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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> yep right there we begin with breaking news, less than 24 hours after a controversial slide, broke the leg of mets ruben tejada major league baseball taking swift action, suspending the dodgers chase
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utley for two games, i am christina park. antwan lewis has the night off, major league baseball makes that announcement in the last month following the take out slide of tejada last night. utley will miss game 3, and 4 of the series, slated to begin tomorrow night at citi field, fox 5's duke castiglione is joining me with the latest, wow. duke: the suspension had to happen, it was a dirty play, that slide was not a slide it was a tackle, just after 9 p.m. tonight, as you said, joe torre and major league baseball suspended choice utley for game -- chase utley for games 3 and 4 for the series, everyone is talking about this play. and opinions vary. >> up the middle, by murphy. they will not get the double play, chase utley going hard at second. >> reporter: outrage over the
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chase utley slide, more like a taxel that resulted iny it -- tejada breaking his leg and ending his season. >> we all know how hard chase plays, it was late, of it a late slide, where he hit ruben on the field, certainly was something that needs to be addressed. >> going hard to try to break up a double play. i feel terrible that he was injured. i had no intent to hurt him. but i did have an intent to try to break up a double play. antwan: duke: social media break over this play. >> former met jose reyes said, that was a really weak attempt to slide by utley. chipper jones said, that was not a slide, that is not how you go
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in hard, former major league pitcher mark moldo moehler said, like it or not, utley plays hard, i would want him on my feet, fans we heard from beyond upset, ugly play, he knew what he was doing. unfortunately he will get away with it patrick said, slid past base, never hit dirt, should have been called out interference. duke: look for this rule to change in off season, i think that joe torre and major league baseball hinted that, looking at protecting middle fielders -- infielders. look for this rule to change, coming up on "sports extra" presented by toyota we talk with former mets pitcher bobby ojeda about this you don't want to miss this, a great take on this on "sports extra" presented by toyota. christina: can't wait to hear what he said.
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duke: he was very good about this he knows, he is a former player, you know we talk about retaliation. will be there retaliation tomorrow or in the series. he has an excellent take on that. christina: you think that utley should have been suspend more games. duke: ruben tejada cannot play for the rest of the year, chase utley, he probably did not intend to hurt him, you are responsible for your own action. christina: people are using it as a catch phrase if you do something dirty, you pulled an utley. a new haven woman is arrested in attempted abduct of a clean from find from a moving car. police say she offered a teenager a ride, then turned violent, saying randal assaulted the 17-year-old, who then opened the door and justed out of the
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car while still moving. the stein teen suffered minor injuries. christina: police need your help finding a pair of suspects who attacked a 68-year-old woman in the bronx. surveillance video captured two men grabbing the woman and putting her into a chokehold, she escaped but then one of the 17s s -- one of the suspects was able to catch up to her, kick her in the leg, causing her to fall, and break her wrist. christina: a right french wrist. charles bracey was arrested for trying to smuggle a razor edge tool into a jail by concealing it in a electric sleeve wrapped in electric tape, this is the 7th time in last 5 weeks that a creation
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>> governor cuomo is sending a delegation to puerto rico tomorrow to help the commonwealth transform its health care system. cuomo said that challenge that puerto rico faces is similar to those his staff addressed here in new york, they will work with officials to find ways to reduce costs and improve patient treatment. christina: is the house benghazi committee out for truth or political blood? that is the question after a fired committee staffer broke his silence about 2012 attack that centers around hillary clinton. fox 5 a zachary is live with details. >> reporter: you know the guy that is saying these, identifies as a republican that makes it more interesting, brad lie said that the commity is nothing more than an attack grouped at discrediting presidential can dale hillary clinton. -- candidate hillary clinton. >> i was fired for trying to
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conduct a thorough investigation. >> reporter: major bradley palace paliska claims he was fired after 10 months for trying to conduct a nonpartisan investigation. >> i do not know the reason for the focus on hillary clinton, i am going to state i am voting for republican nominee in 2016. >> reporter: he is preparing to file a lawsuit gealings against the committee, they say that benghazi committee not now more was it ever partisan. >> this commity has always been about getting to the truth. ambassador steven, shawn smith, and glen dowerty, tyrone woods those families' to know the truth that is the focus. >> reporter: the state department came under pressure for not addressing prior
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of state hillary clinton took responsibility. today the chairman of the benghazi committee, released a statement attacking bradley saying one month ago this staffer had a chance to bear his soul, and raise his claim, he did not do it. goudie's statement said he has never met the fired staffer, he is can say he near told him to focus his investigation on hillary clinton. christina: all right. thank you. >> today thousands mourn the 95 victims who died in yesterday's suicide bombing in turkey, turkish officials have declared three days of mourning, following yesterday's attack that targeted a peace rally net capital. about 160 people are still in the hospital today with injuries. in the meantime a turkish news
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members. >> new debate over last year's police shooting of a 12-year-old cleveland . who was carrying a -- cleveland boy who was carrying a pellet gun that was weapon. the prosecute are office said they ground jury will decide in criminal charges. christina: call for volkswagen to give rebates to buyers following the scandal over emission testing, they want government to seek maximum find from the automaker, they call the company's actions deceptive and a passive fraud among the worse in corporate history, they want the epa and justice department to seek $18 billion fine, the highest possible. >> such a huge final serve as a giant and painful warning to any
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christina: the senators say that drivers who purchase those cars should receive a portion of settlement aim -- amount as a rebate. >> if you are flying southwest airlines, they say that technology issues have delayed some flights, airline employees have to process travelers man yelly, the -- man yeal, it said they are working to technology issues and asking customer to arrive at least two hours before their scheduled depart ours. >> and a video to mark national coming out day. >> their voices will be heard, supporting and unifying the lgbt community. >> and steven tyler with a stern message for donald trump.
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surprise visit to a popular fox news, here is audrey. audrey: temperatures were just about average for this time of year, we had sunshine, i'll have
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. christina: today was national coming out day, the fdny released a video features gay, lesbian, transgender firefighters and paramedics, lisa evers with their story. >> reporter: they are called the bravest, they are entrusted with saving lives but now the fire department is trying to save lives by supporting lgbt youth
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who may be going through tough times, they are first responders -- a new mission. s fdny produced a video with 12 of their lgbt members talking about what it was like for them, families. >> then you move forward. >> when i came out to my mother, she broke down crying, she didn't realize that her child had been carrying a weight that big for that long. >> reporter: the project was done in tandem with a nonprofit organization called, it gets better, released on national coming out day for maximum impact. >> i'm not doing this any more, i'm not hiding to make someone else happy. >> reporter: the accounts are moving and demonstrate the stress and pain many lgbt people are under. said dr. english, she councils many lgbt youth and adults in her practice. >> a sybive
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engaged in self harm, it is important to accept who they are, where nair coming from, and there to feel they are part of our society, they are part of our so society. >> reporter: we showed the video to new yorkers, the react was positive. >> it makes me feel encouraged and optimistic. >> it is amazing, i think that just because you arelesspy -- lesbian, gay or transgender does not mean you can't protect people's lives. >> that is very good, in a new century we're in that is a great thing. >> it is a terrific idea. >> reporter: fire commissioner said that the department has an opportunity to inspire outevery day with the work it does in this diverse i did city, you can see the video on the city, web site "fox 5 news."
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-- steven tyler is telling donald trump to dream ohe wants to use one their songs at a campaign events. tyler's lawyer sent trump a letter demanding that republican presidential candidate sphop stop using their mega-ballot dream on, and any other aerosmith song. this is not first time that trump was sold to stop hughesing a usingtheir song. >> "american idol" judge got a surprise yesterday, kanye west stepped on to the stage, and tried out for the show, kim kardashian posted i picture. he belted out his hit, gold digger. audrey puente is here with a great forecast of all-times. audrey: it looks like we'll
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continue our good weather into the columbus day holiday, it was a good one, sunshine that helped bring temperature to 69 in central park at about 2:45 this afternoon, area wide wire in the 50s in many spots, perch in islip, and 54 in belmar, still holding on to 60s in bridgeport, and city as well as new warm but now we -- newark but now drop to 48 outside of us is ex, -- sussex, the numbers are running slightly warmer than last night, we are not anticipating a night as cold in the area. our winds arely the but the direct is important to note, right now it out of the southwest, that will help bump up our readings to near 70 degrees in many locations, clear skies out there right now, that will start off monday as well, with clear conditions, to further to northeast, they are quiet, and all courtesy of high pressure which is in control, it
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on the back side, we'll have a southwest wind flow that will help bump up the numbers across the area. we'll have them slightly above average, middle mostly near 70 this area of low pressure a cold front associated with it, this will go into tuesday, then that will bring us a chance of showers but not a washout you may have to dodge a couple of rain drops. not the case tonight, clear skies this evening, we have sunshine for columbus day, and tuesday, we'll see clouds clinging to the coast in the morning with an area of low pressure offshore. then cold front will makes it approach by lunchtime, there will be a chance of a couple showers in hudson valley and across think in engine, the -- new jersey, it falls apart as had moves eastward owednesday, a mix of sun, clouds but no rain in the forecast confident, clear, and cold tonight, north and west, you on lows in 40s, tomorrow sunny, nice
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temperatures above average with a high in the 70s, and tuesday, leave your umbrella handy, a chance of secretaries showers, thursday, a mick of sun, cloud. and then it gets cold for weekend with highs in 50s that is below average for this time year, overnight lows you will need an extra blanket. going to 30s on saturday, and sunday. christina: all right. thank you, a bike ride to call attention to need for organ donations, a motorcyclist received a heart transplant with 200 foal phil fellow riders, they stopped by, he and other bikers took part in a 40 mile concrete charity ride. >> it still much more to come on "fox 5 news" at 10:00, a local dj is trading in his turntable
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experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato. christina: beautiful day for a walk, one for a great cause, step out the walk to stop
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diabetes was held today, participants took first step from hudson river park. he said that taking part in the walk has very special meaning for him. >> i know people in my neighborhood, high community -- my community dieing from this stuff, you know myself, we had a tendency of making believe we don't have diabetes. christina: his team raised more than 5,000 dollars. >> from walking to paws for a good cause, the wolf stock, in new jersey today, including a canine costume contest, a red carpet walk, and dog yoga. it benefits pet rescue that help save dogs from being euthanized. last year they drew 4,000 families and pets. christina: animal officers on long island, rescued the 125
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pound pig they caught wandering the streets, the pig made a brick from the pen thursday evening, it it posed no danger. it has been returned to its owner, duke castiglione with what is coming up. duke: on "sports extra" present by toyota, joe tori and major -- joe torre and major league baseball have suspended chase utley for games 3 and 4 of the play-offs, we'll talk about this play. with bobby oh, aheado, a -- oh, oaheado, you don't want to miss this, a lot to discuss this we'll discuss the series as well. christina: a lot to say, thank you. >> we'll be right back, here is a look at what need to know
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>> toyota traffic tracker, henry hudson parkway will have two lanes closed for repairs. alternate side of the street
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do not give linzess to children under 6 p and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. r don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. christina: we are high five each other for a great weekend. audrey: temperatures in low 70s, we'll stay there tuesday but you may have to dong a couple rain showers. wednesday, cooler then cold, bringing out your fall and winter weather gear you will
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christina: that is it for us, i am christina park with audrey puente, and duke castiglione. thanks for watching, stick around, streks "sports extra" with duke
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