now legion study is being bombarded with questions about a triangle of a different sort, a love triangle with his old team mate. >> we were friends, we were good friends at one point. >> even now? >> reporter: from the looks of it matt bonds, and derek fisher, and not good friends anymore. barnes spoke publicly for the first-time about what reportedly happened saturday evening in los angeles. he drove 15 minutes to the home of his estranged wife, reality tv star gloria to check on his kids. fischer who is dating was there too, that did not sit well with barnes and reports say he attacked fisher.
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personal matter at this point, obviously being around a league my first concern is my kid, happiness and safety. >> a crush of reporters showed up and they were not there to check out the triangle offense or the shooting or the passing. they wanted to hear fisher's side of the story. the coach said he had spoken to the team about management and was not interested in sharing details. >> distraction, we will see how it goes for our team. it is unfortunate, but it is what it is at this point. >> reporter: january 16th on your calendar the first time the knicks played the grizzlies this season and that game could be interesting.
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>> police have no plans to file charges, investigating what happened. one of matt barnes's kids stepped in to break this up. rosanna: the kid was skypeing with the father and that is when he got engaged with it. >> police arrest a woman after she escaped custody at a hospital in long island, she stole and ambulance. greg: she is 24 years old, molina at sylvie was taken on several charges in she had to be brought to st. catherine of siena medical center for medical condition. rosanna: at 6:00 yesterday she slipped out of restraints, jumped into a running ambulance outside, police rafter her, she crashed into another car on the meadow parkway, the other driver was not hurt, she was rearrested
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and she now faces new charges. police arrested a man they say groped and sexually harassed several boys in the bronx over the summer. >> they believe he is the guy in the videotape, he is charged with sexual abuse. >> during their investigation police and another boy, 13 years old gold from he sent him an explicit photo of himself and later called him offering him money for sex and in another incident mr. blakedan is accused of exposing himself in somehalls park. greg: we told you about a case in connecticut, an adult woman lord a teenage girl into her car and tried to sexually abuse her. this is video of the teen drubbing from the car. new information. >> they have seen the car, pounded the car, they have a funny feeling to the woman is,
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they haven't tracked her down yet but supposedly know who she is, the girl says she was walking to school when a woman board her into her car and assaulted her. there is troubling news concerning the health of nypd officers that work the ground zero after the september 11th attack. greg: they have 50% more likely to come down with cancer. rosanna: kerry drew is in lower manhattan with more on this study. it is not surprisingly, it makes perfect sense. >> this was a 20 year study, researchers compared cancer rates for nypd officers who worked at 9/11 for cancer rates with nypd officers, findings of the study were distributed internally but the new york post obtained a copy so we know what the research found. the cancer rate for cops to work
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that ground zero after 9/11 was 50% higher than it was for cops before the terror attacks. researchers looked at the medical records of 40,000 police officers who were on the job on 9/11 and tracked their cancer rates through 2014 listened thing else they found, 50% of the cops with cancer diagnoses were at ground zero within 24 hours of the attack, that is when the toxic debris was the most intense. we will update you on the funding situation for first responders who are sick, last month the big rally was held in d.c. it is lobbying congress, and the program monitors thousands of people for problems related to ground zero. the act expired last week on october 1st, congress failed to extend, a patients can get their health care for more, but by next summer it will start
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to update you on the statistics, 33,000 first responders suffered from some kind of 9/11 related injury or illness, they're suffering from cancer. rosanna: the suspense is over. the nobel peace prize is awarded to the national dialogue quartets. the announcement happened an hour ago, the sweet scent out, the nobel committee says the court says it was a building, and tunisia in the revolution of 2011. >> it was instrumental in
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of a few years to establish a constitutional system of government. rosanna: last year one of the winners was a pakistani teenager, malala and campaigned for education for young girls. russ: this ceremony is in december and what else? more than a million dollars each. it is quite a pageant. what did alfred nobel do? what was his claim to fame? he invented dynamite. go together. greg: he was not a bombmaker. there is this a little trust. rosanna: we are learning that from all over the world.
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we are learning more things. >> meteorologist: we educate on "good day new york". good morning, everyone. we can give you an idea what is going on with the weather from the camera shots out there. we have a gray sky in the area, 63 central park, same in islip and montauk, 49 in sussex, 52 in monticello, no showers yet but on sky guardian 3d quite a few showers and storms to the northwest and i believe we will have the few thunderstorms rolling through the tristate but not until later this afternoon especially in the metro area. the low pressure will swing through here, the warm front passing to the north but the cold front has to come through and we will see showers and storms. breaking it down looks like we're pretty good until lunch temperatures 72 mid day, high temperatures 76, storm risk goes up from 3:00 until 7:00 or 8:00 where we will see most showers and storms crossing through. they won't be here long.
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clear skies, it will be breezy, 74 by columbus day, another chance of showers coming through, say hello to a familiar face, samantha, happy birthday, a huge fan checking this out and onlooking good. everyone at fox 5 love you. let's bring in christina stoffo and see what is going on as we hit roads and rails. christina: a couple things going on with incidents. a crash blocking one lane and traveling into the area of exit 12 seems to be very congested with the crash on the shoulder but as easy as you pass the accident scene, well under the speed limit, definitely be prepared with extra time here. a story of a lot blocks one lane causing bumper to bumper delays, actually go outside and bring you to the staten island
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here's a live look at victory boulevard, not looking, and the grand central, want to show you a live look of delays at the accident scene, here's a shot by the airport and we're seeing westbound traffic at this time. we will see volume over the gwb, it will take 40 minutes, 20 to 30 minutes inbound at the lincoln and holland tunnel, we're seeing northbound a train's switching problems at 80th street, watch for that until further notice, alternate sides in effect today. greg: let's look outside. if we seem distracted is because we are anxious to get to comicdon. >> are we addressing up or going as ourselves? >> what do we using?
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start that's never bitter. you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. rosanna: so you actually school me on this song because i thought it was about being in love. i am so naive some times.
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have been a little bit higher than a kite. rosanna: i didn't realize that. i thought he was so much in love he couldn't feel his face. i didn't realize there were other substances contributing. greg: you ever read the lyrics? i like the song, the beat, never deconstructs the words but some say a combination in love and the influence. rosanna: the weekend is the weekend. rosanna: greg: remembering military service members and friends who are heroes, they stopped that terrorists from gunning down a train outside of paris. one of them was just stabbed in california. one of the hero's. rosanna: two groups of people throwing punches yesterday morning. police say aaron first-class spencer stone was stabbed three times in the chest. he survived and is recovering in the hospital after two hours of
7:23 am
police say it is doubtful the suspects knew who the airman was. >> this incident is the very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. rosanna: two month ago the airman was with two other friends and they were being called heros for telling an armed terrorist on a train bound for paris. greg: a real hero along with his friends. release are in that happened to him. rosanna: after months of speculation the ceo of one of the city's biggest charter schools says she will not be running for mayor. dave: 1 time candidate for manhattan borough president and a lot of people were urging her and she was interested in being mayor but she is not going to do it.
7:24 am
academy, great charter schools around town. >> what we learned today is speculation that she fuelled herself about running for mayor was nothing but a stalking course. >> people can shout but there is work to do on behalf of children and i will do that work with my heart and soul. greg: she stood up to the announcement she wasn't running it. rosanna: the time is not right. imagine the head of the u.s. team working together after all but contentious years dealing with charter schools and regular public schools. the election is two years. greg: rosanna: she is thinking about 2020 one. bill deblasio is going to
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israel, this is what mayors do. a visit israel and making a three day trip. rosanna: he will give the keynote speech at the annual conference of mayors, the topic will be anti-semitism in the west, a trip to israel has been a tradition for new york mayors, new york has more jewish people than any other city outside tel aviv. air fare and hotels for the trip will be paid for by investment banker at bar ruth gross, a friend of the mayor. this is on the up and up, they need to approve it. and the nypd security detail. greg: a trip in new zealand comes coming down. greg: rosanna: this collapsed under tourists in museum, they got the old thing on camera. look at this. greg: that bridge wasn't exactly the verrazzano. it is one of those rickety -- rosanna: they didn't realize it
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was going to break as they went over budget happened in september, they managed to survive, minor injuries, the bridge flipped to one side when a suspension cables snapped.
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greg: couple things the light of us, donna summer in this weekend's, i demand you go see the martian with matt damon. this song is actually in the movie, he is cruising around mars listening to this. i have to tell you. rosanna: i cruise around this song too in the midday. greg: i can see with the windows, trans am. rosanna: i would drive my parents's green cadillac. it was the boat, 12 people, six
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how many people in the front seat? greg: vanity plates. hot stuff. rosanna: might have been. not going to say anything. so nice to have you with us this friday. greg: what else is going on? rosanna: it is the weekend, mike has not whether check. greg: rosanna and that green caddy. >> meteorologist: what type of green was it? rosanna: we have a little bit of class. >> meteorologist: you said little. wrong. >> meteorologist: i had a honda civic wagon. that is where i went.
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i had for breakfast? mcintosh? greg: show everybody. rosanna: where did you get that? >> meteorologist: i have a bill -- greg: people don't like pesticides how do you like worms in your apple? rosanna: is the organic? >> meteorologist: i don't think so. i really don't know yet. i am afraid to dig in. it is pretty bad. something may come out in any minute. greg: just a few maggots', don't worry about it. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on. something to wake up to. here it is what we have, we need more water out there and here is what we have as it stands now. so far for the month of october
7:31 am
inch and a half of rain, we still need rainfall, still getting some today so we should be happy about that. it won't be around long soak won't be taking us out of this moderate drop, high for the time being, showers in upstate new york and to the west of as they will be sliding through here bringing us more of that rain as we get deeper into the day, 63 and center bart, same thing in islip and montauk, and newark and belmar, clouds gathering, showers will move into the tristate region most likely between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.. that is what future cast and. you might get line of storms putting down heavy rain and strong wind and damage around town, let's wait and see, hopefully nose of the weather but there's a chance. clear skies tomorrow, things look good after if that, 76 in the city and for the next seven days clear and dry, 65 tomorrow,
7:32 am
74 by monday. let's bring in christina stoffo looking good here this morning. uva good. greg: far the commute, good morning. we are dealing with some troubled if you're traveling on the grand central, west down of a story of boulevard. one lane is blocked off. linden boulevard, getting word of an accident that is jammed into that spot, an area you want to allow yourself extra time. northern state parkway exit 35, crash on the side, and packing the flow of traffic, in the immediate area gets to become eastbound why we as seeing a ton of traffic, you can see all this, the flow of traffic averaging 10 miles an hour moving into the accident area and west down side jerry heavy with rubbernecking delays, you want to be prepared to hit the brakes, let's go outside, take you to the oneness area, it is jammed up as you make your way into the city, thing that
7:33 am
definitely much slower unusual, always crowded but things seem to be jammed up here right now. as for the lie we are seeing another crowded spot in those directions. it is la moving typical volume, the lie in that area of grand central parkway. allow yourself extra time, slow-moving cars, no incidents in this area, alternate side the today. greg: n.j. transit, clear rail december? theoretically possible. rosanna: there's a deadline, positive train control system, they need to get it fixed before they have to close things down. greg: this will save lives in the long run but a lack of positive train control led to several mishaps. we 27 teresa priolo is in new jersey this morning. what do you know? >> reporter: it is a confusing issue. people are asking what does
7:34 am
positive train control have to do with my commute? the railroad is federal, they have to abide by certain guidelines the federal government without. if you don't, you're not in compliance and can run. one of those guidelines is positive train control. this is a system everybody agrees would save lives and yet we can't get it installed. >> there has got to be another way. can't just tell people to find a new way to work, take 15 or 20 years. >> reporter: pt see, the three letters real to me this will get used to because federal deadline is looming this new year's eve that would require positive train control on all commuter rail networks including amtrak and n.j. transit. this a technology as mandated by congress seven years ago intended to monitor and control of rain's speed to prevent collusion and derailment like the amtrak tragedy the acclaimed eight lives in july in
7:35 am
philadelphia or the metro-north derailment in the bronx back in december of 2013 that killed four but despite the massive influx of federal dollars to install and operate some rail network still are not ready. they blame the fact of the this is an off-the-shelf technology. nj transit is sounding the alarm telling congress if an extension isn't offered passenger service come january 1st will be seriously impacted. you see, in our area amtrak freight trains and n.j. transit sometimes run on the same line and amtrak might be ready to go on the northeast corridor, n.j. transit isn't. they are working on four vehicles wheat, they should be ready to go by the end of next year. in all the rail companies are asking congress for three year installment delay plus another two years to make the system fully operational. local rail companies are threatening to shut down, the
7:36 am
fines for those companies and at employees and operates trains without p t c after december 31, 2013. >> safety is the highest concern, that is the reason they implemented this, they are not going to end it sounds like a playto light the fire under congress. >> reporter: we don't know what congress will decide but n.j. transit is blaming other government entities saying just because of bureaucratic red tape they were not able to implement the system. the ntsb has been saying for the last 40 years that this p.t. see is needed. that is the latest from rutherford. back to both of you. greg: what about seatbelts on buses? anyway, there are limitations. what else is going on? rosanna: i want to talk about where i was, hundreds of people came out to raise awareness and
7:37 am
disease. it was called uniting for a line free world gala. it was with the global lime alliance. taney was there, it was the who's who, his wife wendy on the left as lindsey's, four b blundered, models everywhere. you would have gone crazy. there is joe jonas. there was a lot of people honored for their ongoing work to find a cure. yolanda foster, carlos, all four honorees have personal experience with lime or tick borne illnesses. >> the hardest thing was missing our volleyball games and my 21st birthday was hard for her and i always understood but for her
7:38 am
even though she wasn't. >> the makeup, the hair is overwhelming but i am here and hoping guy can get to my feet and enjoy it. >> what comes out of a night like tonight? >> hopefully raising money and get people educated and hopefully find a cure soon. >> i got the sense she was trying to wrap you up. >> this the couldn't talk to her and i had to remind them what i was there for. anyway -- greg: she found her seat. rosanna: she was not feeling well last night. she got lyme disease and even though you go through what i've learned, you go through the course of treatment, the antibiotics and everything it is debilitating and it can be debilitating for quite some time. greg: there you are, you made a speech. rosanna: i worked double duty, did the red carpet interviewing
7:39 am
greg: i know your secret. one glass of wine. you still do that? rosanna: last night i may have needed two. the paparrazzi went crazy. i needed a drink after that one. thank you so much, nice to meet you and we will learn more coming up. greg: look at this.
7:40 am
cowboy would get out of the way. >> meteorologist: let's get you going out the door, cloudy skies back again, 61 in newark and belmar, same in poughkeepsie, 63 in montauk and islip, temperatures warmer depending where you degrees w are, 16 degrees warmer than it was, you are, 16 degrees warmer than it was, 2 degrees warmer at central park, cloudier, warmer day, breezy as well and eventually showers will start op
7:41 am
county, some showers trying to fire is this morning. most will not come through until later, the main cold front passing by. showers pop up but the main line come for larue, it will scoot out of town. the dry air is back with us, breezy and cool, no other real weathered challenges, shower chances picking up, we have scattered storms to deal with. we see a high of 65 on sunday, the weather apps has great radar, and download at the
7:42 am
out to my pal brandon. on the ropes course, all sports, and michael mike, let's bring in christina right now and show you what is going on. friday. christina: a couple things lingering around town. let's talk about bob maps, grand central through the story of boulevard, an accident blocking one lane, very heavy you are traveling southbound on the van whig, we have an accident in the process of being cleared away. on the northern state still running along with west bound traffic exit 35 for an a ceident and then an accident on the lie by exit 50, east bound delays absolutely jammed, and the west side very heavy as well, lot of rubbernecking some allow yourself extra time. let's go outside to the staten island expressway, this is
7:43 am
trhe nfitherntoward thery oerrazzano bridge to the span of the bridge. thing that very congested, no incidents, the slow-moving cars and the holland tunnel is your best approach if you are trying to use your crossings a we have your approach from the turnpike extension, not looking terrible, 15 minutes. will cost you 30 minutes to get on to the gwb. a 40 minute delay at the lincoln tunnel in effect today. >> mets tonight, this is going to be it, first postseason game since 2006. >> against the dodgers. >> first pick at 9:45 tonight. you have to deal with the west coast. the series shifts to city field. and the ail division ceres, be
7:44 am
kansas city royals and houston astros. >> get completely covered up by the tarp, didn't suffer any injuries. >> contiexting to roll over. injuries. hurry up. in football, victor cruz is convinced he will return this season. >> in philadelphia, he went and iesrt his calf muscle but the giants play philly on october 19th and cruise says he will be ready for that game is >> he is meeting with doctors to assess mom leg. greeg the islanders, tonight is their first game. it is a little bit strange, the islanders now playing in brooklyn. rosanna: they don't have a stadium anymore, barkley center,
7:45 am
they lit the empire state building in blue and orange. greeg that is a new un-morm but what is up with this new shirt? rotation. the team, they all have different jersey's. this is from the islanders, this is your name on it. this one has -- why don't you like it? >> the islanders, haveron, orange and white. but this is the third one in the rotation. greeg a lot of - je >> black-and-white colors, at third in the rotation, they keep their blue and orange. greeg whateveby let's go to the video tape one more time. those of us who grew up on long island with the islanders at the coliseum, we have mixed feelings about this. >> i know the islanders than 43 years at nassau coliseum but there is no nassau coliseustra today.
7:46 am
where would you like and to play issue at the pond in manhasset. >> now you are just being nasisi about folding. what is up with his uniform? haveack-and-white? rosanna: you are still old school. you still have your blue and orange but how about let's talk about something else we can agree on. anna gilligan at comicocro hello. >> reporter: i astrahere at comicon which began yesterday running through sun fry. you can see behind me, where actor for the jurassic world exhibit, lots of characters from poour f, eorite tv shows,ry oideo games, movies, this being one of the. first of all last year 151,0ect people came this year, 167,000
7:47 am
people dressing up in the craziest costumes and pworlple love it. one of the few times as an adult poou can dress it in the craziest way possible and get positive praise by everyone around you for it. let's talk about this dinosaur behind me, dan nichols designed this exhibit, i understand it is poour first time at comicon. what is the most apprising thing? >> they are really passionate about their comic books and comedienne and it is great to see pworlple come out and suppod he the show. >> reporter: what has the response been to this raptors? >> they l0 >> eth elwe c a: the raptorse islind of g she takes you by surprise. as you can see that works. this is based on the hit m0 strrassic world. the handler, this rather got up
7:48 am
into my face. >> we have had no casualties, no injuries, we have come from universal's orlando reomi. ass. poou see the mall the time, we have come today with universal home entertainment to promote strrassic world's. >> reporter: there's lots to see including a lot of celebrities who are here, is there was some game of thrones musithernyester fry, supermanry oeromis that man costumes, tickets are sold out but you can stream a lot of the best stuff from the comicon wreo site.
7:49 am
back to you in the st uio. gre r: good luck, the islanders baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices.
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greg: celebrity incidents. ufhat h, ee we got?
7:51 am
rmosanna: katie home those rogue, boarding a jersey transit train the sometimes they are not on time. greg: she is to be married to tom cruise. he jt sped up and down on the couch for her. rosanna: she is an actress.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> friday! yea, yea, yea, good day, new york. [laughter] i'm rosanna scotto. >> she is ecstatic. weather wise, we're doing okay out there kind of.
7:55 am
kind of muggy, warmer than usual and some drizzly stuff. >> a few storms. >> mike has that plus what your weekend will look like. and police are asking for your help, take a look. they're accused of stealing over a thousand dollars from a man attacked near prospect park. >> okay. police offers who worked at ground zero after 9/11 had a 50% higher rate of cancer coming from an internal study. >> derek fisher and nba star matt barnes have now spoken publicly about their fight at the home of barnes' estranged wife. barnes says he never meant to confront fisher, he only wanted to check on his kids but, i don't know, hands got in the way. >> okay. in the meantime, comic-con, it's a big comic book convention. george clooney was there last year. >> george clooney? >> i don't think he's going to
7:56 am
>> a lot of celebs will be there. you rahsic world. it's pretty much sold out, i think. >> right are. >> hello, everybody. >> hello. >> i had a minor debate about the islanders. they start their season in brooklyn -- >> tonight. it's historic. >> yeah, but not in a good way for some of us from long island. >> beyond all would you like to play at a pond in garden city? >> it's not cold enough. any way, the islanders. >> do they still have the beautiful blue and orange jersey? >> they are confused the issue with this black shedder. >> it's the third jersey in the rotation. i'm taking it back. give it back. >> excuse me. you gave it to me once. you know what i am going to do? i'm going to fold it, and i'm going to return it to you, and you can send it back to management and say thanks anyway. i think this is very strange. this is their uniform. >> their uniform is the blue and
7:57 am
this third one with the black and white is just in the rotation. all teams have three or more jerseys. >> rosanna, this is -- look, this is just kind of, it's sad for us. i grew up four miles from where the islanders play. a lot of folks have to schlepp all the way into the city. they don't like it. >> brooklyn's not the city, by the way. >> anything over the queens line is the city. trust me. >> i understand. >> i felt sophisticated when i was in douglas. >> just think, greg, one day soon you will have nassau coliseum, fit for the people on long island. they will have actual working bathrooms, okay? [laughter] you won't have to go outside to go to the bathroom. >> yeah. there was an issue there. >> come on, let's welcome ourselves to 2015. right now the islanders have a beautiful home at the barclays stadium in brooklyn. >> you're going to now try to tell me -- >> brooklyn could be considered
7:58 am
>> you know what i mean, it's is suburbs. i don't know, i don't think it's right. let us know on social media. >> go to our fox 5ny social -- facebook page. >> one islander fan said, hey, t-shirt. it's a jersey. you know me and sports, i don't know too much. mike, take itaway. >> gray says back again, we have a few isolated showers. kind of hard to pick out on fox 5 sky guardian right now, and this is a live look. it's right underneath hackettes town coming from around it looks like it's going right through the middle of morris county, it's just one isolated cell, but a few isolated showers could be popping up and will be popping up ahead of the main line which isn't here until this afternoon. a few isolated ones ahead of that not out of the question.
7:59 am
65 central park and bridge forth. 15 degrees warm earn than it was 24 hours ago. warmer. it's that southwest wind that's popping up with the higher temps. looks like it could come right toward the city. see if it holds together but right now not all that concerned with that particular shower. we will have numerous showers and storms, perhaps a line of storms as we head into the afternoon and evening. be ready for that. so dry for most of the morning commute, but the future cast says you're going to rock and roll between 3-7 this evening. sunny throughout the rest of the holiday weekend. today, kind of gray, not so great. high temp up to 76 degrees, so it's warm but wet at the same time. the weekend still looks sunny. let's bring in christina stapo in for ines today.
8:00 am
>> yeah. a couple of lingering issues, good morning, everyone. let's go right to the maps here, and i'm going to talk to you this issue on the new england thruway southbound. because of rush hour, they definitely moved all the activity off to the shoulder. they're saying that after morning rush they're going to re-close down one lane on the southbound side, but we are looking at a ton of traffic in both directions. a lot of people are rubber necking, so something to keep in mind. the northbound side remains very heavy for you here also. we are seeing a collision on the belt parkway, westbound right by bay parkway, and that's taking out at least one lane. let's go od, and -- go outside, and i'm going to bring you to the lie are. very, very congested for you here, and next live shot will be the grand central parkway. traffic this way across your screen is the westbound side,
8:01 am
that accident's taking out one lane but really, really backing things up right now. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. >> we have some troubling news considering the health of nypd officers. >> a new study shows they had a 50% more likely chance of coming down with cancer than officers did in the years before the 9/11 attacks. what about the firefighters? carrie drew has more from lower manhattan. >> good morning to you, greg and rosanna. this study specifically looks at nypd officers looking at the cancer rates of the officers, and it took researchers 20 years to complete. we now know the details of the study. researchers looked through the medical records of about 40,000 nypd officers who were on the job on 9/11 and tracked their cancer traits through 2014 -- rates through 2014. the findings were distributed internally, but a copy was obtained by the new york post.
8:02 am
researchers found the cancer rate for cops increased 50% between 2002 and 2014 compared to the time period before 9/11 from 1995-2001. something else they found, roughly 56% of the cops with a cancer diagnosis were at ground zero within 24 hours 06 the attacks. that was, of course, when the toxic debris cloud was the most intense. we also want to update you on the funding situation for first responders who are sick as a result of working at ground zero. the funding for them is actually running out. last month a big rally was held in d.c. jon stewart joined many first responders down in d.c. lobbying congress to continue the zadroga act, the program which monitors the thousands of people with health problems as a result of working at ground zero. well, it expired last week, on october 1st, and congress failed to extend it. patients can still get their health care for now, but program administrators say that it will begin shutting down as early as
8:03 am
next summer. right now statistics show 33,000 first responders who worked at ground zero are suffering from some kind of 9/11-related injury or illness, and 4,000 of them are currently living with cancer. that's the latest, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> wow. thanks a lot, carrie drew. we have this, another school shooting it looks like, this one at the campus of northern arizona university, that's in flagstaff, arizona. >> we're hearing the shooter is now in custody. the campus has been tweeting about this all morning. most recently they sent out this message saying there are four victims. one person died, three others were wounded. the initial feet from the school morning -- tweet from the school this morning let students know about the shooting. it happened at a dorm for greek life. the shooter is now in custody. police in brooklyn are on the hunt for three men wanted for robbing and assaulting an elderly man near prospect park.
8:04 am
79-year-old man was walking near east 21st street. then what happened? >> the men grabbed him from behind, stole his wallet and his cell phone. he was carrying $1100 in cash. so, please, look at this video. do you have any idea who they are? if you have any information, call crime stoppers immediately, 1-800-577-tips. >> tell us about the celebrity chef. >> he's being held without bail this morning after being charged with having sex with minors. he owns this restaurant on the upper west side called cafe di sole. investigators say he continued to meet teenage boys, and he was arrested yesterday by the fbi. >> they're calling him a celebrity chef. i'm not familiar with him. >> i think he was on food network. he may have had an appearance on food network. and apparently, his restaurant is known on the upper west side. >> here's what the fbi thinks he was doing, videotaping the encounters and distributing
8:05 am
child porn. the 53-year-old used dating apps to meet the minors and knew how old they were when he talked to them. all right, so he's in big trouble. so the nba reportedly investigating that so-called love triang m involving the knicks' head coach. >> derek fisher on the left, matt barnes on the right and in the middle, there's the triangle. gloria. >> you get the idea. >> okay, you know what? robert moses is here, and he's, like, figured it out. he's going to explain it to us this morning, right, robert? >> i never thought we'd use the word triptik when talking about this story. matt barnes is an aggressive player on the basketball court, in fact ors he's been fined thousands of dollars for his actions. now the attention is on what he did off the court. >> we were friends. we were good friends at one point. >> are you good friends now? >> we were good friendsal one point.
8:06 am
matt barnes and knicks' coach derek fisher are not good friends anymore. barnes spoke publicly about what reportedly happened saturday evening in los angeles. barnes says he drove 15 minutes -- not 95 minutes as proofsly reported -- to the home of his estranged wife to check on his kids. fisher, who is dating gloria, was there too. that, apparently, did not sit well with barnes, and reports say he attacked fisher. >> what happened saturday is a personal matter at this point. you know, obviously, you know, being around this league long enough i know that my first concern always is my kids and their health, happiness and safety. >> a crush of reporters showed up at knicks' practice yesterday, and they were not there are to check out the triangle offense or the shooting or the passing. no. they wanted to hear fisher's side of the story. the coach says that he has spoken to the team and management about what happened, but he wasn't interested in sharing details.
8:07 am
>> in terms of distraction and how our players feel about distraction, etc., you know, we'll see how it goes for our team. so it's unfortunate, but it is what it is at this point. >> you may want to note january 16th on your calendar. that's the first time the knicks play the grizzlies this season, and that game could be, um, interesting. matt barnes was once charged with domestic violence, but those charges were dropped. police tell us they do not anticipate charges in this case right now. the nba says it is investigating. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much, robert. meanwhile, there's a big shake-up in the race for speaker of the house. >> so john boehner, the guy who sits behind the president behind big speeches -- >> and he's a very emotional guy. >> right. he loses it a lot. he had a great meeting with the pope, anyway -- >> and then he said, that's it, i'm out of here. he resigned the next day.
8:08 am
>> look, if you're inside the beltway, this stuff means a lot. kevin mccarthy was basically next in line for this job, 50-year-old from california. he quit the race yesterday. >> he didn't say why, right? >> he said some bone-headed things on television lately, and his days were numbered. he couldn't win when he was shooting his mouth off what's going to happen next? >> there's some other talk going on. >> >> we know from bone-headed things on tv, but, man -- >> the thing is, he mieive a shoo-in within the republicans. if anonymous posting on wick field ya has any matter -- wick field ya has any matter, house majority leader ken mccarthy out of the blue on thursday dropped his bid. he appeared to be a shoo-in among the gop colleagues, but
8:09 am
there was definitely question as to whether he'd be able to lock down the 218 votes needed to win a majority overall. this move by mccarthy shocked the room of republicans. one person reportedly started to cry. they were literally minutes away from voting him in as speaker-elect. it was a big barbecue, everybody was eating. he's his explanation. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? i think there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh face. i'll stay on as majority leader, but the one thing i found in talking to everybody if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> well, there was no explanation that he gave as to why it took til the 11th hour to have this new face epiphany or why he wanted to wait to withdraw til just now. shocking a room of politicians, of course b -- obviously, is kind of a tough thing to do. the internet began buzzing specifically about an affair
8:10 am
colleague, representative renee ellmers. >> by the way, she's a looker. >> she's attractive. both are married, both have kids. this story first broke a few weeks ago. the wikipedia entry which just came out right after his announcement, that entry had a link to that got news article. here's the interesting part, the entry, greg and rosanna, was made from an internet address at the department of homeland security. >> oh, no. >> yeah. so the dhs says it's launching an investigation. political insiders say this whole affair thing was not a big secret, it had reportedly been going on since 2011. in the meantime, mccarthy will be staying on as number two, boehner may extend his end of october deadline -- >> until they get somebody in place? >> yeah. this is a big shake-up. the gop needs to find a replacement. people are throwing up names including paul ryan who has said
8:11 am
he's not interested, but supporters say with his recent run for vice president, ryan is a strong candidate. also worth noting if you look at ryan and mccarthy's tweets yesterday, if it wasn't a full on love fest between the two tweeting back and forth, it was fest. >> i'm starting to believe that d.c. is a very loan will i -- [laughter] >> it's a demented world. >> apparently not. [laughter] >> thank you, juliet. >> i know, it's terrible. >> nobody wants that out there in the public. >> yeah, children. >> but you've got to be a little bit more discreet. >> maybe it's not true also, right? >> maybe. >> maybe. >> all right. thank you, juliet. >> you're welcome. >> we have some video police just arrested of the man they say stole nearly 5,000 euros from the currency exchange at the plaza hotel.
8:12 am
>> a 5-9 bald mankind of walked off with all those euros. these pictures we haven't seen before. gives you a better look at the guy. >> oh, yeah, you can see -- if you know him, your going to know him from this video. >> he used a gun, by the way, they say. if yo know about this, please call crimestoppers. 800-577-tips. >> we have some birthdays we have to shout out. star samantha who watches us religiously, and also this very nice young boy, michael, he's celebrating his 10th birthday. >> happy birthday, kid. [laughter] was that warm? >> his mom, veronica, watches us as well. >> in the meantime, mike, take it away. >> all right. looks like a grayish birthday, but the weekend's going to be great. anyhow, a little preview. look at all that sunshine for you. breezy and cooler tomorrow, temps about where they should be, but then it starts warming up. sunny and nice sunday and even warmer on monday.
8:13 am
weekend is looking good, a-okay. let's take a look at the live radar here. just one little shower right there coming through, looks like it's coming through morris county heading in towards essex county, barely holding together. just a few little spots of rain will try to pop up ahead of the main event, that that's cold front right there, which will eventually swing through, later on this afternoon. 65 at central park, 63 in newark, 65 in bridgeport. clouds have gathered, now they're starting to thicken up. the heaviest stuff is in new york, not the tristate. maybe becoming a line of storms later on this evening with some quick, heavy rain coming through and perhaps gusty winds along with that line of showers that may come together. anyhow, your chances for rain kind of pick up from this morning up until this afternoon up to about 80% for the evening commute.
8:14 am
back down to 65 for a high tomorrow. breezy and sunny and cooler. warm through the weekend, sunday and monday in particular, another chance of showers tuesday of next week. the fox 5ny weather app has a live interactive radar which you can find out what's going on in your neighborhood. download it for free today, it'll come in handy. let's bring in christina and take a peek at what's going on with the roads and the rails. >> all right. we have problems on the roads, for sure, so let's go right to it. we are dealing with this issue on the new england thruway south involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer that went over the guardrail. all the activity on the shoulder, but in both directions you are going to see bumper to bumper delays, lots of rubber necking, and we the still have this accident on the belt parkway west, and that's taking out at least one lane of traffic. let's go outside, and i'm going to bring you -- thank you very much -- the fdr drive. this is right by the area in the 70s.
8:15 am
congested as you're making your way southbound, the northbound side seems to be running up to speed, and the grand central parkway where we're seeing delays past laguardia airport. two lanes near astoria boulevard blocked off. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. >> nice to see you, christina. ines is okay? >> she went to ricky martin last night. >> ah. >> i love that guy. >> no wonder why she's not in. last night i was out, too, at the global lime alliance, got to meet gigi and belle bella hadid. coming up at 8:30, we're going to talk to leah and tommy mow toll la. while this was a very are glamorous affair, what they go
8:16 am
joe: nas was there with gigi. also coming up, walking dead fans very excited for season six, right, greg? >> yeah, it's cool. comes on sunday. we're going to meet the woman
8:17 am
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>> all right. let's get down to business. fox means business. >> lauren simonetti continues bonding with her baby. >> yeah, of course. >> so let's go to adam shapiro. >> good morning. have you heard about this increase in netflix prices? $8.99 a month for the standard plan, that's what most people are paying. it'll go up to $9.99 a month, but if you already have netflix, you're grandfathered in for a year, so you won't have to pay it. if you're about to sign up for netflix going forward, you're going to pay $9.99. you can watch on your tv, phone or tablet or laptop, two screens in your house, first month is free. but that standard plan, the most popular in the united states and canada, is going up by a buck.
8:20 am
>> i pay $16. i noticed it yesterday. >> i do? >> i just went through that thing. how about this, you go to a regular movie, how much does it cost? >> more than that. >> $17. >> something like that. i don't know, i don't get that bill. doesn't bother me. thanks so much. have a beautiful weekend. >> thank you, you too. >> joint checking account? >> yes, but i'm in charge of the checkbook. does that make sense? >> yes. [laughter] finish -- lou's on an allowance. >> no. he does his own thing, but i know what's coming in and going out. >> this guy, by the way, our next guest, his allowance is about $150,000 a night. he's a top deejay, one of them, in the world. >> he's got a new album out, he's going to be here at nine, and maybe we'll deejay for steve.
8:21 am
should we? it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped
8:22 am
and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. >> greg?
8:23 am
>> this is my favorite part of the morning. >> thank you. >> it's our good day new york tradition going back -- >> eight years now. we missed our anniversary, by the way. thank you for the flowers. [laughter] just like a man. [laughter] anyway, we do this usually 8:30 on friday. we celebrate native new yorkers, those who want to be a native new york, and this is a great, classic song, right? >> it is. and it signifies that the weekend is pretty much here. folks at home probably still thinking about going to work. >> by the way, i like the style of this -- >> sometimes they've got real attitude, like in a fun way. that's a tough job, by the way. >> i know. >> can we see that guy again or one more time or girl? ooh, they've got it tough. >> nobody's ever happy, let's face it. >> no. >> anyway -- >> all right.
8:24 am
weekend? >> oh, here we go. making friends and finding lovers. there you are lost in the shadow. >> all right. we hope you enjoy this tradition. >> yeah. >> it goes back not quite eight years. i think we came up with this -- >> whatever. we'll embrace it. we were together eight years, you and i. >> how about that? >> and they said it wouldn't last. [laughter] >> for a while, they were right. all right. hello, everybody. welcome. hope you're psyched about -- >> the weekend. >> -- it being friday. hopefully we can be psyched about it being monday too, you know what i mean? good to be alive. >> you always say enjoy the moment. these are the good old days. >> exactly. tony robbins, if you're thinking about the past, you're probably depressed. if you're thinking about the future, you're probably worried. i thought that was interested. mike woods, remember when he laid that on us? >> i didn't catch that part, but that's a good point. >> he said, you know, you are what you are think. >> yep.
8:25 am
think positive. that's me for sure. >> that helped a lot. >> we should do on friday ares just like a review of the things that we learned on good day during the week. work. [laughter] >> you're right. [laughter] >> that whole looking back and getting depressed -- [laughter] so i don't know. >> anyway -- >> food thought. >> all right. so let's talk about the weekend. that's looking forward. >> okay, let's talk about today. [laughter] >> okay. that sounds good to me. anyhow, it's all good. sunshine here. oh, joel osteen, i'm channeling him. a little bit different out there. we've got gray skies, and we're keeping an eye on the radar, there was one little thunderstorm cell, it looks like it might have fizzled out, it's not quite gone. there. that popped up over morris county earlier. it's heading to the east, toward the lower hudson valley, might head toward bergin county and
8:26 am
into westchester as well, the southern sections, but it's barely holding together. trust me, we will be are at risk for more action as we get further into the day. that little cell that pops up right there is racing to the east, but it's barely holding together. it may bring a quick shower into the lower hudson valley, that's about it. looks like there will be a whole lot more coming from the northwest. here's the almanac for the day, 67's the average high, 52's the average low. we're at 64 right now. so we have kind of a messy situation for you today. the warm front's already riding by to the north of us. there are a lot of showers and storms in upstate new york, but the action that we will get primarily is coming from the west of us, and that will slide through, most of it, later this afternoon between the hours of about 3 p.m. and 7 or 8 p.m. is when we have to deal with it. high temp up to 76, warm and breezy with storms in the afternoon. it's all out of here by tonight. we'll keep it sunny through the weekend. tuesday you've got more showers
8:27 am
back in the area once again, but doesn't look like a major storm for you at all. all right are, time to bring in christina again and see if things have changed with our commute this morning. what's up out there, christina? >> things are not looking good around up to. you can see all the red, it's just slow with traffic, and a lot of roadways have a lot of slow-moving cars like the belt parkway. here is an issue on the westbound side right by the bay parkway area. you see all that red moving into that? traffic is flowing at an average 10 miles an hour, so you just want to keep that in mind. i'm going to bring you to the cross island, northbound traffic coming towards me by bayside marina, crowded in both terrible. let's go to the grand central because we do have an accident being worked on, westbound traffic passing laguardia, looking better than before. an accident by astoria boulevard has multiple lanes being blocked off, we're still seeing a lot of volume moving into that area,
8:28 am
and we also have a huge delay at the lincoln. so here's the helix coming towards the inbound side, 45 minutes as you make your way inbound lyndon. about 20-30 at the george and the holland tunnel going into town, and we do have some minor delays on the path trains because of equipment problems on the amtrak dock bridge, so expect that. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you. >> all right. so we're getting another threat from new jersey transit, right? >> they say conceivably they'll have to shut down operations by the end of the year if they don't come up with a new, improved safety system. >> right. it involves the positive train control safety system, and that's where teresa priolo lombs in. she is in rutherford is all the details. >> good morning, everyone. the bomb. line is the railroad -- the bottom line is the railroad can't run if they're not in compliance with federal law, and this system must be installed by the end of the year. when we told people there's a
8:29 am
possibility these trains would stop running from the first of the year, they said to us there's got to be a better way. >> got to be another way. you can't just tell people, no, now you've got to find a new way to work. >> ptc, the three letters rail commuters will become accustomed to hearing over the next few months because a federal deadline is looming this new year's eve that would why positive train control -- require positive train control on all commuter train networks including amtrak and nj transit. the safety technology was mandated by congress seven years ago intended to monitor and control a train's speed to prevent collisions and derailments like the amtrak tragedy that claimed eight lives back in july in philadelphia or the metro north derailment back four. but despite the massive influx of federal dollars to install and operate ptc, some rail networks still aren't ready.
8:30 am
an off-the-shelf technology. now nj transit is sounding the alarm, telling congress if an extension isn't offered, passenger service come january 15st will be seriously -- 1st will be seriously impacted. in our area, the trains sometimes run on the same lines, and while amtrak might be ready to go with ptc on the northeast corridor, nj transit isn't. they're would recollecting on four vehicles -- they're working on four vehicles a week, they should be ready to go at the end of next year. they're asking for a three-year unstallment delay plus another two years to make the system fully operational. and while local rail companies are threatening to shut down, the government is threatening hefty fines for those companies and employees who operate the trains. >> i do think safety is the highest concern, and if that's the reason why they've implemented this and then
8:31 am
it sounds like some sort of ploy to light the fire be of the congress. >> now, when you talk to nj transit, they say it's other government agencies that have been holding up the process, preventing them from being able to install the ptc. when we told people here in rutherford that the ntsb has been recommending this ptc for 40 years, that even made them more angry because the government has had a long time to be able to implement this and so have the rail networks. that is the latest from rutherford, send things back to both of you. >> thank you very much, teresa. so new police officers, rosanna, a bunch of them sworn in at the new police academy over there in queens. >> fantastic. how many, like 700 new were at the swearing in? >> 678 new police recruits. i think we might have some video. they'll be at the academy for, i think, at least six months getting all kinds of training
8:32 am
the use of force, marksmanship, all kinds of training. >> well, the police commissioner says with more police officers on the street, next year will be a safe year. so all the best to them. >> all right. so tell me about that event last night. >> last night it was a wonderful event. a gala to help fund a cure for lyme disease. hundreds came out for the uniting for a lyme-free world. it was by the global lyme alliance. it was held in midtown. four people were honored for their ongoing work to find a your, yolanda foster, ali hilfiger, carlos -- [inaudible] lots of beautiful people there. but i have to say -- >> who's this one? >> she's a model. joe jonas was there with gigi hadid. there was a lot of people raiding money yesterday. -- raising money yesterday. when it comes down to your health, that cliche that your health is everything? when you talk to these people who are battling lyme disease,
8:33 am
it is really, really debilitating. i talked to talia and tommy mottolo. >> it was terrible. i lost my hair, i was like a bone. i couldn't move, i couldn't talk, i couldn't think, i couldn't left my bed for months. it was bad. >> anything we can do to support this cause or raise money to help find a cure, a vaccine, we're there. >> wow. i got to emcee the event. and what i learned was even if you go through the course of treatment with the antibiotics, wendy leone, she's been battling this for months now. >> she's very nice. >> right. there are times that you're bedridden with this disease. yolanda forther talked about it, tali talked about it. i mean, ali said at one point they couldn't diagnose she had lyme disease, they almost put her in an insane asylum. >> seriously? >> because it started to affect
8:34 am
everything in her body. >> by the way, lyme disease -- you look great, by the way. >> thank you. >> you know what? it's kind of nerve-wracking when you do those things sometimes. >> it's a lot of work. >> they're all looking at you. >> you know what? they raised a lot of money. what i learned is they made -- there's not even a blood test that can really accurately find the lyme disease. so it's really -- some people you'll hear, they'll go months and months and months without a diagnosis. they can't figure out why they don't feel good. on the inside they're really suffering, like last night yolanda foster was talking about how terrible she felt. >> watch out for those ticks and lyme, as in lyme, connecticut. it started in connecticut. >> yes. >> rosanna, looks like you did some good stuff last night. >> thank you so much. you can find out more if you go to the global lyme alliance, they're a terrific organization. they raised, i think, $3 million last night. >> good stuff.
8:35 am
she was fantastic on that dharma and greg show. there's a new movie -- >> it's called the big stone gap. it's based on a novel by somebody that we love around here.
8:36 am
she comes to visit us at >> fun event happening in town right now. >> comic-con, i was there last
8:37 am
year, and the year before and the year before that. >> are are you going this year? >> i will be there, rosanna. >> are you dressing up? >> no, i will not do that. i save that for home. [laughter] >> anna gilligan is at comic-con, is she dressed up? >> she sure is. she's wearing a shirt. >> i'm dressed as anna gilligan k. i do not have a costume, actually, i'm shocked to hear that, greg, i thought for sure interesting. people love to dress up as their favorite comic book hero, movie action heroes, tv shows. there's so much to do here. 167,000 people expected to show up here at the javits center. started yesterday, it's running through sunday. and, of course, this is big celebrities, they give panels about your favorite tv shows and movies. so much fun, there's autographs you can get from some of your favorite characters. well, i want to show you something else you can do here. in addition to kind of all of the more mainstream thing,
8:38 am
it'ses like dan da foe here, he's from dede's studio art, and he has some incredible art awork here. thanks for being here. >> thank you very much. >> he came in all the way from new hampshire. tell us about what you do here. >> sure. i'm an independent concept artist and illustrator, and i focus on pop culture work in multiple genres, as you can see from science pic -- >> yes. this is artoo from "star wars." why are people crazed about this? >> one of the newest, cutest characters from the "star wars" universe. >> so they haven't actually met in reality, but they could in these upcoming films? >> people are hoping. >> the walking dead coming back sunday, i can't wait. now, people are upset because if you are familiar with the show, these are two of the main characters, and you make them half zombie as if they are defeated.
8:39 am
dead yet, so people have mixed reactions. some people want to see rick turn, some don't. >> so people can commission your art work. people can just pay you to make anything they wanted? >> absolutely. people love to see their characters in different ways -- >> what's the wildest request you've gotten? >> somebody wanting to see themself in a chewbacca suit. >> is ooh. i could see that being a good thing for greg and rosanna. princess leia for rosanna with the buns, that would be very good. thank you so much. you said these sold out right away. >> i have prints available of all of them. >> and is there a web site people can reach you? >> sure. >> thanks so much. best of luck. comic-con is so much fun. i'm going to show you in the next hour, if you guys like back to the future, i have a dead-on ringer for marty mcfly and doc in that movie.
8:40 am
delorean. so cool. >> oh, reenactments. >> never got into that back to the future thing. >> have you got into reenactments? the hoonny moon verse -- honeymooners? that was great. >> we have somebody from the walking dead on. she plays sasha. season six premieres, i believe, this sunday. >> awesome show.
8:41 am
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>> ah, friday in the city. >> this was 2013. i don't know where i was when i first heard this song, i was, like, man, who is this? anyway -- >> nile rogers on guitar. >> that's true. >> let's talk about this weekend because columbus day is monday, and apparently there's a big
8:44 am
lady gaga is going to be among the honorees at the columbus day parade, she and her mom will receive the humanitarian award. the parade features over 35,000 marchers, over 100 fans and floats. >> the parade's monday, right? >> the parade's monday. i didn't know she was one of the grand marshals. i thought she was getting an award this weekend because they have the big dinner saturday night. >> so she's italian, of course. >> yes. >> stephanie germanatta. >> we used to get the day off. >> i think everybody is off except us. remember yesterday we were talking about justin beaker and the little bieber? well, apparently, he's no too happy about those nude pictures being shown all over the internet. he says they crossed a line, he's threaten to sue anyone who posted them -- >> he was basically walking around a pool, and he was naked. >> right.
8:45 am
>> he says, you know, posting those pictures are an invasion of his privacity, i don't blame -- privacy. i don't blame him. show him naked in a pool in bora bora. >> that would seem to be the place -- >> i like to go to bora bora and frolic. what do you call that? skinny dipping. anyway, daily news might be in trouble. they published the photo, but they had, like, a little blockage on the private area. >> i didn't want to look. >> i tried. [laughter] no, i didn't. coming up on good day new york, world renowned deejay steve aoki is here. >> one of the top deejays in the world, and he's going to
8:46 am
we're going to meet this dude. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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>> thanks for saying nice things about us. >> so today would have been john lennon's 75th birthday. i think we have a little, do we have a little imagine from john lennon?
8:48 am
>> a little something, a little some kind of music. >> just the other day they had a tribute in central park, they formed a peace sign. >> would you believe, greg, john lennon's been gone for 35 years? >> december 1980 when he was gunned down. >> can you imagine that? >> in front of his house. so would have been 75. what else? i know you got to know yoko ono over the years. >> i don't know her very well. i did dance with her at a wedding. >> that's pretty cool. >> i know. that was pretty cool. why miss the opportunity of dancing with yoko ono? she's a very good dancer. anyway, she continues to, you know, breathe and live john's thoughts and legacy, and anyway, rest in peace, john lennon. >> all right. mike woods, we need a little bit of weather, if you don't mind. >> we've got some changes coming up, greg and rosanna. a few thunder showers are popping up now moving through bergin county, another
8:49 am
showers. temps start off at 66, most of the storms are coming through about 3-7:00 this afternoon. >> something cool that we're excited about. remember when we went to the club earlier this year? it was so hot, we actually spun a little bit, rosanna and i. >> look at you. [laughter] >> steve aoki would be mortified to see us. >> yeah.
8:50 am
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