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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the backside will be passing through this evening around 8:00, 9:00. minutes. steve: thank you. at least two people dead following deadly shootings at colleges in texas and arizona. >> linda schmidt has the latest. >> reporter: good evening to both of you. it has happened again. day. coincidentally, the shootings today on the college campuses happened on the very same day that president obama is visiting the campus in oregon where eight students and a teacher were gunned down just last week. >> this is not going to be a normal day at nau. our hearts are heavy. >> reporter: students at northern arizona university huddled together, some hugging, others looking stunned as the university president and police broke the news. >> one of our students, steven jones, 18 years old, produced a handgun and shot four of our
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was a confrontation in a parking lot on campus between two groups of students about 1:20 this morning. it escalated to violence and authorities say freshman steven jones pulled out a handgun, shooting and killing one student and injuring three others. the parking lot at the campus in flagstaff, arizona, is just outside housing for many of the campus' sorority fraternities. >> this is like the safest place, you know. to think something like this would happen to people that, you know, are really a big part of our community, it breaks my heart. >> reporter: this senior's sorority sisters text'd and said they were on lockdown in their rooms after hearing the gunfire. >> they were so terrified. to not be able to help them and be there is hard to accept. >> reporter: they were on lockdown at texas southern
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university in houston after a shooting there. police say one person is dead, another wounded. it happened at a student apartment complex on the edge of campus. authorities are saying tonight that two people have been detained in that shooting in texas. back upstairs to you. >> thank you. a con ed worker in the bronx is being hailed as a hero after saving a toddler about to tumble from a second story window. steve: lidia curanaj live in the mount eden section of the bronx where she spoke with him about the daring rescue. >> reporter: con edison workers heard a scream he'll never forget as he was working on a gas leak around noon today. >> one of the neighbors was screaming we need help. we need help. there's a baby on the window. >> when he went to see what was happening, he saw a little girl about one just sitting on the ledge of the window of a second floor apartment. >> she was just calm, pretty calm.
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she was trying to get back in, but she couldn't. she just sat there. >> not at all. there was no window guard. >> reporter: he ran to get his ladder and rescued the toddler who sat on the narrow ledge and looked like she was about to fall. she was sitting where the cardboard is. >> i wasn't really thinking. it was just like a reflex. i just saw the baby in trouble and i ran. >> reporter: a reflex that most likely saved a child's life. he has only been on the job for two weeks. this is one memorable experience for this humble hero. city. >> reporter: the nypd honored one of its true heros today. the officer risked his life while off duty. he witnessed an accident and ran on to a burning school bus on the lie yesterday to save the driver, who was pinned against the wheel as well as an elderly female aide. any children.
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something he wasn't aware of at the time. >> i got kids of my own. my biggest concern was children on the bus. i would hope that anybody in that situation, whether it be kids or anybody, that somebody would stop and help. and i did what any cop or anybody in general, i think, would do. and you hope they would do. >> the aide suffered mirn -- minor injuries. new violence in the middle east. israeli security forces are struggling to contain protests in a wave of violent attacks against civilians and soldiers by palestinians. four israelis have been stabbed and killed in jerusalem and in a drive-by shooting in the occupied west bank in the past 10 days. protestors clashed with israeli forces again today. the unrest that erupted several weeks ago at jerusalem's most sensitive holy site have spread to gaza. protestors rolled burning tires
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and threw rocks at troops. six palestinians were killed and a dozen more wounded. steve: with the russians playing a bigger role in syria, the strategy. military officials say the u.s. will abandon its goal of training moderate syrian rebels to fight isis. the focus will be on providing weapons to establish kurdish and terrorists. the current program is failing to create a ground force quickly enough. >> another unauthorized drone crashed near the white house. it was spotted early this morning flying near the washington monument. wind made it spin out of control and crash into a part. the operator was ticketed for flying in a no-fly zone drone zone. the aircraft was confiscated. it is the 9th such incident in the greater d.c. area this year. steve: republicans continue to debate who will be the next house speaker. one, paul ryan. many of his colleagues believe
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he is considering entering the race and will take the weekend to discuss it with his family. other candidates say they may back out if ryan gets in. >> i would not run against paul ryan. i'll be as clear as i can. if paul ryan gets in the face, i'm a huge fan, i would support paul ryan. i would hope he would do it. he has said he won't, but we've got to get somebody who wants to do it and will fight for it. steve: this is touched off by john boehner who announced plans to retire, but says he will stay on until a successor is chosen. >> kevin mccarthy was considered the favorite to win the speaker post until pulling out of the race yesterday. today we may have found out why. a number of congressmen received e-mails saying mccarthy is having an affair with a fellow house member, rene elmers of north carolina. she denied the affair. he has brushed off rumors in the past.
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for years, but the top cop can sniff out crime. >> sharon crowley explains what happened when commissioner bratton caught a woman smoking marijuana. >> all of a sudden, there it is. that smell. i said what the hell? it's 8:30 on wall street. me. we're walking along. >> reporter: forget your imagine getting busted for cop? that's just what happened to one new york city school girl. >> directly in front of me is away. she's got her ear phones in and school. bratton entertained the lawyers as he described his encounter with the pot-smoking student breakfast. >> we came up on each side and tapped her on the shoulder. she looked over. i wish i had a photograph of
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she instantly recognized me. >> reporter: she wasn't hurting anybody? >> we removed the marijuana and threw it in the sewer and suggested she might have a better academic day without the influence of that. >> reporter: last year he and mayor de blasio announced police officers would ticket people for possessing small amounts of marijuana. smoking pot in public is still something you can be arrested for or given a summons. luckily for the school girl, the commissioner let her off with a stern warning. >> only in new york? >> reporter: the commissioner showing he has a sense of humor. but he is serious about being against the legalization of marijuana as he feels it's a gateway drug. he does support marijuana for medicinal use, one of a number of topics that he talked about at the breakfast at the new york law school this morning. steve: interesting. thank you, sharon. step aboard the world's poshest cruise line.
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steve: one man rolled his wheelchair across long island to raise money for north shore animal league. christina: jodi goldberg was there as he crossed the finish line line. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: he's a man who's trying to make a difference. gabriel crossed the finish line to complete a 122 mile roll across long island in a manual wheelchair. >> we went tuesday, took us four days, 122 miles, and the culmination is port washington. >> reporter: he was involved in a terrible car accident 20 years ago that left him paralyzed but hasn't slowed him down. he has traveled across country in his wheelchair and throughout israel with an aspiring message to never give up. his latest challenge raised over $5,000 to help build this adoption center at north shore animal league. he says the organization means so much to animal lovers. >> he's inspiring.
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he's raising money for shelter pets. he's raising money for our capital campaign. he's doing it for the right reasons. we're happy to support him. >> reporter: this chihuahua mix helped him cross the finish line. his owner is amazed by the determination. >> i know the hills on 25 go up and down. i don't know how he did it. >> you have to take that leap of faith and believe it or not, most of the time you're going to land on your feet. or on your butt sitting in a wheelchair. >> reporter: construction will begin within the next couple of years. once open, it will free up more space for rescues. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. christina: money is pouring in to help an injured bear seen walking upright in oak ridge, new jersey. a go fund me page was set up and has raked in $19,000. looks like a person. in just over a week, the bear is
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his left paw is badly injured. he's described as being very thin. a local non-profit says it will build a habitat for the bear if it's captured. steve: we've seen the mess to your side. that's severe weather moving in our direction. >> we don't have anything severe, but we have a severe thunderstorm watch that's in effect for the counties in pink. this goes until 8:00 tonight. after that, we believe the threat will be diminished. there are severe thunderstorm warnings around the philadelphia area. at the moment, they're seeing the stronger storms move through that part of the northeast. it's a line that's defined from new england all the way across northern new jersey now and heading towards southeastern pennsylvania. and if we zoom in on a few locations -- or if i advance it one, we'll go in on a few locations, the cell that came through earlier across portions of new york city, the downpour we just experienced, have pushed northeastward and moving from great neck to bayville. that's where you can expect to find quite a bit of rain right
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now. if we shift farther to the east, we will see that we have more showers and storms moving across parts of new jersey, some downpours from clifton through west orange as well as towards summit. those extends towards philadelphia where they're seeing the heavier storms coming in across the area. we'll see all this line or this mainline move eastward. we expect another round to pass through new york city as well as across long island. it appears that westchester is lightening up with the rain and the heaviest rainfall has moved towards parts of connecticut, most likely fairfield county. if you'll be riding around 95 in the next hour or so, that's where you'll find the wet weather. areas like the jersey turnpike towards the garden state parkway, some problematic areas with wet roadways and down pours. we're seeing temperatures take a drop into the 60s north and west.
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it will feel drier as we go into our saturday. the winds are blustery. they're coming between 10 to 15 miles an hour with some of the downpours that are coming through. we could have gusts as high as 25. the line is racing to the east. behind it, we see drier weather working in. we'll have clearing skies later into the evening. that will take over overnight and tomorrow we'll see more in the way of sunshine. here's a look at the futurecast. by tomorrow morning, skies will be clearing out. it will be nice and dry for your saturday. temperatures coming down a little bit and the winds will pick up. it will feel breezy and cool in the shade. sunday, beautiful, sunny skies and temperatures will be pretty much about average for this time of year. so once we get through this line that's moving through now, we'll have clearing skies later this evening. temperatures will drop into the 40s north and west tonight. sunshine. breezy, slightly cooler than it was today, but not as muggy. highs mostly in the middle to upper 60s with low 70s. then it will be breezy and still in the 60s on sunday with plenty of sunshine. monday looks great.
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we'll have a high of 73. on tuesday, we'll see increasing clouds. there's the threat of a couple of showers, and once the front pushes through, we have cooler air working in towards the weekend. as we go into friday, saturday and sunday, i saw a cool blast coming in. for those of you waiting for fall-like temperatures, they're on the way. steve: we knew they'd be here sooner or later. thank you. christina: check out the fox 5 ny weather app. it features daily and hourly forecasts. your live interactive radar to track storms where you are. plus you can get weather headlines and storm alerts and warnings when lightning is nearby. download the free app today. search fox 5 ny weather in the itunes store or in google play. steve: steve aoki is tied for first place on the forbes list of highest earners. [music] he's played all over the world. he stopped by "good day new york" this morning to show off
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now he's getting into the world of film. he is the music supervisor for the horror film the hive. he has a unique description of the movie. >> the hive is a teen flick horror thriller film based on shared experiences and a lot of black goo. a lot of black goo that comes out all over people's faces. scary. steve: all right. if it sounds good, the hive is available streaming right now as we speak. the world's poshest cruise line sails out of new york city. christina: alison morris shows us what it's like to sail like a celeb in tonight's lap of luxury next. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the
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christina: it's hockey night in brooklyn. steve: the islanders begin their first season at barclays center. mac king is live at the arena with the excitement heading into tonight's big game. >> reporter: they open their first full season in brooklyn in a couple of hours against the defending stanley cup champions chicago blackhawks.
5:21 pm
thinking of seasons past. on april 25th, after 42 seasons, the islanders played their final game in the building, abandoning the arena and distancing themselves from a rabid fan base for hip urban digs and millions of new fans. depending on how brooklyn reacted. 4-1/2 hours before puck drop, the hockey polls of this woman isn't a fair representation. >> not a hockey fan. i'm pumped there's hockey at the barclays. >> reporter: others promise to see them in person and the first game, fans came to watch them play. >> i dropped my season tickets. probably make a few trips in. >> reporter: this 29-year-old waited to meet friends for the game. while filled with optimism, he mourned the team's departure
5:22 pm
>> just a tradition. the four cups that was won there and this building. it's not the same. >> reporter: fans seem skeptical of the team's ability to fill the new arena in brooklyn. >> it will be -- i'm going to meet some friends at a pub. it's an hour drive for them. it will be tough. >> i don't watch hockey. it's not like a good, positive thing for me. >> i've got other things going on. >> reporter: even surrounded by busy people facing a variety of distractions, a train ride away from those who love it most, a winning team attracts fans. in 2015, most expect the islanders to be that. >> i think we're a playoff team. going to be a good season. looking forward to it. >> reporter: the tailgating scene probably doesn't compare to that sat the old nassau coliseum, but we're seeing a lot of fans coming in and looking for bars to post up until the puck drops at 7:30. doors open at 6:00. back to you.
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steve: always fun in brooklyn. the mets road to the world series begins in l.a. tonight. christina: what they're saying about the first post-season steve: and the search for the cause of the deadly explosion in brooklyn. why investigators say a gas leak is not to blame. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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christina: natural gas has been ruled out as the cause of last week's deadly explosion in brooklyn. brooklyn. >> reporter: good evening to you. you can see the green fencing behind me here right in front of the house on 13th avenue and borough park. you know 13 people were injured in this blast and two were actually killed. now investigators are digging deeper into the lives of both of those victims and wondering whether or not this fire was an accident or intentionally set. last saturday's building explosion in borough park could have been an act of suicide. one of the victims, francis ka figueroa may have been used chemicals to ignite the blast. figueroa was reportedly
5:25 pm
distraught over being evicted from her apartment and left behind disturbing notes. the nypd would not confirm the information, but it's one of the many leads investigators are pursuing. >> they're all avenues to explore. >> reporter: could hair salon chemicals have that kind of damage? >> i'm not sure what they have in hair salons. i know in nail salons, they use acetone and flammable liquids. and they're very volatile. so -- >> reporter: it could have? >> could be. >> reporter: outside of figueroa's salon, there is a growing memorial, flowers and candles. clients and friends are struggling with the loss. >> i was just now on my way to get my hair done. i just happened to see it was closed. this is kind of shocking. >> with everybody saying that she did this to herself, you know, we don't believe that at all. >> reporter: at first, fire
5:26 pm
caused by a gas explosion. but the commissioner says it wasn't. >> the gas meters were both okay locked. >> reporter: this investigation is still ongoing. back out here, you can see on 13th avenue, there's a lot of heavy equipment around, cranes and that fencing. the borough president says it should be out of here by tuesday. hopefully bringing some sense of normalcy back to this area. live in borough park brooklyn, christina, back to you. christina: thank you so much. an american hero stabbed in a late night bar fight is recovering from his injuries. airman spencer stone's condition has improved to fair. the 23-year-old is in good spirits and is able to get out of bed. stone was stabbed several times in a fight at a bar in sacramento. he and two others were hailed as heros after stopping a terrorist gunman on a paris bound train track in august. steve: police arrested a man for
5:27 pm
groping three young boys inside a bronx park. this is the suspect seen in the pics. he touched children in three separate incidents back in august. the youngest victim just 12 years old. he is facing numerous charges. >> a hawks player was found not guilty guilty. struggle, he's been charged with resisting arrest. officers were trying to disperse a crowd following the stabbing of chris copeland. steve: the mets make their return to the playoffs. it is a battle of east meets west. they're taking on the dodgers starting tonight. the eastern division pitching expected to be a key component to the series. the dodgers will have clayton kershaw on the mound against degraham.
5:28 pm
one, i was honored. to be able to go two games in the series, i was honored with that. steve: first pitch should be around 9:45 east coast. christina: how much can we learn about someone from how they steve: a lot. as lidia curanaj shows us, it's much more than you might think. >> reporter: he tweets, she tweets, everyone is tweeting these days. that little birdie icon is used by more than 100 million people. >> twitter is kind of an engine there. >> reporter: your tweet may be 140 characters, but it can indicate how much you money. >> higher income use -- >> reporter: this scientist analyzed 5,000 twitter users and came up with some surprising results. >> in terms of topics, the lower and higher income discuss
5:29 pm
they talk about politics and lower income swear more or they talk about themselves or about activities. >> reporter: analysts studied 10 million tweets. among the interesting finding, twitter users that express fear or anger tended to have higher incomes. those that use profanity had lower incomes. people that use profanity tend to be lower income. would you agree with that? >> i don't think so. because i feel like profanity is -- it's a way to express. >> i would say how. if you have a higher income, your business happens a lot via social media. you're not trying to put out profanities. >> reporter: they also have more followers. if you tweet about religion, you apparently make less. >> i don't agree with that. i talk about religion a lot. >> reporter: researchers believe your habits will be analyzed by employers and healthcare insurers. before you tweet, think a lot. lidia curanaj, fox 5 news.
5:30 pm
christina: interesting. netflix is going to watch a little more. >> last time they raised prices, it was a pr nightmare. what they're doing to ease the sticker shot. christina: and the surprise announcement from a real housewives during a gala in the city. steve: first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> reporter: kids got a taste of what it was like to fight fires in the 1920s as part of a fire safety lesson today. in addition to the history lesson, the ability to interact with the truck is a way to make sure that those lessons stick. >> it really makes an impact, and they remember the importance of making good decisions in a time of emergency. >> it gives meme an awareness of -- them an awareness of fire prevention. i emphasize the use of smoke detectors and having an exit plan. >> reporter: u.s. marine corps kicking off the toys for tots campaign early because demand is so high. miss universe joined marines in old bethpage today to help
5:31 pm
launch this year's efforts. >> people always ask what's the number of toys i want to collect. i want as many as i can. without the help of the fire department, the new york city police, nassau and suffolk police, i'd never be able to. steve: you can donate at any post office or i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at
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christina: netflix is raising programming. steve: dan bowens just us what others doing to make viewers cut the cable cord. >> they jack up the price every >> reporter: streaming services are part of a media consumption alternative. >> i stream. >> reporter: david is a subscriber. >> house of cards. orange is the new black. we watch that. >> reporter: his reaction to a decision from netflix to raise its standard rates by a dollar to 9.99? >> it's like everything else. if you want it, you've got to pay more for it. >> i read you're not supposed to ask that. >> you read that? you studied for prison? >> the raise in rates will offset some of the costs the company spends on original programming like orange is the new black and house of cards.
5:33 pm
>> netflix is providing more content. they're creating more original content. that costs a lot of money. >> reporter: this comes as several streaming boxes are improving technology, looking to capitalize on cord cutters. >> they're bringing in apps, games, apple tv. you're seeing that with google, the chrome cast. all of the boxes are doing something. >> reporter: in the end, whether you cut the cord or subscribe to alternative sources, cable companies always seem to come out on top. >> because they provide internet access. they're still doing that, even as people cut the cord and cut the cord and walk away from network television and traditional viewing habits, they still need the internet coming into their house. >> reporter: dan bowens, fox 5 news. steve: when celebrities take a cruise, they do it in style. christina: we're taking you aboard the super lux ocean
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>> a line of downpours is moving across long island through new york city into central new jersey as we speak. i'll time it out for you and let you know who's going to be hit next when the fox 5 n okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent
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steve: the real housewives of beverly hills star yolanda foster suffers from lyme disease. last night at the gala in the
5:37 pm
announcement. two of her children are also battling the disease. christina: joining us is dr. kerri peterson. thanks for being here. steve: you don't think of it running in the family or having multiple generations having it. >> it's not genetic. it's transmitted through a tick bite, only from ticks to human. it's caused by a bacteria and symptoms early on are flu-like symptoms and a rash that looks like a bullseye. you don't always get the rash. important to know. as time goes on, symptoms can cause cardiac problems, neurologic problems and over months, it can cause arthritis. yolanda, who received the power of one award, has been raising awareness for people who have chronic lyme disease. disease syndrome. after you've been treated with
5:38 pm
people, some people go on to have a syndrome where they experience headaches, severe debilitating fatigue and cognitive cognitive dysfunction. christina: she spent about a year looking for why she was feeling the way she was feeling. time. apparently she was diagnosed disease. if you're diagnosed later on, it's more difficult to treat. steve: the sooner you get to it, the better. it can be difficult to pinpoint. christina: is it a simple test if you suspect you might have it of ticks? can you get tested? >> you can. once you have been exposed, it convert. a blood test will show it. christina: let's talk about elephants and cancer. elephants live a long time. even dogs get cancer. elephants have a low rate of getting cancer. how is that? >> which is kind of surprising. the reason being that as we grow
5:39 pm
cells divide and multiply, every time it does is an opportunity for a mistake to cure which cancer. here are these large animals that live a long time. you would expect they'd have a high rate of cancer. they have one of the lowest rates at 4.8 percent. humans have 11 to 25 percent likelihood of developing cancer. the question is why? well, scientists found they had 20 times more copies of a gene called tp-53. it is known as the sort of guardian of the genome. it finds genetic mistakes, attacks them and kills them, preventing cancer. because elephants have such a large number of these copies, they have resistance to developing cancer. very interesting. steve: that could have all sorts of hopeful -- christina: how could it help human beings? >> down the road the hope is we can create a drug that mimicks tp-53 or we can insert the gene
5:40 pm
into precancerous cells. christina: that would be amazing. steve: that could be the break through. that's probably a little off. but encouraging. doctor, we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> let's talk about the weather now. christina: storms. steve: some wet weather. >> some downpours are coming through new york city. we had the first round and there was a break for a short amount of time and now another round is working its way across the tri-state area, specifically right into new york city. let's zoom in on a few locations. the line is defined from new england to new jersey into philadelphia at the moment. if we go into a little bit here, we'll see we have the heaviest downpours along the north shore of long island, over towards glenn cove. this is where i'm finding downpours. it's going to be a rough ride over the next 30 to 60 minutes. this is moving eastward. i anticipate more problems
5:41 pm
further into the commute. let's move further westward. we have heavy rainfall moving into great neck. that moves into new york city where we're getting major downpours from battery park city towards the bronx. that extends over the river into fort lee and along the hudson river area around hoboken and union city, edgewater. you're seeing heavy rain and lightning strikes. if we move further south, across the turnpike and towards the garden state parkway, we're seeing heavy rainfall. it will be a rough commute home along the turnpike from linden to perth amboy and new brunswick. this will last 30 to 60 minutes as things are racing to the east. as we look farther to the west, we have another cell moving across central parts of new jersey. that will be heading eastward and affecting areas like atlantic highlands, red bank, probably in another 30 to 60 minutes or so. severe thunderstorm watch continues for the area until 8:00 tonight.
5:42 pm
for anything to be sparking up, a lot of the severe storms are further to the southwest like around philadelphia. i would watch more likely in areas south of 195 or across central and southern portions of new jersey. that's where we'll see the highest risks of severe thunderstorms popping up. temperatures are dropping as the rain moves through. we're in the 60s in central park as well as across long island. 70 in bridgeport, but 61 up to monticello and 65 into sussex. winds are gusty with the passage of the front. we're seeing gusts up to 25 miles an hour or higher across the area. those will be diminishing through the overnight. as we move towards the northeast, we can see the line is racing to the east. we have cloudy skies to our west. we'll see clearing through the overnight. this patch of dry weather moving into the great lakes, that's going to be our weather as we go into the weekend. we'll see a drop in temperatures as our highs will be in the 60s with the dip coming in across the ohio valley. the front pushes to the east. after 8:00, we should see everything clearing out from
5:43 pm
west to east. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine for your saturday. it will feel cooler, too, with drier air in place. a slight drop in temperatures there. same thing for sunday. breezy but sunny and nice with temperatures rising into the tonight, the showers and storms that are moving through will be passing to the east. we'll have clearing skies overnight. temperatures will drop into the 40s behind the front north and west of the city. sunshine. it will be breezy and cooler. temperatures just a little cooler, but more average for this time of year. same thing for sunday with plenty of sunshine. it will be breezy with a high of 69. next week, temperatures rise back into the 70s for monday for a nice start to the week. on tuesday, we'll see our next system coming through. this will increase our clouds during the day on tuesday. i think so far, the rain will hold off until thursday -- excuse me -- tuesday afternoon into the evening. and once it pushes through, temperatures drop back into the mid 60s for highs for wednesday and thursday. we're going to see a big drop in numbers next weekend.
5:44 pm
we're going for highs in the low 60s friday. lows could be in the 30s by saturday and sunday north and west of the city. steve: yikes. wow. all right. we knew that was coming eventually. thank you. check out the fox 5 ny weather app featuring forecasts, live interactive radar to help you track storms where you are. you can get weather headlines, storm alerts, lightning nearby. down load the app. search fox 5 ny in the itunes store or google play. christina: going high end on the high seas. steve: crystal cruises is a favorite among billionaire businessmen and celebrities. alison morris takes us on board. >> reporter: welcome to the lap of luxury. we're aboard the crystal symphony docked here in new york city. crystal has been named the world's best cruise line for 20 years in a row.
5:45 pm
makes crystal so special. >> it's really sinful the crystal service that's delivered day in and day out. >> reporter: luxury is about the ultimate service and amenities. the 780 foot crystal symphony is one of two crystal ships constantly upgraded to insure they're a cut above the rest. >> we spend about $120 million every two years refreshing our vessels. >> reporter: the symphony boasts two penthouses, each nearly a thousand square feet. >> this suite is one of two on the vessel. and she's just gorgeous. it's great for people who want more room to spread out in the cruise world. >> starting at $15,000 a person for a seven day cruise from new york to montreal, going all the way up to 350,000 a person for a 129-day world cruise from south africa to italy. >> they come with 24-7, 365 day
5:46 pm
they have sitting rooms and, as you can see over there, a beautiful dining room, magnificent bathrooms, wonderful comforting beds. it's a wonderful way to vacation. vacation. >> reporter: venture outside and there's a range of exquisite dining options, from italian at prego to japanese at silk road. >> this is our restaurant at sea. we're the only ones at sea with an exclusive deal with the master himself. this venue is complimentary to any guest. as you can see, we have the sushi bar where they can come in and enjoy sushi, or they can dine on our exquisite menu. that's beautiful. >> reporter: thank you. this food is fantastic. i've never had squid like that. for a special occasion and an extra charge, book an evening in
5:47 pm
the elegant vintage room where sommeliers serve up the most decadent wines. >> it will be the opus, the 2010. 2010. >> cheers. >> reporter: cheers. delicious. it is wonderful. >> recover from a night of fine wining and dining with a day at the fung shui-designed crystal spa and salon. >> there's a long list of spa treatments available, everything from thai massage to hot stone therapy massage. >> try this for $259 or a facial for $2750. >> you can get botox and teeth whitening. >> reporter: relax in the seahorse pool and jacuzzi. there's an inside movie theatre, cigar bar and lavish lounge areas with plenty of places to
5:48 pm
curl up with a book while the world goes by. >> we sail from five nights to 128 nights on our around the world voyages. we go all over the world literally. we go to all seven continents. you can go to antarctica or do a five or seven night in the med or canada-new england out of here in new york. lots of options. >> reporter: they're expanding the options, announcing they're adding three more ships to the fleet and yacht cruises, river cruises, even crystal luxury air to fly around the world. >> we are endeavoring to be the world's most awarded and prestigious and premier luxury and life-style brand portfolio. >> reporter: thanks for joining us aboard the crystal symphony. see you next time on the lap of luxury. christina: how much does it cost? steve: not cheap. we know that. christina: we'll see you at ten. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> keep it right here.
5:49 pm
we have a lot of things to tell you about. what about the financial crisis in puerto rico? it's a big issue. why isn't anyone talking about it and what's being done to fix it? next at 6:00, the limelight was once one of new york's hottest clubs. you remember. what's it going to be now? find out straight ahead next at 6:00.
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we begin this evening with this story. it has happened again. more shootings at colleges in america. today two incidents, one in arizona and one in texas, have left two people dead. let's get right to the latest. linda schmidt is in the newsroom with the details. hard to believe. >> reporter: it makes you shake your head every single time you hear one of these horrific stories. coincidentally, the two shootings today happened on the same day that president obama is visiting the college campus in oregon where eight students and a teacher were shot and killed last week. >> this is the safest place, you know. to think something like this would happen to people that, you know, are really the heart of our community, it breaks my heart. >> reporter: students at northern arizona university are stunned after one of their classmates pulled out a gun and killed one student and injured three others. >> one of our students, steven jones, 18 years old, produced a
5:53 pm
handgun and he shot four other students. >> reporter: police say jones, a freshman, told them he ran and got a gun out of his car after a fist fight with students in a parking lot on campus. jones said he was punched in the face. it happened about 1:20 outside housing for many of the campuses, sororities and fraternities. all of the victims are members of a sorority. this student said her friends said they were in lockdown in their rooms after hearing the gunfire. >> they were so terrified. to not help them and be there is hard to accept. >> it's not going to be a normal day at nau. >> in texas, they were on lockdown this morning after a shooting at texas southern university in houston. one freshman student is dead. another person injured. authorities say it happened at a student apartment complex on the
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