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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 14, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: why are we singing this song? well, we are looking at the kiss cam in times square. greg: yes, you have seen the kiss cams on basketball. lot. rosanna: yes, at the sporting events and stuff like that and square. it is causing controversy. some people are taking advantage
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of those kissing on the kiss cam. greg: and kissing the people you shouldn't be kissing. rosanna: we are not encouraging that. greg: now back up to the screen. they are looking to see themselves. rosanna: oh, there is ines and mike. greg: that is a little gross. rosanna: well, i guess the rumors are true, greg. greg: they are really making out there. well, that is totally fake. what is happening here? rosanna: well, after the ad -- love is on. this is the key here. greg: here we go. wait a second. those are earlier moments captured. i like hall and oates by the way. rosanna: i worked with john oates sister. she's a producer at abc.
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oh, i ran into it her. rosanna: he's terrific too. greg: what is lame is the kiss cam. rosanna: it doesn't happen all of the time. greg: grab a camera and put it in a face and say kiss. here we go. love is now. live now. here we go. show us the people. oh my gosh i want my money back. here we go. 3. someone here is supposed to kiss. stay up there. stay up there. see that. go back. rosanna: see who is going to do it. greg: there is a count down. rosanna: there are some people that are in love. greg: that guy is moving in. rosanna: there we go. we have a kiss. aww. that is awesome. greg: she's puckering up. i know that kiss, don't think of it. [laughter]
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rosanna: she grabbed his hand with the camera, enjoy the moment. good for her. no, you don't. don't even try. do not even try. [laughter] rosanna: thank you. greg: lame. we are leaving it at that. rosanna: there was a lot of kissing going on at the bunny ranch in las vegas. greg: we have a problem. lamar odom, nba player, former member of the kardashian family. he was found unconscious at the love ranch, it is a legal brothel outside of las vegas. rosanna: he was there for a few days, but yesterday two ladies went to look in on him and he was face down and not in a good
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state. greg: a moment ago was the ambulance, that is tmz footage of lamar odom being removed from the ranch. rosanna: they tried to air lift him, but he's a big guy and they couldn't do it. they drove him 70 miles back to the las vegas. greg: he's by the way from queens originally. south jamaica, queens. he's got two children from a previous girlfriend. best. rosanna: he's been in a downward spiral for some time. khloe thought with a divorce he would wake up and get together. there were rumors of doing crack cocaine and now today talk about
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doing some kind of generic viagra, i don't know, not the real viagra. greg: we'll see what we are going to learn from the owner and operator from the love ranch, dennis, he runs a legal brothel and this is where lamar was found. good morning, sir. >> good morning. rosanna: what can you tell us what about happened with lamar? >> he came in on saturday and called and asked to come out. we sent a drive to him. this is the sister house to the bunny ranch. he wanted to come out and party and va have good time. yesterday morning two of the girls both saw him about 6:00 in the morning and came back about 3:30 in the afternoon and he was unconscious and we called the
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him over on the side and terrible things were coming out of him, blood and terrible, terrible situation. rosanna: what was he doing at 6:00 in the morning, there was a talk op taking viagra pill, a generic kind? >> yes. >> what was it? >> it was herbal type of viagra. we didn't other drugs. he was taking a lot of these. these herbal viagras give you energy. i heard he took 8 or so of them. rosanna: he wasn't drinking a lot? >> he wanted a bottle of cognac and there is sa a third of it
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left after 3 days. greg: so other fluids coming out of him. did he ever regain consciousness consciousness? >> they called me immediately and i was at the bunch ranch, but the management was there and they were the ones that rolled him over as instructed by 911. rosanna: he's 35 years old? >> yes. >> rosanna: what is your relationship with him? >> well, you know, he was at the ranch having a good time. that is what you can say. he wanted privacy and discretion and wanted to have a good time. he was upset because of getting a call on sunday night and they think it was about the tv show. that seemed to bother him. greg: so there for several days,
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it is your business, how many girls was he with in the few days there? >> cherry and monica. so he was a busy guy. he's doing a what guy does at a brothel, having a good time. rosanna: now what happens? are you going to hospital, are you checking in on your friend? >> absolutely. we are checking everything we can and trying to get information. i got a call from the body guard this morning. rosanna: i know sex is legal at the love shack or whatever you call the place, what about drugs, caneopl de drugs? >> no. total no drugs. no tolerance at all. that is what we told him. he said no i'm not doing that
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he has a history of it. all. >> rosanna: denise in, he was upset on sunday night after receiving a phone call, the kardashian show was on and keeping up with the kardashians and you believe he was featured in the show? >> that is the word i am getting, it was upsetting because of the things being said. greg: we hope it gets through this medical crisis and thank you for joining us. >> thank you, i wish the best to the viewers and we are wishing lamar the best and hope to see him back to the ranch for a good time. greg: that is another discussion about the ranch. not everyone is crazy about the ranch as you know sir. rosanna: he hung up on you. greg: no, not mad. there is a down side to that
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i know -- what'd you think rosanna? rosanna: it is not on the list to see. to each his own. it is legal in nevada. you have a young man, 35 years old clinging to life right now. greg: okay. michael woods, what is going on, bud? mike: we have changes with the weather. with the highs and lows, 65 is the average high, 51 is the average low. 57 at one point. we are on the way back up. it is a fairly mild day out there. but generally speaking we are talking about cooler air coming to region. sunset time at 6:17. the days are shrinking up on us. 59 in bridgeport. 63 in montauk. 48 monticello. partly cloudy skies in the area. it started sunny and more clouds
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are coming into the town. this is the radar and satellite. a few showers upstream here, they are not holding together that great because not that much moisture with it. the areas of low pressure. so without there being a significant amount of moisture or lift in the atmosphere, we are probably not going to squeeze much out in terms of the rainfall. most of the sprinks out of the tristate region. it is continuing to put down the cooler air and keeping the temperatures coming down over the next few days, that is the general trend here. on friday, a more significant cold front coming through and the low pressure is bringing in the thicker clouds and probably between the early morning to about afternoon, midday, you have the cloudy skies and quick showers passing through and that should be the only rain that we
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the cold front, this is what is coming through at the end of the week. the cold front is coming through, the jet stream is lining up and dragging down to kay canadian air and frosty temperatures in the northeast and some of that coming to the tristate. today that is not a problem. sun and clouds. high up to 69. cooler than yesterday. mostly clear for tomorrow. chilly temps, especially in the bushes, 39. 65 high tomorrow. 66 on friday. friday is when the front passes by and a few showers will be popping through. saturday it is dry and cool. high of 57 on saturday. breezy too. breezy and cool for the first couple days of next week.
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talking about the frost in the tristate across many parts. greg, rosanna, back to you. greg: thank you, mike. man oh man, enjoyed the house of cards. you could see my old house. pennsylvania avenue. house of cards took netflix and the country by storm. robin an kevin were great together and who appeared later in the most entertaining way, rachel a young prostitute. boy oh boy, so entertaining. the great thing about house of cards and netflix, rosanna, you can watch the episodes all in one swoop. binge watch the entire season. i'm anxious to see the next season. rosanna: thank you for joining us on "good day new york."
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if you are up to speed, spoiler alert, you are not coming back. >> well, the spoiler window passed. rosanna: in your mind, what is the window of spoiler alerts? is>> well, if you are a die hard fan, you have seen it within the first 24 hours. rosanna: i think a week or two and then you can talk about it. >> so much tv out there. they'll get to it. greg: it is okay. people forget something they hear on tv. right. let's move on to next project. manhattan, the story of the atomic bomb, development here in new york city and out in the west. we have footage. you are seeing this on what channel, rosanna? rosanna: wgn. >> yes, wgn america. they have a channel finder, if go to website, they have a
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channel finder and showing you where it is in your area. rosanna: talk about the series. >> the second season remered last night on wgn america and the first season was well received and we shoot in santa fe, new mexico it is about the building of the atomic bomb in the 40s and a group of young scientists and the families relocated to new mexico and are charged with this great task of building the bomb or the weapon that they hope will end all wars. rosanna: so how much is based on fact and how much of it is literary license? >> there is a lot of fact in it. it is a historical parallel. not all of the characters, particularly the main ones are historical figures and so we can tell other parts of the story. there are appearances by
9:16 am
few others as well. greg: so it actually started in manhattan, 270 broadway is where the headquarters of this effort located. they coordinated in new york city. it was a secret. if i said it years ago, they would shoot me. let's look at a clip. >> you are building a weapon, i want to know what kind. we said no more secrets. >> it is not my secret. i took a vow. >> you broke another vow. there are 20-year-old graduate students that know why we are here. i won't go back to the way it was before. like make believe.
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like you are a teacher or a salesman and i'm betty crocker. greg: well, if you have a secret do you tell your spouse? rosanna: pillow talk, right. how did you research for this, or did you? >> absolutely. where we shoot in santa fe is near where this particular story is taking place and they have a wonderful museum there and we had a tour and lots of books available. for me, the focus was on the wives, not the science. in school, i learned about the science, but nothing about what life was like there. rosanna: and the women had to give up a lot, right? >> yes, in season one, the character says i can't even tell him our house is painted green. the letters are censored and sent back to you. it was a prison camp of sorts
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>> manhattan, watch it on tuesday nights on wgn america. rosanna: congratulations. good luck with the new season. >> thank you. greg: kyle walker, man,akes you feel great. rosanna: boy, he can sing. you get chills when he sings. greg: when the gospel fest? rosanna: next year. the circle of sisters this weekend and we are talking to them about this circle of
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rosanna: remember when -- omi was here. greg: nice guy. the song, i moved on. rosanna: they so overplayed this this summer. it was a great song. we have to move on. greg: sleepy hollow. great show. rosanna: back for the third season. greg: thursday night. rosanna: jenny mills, great character on the show, but what to expect from jenny. greg check this out. >> sleepy hollow is a show based
9:22 am
tension, but i can say that this season is back to being a lot of fun, some awesome monsters. they are. that is what sleepy is about. witnesses. so season three has just been a ton of fun again. she do? >> what doesn't she do. she's just a tough chick who has been travelling all over the world for many years. she's a rilic and searching for artifacts and helping the team.
9:23 am
>> reminders of an old friend. don't tell me you have forgotten your old friends. hey, stranger. abbey told me you were in town. i had to see for myself. the best way to protect his family no word, no warning. like witness protection. >> rosanna: it looks interesting. greg: indeed. why'd you go into entertainment? >> interesting. i studied biology and decided to become an actor. at the end of my degree, i didn't feel like it was right. i kind of put it out and someone offered me a role in a kung fu film and i decided to take lessons and here we are.
9:24 am
>> well, my system was different and i got two out of the three belts in the system, that is equivalent to a black bement. rosanna: can you take him down? >> well, don't mess with me. greg: kung fu. sound affects. rosanna: yes, distract them with the sound affects. greg: what do you do? >> kung fu for years. rosanna: nice to see you, all the best for the new season. greg: check it out. sleepily hollow thursday nights on channel 5. rosanna: fantastic. one of the favorite guests, he's got an event coming up this weekend called the circle of sisters and a great band, and they are lighting up the empire state building today and the charts, anthem of life is
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for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling across the u.s. and 34 other countries around the world. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call today. rosanna: i love their life. greg: yes, anthem of life.
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rosanna: in fact, i believe anthem is lighting up the empire state building today in honor of the st. mary's children event tomorrow night. they do wonderful work with young children who need a place to go after school, need rehabilitative work. >> nick is emceeing the show. let's meet anthem. how long have you been a band? >> six years. >> what is the mission? >> we want to inspire people. rosanna: i was looking at your twitter account, and you are very inspirational and talking about gratitude and giving back and how did st. mary's get on your radar?
9:29 am
rosanna: have you visited the center yet? >> we are going tomorrow to see the kids. we are really, really e sited. >> what does the name mean? >> yeah, when we were thinking about a name, we looked for something that fit what we wanted to do and we wanted to emthetic and a light in the world. >> very cool. what are we hearing.
9:30 am
9:31 am
you are the best thing in my life. so thankful that you're mine when everything fateds we'll be okay, i will be saying you are the one thing that i need, no gnatter what life brings through the highs and the lows i want you to know you are the best thing in my life. you are the best thing in my
9:32 am
you are the best thing in my life, yes, yes, yes. if i had the chance to live a thousand lives i would choose you every time you are the best thing in my life so thankful that you're mine you are the one thing that i need no matter what life brings tli the highs and the lows i want you to know you're the best thing in my life you're the best thing in my life yes, yes, yes
9:33 am
you are the best thing i want you to know. greg: what a delightful song. rosanna: i love that. greg: you are all right. rosanna: it is a feel good song. night? >> i don't know. choices? >> we have one being there for people when they are struggling. rosanna: i don't know, greg is part of the emceeing. rosanna: i will tell you even though i won't be there. i like the song you just did. greg: you guys great. anthem lights. the empire state building, we give them a hard time, give them
9:34 am
rosanna: they are taking care of the,mary's children. greg: tonight light blue and dark blue. rosanna: we are going to talk about the circle of sisters
9:35 am
9:36 am
greg rosanna, they are counting on you, gospel fest. he's awesome. oh my goodness takes the house down every year. amazing moment. you will get a taste of that this wkend. rosanna: there is a wonderful convention going on for women of color in new york city. the circle of sisters taking place at the javitz center. with us this morning, dion. explain to us, a little bit of erything at the circle of sisters, right? >> yes, this year we added a dinner on thursz night in which we are honoring the area women, wendy williams is getting an award. we are worked with her for ten
9:37 am
rosanna: great, she was with hot 97. >> bls. yes, number one afternoon show in the city. we do a huge r & b live concert at madison square. shag is performing. rosanna: are tickets available? >> yes, except for the one that bishop will be talking about. we released great seats yesterday. for the expo because of today, we are running a special. greg: good deal. talking your end of this. >> the gospel part of this. we are sold out. we are having great artists, anthony brown, tina campbell and
9:38 am
so many others. church service. everybody is getting in free to the church service. that is the biggest thing on sunday mornings at 8:00. rosanna: at the center? >> yes. >> are you kidding me? >> about 2700. >> he's so humble. we are coming off the road from a tour and landed here this morning and came straight over. the church service is the bigges events at the circle of sisters. if you get there before 9:00 in the morning, everyone is in free for the church service. rosanna: what is the message? >> health, self and wealth. now we take t complete bottom floor. last year 53,000. bobby brown is cooking. he has a barbecue sauce.
9:39 am
we have swv performing. fashion shows. we have got health seminars. it is two days of a lot of activities. rosanna: anything with the hair? >> we have a huge display of people doing hair, modelling. kim kimball. greg: are you singing in all of this? >> yes, singing all day sunday. rosanna: what are you singing? >> every phrase. rosanna: we love to sing along with you. >> i remember. rosanna: we are a little off key, but our hearts are in the right place. greg: about the emmett communications. you are in charge of the radio communications. it is a challenging time. tell us about the radio business right now in america. >> the radio business is good in america.
9:40 am
we are tonight you are going to watch us. we are doing stuff with empire on fox. that is incredibly amazing with the after-shows. integrating radio and tv together. it is a great, fun time. we do two of the biggest events in the country, period. summer jam with hot 97, which we sold out at metlife and circle of sisters, and another 50,000 people. rosanna: greg has a radio here. >> i could see greg rapping some where. rosanna: he's got some raps. >> greg, greg, a couple of beats. greg: you can check in with your employees and knowing what they are up to. >> on the phone, all the time, in the car, i got them. greg: people don't listen to the radios like we used to. through other platforms, good or bad for you?
9:41 am
>> computer and phone are the best things in the world. we have an app coming on, 60 million phones across the country. greg: i lisd to the debate last night on the radio through my phone. >> are you ready? i thought you were going to rap. greg: no, at commercial. this is radio. call them and lay down my track. rosanna: how is life on the road? >> it is fantastic. just going to the different cities and seeing the people embrace. it is really good. last night was phenomenal. rosanna: where were you? >> savanna, georgia. rosanna: tuz beautiful there.
9:42 am
>> so the marketing people will kill me if i don't say this, there is an app circle of sisters expo and download the app, it is updating throw the weekend and go to circles of and telling you all of the information as well, and right now, 50 cos, 50% off your tickets. rosanna: i will be in trouble if you don't listen to greg kelly's
9:43 am
greg: i can stop any time. >> no, no, you are working. [laughter] rosanna: oh no, what have we done? bls, hot 97. >> we thought working with wendy all those years was amazing.
9:44 am
i call our program director and i'm sure somebody will get with your people and our people. however that is done. greg: excellent. now to real gospel music. pump up the song please. our favorite. that's good. meanwhile, that discount code? >> 50 cos. >> beautiful. thank you. very much.
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with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. rosanna: i swear every time i see you i say where'd you get there. i always like what you have on. >> thank you. rosanna: it looks good on you. i don't know if i could pull it off. >> you could. it is attitude, rosanna. you have to have the swagger. this is actually tibby and several years old. >> so where have you been? >> i went to comic com. i have to show you the interesting people.
9:48 am
it is the tenth anniversary and they were bringing it, so take a look. more than a 150,000 people attending comic com and it is all about the outfits. who are you and where'd you get this? >> poison ivory and made it by hand. i baukt the leaves on amazon. i got 200 sprigs. >> how long did it take you? >> about a month. >> here you are. it is cute and creative. don't make a wrong move now. >> i know. >> keep the leaves in the right spot. >> they are glued to my body.
9:49 am
where'd you get that? >> ebay. >> is it a onesie? >> yes. cat ears and mask. very, very cute. did you already own the boots? >> well, for the holiday, i could wear them here as well. >> for not a lot of money. you ro it. of course, the body is amazing. there you go. that is what god gave you. >> thanks. >> who are you and where'd you get that? >> i am gem. 80 or cartoon, a rock singer. the wig from a story in california. it was made by lovely group of drag queens. the dress and belt custom made. shs converse. pricey piece but it works.
9:50 am
>> it does. sometimes you have to spend a little. >> yes. >> you are making me smile. i love pink and you thought about it, you have worked on this for a while. you are pulling it off. your out fit, where'd you get that? >> target. >> a 360. >> you are a good princess. i want to squeeze the buns. very, very nice. you are working it. >> brother and sister, and luke and leah are brother and sister too. >> you are very, very cute. did your outfit come from target? >> i don't know. >> i won't ask the price, you are looking amazing.
9:51 am
is like fooi -- five costumes in one. >> picked up the stuff from the army and navy storms. we made the gloves. we burned our hands. >> yes. >> how much? is>> about a hundred bucks. >> very nice. thank you. where'd you get that? >> how much diddette cost you? >> more than a thousand. >> oh, wow. you have quite a long. how long did it take you? >> probably a month. >> it is amazing. you stand out. rosanna: you stand out, so many do at that convention, it is a lot of fun.
9:52 am
you have to fix your face, don't laugh, keep it together. but it is tons of fun. nothing like it. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, u love the music, nellie is here tomorrow. he's going to perform for us tomorrow. he's also performing at the big st. mary's children's benefit. he's coming up tomorrow on "good day new york", and talking and performing. >> he's a nice guy.
9:53 am
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rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. greg and i are going to be periscoping on the fox 5 account. now, what should we talk about? greg: this is great, the rink at rockefeller is open as of yesterday. that is a terrific, a nice new york space, initution, the ice skating rink and it is reminding us of what happened a year ago. rosanna: yes, my ice skating days are over. greg: you went down. you broke your wrist.
9:56 am
padding on it. greg: who came to your rescue. rosanna: you said you better get to the hospital. greg: rosanna has a metal r in the wrist. how about the bottom absorbing? i never realized how much it took. rosanna: thank goodness i have that. take that kim kardashian. have a good day new york. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese.
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