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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ben: there it is. juliet: i can't stand watching that. chase utley is suspended for two games. we have a live report. there is a lot of stuff going on today. today is fascinating when it comes to developments that happen with the specific situation. ben: search is on for suspects that attacked an elderly woman when they tried to steal a purse. juliet: president obama speaks
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out on clinton's use of personal email server and the potential bid for the white house for joe biden. ben: it is october 12th, columbus day. juliet: is there anyone awake right now? ben: a lot of people have to go to work today. a lot of finance people don't. but most of the people i know. juliet: how about the starbucks people? ben: i think so. michael michael? nice weekend out there by the way. mike: yes. it seems to me a lot of buzz in the air, a lot of people have the day off. we are here for you. ben: we're here. mike: we are here for you. anyhow, it was a decent weekend. the temperatures up to 69
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park. 71 newark. 69 bridgeport. it was a fairly decent day. fresh mornings out there too. we are down to 58 at central park right now. we have got 50 at newark. # a 5 bridgeport. 59 montauk. mild temperatures. winds on the lighter side 3-5 miles per hour. it is a sunny, decent columbus day on this monday. high pressure is in control for the time being. we have a couple of things coming into the region. first of all the area of low pressure developing in the southeast atlantic waters and the cold front is dragging through town and that brings us
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chances headed to tomorrow. for now, for the day itself sunny skies and up to 74. 71 tomorrow and a chance of shower out there. the rain chances out there look to be minimal. 68 wednesday. we are getting cooler by the end of the week. now to ines rosales and ready for action on this morning. ines: it is columbus day and street cleaning rules are suspended. as far as the commute, westchester is looking good. as for the trains, running on or close. ben, juliet. juliet: thank you.
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so the mets are playing at citi field tonight and it is not coming out controversy. ben: that is because of a slide and breaking tejeda's leg. utley is suspended for the slide. they are repealing the call. >> reporter: utley is suspended for games 3 and 4 against the mets. it is all because of the play you are about to see. it is called an illegal slide and resulted in a broking leg. this is the play that everybody is talking about, it is a play
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difficult to watch. saturday night in the 7th inning, la dodgers utley sliding into tejeda. here is utley after the game. >> going hard to break a double play. i feel terrible that he was injured. i had no intent to hurt him whatsoever. differently. >> only chase knows what the intent was. i have a problem with the flay on a number of levels. one being the slide itself. in my opinion, he wasn't close to the bag. >> on sunday night, mlb issued a ruling, suspended utley for two games and some arguing that the
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others that didn't result in a suspension. tore >> i can't worry about what happened in the past. i based it on what i saw. >> utley's agent called the unacceptable. they are appealing the ruling today and bringing the videos showing similar slides that didn't result in a suspension. mlb is saying it hopes to expedite the appeal. the first pitch is 8:37 tonight at citi field. that is the latest from here. back to you guys. juliet: all right, kerry, thank you. >> police need your help in
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attacked a 60-year-old woman in the bronx. this happened on saturday morning. here is a surveillance video capturing the men grabbing the woman and putting her in a choke hold. one of the suspects caught up with her and kicked her in leg and she fell and broke her ligs. anyone with information call 1-800-577-tips >> 47-year-old was aest ared for trying to smuggle a tool into a jail by concealing it into a paper sleeve. this is the 7th time a correction employee is arrested at that facility. >> a new haven woman is under arrest in attempted abduction of a teen jumping from a car.
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this is a woman arrested. this is the woman. she's charged with sexual assault and restraint and she offered the teen and turned violent. she opened the passenger door and fearing and jumped out while the car was moving. the teen suffered minor injuries. >> ben: president obama is speaking out about clinton's use about private email server. juliet: teresa priolo is joining us live with more on what was said. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, president obama is believing that the questions over the use of the private email server for the government business are legitimate. but the president says it is not mean it is not driven by political mote ivations
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one republican looking into the benghazi attacks was fired. >> it was a mistake he's acknowledged. >> reporter: in an interview, president obama addressed the controversy surrounding the clinton email scandal and the president acknowledged the issue it has become and told cbs news it is gined up making sure that clinton never becomes the president. >> this is an issue that i think the legitimate, but the fact that for the last 3 months this is all that has been spoken about. >> he stopped short not called it a big deal.
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it is a center piece of a republican lead investigation into the benghazi attacks and one saying he was fired for not moving beyond. >> this has become a partisan investigation. i don't know the reason for the hyper focus on hillary clinton. >> the chairman of the committee attacked the fired staffer saying in part a month ago the staffer has a chance to bear his soul and raise the claim. this committee is focussed on clinton in a legal document. >> he never met the fired staffer and he could say he's never told him to focus the investigation on clinton. >> thank you very much. still ahead.
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door, or you are going to just enjoy this columbus day. it is a fine one. sunny skies coming at out. the parade, sunny skies then and the temperatures right around 53 degrees or so. not bad at all. other temps, the highs yesterday upper 60s to low 70s. this morning 40s to 50s. 58 central park. it is 44 in poughkeepsie. 48 in islip. mostly clear skies in the region. no rain problems today. the temperature changes, warmer today than yesterday at the same time and so we are getting a bump up in the temperatures and this is the better looking day of the week. if you have a chance to get out anden joy it, it is a good one. high pressure is in control. the skies are clear here and throughout the northeast.
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off shore from the carolinas. it is drifting up the coast and adds clouds to our area overnight overnight. the cold front is coming through from the midwest. quick showers in and out of the area. then we are shutting that down. we are not expecting too much with the rain and this coming through tuesday and wednesday. the high up to 74 this afternoon, mostly sunny skies and a shower chance tomorrow and wednesday it is out of here and looking good for the rest of the week. a small shower chance on friday, but that is small. the forecasts are available at the app store.
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with a lot of folks taking a break. ines: street cleaning rules are suspended today. things are moving fine on the brothel bridge. 80/280 looking great. now to cameras. the long island expressway, westbound and eastbound side is side. george washington bridge no problems on the upper or lower. 49d 5 headed to the lincoln tunnel is looking good. ben: thank you. if you are flying southwest airlines get to the airport early. technology is delaying flights. they are processing the travellers manually. remember those days? they are saying it is working on the issues. it is asking customers to arrive
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print your boarding pass at home. juliet: the governor is sending a delegation to puerto rico today to help out with the healthcare system. the island will be running out of money for health benefits by 2017. it is similar to those that the staff addressed in new york. they are working to ways to reduce costs and improving treatments. ben: curtis sliwa. good morning. juliet: good morning. >> i chastise ines for wearing red. juliet: we have three years of this nonsense. >> i want to applaud a former all time great when supporting
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fillth phillies. utley. [applause] ben: i watched the play a number of times, he says he's done it a number of times, sliding into second base, he has. he's a hard player. he says it was nonintentional. joe torey says it was dirty. juliet: breaking the leg or not aiming for the bag was not intentional. >> joe torey before he was a winner with the yankees he was a losing manager on a regular team, the new york mets. ben: he managed for the dodgers. he did. >> he should recuse himself. joe torey makes the decision or
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mets are a bunch of cry babies. i broke hi leg. juliet: the fact that you are mocking a guy who had his beg broken because owe don't like the team. that is ridiculous, completely you. talk about the serious things for a second. >> before you were born and gq was born, bud harrelson being taken out by the great pete rose, that should be in the hall of fame, the fans were fighting and the game went on. juliet: to be fair to curtis, which i hate doing, a lot of people called in and said a lot of mets fans saying this is baseball, this is a tough game. the guy slid in. that is what you are supposed to
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>> he didn't spike him. juliet: did he intend to hurt him? ben: no one knows that but chase utley. >> what about harvey? juliet: he hit utley before? >> yes, with a fast ball. ben: the mets will be at home, the series is tied at 1 -1 and if you go for a revenge that is going off the rails. >> will harvey show up on time and sane and sober and not half in the bag. ben: now to the hilly clinton emails, president obama last night, this was taped a few days ago and he says she made a mistake using the private email server but at the end of the day
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>> guilty, guilty. he seemed to have been patting the back of uncle joe biden. he was so nice to joe biden. what is better able to run the country than a vice president. >> he's going down as one of the finest vice presidents in his history. >> the people understand she's a fake, phony, that will change on a dime if necessary to try to become the next imagine industry of the united states. you can tell the president was basically saying vote for joe biden. joe biden, jump in and run. juliet:
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handled the original decision more quickly. she took forever to acknowledge she did everything. >> what is she hiding? >> that is what the people or the company wants to know. >> mvp utley. juliet: still ahead, a victory
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mike: welcome back. we are cooled down still. 57 in central park. 55 bridgeport. another cool fresh start to the day, but high pressure is still in control. it is mainly clear skies and the low pressure is bringing in the clouds tonight and the colted front to the west of us coming in tomorrow and small shower clans chances then. 74 for the high today. over to grow. ben: oh, look at the weekend, cold. juliet: yes.
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the giants picking up a win by downing san francisco. ben: late in the third, manning is in trouble, and taking a snap, he finds beckham junior. 17 yard td. a lot of reaction there. the giants are up. two minutes to go in the game. a handoff. two yard touchdown. action play here? no. last chance for the giants, eli manning finds the touchdown. you can see, he likes to drink water. juliet: we like you to just close your jies and imagine. ben: chase utley is suspended for the next two games.
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juliet: all because of a hard slide. it left tejeda with a broken leg. the slide sparked the dodgers in a 5-2 win oaf over the mets. this is a hard one. utley barrelled into him. this is joe torrey. >> it looked like a hard slide and then i looked at the video and saw how late the slide was and followed tejeda and slid into him. it is based on the fact that he slid late and it appeared to me he hit him and the ground at the
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same time and targeting the player as opposed to the base. >> why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this.
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