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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 12, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news", this is good they wake up. >> temperatures will be rising into the 70s today. it was so gorgeous this weekend. great day for a prayed, the columbus day parade forecast great day for a prayed, the columbus day parade forecast coming up. >> ben: the dodgers is suspended for sliding into to hotter. they will appeal that suspension. >> juliet: the sickos are out, a woman is attacked in the bronx. a 60-year-old woman. she tried to run away.
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hitting her. >> ben: lower gas prices may be good for your wallet but those on social security, find out how it affects the cost-of-living adjustments for next year. spee1 good morning, i am juliet. >> ben: it is monday morning, october 12. it is columbus day. it is columbus day. did you have a nice weekend. >> juliet: i did have a nice weekend. i did a little cooking. it's true, i don't really cook it's rare. but i publicized it to ines and michael. >> ben: there are still questions of whether it came out of the stouffers box. >> juliet: i a people who can back me up on it. boy oh boy. >> ben: there is no actual proof, mike that she actually
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>> ben: my mother actually took the video. >> juliet: sheet is very much alive and well my mother. she is a crazy cat woman actually. >> mike: maybe if we tasted it we would know. good morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend. let's talk about what happened with the weather over the weekend. sunday wasn't bad. it was 69 . not bad for. not bad for a high temp in central park. hot average highs around 65 degrees.
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temperature in bridgeport, 55 in montauk. this morning as milder as well. we have we have 57 in central park, 50 in newark, 41 in monticello and suffix. there is a decent amount of fall cover happening around the poconos and catskills. that cooler air is making itself known. we haven't had any issues with ross. here's what we have with the wins. it will help to warm you up. it's not a strong wind but a southwest went will come to you today. that will help warm temperatures into a comfortable range. low-pressure is bringing back a little bit of cloud cover. better chance of showers tomorrow. a quick line of showers around
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noon tomorrow. it doesn't have much to it so it should be in and out of here quickly. by wednesday, it is is a murky sky, quick shower in the morning. not much coming up rain wise. 74 degrees is your high temp. seventy-one for tomorrow. small shower chants out there tuesday into early wednesday. that's bring in ines and take a peek at the roads this morning. street cleaning rules are suspended, still have to pay the meters. there is an emergency guard well repairs going on stick with the car lanes. as far far as putnam you are fine, let's look at the long island expressway by willis
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george washington bridge going into the city is no problems. the upper and lower level looks fine, trains are running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: the mets will play the first playoff game. >> ben: we know the dodgers second bass player will not be playing. some people are calling it a tackle, or a dirty play. kerry drew is outside at the headquarters with the story. >> reporter: good morning. chase is expected to appeal the two game suspension, that appeal baseball headquarters on park avenue. all because the plate you are about to see, ask
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dirty slide? >> this is a play everybody is talking about, play that is difficult to watch. saturday night in the seventh inning the slide into second base. he's suffered a broken leg, ending his season. >> i feel terrible that he was injured. i had no intent to hurt him whatsoever. i tried to break up the double play. >> reporter: many people saw it differently. here's david rice reaction. >> only he knows what his intent was. one being the slide itself, in my opinion he wasn't anywhere close to the bag. >> reporter: on sunday night major league baseball issued a
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ruling suspending chase utley for two games. baseball officer defended the decision said it was made after reviewing the play numerous times. >> we can't worry about what happens in the past. i base it on what i saw in the fact that we are trying to have rules to keep these players on the field. >> reporter: utley's agent released a statement calling calling the ruling completely unacceptable and outrageous. at least camp will be bringing dozens of videos of other slides that did not have the same decision. they're hoping that the decision will be expedited and they will have a decision before tonight's game. >> juliet: i hope it doesn't get ugly tonight. it's exciting when you have
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it doesn't get violent. speaking of violets, please need your help finding suspects who violently attacked a six-year-old woman women in the melrose section of the bronx. it happened early saturday morning, here is the video. it is disturbing. in happen near westchester avenue. two men grabbed a woman, put her in a chokehold, she runs away but one catches up tour kicks her in the leg, she falls and breaks her wrist. anyone with information call 18577 tips on mac. >> ben: he tried to smuggle a razor h2o into the jail wrapped into electrical tape. a correction employee was arrested on charges. he now faces contraband charges.
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>> juliet: and new haven woman is under arrest for the abduction of a team who jumped from a car in bridgeport, connecticut. she is charged with sexual assault, unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment. she offered a teen ride and then turned violent. she assaulted the 17-year-old who then was frightened, open the passenger door and jumped out of the car while it was still moving. you can see her on the ground there. they can as she was owed k. randall is doing court tomorrow. >> ben: obama speaking out on clinton's e-mails. >> juliet: the former secretary of state did not harm national security, teresa has more. >> reporter: you think oppose a national security problem. >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. >> reporter: president obama addressed the controversy around hillary clinton's e-mail scandal.
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an issue it has become he also told the news he believed it's called ginned up to make sure that secretary clinton never becomes madam president. >> i think this is an issue that is legitimate, but the fact that for the last three months that is all that has been spoken about when we are in presidential season. >> reporter: the president stopped short of calling it not a big deal. there are those that question that assertion. of the private email server has become the centerpiece of an investigation. the 2012 benghazi attack that killed four americans. one investigator claims he was fired
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>> i was fired from trying tx . >> we have had this issue before. they think the candidate like that song. >> juliet: it was like when fleetwood mac came out. >> ben: that was the first time a song was connected with the campaign. >> juliet: fleetwood mac love the clinton so that's when it came out. >> ben: it was not the first time that trump was told to stop using a song. >> juliet: i bet he could play ted nugent. >> ben: we have more to come this morning. a powerful video to mark national coming out day. it's the first ever video supporting the lgbt community. >> juliet: mike is keeping track of the forecast. >> mike: beautiful fall, the
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there today. one of the big ones. mostly sunny skies skies if you're heading to the parade. 53 degrees is your temperature, and that range. if you want some forecast information, daily and hourly forecasts are available on the
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>> juliet: welcome back. a driver of a mail truck in florida had some anxious moments. this happened yesterday morning. it was a water spout that hit the truck as it was crossing the bridge in tampa. it damage the truck leaving it crushed, the driver was not hurt. that would freak me out. >> ben: beautiful day yesterday, i had a chance to be in brooklyn for the take steps for crohn's and colitis walk. this, there to my right was nayak, she was was diagnosed with crohn's this past year. she had a great attitude, she was out there. we had a walk around the park,
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hunt for a cure. one in 200 americans. a lot of people. >> juliet: this host story. they told ben that you remind them of what. >> ben: their uncle. i'm like the responsible uncle. >> juliet: where they like six years old? i love that. by the way,. >> ben: but thank you for the foundation for having me out there yesterday. it was great weather. >> juliet: oh i will do this later. >> mike: what the almanac the averages for today 65 is your average high temperature, 51 is the average low. 57
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away from the records. the record high is 86 for the day. 7:04 a.m. is sunrise. it is 55 in bridgeport, 59 in montauk with mainly clear skies. light winds from the southwest three-6 miles per hour. generally speaking high pressures and control. we should see a clear day. the area of high pressure will go offshore and some additional cloud cover will come in later tonight. a cold front will approach from the northwest, that will bring showers tuesday during the day. a small shower chance not much rain out of it. it will not help with the
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temp wise, a good way for us on your columbus day. high temp goes up to 74 degrees today, a few clouds tonight and some patchy fog tomorrow morning. tomorrow high of 71 with a quick a quick shower in the middle of the day. a little left over for you on wednesday morning. a week from passing through on friday. look how cool it is next week with high temps in the upper 50s, the over night low dropping to 39 degrees. we will talk about frost by next weekend. >> ines: in my language, it is
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>> ben: it is fall. >> ines: street cleaning roles are suspended for columbus day, meters are in effect. sussex county things are fine. new jersey check in on you, no problems 70 or 280. let's go to cameras on bronx road parkway. on 233rd street going fine. the columbus day parade will be going on. closures, fifth avenue around 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. expect delays and diversions along with other streets. especially at the beginning and end of parade route. juliet. >> juliet: yesterday was national coming out day. to mark the occasion of video video was
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released featuring gay, lesbian, transgender firefighters and paramedics with their difficulty >> when the pain where your ad is stronger than the fear where you going then you know it's time. >> she did know that her child was caring that wait for that long. >> juliet: the video features 12 lgbt members and what it was like when they came out with their families. it was done with the nonprofit better. it was released on national coming out day for net maximum impact. more coming up. donald trump gets fired.
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republican president candidate, donald trump has been fired. due to a dispute between trump's manager and condo owners between transparency and spending. they said the trump ocean club is the largest building in central america to resemble 17th century ship. the allegations are an attempt to soul save the family's reputation. >> juliet: i guess we could google it. jersey city wants to legalize air, b&b. i just did it in new york. >> ben: you love it. i'm not sure the neighbors love it. >> juliet: today the mayor will introduce a bill that would legalize all short term sleepover services.
5:25 am
i love everything about jersey city. that would include websites and apps, in exchange for legality air b&b will charge users a 6% hospitality tax. that is pretty pricey. that is what jersey city hotels charge. >> ben: the feds will announce no increase in social security benefits next year because of lower gas prices. the annual cost of living is being dragged down by laura prices at the pump. only twice before has there been no social security increases than i was 2010 and ten and 2011. usually it increases 4% every year. people who live in the city, that stinks because they don't drive. >> juliet: here's the thing
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go to someone's house and mess it up you could never go through it again. so what's the point? >> ben: top stories when we come back. >> juliet: and a big surprise for ben. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> ben: a great day for parade. monday morning, columbus day. a lot of people have the day off. mike woods has your columbus day forecasts. >> juliet: i can't even watch this. the doctors chase utley, two games suspended. we will have all live report there could be a lot of fireworks throughout the day. >> ben: southwest is saying they are having delays with computer problem.
5:30 am
fed you, a lot of money. >> ben: millions of dollars. >> juliet: but when you look at everything everybody says. >> ben: but he doesn't need to bash a character he made millions of dollars off. he was bashing the franchise. >> juliet: anyway. it's very important to men on the set here. so. >> ben: you broke our mayor. >> juliet: it was a flimsy mirror. it just broke on the floor. i didn't have any bad buck but i i did replace it, a month later. with this beautiful mare. i want to present it to you. it also has magnifiers in the back.
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>> ben: let's check the forecast >> mike: sees on a roll. good morning everyone. happy columbus day to you. it's a holiday for a lot of folks. here's what we have. 57 at central degrees at central park, 41 in monticello and sussex. 55 degrees in bridgeport, 49 degrees in iceland. mainly clear skies, winds are coming in around three-6 miles per hour from the southwest. maybe up to 10 miles per hour today. quiet weather today. high pressure controlling our weather. an area of low pressure off the coast of carolina up this
5:32 am
a cold front sliding through tomorrow. so a chance of showers tomorrow. 69 degrees by midday, a high of 74. a high of 71 tomorrow and some shower chances late tuesday and early wednesday. let's bring in ines and look at the commute. >> ines: street cleaning rules are suspended, meters are in effect. new jersey turnpike has guard rail repairs going on. use the car lanes to avoid problems. connecticut is fine. norwalk 95 and the parkway looks good. the l ie by 106 and 107 is fine. trains are running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: and overnight
5:33 am
district leaves three women seriously injured. >> ben: tree says live in that neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this unfolded before four am. you can see what is happening behind me. police presence here on 21st and broadway outside the nightclub. midway through the block right around the area of the white jeep, we have video that shows you the chaos that unfolded. we are being told by police there is a dispute that started inside the nightclub between three women and one perpetrator. when they came outside and ended outside the perpetrated was waiting outside and started firing. three women women hit, ranging in age from 24 to 30 years old. the 24-year-old is in bad shape
5:34 am
this morning the other two are expected to survive. the perpetrator perpetrator fled in a dark suv, potentially a bmw. we wanted to know there's any no connection between these four. did they meet inside the club or did they know each other at all. we don't have that information this morning. they're attempting to investigate right now. that is the latest in the flat iron section this morning. back to you. >> ben: thank you tresa. the mets now getting ready to play the first ever playoff game at city field tonight. >> juliet: of course the vicious slide from dodgers chase utley. he has been suspended for two games. these are important games.
5:35 am
he is appealing the decision. carrie drew joins us with reaction to this. >> reporter: chase utley suspended for game three and four against the new york mets. he's expected to appeal that here, at major league baseball a park avenue. it's. it's because of the play you're about to see. was this a clean play or a dirty slide? >> up the middle, trying to stop the double play. >> reporter: this is the play everyone is talking about. it is difficult to watch. saturday night in the seventh inning, chase utley slide into the shortstop ruben tejada. tejada suffered a broken leg.
5:36 am
i feel terrible he was injured, i had no intent to hurt him whatsoever. >> reporter: many saw the play differently. the third baseman david rice reaction. >> only chase knows what his intent was. i have a problem with that on many different levels. one being the slide itself, in my opinion he wasn't close to the bag. >> reporter: they suspended chase utley for two games, some argue it was no different from others that did not result in suspension. joe torre defended the decision saying it was made after reviewing the plague numerous times. >> i'm not worried about what happened in the past. i base it on what i saw and
5:37 am
these players on the field. >> reporter: utley's agent called the ruling outrageous and unacceptable. at today's hearing they plan to bring dozens of videos of similar slides that did not result in suspensions. they hope to expedite the appeal hearing and have a decision before tonight's game. the series is now tied at 1-1. back to you. >> juliet: chase utley and other players have made plays like that other times. those slides are not unusual. on. nypd officers are looking for a the face and tried to snatch her cell phone. it happened on the sixth train on tuesday. the woman took the photos of the
5:38 am
the two began arguing, as soon as the woman took out her phone to take a picture of the man he slapped her. >> juliet: schumer and blumenthal will seek the maximum possible fine from the automaker. they're saying it is a deceptive and massive fraud in history. they want to seek an $18 billion dollar fine. that is the highest possible amount. >> that is a huge fine. it will serve as a giant and painful warning to any company who attempts it again. >> ben: they say the drivers should receive a portion of the settlement amount as a rebate. >> juliet: following mccarthy's decision to to withdraw from the
5:39 am
pressure is building for paul ryan to step up. much of this is centered around what the freedom caucus will do. there conservative house republicans responsible for boehner's early retirement. jim jordan spoke on fox news on sunday. >> we have endorsed danielle webster but paul ryan is a good man. a message that are group needs. we would look favorably on him. >> juliet: ryan has been thrown out multiple times or his name has been thrown out multiple times. ryan has said he does not want to do it. he said that on thursday, reportedly he is thinking it over with his family. >> ben: seven speaker you have to travel allowed to fund raise, he has young kids at home. he doesn't want to be an
5:40 am
>> juliet: but he did run for vice president. >> ben: 5:41 a.m. mike woods is back. >> juliet: are we waking you? >> mike: waiting for that coffee to kick in. we have been up for a while. mostly sunny skies today. it's a great holiday for folks taking advantage of the day. cold front passing through tomorrow, don't expect much rain there is not a lot of moisture with it. next weekend is looking a little chilly for us. 5757 is your temp in central park, 49 and and i chilly for us. 5757 is your temp in central park, 49 and and i slip with mainly clear sky. this area of low pressure will
5:41 am
slide through rather quickly. you can see in the seven day forecast type 74 today, 71 tomorrow, showers late tuesday, early wednesday. another small chance of showers on friday. the fox 5 weather app you can download for free right now. let's check in with ines. >> ines: good morning. it is a holiday. the commute is not bad. no problems with the l ie. staten island express on 79th street south and northbound, are fine. the vanwyk looks can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. we make your coffee just the way you like it.
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>> ben: 5:45 am. three women were shot at flat iron district nightclub. all rushed to the hospital. police are looking for the gunman. if you are fine southwest airlines give yourself time. >> juliet: the airline recommends printing out your
5:44 am
it to the airport to ours early. >> ben: there trying to transform the healthcare system. the troubling island will run out of benefits in 2017. it will it will help puerto rican officials reduce costs. >> juliet: exciting day ahead of us when it comes to sports. specifically at citi field where dodgers will be playing the mets. a lot going on with that. spee2 let's go to duke who is live at the first ever mets playoff game. >> duke: this is the first ever playoff game for matson city field. the last time this happened was 2006. big news, dodger dodger second baseman, chase utley has been suspended for games three and
5:45 am
personally i thought he should have been suspended the rest of the postseason. regardless you you know the play by now. it is this hard slide, really a a dirty slide, a tackle really that broke ruben tejada's leg. tejada was trying to pivot in an attempt to make a throw before he was barreled into him without touching second base. they concluded the slide was illegally worn to discipline. >> from my angle, it looked like it was a hard slide and it wasn't until i looked at video later on that i saw how late the slide was. he sort of followed tejada, it was really based on the fact that he slid very late and it appeared to me that he hit
5:46 am
tejada and the ground about the same time. when you are targeting the player opposed to the base. >> reporter: utley will appeal his agent said. major-league baseball hopes to expedite that hearing and hear the appeal later this morning. probably around noon time or shortly thereafter. apparently utley will bring video of hard slides into second base without suspensions. mets fans do remember that utley took out ruben honda which they are upset about at that time. tejada had to leave that game in 2010. matt harvey called it a tackle. they said the team was emotional and motivated for tonight's game.
5:47 am
on the field, it is really something that needs to be addressed. were all feeling for ruben, were were excited to be back at home. >> reporter: this was the biggest startup matt harvey's career. utley was six for 18 against harvey. he will not be in the lineup. there is no way out light is going to run this appeal. social media is blowing up over this. it said quote this was a really weak attempt. chipper jones who had a great career against the mets, he even named his daughter shea after shea stadium, he said that was not a hard slide and that is not how you going hard.
5:48 am
and i would want him on my team. another tweet was ugly play, he knew what he was doing. unfortunately he will get away with it. while i thought he should have been for more than two games. the giants, huge win win last night. if he stayed up to watch the game what an exciting, thrilling game. the giants almost gave it away to the 40 niners. pass here. two minutes left in the game, 2 yards out and it was 27-23. last chance for the giants, eli zone. 12-yard touchdown. they worked on the play saw
5:49 am
giants win 30-27. eli manning completed 41 passes last night. night. he passed for over 400 yards. exciting win. giants play the eagles next monday night. that is the story, live from city fields where everyone is talking about the ruben tejada play. huge game, tonight at city field. mound. ack to you. >> ben: thank you duke. >> juliet: i don't know do, i feel this appeal could happen. >> ines: i don't think there's any chance he wins. i don't think he meant to hurt ruben tejada, there is a history, in 2010 he had a hard slide.
5:50 am
on the field. i don't think they want the mets feeling they need to hit utley with a pitch in that sort of thing. they want the focus to be back on baseball. the mets should be thinking about that. the best retribution retribution would be to win the series. >> juliet: thank you duke. >> mike: have a warm tent. temperature. 59 in montauk, high pressure in control. sunshine coming at us today and throughout the day, cold front to the northwest will be our next weather maker. it gives us some additional cloud cover tonight and tomorrow. won't be a big deal for us at all. quick showers come through late
5:51 am
tuesday and early wednesday. sunny skies today. high 78 degrees. it's only some quick showers coming in late tuesday and early wednesday. a quick shower possible on song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" p song: "that'splife" that's life.
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and for details, visit >> ben: 5:56 a.m. >> juliet: anna is here.
5:54 am
>> anna: it looks like carl charlie sheen had a wild weekend which included being kicked out of a bar and being put in a headlock. he had several shots at a bar and was taking photos with fans. he got agitated when a woman wanted to shoot video of him. he slapped the phone out of her hand. a bouncer stepped in, put him in a headlock and escorted him out. they have video after the effect looks like he makes up with a bouncer, they shake hands and everything is okay. gotham fans will see a familiar face, paul ruben who played pee-wee herman will play oswald father. it was revealed yesterday during comic con in new york. he often played in batman returns.
5:55 am
gotham returns. daniel craig has been told to stop bashing the iconic character james bond. they have asked to him to quit talking about the role. he recently told london that he would rather/his wrists speculate about another bond movie. the latest is being released next month. there say there's script issues. american idol judges got a superstar surprise. kanye west stepped onto the stage and tried out for the hit singing competition show. kim kardashian posted a pic of his phony audition. the judges did award him a golden ticket to hollywood. tune into american idol. i i know he's running for president, american idol.
5:56 am
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