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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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37. 45-42. t.c.u. hubener. near side. caught, 1st down, kansas state, once again, burton, the local kid if here in manhattan. no emotion from the coach. >> joel: and the methodical pace, kansas state trying get the clock on their side, not wanting to score too early to allow trevone boykin another opportunity. >> gus: 1st down. at the t.c.u. 29. they hand it off, jones. and jones leaning forward, gets
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carraway with the tackle and you are absolutely right, what a patient approach by this kansas state team right now, moving the ball effectively. cantele warming up on the sideline. 2nd down and 6. and jones this time chopped down in the backfield. is issahaku making another play. >> joel: and that's what you want to avoid, blitzes in the safety position and he shows it late, after the center's head picked up so kansas state was unable to check out of that play. >> gus: so a huge play coming up after the 4-yard loss. 3rd down and 10 at the 29.
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kansas state needs inside the 20 for a 1st down. burton has been the man. hubener. near side. caught, out of bounds, not enough for the first. this time it's heath. >> joel: oh, what a decision bill snyder has to make now. they have been so successful with the 1-yard attempts but they will send cantele out to kick and tie to pickup. >> gus: he has not attempted a field goal in this game. he flip-flopped for the starting job with matthew mccrane. and a time-out on the field. is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities
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the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. >> gus: has bill snyder had a change of mind? >> joel: i think he should. you don't want to leave trevone boykin if a tied game. even if you make it, there's time left. there's a lot of pressure on the defense. and you don't want to try a fake field goal because the defense has had a chance to talk about it. >> g g: so cantele back out on the field. and last week he missed his only
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attempt, a 43-yarder. >> joel: and you just stay home for a possible fake. >> gus: from 37 yards away. jake cantele. and it's good. cantele, ice water in his veins, levels the game with 1:47 to go. -- comes trevone boykin. who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now
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>> gus: jake cantele with the field goal, tieing the game at 45. i know you had a different opinion. you thought they should have gone for it and not given trevone boykin and t.c.u. an opportunity to scoe with a lot of- score with a lot of time left. >> joel: they are basically running their regular offense. two time-outs. he's one of the best players in america. i thought that was kansas state's chance to win the game right now. i wouldn't trust of defense but bill snyder has won a lot of games trusting a defense that is fundamentally sound. >> gus: turpin will get a shot. he's dangerous. to the 20, all the way up to the 35, make it the 36 yard line. so let's look at how we got here.
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it's been, just the second half alone. the first possession of the second half, and the pick six and then t.c.u. got rolling. and k-state in the run game, hubener. and then all trevone boykin, just a sensational run. to give them the lead before kansas state tied it at 45. [crowd yelling] >> gus: trevone boykin, 1st down at his own 36. and he'll run it, with room again. boykin. gained about 8 yards on the play, at shawn as sean newlanstops it. again. t.c.u. with two time-outs. 2nd and 1. boykin lines up -- over the
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middle! caught! doctson, wow! touchdown, t.c.u.! 55 yards! >> joel: right on the money. the mismatch on the outside. remember, for kansas state, jesse mack has been playing number 5, the all-american, josh doctson and as soon as mack gets turned around, boykin puts it on him in stride so he can run for a touchdown. that's too easy inside of 2 minutes. >> gus: doctson, 8 catches, 155 yards and two touchdowns. the extra point is good. t.c.u. ranked number 2 in the nation, why? because they have two incredible talents. trevone boykin to josh doctson.
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>> gus: joel, you were absolutely right. you didn't want to give trevone boykin that much time to get down the field. t.c.u. scores. it feels like in seconds. >> joel: the fourth straight
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game for doctson with so many yards yards. >> gus: dominique heath will let it bounce out of the end zone. >> joel: i thought the last series was kansas state was their best chance to win. they oaf kept boykin on the field, if they converted and potentially wind the clock down for a winning field goal or even a potential touchdown but allowing boykin on the field, you are inviting the long completion to josh doctson and now the clock is absolutely a factor. 1:10 with no time-outs. they will be in full hur e ry up mode, the first time all game long. >> gus: so hubener. from his own 25. >> gus: here's hubener.
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throws. incomplete. intended for burnt ton. >> joel: this young secondary for t.c.u. at this point they are charged with one thing: doper than the deepest. that's all they have to be worried about. and the senior has to be making sure no one jumps a short route. >> gus: hubener. and hubener lost it! loose ball in. recovered inside the 5.
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pierson. >> joel: here he comes, the pressure, i believe that's wilson, the true freshman linebacker. and it's just a delayed blitz. he held the ball finally the blitz gets home and wilson, from texas gets the job done. those linebackers had a bull's-eye on him all game young. long. young, small but make the biggest play of the night. sealing this victory for the horned frogs. >> gus: no time-outs. for k-state and hubener in tears on the sideline. boykin taking a knee. and here's the dr pepper one f of a kind play of the game.
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like trevone boykin have a chance, all he needed was a that. finds doctson, doctson with eight catches, two touchdowns, showing you why the two are a country. what a win. last time on the road they escaped lubbock and again here tonight, 52-45. in manhattan, kansas. >> gus: as coach patterson walks across the field to shake hands with his mentor, bill smired. -- snyder. the story this this game, though, trevone boykin. this young man in the 4th quarter, five carries, 106 yards, 2 touchdowns. he was 5 of 6 passing for 87 yards and a touchdown. a two
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the first road win at kansas state since 1985. lets go downstairs where molly is standing by. >> molly: you are understandably very happy. tied with to wo minutes to go -- less than two minutes. what was the game plan? >> coach: number one, our gs, we didn't -- our guys didn't play well in the first half. but i told them to get stops and get in the 4th quarter where we were and this group on offense and i am very proud of the defense because they stepped up and gave us a chance. >> derek: trevone boykin took over in the 4th quarter, making plays with his legs connecting with josh doctson. >> coach: you know, i said before the game, josh and trevone, they are special guys. we about gave it away defensively and they bought back and we just wanted to get out of it with a victory. >> molly: another close win on the road against a conference
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what have you leaderboard rned about your team? >> coach: i told them before the season that the games would be like this. i don't know why they are not believing me. >> molly: congratulations, coach. >> coach: appreciate it. >> molly: back to you. >> kevin: we'll return to wrap things up after these messages. 52-45, the final. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping...
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>> gus: 52-45. t.c.u. survives as they come back it beat kansas state. gus johnson with joel klatt. what a game. >> joel: and what a 4th quarter from trevone boykin. five rushes, just in the 4th quarter for 106 and two touchdowns and throwing it when they needed it the most. 5 of 6 and the touchdown to doctson to seal the deal. he was sensational tonight. 425 yards of total offense.
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fournette as the two top players for the heisman. >> gus: and trevone boykin, they talk about his intellect. and when he needed him most, he went to his go-to guy. >> joel: he was clutch. that's the mark of a great player at that position. you've got to be clutch and have reliable weapons on the outside and we saw t.c.u. needing a big 3rd down play or a touchdown, a score, where did they go? josh doctson. josh doctson just a heck of a game tonight and the guy trevone boykin will look for and showed up ni in a big way. >> gus: and molly had a chance to catch up with the all-star quarterback. quarterback. >> molly: trevone boykin, at times you wouldn't connect with the young receivers but held
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>> we went into halftime and ree reeviated and knee knew to leave it all at line. >> molly: you told me before the game your chemistry with josh doctson has never been stronger am how valuable is your trust in him? >> it's unbelievable. we really jut try to make the routine plays and not asking anybody to jump over a building or anything, just play football. >> molly: congratulations. >> thank you. >> gus: boykin. 20 of 30. 301 yards. and here's our dr pepper play of the game. boykin to doctson for the game winner. t.c.u. keeps on rolling. dodging a bullet, now 6-0. 3-0 in conference play. the final score, 52-45. t.c.u. beats kansas state. flip over to fs1 to see the
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match between the u.s.a. and mexico, live from the rose ball. that will wrap up it. gus johnson saying so long their manhattan. -- from manhattan.
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call 1-800-341-9716. it's after 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. >> death in the street following terror bombings in turkey. good evening i'm christina park. antwan lewis has denied up. a chilling scene taking place during a peace rally in ankara turkey nearly 100 people were killed and more than 200 were hurt in a simultaneous explosion could have a question that still remains is who is responsible? "fox 5's" lidia curanaj joins us
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investigation. for. the bloody images of the aftermath are hard to watch. so far no group has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack however turkish officials believe the attacks are result of dual suicide bombings in strongly suspect either isis or kurdish rebels are behind him. what started as a peaceful rally chanting and dancing. [chanting] turned into chaos and carnage captured on camera. about 100 people were killed saturday morning, hundreds of others injured during a demonstration in and card the capital city of turkey. 14,000 people in the area to time. turkish prime minister visited some of the hospitalized victims said there are strong signs that the two explosions set off seconds apart were suicide bombings. >> it's clear this attack was carried out against our country
11:26 pm
this attack was carried out against democracy. report of the time to blast and mistress were calling for an end to the conflict in the kurdistan working party and the turkish government. turkish officials suspect isis or kurdish rebels are behind the deadly attacks. turkey -- err right -- they're raising carried out unlimited number of strikes on the group as well. the leader of turkey kurdish party says those responsible will be caught. >> we are in great pain and great anger. we have the strength and the courage to bring them into account. for. the turkish government imposing temporary blackout of the terror attack aftermath. a government spokesman said this was done so as not to create a feeling of panic. many people are reporting not being able to access social media web sites for hours after the blast. christina. christina: lidia curanaj thank you.
11:27 pm
are three shootings in fewer than four days. yesterday an 18-year-old freshman died after being shot next to a student housing complex. two men have been detained in connection with that shooting rate a few hours earlier there was another shooting at the same complex. no one was hurt there and on tuesday university police say one person was hurt when shots were fired after an on-campus poetry event. in flagstaff now an 18-year-old freshman isn't charged with first-degree murder after shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. police say steven jones paletta handgun and started firing. one person was killed and three others hurt. investigators say a fight between a two groups of students escalated into gun violence. higher education officials in new jersey say they are getting plans ready in case of a mass shooting happens in their state. it requires new jersey public and private colleges and universities to submit emergency
11:28 pm
plans to the state government. schools must include procedures on how to deal with an active shooter situation and schedule the emergency drill. these plans must be filed annually. new details tonight about the long island woman caught on dash cam video repeatedly slamming her suv into a minivan that was carrying a mother and her two children. fox 5's dan bowens has incredible story. reporter: thursday suffolk county long island busy intersection when what seemed like a routine day and then out of nowhere and suv crosses the median rents overwrote sinon strikes a minivan reporting it on dash cam. as bystanders try to help out the driver of the suv backs up and starts another vehicle and accelerates and once again hits the minivan. this time you can hear the young children and mother inside the minivan screamed. the driver of the suv identified
11:29 pm
charged with dwi. i'm at the intersection of woodside and ocean avenue. spina was taken to brooksville medical center in friday after her and that she was released on her own recognizance. no one answered the door at her home but neighbors here learning of the accident this weekend say they are outraged. edward powers lived next door has and has a 2-year-old child. >> it's scary and i think she deserves more than what she is getting. just a dui should be charged for more than that. >> coming down the block like that is a little scary. >> it's sad. obviously there's a problem. report of the driver they minivan is a farmington resident who spoke with us by phone and said the family installed that dash cam as a preventative


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