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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it is 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on tox 5 news atten: manhattan nightclub spills into the street where a gunman opened fire. m police tell us that club on broadway was getting ready to close for the night earl hi monday. >> all right t. the suspect left and returned with a gun. linda sh mit is outside of the club with tonight's update. linda? reporter: it turns out tonight, the woman killed here early this morning knew the shooter, but still not the intended target. the intended target here is about 4:00 this this morning with the bouncers at the club. nypd knows who they are looking for them scan the driver license f. they have all the information. now he calls himself in a vent planner at cbs like this and he price the bronx.
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it was not meant. that is the crazy part. reporter: 24-year-old daughter was in the wrong place at the wrong time. police say she was shot and killed as she left the nightclub in the flatiron district at 4:00 this morning and she was not the tinneded target. >> she was not the intend target. >> my first borne, now i got bury her. report she celebrate her birthday. the gunman was at the nightclub and had gotten kicked out a short time earlier. he told the bouncers he was going to the door get the gun and he did just that and returned and opened fire as two other women just happened to be leaving the club. >> i don't know what they did to him to make him go into a rage and hit get a gun. reporter: the shooting is a shock to people who live and work in this trendy neighborhood but
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police believe surveillance video will lead them to the killer. in the meantime, a college grad it a leaves behind a 3-year-old son. >> how am i going to explain this to tim? going to wake up and no mom. reporter: now sadly, one young life was lost here early this morning them other two people are expected to survive. for now that that this is latest from here. steve, back to you. steve: thank you, linda. one person killed this afternoon when a coca-cola truck crashed in the prox exafter 3:00 on the bruckner pull vard. reports say the truck driver lost control of the vehicle trying to avoid hitting another car. the truck then jumped the curb, be plowed into the crowd before hiting scaffolding. a 27 year old woman was killed and they suffered a minor injury. it is unclear f the truck driver will face any criminal charges. eoceans reason aring high today at game three.
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over chase utley's slide that broke reuben tejada's leg. hi. reporter: yeah. chase utley was not in tonight's starting line up. at last check, he had not entered the film and the near presence tonight for many fa fans elevatedded excitement and the emotions surrounding tonight's game. applauding] reporter: saturday night, chase utley slide into reuben tejada to break up a double ply and ensure it counted. the collision brocket dodd's leg. consensus. >> 30. >> absolutely horrible. >> very dirty. >> a derty, think. >> unfair. keep. >> thought it was horrible. for two days, baseball fans debated see man tk of neighborhood plays and what constituted
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illegal shied. then, the mayor of the nation's largest city lead throng of reporters know what he thought of chase utley. >> he can appeal all he wants, buy is guilty as sin. >> we learned major league baseball planned to delay leaving the 36-year-old second base ban eligible to play eager to greet him. i came down from boston today drinking the utley hater aid the whole way. a full jug of it. i am ready town lash it tonight. >> most attending game three hopes to also unleash something directed at utly. >> harvey has got to mim. will protect the teammates. he is going to throw at him gets the opportunity. >> then he will get pelted on the way back to the dugout. eye closed my eyes, he think. will get mean. >> the mets' organization would not say what to increase security at last check
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fourth inning. live at cityfield, matt king, "fox 5 news." >> thank. >> the university of connecticut student who gained national noter street ty over the mac and cheese rant are is back with apology. 19-year-old posted thed have yes on youtube apologizing to all the cafeteria staff involved in particular, the manager the berated then shoved. >> well, when watched the individualee few days later, i could not even believe it was me in it. like, i was just watching it thinking oh my god, like, like, like, what the hell is wrong with me? like this is not what i am all with. like, i don't treat people this way. and, and i am ashamed. steve: he was intoxicated and calls it a serious wake-up call and asking people who offered him to sendo nations of mac and does that send tem toll a local food bank instead. dari: minnesota dentist who sparked international crout rage
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when he killed protected lion he sill with it not charges. they have clareed james walter palmer of wrongdoing and no longer to the country. they say,ing to, that pal mr's paper princer, he did not break any hunting laws. professional hunter from zimbabwe has been charged with allowing an i illegal hunt. >> all right. the mystery of what happened tonight 370 about to be be solve. report ares say teenager huning for birds on the island found a fuselage full of skeletons in a flag back in september. the teen's uncle did not tell anyone pause he did not realize it was. five weeks ago, french experts confirmed a piece of wing that washed up was from the missing plane, 239 people are onboard. they were heading to pay jiang when it disappears after departing in march of last year. >> after two reb debates, all eyes on the other side f. the democratic candidates for the white house will be taking the stage tomorrow night in
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investigate gas for the first presidential debate. hillary clinton will ty to outperform bernie sanders who has opinion gaining in thele pos. as for vice president joe biden, he has fot announced whether or not he will decide to throw the not a the ring. steve: 13 members of the response team in south carolina, tonight, that team departed the west side this morning to help with recovery efforts in the record flooding that devastated parts of the state. mayed of active firefighters who volunteer during daughter is. >> mosts people only get watch this on tv and don't get to help and we have you a nek opportunity where we get respond down there and get hands on and help people out and for us that means a lot because we have something going on here. the whole country comes by and hips out. steve: the red cross is providing thousands with meal and relief items the cleanup from the devastating flooding continues if. dari: this may be welcomed news to many of you. new york still's tax may be tuning out the pack seat tv's you can never
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shut off. on thursday, the commission will street test the credit card payment system and the system use smartphones or tablets to calculate fares and process payments. reared was then use hand held devised a credit card reader to pay and this technology would render those backseat screens obsolete in about 1,000. steve: good deal. we're never on those. we don't watch them. dari: that is so true. today, they supported the deal brokered over the weekend to fun the mta's five-year modernization pran. the mta says this the plan pays for 1,000 new subway cars and more track repairs but transit experts say the program is postally for maintenance and will leave the city's transit system lagging behind more modern systems around the world. >> yeah. steve: all right. jersey city roll rooting the welcome mat. sharon crowley shows us why and gets reaction to the deal.
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>> i am a big fan any in there reallied. reporter: jersey city res dens thrilled short-term on-line housing options like air w and b and homeaway will be offered in jersey city. >> you get much more of the local culture as you want tound he thand is going on, you snow it is much better in that sense. reporter: jersey city mayor is introducing legislation would regulate the short-term ent arals. air b and b user will be charged a 6% hospitality tax, which is what jersey city hotel guests pay now. the leases would not last longer than 30 days. >> the city will ultimately realize $1 million more in service charges were the hotel. we will be able to be more precise on enforcement of the actors. it will protect neighborhoods baits will be 1 million of insurance for each unit provide by air b and p. we think it is a win. reporter: such housing
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services are not legally new york stit and some in the hotel industry are crit deal this services. richter and her hus pan, though, welcomed the idea. i think it is fantastic. it really gives the unique opportunity to explore the city onedget. >> the air b and b movements that he critics. jersey city's major is vowing to work those especially in the hotel city that have concerns. sharon crowley, tox 5 news. dari: giants' player fighting a msra infection and now fashion a potential complication. steve: all right. how does new york to london in an hour sound. a new plane in could make that reality. dari: do you have any tattoos? well the new tattoo trend so subtle you may
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steve: guy ants' tight
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end fight msra infection tonight that could cost his foot. dari: the infection couvade. zachary is here. >> yeah. pretty scary stuff, right. he is big per, faster, stronger than most of us will be. how is it that the tight ten for the giants' find in this situation? we're learning more, tonight, the rare antibiotic resistant back year to. how the guys are rallying around number 85. [cheering and applauding] >> reporter: what we know he injured the toe and the ankle. he received a cort ty zone shot and developed a high fever. we don't know what the portal of in jr. trin was. was it living on the skin and not a the skin base had open wound? did it get into the sighting where the injection was performed? that is not crear. nfl is reporting he is on antibiotic regimen. he is em proving, but there are still a lot of unknowns. after five surgeries in ten days.
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they can to toll avoid am pewtating his foot. presumably wrin from the hospital ped, the giants' ten end sent thought tweet sunday. my heart with my pier tonight. neat, gemen. i love every one watch you with the hashtag this will not feet me. then the giants' locker room after the tam's third straight win, there was coach tom coughlin, put things in perspective. >> hey. >> daniel, daniel gets the game ball to win. [cheering and applauding] >> so what can do you to protect yourself? dr. peterson are from lenox hill hospital says early detection signs include warmth, edens, swelling at the sign of infection and get fevers. daniel has a tem of 104 degrees when he was taken to the hospital. about 2% of russ colonized with smear. it can get into the skin baits live on the skin. the most common method
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is skin to skin contact or contact with the skin to forecontaminated source. that could can be towels, razors, any shared personal items. >> well, 2:00 the giants dedicated the win last fight against the 49ers. talking. it is a scary situation. you talk about going to the gym and different things. >> sure. steve: nowhere keeping cleaner han the nfl longer room. that makes you think base to going to the own gym or whatever. it is something ny. it is crazy stuff. thank you, man. reporter: thank you. steve: all right. eric la grand paid a visit. week marks five years sense he suffered life altering injury during a game that left him with a severed spinal cord the 25 year old not let the injuries slow him down. he is raising machine pi for spinal cord research. we parted with this daniel reeve foundation as a way to help their
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goalle cover paralysis but help bomb the quality of life. la grand wore number 52. if you would like to confrom in put we have a link on the web site. you can check out the story in the dood day section as well. dari: festive day for italian-americans in the city. huge crowds lined fifth three. for today's columbus day parade. very exciting. jessica was there for the world's biggest sell operation italian-american culture. reporter: the safe red, white, green, 35,000 marchers over 100 groups. of course, thousands and thousands of spectators waiting waving the american and italian flags. [cheering and applauding] >> very beautiful. i love it. reporter: half million people lined up down fifth avenue and celebrate columbus parade and we are italian.
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>> to see and har the sight and sounds of the 71st annual columbus day parade. >> professional from america and italy. >> yes. >> we are excited to see them. >> italia. reporter: it didn't mat fer you were eye tail reason, american or something else. >> are you italian? >> no. i am jewish. reporter: okay. doesn't matter. come out to sell operate. i still come out to sell prit with. i tail crin hol ty. come out and celebrate the italians. >> i come every crear. >> i come every year. >> yeah. >> 45th year. the crowd was not the only one having a great time. so were the parties pans. >> i love being in front of a crowd. >> i love seeing the smiling faces. >> we love america. we love new york city. reporter: we caught up with the one and only
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>> these are my roots. my mother born in isley. so you have the total lineage now. and, and it is amazing. think of them. i wish they could be here to see this. >> down fifth avenue, jessica reporting, "fox 5 news." dari: is kanye west the next american idol? steve: i thought hes a going to be president. dari: the ing ser's surprise audition and what j loys saying. steve: unlimited vacation days at work. it sounds nice. why it may not be all it
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>> the "american idol" judge got pig big surprise. all right. over the weekend, kanye west on stage tried out the competition. the appearance maded headlines after they posted a pic on instagram. he belted out gold digger and the judges awarred him a tick dote hollywood. >> we gave him a ticket. >> he can come to hol hiwood if he wants. >> you can come, it is okay. i don't though if you could have got in this on your own. you can great now. was a lot of fun. >> all right. the final season of "american idol" by the way. of course, it airs here. dari: we will see in that few months. she music is hitting a high note on spotify. the song thinking out louds the first stock het the 500 mark. wow. 19 million people stream the mikes monthly
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weekend and harris. aka taylor swift's owe. and get this, the country who streams the most is denmark. and the woman who plays the newest obsession on empire is rapper turned actress who know thousands kit you up literally. 28-year-old whose real name is murray used to be a barber and worked for eight years in atlanta where she built a roster of celebrity clients includeing rapper coming here and came easy. they were both barbers and catch up the guest starring role this season on empire. >> all right. how this. tracy morgan continues the recovery. a couple of year cans ago that left in coma. he sent hit to tweet tonight saying the first time on stage in 16 months at the comedy picking up this he pieces. the latest public aperrance since the accident last month made a surprise appearance at the emmy awards and a scheduled to host
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welcome pack, tracy. >> well, steven. look that. after opening up her hr fertility troubles. supermario she has news four. she is having a baby. they are having a baby. oh, love this. they posted this adorable photo. she is with three be mo lopping. no word if it is a a boy or girl. wow thrash is wonderful. >> all right. congrats to them. halloween only a few weeks away. trick-or-treating can be tough. jod jody goldberg is preparing. reporter: harper loved playing dress-up and doing art and crafts you would know she has severe food allergies and which now according to food allergy research and education effects one and 13 kids in the united states. >> with her egg aller give, the gluten and the dairy race high as well but not as bad as the
10:21 pm
egg. reporter: when it comes to halloween, is black and orange. for the tamly, is now become tradition to incorporate te l.a. pumpkin can be the color of of food allergy awareness. it is part of what is known nationwide as the pumpkin project back for the second year placing a teal pumpkin on the doorstep let theres trick-or-treaters know theyle will be reseeing nonfood treat look the toys. >> this year we have bouncy balls, bubble, the vampire key stickers. >> the project that is it does help increase awareness and apathy for families paiging fooded ale allergies. >> parents work very hard. there are strange arers and even complete strangers to say, you want a candy without even thinking three times it may cause an allergic reaction. harp ear mom, nicole, said this way of life has pam new you formal. found out. i was worried.
10:22 pm
we have worked around it. we still have just as much fun as anyone else on halloween without the candy. >> they are all swet their chilled pumpkin outside but helping other people will do the same regardless of what they have allergies. jody goldberg, "fox 5 news." >> all right. well, take all the vacation days you want. just get the work done. >> le, more big companies ones with big names are offering that why some feel this is foot great one. >> buyer be aware. >> i am not big it. >> how much do you pay for toothpaste. this pricey new one that
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hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. steve: all right. the latest company to offer unlimited are acation days to gleams that joined netflix and perk. dari: it is meant to
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benefit people will actually us? >> sharon crowley takes a closer look. >> reporter: what do you think about pun limit med are acation time? well, that is good. cool. reporter: she likes it. sounds good, right? imagine boss de. >> ids to give youable! unlimit md vadation case. >> i helps you work bet burner know you have a time to get abrey work. it makes you come back stronger. reporter: linkedin us the latest companyp to offer unlimited time-off. the unline networking company follows groupon, netflix that tried the sam thing. is known as digressionary time-out. linkedin's vice president says they can work with managers to request time-off when they need. it is aimedded at reducing burn out. >> do you take all the vacation days? >> no, i have not in the past. reporter: how come sml. >> how come? devoted to the job. devotedded to the chiians felt like i could not get away. reporter: grigs executive vice president
10:26 pm
and chief officer. he doesn't think unrim mit med time-off works. >> it sounds great on the surface. there is a lot of pressure in terms of what you can take off. how much time, when. it doesn't really work in reality the way the headline sounds look you can get to take unlimit med time off. >> in fact, very much shows that americans only take with half of the time-off they are entitled to every year. so unless there is a cultural shift in this country, it is unlikely he will change the work habits and take much more time-off. >> we need to take vacation like ur proons. >> something to think maybe while on the next vadation. >> sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." dari: can made splash when it launch and said it could beat amazon's prices, well so many magazines put them to a test head-to-head ond found over the course of a year shall it saved about are 400 and big every day items like paper towels and laundry deden on jet and
10:27 pm
the money is quit to admit the study was not highly scientific. am zon offers much larger selection and let berth customer service. >> all right. are you ready for a plane to get to fork to london. airbus was awarded a patent dubbed the concordp and describes it climbs vertically into the air before breaking the sound parrier. the plans show the aircraft will be designed to fly 3,000 miles an hour. that is three times faster which made the final flight in 2003 and the next generation plan expected to take flight in a decade. dari: wonder if would you feel that? i don't know how you wouldn't. dari: hundreds of pa loons made the final last day of the albuquerque international pa loon there. more than 500 pa loons took part in a closing ceremony which was hell over the weekend in that included a balloon that was shaped like darth vader. there it is. >> watch for. >> i the pa loons
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states and nearly 20 different countries. steve: all right time now. the daily look at which people are living up or down to ex fix a. on prand, the state of california becoming the first state to formerly ban all schools from using red skin. the law goes into effect in january of 2017. california has the largest number of native american in the country. off brand, playboy will no longer feature nude k toes in the pag glean. reddited with a drop in the average age of the viewers. onprand charlie sheen boned were a bar after taking a bunch ofp shows. then demanded to see the vouch earn sake his han and take selfie before being lean in a consider can and driven off. >> he was good sport. yeah. you had to earn his respect. now from. get more on brand than
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tossed. dari: cave hanley. dari: well. tattoos are more popular than ever. but not everyone is getting entire body covered. why people are meeting to the toon ny tattoos. reporter: a lot of americans may not like those low gas prices a ever they hear this. your world business report coming up. first here is tonight's new york minute. >> columbus day weekend means pumpkin season in full swing. families spent t today at the farms in melleville take part in festival. years. >> people coming fler year after year seeing them and having the birthday party here and towing the little redding wagon around to bringing their kid pax here. it is something we want to live on multi generational.
10:30 pm
over next two weekends. >> the long island children's museum used this columbus day to teach kids with per ritetime exploration in and how they used things like flags to communicate. t are doing with well. they like to spell out this the names using the flags and they may send a secret message to see who they are getting the collage to and may say hello. >> that is your new york minute. steve: all right. we ask to you check out the fox 5 weather app that features hourly forecast and radar storm alerts and download today. in the i.d. score or
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vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. dad took a job with the transit authority in '62 because he wanted excellent healthcare for his family. hip and ghi which is now emblemhealth were the first to provide affordable and quality health care for new yorkers. when i became a professor i had a choice, and i chose emblemhealth. that choice meant that when my baby harry needed an operation, he got a world-class neurosurgeon. today all three generations of dawson's are still with emblemhealth. emblemhealth: what care feels like... in the neighborhood. >> reporter: about to give a lot of older americans some grief and a lot of it. millions of senior wills not beginning a increase in the social security checks next year. and the big reason why appears to be the lower gas prices that thats been keeping inflation down. way down.
10:34 pm
inflation t. the third no bum! in those benefits meanwhile, small business owners have big concerns the economy heading to 2016 and thu survey out showing more than six in ten rate fair and poor. and a big merger two big tech companies. dills teaming up to buy for $67 well. that would make it the largest tech deal ever. and think the most money savvy people are just on wall street. you may want to think again. north carolina, north carolina getting ranked the state with the most money savvy citizens in america. they are look at things like personal investments, savings and bankruptcy rate ares. who knew. north carolinians new. that is business. i am neil cavuto. >> all right. senator schumer among those saying they had enough of those sky rocketing out of network a tm fees. he is calling on nodes to launch an investigation claiming
10:35 pm
they spikeed more than 20%. here in new york t average here than $5 for transaction. the second highestp in the conthink. he wants those fees capped or fully and clearly disclosed. >> strange who have small cat or dogs can bring their putty yos onboard certain route for $25 fee. you can take two small pets onboard most northeast or new england trains. the pet carrier and the pet must weigh less than 20 pounds come pined. the pets must be older than eight week and vaccinated them pet pilot program its going to run until tebbary 15th and could become permanent. steve: there is a new expensive way tonight pally white that is made with a compound found in cocoa that does a better job than floorroid when it comes to strengthening tooth enamelle but doesn't come cheap. $100 hahn tube. whole food sells the car that 12 version called classic which is not as strong. interesting though right.
10:36 pm
so now expedited the $12 tube. dari: know. steve: right. oh, a deal. $46 or something. steve: those days are over. all right. when it comes to tattoos a new trend in the direction are of less being more. dari: next at 10:00 why they are the new trence
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>> toon ny tattoos ton grow in popularity. >> cute. jen law merse looks at the new trend in body art. >> right here. >> okay, cool. reporter: this is sally phillip's first tattoo, a small one, but there is a big meaning behind it. >> i have a note from my dad. he wrote me when i was a bab pi. he was diagnosed withed a aides. i loved it. i think it is going to mean a lot to me. i have the note at the end that says live in joy and love. then, it has three explanation points. reporter: when it comes to body ink, microtattoos are huge. search the hashtag toon
10:40 pm
ny tattoo on in too dram. you will final image after image. heart, words, be de oh met call shapes and some so small you can fairly see them. >> in the last six mons. people are on to getting these small little tattoos. i don't know how to do big tattoos any more. >> if they gave kendall jenner herrance a small white dot on the fin examiner. when i asked her why the white dot. she said it is, it is, she told me this. pause its the little things thatpp matter. end though the big sister kim has her own thought on getting inked which she made crear. >> honey would you put a bumper stek on a pently? [cheering and applauding] can. >> many see the toon tine ty gnat tu as accessory within you can show off if you want to. >> of course, the less link you get, the less pain and the less time takes. le microtats take as little as 30 seconds start to finish. >> exactly how long it took sally to get hers. short and sweet.
10:41 pm
can keep for a lifetime. >> you get to a point when you lose s somebody that you start to just remember memories. >> yeah. >> and then i think one of the that is special about this. i feel look he is talking to me. it doesn't feel like a memory. it feels like he is still around and we are having a conversation. >> he is there. is there. he will always be with me. then west village. jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> all right. >> wow. >> very sweet. >> it was very he sweet. >> yeah. the major. >> yeah. you get one like you keep going and going. >> put my leg up right now. >> yeah. i love that subwayk to. >> so awesome. >> you have an edge. >> we know. >> well where it. >> well, an awesome day today. nice and warm. it was perfect. the cooldown in the future. >> it will get here, of course. >> we are in the fall season and felt like spring across the tristate area. 7 is what we hit today.
10:42 pm
that that is well above average nor this time of year. hope you joined it because it is it, folks. from here on we see temperatures take a fall and drop 20 colder. this morning we start off with 56. a starts nice. we struggle toll get into the highs. high temperatures were above average for everyone. le all in the 70's to mon take and right now sitting comfortably 50 answer the 60's across many lo kags. 61 islip now. 64 up toward prigport. poughkeepsie here at 55. we're at 51 in success. a cooler 48 toward monticello. these numbers are running slightly milder than they were at this time yesterday. we have slight winds throughout which is good news. we had mainly dollars skies. we're starting to see clouds begin to work across the region and increase cloudings as we go through. high pressure still in control but going to be sliding to the east allowing two systems to effect us as we go to tomorrow. one is the area that is
10:43 pm
sitting off the southeastern states this within is going to pass to the southeast and brings some cloud cover across the jersey shore and the east end of long island starting off the day tomorrow. then, we will bring a couple of isolated showers to the same tonight. then we have the second area moving across the great lakes a and a cold front. you can see shower withs running along it from cincinnati and right through tennessee. this is headed in our direction as well. this il with make impact in the afternoon horse tomorrow. that is when you really want to have your plame handy. behind too front, some cool airs working in the great leaks. up ear's to low 60 in a places like min ap pleasant chicago. he get a taste of that as we go tow end of this week. warmer air being you preeced to the south and find reads in the 80's. 90's for vegas tomorrow. just under 90 for ha. a look at the future cast shows increasing clouds as with we go through the rest the evening. a couple of isolated show wore tow east. tomorrow morning, wake up with a lot of clouds and you will see the
10:44 pm
there will be fools pause in the afternoon we have the threat of a cowl of pop-up showers. not a washout but have umbrella handy. i think much of the chaps will increase after about fave or six tomorrowng evening. those move out to the east tomorrow night. then, wednesday, i think we have a mix of sun and clouds but don't anticipate rain showers. thursday we see the sun in full force but temperatures coming down by then with the highs running to the 50's by the weekend. so tonight, increasing clouds. comfortable lows with temperatures then tomorrow. a pew showers. then, lookings like highs will stay pof average for within more day. we drop the 6's for wednesday. same thing for thursday. more in the way of shine. another disturbance that will bring us a chance of shower overnight. then as we go to the weekend we stay dry and see sun t. the big difference in the temperature when you step outside. >> it is going to feel cool. >> we are going for highs the 40's throws the highs which means the morning lows in the 20 answer the 30's. fork city.
10:45 pm
price yourselves to get out the layers. you with need them. >> game on. >> chill. that this is real deal. >> yikes. >> all right. >> russ is in next with sports. what do you think is talking about? i don't know. maybe nets. >> mets. >> win withing. reporter: i am ines rosales them george washington prig this week, the lower level eastbound will have the right hane closed through friday to repasser. alternate side of the street parking beaning effect. tune in to good day new york starting at 4:30 in the orange and keep you selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
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so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue.
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report all right. how are you doing be where everyone. ry been hearing nothing but hey russ what do you think of chase utley pray that fractured too dodd's leg. i done believe utley delibly broke the leg but used deliberate illegalle slide to break up a double play t. that there fore, umpires who
10:49 pm
because load of rule, 601 in the rule book if in the judgment of the umpire. a pace run deliberately and fielder in the act of fielding and with the obvious intent to guess that, folks break up a double play which is what utley did and the ball is debt dead. the rule then guess ton say. look care ny the empire shall call the run out for interference and call the batter runner out because of the action of the teammate. which would bely and then end no event may base be run because of such action by reporter so there it is. instead of a run scoring to tie the film for the dodgers in everybody being safe because of the action. it should have been a double play for the mets with the ending boeing over and the mets still lead being the score of 2-1. the problem here is this. judgment calls are not reviewable. in my judgment, that stings pig time pause
10:50 pm
not see what utley did to too had to as being delib flat? again that is a big time thing. >> as for net, doing the best way possible by delivering a beat down with their bats. spotting a 3-0 read. there is curtis granderson delivering a bases clearing double in the pot tom of the second. now another come. the crushes and now a 3-1 pom and also with a 2-1 bomb in the game. inning. that is the pest way indeed retaliate. now, another postseason business. i think texas dov nor greg abbott needs to have a long talk the staffers pause with the use up two to one on the kansas city yales leading 6-2 in the 7th inning today. congrats to the astros on advancing to the alcs hoping for all texas
10:51 pm
alcs look at you rangers. well guess with a, folks? now with a chance to clinch at home ended up losing 9-6 and the rangers to clinch at home and 8 in 4 and take about being premature and putting one's foot in one's mouth. today, cubs decked the card 8-6. >> yeah. i would get forefeet the cowboy defense being look the border security security. >> get you in trouble. >> it sure can s. u got know your tweets. >> all right. >> for sure. >> yeah. >> but at least in a nice spot now. >> very nice. >> look like they can clinch tomorrow at home. a would be sweet. >> not tweeting that until it he is done. >> exactly. >> i know. >> all right. good deal. take care. >> he. >> you tomorrow m.
10:52 pm
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