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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 13, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: oh, here we go. it is one of those days. greg: rosanna, we have pedestrians and more and more on the streets of new york city, we are seeing the people on the the unique vehicles, personal vehicles. they are called funky ducks. rosanna: or hover boards. greg: modified segways. rosanna: i have to say, a lot of kids are going to school this way now. greg: i have to tell you, rosanna, we did one of these
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over the summer and i fell in love with it. we have the devices. there is a story on this. is it revolutionizing the way we get around the city? rosanna: well, it is fun. i like something to hold on to. greg: turn. rosanna: okay. greg: lean. rosanna: oh, maybe not. greg: we are working on the turning part. rosanna: i turned that time. it is all good. greg: no rules about these things yet. like, the cops, they don't know, are they motor vehicles or bicycles. rosanna: we are going to talk about them coming up, the do's and don'ts. greg: rosanna, we have been talking about meditation.
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are doing it and it is a life changer for them. so i actually contacted bob roth, the executive director of the david lynch foundation, and everybody goes to im him. i wanted to know, what is the difference between transdental and regular meditation? >> it is like food, i meditated, i jogged, i closed my eyes. ocean, waves on the surface of the ocean, it is the depth of the ocean is silent and our mind the thinking. got to, got to. we need inner calm and clarity. we locate or reaccess of the mind right now that is already calm. we are not trying, some try to
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or fight the thoughts, this is accessing the calm within. greg: i have been listening to tim ferris, he guilty ofs the ceo's and top entertainers and 80% of meditating in the morning, we have to get in on this. rosanna: we need to calm down a little bit. >> tim does transdent mental meditation. if you are anxious you can't be present and focus. your body gains a rest deeper than sleep every time and then court sol drops. so we get rid of the stress and more dynamic and more focussed. rosanna: you have a concert
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coming up where howard stern -- >> i'm supposed to teach you soon. rosanna: any way, i heard howard stern has come to you. >> he's been doing it 40 years. greg: what is it? >> when you learn, it is taukt one to one. it is tailored for the individual. you get a montra. it is said silently. it is like this. like this. do it on a train, a plane, in a car if someone else the driving. you are taught to use it one two one from a teacher and access the silence. >> you say it over and over? >> think it over and over.
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teaching people, ceo's and celebrities, but i heard you are going around to schools. >> my first love is working with veterans, police and firefighters and people on the front lines that suffer from post traumatic stress, we are working with inner school kids that suffer from stress. greg: that is great. how many minutes a day? >> 20 minutes twice a day, first thing in the morning and do it at the end of the day. rosanna: there is story in the new york times about meditation, what'd you think about it and can you achieve the goal without meditating? >> what they did there was a genric term of meditation. there is a lot of meditations that don't work. that is the importance of looking carefully, it has hundreds of research studies showing it works effectively.
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bologne. no belief is necessary. greg: not conflicting with faith? >> no, by settling down the mind, you prayer is deeper, more compelling and satisfying. >> tim ferris, the beef with him is the cost. >> it is like a lifetime program. it is not just four sessions and we have a program that is like other institutions, you have grants, loans, scholarships, if you can't afford it, there are ways to learn. david lynch foundation we provided scholarships for half a million people to learn for free. the people that can afford it pay. rosanna: tell us about
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>> the kid sz come to school, the first period they are supposed to study math, or social studies and who knows what they have eaten or the stress, so they start with the quiet time and meditate and their body settles down and the brain wakes up and they are doing better in school, better grades and violence and stress intention goes down in the whole school. we can't keep up with the demand. rosanna: how many schools right no? >> hundreds throughout the united states, we have schools in the bronx and brooklyn. greg: bob, how do we get ahold of you? >> the best way go to that's how you can find out more about it. we teach thousands and thousands of people. no belief. you can be who you are.
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>> greg: it doesn't matter? >> yes. everybody. that is the beautiful thing. meditation comes out of the realm of something weird, it is done by people of all religions. it is not branded. rosanna: you have a big event coming up at carnegie? >> yes, katy perry, sting, others, seinfield. >> he does it too? >> yes, 40 years. rosanna: the people you least suspect are doing it. >> yes, everyone. people on wall street, we have kids, we have teachers, we have police officers. greg: do you have to do it first thing in the morning? >> work it into your schedule. or have something light and sit
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and meditate. greg: i just woke up. >> jerry seinfeld says that. he says i just rested. look at your bed, you didn't rest, it was a war zone. the rest gained it is not just relaxation, this gives you energy, focus, drive. so sometimes you wake up from sleep and you need five cups of coffee, this wakes you up like that. rosanna: can we take the course? >> it is taught four days, an hour a day, the first day i teach greg, the next day you. everyone learns one to one. again, you can be skeptical. it is healthy to be skeptical. it. >> okay, sir. rosanna: tickets are available
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>> yes, buy tickets and all the money from that, they are doing this because we want ten thousand new yorkers at-risk to medicate. greg: what happens? are they singing? >> yes, they are singing. it is a concert. greg: oh. rosanna: i went a concert five or six years ago. >> with the beatles? rosanna: yes, it was beautiful. there were great musicians performing and in between, people like paul mccartney talking about it. >> katy has been meditating for five yearses and she's volunteering her time to do this and bringing this to women all over the world. i mean the problem of stress and trauma is devastating, i think it is wonderful that tm is not just for people on the upper
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east side, it is single mothers, victims of violence, they can turn their lives around, same thing with the veterans. the suicides are a travesty. >> bob, thank you. by the way, you exude a calmness. >> it is the two of you. you are great. i watched you riding around. rosanna: bob roth, so nice to meet you in person. >> thank you so much. greg: mikey, what do you say? michelangelo i'm on board. rosanna: yes, we need to find a way. mike: the question of doing it first thing in the morning, well, for us. >> george stephanopoulos at 2:30 in the morning.
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>> he's a wannabe. >> nice to see you. [laughter] >> mike: first of all, what to expect, a few showers and storms. they are coming at you. but later on we have a round of showers coming by with a cold front and tomorrow back to party sunny and temperatures are cooler than today. for the weekend, the temperatures are taking a hit. the highs in the 50 sz. lows into the 30s. it is definitely feeling like deeper into fall in a few days. right now, a few isolated showers. most pushed on into new england and out to connecticut, rhode island, places like that. but yeah, most of the tristate is dryer right now. 63 central park. 65 montauk.
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the low pressure is passing by off shore and brought in the showers and moving to new england. there is a cold front approaching and the showers are headed to the mountains. we are going to see some of that holding together in the tristate, but not all of it. light to moderate showers are working into the tristate region. that is what we expect in the second half of the day. it is not going to amount to much. a round of showers, that is certainly possible headed to the afternoon and early evening. the futurecast is saying yep on the computer models a few showers. mostly up to the northwest of the city. it is in and out so fast it is not a problem for you. going into tomorrow, left with the clouds, cool unstable air with us and a few showers up to the northwest is not out of the question, it is looking like
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into thursday and getting colder over the weekend. the futurecast, there it is, rolling on by. high pressure is building in behind it and the cooler temperatures are taking over. so here is what we have today. we have got a few morning scattered showers a break in the middle and more showers are popping up. high temp up to 72. tomorrow up 68 party sunny skies. 63 thursday. 64 friday. morning showers are possible there. over the weekend, sunny skies, highs in the low to mid 50s both sunday as well as monday. look at the lows dipping down to the 30s once again. starting to feel like we are deep into fall. over to you. rosanna: we are figuring out the meditation thing before getting on the personal transports that are all over the city. greg: very cool. be careful.
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greg: rosanna. rosanna: you are seeing them all
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greg: yes, two weeks a ggo a story in the wall street jour mall the cops don't know how to define them. if you are on the sidewalk, like, who is to stay whether you are supposed to be on the sidewalk or the bike lane. well, they are a force to reckon with. rosanna: what do you notice about these personal vehicles now? >> well, like you, we see them every so often if the city. i saw one the other day. greg: i saw one of these, what is this right now? >> that is called a hover board or self-balancing scooter. it is a segway with no handlebars.
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rosanna: you can buy them at modell's. rosanna: what is she on? >> a segway. rosanna: i don't see these that much. there are five kids in the building outside on these hover boards. greg: that has been around for 15 years now. >> yes, you can bring it to the subway or a path train or whatever. rosanna: yes. all though, they are heavy to get around. they are hard to pick up. >> yes, 20-30 pound. greg: all kinds of mishaps. people fall? >> well, no data on that. greg: anecdotally? >> well, i quote add guy in the story, he had bloodied elbows but he was just learning. greg: i almost killed myself on these.
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rosanna: my knees broke her arm on that. what is that? >> nine bolt one. that is an electric uni cycle. greg: let's see you do it. rosanna: tim, where do you go on this? >> i commute to the office. >> greg: where to where? >> financial to midtown. >> off reputation of being the world. >> number four in the world. rosanna: what makes you so good? >> i have a lot of hours and lots and lots and lots of miles. i take it everywhere. rosanna: can you do anything fancy with it? >> i can do this. rosanna: greg, you can do that on the hover board. greg: am i like number six in
9:20 am
the world? i don't know. not bad. sir? >> adam. >> you are on something heavier, heavy duty. rosanna: segway with the bar? >> yes, it is controlled with the knees. i actually commute a lot on this. on the unicycle. i learned on this. the motions are similar. greg: andrew, back to you and the story, you mentioned cops, when they see these things they don't know where to issue a ticket or ask for a ride. >> that is what we are told. the police have, you know, defined a couple of categories of devices that are not legal and have said as reported in the story, some of these devices may fit into the broad categories.
9:21 am
on the gadgets as a sort of thing to look for. greg: i want to get married on one of these things. rosanna: dos and don'ts? >> you are asking the wrong guy. i am not as brave as greg. >> greg: dos and don'ts? >> dos, always pay attention to pedestrians, and to the road. don't try to show off. [laughter] rosanna: oh, greg. tim? >> respect everybody. we have to share the streets and sidewalks. be careful. we have regular groups that we meet up. greg: like a motorcycle rally. do you have the leather jackets? >> we'll get some. rosanna: are you in the bicycle lane? >> yes. we are all going in the same direction and staying safe that way. rosanna: adam? >> have as much fun as you can
9:22 am
and it is a great way to people people. people stop you and talk to you. greg: you are right about that. this and a dog. those are the key to meeting people. what do you like to write about? >> transportation. hover boards to escalators to the subways. rosanna: sorry. i ran over your toe. are you about aing? >> i'm fine. greg: what do you say, guys? >> we love it. >> greg: let's see you do something. that's about it. >> for me. rosanna: i can do that. thank you so much. it was a lot of fun. thank you robin for bringing the hover board over immediately. greg: this is so cool. thank you so much. be careful.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. greg: rosanna.
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i like rose and greg better. greg: the people have spoken. what would happen if we had a restaurant? rosanna: the comfort foods. the things we grew up with. greg grg:how about a bologne sandwich. a picture of the books. there we go. here is the website now. rosanna, they were great gift items and looking at the restaurants and what people said about them. rosanna: the dining guest, emily rothchild. nice that you are here. greg: welcome. rosanna: we happened to whip you
9:27 am
>> you should know, your family runs one of the best restaurants. rosanna: no bologne sandwiches there though. we are full of it here. greg: well, tim and emily. rosanna: what is new? >> fell, the new guide just came out today for 2016. there are more new restaurants in new york as there always are, but the number continues go up and the number of closings continues to go down. it is a good year. a lot of the best restaurants doing their second and third restaurants. greg: it is reviews by the regular people. you are not paying the critics. it is ordinary folks, they go, write a review and you publish it? >> yes, we are serving the
9:28 am
they are giving the commentary and we condense it into a simple useful review. rosanna: is there a trend in dining? >> it is a long term tend, people are eating out more. they are unfortunately also paying a little more than they used to, and the number of restaurants restaurants and the diversity and quality continues to get better. greg: you were the only ones in town with the reviews and now there are competition. i don't know. how do you compete? emily? >> i would say, our book has so many lists, if your parents are coming to town, brunch, if you want to find a great cocktail, a beer, we have lists and we have
9:29 am
greg: that is true, a romantic restaurant in north western queens and you have it. rosanna: i heard in the new book you talk about trends in mini markets. eaterly was all we had and now a lot of malls with the mini markets. >> yes, food holes, so many things like ramon places, five years ago we didn't know what they were. greg: ever had a u cup of noodles. >> yes. greg: you have to get to the mall, the food court. >> these are like fancy places to go and have lunch. greg: emily, you have not touched the sandwich. >> yes, i know, i need a bite.
9:30 am
rosanna: it is old school and white bread and potato chips. emily? greg: listen, guys, one more thing to talk about. rosanna: another list? online. one thing we didn't mention winning for the 7th consecutive year in a row. greg: that is on the west side? >> 51 #st street between 6 and 7th. rosanna: what is the chef owner? >> eric. >> yes, we love them. he's great. >> no bologne sandwiches there. rosanna: you like it? >> i love it. i'm not allowed to say i love anything. we never vote.
9:31 am
yorkers who ate out average 4.9 times a week. greg: i eat out too much. rosanna: it is convenient. greg: i don't know. tim, you are the best, thank you so much. emily, you are okay too. >> wait a minute she's a new york institution too. rosanna: also, would you frequent our restaurant, ro and greg's restaurant. greg: take a look again. rosanna: eat your heart out. we are coming after you with our bologne sandwiches. greg: i love it. we are coming right back with a
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greg: rosanna, look at that kid. rosanna: she's 13 years old. elvis durant she's to watch out for. nice to have you here.
9:34 am
i came out with my album, this is me. i'm performing my single off of that. rosanna: how did you get started? >> i started singing at nine years old and grew up in wisconsin and did the local stuff there and we moved to california and you know, i have an album and other stuff out. it is very exkiting. >> greg: congratulations. are you ready to sing? >> yes, i'm ready.
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show your freedom, freedom, freedom. greg: very nice. sing. how do you balance this and school? >> i am home schooled. rosanna: who teaches you? >> it is online and i have a teacher who comes once a week and makes sure everything is up. greg: i bet you are going to be beyonce some day. >> i love her. thank you. this is my guitar player, will? rosanna: how old is will? >> how old are you will? rosanna: i don't know. everybody is so young these days. greg: you were born in 2002? >> yes. greg: so wild. this is me, out now? >> yes, out now. rosanna: thank you. all right.
9:39 am
greg: look at that, it is a pussy cat. rosanna: today we are taking on cats. >> they are so cute. greg: look athis. this is for you. >> i want it. rosanna: sweet. we are going to learn more about the kittens. >> i don't like cats but i love kittens. rosanna: i didn't know about that you.
9:40 am
>> no.
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greg: look at this little guy. rosanna: you fall in love with everybody coming in here, animal and person. [laughter] anna: that is true. way to break it down, rosanna. rosanna: you fall in love easily. greg: have you seen the face of this kitten? rosanna: how about this one? are they brothers and sisters? >> yes. that is anna, and she's a volunteer with them. she brought in the kittens this morning.
9:43 am
this is elana. greg: why is it that cats don't respond to their name? >> they do. anna: we are talking about kittens, there is a new exhibit about how cats took over the internet. i took a look. it is entertaining and you learn a lot too. take a look. if you find yourself amused by the cat videos, you are not alone. people are so fascinated there is an exhibit about it, how the cats took over the internet. >> more people are looking at cad videos. >> the director of the museum gave reasons why they are so popular online. >> we don't have the opportunity to show off our cats in public.
9:44 am
cat on a leash, otherwise it is the internet that serves as a virtual cat park. >> dogs are popular, too, but the cool calm nature of the cat sets up the dramas on camera. >> put them on the turntable, box, back while going yoga, unlike dogs that kind of don't go with the flow, people with do silly things with cats. anna: it is the stillness that makes them the stars with the web cams invention in 1996. the first cams ra taking only photos and the movement was not rewarded. the cats have exploded since with cat bring, new to me. and lull cats, projecting emotions. they have a station to make your own. then of course, feline
9:45 am
often times what makes a cat a super star, there is something different about them. and the unusually long hair. >> it is a celebration of difference, if only we could celebrate human beings in the same way. >> well said, speaking of humans, i spoke to a few. >> i love cats, this is the only thing i wanted to see while i am here. >> it is fascinating. this is cute. >> are you a cat lover? >> no. dog lover. but this is very cute. >> you don't have to be a fan to enjoy the exhibit, if you visit, rest assured. >> no cats were harmed in the making of the exhibit. but some of them humiliated. >>
9:46 am
>> so the exhibit is open through january of next year and visiting. check out the schedule. rosanna: like? anna: they wouldn't tell me. greg: where do people go to get the cats? >> visit us at the adoption center, east 92nd street, we are open 7 days a week. anna: you have all up for adoption. >> yes. greg: anna, leave the cats aside for a moment. this is anna's last day for a while, the wetting on sunday and then honeymoon. you are marying steve lacy night time anchor. >> how about those cats, guys. >> steve, you know, nice talking
9:47 am
>> i want to thank you for the steadfast support of our relationship. again? >> i'm not sure about that. what the heck, it is your show. >> listen, steve, you should be the bag. i knew for a long time you were getting married. rosanna: he's been hinting for months. >> we appreciate it. we hope to see you this weekend. rosanna: steve, i want you to know, i'm off hours on sunday, what ever happens with greg that night, it is not my job. >> rosanna, he's your job. >> how long have been engaged? >> since january. >> he got on one knee and all of that? >> yes. did he hide the ring.
9:48 am
>> we went away, i always had the ring on me and waiting for the perfect moment. it presented itself. rosanna: thats romantic steve. greg: that is great, steve. [laughter] rosanna: looking forward to the party on sunday. >> as are we. it is going to be a good time. >> excellent. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> good-bye. see you soon. >> if he can make you happy, i support this. apparently he can. anna: thank you. that is nicest thing you have said to date. [applause] greg: you are still single right now. legally. rosanna: grab her and take her off on the hover board.
9:49 am
>> we'll let you know when we get back. greg: they are going to cancun. [laughter] good luck to you. anna: thank you. greg: ever wonder -- well -- anna: stop while you are ahead. rosanna: good luck, relax. do what you have to do in the next few days.
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rosanna: dawn, it is all about you. thank you so much for saying nice things about us on or facebook page. greg: and all about the kittens. rosanna: is that a howard or harriet? >> i don't know. rosanna: then how do you know what the name them? greg: anna, you are still here? >> anna: yes, after the show we are doing periscope. rosanna: follow us, we have after the show chewing over what happened in the last few hours. in the meantime, mike woods, take it away. mike: all right. we are getting you going out the door.
9:53 am
potential challenges out there. 63 at central park right now. 64 in newark. same thing for you in islip as well as bridgeport. 65 in montauk. a mixed sky in the tristate. we had a decent amount of showers in long island. most of that pushed up to new england. there is a line of showers and storms and cold front pushing into the tristate and that is why we have to count on a few more. there is the cold front. making progress. this area of low pressure is over the great lakes and forcing through. we are not going to squeeze out much in the terms of the showers and storms. eastern long island with showers today. there is a little more left over for you. is it a problem for us, i don't think so. from this point forward not much
9:54 am
there is the cold front and bringing in a few scattered showers there up to this evening and majority up to northwest of the city, and everyone else, just a little bit. headed to tomorrow, a trough lingering in the area. that could keep a few showers going in the north western counties. a few showers popping up there in the afternoon. party sunny and cooler headed to tomorrow and thursday and temperatures are dropping more so going into the weekend. big thing going on this evening, we have the mets and dodgers at citi field. we have a few patchy showers ahead of it. the game should be going without a problem. it is not going to be a rainout. 72 today.
9:55 am
passing by. 68 tomorrow. 63 on urz this. the rain is revisiting on friday. weekend is looking dryer and cool as well. rosanna: i have lost greg. we are trying to find the kitten. greg: he's by your foot. rosanna: all right, have a good day new york. layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that' s how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we'
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