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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the latest on the shooting in texas, authorities say two people have been detained in that shooting, and get a load of this, two other shootings have been reported near or on that campus in the last week. back upstairs to you. ernie: unbelievable. thank you for that. in other stories, making news this evening, a new study says police officers who worked the debris pile at ground zero had 50 percent more cancer diagnoses than officers before the attacks. all of the cops who were diagnosed, 81 percent, served at ground zero at some point. >> the fdny ruled out natural gas at is cause of last week's building explosion in borough park. they're checking if some other fuel source is to blame and if it was a possible suicide. two people died in the explosion. several others were hurt. a new american military strategy for syria with the russians now playing a bigger role. the pentagon says it will abandon its goal of training moderate syrian rebels.
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they will provide weapons to kurdish and arab groups already fighting terrorists in syria. now we go to our feature story tonight. we know about the financial crisis in greece. there's a similar crisis going on in puerto rico, which is having a negative effect on the world's economy. so why isn't anybody talking about it? what's being done? antwan lewis begins our in-depth look tonight. >> this is video of governor cuomo's visit to puerto rico. >> 3.5 million u.s. citizens live on the island. it is going through a difficult economic time. people are leaving the island because they have limited opportunities. >> reporter: the island is struggling with a huge financial crisis. $72 billion in debt, accumulated over decades and reaching critical mass. there are two bills in congress that, if passed, would allow puerto rico to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.
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so far they haven't received much support. >> detroit, other cities, have been able to avail themselves of bankruptcy protection to restructure the debt so it is payable. it's not about waking away. it's restructuring the debt to where it can be paid. >> reporter: cuomo pledged 5 million to promote tourism between new york and puerto rico. while the connection to the island is well known, new york can't do it alone. >> within the state's limitations, the governor stepped up. i appreciate that. we need the assistance from others across the country to step up at the federal level in congress to put pressure on the president to do what's right by puerto rico. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much for that report. joining me a special guest, lieu luis miranda. good to have you here. let's talk about this. $52 billion debt. that's a lot of dough. what's congress doing? how come there's no action?
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>> very little. congress and the republican majority in congress cannot agree on who's going to be their speaker, imagine puerto rico, that it's not at the top of the agenda. and the difficulties, money problems are resolved with money, not only with goodwill. if congress comes into the equation -- and they have. otherwise the problem will not be resolved. they have to come with resources to help puerto rico through the crisis. ernie: we talked about chapter 9 with detroit. they restructured their debt. why can't they do that? >> that is something that congress can do without any additional resources. in fact, congress can allow puerto rico to redo their debt, go into bankruptcy and do that, and that will be the first step for a much longer process of doing real economic changes
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between puerto rico and the united states, and congress also reviewing everything -- congress and the president reviewing everything that is happening in puerto rico right now. ernie: we've heard governor cuomo wants to put $5 million that's okay. the situation? >> something that can be done immediately, $25 billion of that $72 billion is health related payments that puerto rico is making now. while states with the new health reform are getting 3% more, puerto rico is being capped and getting an 11 percent cut in all of the health programs. so that alone will eliminate a third of the debt that puerto rico has at this time. ernie: you also know elections are coming up. and there's a big concern there. down in florida, all the >> absolutely. there. >> in fact, though puerto rico
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millions of puerto ricans, more than 4 million, in the united states are concentrated in states that are key for the election. almost a million puerto ricans have moved -- ernie: florida, california. >> florida has decided many of the presidential elections lately. so the puerto rican population are demanding from local members and congress, people who represent them, to do something for puerto rico. it's important. there's something your viewers can do right now. they can go into the hispanic federation web site or facebook or twitter and there is a click to ask the president to sign a petition to ask president obama to get involved in the issue of puerto rico. ernie: action you can take. raise the awareness. thank you so much for joining us. luis miranda. thank up. next, it's been a church, a club, and the backdrop for a
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notorious crime. now there's something new where the limelight once stood. christal young takes us there right after the break. >> and be sure to join us for breast cancer awareness week starting monday right here at 6:00. from advancements in treatment and prevention to even fashion that helps patients and survivors' self-esteem. our special series next week at 6:00. and we're coming right back after the break. baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. ernie: it's friday. we got a little weather action going on now. this is a live picture we're showing you. the avenue of the americas around 49th street, radio city. it's coming down not that hard right now, but it's been sporadic. i've been looking out my window. audrey will talk about. there's something pretty. the lights are shining. everything looks nice and clean. >> it's glistening. ernie: it's great.
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if you have an umbrella and you're not getting wet and you can have fun. some people find the rain a little romantic as well. a little on the rooftops and stuff like that. >> unless you're worried about your hair. i know some of my friends are texting me about that. ernie: your hair looks good. don't worry about it. nice for the weekend? >> yes. we have a nice weekend coming up. we'll have nice weather to go with it. first we have to get through the rain that is moving across the tri-state area. it's a line of storms that is moving through from new england through new york city and extending into portions of new jersey at the moment. i want to zoom in on a few locations. if we get closer across long island, we have some heavy downpours and storms with lightning moving across nassau and suffolk county. these are the storm cells that moved across new york city a while ago. they've now shifted towards the east. it's a very rough ride across all of our long island roadways right now. and that's going to continue as
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this is moving directly eastward. it will be affecting most of long island through the next 30 to 60 minutes. there is cloud-to-ground lightning, so quite a show, anywhere from islip towards portions of fire island. again, this is shifting eastward. areas like the hamptons and the nor shore of long island, around green port, you'll be getting into the rainfall in the next 30 to 60 minutes. another cell is one that's moving towards jfk. there are significant delays at all of the three major airports and probably the smaller ones. check with your airline carrier if you are flying out or expecting someone to fly in for this holiday weekend. they're probably experiencing some delays. we have a rough ride across the turnpike and the garden state parkway. we have downpours moving out of eastern pennsylvania, moving across central portions of new jersey. atlantic highlands to seaside heights, you'll be experiencing steady rainfall that will increase in the next 30 to 60
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minutes to downpours. then they should exit. here's the line from new england moving into new jersey. philadelphia was slammed earlier, but now everything is shifting to the east. this is the radar in a futurescan mode. i'm expecting downpours across the hamptons and montauk. these should be pushing off the jersey shore in 60 minutes as the dry line begins to work across the northwestern portion of new jersey as we go into the 7:00 hour. there is a severe thunderstorm watch that has been discontinued for northwestern new jersey as the line pushes eastward. it's continuing until 8:00 along the jersey shore, new york city and extending towards nassau county. the threat will be diminishing as everything shifts eastward. temperatures are into the 70s for highs. right now the temperatures are in the 60s as the rain is cooling things off. we've dropped down to 59 in monticello. drier air will be working in from the northwest. that's going to set us up to a chilly evening north and west of the city.
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the line is moving eastward. there are clouds, but those will clear out overnight and tomorrow we'll see more in the way of sunshine. temperatures will come down a little bit. in fact, during a breeze, it will feel chilly tomorrow in the shade. the same thing for sunday as temperatures by then will be rising into the upper 60s. tonight it's going to be chilly north and west. we'll have readings into the 40s. we'll have temperatures in the 50s in the city. clearing skies overnight. we'll see plenty of sunshine for your saturday. it will be breezy. temperatures down a little bit. mostly into the 60s across the region. a couple of spots in new jersey could hit the 70 degree mark. plenty of sunshine for sunday. monday. and on tuesday, we'll see our next rainmaker moving in. i think the rain will hold off and last through the evening. it should clear out for wednesday as temperatures begin to drop. we'll have highs only in the low 60s by friday. we'll probably go even cooler weekend. it's going to feel more like
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fall next weekend. ernie: i'm going to take you back. when you were just a child, 30 years, the limelight was one of new york's hottest clubs. it became the backdrop for a notorious crime and was shut down. now the location has new life. christal young has a look at the limelight now and then. >> reporter: perhaps no other building in new york city has as varied and storied a history as this one. in 1844, the first cornerstone was laid to the protestant e pisk episk e-episcopal church. the complex was designated a landmark. by then the congregation had dwindled and in 1976, the
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>> it was transformed into the infamous limelight disco. >> andy warhol through the opening party. i was there. it was a great party. but the club didn't take off right away after that opening night. it had trouble finding its identity for some time. part of it was maybe the weirdness of partying in a church. >> reporter: by the early '90s, it all came crashing down. >> there was the club kid murder where the leader and his friend killed a drug dealer named angel. this was in 1996. and obviously that put an end to the night life and it was a horrifying thing that sent shockwaves through the city. >> reporter: after sitting vacant, the marketplace opened in 2010. 12,000 square feet of upscale boutiques. now the main building is divided between the marketplace and a
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>> no better place to come and have a party and work out and have a club-like atmosphere than the limelight. we have the club music, the lighting. it was a club. >> reporter: inside the gym, in addition to the workout equipment, you'll find peter's old safe. you'll find disco balls from an era gone by. by, if these walls could talk. there's a lot of history, but in a month or two, a 275-seat restaurant is going to open as part of the building. what i want to tell you is the last piece of this puzzle is the grimaldi's pizzeria. it used to be the vip room for the limelight. we know a lot of naughty things probably happened in there. ernie: i went to a few parties there. it was pretty nice. we had some good times, too. a lot of history. i'll share some of those stories off camera.
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>> reporter: you're too funny. i'd love to hear them. ernie: i'll share them with you. thank you for the report. watch out for the rain. >> reporter: you're welcome. i will. ernie: thank you so much. coming up tonight, i hit the streets to play fill in the blank again. check it out. i am blank and proud of it. what is it? ernie: what are you proud of being? some great answers coming up. fans are proud of their mets in the playoffs. russ will be here to pick up the story after the break. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either.
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ernie: russ is here.
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big games tonight. mets and the dodgers. exciting. some match-up. russ: after nine years, mets are in the post-season. i said to you the other day, if this -- if there's a lot of runs scored, i'll be shocked. you have the reigning national league rookie of the year pitching for the mets. he was 14 and 8 this season. he had a 2.54 era. what impresses me most about him is his poise. he's one of those young men that you hear this about athletes all the time. don't let the moment become too big. don't let the game become too big. i think if he does that tonight, he'll be up to the task. ernie: he's going up against kershaw. that's major opposition. russ: all kershaw has done in three of the last four years is be the national league cy young award winner, the best pitcher
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ernie: is he going to fill the pressure? russ: i don't think he will. i think the pressure will be felt by the hitters. kershaw is a lefty. the big hitters, granderson is a lefty. it's going to be incumbent. you've got other guys, david wright. i look for this series to be about a guy making a mistake. who's going to make the mistake on the mound. ernie: and joe girardi. a little wrap up. russ: he had his wrap-up. for joe, it's hard to watch what's going on. he was knocked out of the post-season in the wildcard game tuesday night against the astros. but joe was asked flat out to assess his performance this past season. here's what he had to say. >> with the information in front of me and being prepared and the discussions i had with my
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was right every day. the bottom line is we didn't win, so that's going to be questioned. i understand that. hindsight can be 20-20. could you have done something different? in saying that, we're not sure that would have worked any better. ernie: that's joe. how do you assist his performance and the season? russ: when we spoke at the beginning of the season, i didn't expect the yankees to be in the post-season. they got there. for a long time, it looked like they would win the division injuries. i think joe did a good job. i think the yankees overachieved. rangers beat the blue jays this afternoon 6 to 4. ernie: happy birthday tomorrow. russ: thank you. ernie: big 8-0. should be fun. russ: wise guy. ernie: what are you proud of? we hear what new yorkers are saying right after the break on fox
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ernie: a reminder to be watching fox 5 tomorrow beginning at 4:30 for new york's star of the day. >> wait a minute. isn't that bernie williams from the new york yankees? >> yes, it is. yes, it is. ernie: they're saying how come he's not holding a bat. he has a guitar. how come? >> i am blessed to have an opportunity to do music and baseball for as long as i did and now music. i am blessed. >> we're happy to have you on board. you're terrific. ernie: i'll be joined by celebrity judges from the new york area helping to choose the next star of the day. get ready to see some of the best local talent competing tomorrow at 4:30 here on fox 5. now i'd like you to fill in the missing word. i am blank and proud of it. >> a new yorker. ernie: a new yorker. i can understand that. you should be. what's the best thing you can say about new york? >> it's a cultural haven. ernie: it sure is.
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and a lot more. >> yes. ernie: thank you. have a great day. be proud of new york. >> i'm an american and proud of it. ernie: there you go. >> thank you. ernie: okay. fill in the blank. >> american. and proud of it. absolutely. >> i am in college and proud of it. ernie: you must be happy, right? >> yes. ernie: who's paying the bill? what are you? >> i'm a woman and proud of it. ernie: stay that way. very proud of your heritage. >> two wonderful cultures, two wonderful inheritances. ernie: a lot of people in this great melting pot. still asking the question what are you proud of? >> i'm proud of being an american. i'm proud of being a mother. ernie: proud of being a mother. that's very nice. >> i'm proud of doing good things in this world. ernie: isn't that nice. we need a lot of people like you. you know what? we're proud of you. >> well, thank you. ernie: aren't we? you bet. take care. nice to see you. bye-bye. that's it. i'm ernie anastos. thanks for joining us.
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have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you monday. take care. all right. what are you proud of, my good man? russ: i'm a grandfather. that. so am i. russ: it feels great. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight,
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