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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 9, 2015 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. rosanna: bottles and bottles. i see them. greg: check this out. check this out. pretty intense. a huge coal parole -- juliet: rosanna: it is an occupation. you can make the big bucks. greg: look at her go.
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and the sunshine band? please. >> i am doing deep house right now. >> look at her. greg: those days are over. rosanna, do not stop spinning. the top djs in the entire world. i will not ask this guy how much money he makes, but rumor has it he makes six figures. rosanna: a lot of celebrity djs out there. you can make a lot of money. not just something you do on the weekends. a lot of people are talking about it. greg: i know that guy.
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here he is. maybe tokyo. rosanna: steve i o'keefe is going to be part of, can't. you would not normally think that he would do something like that. rosanna: so nice to meet you. >> it is awesome. york. rosanna: do you play music there? >> i just up like an elf. i bash people. no, i am just kidding. greg: do not want to ask you how much money you make, but -- >> you do very well at this. >> i am very busy. rosanna: let me ask you something. when you first that i am going
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to try my hand at dj, did you think it would be more of an occupation or a hobby? >> it was more of a tool to promote a record label. bringing friends. something i can make money off of. greg: when did you start doing it? >> actually, i did it after college. greg: how much is it you and how much is it the computer? >> well, now i display a substitute for a cd. maybe 12, 24 songs.
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you know. i do not use a computer. you select the songs. rosanna: to you take requests? greg: do you have any cool him again? what do you say to that? >> you guys are in the zone. you are not messing around. greg: what is the fanciest gate you have ever landed? >> well, that all depends. some strange private parties. crazy billionaire. rosanna: you have a new album
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the globe sticks. >> glow sticks? >> they have been. greg: do you like to crowd surf? get out there and dance. rosanna: what is it about your popularity? do you know why you are the most sought after dj in the world? >> i hate definitely not the most sought after dj in the world, but part of the reason why i am so busy is because of the music. people. i can see it when i am playing. i can see them singing along. you get that deal.
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greg: very cool. a new movie. tell us about it, please. >> a horror film. based on shared experiences. it is gross and awesome and scary. i wrote some music that is in the film. rosanna: the first time you have ever thrown her hand at movies? >> the first time i am involved like this. i have had my music involved before. sounds from me. rosanna: that is so cool.
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>> more excited to see you guys. greg: this was about january. rosanna and i went downtown and we spun. you have to have, i don't know, look like you know what you are doing. >> you look like you are having fun. greg: steve, we have some equipment for you. i don't know if it meets your standards. first of all, how do you look cool, like you know what you are doing? >> you do it your own way. rosanna: you have one here out and one year covered. >> do you know why? >> you are mixing from music and music coming, if you play in on this side.
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you are queuing what is going to play next. you are hearing this. you want to make sure that it is on the same beat. greg: right now, it is ice cold. rosanna: i do not even know how to start. help me out. i am going to just press a button. byron. byron is going to help us out. greg: news director. greg: that is cool. >> you can scratch. steve only uses his own stuff. have fun at, can't.
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next summer. what is the hot spot right now? >> new york city. rosanna: is there a favorite club that you like to do? is it working or playing? >> just hanging out with my friends. rosanna: do have a song that everyone should be listening to? greg: okay. sorry about that. you are all right, steve. anyway. rosanna: mike woods. mike: rosanna and greg, step away from the keyboard. you are embarrassing us, again. a pretty good good-looking weekend coming up for us here. sunny skies coming to you.
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weather coming up for us. highs getting back into the upper 60s, low 70s. here is what we see on the radar. a few spots up over the northeastern parts of new jersey. you have a few little scattered later showers. it looks like the majority of this shower storm action will hold off until later on this afternoon into this evening. fifty-five in monticello. 57 degrees in montauk. our temperatures are pretty mild. most of the showers are in upstate new york. they will be working their way through as a cold front gets a little closer. it is on the warmer, more humid side right now.
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you are in for it this afternoon. just a little bit of scattered light action ahead of it. maybe even a line of showers and storms coming through. the good news is it should come in and get out of the area fairly quickly. it does not stick around for the weekend. tomorrow will be breezy, two. going into sunday as well. wind will be dying down on sunday. you catch a break they are. clouds are thickening. you see the showers and storms coming through. the showers clear later on tonight. tomorrow you will see a high of 65. a lot of sunshine for you saturday, sunday and monday. fox5 weather app has an interactive radar. it is at the apple itunes store. who will play store. it would come in handy on a day
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like today. a birthday shout out to mary ellen. she is a big fan. always checking us out. there she is. hope you have a fantastic one. rosanna: looking good, maryellen. last night there were lots of pretty people at this beautiful event. they held this dinner for raising awareness. rosanna: who is this? this is gg. she is the head model right now. she just came back from paris. gg's mom, not only gg's mom has lyme disease, but her brother disease. i could not believe it. the whole family.
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that is his son, what i learned to diagnose him very, very it takes months, if not years to feel better. lew leone's wife. she has been sick. she has been in bed for months. i think she even had a transfusion. it is a very debilitating disease. i got to meet some really interesting people last night. i got to hear their personal experiences. i want you to listen to some of the honorees last night. >> the hardest thing for her was when we went to ball ballgames. her birthday was really hard for her. obviously, i always understood. >> seeing anyone that you love that much. it is really hard. it is really a emotional. come home and just snuggle with
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her. i know it makes her feel better. i always want to be there for her. >> the heels, the dress, the makeup and hair. i am here. hopefully i can enjoy the night. >> i hope that we can raise enough money. give people educated. hopefully we find a chore soon. >> she was not feeling well. that is what the problem is. still going through getting better at this point. leo was there as well. she is a superstar singer. she talked about how she lost her hair going through this process of getting better. greg: how do we not get lyme disease? stay out of the woods? it is a tickborne illness.
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tommy hilfiger's daughter said years. at one point they thought she was crazy. they put her in a mental institute because they just could not figure out what was going on with her. then they figured out it was lyme disease. the bottom line is they all have their own thing that they are going through. hopefully it gets everybody talking. greg: i know it is fancy when you wear that off the shoulder dress. rosanna: thank you. it was a very fancy's nancy crowd out there. david foster. joe jonas. greg: they are dating? rosanna: did you think you had a chance.
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there is you. there is time to talk about the islanders. rosanna: it is a historic night. greg: the islanders, for the first time, are not playing at
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greg: what is up with this >> it is a black-and-white shirt. it is just fundamentally wrong. islanders. brooklyn has continued. rosanna: we asked everybody to go to our facebook page to weigh in. 100% with you, greg. i would hate to be an islanders fan right now. jessica foster agrees with you, too.
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another woman says am i the only one -- greg: excuse me. rosanna: it is time for islander fans to accept it. buy your tickets. you can have a great time. take public transportation. greg: are you kidding? that is a hassle. rosanna: you still have to drive to the coliseum. greg: tell your brother in law no hard feelings. rosanna: by your tickets. greg: jenna elson. rosanna: hopefully we do not
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rosanna: such a fun show to watch.
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greg: you can still see it. we are so thrilled that she is back with us. she also has a really cool podcast. it is called kicking and screaming. >> based on the book. i always screw up her name. i cannot get it right. it is a beautiful book. >> it really is. a story about love and friendship. i had two days notice to go do this movie. >> this was in virginia. >> yes. the movie is set in 1978. a time where we were really connected to each other. remember that? >> actually looking at one
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another in the eye? >> i just love going into this small town and will working with whoopi goldberg. ashley judd. to engage in storytelling. important. about finding love in your life. really finding value in friendship. sorting your life out. i had someone yesterday saw it. they were so relieved. i can take my daughter and my mom. they are not movies like that anymore. characters are so quirky and funny. also, feel something meaningful at the end. we are in a cynical world. we really have you come insensitive and jaded. rosanna: do not forget me in.
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social media. we have campaigns about kindness now. rosanna: i think that it is getting worse, by the way. this movie will remind you about love. i think that it is worth seeing. rosanna: you got two days notice. what happened? >> they sent me the movie and set would you like to do this. i read it. characters just jumped off the page. areata is a wonderful writer. and a new yorker. she stayed at her mother's house while directing the movie. it was written by a woman. produced by a woman.
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it is distributed by a woman. a comedian. he has a podcast. he saw the movie and was crying at the end. i think men can enjoy just as much as women. >> he asked me to marry him and i said yes. we you be my maid of honor? >> i would love to stand with you. >> so, you're pregnant? [laughter] >> my character is so drunk going to the altar. adriano was do everything to avoid the altar. her direction was do everything
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will be is in the i/o. i am climbing across the people. landing in what these lab. adriano just let me bring all my physical comedy that i love to do. i really enjoyed making it. rosanna: that is not whoopi goldberg's real hair? >> she has dreadlocks in real life. you will love her in this movie. greg: cool. check out her podcast. kicking and screaming. >> my husband and i have been together for 25 years. people always ask, 25 years in hollywood.
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how do you do it? kicking and screaming. it is a podcast. we talk about our life. we hold nothing back. it is pretty arbor rated. people really respond. you are just like us. this is hilarious. rosanna: it is not scripted. it really is from the heart. >> no. it is like if you came over to our house and we talked about marriage. that is the podcast. i think about divorcing him every day. i adore him. i value him. we have a good time. the kids are great. they are five and eight.
9:27 am
they are wonderful and articulate. we are the loudest family. we vacationed in hawaii. on the beach we were the loudest family. how did we get so loud? anyway, we are a very alive household. rosanna: i love that. the film opens. >> today. rosanna: give our best. >> i will. headed to virginia today. i am really looking forward to it. greg: have fun down there. coming up. lauren is the most popular girl on the internet when it comes to dating. rosanna: i think she has had some problems on the internet. i think she is kind of reviving some. greg: also, the walking dead on sunday night. season six.
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whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call today. rosanna: oh, boy. are you ready for sunday night? greg: the walking dead.
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coming out on sunday. a lot of people are waiting for the new season. rosanna: the secrecy of the show. give us something. what can we expect. >> you can expect it to be a monstrosity. definitely the biggest season that we have had. rosanna: in what way? >> in terms of scale. it is as big as it can get. we ended on that standoff. executing we see that these two men are being reunited.
9:31 am
it seems like it is going to be a great coalition. we are trying to act globally. greg: it may go where you cannot. watch. >> have to survive. i do not see it anymore. >> help us. >> keep our families safe.
9:32 am
do you ever get scared? sometimes. all. we can see the art of it. we can see these people walking around. the people that do special effects and makeup for the show are brilliant. oh my gosh, your head. greg: how casually you guys killed these things. not dramatic anymore. >> fight descent. we have been doing it for a long time now. it has become second nature. it has to. >> at the beginning of season four.
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sweltering heat all day. i just did not stretch properly beforehand. a big no-no. i was limping, but i was also happy to run. greg: congratulations. >> we will be doing a panel. >> the fans are great. some of them are a little intense. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york." >> new york magazine. the most sought after girl. why? we will find here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make do what we do...make it
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greg: all right. new york city on a friday morning. rosanna: if you do not have a date, this is where the anxiety comes in. you want to feel popular. greg: a lot of people are out there. our next guest did that. guess what, the guys thought
9:36 am
a long way the most sought after woman on the dating site. here she is. rosanna: from brooklyn, by the way. greg: caused quite a stir. five stars on okay to pay. that broke records. rosanna: she will be using lots of documents online. popular. the ups and downs of online dating. nice to have you here, lauren. >> dates for having me. rosanna: when you got the title, how did you feel? >> it is obviously very flattering. it is also surprising. it is surprising, but it is also pretty cool.
9:37 am
greg: how do you determine which ones you are going to respond >> did they write something to? am i attracted to you. greg: hello in the subject line. will you open that message? >> yes. i pretty much open all of them. >> i am still occasionally dating. i am still seeing both. rosanna: are you looking for that special someone? >> no. for the most part, i am happy being single. rosanna: you want to find somebody that you like. greg: you seem very nice. the most popular.
9:38 am
>> people say you are conceded. my profile is well written. i think it is a combination, probably. greg: obviously, you are pretty. what does the profile say? >> i like to keep it short. i do not write things like i like to walk on the beach. rosanna: what should you write? >> unique facts about yourself. i wrote i am a big hockey fan.
9:39 am
have to go through. >> give us a an example. >> a down moment. and a lot of guys in new york that once they get reject did they like to turn their back on you. you get a lot of messages if you are not necessarily interested in them here and they like to insult to you. i had a guy insult me one time when i wanted to leave after one drink. rosanna: it is tossed. >> it is a tough world out there. rosanna: do you recommend online dating? >> just going with the flow. hopefully someone will come along whether it is in person or online.
9:40 am
some do's and don'ts for online dating. rosanna: if you are sending a message, keep it respectful. the aware of your grandmother and your selling. greg: wow. this is a little bit weird. that is just strange. rosanna: let's talk about a stupid message. greg: i am really into astronomy, two. what sign are you? he met astrology. >> clearly, there were just
9:41 am
what they were doing. >> let's put the book up one more time. the most popular girl in new york city. good luck to you. >> good luck. some surprises in store for us. setting the clock for two minutes into the feature. marty mcfly. switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their 1 hour appointment window. for $89.99 a month, you'll get
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rosanna: quite dirty. just so you know. >> rosanna and i are into it. we love this stuff. back to the future. the delorean. rosanna: i totally remember the delorean. greg: the doors would go up.
9:45 am
vertical leap. rosanna: there was a problem there for a while. greg: fascinating story. >> i am in a re- creation here. the back to the future movie. marty mcfly. it is pretty incredible to be here. look who is here at comicon. how much do they look alike. they have been kind enough to re-create a scene. >> wait a minute. wait a minute.
9:46 am
>> if you see it my way, if you are going to build a time machine out of a car, do it with style. they are all lining up to get pictures. movie. special powers from the movie. giveaways here at comicon. i just cannot get over how much you look like marty mcfly. actually imitate michael j fox for a living? >> no. i work at a hospital. >> they call me all the other names that he played. i enjoy it. the doors open. letting people onto the grounds. all the characters from the
9:47 am
of course, everyone dresses up. it is running through sunday. it is sold out. you can get a look at a lot of famous celebrities. movies that you may want to see. inside information. you could dress up like a marty mcfly. come meet these guys. a lot of fun. >> i am just running around and stabbing and jabbing. greg: did not actually win.
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we will see you rosanna patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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rosanna: cheryl, it is all about you. you are so kind. greg: if not, we are coming
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after you. awesome. have a great weekend. greg: mike woods. rosanna: actually, very good. it was last week. still good stuff. we have showers and storms. it is mainly into fairfield county. over into litchfield county. crossing through the lower hudson valley. there it is right there. this is the life radar. a little deeper into the day. bigger showers and storms. most of us start dealing with the rain from hours of three-6:00 o'clock. here is what we have with our temperatures right now. you have 64 degrees in newark. 55 degrees and isolate.
9:52 am
showers are pretty spotty right now. 67 degrees in montauk. look at the wind. the potential. mostly cloudy skies. the waterfront has come by. we will bring it back down in terms of your temperature. we have all this rain out there. i think we have some soggy weather to deal with. there will be some spotty showers breaking out ahead of it. you may even have a line of showers and storms coming through. ma, some pretty heavy downpours. there will be some problems out
9:53 am
there with tree limbs coming down. the good news is, it passes out of the area pretty quickly. drier skies coming at you starting tomorrow morning. your temperatures will be coming down. talk others starting to pop up. here in the tri-state, have to wait a little longer. cooler for the weekend. rosanna and great, over to you. greg: we love that fall foliage. rosanna: we will go looking for that this weekend. greg: the islanders back on long island, where they belong. rosanna: the islanders did not have a home. it is sad for islanders fans. rosanna: go to barclays.
9:54 am
>> i am not crazy about the new uniform. >> what do you think? >> dj. >> they come armed with champagne. >> .all service. bottle service would be nice. we will see you next week. rosanna: have a great weekend. are you getting the internet speed you need? [excited yelling] ah, yes! you cannot stop it!
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