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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the stress drove this 81-year-old grandfather from tennessee to his death. he said he would be proven right when the jackpot arrived the next day. it never did. >> they could look over their homes using google art and detail the color of their vehicle, sitting in a driveway, their home, how far they are away from the bank. >> reporter: in jamaica, the hureds of millions at stake are being hijacked by the gangs. no fighting over turf and profits. last week, gunmen invaded a home and killed six people police believe were involved as a family business. the corporal of the major organized crime agency says the violence is escalating. >> they're more valuable. so there is much conflict going on in the lottery scamming network. >> reporter: now, law enforcement here in the united
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states is targeting the people who sell the lists and hitting them with fraud charges. police are facing a tough battle. the scamming is s entrenched in the local economy, that many kids believe it's a valid occupation worth pursuing. dari: all right. thank you. we have this developing at 5:00 now. a passenger was stabbed on board an mta bus on the f-74 route around 1:00 this afternoon. police respoed to the corner of broad and canal streets. this is in stapleton, staten island. we're told this may have resulted from a dispute between riders over a seat. the victim is in critical condition and has multiple stab wounds. it appears the suspect got away on foot. steve: now to queens where fans are hoping to clinch the crown tonight at citi field. dari: they crushed the dodgers last night. russ is at the ballpark with the latest. hi. russ: as you say, it's all here for the taking tonight. all the mets have to do is beat the dodgers again in tonight's game 4 and it is a done deal.
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that is it. the mets will advance on to the national league championship series. they put themselves in this position the way manager terry collins wanted them to do it. they didn't worry about retaliating over the chase utley fiasco fiasco. they went about their business using an offensive barrage to crush the dodgers in a 13-7 beatdown. granderson with home runs. tonight they go for the close out against three time cy young award winner clayton kershaw. >> we've got to do what we did and make him work. when he makes mistakes, we better put a good swing on it. you won't get a lot of them. our guys are fired up about it. it's a great challenge. the only thing that helps us is we did see him a few days ago. doesn't make it easier, but you
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to seeing recently. russ: as for the mets' fans, who in all honesty are thinking more with their hearts than their heads, tonight's game is considered to them a done deal. >> no hesitation whatsoever. tonight's a wrap. >> i think the mets can pull it out tonight. i think they can take one win for the mets tonight. russ: we know who you're rooting for. the thing is what do you think about tonight's ball game? >> i think the mets are going to win. i think they have the better lineup. i think they'll score runs on kershaw with three days rest. russ: you sound confident. >> i'm confident. i believe. they got me hooked in. >> we don't want to make the trip to los angeles. i think the bats are waking up. when you wake a sleeping giant, anything can happen. >> i believe the energy in this building and here at home, getting the chance to clinch, what they displayed yesterday, i think the whole team is
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russ: in just about three hours and one minute, the talking stops. it's the first pitch. the game begins. that's it from citi field. back to you. steve: thank you. all day we've been hearing about the threat of rain tonight. will it be an issue come game time? let's get over to nick. nick: it will be fine. a couple of showers with a cool front moving along. as you look at fox 5 sky guardian, there's nothing to worry about. a couple of light showers off to the west. a batch of showers went off to the north about an hour and a half ago. as we go in fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, you can see that stripe of the middle connecticut river valley and a couple more scattered showers in upstate new york and the line falls apart. we'll confirm that not much is coming our way. it should be play ball weather in the bronx -- the bronx, listen to me -- in the queens. i'm going for the mets. we're talking about the forecast being just some clouds at times. into the 60s at the first pitch. figure about 66 or so.
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by the end of the game, it will be about 62 or so. we're looking in pretty good shape. we can confirm by looking at our futurecast that those areas of showers are not in the forecast here. tomorrow, a decent day. sun, some clouds, slightly cooler than today. we were in the lower 70s today. it's looking like upper 60s tomorrow. most of the week should be okay. i'll have news of a pretty big cool-down coming in our forecast as we move towards the later part of this week. dari: okay, nick. thank you. well, a day after three women were shot outside of a flatiron nightclub, police have a suspect that they've arrested. he was picked up in brooklyn earlier today and liz dahlem is live outside the precinct with the update. hi. >> reporter: good evening to you. dalone "smack" jamison, that is the suspect, he has been in custody at the 13th precinct since 11:00 this morning, getting lots of questions from detectives here. he fatally shot or is accused of fatally shooting that woman and two other women outside the
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nightclub in the flatiron district. the nypd's top brass tells us that jameson posted pictures of the victim on his social media accounts after the shooting and he is considered their prime suspect. detectives spent the day questioning dalone "smack" jamison. the 26-year-old from the bronx is accused of shooting and killing walikque faussett at the motivo nightclub in t flatiron district monday morning. police commissioner bratton said detectives had been closing in on the known gang member and arrested him in brooklynhis morning. >> we him on the street pulled over in a car stopped. that's how we got him in. we believe he is theerson who shot the three individuals, killing the one. >> reporter: commissioner bratton said he knew the woman. he posted this picture of the two of them on his instagram page saying he hoped she was okay. he said he was in hiding, but police say he was behind the shooting.
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he became angry after getting kicked out of the club for fighting with a woman. he told the bouncers he was going to his car to get a gun. >> he told them he'd come back with a gun, something they hear quite often in that business. he did come back and he fired into the crowd, striking the three ladies. >> reporter: the two women were injured. walikque faussett, a college graduate and single mother to a three-year-old son, was shot in the back. e was out celebrating her 24th birthday monday night. funeral. >> why did he kill my ughter? my firstborn. now i've got to bury her. >> reporter: the suspect is apparently an aspiring rapper. his record goes back a decade. live in gramercy park, i'm liz dahlem. back to you. steve: thank you. a long island man faced a judge today in the death of his
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police say the 26-year-old killed mason robinson sunday. he was watching the boy while the mother was at work. he text'd her and told her the baby was having difficulty breathing. mason was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. >>e allege and we will ultimately prove this was no accident, that this baby was severely beaten and those injuries caused his death. steve: he is charged with second-degree murder and is being held on $10 million bail. investigatio dutch investigators, well, they announced what we knew, that malaysia airlines flight 17 crashed as a result of being hit by a missile, causing it to crash in ukraine. all 298 people on board were killed. investigators say authorities knew that the aircraft flying above were at risk. >> they recognized the risks to
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civil aviation by the armed conflict on the ground. in the opinion of the dutch report, there was sufficient reason to closehe air space above the eastern part of ukraine as a precaution. dari: several western nations and the ukrainian government have accused pro russian rebels of shooting down the plane. rebel leaders dispute the allegations dari: hillary clinton will face time. i'm not starting the rumor of joe biden. no. sharon crowley has more and a preview. they've got a fake desk for him. >> reporter: if i was a cynical woman -- and i'm not -- i might suggest a television network is floating it out hoping he'll make a surprise appearance. his name is in the air in vegas. he is not declared. frontrunner hillary clinton has as has bernie sanders.
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democrats. all eyes shift to theemoctic presidential candides, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, as the first democratic debate is scheduled to take place in a few hours in las vegas. hillary clinton shong her competitive spirit monday night made a surprise vit at the linary workers union protest outside the trump international hotel in las vegas. >> you have to say tofforts to prevent you from organizing. >> reporter: the most recent poll shows clinton is still the frontrunner among democratic primary voters. political analysts say clinton may have to defend her changing positions on a few major issues. >> every major issue she has shifted. it's why the base of the democratic party, they kind of like her but they do not love her. >> reporter: another big name in the air, even though he hasn't entered the race, vice president joe biden. some pollsters say it's biden who would have the best chance
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lesser known candidates chaffee, o'malley and webb will be participating. never one to shy from the spotlight, even when it's not on him, donald trump has said the democratic debate, he says, will be boring. he plans on live tweeting during it. dari: that will ma it exciting. on that note, hillary clinton appeared on snl a couple of weeks ago. again. the republican frontrunner will host saturday night live next month, november 7th. nbc made that announcement. it is trump's second appearance on snl. he hosted in 2004. so much has happened since then. that was when he was on the apprentice. they better start writing now. steve: good news. the fda approved a laser to burn away fat. we'll take a look at how it
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works and, more importantly, when we can get under the laser and lose weight. dari: and connecticut parents fight back when a superintenden tries to cancel -- what --
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hoitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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steve: starbucks experimting landmark. dari: and a huge beer merger is moving forward. alison morris is here with the biz headlines. >> reporter: it was 5:00. let's kick this off with beer talk, a little after 5:00. the biggest beer deal in history is going down. anheuser-busch is buying miller for $104 billion. that's going to create the largest brewery in the world. what does it mean? miller light and budweiser are brothers and one in every three beers on the entire planet will come from this new company. as with most mergers, we're waiting on approval. that could take a year. twitter out with tough news. the social media site cutting 336 jobs. if that doesn't sound like a lot, it's 8% of the workforce. just a couple of weeks ago, the
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the permanent ceo. last quarter, twitter lost 137 million. snapchat announced today it's shutting down its snap channel division. that amounts to about 15 layoffs. it's the end of original shows and programming on snapchat. to be honest, i didn't know they had those. there you go. >> and finally, a lot going on with chipotle and starbucks and they're intertwined. chipotle is hiring the first chief information officer. that guy is kurt garner, starbucks cio. starbucks has been one of the league leaders when it comes to mobile payments. garner worked on that mobile app during his two decades there. chipotle is looking to him to cut down its lunchtime lies, to improve its app and delivery options. speaking of delivery, starting today, starbucks is offering delivery in the empire state building for $2 extra. the 12,000 employees in that building can have their coffee brought to them so they don't
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have to head to the lobby. it's a flat fee regardless of how much you order. starbucks is using it as a test model for future deliveries in new york city. one catch. you have to be a member of the loyalty program to use the service. a great way to get people, if they don't have the starbucks card, to loop them in. steve: they want you to have the cards, the apps. >> reporter: get you -- dari: they want to own you. everyone wants to own us. >> reporter: the entire state building starbucks will have such shorter lines. if you keep 12,000 people up in the building and they don't come, frees it up everyone else. steve: thank you. dari: hello, nick. nick: hello. did you like the 70s today? dari: it was lovely. steve: is it still 70? it must have warmed up again. nick: it's pretty nice. a high of 72. we point that out because, as the video is going to show, it was the opening of the rockefeller skating rink today despite the 72 degrees. it will be nice to be on the ice. don't fall. you get wet when the ice melts
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pretty quickly. nonetheless, there you go. the ice skating rinks season has begun there. 72, definitely above average. average high, 65. average low, 51. 87 and 33 in the records. the record lows are getting down there. we will see 30s in new york city as we head into the weekend. 7:06 sunrise. setting at 6:19. a little rain today, a couple of showers moving through. i think the threat is now over. 70 degrees. clouds are still present. wind coming out of the west. the pressure low at 29.52, but it is on the rise. we will be seeing improvement tonight into tomorrow. a couple of isolated showers in sussex county, new jersey and eastern parts of pennsylvania. that's about it. we don't expect much rain in the forecast tonight. good for the mets to finish off the dodgers. low 70s for a high in the city. same at belmar. stayed in the 60s north jersey.
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70 up there in dutchess county and lower 70s across long island. everybody is still above average. we're hanging on to 70 in the city. 70 as you get towards bridgeport. 67 poughkeepsie. cooler at monticello. back to 71 as you head towards newark. winds out of the southwest as it's been a chunk of the day southwest to westerly. we'll keep the west wind tonight, 5, 10 miles an hour and seeing a westerly wind tomorrow. the couple of showers we've had, that's sliding to the north and east. that's with a cold front moving through. kind of deceptive. it won't be turning much colder tomorrow. a little cooler. we'll be in the upper 60s. a good day, sunshine, clouds, west wind, 10, 15 miles an hour. you can see on the bigger picture just about where the front is in through here. that will be sliding to the east. this will be our weather the next few days. there'll be another cool front coming down thursday into friday. that's the one that will bring in the coolest air of the season. 50s out the door in the city. a couple of upper 40s northwest. 65 at lunchtime. 69 will be the high as we head into tomorrow afternoon.
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but that is still above average for this time of year. there's our sun combining with clouds you see on the beautiful. on thursday, a sunny day. still in the middle 60s terrain is what we'll be using. here's the cool front sliding in with a couple of showers on friday. doesn't look like a lot of rain. cooler this weekend. clouds tonight. 58 in the city. 48 in the northern and western cooler spots. tomorrow, upper 60s. beautiful thursday. right on target at 65. a couple of showers friday. that will be our last day in the upper 60s. saturday, breezy, sun, clouds, only 57 for the high. sunday, 30s in the city. 52 only in the afternoon. a bright, sunny day. and sunday, monday morning in the suburbs, it will be in the 20s. that could be our first widespread frost. it's october. it's on time. steve: on schedule. good deal. dari: from new jersey to outer space and back, mark kelly
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returned today to his elementary school in west orange. he was honored at an assembly in pleasant dale elementary school. the retired astronaut and navy captain delivered his message to students that they should dream big, work hard and keep believing. kelly is a well known gun control advocate. that's because his wife, former congresswoman gabby giffords, was wounded in tucson, arizona, seriously wounded, in 2011. steve: lots of life experience with him. while it is a playboy coverup. while the magazine will stop publishing photos of naked women. dari: and a woman learns the
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what man so, i needed to deposit a check.
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i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thgy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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steve: few people know my left arm is a sleeve tattoo, from this pec all the way down. now it's out of style. what am i going to do? i'm out of luck. dari: you can draw something -- steve: a tiny tattoo. that's in. dari: jen lahmers tells us why. >> reporter: this is sally phillips' first taoo, a small one, but there's a big meaning
5:24 pm
behind it. >> i have a note from my dad that he wrote me when i was a baby. he was diagnosed with aids. i have always loved -- he died when i was a kid. it will mean a lot to me. i have the not at the end says live in joy and love. and it has three exclamation points. >> reporter: micro tattoos are huge. search tiny tattoo and you'll find image after image, hearts, words, geometrical shapes, you can barely see them. >> in six months, people are on to getting these small tattoos. i don't know how to do big tattoos anymore. >> reporter: john boy of west ford gave kendall jenner hers, a white dot on her finger. >> she said it's because the little things that matter.
5:25 pm
her own thoughts of getting inked, which she made clear -- >> would you put a bumper sticker on a bentley? >> reporter: many see the tiny tattoo as an accessory. >> micro tats take 30 seconds start to finish. how long it took sally to get hers. short and sweet. a part of her dad she can keep for a lifetime. >> you get to a point when you lose somebody that you start to remember memories. and i think one of the things that's so special is i can feel like he's talking to me and it doesn't feel like a memory. it feels like he's still around and we're having a conversation. he's always going to be with me. >> reporter: jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: less is more. all right. police say a woman was busted for drunk driving after she
5:26 pm
decision-making on the internet. >> i have drank beyond belief. i can't read your snaps or your periscopes. steve: she can't read while she's drunk driving. that's a 23-year-old of florida, live streaming a video she titled driving home drunk. you could have searched the web site and gone into the scope on periscope. it was over the weekend. idea. they called 911. police used the app to locate her car and pull her over before she killed anyone. she's now charged with driving under the influence. dari: maybe this is a good thing for her. it's a wake-up call. she'll never do this again. steve: you hope. dari: let's hope. a big honor for rutgers university. find out which campus has been named the most diverse in the country. steve: and falling leaves causing trouble on the tracks. what the lirr is doing to prevent a potentially dangerous
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steve: a new honor for rutgers university. dari: it's newer campus was just named the most diverse college campus in the country, and zachary is here to tell us all hello.
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>> reporter: hello. i was on the campus yesterday. absolutely beautiful. i'm not talking about the buildings. i'm talking about the people. it's eclectic, diverse. u.s. news put out the report once a year. they've graded out this campus over there in newark, rutgers university is the no. 1 most diverse campus in the country. it's something students aren't that surprised about. it's something they take a lot of pride in and on some level, some went to the school because of that reason. >> i was born and raised in the caribbean. it's different being around so many people at rutgers. >> people talk about their experiences back home. it makes it more interesting. >> i saw rutgers university newark and i fell in love with the campus. i'm surrounded by all different people. >> ray and trisha all attend and all contribute to the school's distinction as the most diverse college campus in america. >> i am happy, definitely happy.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: they were born in places like guyana and indonesia. they bring their life experiences to the table, not just as students, but in roles like editor of the school paper and president of the student government association. >> both my parents are pakistani. i was born in pakistan and raised in u.s. >> the annual list uses a diversity index. it measures how likely students are to encounter undergraduates from racial or ethnic groups different from their own. do you think diversity, like classrooms, make a better kind of environment for the learning process? >> yeah, i think so. because then you get a bunch of people who have different ideas and concepts and you get to mesh >> reporter: other schools grading on top, andrews university in michigan. another school from our area, st. john's came in third. and university of houston and unlv were 4 and 5. >> a lot of people forget about the intersectionality of being
5:32 pm
human. not born here. into play. that plays into how i think and how i am as a person and that is all stuff you bring to the classroom before you've been taught the lecture or anything. >> reporter: there's diversity in the way we all look but also in terms of thought. when you get people together with different life experiences, that's part of the education process. steve: that's something that's lost in a lot of colleges. you don't have as much diversity of thought as you used to. diversity in all aspects is a good thing for sure. dari: so expensive. to be for. >> reporter: exchanging of ideas and the experiences. steve: good deal. zachary, we appreciate it. thank you. dari: fantasy gaming ads are everywhere you turn. today u.s. senator bob menendez addressed the possibility of adding safeguards to the online fantasy gaming industry.
5:33 pm
this is to make a more level playing field for all of the fantasy sport participants. this move is coming as something we were talking about last week. employees of rival sites accessing inside info and winning big. >> i think congress needs to look into this and see whether by exempting fantasy sports from the unlawful internet gambling enforcement act, we've created a regulatory vacuum that leaves consumers out in the cold. dari: menendez said a congressional panel asked the federal trade commission to look closer into gaming practices. steve: 18 names added to a memorial wall for nypd officers mayor de blasio, police commissioner bratton on hand for the annual dedication ceremony in battery park. among the names unveiled, those lu. they were shot and killed last december while sitting in their himself. >> during my short time as
5:34 pm
lost five officers in the line of duty. today we put the names of four of them on this wall to join those of their brothers and sisters who have gone before them. next year, we will put the fifth. steve: any other officers whose names were unveiled died from illnesses related to their recovery efforts following the terror attacks on 9/11. dari: fall leaves are pretty, but they apparently pose a hazard to commuter trains. turns out they create slick rail conditions, which makes it harder for trains to operate. jodi goldberg checks out what the lirr is doing to make the rails clear. >> reporter: falling leaves create slippery conditions on the rails. >> in the spring, what we do is do our vegetation management program. we're cutting back on any tree branches that may be over the tracks. so we try to minimize the amount of leaves -- the number of leaves that fall. >> reporter: the mta
5:35 pm
long island railroad and metro north. the condition is called slippery rail. it's caused when sleeves decay and produce an oil or slime-like substance, which may lead to poor traction when a train tries to speed up or slow down. >> we have trains that are equipped with high-powered washers and scrubbers. they'll go over the system on a regular basis. >> reporter: this metro north video shows the rail wash tanker train. it runs at night during leaf season and blasts the leaves off the tracks used high-powered water jets and use a rail scrubber, which is a modified pickup truck with a gas engine and rotating steel brushes to scrub the rails. on long island, they use high power planted water to remove the resin. when the wheels have to be taken out and reshaped. >> we want to avoid that. when we take a car or train out of service, that obviously may cause a delay. so the idea is to prevent this
5:36 pm
from happening. >> in an effort to prevent delays, this is part of the annual maintenance program involving tens of millions of dollars to keep trains running on or close to schedule. you can take an earlier train, also. jodi goldberg, f 5 news. steve: all right. how about this idea? pulling the plug on taxi tv's. we'll take a look at what could be taking their place instead. dari: and angry parents fight back after a connecticut school
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dari: "playboy" magazine is going pg 13. steve: starting in march, the magazine will stop publishing nude photos. as mc -- >> there are worse jobs for a straight male to have. >> bruce spent 13 years as an editor at playboy. >> i was the go to guy for a lot of the women, women of the ivy league, women of the southeast conference, a lot of the center folds. >> reporter: for bruce and many other former employees and current and former readers. naked women made playboy playboy. >> the nudity differentiated it from other magazines of substance. >> reporter: from the first issue in december of 1953, playboy published works of journalism and fiction as good as or better than any other magazine. playboy interviewed miles davis, martin luther king, jr., and
5:40 pm
its editors published stories by gabriel marquez and others. >> he had hard nosed journalism. >> reporter: the signature remained the nudity. the decision to stop printing pictures of naked women perhaps more notable than any competitor left many wondering if this mark the the end of playboy. >> playboy without the nudes feels like popcorn without the corn. >> reporter: the top executive blamed the decision to cover up in footprint -- print on the abundance of nudity on line. >> the very one that hefner nurtured to have greater consciences, has said it's not necessary. >> reporter: according to the "new york times", subscriptions fell from 5.6 million to fewer than 1 million today. playboy expects to print the
5:41 pm
first nonnude issue next march. >> it's such a part of the signature that i think many readers will constantly recognize that it is missing. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. dari: a school district in connecticut has reversed its decision to cancel its annual halloween parades after an outcry from parents. the superintendent of milford schools said they wanted a substitute celebration that would be inclusive of all children. wearing a costume was banned. that had parents asking why the school was taking the fun out of a harmless holiday. >> i feel like the holiday is disappearing as well. you don't see kids trick-or-treating as much as they used to. dari: the superintendent says she decided to restore the parades because the controversy was becoming a distraction. steve: good. all right. fox 5 health news next. the common cancer drug, could it
5:42 pm
dr. dari: fox 5 health news. new hope for fighting superbugs. researchers say a breast cancer drug could actually be a powerful weapon against mrsa. steve: joining us, dr. devi from the nyu school of medicine.
5:43 pm
with the lack of effectiveness of antibiotics that we're talking about chemotherapy as a potential way to deal with mrsa. >> it's an invideo -- innovative way of doing this. the bugs have adapted to our powerful drugs. mrsa can fight against our stronger antibiotics. weaker drugs can still defeat it, but the problem is there's going to be a point where if we're not able to produce new antibiotics as fast as these bacteria are able to adapt to them -- steve: what's the deal? not enough money in antibiotics? we're not making new antibiotics we need? >> that's part of it. sure. the other part is we're not using the antibiotics appropriately. so people get put on stronger antibiotics and it's like a vaccine. that's how it works on the bugs. if they get exposed to a strong antibiotics but it didn't kill them, like vaccines are our
5:44 pm
exposure to something but it doesn't kill us, it figures out how to fight it in the future. that's the problem. it's thinking of it as an antibiotic. with this medication, tamoxifen, it looks like estrogen. the way it fights breast cancer, if you think about breast cancer cells as having a lock like a door and estrogen is the key that turns it on, this is like a key that fits in the lock but doesn't work. it doesn't activate. it blocks estrogen. we don't know how that's related to the superbugs except maybe it ramps up the immune system so your system fights harder. this is preliminary in animals. it's exciting stuff. steve: let's get to our waistlines and erything else. a laser promising to help get rid of stubborn pockets of fat.
5:45 pm
these are pictures sent from sculpt sure. tell us how this works. >> the idea is this doesn't work only your whole body. it works on areas that are difficult to treat where you have these pockets of fat. the fda cleared it for use in the flank, your love handles area. but doctors can use it in other areas, perhaps off label, to try to manage it. there are other -- steve: this is my problem area, this belly button nightmare right below here. dari: where the tattoo is. steve: it's right here. it looks like that's what it -- >> it could help with that. you're in the right category of patients. because it's not as helpful for people who are obese. it's helpful for people that are pretty fit. the benefits are it works pretty fast. six to 12 weeks in terms of seeing results. 25 minutes on average for the treatment as opposed to longer when you use other things like freezing the fat.
5:46 pm
but i should emphasize the doctor, this is more cosmetic. if you're thinking about losing weight or fat for health purposes, diet and exercise are still the cornerstones. steve: sometimes you get to the point, you've done all at. you just want this gone. dari: he wants to tweak perfection. steve: that's it, dari. of course. you say six to 12 weeks? once a week for six to 12 -- >> to see the results it takes that long. you don't go that often. steve: how much per visit? >> that's the problem. the doctors will probably set the price, but the estimate is it would probably be $1,500 per treatment. because the device costs $200,000. i don't know this is that easy for people to actually do. also, we have to wait to see how it pans out. steve: the price will come down. i'll learn to just wear pullover sweaters and stuff and hide it. dari: spanx. steve: i need male spanx.
5:47 pm
that was good. high and low brow. nick: as much as i don't like this area on me either, because i have the same problem, diet and exercise -- dari: i think -- nick: it doesn't go away. no matter what i do. it's there. it's genetics and age, i suppose. dari: have you put the ice cream back and the martinis? nick: maybe. at those prices, i'm willing to keep it. steve: ain't that bad. nick: i'll be willing to keep some of these temperatures. weather should be pretty decent. we have the coldest air or coolest air of the season on the way in the forecast as we head down the road. today, nice. 72. we had sun, clouds, a couple of showers. it will be great for baseball in queens tonight at citi field for the mets and we'll talk about temperatures in the 60s for the game. we'll talk about 60s around here for the next couple of days. 60s north and west of us. buffalo, 62.
5:48 pm
out there. one area right here in sussex county, a couple in eastern pennsylvania, but they won't survive. when time goes along, they'll be evaporating and moving along to the north through the evening. decreasing. we'll be talking about nice weather coming our way as we head into tomorrow and thursday as well. lows 70 across the city. 72 at belmar. 68 on the east end. the wind has been out of the day. tonight. we'll keep the westerly wind in the forecast tomorrow. it's behind a weak cool front that's moved along. this front, no big weather changer. little bit for tomorrow as the front kind of moves along to the east. we'll find readings in the upper 60s. there's our weather in place for now. there'll be another front dropping down from canada later in the week that may bring showers thursday or friday. then the transition will be towards the much cooler weather as we head into the weekend forecast.
5:49 pm
tomorrow, about 66, 69 or so here in the city. looking okay there. 60s back to chicago. the heat is on in texas. it's in the 90s dallas to san antonio. 80s south florida. 90s to vegas. and 70 in san francisco. denver will be at 82. here's the futurecast. the shower threat goes away this evening. we'll look for 99 and clouds around here tomorrow. pretty good day. west wind, 10, 15 miles an hour, something like that. we'll talk about nice weather tomorrow night. beautiful weather on thursday. should be a sunny day. you see clouds starting to gather to the north and west. that's with the approach of the cold front. there'll be a couple of showers with the front coming in and then the coldest air of the season comes in this weekend. looks like we'll have some wide areas of frost and freeze conditions this weekend. 58 tonight in the city. it's 40s to the lower 50s nor and west and clouds. tomorrow, nice day, sun, clouds, mid and upper 60s. slightly above average for this time of year. thursday, 65, beautiful. a few showers saturday. don't look for a lot. 67.
5:50 pm
breezy and cooler on saturday. a good amount of sun at 57. look at sunday morning. 38 in the city. 20s in the colder northern suburbs. 52 in the afternoon. back to 56 on monday. nice day to 60 on tuesday. steve: nick, our lower belly fat cold. nick: keep that padding. steve: that time of year. dari: after years of complaints, the taxi commission may get rid off. steve: a vote set for thursday. jen lahmers looks at when that could go into place. >> reporter: tired of hearing late night on loop, sick of the same ads, the days of being held captive to back seat taxi tv's might be over. >> kind of annoying. i don't have any control. it's like nonstop. i've heard it all in two blocks. i've got to hear it 87 more times before i get out. >> to watch tv while i'm in the back seat of a car makes me car seat. >> reporter: as part of a pilot program, the taxi and limousine commission plans to get rid of up to a thousand taxi tv's over
5:51 pm
the course of a year. why? >> a lot of that has come from the feedback we've gotten over the years from passengers and drivers. there's a lot of great content on taxi tv, and then there's a lot of feedback we get from people that say they'd like sort of basically a quieter ride. >> reporter: if the pilot program is a success, the taxi tv's will be replaced with a new gps meter system that relies on smartphones or tablets with credit card readers attached. taxi tv's are a relic of the bloomberg administration, phased in in 2006 to generate ad revenue for fleet owners. since then, according to a 2011 survey, they're the no. 2 complaint among riders. >> it should be a great thing for passengers. it will make riding in a taxi more comfortable, which is the no. 1 issue for a lot of people. it will make it safer. >> reporter: the commission plans to vote on the pilot program on thursday. from lower manhattan, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. dari: that will be lovely.
5:52 pm
steve: yeah. dari: we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we're certainly on top of the news for you. coming up next at 6:00, our breast cancer awareness week continues. thank you for your response, by the way. tonight an expert will join us as we look at conflicting information about screenings and when women should get them. plus just ahead for you, a preview of tonight's democratic debate. and russ is live from citi field with the red hot mets. all coming up next at 6:00.
5:53 pm
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it's tuesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us again. the top stories are coming up for you. we begin with our week long series on breast cancer awareness month.
5:55 pm
we know the key to beating cancer is catching it early, but there have been some conflicting reports about just how to do that when it comes to breast cancer screening. what to get and when. jessica formoso begins our in-depth look as we continue our special report. >> i found it early but it's because i self-examine. i felt something. they asked me to pay more money to get a 3-d mammogram. it still did not show it. it. >> reporter: screening for breast cancer can be a confusing process and it's a disease that impacts so many. this year, close to 240,000 women in the united states are expected to be diagnosed. >> one out of eight women will develop breast cancer. >> reporter: this doctor with the breast cancer center at mt. sinai says early detection is clear. >> yearly mammography has been the gold standard that has been proven to save women's lives. >> reporter: there are many conflicting reports when it
5:56 pm
comes to screening and exactly
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