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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 15, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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time warner cable. >> now on chasing news. >> come on inside. >> this listing takes the rental market to a whole new low. >> it's not apartment at all, it's a bar bathroom which isn't funny is many new york apartment seriously. a living space out of that. >> really. >> jenny kelly is a town ghost expert. taking the town's rich history that still comes out to play. of untimely deaths. >> what they discover could leave you with goosebumps. >> they would also see civil war their child. >> take a look at this video he
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the gun was in one shot the bullet was 100 miles per hour. >> veronica you're chasing a story about a scathing article that was written by matt friedman. he straight for the star-ledger. >> about an assembly candidate that tweeted about supporting muslims. >> she is running for new jersey state assembly 18th legislative district. on tuesday, matt friedman of political new jersey reported on a handful of her past tweets from her twitter handle, add jersey love to a. one of those tweets was from january 25, 2015, is that when you are we decided to start supporting muslims, crime went down. sweden, europe, and america down. sweden, europe, and america should take note, # muslim with
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the article was titled norway has finally had enough of radical muslims so they deported them all, what happened next. , while. snover responded to the article with a statement, in part it said the columbia school of journalism should demand its diploma back from matt friedman. then i spoke with her on the phone, spoke with her on the phone, this is what she had to say. >> he called me up before i posted the article and i said to him i was taught in about muslims but there's also many characters i didn't have room to say radical. if you know me and most people do, they know i am not know i am not a racist or a biggest. i'm not against muslim. >> we had met freedom it in the studio via skype to tell us more about his reporting. and if it was fair. matt matt thank you for being with us today, one of the other thing synovus said was to defend herself was she has had thousands of tweets put out there and this was just a
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she put out on twitter. is that a fair statement? >> no apsley not. it is exactly what she said. it is totally in contacts. i gave her a call and a chance to a chance to explain herself which was quoted accurately in the article. i just like to have that was not the only tweets she had. i would like to read a couple more. one, sadly most european countries are now overrun by one said, it's politically incorrect to speak up up's muslim, so much of their gross action get swept under the rug. another one another one said it happened all over the europe, another one she tweeted a big york and basically suggest a president obama was not american. this is actually a pattern, this was not a one tweet out of 35000. there are more than i quoted. >> most people i talked to have no idea an election is coming up let alone who their assembly candidate or simply members. you think you have now helped her? it seems to me this and more press than assembly candidates are getting out there.
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what a type a statement that to say? that's up for them to say. she said it, it was in the proper context. i don't when you're running for public office you're held to a higher standard. she voluntarily put these on social media. it is absolutely fair game. >> thanks matt. i appreciate your time. >> high-speed chase. >> remember 1992 ford f1 50 the police were looking for in connection with the murder of jessica hamilton. they found it and taking evidence as of yesterday. it's an exact tie to the murder that happen sometime last week, nothing is disclosed, we don't how jessica died. this jessica died. this is all part of the search for what happened. >> the public safety officer who currently don't carry guns will soon have access to rifle in case of campus emergencies including active shooters or suspect.
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on college campuses on monday. >> these day people go to great lengths to secure a great apartment deal in new york city. the rates are are at an all-time high. this listing takes the market to all new low. is not an apartment at low but a bar bathroom that local 138 ball tender put up for rent as a joke. >> hey i have room, come on inside. >> for a steal at $30 per week you could have have hot water, storage space, access to our work all over the bathroom and balcony. >> a balcony. >> on a whim, she she incorporated lots of wit into this listing calling it a hip artist loft in a manhattan zip code for ohio prices. the the
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all jokes aside, many new york or apartment hunters took the listing seriously and applied with real questions for potential renters. >> this is my favorite. hi, my name is andrea and i'm studying at nyu. this place is this place is perfect for me and i'm interested. i didn't understand how the living situation works, can you elaborate a little bit bit. >> these people are sears lee looking for place to live. >> i get it, new york city rent is high but, really question marks. >> she didn't expect the spotlight. >> i just want to make people laugh. i was poking fun at gentrification and basically like brunch. >> my response to brunches how can anybody afford it these days. according to the real estate site and apartment in the big apple runs on average $3100 per month, up hundred dollars per month, up 3.3% from last year. >> a lot of apartment in manhattan are not much bigger than this. you could make living space out
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of that. >> people will live in a closet, and i have heard of people living in closets just to be here. >> to the paper products come with it. >> yes unlimited paper towels. >> hundred $20 a month, i might stay there. >> that's a steel, i would even apply. >> does anybody think this is not a horrible idea. >> you know this is a real thing, you can get an app that tells you what bathrooms are available. people play anywhere from 1 dollar to $20 to use the bathroom. >> what would the bar do when they're open for business and people want to use the restroom? >> just to clarify, this is a joke. weimar sears. >> i'm glad you brought it up because if it were to be to rent there is certainly be more details to flesh out. >> i invited them. >> you went on a ghost tour. >> welcome to keyport new jersey.
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of the bayshore. there is something else hiding within its orders, ghosts. there is a home along the street where the homeowner believes that the captain who was on his home. >> is a ghost story, get get your mind out of the gutter. >> g rated guys. >> jenny kelly is the town's ghost asks bert. spooking locals with the town's rich history that apparently still comes out to play. >> we also have quite a few stories and tragic and untimely
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have taken place here. and may explain while there are hauntings. >> the tours for locally-based or z's short ghost tours, it comes with the research interviewing locals, studying newspaper clips and reviewing the town's history books. what they discover could leave you with response. >> that often see a civil war soldier standing in the room of their child, they felt that hugh was not not there to frighten them, they felt he was there to look after the child. years later later after they moved out of the apartment where they would see this goes, another family moved in, that family to sell the same goes. >> that happens a lot, residents, to jenny offering up new accounts of ghosts roaming around their town. >> a few years ago we had a woman join us on the tour, they specifically came on the tour to see if the house was haunted because she lived here in the 80s. she wanted to see if other people have the same experience. >> wow. the people love to hear the
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story. it's regularly selling out and attract people as far as florida. you can check out jersey shore ghost tour but remember to take your camera because you never know what will show up in the lens. >> diner that sounds scary but if you want to see something scary new jersey all you have to do is look at the taxes. >> some movies just don't leave sequels like any hall, the godfather trilogy, while in new york city these sequels are being filmed right now. if you actually believe the godfather for us coming out then you are really stupid. guess what, it's a prank. local pranksters copied the no parking sign that production companies put up when movies or tv shows are taking over a block or neighborhood. when. when there's putting up their signs, someone actually named chad beat them to the punch about the godfather four. >> take a look at this video, he
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sought slicing of fastball into, it is done in one shot and no camera trickery was able to take place. it was going 100 miles per hour, the modern-day samurai managed to cut an 80 mile-per-hour- >> the storm season is fast approaching and the weather channel has taken upon itself to create a list to name all of the storms coming our way. much like the national weather service needs hurricanes. this list is completely arbitrary and ridiculous includes names as a quote, regis, and of course yo lo. how was i going to get someone to talk about it. we are chasing us feel as though you can make an arbitrary list, we can do the same thing. were going to be better at it. we better at it. we have taken any number of movie villains throughout the
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medical location. >> it has been five years and man bonds are still all the
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>> just throw it here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel.
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now with more icing. >> it's october breast cancer
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i've been doing stories about three days in a row on different breast cancer survivors and people that help them. on friday, i was in south philadelphia to meet donna who had breast cancer, double vasectomy and realize there is no broths that women could wear that look good and were functional for the scar tissue and things these women were dealing wish. on tuesday i was by ocean grove. this is a holistic healing home for women that have suffered cancer and breast cancer they can come to to get therapeutic help, massages, any holistic healing. so what i thought, they served over 5000 women, i put my hands together and that's what i did today. i brought dino to mary's place by the sea, she brought all of her styles and bras and everything there. i have a couple cancer survivors and they told me about their struggle with cancer and their struggle with feeling like a woman again. >> personally, i have one breast
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that is full, i have nothing on the other side. so i have a a prosthetic. it's very hard to find bras that you can put a brought prosthetic and that won't pop out. >> i had a bilateral mastectomy, i am currently in reconstruction. i go to department stores, catalogs, i never find a bra that i'd like. >> i talked to dana about why she started the company and what her mission is. >> meeting women like these to it so important for me to help them with just a tiny piece of their journey. i hope hope to get them into something beautiful that they will feel confident and great about themselves. >> sheiks when everything she had, the women were excited and it was a great day. she actually help people and watch people help others. they've helped over 5000 women so far. but their dreams are bigger. they're opening bigger. they're opening a brand-new place in 2016, ten bedroom, and they're excited about it.
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>> now the bras are not free right she seldom writes. >> actually she did give away bras to the women that were there today. she is great. she saw what they wanted and it was fantastic. viewers can help big time with both of these people. you can actually vote and she will get a super bowl commercial. mary's place by the sea go to mary's place by the and vote for them. the nonprofit that raises the most money will get $1 million. that money can go a long way to help thousands of women. >> it's been five years and man bonds are still all the rage. i chased it to wall township were i went to transpositions a stylus but he loves the man bonds so much that he actually wore a hairpiece just to give his hair enough chance to grow
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in a man bonds. >> go to the beach, on the water and throw it out. enjoy that man bun. >> he even had clients come up him and say do you have a hairpiece, do you have extensions, these were guys. >> another celebrities are getting caught with them in. >> cell a little clip like that. >> then they pull it up with their hair. >> they specialize in wakes, hair extensions, she said a lot of men who do the man bun and up getting traction alopecia. pulling it back tight all of the time you can actually start getting hairline breakage. hair loss but he has had major headaches for tying the man bun
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it too tight. >> so bill, this is is your to try the man bun. this is a hairpiece similar to what he wore. >> this is bill's attempt to be cool. >> i don't know if this is working. >> bill, that looks ridiculous. >> a lot of guys wear that too. and it makes a little knob as well. >> i think that it's really stupid. >> this is the fun part. >> so let me show you, right here their pieces so you attach the peace into your hair. on top there. right there, then you bring this up and then, like that. >> doesn't the doesn't the other piece twist around it?
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>> to the. >> not everyone can pull it off but for the people that do, i'm into it. the top ten states of it man bun wears, look at new york is number four, pennsylvania's number four, pennsylvania's number seven, number one is oklahoma, for some reason that doesn't surprise me. i liked it, i think bill looks better with that. >> bradley cooper is one of the sexiest man alive. >> democratic gop is still a close contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> is there good number of
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>> house and you're chasing a story, democratic candidates candidates got together for debate on cnn last night. one notable person was joe biden. >> there is a lot of talk about the man who wasn't there. despite cnn's fantasy did not happen of biden coming to take on hillary clinton. he is apparently deciding whether he is going to run very soon. there are deadlines coming up that the vice president needs to make in order to qualify to be on the ballot. some of the states will be contested in the primary. the democratic field is still close contest between clinton in vermont senator bernie sanders. woodbine. woodbine jump in and change all that? would he take supporters to 21, that's why we brought in our top political it advisor.
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the field as it is or is the call for joe biden to get in mostly from the media who want some excitement on the democratic side of the race? >> it's interesting, there are there are a good number of democrats that like joe biden, may be one of five would like to see him get in the race. by large, democrats are happy with hillary clinton. i think we saw that in the debate. democrats, even her opponents were unwilling to go after her on issues that have been dogging her all along. what happened with biden, the democratic party is happy with clinton being the nominee. >> is ironic with the debate went the way it was. it almost seemed biden was an alternative to hillary. even this morning, morning, her doing well is actually bad for him. they said the biggest losers of last nights debate was joe biden because hillary did well and made it look like they mate saved from an electoral
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disaster. >> but isn't it true that if biden comes in that it will divide the boats and sanders could get the spot. >> but abiding get instant you will hurt hillary more than he does sanders. i think it makes it a three way race weather than handing it to sanders. >> so two predictions. one biden doesn't run and the me [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need.
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