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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 12, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: all right. "good day new york." monday, october 12. i am rosanna scotto. happy columbus day. greg: hi, everybody. i am greg kelly. it is going to be laureates on this columbus day. rosanna: we will tell you the ups and downs of columbus day here. look at this sunrise. greg: a shooting just a few hours ago outside a nightclub in the flatiron district. three women were shot. one fatally. rosanna: one of them died, by the way. the two others should survive.
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government. greg: broke his leg. he will be there tonight at citi field. this is how he does business, apparently. rosanna: 30. their teeth. they are could be some revenge tonight. eli manning. a touchdown. it was a beautiful moment. giants when it. greg: the columbus day parade. it should be a lot of fun. we celebrate i tell you americans.
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let's talk about chris columbus. he discovered america. he was trying to find india, of. late. who is that? shall be my next favorite. rosanna: mario cuomo. my family will be here. we will be making food. we will talk about that. greg: very nice.
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playoff at citi field. rosanna: talking about some revenge. not happy. space. mike: happy columbus day. anyhow. it looks like a really good-looking day. we have a lot of sunshine coming let's take a look at what happened with our high temperatures yesterday. a lot of sunshine. we made it up to 69 degrees for a ride. the average i was around 65 degrees. if of normal a little bit. as we get out the door this morning, we have 50.
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39 degrees in sussex. a mainly clear sky right now. this area of pressure looks like it will hog the coastline. that cold from their will be the one that brings up a few showers. not a lot of moisture. first we have that area of pressure getting close to the coast. it looks like most of that is shorter. it will discard your skies tomorrow. a shower that passes through quickly. i do not think that there will wise. no rain today. sunny skies.
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well above normal temperatures today. it will dry out for you on thursday and friday. cool. a quick shower is not out of the question. let's bring you on over to our ines rosales. ines: got to go to work right now. problems with the throgs neck bridge. delays heading into queens. two laser block there. also, major deegan has an accident northbound. one name block. traffic backed up. new jersey, has problems. this is my marker 136. an accident by 140. two laser block.
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grady and rosanna. greg: thank you very much. a shooting outside of a nightclub a few hours ago outside the flatiron district. three women were shot. rosanna: yes. just as a woman were leaving the nightclub. they have been totally random. teresa priolo is at the scene this morning. >> reporter: these women were in the wrong place at the wrong time. that's a film that passed away was only 24 years old. shot in the back. lots of police on scene. looks like they're making their way down the block to where the shooting occurred. motif oh. when we arrived on scene, there
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were police income cars everywhere. from what we understand, there was a party going outside of the club called the all-black affair. a dispute between a no party promoter in the flatiron district occurred between that person and the actual people who were planning the party. the party promoter that was leave. he also exchanged word with the bouncer. i will go to my car and come back. they said they heard this a while from other people. they did not think anything of it. this time was different. they came back with a gun in his hand. at the exact same moment, patrons of the nightclub or filing out. including these three women.
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one of them died this morning. one was shot in the hip and foot. the other in the hip and shoulder. one thing we do want to much into, the perpetrator was able to get back into his car. police were able to get his license plate. they know who he is and they are attempting to locate him. an unfortunate situation. greg: everyone is talking about this. front pages of the newspaper. greg: the guy in the white. he took out the player. this is how he rolls.
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kind of aggressive play. greg: way out of the baseline. period drew his outside of major league headquarters. >> reporter: expected to appeal about. we will show you this play one more time. make sure to ask yourself this question. was this a clean play or was it 835. >> reporter: this is the play that everybody is talking about.
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sliding into the shortstop. he suffered a broken leg ending his season. here he is befriending his slight. >> going hard. trying to break a double play. obviously, i feel terrible. i was just trying to break a double play. >> reporter: muniz also played differently. here is david wright. >> only chase new what his intent was. in my opinion, he was not anywhere close to the bad. >> reporter: nature league baseball issued a rule for the play. they suspended chase for two games. joe torre defended the decision. it was made after reviewing the
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>> i just pasted on what i saw in the fact that, you know, we are trying to have rules to keep these players on the field. >> reporter: chases agent released a statement. calling it outrageous and completely unacceptable. dozens of videos of similar slides that did not result in suspension. major league baseball is hoping to expedite this hearing today. hoping to have a decision before tonight. the latest live from here outside of major league baseball headquarters this morning. greg: let's take one more look at that. what appears to be a pretty dirty slide. chase, listen, i think that they
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somebody should meet him in the groin. how do you feel about that? rosanna: the team will be in queens for the next two or three games. greg: let's go to duke. he is at citi field. he is suspended, but he is still coming to new york. duke: without question. he hopes to play tonight. he will appeal the suspension. he is six for 18 against matt harvey. his camp argue that there is no precedent on the books for a suspension like this. the rule has to change. you have to change the role. the intent there was to target, to go after.
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he should have been called out for interference. umpire blew it. he should've been called out for paying off the fact. a million different ways that you can look at this. i have all day yesterday. both managers talking about it yesterday at citi field. >> we know that there are a lot of changers on five. we do not know exactly what is going to happen. i am not going to address that. i'm not going to creating an issue. right now we need harvey to step up their picture the kind of game we know he is gay for pitching.
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different. >> not the first time chase has done something like this. he goes in hard. does not break his leg here. mets and phillies were chatting back and forth here. harvey actually drilled him you cannot think about richer tonight. i think for the mets, the press revenge is to win the series. this is not a game in august that you can chalk up to, hey, let's get back at the other team. this is a playoff game. a1-one series. a five-game series. joe torre use of call this when
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swing game. greg: i think that they are tonight. go back to the videotape. he said that the players have a tradition of taking care of this themselves. that was code. i do not want this guy to get keyed in the head. duke: he was asked about the play in 2010. i remember he talked about players. look, something should be done. terry collins is old school. he is old school baseball. there is a time and place. now is not the time, now is not
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have to be warned to be ejected. if they deem that it was intentional, he can be thrown out of the game. this game is too important. harvey is going up against henderson. he is too important to get thrown out of this game. >> we need him to concentrate on the game. greg: you heard what he said. all right. stay tuned. >> a big night saturday night. greg: celebrating you and your cousins, rosanna. all kinds of columbus day festivities over the weekend. let's go to the videotape. you did hear lady gaga singing my favorite version of
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it was fantastic. rosanna: what does that mean for you today? there will be some closures. 11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. 14% of businesses and organizations actually give people this day off. rosanna: schools are closed. greg: we will meet angela below and the grand marshal. greg: the post office is closed. federal and state offices are closed. greg, you do not have to take out the garbage because there is
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mike, what is going on. mike: probably the press looking day of this week. happy columbus day everyone. here is what we have. fifty-one is your average hard. we dropped down to 57 degrees which is where we are parked right now. the days are getting shorter. to point is low. it is actually kind of cool and comfortable. 39 degrees in sussex and monticello. fifty in islip. our temperatures are a little bit cool. it is also dry at the same time. if you have the day off, good for you. this area of low pressure is changes. i am taking you to the futurecast. that area of low pressure over the carolinas will pick up some
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cloud cover. no rain out of it. there will be a cold front approaching from the west. that will slide through tomorrow. a quick little shower passes on five tuesday into perhaps early wednesday. i do not think that we will get much out of it. sunny skies coming at you today. seventy-four. showers trying to pass through later tuesday into wednesday. on friday we could see a few quick showers. the weather applets on the google play store and apple itunes store. ines: let's check in on long island. southern state parkway. drops of the bridge. the latest.
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stick with the whitestone bridge. an accident on the dvm. let's go to our cameras. approaching 135 you have an accident here. you have this delay on the southbound side. driving into the city, the lincoln tunnel, let's go to that shot. traffic around the helix ring find. holland, george washington bridge, minor delays. greg: tanks a lot. let's take a look at citi field. rosanna: what a nice night to play baseball. rosanna: harvey. rosanna: they cannot be obvious about it, greg. greg: it is part of baseball.
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talked to get the guys psyched out. you cannot be that obvious. greg: all of this bluster and not do anything? rosanna: we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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to whom will. stuck in the middle with you. greg: eight cool classic. they were in that room that whole movie. rosanna: eight dark movie. rosanna: gorgeous day. did you enjoy the weekend? greg: it is back to work. rosanna: 7:24 a.m. a woman under arrest for the attempted abduction of a teenager. greg: charge with sexual assault, reckless and dangerous myth.
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suspect for a while. she assaulted a 17-year-old girl. police say randall offered the teenager a ride, but then turned violent. the teenager, by the way, is okay. she just suffered minor injuries. imploded. not without a hitch. do we have that? greg: i saw it before. it was kind of cool. there we go. basically -- rosanna: that is gorgeous. greg: not enough dynamite. greg: all kinds of profanity coming.
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they became ran down. greg: demolition projects are almost as complex as construction projects. rosanna: are they going to do it again? greg: it is small enough that they may be able to bring in the wrecking ball. take care of it that way. there you have it. rosanna: woodstock. greg: the 60s. rosanna: the music celebration. greg: bringing out all kinds of dogs. rosanna: dressed up in beautiful little costumes. carpet. greg: this is all to benefit pet rescue. saving dogs from being euthanized.
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if you do not mind, 1996. 1983-1996. rosanna: canoe ever replace spike? greg: no. that is why i did not adopt oreo last week. rosanna: she is so sweet. she really is. she is human. greg: the dog slipped out. so worried about you. rosanna: protective.
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rosanna: good song. why did you request this song this morning? greg: he is and sean connery. totally entertained.
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did you see that guy? >> blaming the pond series. greg: i would rather slit my wrist band do another pond movie. rosanna: alan pompeo from gray's anatomy, she was not happy with that. greg: roger moore. rosanna: daniel cragg. greg: good for him. rosanna: he went on the beach. my sister and daughter and i, we
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there was applause from the women in the audience. i prefer roger moore. rosanna: and sean connery. he had a certain swagger. weather. right. over the weekend. everybody is happy. it is going to be great for everyone. probably the nicest day weather wise for the weekend coming at us here today. we got up to 69 degrees out at central park. we made it up to 71 in newark. seventy-one also in poughkeepsie. sixty-five in montauk. today looks like sunny skies throughout the day.
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fifty out at newark. same thing in islip. thirty-nine and monticello and sussex. mainly clear skies. here is a cold front trying to come to town. we also have an area of pressure right there. that will bring us a little additional cloud cover. we will see even more cloud cover in the overnight hours. when it comes to rainfall, that will come through with the next passages. seventy-four is your i today. mainly sunny skies. there is a quick showers coming through tuesday into wednesday. then it is quiet for most of this week. let's bring in ines was alice right now. take a look at what is going on. we still have a somewhat busy commute. street cleaning rules are
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suspended because of columbus day. leaders remain in effect. accident blocks a lane on jerome avenue. traffic backed up to the sheridan. connecticut doing fine. no problems 95. let's go to our cameras. garden state parkway jammed up northbound. slow northbound because of an accident by exit 140 talking to lanes. southbound side, you are fine. this is in the 80s. making your way toward 72nd street. as far as the trains, those are running on or close. rosanna: what is going on with joe biden? greg: we will know by friday, of. lay. we have a picture or something
7:32 am
of this. joe biden. he is the vice president. he has been flirting with running for president for a while now. greg: there is a big debate tomorrow night. rosanna: the chairwoman of the committee says they would welcome joe biden if he jumped in. greg: she has to say that. rosanna: everyone thinks that hillary clinton has it locked in. greg: i do not think that she has it locked up. let's go to juliet huddy. >> reporter: he was on 60 minutes. he covered a whole bunch of different topics. one of that topics was the e-mail scandal.
7:33 am
personal e-mail server for professional classified e-mail, the president said that he did think it was a mistake. not a national security risk. kind of did a little bit of a dance on the clinton topic. for instance, it was a mistake. the president said those holding political office need to be diligent. by the way, no evidence. it was a mistake, but not a pad one. mr. obama police the issue has. -- listen. >> this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate. the fact that for the last three
7:34 am
spoken about is an indication. >> a little dance thing going on there. not surprising, of course. a lot of folks in the gop particular belief that clinton engaged in a cover-up for that her thick event. the supporters answering for the satisfaction of the american public. they can make their own judgment. greg: j. the democrats have a debate. rosanna: i'm wondering how many people watch this deep a. greg: there are a few people who are running. bernie sanders. hillary clinton. all right.
7:35 am
take a look. rosanna: is that martin o'malley? he is the former maryland governor. greg: he is also ripped. he works out a lot. former senator from virginia. he will be there. a long with this guy. who is he? rosanna: i have no idea. he looks like steve ducey. greg: that is lincoln from rhode island. kind of an interesting dude. he also was a blacksmith. rosanna: if vice president biden decides to announce to run for president --
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rosanna: it is a gorgeous day. greg: this is where a lot of your ancestors came through. rosanna: they were not so nice. greg: it stood for something. you guys stood your ground and mom! the weekend together. hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices.
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medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. greg: taking you to that crown. rosanna: they are the told you know. we will go in like the average joe. greg: there is one guy who lives on liberty island in his own house. rosanna: how many times do i have to tell you that? greg: this guy lives on the island by himself.
7:40 am
that may be his bed right there. that is his office. a beautiful 152nd commute. show us this. a little bridge. he is basically six minutes from new jersey. how do you know his whereabouts? greg: a profile at least 20 years ago. >> 20 years ago. is it the same guy?
7:41 am
>> i would say so. we covered this kind of weather. beautiful weekend. it was very nice. greg: do you want to see these? too much. too much. i can return them. rosanna: you have done that before. these are cool. i don't like spending $6 on sunglasses. mike: got a problem there. make sure we get the uv
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you will need those. lots of sun, as you can see. 51 degrees in bridgeport. not ridiculously warm. warmer than what we normally see this year. we will be about 10 degrees warmer. fairly quiet day today. there will be some clouds coming in. it will pretty much stay offshore. this cold front approaching from the west will try to squeeze out a couple of quick showers for you. it looks like just a little bit coming our way. high temperature goes up to 74. thursday looks sunny and dry. friday, another quick chance of a shower again.
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itunes store. gait your forecast for free. we also have some birthday shout outs. this is scary. also, congratulations. edy and eddie. it is their anniversary. they are huge fans. happy anniversary. all right. ines: good morning to sally and tonya. they love you. rosanna: i wish. traveling on the freeway heading towards 95 in connecticut, there is an accident. to lanes are blocked. there is a crash approaching 287.
7:44 am
one they blocked. let's take a look at the garden state parkway. an accident being worked on. to lanes are blocked. let's go to our other camera. traffic at a crawl because of an accident at jerome avenue. eastbound side, you are fine. you could have some rubbernecking delays. heading towards the toll plaza, no delays. although approaches look good as well as the upper and lower level of the bridge. trains are running on or close to schedule. greg: mets versus dodgers tonight at citi field. still fallout from this weekend's dirty slide that took out a player. rosanna: lots of people were waiting in this morning. greg: the guy in the white uniform. the mets should be the bigger team and not retaliate.
7:45 am
the appeal will be overturned another woman said. greg: need in the groin. calling for the groin. rosanna: a clear head to the player. dirty play dirty. greg: chase may or may not play tonight. if he does, it looks like the manager is giving the pitcher a clear direction to do something nasty. rosanna: i do not know about that. do you think the mets coaches encouraging a dirty play today? duke: i think he just wanted to give him something to think about. the way he pitched during the regular season, i think he is selling his guy, look, let's not get ejected here.
7:46 am
that is our best revenge. nonetheless, everyone is talking about this. the double play should have been ruled. you could rule about. that is a judgment call. i do not think he has ever touched the bag. then there is the neighborhood will to protect the runners. the notion that it is old school baseball. throw it out the window. player safety is much more important, regardless. some say he may win the deal. i highly doubt it. here is joe torre. >> a hard slide. it was not until i looked later on that i saw how late the slide
7:47 am
it was really based on the fact that he slid, even though, very late. he had the player in the ground at about the same time. targeting the player as opposed to the base. duke: major league baseball will look to expediting that hearing. florez has come up with some big hits. i would not be surprised if he came up with a big hit in this series. great numbers against matt harvey. the mets definitely do not want him playing tonight. players, management still very upset about this play. citi field. terry collins, addresses
7:48 am
>> rubin on the field. certainly, something that needs to be addressed. >> we are all counting for rubin. duke: there you have it. i do not think that there will be retribution. you hear some shots thereby harvey and collins yesterday. i do not eat that it will happen today. remember, it does not have to be a warning to be an ejection today. duke: a big game last night at metlife stadium. it was amazing. pick it up late in the third. eli manning. 17 yards. the giants up 20-third team. two minutes left in the game.
7:49 am
2 yards in. last chance for the giants. eli manning. barely holding on. great catch. they worked on this at practice during the week. 49ers defense. the giants peeped the 49ers. it is a huge win. the giants are now 32 on the year. washington lost, the eagles one geared giants not looking too bad that. the jets had the day off yesterday. a pig game tonight. everyone will be watching this.
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[laughter] rosanna: that is the most ridiculous thing. someone getting married on sunday. has she gotten her dress yet? >> that happens like eight
7:52 am
months before. greg: sorry. anna gilligan is getting married on sunday. anna: it is true. still picking out the music were my first dance. rosanna: okay. i still don't know. i am taking suggestions. according to the hollywood reporter, and letter for the second time demanding that he stop using their hit "dream on." the lawyer -- the first time
7:53 am
greg: is that legal? it seems like if you make a song, anybody that wants -- anna: it was a copyright issue. greg: all right, anna. anna: i will be back next hour. rosanna: it is time for facebook fan of the hour. thank you for saying nice things on our page. speaking of songs for anna, for
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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greg: all right. hi, everybody. it is columbus day. rosanna: it is called via day. happy indigenous people they. we will just celebrate the accomplishments. it is a gorgeous day for a parade. beautiful sunny skies. mild temperatures. greg: last night at about four in the morning or early this morning, a shooting at a night three women were shot coming out of that nightclub. one of them fatally. rosanna: everyone is talking
7:57 am
about this. the dodgers chase. will they take it back? it does not look like it. this illegal fly. greg: okay. let's see. low gas prices. rosanna: when did that ever factor into it? today, as you mentioned it, columbus day. the annual parade starts later this morning. by the way, you were channeling your heritage the other night. greg: what else? we celebrate italian-americans like lucifer columbus. rosanna: yes. he is not italian-americans. greg: he discovered america.
7:58 am
india. rosanna: mario cuomo. rest in peace. greg: take a look at that. we will re-create the snafu that led to the discovery of america. was it really the pinto? [laughter] leave that alone for a while. we will see how that turns out. mike: it sound like somebody made a wrong turn at outlook rosanna: we're just having a little bit of fun this morning. mike: a lot of folks heading out.
7:59 am
the best looking day weather wise. around 11:00 a.m. a temperature of 60 degrees. we are on our way back up. 6 c or low 60s. a little cool for starters. here is what we have right now. forty-eight sussex. sixty-one montauk. a nice quiet start to the day. 4 degrees warmer for you out of ago. now we do have mainly clear skies right now. it is nice and quiet. here is a cloud cover. the cold front coming to town. also an area of low pressure. getting really close to us. offshore. this is a cold front coming
8:00 am
it will bring us a quick hit of showers. it is in and out of here before you know it. maybe a little bit left over for you on wednesday. today, no rain. sunny skies. tomorrow we have the showers popping through quickly. late tuesday, early wednesday. we catch a break on thursday. friday, and other chance that small showers. let's bring in ines rosales. good morning. ines: you do have street cleaning rules suspended today for columbus day. meters are still in effect. passing across westchester, there is an accident by exit rate. in new jersey, 78 eastbound, traffic slow approaching 287. let's go to our cameras.
8:01 am
this is my marker 136. it has been jammed for a while. traffic barely moving. that was cleared away. traffic moving better. you do still have traffic they are. the bronx river parkway, that is slow because of an accident by jerome avenue. the path trains are running on a close to schedule. greg: thank you. will chase, the dodgers that took out a player over the weekend play or not? rosanna: i know he is not supposed to play. maybe he did it for his own good. can you imagine all the fans? greg: his leg was broken. rosanna: those two suggestions
8:02 am
greg: the manager of the mets. he wants some sort of revenge. kerry drew has more. he has been suspended for two games. >> reporter: good morning. he is expected to be here at major league baseball headquarters to appeal that two-game suspension. three and four against the new york mets. all about this play we are about to show you. was this a clean plate or a dirty slide? this is a play everybody is talking about. a play that is difficult to watch. saturday night, l.a. dodgers second baseman sliding into shortstop.
8:03 am
as a result, to honda suffered a broken leg. >> i was trying to get the double play. i feel terrible. i had no intent to severely hurt him whatsoever. i was just trying to make the double play. is david wright's reaction. >> only he knows what his intent was. you know, in my opinion, he was not anywhere close to the bad. report a ruling was issued about the place suspending him for two games. some argue that it was no different than some others that would not result in a suspension. joe torre defended the decision saying it was made after
8:04 am
times. >> i just pasted on what i saw. we are trying to have rules to keep these players on the field. >> agent released a statement calling the suspension outrageous and completely unacceptable. they plan to bring thousands of videos of similar slides that did not result in any kind of suspension. they are hoping to expedite the hearing. hoping the decision will be made for tonight's game. that is the latest at headquarters this morning. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: breaking news overnight. one woman dead, and two others hospitalized after a shooting this morning in the flatiron district.
8:05 am
greg: three women shot. one fatally. what happened here? let's go to our reporter. teresa priolo. >> reporter: 24 gears all. enjoying a night out with her friends when tragedy strikes. that white jeep is right around there. this is what we understand. there was a party going and it was called the all-black affair. it was a normal night when a known club promoter in the area showed up to the parties which he is not affiliated with. he was asked to leave. he got escorted by the bouncers. he walked away he said nothing about i will go to my car and come back.
8:06 am
they did not think anything of it. they hear people say that quite a lot. this guy did come back. when he came back, he came back with vengeance and a gun in his hand. he started approaching the bouncers. he began firing. that was the same time that all of these people were filing outside of the club ending their team being around 4:00 a.m. three women ranging in age from 24 years old to 30 years old. back. died at the hospital. shoulder. expected to recover. between the government and these three women geared it appears to be a complete random act. wrong place at the wrong time.
8:07 am
a dark collared bmw. they were able to get a good look at the license plate. they are tracking him down. that is the latest from the flatiron this morning. greg: taking one more look at the aftermath. both -- three women shot. one of them fatally. we have to go on to something else. it is a big deal. at least in washington, d.c. the guy that gets to sit behind the president or in those speeches, he will be leaving the job shortly. rosanna: people that want the job. greg: the whole country is kind of watching you.
8:08 am
speech. congressmen from was confident. greg: p does not want it. rosanna: who really wants that job? greg: zero people. he is just volatile. getting big things through. they say rightly so. they are stopping things from happening. the house freedom caucus makes up members. they have thrown the place into chaos. the only person who has the
8:09 am
he ends up taking the job. >> i still think that it is a pretty cool job. you are, speaker of the house. >> you are next in line. you kind of say what is going to happen. you are also running interference. a lot of these boats will split the republican party. he is the chairman of the house. that is what he really wants to do. greg: stay with us here. donald trump. everyone says it is not working out for him. i see poll after poll, the guy
8:10 am
significant margin. rosanna: if you slip in the polls, what would you do? if you're not going to be number one in the polls, would you drop out of the race? greg: a sickly if you lost, when would you lose? >> when would you get out? i think that donald trump is here to stay. he said if he got down in the polls he would drop out. that just meant if he was losing. he is not losing. rosanna: and will at will be interesting to see how they do without donald trump part of it. >> it could be a lot different than 23 million. we will see.
8:11 am
i am not sure that they will get it all. >> tomorrow night on another network. see you later. rosanna: appreciate it. greg: this happened not too long ago. a molotov cocktail thrown out to students on friday. rosanna: a snapple bottle with an accelerated. neither were injured at the attack. one of the students told the new york post that he is shocked. police are investigating. they think it could possibly be a hate crime. as a mentioned, it is under investigation this morning.
8:12 am
contributions of our italian american. greg: you remember rosanna. she is and italian american. a great restaurant in midtown. mayor bloomberg. rosanna: we are very proud of our governor. the grand marshal. the president of the foundation. well. he will be here this morning. we will talk to him about what it means to be part of the columbus day parade. greg: in the background. do you hear that lady gaga music? financial markets are open today. most banks are close. the post office is closed.
8:13 am
the husbands are off duty today. let the garbage pileup in the house. mike: one more day. greg: thank you. i did it on purpose. mike: good job, my friend. looking good. happy columbus day, everyone. sixty-five is the average eye for today. we dropped it down to 56 at one point. we are on our way back up. sunny skies. a beautiful day coming up for us. it will be the best looking day for us weatherwise. it is now 52 out at newark. forty-one, monticello. it is time to get back for some folks. temperatures have gone up a little bit. 4 degrees warmer in central
8:14 am
park. that is the general trend. coming up a little bit. high pressure in control. area of low pressure developing in the offshore waters. bringing in some showers. for us, it looks like we will see some additional cloud cover. that should be about it. the low-pressure hugs the coast line. clouds increase later tonight. it is not that area of pressure that will bring us the rainfall. not a particularly strong one. enough moisture for a few quick showers. perhaps a little bit left over for you on wednesday morning. without him up for more share, we will not get a lot out of it. sunny skies. high temperatures around 71-75 degrees. seventy-one is your high tomorrow.
8:15 am
through quick weight. the fox5 weather app is setup apple itunes store in google play. let's bring in nine is now. seeing what you have as you step out the door. ines: the commute is not that bad. staten island looks good. all green. belt parkway doing fine. you do have some delays as you get closer to the bqe. queens, the l.i.e. is not too bad. you do have a bit of a slow down traveling eastbound. let's go to our cameras. no problems westbound or eastbound. the lincoln tunnel. let's go to that camera shop geared traffic moving around the
8:16 am
greg and rosanna. rosanna: all right. we have a very special guests coming up in the 9:00 o'clock hour. eric legrand. talking about his life now. greg: 2010 he took a tough hit on the field. he has been doing amazing things ever since. rosanna: such an inspiration. greg: if you work for major league baseball headquarters, you work in a office. chase is showing up. the guy that took out the shortstop over the weekend. rosanna: i think major league baseball, maybe he did it for his own safety. what do you think? greg: you know how i feel.
8:17 am
greg: within when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. dove invited women to a makeover... with a difference. hi ma'am. hi. would you like to have a free makeover? perfect! who doesn't love a good makeover. here you go... it's a shower?! it's a shower! but it's a shower with dove body wash. with its breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower. for softer, smoother skin. wanna feel? it feels really good! really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it! dove body wash.
8:18 am
rosanna: i like this song. malcolm moore. greg: getting your phone out. trying to shazam. rosanna: where's the app? i only have a few seconds for it. greg: ra. what else? >> we expect a million people to be lining the streets today. 4000 people will be marching in the parade. that is a lot of people. greg: that is good. a lot of politicians that i have to go like this. everybody is a little bit italian american today.
8:19 am
she is at home with her baby. greg: adam shapiro. >> first the southwest airline. it looks like they have that. 400 flights delayed yesterday. they seem to have that. the other thing is black friday. only seven weeks away. there are deals to be had. sixty-65-inch screen. expect about $1000 for that. anywhere from $500. a really good bargain. target, walmart.
8:20 am
online prices. in stock. same exact lineup. >> it will not be a great holiday season. how do they know this? >> honestly -- they set up expectations to below. usually, they outperform. >> just because they don't understand does not mean it does not happen. rosanna: although shopaholics get rolling. the mac the best deals are not black friday and cyber monday. they tend to be a couple days before black friday in a couple weeks into the season just before christmas. rosanna: people in the know want to know that. she is known for playing a warrior woman. greg: rosanna and i promise to
8:21 am
get into that show. she has a new project. she is on downtown abbey. she has a new movie out. five very nice.
8:22 am
we will be right back. team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year.
8:23 am
programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline
8:24 am
greg: go mets. rosanna: let the people in queens cool down. greg: you have messed with the wrong city. i don't say i want you hurt, but just a little bit. at least your feelings. rosanna: don't talk about that publicly as we celebrate. greg: happy columbus day, everybody. rosanna: celebrate the accomplishments. mike: what?
8:25 am
the pinto? mike: i don't know. it is fitting. greg: which one was columbus on? everybody on my ship. don't do that. we are going outside for a moment. there. do you really want to ride in my ship? mike: this ship has sailed. rosanna: run for your lives. greg: the santa -- mike: mike: mike: mike: clause. rosanna: we are celebrating. greg: take it away? rosanna: everyone is talking
8:26 am
about the way he should have acted in 1492. greg: they had different standards back then. cut him the slack. rosanna: yes, on columbus day. let the italian americans to celebrate the accomplishments. greg: you arette ging the shaft the other 364 days? rosanna: maybe. we have a gorgeous day to celebrate. mike: yes, they are setting up. rosanna: the family is here and we are doing columbus inspired foods, what he could have eaten on the ship. greg: probably bread and water. rosanna: beans and rice. greg: how about scurvy? rosanna: i don't know about that. mike: out the door, getting you
8:27 am
it is a sunny day coming up. yesterday was nice. above normal temperatures, now we are off to holiday itself, enjoy. with the temperatures, sunny skies around the region. no problems out there for the columbus day. 61 montauk. 43 degrees in allentown. a lot of sunshine in the region. so a couple of things are going on out there. for the weather today, high pressure is in control, that is bringing in the clear skies. the low pressure is off the carolina coast, sitting there and hugging the coastline and coming up this way and bringing about it. this cold front is actually squeezing out a little more. we are lacking the moisture ahead of it. with that being the case, we are not squeezing out much in the way of rainfall.
8:28 am
but tomorrow the cold front is sliding through and we are expecting showers. probably most risky for the showers in the second half of tuesday. we are not skeezing out much at all with the rainfall. today, well, we don't have a front here or anything really. high of 74 degrees in the city. tomorrow up to 71 for a high. there are showers coming through at that time. just a little rain. sunny on thursday. friday a weak front is passing by with a few quick showers. it is getting cool after that. the weekend is looking cool. now the ines rosales with the commute. ines: not that bad. a lot of people have off. the street cleaning rules are suspended. meters are in effect. there are delays on the
8:29 am
throughway at exit 3 at the state line. that create add backup there. queens a stalled truck, traffic is slow westbound by queens boulevard. southbound on the van wyck with a stall. the l.i.e. is looking good. in new jersey 280 westbound an accident by exit 7. to the cameras, long island expressway expressway, fine. lincoln tunnel no delays. traffic is moving fine around the helix. >> greg: the playoffs coming to citi field. rosanna: that is fantastic. mlb suspended one of the stars on the dodgers team. chase utley with an ugly slide.
8:30 am
rosanna: mlb is worried about utley's safety. greg: joe torrey making the call and looking at the tape. he's appealing. it is conceivable he could play tonight and could be a retaliation for what happened. rosanna: come on, will the mets retaliate? >> you want to win the series. we are talking an august game maybe retaliate and show the toughness, i get all that. but you have to win the series. hey, greg, you are right, a lot of people think that chase utley will be playing tonight.
8:31 am
players union is saying hey, look, we have had guys getting hurt on slides into second base in the past and to my knowledge, no suspension. so i think that could come into play here. i think ultimately, mlb suspends him tonight and maybe possibly knocks it down to one game. i think he should be banned for the rest of the post season. obviously, an emotional topic and obviously both of the managers feel different about the subject. >> for years and years, as long as the game is played, players took care of stuff themselves. and so i don't know certainly what's going to happen.
8:32 am
right now we need matt harvey to step up and pitch the game he's capable of pitching. >> they are saying he went after him and that is the way you have to play, but with our guy that is different. duke: in 2010, chase utley goes into tejada hard and ininjuries the leg. wright was upset at the time. mets fans, 1973, the mets and the cubs are playing in the national league championship series and pete rose going in, and a fight ensued. a huge brawl. it is a brawl that we talk about a lot of times and back in 197
8:33 am
how in the post season mccray goes into randolph hard. there is history for this in baseball during the post season. regardless, there was no suspension in those two plays, so the utley camp is bringing up the history here. it is not fair. we have ruben tejada out where a broken leg, and it is not fair utley going hard. we got a lot to talk about the game tonight. by the way, matt harvey on the mound tonight. >> duke, thank you. did you hear what the manager said, take care of stuff, that was code. i don't know what's going to happen tonight. alluding to they used to take
8:34 am
rosanna: that is a psychiatric out thing. greg: i hope he's wearing a cup. are you familiar with the cup? rosanna: yes, i know about it. okay. all right, coming up on "good day." greg: making the role of the commissioner famous. rosanna: the new role on (dog) mmmmm. beneful, look at that, meaty chunks, carrots... i don't know what kind of slicer or dicer you got back there... ...but i'm a big fan. (vo) beneful chopped blends, a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. made with real beef. plus carrots and barley that you
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>> rosanna: we are going to talk this week is feds are expected to announce no increase in social security benefits next low. the annual cost of living adjustment is based on the measure of inflation and dragged down by the lower prices at the pump. only twice before no social security increases and usually increases average 4% every year. >> where is your social security card? good luck finding that. rosanna: i just hope we have the payments when i get around to that. greg: oh my gosh, they have been trying to fix that system. sometimes you need the card.
8:38 am
>> hit the music please. today is columbus day. he was clever. he was looking for india and found us. we are celebrating italian americans. like the late cuomo. how about this, rosanna scotto. rosanna: thank you for including me. the day over a million people are expected to line the sidewalks and watch the columbus morning. greg: it is going to be fun. and we are going to have a special preview from some very special guests. rosanna: the grand marshall today and the president of the columbus citizens foundation, and nice to have you both here. >> great to be here.
8:39 am
great to be with you. rosanna: i love this. we are celebrating italian american pride and what does it mean to be the grand marshall? >> how can i say words. you know, to be a grand marshall of the largest and best organized and warmest parade of italian american, it is tremendous reason of pride. greg: anglo, explain why he's the grand marshall today? >> he's a renaissance man and he's a man of the arts, opera and philanthropist. he's a great grand marshall. rosanna: what are you thinking about as you walk up 5th avenue? >> my children and my little
8:40 am
grand daughter, she's four years old in december. and i hope that she will be there and thinking about what is this doing walking up 5th avenue. >> greg: talk about lady gaga, honored the other night, at the waldorf and honored for the work with the lgbt community and being a proud italian american and sang, anglo, and she was brilliant. >> yes, absolutely brilliant. her mom and lady gaga received the humanitarian award, founding members of the born this way foundation and it is helping young people to have better sense of themselves and having the tools to deal with the
8:41 am
challenges of this world. they are really involved. they are very much involved in it. we were pleased to honor them. rosanna: i heard she was supposed to sing 3 songs and she sang 8. that is fantastic. >> it was incredible evening. it was electric in the room, i think. everyone was super delighted. rosanna: is she walking in the parade today? >> no. but roberto will be there and his family. and we have honorees. greg: when italians got here, u.s. a good portion of society was not nice to them. rosanna: you talk about bias and everything else, when the italians came here, changed their name, roughed them up,
8:42 am
there was a prejudice against italians. >> yes. integrity, honesty, hardworking people and people that believe in families and also in the great country that we live in. we support scholarships. that is what we really do for the young italian americans that can't afford to get into a school because they don't have the financial means, we support them, and over the years have given $25 million. >> education for the kids that can't afford it. >> rosanna: yes, education is the best way out. kids. we want our kids to be better than we are and moving forward. >> greg: maybe you can education us. we have a debate about which
8:43 am
ship got here first? number one, this is inokay accurate. >> i photofor the santa rosanna. >> yes, ladies first. >> well, my family is coming up and cooing foods inspired by what was on board. we foe that they had beans. >> corn, tomato. chocolate. what came from the u.s., from the americas and back to europe is corn, tomato, chocolate and spices. >> anglo has a fantastic restaurant here as well. >> 74th. check it out. have a fine march. >> rosanna is a great role model for the young italian women in
8:44 am
the country. greg: keep it up, rosanna. rosanna: thank you. greg: good stuff. eat your heart out. >> we love maria. she's a brooklyn girl. greg: i always wondered if there is a rivalry. rosanna: no, we love each other. right back. music: "thunder clatter"
8:45 am
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greg: anna, 6 days until getting married. rosanna: we are all going to be exhausted on monday. we are all going, dancing and singing. greg: who gets married on a sunday night? anna: well, no saturday nights
8:48 am
rosanna: it is going to be fun. anna: you will be all right. take a day off. craig is told to stop bashing the character james bond. they have asked him to stop issing poorly about the role. i'm in shock about the negative things he's saying about it. he told a london publication he would slash his wrist than talk about another bond movie, if he does another installment it is all for the money. greg: they all get too big with the role. anna: so many people would love to have the baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea.
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