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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> chase has been in the big leagues a long time. guys play hard. major league baseball is in the process of determining the line between hard and possibly reckless for all of us, not just for chase. what happened. it's a shame. i think for me, you know, personally i think there should be -- you should be able to review that play. i think in the nfl, they review targeting, same with college. i think you should review a play like that and get it right. russ: now, as for don mattingly's take on the situation, he doesn't speak until 5:30. yesterday he did say if it was david wright who did what utley did and nobody got hurt, we it. i have two points to make. no. 1, it wasn't mets captain david wright. it was chase utley.
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two, somebody did get hurt. he has a fractured leg. that said, one guy not pulling any punches at all over what should happen to chase utley is his honor, mayor bill de blasio. >> he can appeal all he wants. he's guilty as sin. this is a tackle. i didn't get to watch the game live. i didn't stay up that late. i woke up in the morning and went on and they're saying look at this controversy. i watched the tape. he was astounded. it wasn't close. it was a tackle. it was illegal. it was sickening. russ: i've got a feeling that the mayor of l.a. has a different take on it than mayor de blasio. that's it from here. nothing left to do but play ball tonight. back to you. dari: without a doubt. thank you, russ. as you can imagine, baseball fans have plenty to say about that slide. steve: that's right. mac king joins us to show us how fans think the league should deal with the controversy. >> as soon as the internet learned he did break his leg, social media exploded.
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we have a couple here: >> mets fans we spoke to in person felt the same way. the play was dirty. >> chase utley going in hard at 2nd as the tying run scores. >> reporter: nearly 48 hours after the slide, even the most casual of mets fans have watched replays of the takedown at a variety of speeds from a variety of angles. most have arrived at the same conclusion. >> it was dirty. >> a dirty play. >> i didn't like that very much. >> he went in high. he slid past the bag and didn't try and touch the bag. >> reporter: utley's collision and the broken leg, led all of us, no matter how familiarity with, to examine the rule book.
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halfway legit. >> old school baseball, they say it's okay. >> you used to see this happen a lot 30 years ago. very rarely now. >> if he hadn't broken his leg, it wouldn't have been a big deal. >> we were screaming at the tv. sucks they lost because of that. >> the debate over the semantics over plays, replay procedure and what is an illegal slide grows stale, the attention of a fan base turns back to a game and what many of you as an opportunity for retaliation. >> god help him at citi field. >> they're going to go nuts. >> i'm glad he's not suspended. i hope they try to beat him. >> in the playoffs, harvey is smart enough to realize this isn't the time to retaliate. >> if the mets are up 3 on -nothing, he's getting hit.
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>> first pitch is at 8:37 p.m. steve: lots will be watching. in saturday's late breaking slides was not the first time utley took him out in 2015. he flipped him over sliding into 2nd during the fifth inning of a game. that time he was able to get up and walk away. dari: we're following breaking news. one person is dead and six injured when a truck crashed into scaffolding in the port morris section of the bronx. this happened just after 3:00 today on east 138th street. one is dead and six suffered minor injuries. no word on what caused the crash. dari: stacey delikat is live outside a club where police say an argument inside may have sparked a deadly rage. >> reporter: well, steve and dari, the three victims were innocent bystanders. they were leaving the party at the nightclub early this morning
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as for the man responsible, tonight still no arrests. >> why did they kill my daughter? my firstborn. now i've got to bury her. >> wendy rodriguez will have a hole in her heart after her daughter, a 24-year-old, was shot and killed as she left the nightclub in the flat iron district at 4:00 this morning. her parents say she was just trying to get a cab. >> she was innocent. her. it wasn't meant for her. that's the crazy part. >> reporter: she was celebrating her birthday with her best friend rene on east 21st and broadway when a gunman opened fire, striking her in the back and rene in the hip. a 30-year-old was shot in the shoulder. one died at the hospital. the two others are expected to survive. police say the gunman had been kicked out of the club earlier and told bouncers he was getting a gun. he made true on the promise.
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>> i don't know what they did to him to make him go into a rage, go to the car and get a gun and shoot and fire. >> reporter: this man lives gunfire. >> i heard i want to say three or four shots. i stepped outside just to see what was going on. and i saw a lot of people just other. >> reporter: crews attracted crowds of onlookers, shocked to see a violent scene in a trendy neighborhood. >> it's very disturbing. i mean, this is my neighborhood, where i live. >> it's unexpected of this area. >> police hope surveillance video will lead them to the shooter. as for the college graduate who worked at nordstrom, she leaves behind a three-year-old son. >> how am i going to explain this to him? going to wake up and no mom.
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seen speeding away from this scene in a dark bmw. police know who he is. now they need to find him. live in the flatiron district, i'm stacey delikat. back to you. steve: thank you. students returned to class today at the oregon college where a gunman killed nine and wounded nine before killing himself two weeks ago. dozens of community members and people lined up outside umpqua community college to welcome the students back. the college president says the main focus now is to try to bring back a sense of normalcy. >> the first need today is getting students back to class and getting our teachers and the campus up and running in a normal way. steve: comfort dogs, which you see here, and counselors are on campus to provide assistance to students who are still struggling to cope with that. dari: let's go overseas with the help of russian air strikes, syria's military battled militants in two provinces. russia has intensified its bombing campaign inside of syria.
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officials insist they're only targeting isis strongholds. according to u.s. military intelligence, air strikes are also targeting moderate and rebel groups fighting to dismantle assad's regime. steve: the minnesota dentist who created an international incident when he killed cecil the lion will not face criminal charges. authorities have cleared james palmer of wrongdoing and are no longer pressing for his return to the country. he did not break any hunting laws. a professional hunter from -- dari: 13 members of the red cross are on their way to south carolina. they're going to help with recovery efforts there for the record flooding that has devastated parts of the state. the dart team, made up of active and retired fdny firefighters who volunteer through the red cross during disasters. >> most people only get to watch on tv. they don't get to help. we have a unique opportunity where we get to respond down
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there and get hands on and help the people out. for us, that means a lot. whenever we have something going on, the country helps us out. dari: the red cross is providing thousands of people in south carolina with meals and relief items as the cleanup from the flooding continues. steve: nearly a million people packed on to fifth avenue for the columbus day parade. dari: jessica takes us to the world's largest celebration of italian american culture. >> reporter: a sea of red, white and green, 35,000 marchers, over 100 groups and, of course, thousands and thousands of spectators waving their american and italian flags. >> very beautiful. i love it. >> reporter: half a million people lined up down fifth avenue. >> to celebrate the parade and we're italian. >> reporter: to see and hear the sights and sounds of the 71st annual columbus day parade.
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a dozen high school bands, colorful floats and professional groups from america and italy. >> yes. we were excited to see them. >> reporter: it didn't matter if you were italian, american, or something else. are you italian? >> no. i'm jewish. >> reporter: okay. doesn't matter. you still come out to celebrate. >> i still come out to celebrate with the italians. come out and celebrate with all the italians. >> i come every year. >> reporter: for how many years now? >> 45 years. >> reporter: the crowd wasn't the only one having a great time. so were the participants. >> i love being in front of a crowd. i love seeing people's reactions, their smiling faces. >> it's only fitting we come. city. >> reporter: we caught up with the one and only tony danza. >> these are my roots. my mom is -- i'm first generation. my mother was born in sicily. you have the total lineage.
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i think of them. i wish they could be here to see this. >> reporter: down fifth avenue, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: making halloween safe. steve: how to spot a house that will have goodies that are safe for people who suffer from food allergies. dari: plus $100 toothpaste? what? it's all about what's inside that the company is claiming that it will be better at
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steve: a live to amazon keeps its promise to beat their prices. dari: and preventing atm fees from taking a big bite out of your bank account. >> reporter: a week ago, i was here and we talked about how bad the atm fees are. they're out of control. today we're trying to get something done about it. here in new york, out of network atm fees average more than $5 a transaction. that's the second highest in the country. today senator schumer says he's had enough and he's doing something about it. >> i'm calling on the feds to
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issue of rising and in -- rising atm fees which have skyrocketed years. >> reporter: he's written to the consumer financial protection bureau asking them to cap the fees or make sure they're fully disclosed. we'll stick with the theme of saving money. who's cheaper, or amazon? launched and said it could beat prices. money magazine bought tide, paper towels and saved more than $30 going with jet which works out to 400 in savings over a year. last week, jet announced it's getting rid of the membership fee. if you take into account that amazon charges 99 for prime and its free two day shipping, you could save closer to 500 with jet. this isn't a scientific study. but they say keep in mind amazon
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offers a huge selection and they have better customer service overall. they said this not so scientific study proves a point that jet can beat amazon on pricing. good to know. here's something you don't want to buy if you're looking for a bargain. $100 toothpaste. it is called theo dent three hundred. it was made with a compound that does better job than fluoride when it comes to strengthening enamel. unlike fluoride, it is safe to swallow. you can get that clinical strength in dental offices and pharmacies for a hundred bucks. if you don't want to spend that, whole foods sells a $12 version which isn't as strong and there's a version for kids. still 12 bucks a tube. i don't know. it's a lot. steve: better than 100. >> reporter: they say it works. they've done scientific studies. you can swallow it. you've got to be careful of the
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steve: dental work is expensive. i've been through all sorts of dental things. >> reporter: would you spend $100 a tube? steve: no. 10 would be my limit, i think. thank you. let's talk about the weather. 70 right now. dari: it is so beautiful. steve: a perfect columbus day. >> it was a perfect day, especially if you had it off or you were outdoors. we had beautiful weather across the tri-state, not just in manhattan. we hit a high of 77 in central park. we should be in the mid 60s. we'll move back towards normal readings as we go into the next couple of days. this morning we start off with 56. area-wide, we were above average across the board. close to 80 at newark. down the shore in the belmar temperature of 73. towards montauk, you hit a high of 70. we're still in the 70s in inland locations. 70. those numbers are running a few
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degrees milder than this time last night. it's comfortably dry out there. average. that's comfortable air in place. the winds are light, which is evening. we have clear skies now. we will see increasing clouds this evening. that's going to help keep temperatures slightly milder than they were last night. we're going to lows in the 50s and in the 40s across the area. i don't think we'll see much in the way of 30 degrees north and west. satellite and radar showing things quiet across the northeast, courtesy of high pressure, which has been our dominant weather feat. now it will be sliding to the east. our focus is going to change to two systems we're watching. one is an area of low pressure that's sitting off the southeastern states. there's a second area of low pressure over the great lakes. this area of low pressure does have a cold front associated with it that will sweep through the area as we go into tomorrow. before that happens, this center of low pressure will be passing to the southeast. that's going to throw cloud cover across the jersey shore. it could squeeze out an isolated
5:18 pm
shower across the east end of long island. in the afternoon, this front makes its impact in the area and that's when we'll see another chance of light showers coming in. i think everyone will have a chance of rain. that comes in the afternoon hours tomorrow. tonight not the case. nice and dry tonight. we'll have clear skies. that will lead the way to mostly cloudy conditions. we should see breaks of sun from time to time. again, we'll see more clouds to the east as we start off the morning. there could be some showers across long island. be aware of that from the hamptons to montauk point around 8:00, 9:00 in the morning, you'll have a couple of rain showers. in the afternoon, we'll see scattered showers in the hudson valley. the front starts to move through and we'll see light rain coming through from east to west. everything clears out tomorrow night. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds wednesday. we clear things out as we go into thursday and temperatures take a big drop into the end of the week. tonight's lows in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow, sun and clouds, a few showers, and temperatures above
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average. wednesday, a mix of sun and clouds. highs drop into the 60s. we'll be in the low 60s on thursday with plenty of sunshine. check out the weekend. highs dropping into the 50s, which will feel colder compared to the start of the week with our temperature readings in the 70s. lows will be in the 30s in many locations, including right here in new york city. steve: yikes. >> if you were like me and played it smart, you've dug out the winter weather gear. steve: we'll need it soon. wow. >> you'll be needing it this weekend. gather up the layers. steve: got it. dari: trick-or-treat can be tough for kids who have food allergies. steve: families are teaming up to make sure ghouls and goblins can get lots of goodies and have fun. jodi goldberg shows us house. >> reporter: this 3-1/2-year-old loves playing dressup and doing arts and crafts. she has severe food allergies which now, according to food allergy research and education, affects one in 13 kids in the
5:20 pm
united states. >> eggs. >> she's in the anaphylactic range with her egg allergy and the gluten and dairy is pretty high, but not as bad as the eggs. >> when it comes to halloween, it's black and orange. for this family, it's become tradition to incorporate teal pumpkin, the color of food allergy awareness. >> it's known as the teal pumpkin project, back for the second year. it let trick-or-treaters know they'll be receiving toys. >> we have bouncy balls, bubbles, the vampire teeth, stickers. >> one of the great things about the project is it does help increase awareness and empathy for families who are managing food allergies. >> reporter: parents work very hard making sure the kids are avoiding the food. there are strangers, grandfather, who say you want a
5:21 pm
times this candy may cause an allergic reaction. >> reporter: harper's mom said this way of life has become the new normal. >> at first when i found out she had a food allergy, i was worried. we've worked around it and we have as much fun as anyone else on halloween without the candy. >> reporter: they're all set with their teal pumpkin, but they're hoping other people will do the same regardless of whether or not they have children with allergies. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: nice idea. dari: jersey city will have something you can't find in manhattan. steve: completely legal. short term rentals through airbnb. what the site had to promise to the city to make it happen. dari: and scary moments for a flight heading from newark to seattle forced pilots to make an
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for $89.99 a month.
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dari: jersey city will be the first city to allow short term rentals like airbnb. steve: sharon crowley shows us how officials plan to keep short term renters from wearing out their welcome. >> i'm a big fan of airbnb. >> reporter: anna is thrilled short term housing options like
5:25 pm
offered in jersey city. >> you get more of the local culture, you want to understand the things going on. it's better in that sense. >> reporter: the mayor is introducing legislation that will legalize and regulate the short term rentals. airbnb users will be charged a 6 percent hospitality tax, which is what jersey city hotel guests pay. the leases would not last longer than 30 days. >> the city will ultimately realize a million more in service charges from the hotel. we'll be able to be more precise on enforcement of the bad actors. it will protect neighborhoods because there'll be a million dollars of insurance for each unit provided by airbnb. we think this is a win across the board. >> reporter: such housing services are not legal in new york state and some in the hotel industry are critical of the services. marina and her husband welcome the idea.
5:26 pm
it really gives a unique opportunity to explore the city on a budget. >> reporter: the movement does have its critics. the american hotel and lodging association has been critical. the mayor says he will continue to try to work with the critics to make everyone happy because he's looking forward to airbnb being in jersey city. steve: sounds good. thank you. new york city and the state will work together to repair and upgrade the mta's mass transit system. dari: the projects that are expected to get a boost from the multibillion dollar partnership. steve: plus the elevator safety test the city ordered following
5:27 pm
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york state will spend billions to keep the mta on track. dari: arthur chi'en is live on the upper east side to tell us commuters can expect. >> reporter: this is break through in that the governor and mayor have come together on this announced. the funding is in place and advocates say the winners are the riders.
5:30 pm
the celebration on fifth avenue was for the parade. if you look closely for a couple of key participants, it was relief that a deal has been reached to fund the mta's five-year capital plan. the final hurdle was a significant one, needing the mayor and governor to come to an attempt, no small feat, but it is done. without an agreement, the mta was looking to cut projects like the continuation of the second avenue subway and infrastructure improvements. but after intense political posturing, the $29 billion budget looks to be set. >> it means literally to keep it simple new subway cars, new buses and rebuilt train stations. >> reporter: the key to the deal, mayor de blasio wanted assurances. governor cuomo has used the
5:31 pm
state's gap, a political reality riders holds the city responsible even though the state holds the mta. >> i don't blame any new yorker that doesn't spend time on this. the mta is the responsibility of the state. working together, we got to a cooperative outcome that will strengthen the mta. >> reporter: to the tangible, countdown clocks. the other thing is a new signal system that with would allow the mta to run trains closer together which gives them room to increase service during the rush hour. we'll see if they do that, arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. dari: frightening moments for passengers on an alaska airlines jet. it was flight 17 headed to -- from newark to seattle. it had to make an emergency landing in buffalo shortly after taking off. that was this morning. officials say that a melting
5:32 pm
reader to catch fire in a galley. the crew put out the fire with the fire extinguisher and nobody was hurt. steve: new information in connection with the deadly elevator action in brooklyn 10 days after a man was crushed while climbing out of a stalled elevator. inspectors found a potential flaw in the elevator system. the city's building commissioner ordering all other elevators that use the system to undergo testing. until then, the elevators must be operated manually or turned off. the elevator system was not widely in use. dari: we've been talking about this a lot for more than a year. the fight over a waste transfer station proposed for the upper east side is the focus of a new documentary. steve: as linda schmidt shows us, filmmakers hope it will prevent the neighborhood from getting dumped on. >> it makes no sense on an economic level, a humane level or planning level. it's probably the worst public policy i've ever seen. >> reporter: carolyn maloney in a documentary about the controversial garbage transfer
5:33 pm
station that is being built at east 91st street. she joined a long list of politicians, community leaders, activists and residents who oppose the garbage station. it is being built across the street from public housing, and right next to the asphalt green athletics center, a center that children. >> cannot deny the kids at east 91st street are in more danger, more risk, more harm than any facility in new york city. >> reporter: the group pledge to protect is among those leading the charge to try and convince city leaders to either revoke, suspend or modify the project. the documentary, titled talking truth, the real story behind the east 91st street garbage station, premiers tomorrow. >> the truth being that this facility is not meeting the goals it state -- that it set out to meet. it's way cost overruns. it's creating new harms and new
5:34 pm
dangers to new communities. it's not even helping the communities that they had said that it would help. >> reporter: the project was first conceived by mayor bloomberg's administration as part of a plan for each borough to handle its own trash. mayor de blasio also supports the project. now, if you're interested in seeing this documentary, you can go to the organization's web site starting tomorrow night. the web site is that's the latest from here. i'm linda schmidt, fox 5 news. steve: budweiser upping its bid to acquire miller. today anheuser-busch raised its or offer to $103 billion in cash and stock, the fourth offer they've made to acquire miller beer. it would create a global beer giant with 31 percent of the global suds market. dari: daniel felds is sidelined
5:35 pm
>> how his teammates let him know he's still in their thoughts. >> and time to make travel easier for pet owners. first here's tonight's new york minute. columbus day weekend means pumpkin season is in full swing. families spent the day at white post farms taking part in the annual fall farm festival, a tradition for years. >> we enjoy seeing people year after year to bringing their kids back here. it's something that we want to live on multigenerational. dari: the festival continues over the next two weekends. you started drawing a picture of a sailor. dari: the children's museum used this columbus day to teach kids about maritime exploration and how sailors use flags to communicate. >> it's been going very well.
5:36 pm
they like to spell out their names using the flags. they might send a secret message to whoever they're giving the collage to.
5:37 pm
dari: and that's your n [hold music playing] we at time warner cable, need to apologize to you. we no longer offer extended periods of free on hold elevator music when you call us. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including reducing how long you could wait on hold. now, we'll even call you back at a time that's convenient for you. but for those of you who miss our old on hold music, please check out
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r our greatest hits at r dari: new york giants' tight end daniel felds is battling a mrsa infection that could cost him his leg. he has undergone five surgeries
5:39 pm
staph infection last week. doctors fear that if the infection spreads from the bone in his foot to his bloodstream, they may be forced to amputate his leg. he is expected to undergo more surgery as the giants dedicated last nights win against the 49ers to their teammate. steve: and eric legrand paid a visit to "good day new york" this morning. this marks five years since the game that left him with a severed spinal cord. he has not slowed down. he's raising money currently for spinal cord research. >> this is a way to help the goal of funding for paralysis and help people with quality of life going through the injury. steve: his goal is to raise $52,000. if you'd like to contribute, head to and check out his story in the "good day" section. dari: good for him. a day after a ticket glitch delayed hundreds of flights,
5:40 pm
southwest airlines says things will be back to normal today. officials say that the technical issues affected the airline's ability to check in passengers without printed or mobile boarding passes. affected. the dallas-based carrier is still working to get some delayed or displaced travelers into open seats and to deliver baggage. >> train travelers who have small cats or dogs now can bring their buddies on board certain amtrak routes. for a $25 fee, you can take two small pets on board most northeast and new england trains. the pet and carrier must weigh less than 20 pounds combined. that's very small. the pets must be older than eight weeks and be vaccinated. the program runs until february 15th and could become permanent if it proves successful. a surprise guest at the last round of "american idol" auditions. steve: the rap icon who wanted a golden ticket to hollywood.
5:41 pm
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steve: family doctors and pediatricians are often the sole source of a child's mental healthcare. a study finds many children with
5:44 pm
seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. dari: joining us is dr. kerri peterson from lenox hill. what do you know about the study? >> it was released by mass general. they found 1800 kids have a mental health condition. most commonly they found attention deficit disorder and anxiety and mood disorders. what they found is that over one in three are actually seeing their primary care provider rather than a psychiatrist for the management of these conditions. so 35 percent are seeing a pediatrician versus 26 percent seeing a child psychiatrists. steve: the mental health part is getting a short -- >> there's a shortage of child psychiatrists. so the pediatricians are compensating for this. the good news is the american academy of pediatrics has issued treatment guidelines. i think pediatricians are becoming more comfortable in managing the conditions. so the children aren't necessarily needing to see a mental health professional. one weakness they did find in the study is there's not enough
5:45 pm
collaboration between psychiatrists who are treating kids and the pediatricians. that's one thing to be worked on. it highlights the role that primary care providers are offering. steve: they do a lot. dari: let's talk about this one. red meat, i guess there's a push to make it healthier by injecting it or inserting it with some heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. >> this was interesting. there's a test market for beef where animals are being fed something rich in fatty acids. it's increasing the level from 20 milligrams to 200 milligrams. it's recommended we get 250 a day of omega 3's. they're trying to improve the quality of beef. it's being test marketed in texas. it's had a really good response. the consumers are saying it's
5:46 pm
better marbleization. it's only 20 cents per five ounces more. steve: we're concerned about the hormones being pumped. this is introduced through the diet. >> through the diet. it's not a grass fed cow. dari: it has all the other stuff. >> all the other things. i don't think it will convert nonbeef eaters to beef eater. but there may be a healthy choice. there are over omega 3 enhanced foods. eggs. this may be coming to a store near you. dari: getting more and more interesting. steve: beef is a big concern. anything that makes it healthier is a good thing. let's talk about the weather. it was gorgeous. 70. this time of year, you'll appreciate days like this. they don't last forever. >> that's true. we'll have highs drop about 20 degrees, i said 20 degrees by this weekend.
5:47 pm
enjoy this evening if you can. it's probably the last mild one for some time. 77 is what we made it to in central park. that's above average for this time of year. we'll be closer to average tomorrow and the next day. after that, we'll see a big drop in our numbers. in the meantime, let's bask in the 70 we have in central park. humidity and dew points very comfortable. it's nice and dry out there. we have a bit of a breeze out of the south at 17 miles an hour in the park. the pressure is rising. that's showing there's high pressure in control. but that is going to be changing as we go into tomorrow as it slides to the east. now we're in the 70s in many spots like poughkeepsie and sussex and newark liberty airport. we cooled down to the 60s in montauk and islip. 66 in belmar. elsewhere across the northeast, we're not the only ones enjoying this nice, mild weather. it goes to boston where the temperature is at 73. it's 74 in our state capitol of
5:48 pm
out to the west, we have 70s across pennsylvania, and detroit is experiencing nice temperatures. 76 right now towards that city. looking at the satellite and radar, it's nice and dry, clear from the new england area down towards the mid-atlantic. high pressure. as it slides to the east, it's going to allow two systems to affect the region. first one is an area of low pressure off the southeastern shore points. this one will slowly move its way to our southeast tomorrow. it's going to be close enough that the western fringe of it will throw clouds over coastal new jersey in the morning hours and we could squeeze out a couple of isolated showers across the extreme east end of long island. there's a second area of low pressure moving through the great lakes. this has a cold front associated with it. you can see the front lined here and showers moving through illinois and the ohio valley right now. this will bring a chance of rain in the afternoon hours across the tri-state area. that's when you want the
5:49 pm
umbrella handy. we'll see it's pretty quiet across the western half. there's a disturbance working into the pacific northwest. doesn't look like much. this could squeeze out a shower into the end of the week. we have cooler air that's working into the great lakes for tomorrow. that's where we'll find readings in the 50s and 60s. warm weather to the south. we have readings in the 80s along the gulf coast. miami, 86. tomorrow, 90s for san antonio. vegas will be at 95. it will be 89 out towards l.a. a look at the futurecast shows it will be quiet tonight. we'll have increasing clouds. tomorrow, we'll wake up with a lot of clouds across long island. there's the isolated showers. that could be across the east end in the morning hours. we will see breaks of sun, but don't be fooled. once the cold front makes its way into the region, we'll see showers igniting from west to east, probably around 5:00, 6:00, it will make its way across new jersey and new york city. by wednesday, things will clear out as far as the rain is concerned. i think we'll see a mix of sun
5:50 pm
and clouds. thursday, we'll see more in the way of sunshine as temperatures begin to drop. tonight's lows in the 50s across the area. tomorrow, we'll start out with a lot of clouds and see breaks of sun from time to time. have the umbrella handy for the majority of the afternoon into the early evening. that's when i expect the greatest chance of shower activity. clouds wednesday. thursday, temperatures begin to drop into the low 60s. we'll have a disturbance on friday that will give us a morning shower. check out the weekend. it's going to be colds. highs in the 50s. plenty of sunshine, but that won't keep us warm. lows will be in the 30s, even in the city. steve: all right. thank you, audrey. yesterday was national coming out today. to mark the occasion, the fdny released a calendar discussing their difficulties coming out. >> paramedics, emt's and firefighters are first responders on a new mission. they produced a video that has 12 lgbt members talking about what it was like when they came
5:51 pm
out to their families. >> when the pain of where you're at is stronger than the fear of where you're going, you'll move forward. >> when i came out to my mother, she broke down crying because she didn't realize that her child had been carrying a weight that big for that long. >> reporter: the project was done in tandem with a non-profit called it gets better released on national coming out day for national impact. >> i'm not doing this. i'm not pretending to be something i'm not to make someone else happy. >> the accounts of the members are moving and demonstrate the stress and pain many lgbt people are under says this doctor. she counsels many youth and adults in her practice. >> a significant number have engaged in self-harm. it's important for people to accept one for who they are and where they're coming from and for them to feel that they're part of our society. and they are part of our society. >> reporter: we showed the video to new yorkers and the reaction
5:52 pm
was overwhelmingly positive. >> i think it's awesome they're taking a stand like that. it makes me feel encouraged and optimistic. i think it's beautiful. >> it's amazing. i think just because you're lesbian or gay or transgender or bisexual doesn't mean you can't protect people. >> i think the fire department is macho. them saying that is very good, they're accepting of it. in the new century, that's a great thing. >> it's important to bring the awareness. it's a terrific idea. >> reporter: the fire commissioner says the department had the opportunity to inspire youth every day with a work it does in this diverse city. you can see the video on our web site, in the newsroom, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. dari: the "american idol" judges got a surprise over the weekend. look at that visit. kanye, he stepped on to the stage and tried out for the hit singing competition show.
5:53 pm
he belted out golddigger. he was awarded a golden ticket to hollywood. it would be crazy if he didn't sing well. steve: check this out. hair raising stunt. a woman hanging from the helicopter by her feet in north carolina. she is the wife of superstar nik wallenda. she performed without a harness or safety device. dari: i can't handle this. come on. steve: pretty incredible. dari: it is incredible. no safety? steve: yeah. dari: all right. we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. stay with us for the very latest coming up. and also tonight we begin our special breast cancer awareness week. we'll look at ways women are using fashion to cope with challenges and feel better about themselves. we'll be joined by a broadway star who's gone through it. she'll share her story next on the news at 6:00.
5:54 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: all right. it's monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you for joining us again. we have a story to tell you about that affects a lot of people.
5:57 pm
we know the mayor and the governor haven't seen eye to eye on much, but there's a little bit of a breakthrough that will have a big impact on how you get around the city. arthur chi'en is live on the upper east side with details for us. tell us more about this. >> reporter: it's a bit of a breakthrough. asking the governor and the mayor to agree on things is asking a lot. they've come to an agreement on the capital budget a year after it was introduced. we're taking a look now at who wins and what riders can expect. if we have to say who won, it's you, the riders, after a year of conscientious conscientious back and forth that was often played out in public. the two reached an agreement, which means -- the governor kicks off the list of what riders have won. >> it means literally, to keep it simple, new subway cars, new buses and rebuilt train stations. >> funding the plan means expansion projects like the second avenue subway will
5:58 pm
continue forward as will east
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