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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: he battled substance abuse issues. the love ranch owner warned him they have a zero tolerance drug use policy, but they serve alcohol and he was using herbal viagra-like substances. i caught up with his friend albert at the park where they played. >> when i heard it, i didn't believe it. this is a sad situation. i know he's a fighter and he'll pull through. >> reporter: he says he maintains close connections with the community, despite his hollywood life-style. >> he's a giant. he loves the kids. i mean, that's one thing people don't know. he gives back to the kids. he has a great heart. he'll take the shirt off his back and give it to you if you need it. he's no. 1 for the kids. >> reporter: here's what harvey levin told us. >> he has a 50-50 chance of survival. there are four organs failing, including his kidneys. he's having major heart issues and he's had multiple strokes in
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the doctors are having trouble assessing the extent of the damage. in treating the organ failures, it prevents them from doing the proper scanning they need to do for the brain. >> reporter: very serious situation. and we've learned that investigators with the nevada sheriff's office are seeking a warrant to try and get blood samples. they want to determine if this was an alcohol or drug overdose. khloe kardashian is at his side as are some of his immediate family members. many offering prayers that he survives this and on twitter, the hashtag is pray for lamar odom. back to you. steve: thank you. a nationwide child sex trafficking bust. the fbi and local law enforcement rescuing 149 underage trafficking victims from across the u.s. last week, including six victims in newark,
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new jersey. the youngest victim just 12 years old. it was part of operation cross-country 9. it targets criminals involved in child sex trafficking. >> run away juveniles are particularly vulnerable to being led into prostitution because they've run away from possibly a bad family situation. steve: 153 traffickers were arrested during the operation, including two in newark. sharon crowley will have more on 6:00. dari: all right. well, the ride hailing app uber is going to be on the lookout for missing children. they will issue amber alerts to drivers, implementing the initiative in 180 cities. it says here in new york city, 30,000 drivers could get the child abduction emergency notifications. amber alerts are credited with finding more than 700 missing children since they were issued in 1996. steve: israel in a state of heightened security after attacks.
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the israeli military deployed hundreds of troops in cities across the country. eight israelis have been shot, stabbed or stoned to death. there were at least two nonfatal knife attacks today. 31 palestinians have been killed. nearly half of them were identified as attackers. the rest were killed during violent protests with israeli forces, the white house condemning the escalation of violence. >> we continue to be deeply concerned about escalating tensions and urge all sides to stop tensions. steve: palestinians say the violence is a result of years of occupation and failed peace efforts with israel. dari: russia claiming a big victory in its war against isis. the defense ministry says it has destroyed most of the terrorist group's weapons and ammunition in syria. russian jets took out weapons storage facilities in three regions and the u.s. is lending a hand.
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dropped 50 tons of weapons to rebels. steve: one family was able to escape the fighting and is living in jersey city. dari: what the family had to endure is nothing short of amazing. liz dahlem is here with their story. >> reporter: good evening to the both of you. it's been a long journey for the family. they fled syria four years ago. the four paid smugglers to take them to jordan. they lived in multiple refugee camps. no electricity. no running water. they left it all behind once the u.s. government approved their refugee status, boarded a flight to newark with nothing, uncertain of what was in front of them. >> i was thinking, like, what am i doing right now? what am i getting my family into? you know, they've been -- suffered through all this. am i going to make them suffer more, 18 hours of flying and my
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i put it in my mind and i made up my mind, that's it. i'm here and i'm going to get acclimated and start my life new. >> reporter: he is speaking through an interpreter. the family is living in a three-bedroom in jersey city. they have received a lot of help from the organization church world service. we're going to have their full story and more about what it's like for a refugee to get into the country. that's all tomorrow night at 5:00. steve: very good. thank you. the family of a sailor aboard the el faro that sunk is suing the owner and captain. the lawsuit contends that the owners put profit over safety when deciding to sail into the dangerous weather. 33 crew members, including a 50-year-old from our area died after the ship went down dari: advocates for the homeless say the nypd is standing in the way of efforts to help. steve: zachary tells us about the changes called for on the steps of city hall. >> we don't need to be treated
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us up, don't want to see us. we're humans. we need to be seen and heard. we're here. >> reporter: they rallied on the steps of city hall with one distinction. most of the folks here are homeless. floyd has been on the streets for six months steady. he says it ain't easy. >> i have been told many times that what i am doing is illegal. standing, talking with people. i've been told to move from this corner. you can't stay here. got to go around that corner. you can't stay there. got to move over here. i've been moved like cattle. >> reporter: they're demanding changes to what they call rampant violations of their rights by the nypd under mayor bill de blasio. >> what do we want? >> reporter: the mayor's team says addressing the needs of the homeless is a priority. they sent us this statement. in part it reads this includes additional street homeless outreach to insure individuals on the street know their shelter
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opening 500 new beds in churches for the street homeless population who reject traditional shelter and opening drop in centers 24 hours. over 38,000 individuals exited shelter into permanent housing over the past fiscal year and mayor de blasio also targeted 1,200 new apartments as permit housing for the homeless. but the people here say the nypd is targeting homeless new yorkers, promoting criminalization and undermining the outreach for housing and services de blasio claims to be about. floyd says it's hard to feel like a man under these conditions. >> you feel like i should be treated like that, i shouldn't be talked to like that. i am a person, a human being. i need to be -- some dignity. we need to be talked to with dignity. >> reporter: the de blasio administration has invested one billion over four years to address the issue, but clearly an issue that's not exactly easy to address.
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that's it from the newsroom. back to you in the studio. dari: thank you. hall meeting tonight. washington heights. mr. de blasio will speak to the crowd for several minutes and then take questions for an hour. the topic will be rent security and also tenant protection. this will be the first town hall meeting since he took office. charter school operations in newark getting bigger. dari: as stacey delikat explains, it has a controversy over charter school expansion in the city is heating up. >> reporter: last year there were 435 open kindergarten seats, but thousands chose one of the schools as their first choice leaving a long waiting list and disappointment. >> parents were more upset than happy. they would say is there anything i can do? the answer was no. that's why we want to keep
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>> the ceo and founder filed a proposal with the state to expand from eight to 15 locations in new york over the next five years. >> over time we will serve almost 9,000 newark kids. >> reporter: another large charter operator, uncommon schools, wants to build a facility on this vacant lot and other organizations plan to grow. but the charter expansion is being met with resistance. >> for each charter that gets expanded or brought into a district, it's a loss of resources to the public schools. it's an injury that's not shared across the board. >> reporter: michael is a teacher and the treasurer/secretary of the teachers union. as more students leave for charters, so do state education funds. that's hard on those left behind. >> the teachers have no place to go. they're losing jobs. kids left in the public schools are being shoved into public schools, the remaining public schools. they're getting overcrowded.
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wants to halt all new opening and dr. lauren wells called for a moratorium on charter expansion to give the public school district the opportunity to rebuild its budget and plan for sustainable futures. a bill pending in the legislature would freeze charter enrollment for three years. >> i think it would be devastating. >> reporter: her two sons going to kipp charter schools which boast above average test scores. >> it works. why take it away? >> reporter: tensions could come to a head next week. there will be a candlelight vigil outside to protest the expansion of charter schools. inside common schools will be making their case to build a new facility. i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. steve: dodgers second baseman's utley appeal will be heard on monday. he was suspended two games for
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this rough slide that broke tejada's leg. despite the appeal, utley did not play in either of the two games he could have at citi field this week. dari: investing in the stock market. yeah, it's kind of intimidating. steve: that's right. there's a new app that wants to make things cheaper and less complicated. get more people involved. dari: and how to look like you just stepped out of the lions den. baruch shemtov shows us the keys to getting the "empire" look. wow, time warner cable really upgraded their network. 300 meg internet, clearer picture. i know, we get almost 20,000 movies and shows on demand. our new dvr records six shows at once. why didn't we switch sooner? right? everything's better. [bad violin playing] well, almost everything. we're making things better. enhanced dvr, nearly 20,000 on demand titles, and up to 300 meg internet. including free wifi at home and on the go. switch today and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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time warner cable. geico motorcycle,
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dari: a new app out today makes it easier than ever to become an investor. steve: that's right. it's called stash. you can get started with five bucks. alison morris is here to explain how it works. dari: we are very excited about this. >> reporter: we were talking about this off camera. we cover a lot of new york city start-ups. this is one of my favorites. the idea is great. it's really something for everybody. this is solving a huge problem. people are afraid to invest. they think you need a lot of money to do it. stash is trying to change that. this app is built on the same concept as dieting with weight watchers. you start small, develop good habits, and you'll be set for life. >> you can start in two minutes with $5 and a phone and you can become an investor.
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behind stash, an app created here in new york city to get more people into the markets. >> over half of americans don't invest. particularly people under 30, and people that don't earn a lot. >> reporter: they came up the idea last winter and interviewed over 100 people to understand why they weren't investing. the same problems kept coming up. >> it's confusing. and it's unrelatable to us and it's expensive or we think it's expensive. so we set out to build stash to solve these problems. >> reporter: stash simplifies the options by offering 30 investments, mostly exchange traded funds managed by big rock. users pick investments that categories. i want, i like or i believe.
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berkshire hathaway, or clean and green companies. >> reporter: the virtual stash advisor makes sure you're on the right track. >> my favorite part of stash is the virtual advisor. as i make choices, the virtual advisor will advise me. >> more than 50,000 people signed up for the stash waiting list while the app was still in beta testing. want to join them now? the fees start at a dollar a month. >> it's a dollar a month up to $5,000. once you get above that, it goes to .25 percent a year. it's black and white. there's no trading or commission fees. we want to be really transparent with our users. >> reporter: i'm really psyched about this app. i'm going to invest this week and even compete with one of our producers to see who can make more money. there's another cool thing that stash will let you do, only if you want to. you can turn on a social
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component so you can see what your friends are investing in and get competitive with them. the only down side, it's only available for apple users. sit tight. steve: that's a great idea. the social element brings it to the next level. gets you investing smart. dari: and you can learn a lot. steve: trade strategies. thank you. one of new york's most respected restaurateurs moving to get rid of tipping. danny meyer will eliminate tipping at his restaurants. those restaurants include gramercy tavern, the union square cafe. it will lead to a significant hike in menu prices. however, workers will see a big wage increase as well. meyer joins a small number chefs experimenting with getting rid of tipping. dari: it was a nice day, but things are changing. steve: you can feel the changes. got very dark when we were coming in around 3:00.
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that seems to have cleared out for the time being. nick: we have nothing -- it did look ominous for a while. things are looking okay now. just a little bit of batch of cloud cover is rolling along. we'll stay dry tonight. we'll see the clouds go away. tomorrow will be a beautiful day. we're still talking the coldest air of the season arriving for the upcoming weekend. 69, 57, is what we had for the day. another day above average. average high 64, average low 50. the record high of 84 was in 1920 and 1988. we saw 37 on this date. 7:07 sunrise. one of my favorite boeing airplanes. 6:17 is your sunset coming up for tomorrow. right now, it was 66. wind out of the northwest 14. there's a bit of cloud cover. pressure rising. that's a good weather sign. the northwest wind as well. you can see as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, even though we have a chunk of clouds, nothing out there. we're going to be dry this evening. the clouds will start to clear
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up for a nice night and a great day on thursday. mid 60s hudson valley. broke 70 at newark. 71 there. 66 at the jersey shore. 70 back to islip and bridgeport to 67 on the east end. we're close to those numbers now. middle 60s most locales. bridgeport, 66. 64 at montauk. 63 at belmar. 64 poughkeepsie. it's down to 55 monticello. upper 30s in the chilly spots tonight. westerly wind will become northwesterly into the night. 5, 10 miles an hour. we'll see that continue in the forecast tomorrow. there's the cloud cover coming through. there are showers off to the west, but not of a concern. that system basically is just not going to be affecting us. the showers will disappear. next cold front will be coming from the northwest. that may bring a couple of showers the first part of friday morning. won't have a lot of moisture, but behind the front will be the coldest air of the season arriving. 52 out the door in the city. 40s for most suburbs. about 60 at noontime.
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we'll hit 65 tomorrow afternoon. that's on target for this time of year. a beautiful day. it will be nice and clear. that's no problem there. here comes the front dropping in with a couple of showers with it. not a lot of rain. the showers will threaten the first part of friday morning. be in the 60s on friday. then we go down. we'll stay chilly this weekend and breezy on saturday despite sunshine. upper 50s and cooler on sunday. chilly in the burbs, 30s to 40s there. 52 in the city. sunny, pleasant tomorrow. hitting 65. that's pretty seasonal. just the risk of a shower or two friday morning. i don't think we'll see much. sunshine, 66. saturday, breezy, cooler, 57. a good-looking day. 52 sunday. 38 in the city. 20s in the suburbs. we'll see our first widespread frost there. 54 monday. look at the recovery. tuesday, back to the lower 60s. wednesday, 67. dari: it's splendid. steve: lovely fall weather. we're not ready to go fully down that far.
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you decide 2016. ted cruz speaking out about last night's democratic presidential debate while campaigning in iowa today. the texas senator said it was more socialism or passivism or weakness and less constitution. the latest fox news poll shows him in third place behind carson and trump who leads the republican pack. dari: vice president joe biden meantime also weighing in on last night's democratic debate. biden says it was a job well done for the five declared candidates and stressed how he performances. steve: a court battle over one [music] dari: i like that. the music from the rap classic that jay z allegedly used without permission. steve: plus, the secret to getting the "empire" look okay. so everyone is saying,
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[music] steve: jay z being sued over that flute riff. the heirs say the rap moguls lifted a portion of their late
5:23 pm
uncles 1950's love song without paying a licensing fee. he said he found the song without any identifying information and assumed it was in the public domain but secured the appropriate rights for use. jay z's attorney says there's no evidence he was aware of the origin of the sample. that gets tricky real fast. how are you going to sort that out? dari: the women of fox's hit show "empire" gets lots of praise for their outfits. the men have some style, too. steve: of course. baruch shemtov shows us the labels they're wearing and how to look just as sharp in tonight's perfect fit. [music] >> reporter: "empire" is known for its fashion and drama. it's not just cookie. lucius lyon and his sons offer inspiration. >> you've got all these wonderful characters, each so distinctive at the top of their games.
5:24 pm
director breaks down the look. starting with andre. >> andre is polished, professional. he's all business all the time. so this look is dark. it's tonal, a clean, crisp, pocket square. andre is all about the fit. he's not standing out with color or embellishment. add a hat, glove, and it will finish the look. >> and next urban couture. >> a lot of guys that dress this way start with sneakers. that's the most important thing. and they work up from there. very athletic-inspired, but a leather hoodie, a leather backpack, caps and a bold pop of color. >> i want to give it a shot. i'm feeling like lucius already. >> you're starting to look like lucius. that beautiful neapolitan
5:25 pm
touches. we need to finish with a pocket square, a little punch of color and we'll need to give you a fedora for a bit of attitude. >> reporter: how that for attitude? >> very nice. >> reporter: finally, jamaal. >> this is a different look. >> this is hands down jamaal. it's casual. it was comfortable. but it's still elevated. the jeans are loose, but a straight leg, and the hiking book, which is a big trend for the season. this is a hiking book from a rapper designed. >> reporter: you have some hip-hop, music influence. >> something jamaal would wear. >> thank you for everything. i feel completely "empire" now. with the perfect fit, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. steve: the entire cast. got -- dari: i liked the last look.
5:26 pm
steve: you can catch "empire" at 9:00 here on fox 5 and stick around for the news at 10:00. then a half hour after "empire" special which begins at 10:30. >> dirty water dogs aren't the only things you should be suspicious of with food on the street. dari: how vendors aren't doing enough to protect customers. and this. >> bad health is contagious. steve: why officials say your ability to have a healthy life-style depends a lot on
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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dari: breaking news. a crash on the long island expressway has closed eastbound lanes. steve: joe beerman is over the scene in skyfox hd. >> reporter: there's two separate accidents on the long island expressway. the first one you'll hit is the closure here eastbound at 56th. you can see that highway patrol, suffolk county highway patrol, was involved in an accident in the left lane. tow trucks arrived there. there's another accident eastbound at 57th, just east of this one, where all lanes remain closed. the long island expressway
5:30 pm
up from 53 all the way to 56. my guess it would take you at least an extra hour to get home tonight. does look like they're starting to wrap up the investigation. make after 6:00 we'll get some lanes open. dari: that's ugly. thanks, joe. >> how much do you trust your favorite food truck vendor steve: i don't have a favorite. that says a lot. many servers are putting customers at risk by ignoring a simple rule of food safety. antwan lewis is live on the upper west side with the dirty details. i'm scared to find out what >> reporter: this is going to be a very interesting report. good evening, everyone. the study was done in manhattan over the course of the summer. for those of you with concerns about the food vendors before, you're about to get upset. at some smoothie cart, gomer went mix money and product. usually after you make someone a
5:31 pm
drink or fix their thing, you change the gloves. >> they change every order. every customer they change. >> reporter: several of his vendors are not so conscious. a study in wayne, new jersey, observed 500 transactions and in only seven cases, the food worker changed gloves after handling the food and payment before moving on to the next customer. >> which equals to 1%. so you can assume almost 100 percent of the time, these food vendors are not changing their gloves. >> reporter: we watched three transactions at this cart in columbus circle where the worker never changed gloves between customers. all. and then there's this case. the vendor has no gloves on, but refuses to touch the money, telling the customer to give it to his partner. he says the concern is real. coliform bacteria was found on a dozen dollar bills. >> bacteria is growing on this money. so it is and it can be
5:32 pm
a big deal from a public health standpoint. this could be an avenue by which illness is spread. >> we spoke with new yorkers about the findings. >> it does bother me. they're not wearing gloves. it's not clean. i think that they should wear gloves all the time. >> as far as contamination, you're dealing with money. you're dealing with utensils. you're dealing with the food. therefore, the bacteria level is going to be awesome. >> reporter: now, the department of health says gloves should be used to cook the food or handling the money. not both. the department of health may need to make a couple of spots along some of the food carts. but that's what we saw today. steve: they are everywhere. all right. thank you. staying healthy not just a matter of exercising and eating right. dari: experts say where you live makes a big difference. mac king explains why all neighborhoods are not created equal.
5:33 pm
has owned and operated blessings deli in brownsville. given how long she expects to live, she plans to continue time. >> i keep living healthy. >> reporter: according to the new community health profiles, those in brownsville live on average shorter lives, a little longer than 74 years, than neighborhood. >> you no longer can subscribe to the theory that you believe because you jog, because you're eating tofu, because you are having your veggies, that you are healthy if you're living in an unhealthy environment. bad health is contagious. >> reporter: eric adams means that some communities make it easier to live a healthy life-style than others. dr. mary basset and her team tracked 40 data points. >> some of them speak to housing, to income, to language proficiency.
5:34 pm
access, to individual health behaviors. >> reporter: all that research helped the city assemble profiles for 59 districts to help leaders better understand what plagues their constituents. the city believes the 86,000 people in brownsville can expect to live an average of 11 years shorter than those in the financial district due to the highest injury-assault rate in the city, the second highest rate of soda consumption, poverty, and high rates of obesity and diabetes, thanks to diet. even though jesse's customers agree. more than 80 percent of residents rated their health as excellent or good. >> i know all of them. by name and what they eat. >> reporter: her goal of 99 years in brownsville and on earth may prove more realistic than her community's averages thanks to her genes. >> my grandpa, 101. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: don't leave that out. that's a huge thing.
5:35 pm
how old your relatives lived to. it's all about the genes. dari: expanding opportunities for minority and female-owned businesses. steve: the new report that says the city isn't doing its part to support female entrepreneurs. dari: first here's tonight's new york minute. >> one, two, three! [applause] dari: nick flipped the switch to light the empire state building in blue tonight celebrating st. mary's healthcare system for children, the oldest children's hospital. tomorrow he will visit kids in st. mary's before hosting a concert with nellie at the hard rock cafe in times square. dozens of students, faculty and staff made a human ribbon today in honor of breast cancer awareness month. for 35 years, they have run the breast cancer support program and the only statewide toll free support hotline. >> everything we provide is free of cost.
5:36 pm
we want everyone to know that you don't have to go through breast cancer alone. we offer everything free to the community, support groups. our hotline is staffed by volunteers who are breast cancer survivors. we want everyone who's wearing pink today to know why they're wearing it. dari: and that's your new york minute. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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steve: landing a city contract can mean big bucks. dari: without a doubt. a new report says minority and female-owned companies aren't getting their fair share. jessica explains what can be done to close that gap. >> reporter: this is a family-owned business that's been around 25 years, two generations now run by two latino women who would have been fighting to expand their business to get a contract with the city. >> the product we have for stamina, energy and vitality. >> reporter: new york city has certified 4,000 vendors as minority and women-owned businesses. sarah, the vice president, is one of them. >> we've always been a small business, catering to the hispanic community primarily. >> reporter: her father was a doctor in the dominican republic. he studied natural business and started selling natural supplement.
5:40 pm
the girls took over in 2015 0. >> in 2012, we came aware of the possibility to do contracts with the city. >> reporter: the city comptroller released making the grade, a report card that grades city agencies on their efforts to expand spending with minority and women-owned businesses. >> our goal is to encourage the city to redouble its effort, to get more contracts into the hands of these crucial job creators. >> reporter: city-wide, the great was a d-plus, up from a d last year. the budget is 13.8 billion, yet women and minorities don't seem to benefit. >> there are 46,000 vendors doing business with new york city. but less than 2%, 2%, are minority or women owned. >> reporter: jared says the lack of information is what's holding her back. >> things that we would need to get the contracts, i don't know that i need to have this certification or i need to fill this form out.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: she hopes to get the first contract with the city agency by the end of this year. dari: that would be very nice for her. we'll be right back. smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage.
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steve: earlier in the show we told you about what lamar odom fighting for his life. doctors found crack cocaine. dari: dr. manny is with us. we were all so shocked to hear this. he's young, 35 years old. >> very sad. very sad and we pray for him because he's a great human being when it came to playing and taking care of his community. he's had a couple of tough years, but very sad story. let's say one thing. nothing has been confirmed insofar as what he's been talking. this is a lot of news story reporting about this herbal viagra, allegations of alcohol and drugs. we don't know what he's been taking. let's assume that some of these chemicals were part of what was going on in the last 24 hours. a lot of questions about herbal viagra. it's not regulated by any agency
5:43 pm
in the u.s. this is done in labs all over the world. so, you know, they can be sold under different labels. there's no fda regulation. the chemical composition is really unknown. we know that there is a lot of herbal medicines, a lot of roots found to be effective in improving libido and testosterone levels that could help with erectile dysfunction and this is why you take these drugs. back in march, the fda came out with huge warning to say that even though it said herbal, that it had the active ingredient found in viagra, the same generic chemical derivative. the problem is you don't know how much it is. and viagra in certain people can give you side effects. it could lower your blood pressure. lowering your blood pressure is
5:44 pm
because your brain doesn't get any oxygen, and if you reduce the blood flow to your brain, you could develop brain damage. because there's not enough oxygen going to your brain. if you compound that with other drugs like cocaine or crack or anything like that, then it worse. so, you know, again, we don't know a lot of information, but i think the big message in the story is as we pray for this young man is to make sure that men out there don't make the same mistake of buying these products and, you know, they're very popular. but they're not regulated. you don't know what you're ingesting. look at the story in new york with the fake marijuana. steve: 20 times worse than the natural marijuana. >> there's nothing herbal about it. chemicals are in it. it could be dangerous for your life. dari: we hope he'll pull through. he's a strong man. thank you, dr. manny.
5:45 pm
meantime, yeah, the weather, we're -- steve: we're all over the place today. we know the cool-down is coming. it's still nice out. nick: it is kind of nice. all over the place. a little cool this morning. a good amount of sun this morning. then a lot of clouds covered the sky this afternoon. our temperature did make it above the average high of 64 in the city. we hit 69. boston, 68 today. 70 down at washington, d.c., and 50s off to the north and west. we'll be slightly cooler tomorrow, middle 60s, with the cool-down on tap. fox 5 sky guardian, not showing anything. we're talking about the cloudy sky. you can see in the satellite photograph clouds zipping up from the south and west and across the region a couple of showers off to the west. they're not coming our way. the evening will see a trend towards a clearing sky in the forecast. it's down to 54 in monticello. 62 at sussex. 66 at newark. low 60s allentown to the jersey shore. mid 60s across long island. 66 at bridgeport.
5:46 pm
we're finding this temperature change of about three, four degrees from 24 hours ago. a little cooler. yesterday we were enjoying low 70s in the area. wind has been westerly most of the day, west to now it will be northwest tonight, 5, 10 miles an hour. we'll still see that northwesterly wind tomorrow. not much going on around the country. no big organized area of storm going on. we have one cold front that's off to the east. that's the one that came through. right through here will be the next cold front that will be sliding along here. behind that front will be the coolest air of the season that will be arriving as we head towards the end of the week. it might bring a little shower with it friday morning. i'm not expecting a lot of rain in the forecast. just a couple of showers, if they pop up. that would be friday morning. mid 60s for tomorrow. there you go. atlanta, 78. chicago, 66. and starting to see a little infiltration of the cooler air. 50s in the northern plains states. when the cold air tumbles in this weekend, if you're headed
5:47 pm
up north saturday, don't be surprised if you see the first snow flurries or showers going on as you get towards the catskills, adirondacks and towards northern sections of new england. 90s in texas tomorrow. and we're finding 80s to near 90 in vegas, back to the 60s in seattle. here's the futurecast. the sky does go generally clear as the night goes along. you'll see that here. middle 60s tomorrow. nice weather tomorrow night. we'll see some clouds arrive with the approach of the cool front. if we get a shower, it comes by morning. then we'll get back to sunshine friday afternoon and the cooler drier air for the weekend. tonight, 52 in the cities. sunny, pleasant thursday. 65 tomorrow. just a brief shower friday morning. then sun at 66. breezy, cooler, saturday. 57. look at sunday and monday morning, the 30s in the city. 20s in the burbs. frost for the first time. back to the middle and upper 60s
5:48 pm
steve: good. all right. thank you. we're less than a month from the start of the college basketball season. today the big east held its annual media day event at madison square garden hosted by duke castiglione. there's a lot of excitement in new york. chris mullins hopes his young squad can bring the school back to its glory days. >> there'll be a time for expectations. i think for this year, it's only realistic to put in the hard work, play together, play for each other, play disciplined basketball. and the expectations will come. steve: remember, fox 5 and fox sports 1 are your homes for all big east conference games this year. dari: we all know that fish tanks are gorgeous, relaxing, but a real pain in the you know what to clean. steve: they come in all shapes and sizes. imagine having to clean a 2,000 gallon tank. we put jen lahmers on the job in
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the staten island ferry terminal. while people wait, they have this 2,000 gallon aquarium and these big guys to keep them entertained. i met with brian sanders with a company that specializes in cleaning tanks. what kinds of fish? >> in this tank, we have pacus, we have lots of exotic south american fresh water fish. >> today i'll be swimming with these fishes to clean out the tank. casey is with the aquarium. >> reporter: you've got the brushes. i'm going to take your lead. >> let's get started now. [music] >> reporter: okay. i'm going to sit here. getting into the tank was
5:50 pm
awkward, but no one was watching or recording the entire thing. casey and i agreed on a strategy. he would work from one side. i'd do the other. there's not that much air moving around here. >> it's not. >> reporter: casey does this once a week, scrubbing the tank and refilling it with clean water. the process takes a little over an hour and is much more uncomfortable for casey than the fish. >> would you classify some of this as a little maybe some doo-doo. >> i'd say yes. >> reporter: if you're closet claustrophobic, this job is not for you. i have a booty. i have a booty. >> you can do it. all right. >> look at that. >> there might be fish over there. be careful. >> reporter: there's a lot. >> jen, don't freak out. jen, jen, don't freak out. >> reporter: i wasn't the one freaking out here.
5:51 pm
>> i'm going to slowly move towards you. whoa. they're feisty today. >> reporter: was that a bite or a kiss? i still don't know. between the lack of oxygen, the waste, the algae, the tight spaces and the fish jumping out of the water and biting you on the face, this job is the toughest and the dirtiest i've been on yet. okay, casey. i feel like we've been through a lot together. >> we have. >> reporter: how would you grade me? >> a c. actually, no. i'll give you a b only because you freaked out a lot, but that's normal for your first time. a b is fine. >> reporter: i'll take a b. that's what i've been averaging so far. at work on staten island, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: i don't know. looking at that, i think she was right to freak out with the flying fish biting her in the face. "empire". dari: and here's ernie anastos with a look at what's coming up
5:52 pm
at 6:00. >> thank you very much. coming up tonight, we have the latest on a nationwide crackdown on human trafficking that saves kids right here in our area. we're going to tell you all about it. also coming up next, one woman's story of beating ovarian cancer and what she's doing now to stay cancer free. she's here tonight with her daughter to tell us her story. it's all new and just for you ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely.
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foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. ernie: it's wednesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. there's a lot to cover for you, and tonight we start with a massive sting operation across the country to stop sex trafficking of underage children. it's called operation cross-country, and among those saved, six kids in newark, new jersey. sharon crowley is there for us live tonight. this is a very important story, sharon. tell us more about it. >> reporter: it certainly is. sometimes when you think of
5:56 pm
human trafficking, you think
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