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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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comes to screening and exactly when women should get their first mammogram. >> we look at all people who will diagnosed between age 40 and 50, six out of ten don't have a family history. they're not at high risk. you want to put them in the high risk category. that's a very alarming number. most people who develop cancer in their 40s aren't high risk. >> reporter: doctors say technology continues to improve. it's better than it was five years ago. a woman can get a mammogram and have her results on the spot. >> now we have 3-d mammogram with people with dense breasts and overlapping tissue, we can find the cancer that might be masked. >> they have a sonogram. >> people with dense breasts, we use a different way of looking at the breast and finding cancers we would not have seen even five or ten years ago. >> reporter: lastly... >> we have mri for our highest risk patients. ernie: jessica, thank you very
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much for that. let's continue talking about this important subject. joining me is dr. simmons, chief of breast surgery at new york presbyterian wild cornell. we just heard this report. the first woman was talking about how she basically found out she had breast cancer through her own self-examination. that was the start of it all. how important is self-examination? >> it's quite important. a lot of patients do find their own breast cancer. in her situation, she knew something wasn't right. she had the mammogram. it didn't show anything. she had the 3-d mammogram. didn't show anything. she wanted an ultrasound. that's how they found the cancer. ernie: how often and how soon should a woman begin breast exams? >> every year at the age of 40. now, if you have a strong family history of a young relative, perhaps earlier than that. and then i also think that ultrasounds are very important in young women. tissue is so dense, you can't always see everything with a mammogram.
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ernie: we hear a lot of women are nervous. we talked about this. they're a little uncomfortable about going. maybe they're going to discover something, but also this peace of mind. there's so many conflicting reports and information about the guidelines, what to do, what not to do. as a top surgeon, your experience, what should women do, what should they follow to give them the sense of comfort and peace of mind? >> they should do appropriate screenings, which is mammograms after age 40, ultrasounds for dense breast tissue and self-examinations are very important. once a month after 18, 20 years old or so. and the best time is right after your menstrual period. because your breast tissue is the least confusing at that point in time. you get a better exam. ernie: that would start at 18-plus? is that what you're saying? self-examination. >> correct. correct. ernie: as far as technology goes, it's amazing. i mean, you deal with this all the time. you work with so many patients.
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and also what we can expect. >> one advance recently has been genetic testing. so now women who have a strong family history can have a simple blood test or saliva test. that will tell them if they're in this high risk category of getting breast cancer. it's called the brca gene. if they show the mutation, they have an 85 percent chance of getting breast cancer. they might make different choices as far as screening and treatment because of the high risk. ernie: it's very good. from your experience, too, i'm sure you have many stories about survivors, the type of treatment they've had. share at least one of them with us tonight. >> patients generally do very well if they find the breast cancer early. and so a woman who perhaps had a mother who had breast cancer young and goes to get her a mammogram, younger than she might have ordinarily, finds a tiny little spot, the very earliest treatable breast cancer and she'll do fine.
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every day of her life by finding that tiny spot. ernie: so important. thank you for being here and talking about breast cancer awareness month, which we're discussing all week long on fox 5. thanks for being here. >> thank you. ernie: good information. by the way, remember, we'll continue our breast cancer week tomorrow with a personal story of survival and how some women at high risk are taking preemptive measures. thursday, the latest break through in treatments and their potential impacts. >> let's talk about the other stories making headlines. after a 15-month investigation, dutch investigators announced today that malaysia airlines flight 17 crashed as a result of being hit by a missile in ukraine. investigators say the ukrainian authorities knew the aircrafts flying above were at risk. however, ukraine defends its decision not to close its air space. >> an arrest in a deadly shooting outside a manhattan nightclub. police say 26-year-old dalone "smack" jamison knew the victim, walikque faussett, and posted a
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she was shot dead in the yesterday morning. police say he was angry about being kicked out of the club. >> an upper east side woman lost her lawsuit against her 12-year-old nephew. she sued the boy for jumping into her arms and knocking her her wrist. she said that he should have known better and asked for $127,000. according to connecticut post, it took a jury 20 minutes to deny her claim. and that's what's happening in the news right now. here's nick with a preview of the weather. what's it look like? nick: like a pretty nice couple of days. a few isolated showers in the forecast early tonight. that should not affect the mets-dodgers game. the coldest air of the season is starting to appear on the weather map. i'll tell you when it comes our way, too. ernie: all right. we'll be talking about the big debate coming up tonight. yes, it's going to happen in las vegas. you'll see hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at it with
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we'll have a special report coming up after the break.
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us now. you were telling me about spending time in new hampshire and the foliage up there is beautiful. nick: it's beautiful. we were in northern new hampshire, central and northern new hampshire. the colors are running a little late because of the dry season and the drought in the summertime. they're running one to two weeks late. ernie: working its way down. nick: it's coming down. the colors were spectacular. you're starting to see our northern suburbs, some good pockets appearing. ernie: we have some nice weather, too. nick: great weather. we'll be talking today being another 70-degree plus day. it's great. we'll keep that going, the nice weather, with a little cool-down tomorrow into wednesday. we've got to watch the radar radarscope tonight for the game. i think they'll be fine. 87 the record high. 33 the record low. that was back in the 1800's.
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of an inch of rain. we have and sun and clouds. the pressure is on the rise. we're right about approaching sunset time shortly. 72 for the high in the city. 73 at the shore. low 70s most of long island as well. didn't get out of the 60s at sussex and monticello. we're cooling it down, but we have mild temperatures, hanging on to the 70-degree mark in belmar and newark. upper 60s city eastward. 66 poughkeepsie. 59 in monticello. these showers come with a weak cool front. the west-southwest wind is in play. it will be a westerly wind tonight and a west wind tomorrow at 10 to 15 miles an hour. a couple of isolated showers. we've been watching them meander around sussex county. a few by philadelphia and trenton. that's about it. we'll take the wide view on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. this cluster has gone off to the north. we'll see how much of this survives. i don't think we'll see much in the area this evening. shouldn't affect the mets-dodgers game. game 4 tonight.
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them off and get it over with. it will be temperatures in the middle 60s to start the game and probably ending up in the lower 60s for the late inning. we should be okay there. as we look at the satellite and radar composite, you can see the same picture, some clouds out there with a couple of showers. they're going to go away. the cold front will continue to move along. here's tomorrow's weather. a combination of sun and clouds. slightly above average. there's a cool front looming in here. that will make its move towards us late in the week. maybe a few showers on friday. and after that front passes, then we get the coldest air of the season in here as we head into the weekend. upper 50s out the door in the city. closer to 50 in the burbs. 69 the high tomorrow afternoon. again, still just a touch above average. there goes the front moving along. there's our decent weather tomorrow. here's thursday's weather. beautiful, sunny. still in the middle 60s. this front is what i'll be talking about arriving with a couple of showers on friday.
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weekend. tonight, clouds will be out there and we'll stay around 58 by tomorrow morning in the city. 48 to 44 in the suburbs. tomorrow, decent, sun and clouds, mid and upper 60s. we can enjoy that. thursday, bright and sunny at 65. here comes the front with a couple of showers friday. 67 morning low. in the 50s. big change for the weekend. breezy on saturday. a good-looking day, but the wind will put a chill in the air. only 57 for the high. sunday, a high of 52. 38 in the city. 20 in the suburbs. that's when you'll see frost and freeze conditions for probably a lot of the suburbs. same thing monday morning. back to 56 monday afternoon. and 60 as we head into tuesday. good-looking days. ernie: thank you. we're looking forward to it. we have a special guest we want to talk about. it's all about politics. in a few hours, the democrats will square off in las vegas in the first debate of the political season. frontrunner hillary clinton will
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berne -- bernie sanders, jim webb and lincoln chaffee. analysts say clinton may have to defend her changing positions on a few major issues. listen. >> every major issue she has shifted. it's why the base of the democratic party, they kind of her. ernie: even though he's not in the debate, a podium is on a standby just in case vice president joe biden decides to announce his candidacy just before the show tonight. joining me now is david birdsell dean of baruch college school of affairs. they have a podium waiting for him. what's that story about? >> they so desperately want people to watch for something electric and surprising to happen. but i think we can pretty well guarantee joe biden won't be on the stage tonight. ernie: you know, we have a smaller field of candidates tonight. is that better for the debate? what do you think? >> it's certainly better to get a sense of what each of the individuals wants to accomplish.
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when you have the enormous field with the republicans, it's hard for any one person, unless his name is trump, to command the camera and get policy ideas out. so if you want to get the voters to know you, smaller is better. ernie: okay. okay. it's about hillary and bernie. what do you expect she's going to do? everybody has so much pressure on her. she has to talk about the issues. she has to decide what she's going to say and how it's going to impact the voters. what do you think? >> remember, she's a very accomplished debater. they had dozens of debates in 2008. she's been in this called -- ca luchlt ca --. how does she excite the electorate? she has to show there's something to wait for. ernie: she and bernie have to be careful.
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they're appealing to the same base. they'll be polite, but with sharp comments. >> they're at different ends of the party base. at the end of the day, they need the others' voters to succeed in a general election. in order to get over the top for the primary, and become the party's nominee. but we have three undercard debaters. they have to struggle for awareness. they have to introduce themselves to the american people. some of them have occupied national platforms before. all of them have, either in the senate or point of office, national platforms. but they have to show people there's a meaningful difference between what they present and what the top two present. that's going to be a challenge. ernie: i'm going back for a moment. biden, will he be a factor? do you think he'll run? what's the delay? what is it? >> well, i think there's genuine concern that he expressed openly about his mental readiness in the wake of his son's death. but past that, a lot of people think he's really angling for
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this. he's wanted this for decade. my personal sense is he's waiting to see what happens. if hillary clinton comes out with a strong performance, the overlap between her voters and his very tight. ernie: thank you so much for joining us. come back again soon. lots more coming up, including my question of the day for you. watch this one. do you know your i.q. and do you care? ernie: is it important to you? i hit the streets today to find out. but first, russ will join us next from citi field with the amazing mets.
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>> and that ball is absolutely scorched to left! three run shot. and the mets hav blown it open. ernie: oh, man, lots of night. night. and they're a win away from moving on to the national league championship series. russ is at citi field. what an amazing -- what a nice way to answer back, russ, right? russ: let me tell you, amazing is their nickname. amazing was the word. ernie, 20 runs were scored last night, 13 by the mets in the
6:20 pm
13-7 victory. i wasn't sure 20 runs would be scored in the entire series let alone in one game. it was shocking to me. they fall behind 3-nothing. they come back. grander son son with the three-run double. he had five runs batted in. you get travis with the two run homer. it was just -- it was awe inspiring. from a mets fans' perspective, they way they rebounded and didn't get into the retaliation, which a lot of people were worried about, i thought it was a great job. ernie: do you expect the offensive barrage to carry over tonight? russ: no. no. quite frankly, i'd be shocked if it carried over. we saw another -- forget 20 runs. i'll be shocked if we see 10 runs tonight. you're talking about pitching for -- it's a close out game for the mets. but it's a close out game for
6:21 pm
if they lose, their season is over. they're throwing the best of the best, clayton kershaw. so, you know, it's all or nothing at all for them. the mets, should they lose, they get another chance, a game 5, which would be thursday. but -- in l.a. as far as who his mount opponent is, the kid from long island, skipper terry collins, i got to tell you, listen to him, is very confident about his situation. >> we're hoping that steven goes out there and pitches like he knows how. here's a local kid going out there and, you know, pitching for the team he, you know, grew up watching. it's going to be a real cool scenario, especially if he pitches great. it will be a fun night. ernie: we know that closeout game is the hardest to win. russ: without question. think about that. who are they putting the ball in the hands of? a local kid who grew up wanting to be a met. that's just an unbelievable story.
6:22 pm
but it's all about tonight. i mean, again, a close outgame. i don't care what sport it is, it's the toughest thing to do because you're playing against a team. all those players are desperate. they know if they lose tonight, the dodgers, their season is over. you know what? should they lose, it could very well be the final game for don mattingly as skipper. there's a lot riding at stake. ernie: let's take a look and see what happens. go mets, as we say. thank you, russ. russ: without question. ernie: see you tonight. bob menendez is promising a federal look at the daily sports fantasy games you keep hearing about. today he says he wants to insure fairness and level playing field for everyone. this comes after revelations that employees of one site may have used inside information to win games on rival sites. the federal trade commission has also been asked to look into how these sites do business. >> all right. coming up, nice to feel smart. do you know your i.q.?
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does it matter? we have your answers coming up next right after the break. keep it here. to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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ernie: here's my question. do you know your i.q.? and do you really care? >> not really. i don't know exactly what it is, no. ernie: you don't know what it is. does it matter to you? >> no. ernie: what if you were like over 140, like a genius? >> oh, well, i know i'm not a genius. >> i do not know my i.q. and i don't really care. i really don't. ernie: you've never been tested? >> no. ernie: do you care to be tested? >> not really. i don't think it will change my life to know if i'm above or
6:25 pm
ernie: right. right. >> i think the social act of being social is more important. you could have a high i.q. and not relate to people. ernie: so you're a social worker. you understand that. >> i do. >> no, it doesn't matter. not at this stage in my life. and i don't think numbers -- ernie: do you know what it is? have you ever been told? >> i don't think i'm a genius, but i think it must be pretty good. ernie: you think you're pretty smart? >> yes. i do. i do. ernie: that's good. it's important to feel that way, no matter what the number says. >> that's the most important thing. ernie: does it matter to you that you know what your i.q. is? is it important? >> i guess it is somewhat. sure it is. sure it is. >> pretty good. ernie: you've got to be a smart guy. >> i like to think so. ernie: thank you. just feel smart. that's good. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us tonight. for all of us here, i'm ernie anastos in studio 5 and our control room.
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