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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 10, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> forty -year-old's words out of the path of other drivers to avoid a mattress that have fallen into the roadway. this move undoubtedly save a lot of lives. bill: how to be guy not even get a ticket? >> a breast cancer survivor. she was excited excited to put on abroad. problem is, there weren't any. >> i need my new sports bra, my new bra. >> gave me a hot pink little drops of -- brought to try on. >> chasing the queen of bounty hunters.
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in heels. >> am not going to say excuse me,me, hold that thought, i have to put my flats on. >> don't ask too many questions. bill: a tragic accident this week that killed the truck driver. many claim thatmany claim that this truck driver was a hero for preventing what could have been an absolute disaster with many, many more fatalities. many people are praising the four -year-old from newark saying that his move undoubtedly save a lot of lives. i chased this again to the
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turnpike except this time a little bit off the road here i spoke to some truckers who say they experience a big loss to what they consider to be a family and committee which is pretty evident. a lot of the know each other and do these all the time. it is a big loss, and they can all agree. >> that was a big choice. god does what he does. someone else would have made a big accident and mess up for a lot of people. >> their job was dangerous with big rigs come big responsibilities. he took responsibilities. he took on his responsibility and made the right decision in the right move. the driver of the car, 26 -year-old man not facing charges, and i'm sure most is not all of us would agree that he had no intent to cause this.
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have been prevented is very easy. you could be liable if there is an accident. forget about how you secure it and all the other rules. you don't need 72 pages of legislation. how about if something comes off of your car and causes an accident you are potentially liable, and it was a mattress and box spring. it may have been to mattress is a box spring. this was enough that came off of this car that it could have caused complete carnage on the highway if not for the split-second decision-making and bravery of this driver, you know, his own life was held in contrast all those other lives. he died and how many people that he saved by making a decision? >> isn't that the number one thing found on the road? >> according to the study by
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aaa, about 25,000 accidents each year are caused by road debris command of the most popular items, for example, a christmas tree, latter, but a mattress is something that is very popular estate our patrolmen get calls into all the time. bill: teethree, start us off. >> a 17-year-old girl juncture a moving car to escape a would-be kidnapper after being lured into the vehicle by woman. the axa got into a charcoal gray toyota early monday morning when she was assaulted by a hispanic woman in her 40s. the woman drove around the block a couple of times looking for the teenager. anyone withanyone with information is asked to call the bridgeport detectives. bill: you are chasing a story instead of a 67 people
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at a new jersey company that had to be tested for hepatitis c and hiv after a nurse reports show that a nurse was reusing a syringe and now nearly 70 employees are being tested for hiv and hepatitis. it certainly has us thinking about the start of flu season. today i stop by the pharmacy and got mine. we have dr. charles simone simone in studio, one of the consulting doctors to a little bit about what happened. first question, with the
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syringe, immediately i thought it was the neil she did not change, but she was changing at the needle. what is the danger of not changing the syringe, and how does that happen? >> you should use a disposable syringe with an attached needle so that when you put it in here you will put some air into the bottle and then pull back the fluid. and you have to have the right dose for the fluid. you take it and injected into another human. now you have some fluid and skin cells and you're putting them back in here. you're supposed to life this off again. provided she did that. now your injecting into the bottle. that person cells and blood. the next person gets that person cells in blood. bill: even if the needle is changed? >> in a syringe. >> now you have 67 times as she did that. >> she went and got a flu
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shot, i don't get get one until about three or four years ago. not only that i was sick but that i should not gotten the flu shot. at best only 10 percent of the people have that. if you want to no the truth about anything, go to cochran .com data. they have flu shots. when you look at babies ages six to 24 months, no benefit. >> flu and pneumonia.
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40,000. will have all that stuff. make your own choice. i came down to meet dana donna free. >> this is really great and runs the gamut for women that have had all kinds of surgery, unilateral and women that are flattened fabulous. >> a double must suck to me and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. she recovered and was ready to get back to normal. >> they don't want me anywhere near one of those things. >> ii want to have an outlet
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this is what i need, money sports bra, money sexy bra, my t-shirt bra, all of these things that you just let julie picked up out of your drawer and dropped in the back to donate. >> being a fashion designer for over a decade she started an intimate apparel company for breast cancer survivors. they are beautiful, fashionable, and functional. >> i wanted them to feel really special. especially when your shopping for lingerie and nothing is fitting you over and over again. i wanted her to feel like she bought herself a gift. >> i checked out all of her awesome designs for people with limited mobility to using bamboo material for what i did not even think of, the tenders tissue which is much more breathable and softer than the usual material and there are not
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away. >> take the shirt off. >> i don't know. probably not. >> she gave me aa hot pink little brought to try on. i felt snug and secure. >> a beautiful combination. >> pink on pink on the real man. >> let's do everything that we can for the special women in our lives. more than just your body, your womanhood. she's out there to try to get that back to these women >> 1.7 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer.cancer. the number has not decreased since the 70s. the fact that there has not been abroad to fit them or to be comfortable and until now is unbelievable.
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helping people. if you go on,. >> take a look at the surveillance video showing two men. leaving with what is reported almost $1,100. happened tuesday afternoon near flatbush. please contact the crimestoppers. so i am here chasing the queen of bounty hunters. her name, michelle eskenazi.
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>> driving here in new orleans. all of a sudden of their runs right on front of you. that is what happened. anyway, snap pictures of the bear. it took this opportunity. send us your stuff.
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else, tips. put them on the air. we love you all so very much. >> the awful sexy halloween costume that came with it. the saga continues. new york's favorite vermin is back and fighting for what is rightfully his. minding his own business. no match for the pizza rat. >> it's very own angel. no. no wings. there is not a halo, but he is saving lives. a guardian who keeps an eye on the water making sure voters play by the rules and animals don't get hurt in
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the process. >> trying to educate the people. you know, rules and regulations. they don't quite understand when talking about. i just have to bring out some paperwork and rated to them and all of a sudden they go zero. >> now a full-time volunteer for the american society. a full-time gig that only picks up during the winter. >> people keep finding out, if you call animal control they really can't. >> neighbors all throughout
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help. let them know that it's getting a little older. >> could you be the next guardian? tweet your thoughts and tweet me. bill: you are chasing the story. thousands of bounty hunters catching thousands of fugitives. they are men. >> her name, michelle eskenazi. right outside her empire that she built up from scratch living off of welfare and built this empire literally called empire they all bonds, one of the biggest bond companies in new york city. fiery red hair, gorgeous
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fugitives in heels. >> this is how i come dressed to work. i am not going to say, excuse me, hold that thought. i have to go put my flats on >> she built her empire up. she has men who worked for her. i actually had hollywood will also be on her show arrest me. >> relax. relax. don't move. twenty-four hours, seven days a week. bill: how to she get into television? how does it compare to the other famous bounty hunter, dog the bounty hunter. >> wants people to realize that the bail bond business is a serious business, but it also has a human side.
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throughout new york that desperately need help. families that desperately need help. not everyone that gets arrested is criminal. >> one of the best. shebest. she runs one of the biggest bail bonds and the entire state and is very well known he got the look in the power. bill: i've seen you do just about every segment on the show in heels. does she really do that? >> she is my kind of woman. she really does where her heels all the time. >> wouldn't you run a lot faster and be a lot more productive? i get the style, don't get me wrong. >> on the other hand, it is
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>> dozens of robots. >> performance is performances very much about the audience being immersed in the complete experience.
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>> it might not look like it, but this building here in brooklyn is a church, a robotic church to be exact. it is home to dozens of robots. similar to an orchestra. >> very much about the audience being immersed in a complete experience within
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the machines perform within the area of the audience is and surrounds them completely. developing them over the past 15 years. >> made up of all of these body parts and is a very strong and rested creature. he is this quality. therefore it is a few should >> she called it an evolution of human condition >> she called it an evolution of human condition unique attraction. together they all more into a unique, interactive
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performance. this weekend you can catch one of the robots aware concerts. bill: how much do they way? [laughter] >> that's a very good question because some of them are life-sized, huge. show me the one that comes summer salting out. >> i'm not writing on it, but how much did it costs to create this music the done on? >> this is not just music. when i say performance, you go inside and these robots
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>> i have no idea what skynet is. here is what you missed on "chasing news". >> hotheads. >> joined does not want
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that's totally what it is.
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