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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> this is "good day wake-up". juliet: a chance you could need an umbrella, we can handle it. michael ross what to expect. >> chris christie where he is. >> chris christie where he is. new jersey. we will tell you what voters are unhappy about. >> one win away from sending the dodgers packing.
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>> playboy is out nude pictures. changes in the works but this is going to be done. the magazine will continue. >> it will turn into -- kind of thing like that. juliet: where are they to go now? i am ben simmoneau, juliet huddy. the fact of the matter is you need a print magazine, a lot easier -- don't have to worry about hiding it. ben: ben simmoneau.
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just about every other teenage boy as well. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on, a shy young man. here is where the big red is. the north fork, all with showers and storms, the rain is coming it is hitting primarily in suffolk county but a lot of that action is coming into nassau county, not too much there. in central park, 63, 64 in montauk, an area of low pressure off shore, is in the east of long island's, medical front to the west, those are not that
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45 is your current temperature in monticello, 50 in allentown, we have a mixed guy in the tristate region and that cluster of storms coming through, that is close enough to have storms and rain into nassau county's and a little for the rest of the five burroughs, that guy is going to bring more widespread rainfall, it will be in and out of there quickly this afternoon, showers are out there, depends on where you are depending on when they're coming through. pretty much there right now. you have 69 by noon, 72, most of us will not see the showers until later in the day, then they were in and out quickly. did not produce a lot of green either. 68 is your high, 63 thursday,
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and a weak cold front passing by but not much water to squeeze out so once again not a big deal with the rain. let's bring in ines rosales and take a look at what is happening, pretty early, should not be so bad. ines: watch out for an accident on the van whig, no problems crossing the tappan zee bridge from rockland county, you are fine across westchester, with the van with that accident south bound where you have two lanes blocked, let's take a look outside at your very commute on the long island expressway by 106-107 west counties known side where we find the 59th street bridge, the upper shot on the upper level looks good as well as the doors washington bridge no problems on either level, the approaches look good, 495 for the lincoln tunnel, smooth sailing, for the holland, things running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules back and affect. >> the long island man accused of murdering a 19-month-old boy
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will be in hempstead courtroom today. >> 26-year-old lord pardo killed mason robinson, apparently the boyfriend of the toddler's mother and watching the boy sunday when she was at work. officials believe she may have dropped the child or beaten him. he faces a second-degree murder charges. >> the search is on for the gunman opened fire outside a . who it was the shot and killed one woman and injured others. teresa priolo joins us live outside the club with reaction from family members. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it was 25 hours ago that people filed out of this nightclub and all chaos ensued. as police honan on the guy they believe is responsible, one family prepares to say good bye.
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>> why did he kill my daughter? my firstborn? >> reporter: windy rodriguez is in a state of shock dealing with unimaginable grief. walter shares her pain. their herd is -- oldest child just 24 years old shot and killed early monday morning. >> she was innocent. it wasn't like it was even meant for her. it wasn't even meant for her. >> reporter: she was at a flat iron hot spot celebrating her birthday with her best friend renee. and the nose to the two girls tensions were munching and they would soon be caught in the middle. she was waiting for a cab at the same time but the gunman opened fire hoping to it the bouncers but instead striking three and women. >> i don't know what they did to him to make him go into a rage and get a gun. >> reporter: according to the nypd started inside the club, a fight between the gunmen, a flying club promoter and a promoters of monday's-the gunman was asked to leave and when he
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did he told the bouncers he would be back. he made good on that promise. i witnesses they've seen that unfolded was chaotic. >> three or four shots, stepped outside to see what was going gone. i saw a lot people running around yelling at each other. >> reporter: of the three women shot she is the only one to lose her life. her 25-year-old best friend rene was hit in the hit and foot and another, struck in the shoulder. they were expected to survive. the college graduate and nordstrom employees leaves behind a young son just 3 years old. >> however i going to explain this to him? wake up and no mom. >> reporter: as far as the shooter is concerned he has been identified in a few media al let's. police are not confirming his identity so until they do so i hesitate to give you his name. if in fact that information that
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is reported is correct he happens to be a 26-year-old gang member from the bronx. a positive note in the investigation, inside this club every single person who comes in musts white their licence so every person's identity is kept on a computer. this gunman was inside this club at some time and whether it is the man being reported in some newspapers or somebody else they at least have some information on that person. i will send things back to both of you. juliet: presidential politics, the republicans have had two debate already and the democrats get their chance tonight. ben: it will be more substantive and less route all the we will see some presidential candidates we don't usually hear from take center stage. jim who? robert moses joins us with a preview. >> reporter: we will find out tonight, besides hillary clinton and bernie sanders you will hear from some lesser-known
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candidates like martin o'malley, lincoln chafee and the aforementioned jim webb. that field of five seems downright paltry compared to the boisterous and crowded republican debate. hillary clinton will take her place tonight at center stage in las vegas. the candidate nearest her in the polls, bernie sanders, will stand directly to her right. although the spotlight will be on democrats, republicans and specifically donald trump will not be far from view. clinton appeared yesterday outside one of trump's hotels in las vegas to show his solidarity with workers looking to unionize there. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining but i don't think it is entertaining when somebody insults' immigrants, insults when men, that is just unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: it won't just the trumpet in the cross hairs tonight, clinton herself will undoubtedly be grilled about her
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when she was secretary of state. sanders leads clinton in new hampshire. he will be looking to build momentum tonight and introduced himself to americans who don't know him. he spoke by videoconference yesterday in new hampshire. >> we need trade policies which create jobs in america, not just china or vietnam. >> reporter: as of now, one person who will not be on stage tonight is vice president joe biden, but apparently cnn has a podium prepared for him if he changes his mind at the last minute. we are not expecting joe biden to show up tonight but that would be quite the headline grabber indeed. there is growing speculation that joe biden will jump into this race very soon. he has to. he faces certain deadlines he has to meet if he is going to run. tonight's debate begins at 8:30. i am going to try to hold out
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get some sleep tonight. i didn't watch my steelers win last night. this is a big deal if i am going to watch this. ben: keep us updated. mean time politics that calm, support for chris christie is eroding in the garden state. the rutgers/eagles survey found 20% of new jersey voters gave him an f, the most ever a republican presidential opel also got the fewest as, just 5%. isn't favorable rating has got four points to 55%, researchers say disappointment over the status economy, pensions and taxes are behind the drop. but amazing dms returned to new york for game 3 against the los angeles dodgers and did not disappoint. juliet: sound like a fun game to attend, they took in a run lead, robert los angeles 13-7 for 2-1
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lead in the best of 5 nl division series following controversial game 2, the infamous played with fans booed and chanted against chase utley two days after he slid into second and broke right leg. he did not play last night. he is appealing his suspension, they will face off again tonight. we have highlights later on. ben: good thing you did not go to the game last night because you would have missed all the excitement because i know your track record as you leave in the fourth inning. everything happens thereafter. much more to come. an apology from the uconn student who demanded been jalapeno macaroni and cheese went wrong. juliet: mike is watching the forecast. >> meteorologist: some showers to the east at this point in time but there will be more as time goes on, partly sunny skies coming at you today with a few showers and storms, some big storms to the east. at this point your start of temperature is 68 at central
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the floating ball of water. they are putting different effervescent tablets inside and recording it with a brand new camera with four times the resolution of normal high definition cameras. you can see the bubbles popoff as tablets start to dissolve. nasa says the high-resolution images will give scientists more did that during -- juliet: if nasa continues to do this on will be fascinated. ben: you don't care about space, just floating -- ben: one quick personal notes. i did this last year. this is me after this. 43 stories. i did this last year but registration deadline coming up, i mentioned this to you, mike can't do it, a great organization that provides legal services to women who might be in abusive relationships and you confined its story by story, her
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link on my twitter page, dead light is coming up, i can't do it. i am working 10:00 next week in the evening. maybe you should go do it. you could do that. >> meteorologist: want to do a bunch of these things. ben: did you hear what she said? >> meteorologist: i don't listen to her. good cause. a lot of folks involved. let's show you what is the. we have big showers and storms on the east of what i had a special lease south but the north fork also getting hit hard with showers and storms, not a lot of winning with that sole looks like a heavy rainfall but notice we have a scattering of showers across the rest of what and so it gets into nassau county and even towards the city. the showers we see at this point
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are on the lighter side for most everyone except win for us. temperatureswise 64, central park, 60 in islip, 45 in monticello. as you head to the bus stop looks like you'll have mostly cloudy skies and a few showers depending where you are. many of us will see cloudy skies but a few showers through here and there and later in the day the risk of more showers,
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we head into the day a] getting it, we head you are fine westbound towards 280 no problems, you are ok on the west downside. metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and-trains on or close. juliet: thanks very much. the father of the uconn student who went on to the infamous mack and cheese bacon wrapped, the dad is concerned about his son. ben: he will not be in court. kerry drew here to tell us why. juliet: you find out more about
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the story i feel sorry for the kid. the video has gone viral and is embarrassing. >> meteorologist: his father says his son won't be in court because he filed for a continuance and is afraid of how reaction to the video has spiraled out of control. >> bacon jalapeno mac and cheese. >> reporter: 19-year-old luis dockery said he is sorry for his brand of october 4th, he admits he was drunk and posted a video and youtube. apologizes to the cafeteria staff particularly the manager he be rated and shoved. >> when i watch the video a few days later i couldn't even believe it was me in it. i was just watching it thinking oh my god! what the hell is wrong with me? this isn't what i am all about. i don't treat people this way. i am ashamed. >> reporter: he is still
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enrolled at uconn. yes people who offered to send him donations of mack and cheese that has been happening, asked to send those to local food banks instead. this has not been his first run in with school authorities. he attended the university of massachusetts and according to daily gazette newspapers very was arrested twice last year on disorderly conduct charges, during one of those arrests he was accused of throwing a racial slur at the police officer. juliet: we don't know this young man but i think maybe hunt facebook, might have a drinking problem. >> reporter: sounds like he didn't even know what he said or how he treated people. ben: hopefully it is of life learning experience. juliet: a lot more coming a, not going to deal like your dad's
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juliet: the end of bent europe. playboy is no longer publish in full renewed photos of women. sorry. executives said the change, there is always the internet. the change is going to be happening in march of next year. i joke about the internet and that is probably the reason this is happening, part of a redesign effort. they will have photos of women in provocative poses but it will be more maximy type stuff. in the classier. juliet: a won't be fully nude anymore. it started in 1953 and had millions of subscribers make in
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the day. circulation is now just 800,000. ben: you can drown your sorrowss, two beverage giant's creating the world's largest beer company. anheuser-busch in bev and s a b miller announced a merger agreement. in bev will takeover miller at $67.63 a share. they have been trying to complete this deal for the last overnight, the value of the merger is $106 billion. the combined company would control 31% of the global beer market, the next closest competitor would be heineken with 90%. the big factor in this the microbrewers. the craft beer that is taking the industry by storm. ben: when i was in college at
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: we are looking at a couple showers with cooler temperatures. grab that number as you head out the door because you may find yourself meeting it. will you be lucky? mike woods has the forecast coming day. juliet: democrats get their turn to debate as we learn about the other presidential candidate liz there's somebody besides hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ben: a couple of years. halloween is banned by one connecticut school, the reason students upset. juliet: the net's take out their dodgers. tonight is a very big night. they could win. they could win this series, a city feel.
5:31 am
national league championship series again. good morning, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. a little final call off making its way out. >> meteorologist: i am the champion with is that. ben: take it away. >> meteorologist: here is what we have, we have something to talk about, showers making their way to the end of long island losing some of their punch which is a good thing but a lot of rain in a short time, for you along the south fork through the hamptons and north fork getting a good amount of rain for a short time. some brief showers over the rest of long island and all little bit of it coming to was in the city but not much at all and don't expect much to happen morning commute. most of what we get later in the day won't be that impressive. 64 in montauk, 63 central park, 60 in newark, 60 in allentown, pretty mild stuff, temperatures
5:32 am
decent amount, 6 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago but 11 degrees warmer in islip and belmar and we are going to see another mild one out there. this area of low pressure kicked up the showers we have in the east end of long island primarily but it will swing up into new england had not be a problem much longer but this cold front will slide this way. in the middle of the day we are likely to see another round of showers and a quick thunderstorm but i don't think we get too much out of it. temperatures in the wise, 75 for high, 68 tomorrow, 63 thursday, showers possible friday on the early side. let's get you to ines and take a peek at what is happening as you hit the roads and rails. ines: we are off to a good start for tuesday morning, the expressway doing good, if you're traveling in putnam county, 84,
5:33 am
let's go to our cameras and look at the northern state parkway west bounties' down, nothing going on, some volume but everything moving at the speed limit. metro norfolk island railroad new jersey trains and pass trains are running on or close to schedule. juliet: the mets are hoping to wrap up their series with the dodgers, it was a great game last night. ben: it was indeed. they got their revenge for the chase utley hit, took the-1 lead in the middle innings and routed the of a dodgers 13-7 for 2-1 lead in the best of 5 national league division series following controversial game 2 and booed and chanted against chase utley, but he did not get in the game. was eligible to play but did not play. duke castiglione will have more in a couple minutes. he is live from city field this morning. juliet: will there be fireworks tonight? the democrats take center stage in their first presidential debate in the campaign.
5:34 am
ben: we will finally get to know about some others besides hillary clinton and bernie sanders and joe biden who is not even a candidate yet. robert moses joins us with a preview. there are three of the candidates we heard next to nothing about. >> reporter: we will hear presumably a lot more from them tonight. hillary clinton, barry sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee and jim webb will make their pitches tonight in sin city. clinton appeared in las vegas at a boisterous rally outside of one of donald trump's hotels. she was there to show her solidarity with workers from the hotel who have been trying to unionize and she didn't pass up an opportunity to take a slap at the republican front runner. wage. and you have to say yes, you have to say no to efforts to prevent you from organizing, to prevent you from having the kind
5:35 am
deserve, the kind of wages that wage. that means saying no to donald trump. >> reporter: clinton's nearest democratic competitor, bernie sanders, appeared bought a video at a conference in new hampshire, a state where polls show him leading clinton. >> we have today a federal minimum-wage of $7.25 an hour. we have just got to recognize that that minimum-wage is totally inadequate. >> reporter: tonight's debate will be broadcast at 8:30 on cnn. we mentioned joe biden. he is not expected to be in attendance tonight but cnn has prepared a podium so that he can attend if he decides. that appears to be unlikely but many think joe biden will lead
5:36 am
and he has to do that sin because of some deadlines coming soon. people think joe is in just not at this time. heather: some lone podiums. check my tweet. moving on now talking about the nuclear deal with iran, iran's parliament approved the nuclear deal it reached with world powers, 161 of 250 lawmakers present voted in favor of landmark, could refer the bill back to parliament for more discussion with the bill allows them to withdraw from the agreement of world powers to not lift sanctions or impose new sanctions and restore previous ones. ben: u.s. cargo planes dropping small arms ammunition to arab
5:37 am
the airdrop is in line with a revamp u.s. approach to the country. the obama administration says in trying to the dish instead of trying to build a new syrian rebel forces will provide equipment to existing rebel groups who share the goal of defeating isis. questioned intently on this the u.s. tried to build over the weekend on 60 minutes. the u.s. military says monday's airdropping committed 50 tons of ammunition. murdering a 19-month-old boy will be in hempstead court today, 26-year-old word pardo killed mays and robinson, apparently the boyfriend of a toddler's mother and was watching bobble i when she was at work. officials believe pardo may have dropped the ball or beaten him. he is facing second-degree murder charges. ben: there will not be halloween at public-school in milford, connecticut and parents are not pleased. there will be no parade in the city's elementary schools,
5:38 am
the reason, school officials are afraid of offending kids and parents who do not believe in that tradition. some parents, tell us what you think of a juliet heard about the ban, they signed a petition asking the district to bring back the halloween parade. i do have vivid memories of the halloween parade in elementary school. so far more than 2,000 people have signed that petition. not sure what that video exactly is. juliet: edlund couple holding hands. that is interesting. the story about syria has anyone been watching homeland? it literally, they had to go into production to write the story line so eerily similar. specifically the refugees, some interesting. ben: i thought was not supposed to rain until later. >> meteorologist: originally that is what it looked like, the main culprit that will bring rain for everyone isn't coming
5:39 am
attention but the area of low pressure offshore is a little close for comfort and that is why we have showers and storms we are dealing with mainly in eastern long island and so is bringing in scattered showers and a few thunderstorms, they are losing their intensity but south fork, north fork, suffolk county, getting the action there. that came to us in the city but that is not a the main event, the cold front to the west of us, 63 degrees at central park, partly cloudy skies, 60 in philadelphia, 61 in syracuse, that is the main cold front we are focused on, this one was supposed to pass on the up offshore not to get much out of it but we got clipped to the east. this is the cold front that come larue. it will swing through when bring scattered showers but issue should not be that big a deal because there's not a lot of moisture for the cold front to work with still a few scattered showers are expected especially later in the day and we will see
5:40 am
next couple days, shower chances not out of the question, not much happening in the city. the drought situation we have so far since october 1st we have seen 2.41 inches of rain which is two thirds of an inch above normal. since january 1st we are at 6.5 inches below normal. the reservoir seem to be doing fine. scattered showers this morning and later in the afternoon, high temperatures 72 in between, it is going to be a little soggy through the next seven days, drier tomorrow and dryers thursday, a quick shower chance fry and on saturday it is getting cool and will state that way, lows in the 30s, we got to talk frost some. live interactive radar on weather apps, download for free at the google play store, weather
5:41 am
let's see if we have anything on the roads, ines as a few details. ines: some delays if you are in new jersey garden state parkway, the turnpike fine, no problems, westchester looking good across the tappan zee bridge on to the sawmill westchester. show you your commute on the oneness, some delays west bound, but prospects, a little slow moving vehicles and construction being picked up on the eastbound side towards the bqe. long island expressway by grand central parkway still moving at the speed limit, normal volume westbound, on the eastbound side you are fine. as far as the george washington bridge no problems crossing the bridge or the approach, lincoln tunnel looks good and grand central parkway in front of la guardia. heather: an exciting night, i'd bet will be exciting tonight. the net's taking on the dodgers once again. ben: we will go out there live
5:42 am
in a moment. can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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juliet: police looking for the
5:44 am
nightclub in the flatiron district, 24-year-old jualique fawcett was killed, two others injured. ben: the dentist to kill the protected lion named cecil will not face criminal charges in zimbabwe. officials say james walter palmer's papers were in order and he did not break the law. juliet: daniel sold's career is likely over. as severe merce infection has done too much damage to his foot. the 32-year-old has been hospitalized for more than a week and has had five surgery is. ben: marissa is not something to mess around with but hard to believe an infection like that can take its toll so quickly. juliet: let's get to do with happy news. last night was just a route by the mets, the dodgers.
5:45 am
much is the mets got behind 3-0 and they looked confident and the thing that impressed me most in this series and worried me going in, with the moment be too big, young team without a lot of experience hasn't been the case so far. they played with tremendous confidence, first-ever game at city field, chase utley appealed, was on the roster last night. how was he greeted? take a listen. >> after that broken leg. >> reporter: rubin taught of walking with a broken leg and deluge ovation, bases loaded, jam, matt arby gives up the base hit. 0-22 before this, singles right, two runs scored, curtis granderson of the mark, allows crawford to come home, mets up
5:46 am
3-0. dodgers a 3-1, granderson at the plate, bases loaded, the first pitch he sees all the wall in right-center, three runs scored, bases clearing double, mets take a 4-3d and in the fourth inning mets up 7-2, two on, struggles toward the end of the season, not any more, terry collins, time to play, playing now, crushes offering, three run shot to left, second home run of the series estimated 440 feet, it got out in mary which would be the longest of the season, 240 feet, turn call, mets blew the game open, 13-7 the final, terry collins talked about the energy at city field. >> the response when our guys came on the field was unbelievable. certainly rubin, him walking out
5:47 am
there, meant a lot to all the guys on the club and the fan base. >> reporter: they will send steven matt to the mound tonight and the dodgers will counter with clayton kershaw on short rest as they look to stay alive. let's close it out at sea feel. two days after his flight or tackle to break a double play that broke rubin taught at's leg remained eligible appealing his two game suspension. mark man never got in. baseball's c be a collective bargaining agreement, his hearing started with 14 days of major-league baseball receiving the appeal. they are held in a pending decision. he did not talk to the of the media after last night's game. i watch baseball all day yesterday, there were four games on, it was a great day if you are a baseball fan or sports fan and there were some great games on, game 3 cubs/cardinals at
5:48 am
historic wrigley field, series is tied going into this, the cubs hit record six home runs good for news and will post season record and in 8-6 win over the st. louis cardinals, hard to believe, i heard these two teams never met in the postseason and to yesterday. the previous record of five home runs was shared by five teens 2005. royals in houston facing astros top of the ninth, a two run homer, 9-6 royals, they scored 700 runs, kansas city forces, game 5 the royals 9-1 in the last ten elimination games, that is crazy. the astros took a 6-2 be in the eighth inning, everyone thought was over including my health. but this is embarrassing from texas governor gregg abbott and pieces, quote, congratulations
5:49 am
the a lc as, (alt texas a lc is looking at you rangers. he quickly eat deleted at after the royals rally in the top of the 8 to win this game. governor abbott tweets out a little too worthy and the royals elimination game. the big story, new york mets playing with a purpose, they can close it out at sea field tonight. steven matt screw up a mets fan on long island, he will go against clayton kershaw on, one of the best in the game tonight back to you. juliet: must be so excited. thanks very much. ben: city field is a great place for a baseball game. any baseball game let alone a playoff game. how will the wetherbee for the game tonight? >> meteorologist: little shaky, some showers coming through,
5:50 am
doesn't look like we will get rained out but a delay for a while could happen. what we had this morning some heavy showers coming through at the east of long island, twin forks getting a good amount of rain, even some thunderstorms in the mix out there but starting to lose their punch as those storms rolled by to the north and head into new england but still a messy start out there but the main cold front that will bring our showers for the tristate region today well back to the west of us. 60 in islip, 60 in the work, temperatures quite a bit warmer than they were 24 of the go, 15 degrees warmer it and we had 24 hours ago, this is the cold front times speaking of needs to slide through later this afternoon bringing you the majority of showers and storms, high-temperature 72, 68 your high tomorrow, 63 thursday and another round of showers friday. let's bring in ines and have another look at what is going on, hitting the roads, hitting
5:51 am
the rails. ines: problems on the grand central parkway, an accident by 188th street, you are fine with whitestone bridge and the bqe normal delays approaching the brooklyn bridge due to construction, new jersey no problems 80 or 287, let's look at the fdr drive your driving that i 79th street your fine towards 59 toward 60th street, across runs let's check on that. cameras on the alexander hamilton bridge moving fine towards jerome avenue east bound westbound towards the gwb and the major deegan. grand central parkway la guardia
5:52 am
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to be 15 anna gilligan is here. >> tracy morgan last night was back on stage not once but twice, first time he has done stand-up since the traffic accident in 2014 the left him in a coma and his friends did. send this tweet last night, quote, my first time on stage in 16 months picking up the pieces. last month morgan made a surprise appearance at that and the awards and this weekend is scheduled to those saturday night live. another surprise announcement, a super model having a baby, deegan and her husband john legend posted this adorable photo on instagram, she writes,
5:54 am
quote, we have been trying to have a baby for a while, a hasn't been easy but we kept trying because we could not wait to grow our family. we are so excited it is finally happening. cheese three months all along, no word if it is a boy or girl, she went on tv to talk about the fertility issues which were unknown in to the public until recently. taylor swift's boyfriend calvin harris is not happy over rumors that the couple broke up because he cheated on swift, reporting at all los angeles massage parlor they have pictures of him being a massage parlor and that place is known for more than just a regular massage. this superstock d. j. said this did not happen and this may sue. yesterday's it blew up on twitter. taylor's spokesperson said don't believe radar on line, taylor has not spoken out and recently selena gomez was asked about it and said she hadn't even heard
5:55 am
the rumor, she's taylor's best friend so she acted with genuine surprise about that. as weiner magazine released their sexiest woman alive and the honor goes to amelia clark. if you are a game of thrones fan you have seen all of her from her beasties as though she apparently won't go from the new the way she would in the beginning seasons. the 28-year-old plays mother of dragons, she is described as friendly and first, a kid sister and killer, movie star and girl next storm. she is woman of the year. juliet: she has brunette hair in real life. ben: she is in that movie with a brunette hair and i'm like it better. juliet: you know who we had here
5:56 am
flipping out in all day. because she made out with john snow. >> i like her because i love secrets. >> one of the nicest people discover the latest from the amop\ premium foot care line, to see why women are admiring their beautiful nails. they have good reason... introducing the latest innovation from amop\, the new electronic nail care system specially designed for your toenails and finger nails with 3 heads for filling, buffing and shinning.
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