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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ox 5 news this is the early call. juliet: lamar odum continues fighting for his life after being found in unresponsive at number awful. more information about the substance he took. saw of sad. he is on that album. ben: the attorney general, the fbi investigating a website after allegations of employees making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on rival sites, perhaps with inside information. juliet: no tips for you. when i was in london you don't hit anybody. it is amazing.
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group, he says he will eliminate to the the group's restaurants which means picking his employees more. juliet: the charge you $20 for a ham sandwich. juliet: wasn't just england. the english, dennis. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. we made it halfway through. ben: she was a pretty nice day yesterday. it looks like it was going to rain and then it didn't. >> meteorologist: we have a lot of cold unstable air and some moisture, basically meant it was kind of cloudy and looks like it was going to rain and it didn't. we did not see a lot out of it. there are showers threats out there, it was to the northwest and today your shower chances, even less. here is what we have with high
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temperatures, 69 at central park, above normal temperature, 5 degrees, 71 is what you made it to in newark, 70 in bridgeport and i said, 67 in montauk and today we are starting a little cooler, temperatures came down, you can feel more chill in the air, 54 at central park, 53 in newark, 39 in sussex and monticello and with the additional chill in the air starting to feel even more like fall, starting to think about putting on a few more layers but these temperatures the just going back to normal. we have seen above normal temperatures, we going back to normal and we have partly cloudy sky in that area again, no showers to report at this time on radar and satellite as we look upstream, we have a series of cold fronts that will rotate through and what it is doing is pulling in more cooler canadian airdropping high temperatures day by dan that trend will continue in the next couple days, cold fronts coming in
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don't look like they will be capable of producing much at all in terms of precip. high temperatures 64 today, that is pretty much normal temperature, 52 tomorrow morning, high of 67, there's a small chance but it is a really small one for a quick shower coming on the earlier side and cool weather sets in for the began, sunny skies saturday, sunday, highs in the 50s over the weekend and still some lows dropping into the 30s. let's bring in ines rosales and check it out. yesterday quiet on the weather front. ines: i hope so. problems on the southern state parkway, all lanes are closed eastbound exit 21 because of an accident investigation. you are fine if you're taking the garden state parkway, a little confusion, 59th street
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juliet: the frantic 911 calls from abroad will have been released. ben: they describe what happened when lamar odum was found unconscious, teresa priolo with a latest. >> reporter: this probably plays out in so many different ways. yesterday it was reported lamar odum had been in jesting viagra, he had been investing a lot of that. now we know how much and the girls at the brothel when they called 911 said he had also just taken cocaine. all of this coming together as he fights for his life. >> what is your emergency? >> i don't know -- all i know is he is not breathing. >> reporter: sex workers and employees at a love ranch brothel in nevada attempt to get help for lamar odum.
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pouring from his mouth and nose. after a three day binge on nonprescription sexual enhancement hills called remote. >> add this to it, they told me you can only have some cocaine on saturday. >> reporter: the call released as lamar odum fights for his life in las vegas and hospital. tubes coming out of his body, and the multiple strokes he is reported to have been having since he was found unconscious tuesday. by his side his estranged wife chloe kardashian and others, lamar odum's father, the rev. jesse jackson also made the trip, he said his chances of
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>> get back again. did championship -- >> reporter: the 14 year nba veteran, waged a long battle with substance abuse much of it playing on cable tv, his troubles seemingly a part of the dark and tragic cloud that has followed him since he was a child. to name some of the things he has been through, he lost a baby son who was less than a year old, his two close friends, that was featured in keeping up with the kardashian. reportedly that set up this binge, that is what he was attempting to run away from. i was reading the l.a. times and dispose writer put this perfectly, when you look at lamar odum's face he has the face of the weather man who has been through a lot. also a very friendly look about him. that is why the story is resonating with so many people. juliet: a lot of people familiar with the kardashian situation there was horrible stuff going
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clearly kardashian was by this guy's side from everything i understood. >> reporter: she will make his incapacitated. ben: wish him the best because he seems like a nice guy. juliet: he is somebody who grew up here. she is from new york. juliet: the fbi is looking at fantasy sports web site over allegations of predatory and questionable practices. seems like this was the wild wild west of betting after news surfaced of a drafting employees making 350 grand on a rival web site possibly by using inside information. the times reporting investigators of looking at whether the site excepted bets or deposits from states where the contests are illegal, that is a way of granting if they can't get anything else. we are looking at whether
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or prey and fantasy players. employees are among the biggest winners. ben: in the garden state the third circuit court of appeals agreed to reconsider the state's case as philadelphia officials fighting for years to legalize sports gambling and new jersey casinos and racetracks. notably they won it in atlantic city but it had been opposed by the professional sports leagues. the case will be held by the full third circuit court of appeal. juliet: the contractor into the deadly gas explosion in the east village was in court for an unrelated case. the blast in march killed two people injuring more than 20. authorities say an illegal gas hookup caused that explosion. five on a prime suspect and could face primary charges. a plea deal in an unrelated case, he admitted paying an undercover investigator $600 last year to dismiss building violations at two properties ceo
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and. avoided jail time in exchange for three years probation and 200 hours of community service and the $4,000 fine. ben: brooklyn will be able to jog down on the best sandwiches in the world because cats delhi is opening the new delhi in downtown brooklyn. it will be one of 55 vendors in the mark a halt. this will be the first satellite shop opening in 1917. the eatery is expected to open in spring of next year. juliet: many servers are putting customers at risk by ignoring a simple rule of food safety, gloves. researchers at william paterson university have observed nearly 500 transactions. they found in only seven cases of food worker changed their gloves after handling food and money before moving on to the next customer. >> = to 1%.
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almost 100% of the time, they are not changing their gloves. juliet: the embrace of bacteria mantra, no more. the researchers tell us the concern is real because coliform bacteria was found on bills collected during the study. speaking of. ben: imagine going into a restaurant and no longer having to be that it not because you're trying to stick anybody but because you do not have to any more. juliet: that is taking place in new york city but there is a catch. emil obviously will have to cost you more. robert moses has the details. >> reporter: in a move that what the appetite of other restaurants to follow suit the head of the union square hospitality group says he will soon eliminate tipping and the group's new york restaurants beginning in late november, those who dine at the modern located inside the museum of modern art will no longer see a
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tip line on their bill. tipping will be eliminated at the groups of the new york restaurants like union square cafe and north end girl, gradually over the next year. myers's decision is viewed as a game changer by law, restaurant workers like coke's, reservationists and dishwashers are not allowed to share in the tips diners leave. myers says that is simply not fair to all of his 1800 employees. in a letter announcing the decision he wrote we will now have the ability to compensate all of our employees equitably, competitively and professionally so what does this mean for the dining public? higher prices but myers says total cost of dining will not differ drastically from what it is now. last month chef tom to the similar step and started including service in the price for lunch at his flagship restaurant craft. in doing so he discouraged tipping. robert moses, "good day new york".
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juliet: still ahead on "good day early call" some cooler temperatures this morning and will be dropping over the weekend. juliet: it was pretty nice. ben: that cold going around. juliet: finance nothing. ben: definitely had that as well. mike woods says the forecast
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>> meteorologist: thursday morning, time to get up and going out the door. doesn't look like much going on weatherwise, more of a chill in the air, bright blue sunny skies coming at you, there are a few more clouds around but it is going to feel the little girl, it is clear this morning that we had yesterday as false starts to set in in the tristate and even more so over the weekend, we are tracking a cold front coming through early tomorrow which could give us a quick morning shower. i am not too worried about that. a tiny bit of rain for a few folks a don't expect a lot of rain out of it. we will continue the drought situation in chile whether coming and over again because we have a series of cold fronts working their way through bringing us more of that cool air.
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park with mainly clear sky right now, dew points and humidity's are low, northwest winds coming through that 10 miles an hour, the temperatures in the region 43 in syracuse, 45 in pittsburgh with the mainly clear sky, a few clouds here and they're not a big deal at all and cold front kind of lining up to come for the tristate region but there's not much moisture with any of them. that is going to be passing by and as it passes by it will bring in some additional cloud cover and looks like again early tomorrow there's a small chance of a quick shower but that is it. mainly sunny skies, high temperature goes up to 64 degrees, quick shower possible very early tomorrow, then that is it, clearing skies after that, 57 tomorrow, 67 tomorrow, 52 on sunday, overnight low dropping to 38 degrees, pretty chilly stuff for the beginning of next week. daily and hourly forecasts available on the weather apps, download for free and put it to work.
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if you don't believe me maybe you will believe that. let's see what is going on with the commute this morning. weatherwise it is going to cool. >> westchester no problems crossing the tappan zee bridge, you are fine and the westchester side, new jersey looks good on 80 and 287, let's check the george washington bridge upper level construction cleared away, no delays approaching the toll plaza, for the lincoln and holland, a train running on or close. ben: travis trying to get through customs should not have a problem this morning, a computer glitch, lots of long delays after the customs computer equipment that checks passengers on terror watch lists, that is very important, crashed, the outages were reported at a couple big airports, new york, l.a. charlotte, dallas and boston. officials denied believe the outage was caused by out
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juliet: better safe than sorry. staying healthy, dennis who is suffering from a cold could turn into a major one. stay healthy is not just a matter of exercising and eating right. ben: experts say where you live make the big difference. matt king explains why all neighborhoods are not created equal. >> reporter: the last ten years, jesse and then operated blessings deli in brownsville. how long she expects to live, jesse plans to into new running the shop for a long time. >> i keep living healthy. >> reporter: according to the new community health approach while those in brownsville live on average shorter lives, neighborhood. >> no longer subscribe to the theory that you believe because you jog, because you eat tofu, because you are having your
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you are living in an unhealthy environment. bad health is contagious. >> reporter: eric adams means that some communities make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle and others. to the final the new york state department of health and mental hygiene commissioner dr. mary beth and her team track for the different data points. >> some of them speak to housing, income, language proficiency, others speak to health care access individual health behavior is. >> reporter: all that research helped profiles for all 59 districts, jihad leaders in those districts better understand what plagues their constituents. the city believes the 86,000 people in brendel can expect to live 11 years shorter than those in the financial districts due to the highest injury assault rate in the city, the second highest rate of soda consumption, fourth highest rate of drug related hospitalization, seventh highest poverty rate and high rates of obesity and
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diabetes thanks in part to diet. customers might disagree. 80% of brownsville residents rated their health as excellent or good. >> i know all of them. >> reporter: as for jesse her goal of 99 years in brownsville may prove more realistic than the community averages next it teens. >> 101. >> reporter: in brownsville i am matt king. fox 5 news. ben: you live in the side. juliet: for year. right above bobby van, the stakes in hell. flying up into my apartment the entire time. juliet: it was a potential of -- professional photographer. juliet: not good.
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is over for the mets, duke is a plus for us.
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>> meteorologist: let's look at what is going on. only in sussex, going to feel global little bit of that chill in the air, temperatures came back 24 hours ago, that is when you have in poughkeepsie. a lot of sunshine coming at you and a series of cold fronts dropping high temperatures over the next few days. highs in the 50s, tomorrow morning it looks pretty fall. juliet: look who is here. >> backs against what wall. it is the same situation for the dodgers. not like the dodgers are a 3 games to one.
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>> the a game with the head cold. dick and amount, the mets about for the dodgers' 19-16 in the first four games including the 13-7 game, taking out that anomaly the other three games decided by three less, it was unflappable in front of the dodgers crowding game 1, same calm under pressure pitching a scoreless inning at the all-star game in july. >> we were pretty positive still. no one wants to fly across the country, and try to put zeros. >> shake it out. that is conservatively.
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in texas, game 5. runner on third. back to the pitcher, it goes off back there. it breaks from home and scores the play dead, they get together and huddle and it scores, blue jays fans disappear, they're throwing debris on the field, rangers take a 3-2 lead, i saw a baby get hit with a beer. rangers, first russell martin, a ground ball, to first, and error number 3, yes. down the bund there and dropped the ball, the bases loaded with
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jose batista at hits the shot to left, the writer's center explodes going up and. days when it 6-3 and win against the rangers. out in houston in kansas city last night, a kansas city, second or third, down the line, two runs scored, fired up, watch the ball as it bounces over the bag. both runners charge, the royals got 4-2. the eighth inning that astros turn out to defend two on to the three run homer left of center, 7-2, nice inning to close it out, it george springer from connecticut takes it out to face to run joe in the lc s. that is a look at sports.
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a few minutes from the top of the 5:00 hour. ben: back in a moment. music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together.
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