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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 15, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: it is already 5:00, sunny skies in a few hours and cooler temperatures right now. that is what we are going to have today on cat. have today on cat. rain could be on the way. mike tells us when. ben: lamar odum remains on life-support after being found unconscious in a brothel. some of the brothel employees say he was doing cocaine in the hours before he was found. heather: new york's attorney-general, now the fbi investigating daily fantasy sports web sites. the move comes after allegations
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of employees making hundreds of thousands of dollars on a rival sites with shockingly insider information. ben: a huge change for the restaurant industry, danny meyer is a trend setter, says he is eliminating tipping at all his restaurants. juliet: good idea or bad idea? bill says he doesn't like the idea because if he thinks he doesn't someone deserves but it doesn't want to give them the 20% and it should not be added into the total price. ben: therein lies the question because it is discretionary the lot of people say it is not, you have to give 18% to 20%. juliet: in europe it was 12% and then you before you went on top of that but people are shocked, i was leaving -- they were like one bartender action will be set you sure? i said yes. she put money aside and said it you change your mind i will give it back.
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they're not like that in new york. i will take as they should be because they don't get paid anything. ben: mike woods, good morning. >> meteorologist: good morning, cool out side. you step out this morning, temperatures came down a bit. we have a lot of son coming at us, we have a couple hours before that happens, sunny and dry, cool start to the day. as you head to the bus stop, 52 degrees for the little one, so you want to bundle it up a little more so today put on an extra sweater, might have to start talking about the gloves here, 53 at central park with clear skies, winds from the northwest at 9 miles per hour, other temperatures in the tristate, not the tristate but the northeast, syracuse and in the tristate you have mainly clear sky, not much going on, cold fronts going on, and the radar or satellite, not much
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going on with it, a lot of cool air, it starts to pick up what happens with moisture, on the driver's side, that one might be responsible, not so much for precip but cooler temperatures as you get into that area, temperatures cooler today, and into the weekend, look at future cast, as we go from now until 7:00 this evening mainly clear sky. then the cold front comes in but look how little it brings us as of 8:00 in the morning it drags in clouds and a few showers to the north, showers chances in this city very small, it kind of stays cold and unstable tomorrow, some clouds along with clear skies from time to time and cool temperatures too. today we are back to normal,
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which is that average high, 67 your high, and in the 50s in a row. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ines: a problem in nassau county, accident investigation going on east bound by the meadowbrook exit 21 all lanes closed. and no problems with the lie, no problems union and essex county, 78, 280, let's see how things are moving on the gwb. on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge that is backed of to atlantic canada, long island expressway by the grand central parkway looks great both directions and with the trains everything on or close.
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sports web sites, allegations and questionable practices, and made 350 grand on the rivals and dual, besides using inside information. investigators looking at whether the site is accepted. deposits from states where contests are illegal lanza looking at whether employees passed on inside information or prey on fantasy players, draft kings and fan dual acknowledged their employees are among the biggest winners. ben: sports betting could be a step closer to reality in new jersey, the third circuit court of appeals has agreed to reconsider the state's case. officials have been fighting to legalize sports gambling and new jersey's casino racetrack, they really want it in atlantic city but has been opposed by the professional sports league. the case will be heard by the full first circuit court of
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appeals in philadelphia. juliet: reddick 911 calls from lead ben: they describe what happened when lamar odum was found unconscious on the floor. let's bring in teresa priolo with the latest on his condition and what we know. >> reporter: it was reported that lamar odum had been in jesting herbal viagra. today we are learning he took legion of them over a three day period. add to that the former nba champ drinking. all of this and years of drug abuse culminating in the former nba jam fighting for his life. >> what is your emergency? >> how old is the patient? >> i don't know. he is a client. >> listen as sex workers and employes at a law branch brothel attempt to get help for nba champ lamar odum. the ping and white substance pouring from his mouth and nose.
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suite after three day binge on nonprescription sexual-harassment hills called remote. >> they told me someone came up to me, you had some cocaine, did this on saturday. >> reporter: the calls released as he fights for his life in the sunrise hospital and las vegas. tubes coming out of his body, doctors monitoring his failing organs and the multiple straw aziz reported to have been having since he was found unconscious tuesday. by his side is a strange white chloe kardashian and other kardashians, a kobe bryant, his father and childhood friends from queens, his chance of pulling through, 50/50. owner of the above branch said something in sunday night's the opposite of keeping up with a kardashian subset lamar. in this clip he delivers the away. >> he has suffered so much loss in his life. i am always going to be there especially when something as
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i am on high alert for him because anything will set him to spiral and that is the last thing i want. >> reporter: the 14 year nba veteran and reality tv's are waged along battle with substance abuse, much of it playing out on cable tv. his troubles seemingly a part of the dark and tragic cloud that has followed him since he was a child. here's some of that. he lost his mother when he was 12 and was raised by his grandmother who died in 2000, he had a baby was a year old, he lost some friends from drug overdoses, that was featured in that episode there. reportedly that is what set him off. who knows for short? everyone is hoping he pulls through? >> let's not forget the father who had a heroin addiction for a while, popped into his life and asked for money at the most inopportune time. >> reporter: all sorts of tragic. juliet: thank you very much.
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first new york town hall meeting last night in washington heights and it is about the portable housing and senate protection. about 250 people attended the event. the mayor talked about his commitment to build 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next ten years. he also said the city has increased its investment in free legal service plans for presidents who need help with harassment. some people in the audience that the mayor's plan does not do enough to protect low-income presidents. elite brooklyn will soon chow down on the best corn beef and pastrami sandwichs in the world, the deli is opening in new delhi in downtown brooklyn. it will be one of 55 vendors in the market all at city point. this will be the first satellite shop since it opened in 1917, 98 years ago. the eatery is expected to open in the spring of next year. juliet: you might not be your
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calculator or do any math isn't for actual looking at the numbers. some people like to do the calculator thing. we are talking about next time you go out to eat in manhattan. ben: celebrity chef danny meyer is about to get rid of tipping at all his establishment's. fox 5's robert moses joins us live outside one of the better known restaurants. it isn't interesting move. >> reporter: this is one of myers's renowned restaurants, plenty of seats are available as you can see, but that won't be the case later on. it is always crowded down here. tipping should be an option, he says hospitality in his words is a team sport. in a move that could what the appetite of other restaurants to follow suit the head of the union square hospitality group danny meyer says he will soon
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new york restaurants. beginning in late november those who dine at the modern located in the museum of modern art will no longer see a tip line on their bill. tipping will be eliminated at the group's other new york restaurants like union square cafe and north end grow gradually over the next year. myers's decision is viewed as a game changer. bill haas turn restaurant workers like crooks reservationists and dishwashers are not allowed to share in the tips diners leave. myers says that is simply not fair to all of his 1800 employees. in a letter announcing the decision he wrote we will not have the ability to compromise of our employees equitably, competitively and professionally. so what does this mean for the dining public? higher prices. but myers says total cost of dining will not differ drastically from what it is now. last month chef took a similar step starting to include service in the price for lunch at his
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flagship restaurant craft. in doing so he discouraged tipping. let's look at this from a server's point of view. the new policy meyer announced could be good and bad. it could be good because it will protect servers from those quiet nights or on those nights when diners not feeling particularly generous but on the other hand servers will no longer benefit on those days and nights when diners are feeling especially generous. tweet me what you think at robert moses, back to you. ben: are they open for breakfast? >> reporter: i wish. juliet: i love the chef there, he is awesome. ben: a lot more still to come. do or die tonight for the nets if they want to play this season, duke is next with a preview. juliet: mike is watching the
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juliet: we are back at 5:16. don't you correct me. ben: it is going any more. juliet: good deal. it is good for some people but not otherwise. it wasn't discussing, i don't like jews, that is a big deal. and i have to have it carbonated or something, club soda in it. i start getting at headache.
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>> meteorologist: i like jews but i like to eat. anyhow, let's see what is going on as you step out the door. you want the coffee out there, let's look at what is going on with temperatures, 38 degrees in sussex, 39 in monticello, frost advisories and what not, going to have to in the next couple days especially up there. in the city looks like we will get temperatures getting close to the frost levelland now 53, cool at central park, 46 in bridgeport, 53 in montauk, 52 in newark, cooler than what you had 24 hours ago, temperature changes down for everyone significantly, 8 to 10 degree drop in temperatures from what you had 24 hours ago in poughkeepsie, 7 degrees cooler at central park and monticello, 11 degrees cooler in montauk, temperatures definitely came down with cool pushes of air and that is what will be today, mainly clear as you see on radar
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a couple friends working their way through but here's what we have, week cold fronts without a lot to them, without a moisture you don't get any rain but you could see snowflakes to the northwest. juliet: it is october. >> meteorologist: lake effect snow possibilities. not here in the tristate it close. juliet: close enough. >> meteorologist: someone woke up real quick, frosty temperatures, that is coming in this weekend. here we go, high temperatures 64 degrees, you kind of scared me, 64 today with mainly sunny skies, got a little crazy, 67 is your high tomorrow, quick shower and frosty temperatures and lake effect snow possibilities, some snow flurries. it is fall which is winter in some places in the northeast like upstate new york. let's bring in -- you sure it did.
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ines: problems on long island, southern state parkway all lanes closed, accident investigation by nassau road exit 21, no problems on staten island, expressway doing fine, you have delays on the bqe as you approach the brooklyn bridge. let's look at route 80 in new jersey by 287 traffic towards this eastbound moving fine, if you are moving towards 2 a no problems, west bound looks good, trains everything on or close to schedule this morning, street cleaning rules in effect. ben: those annoying television monitors cab writers can't shut off, we find annoying because they don't have fox 5 on them. that may be turned off permanently, the taxi commission will vote today on a pot program that would remove taxi tv. and replace it with something less intrusive. basically nothing. at an end of the ride if you want to pay by credit card or debit card they hand you a
5:19 am
tablet or phone with one of those magnetic strip devices attached to it. juliet: what will happen to that girl? ben: talks to but will not be found. juliet: that is the most entertaining part of my taxi ride aside from looking at interesting people in the city. ben: the program would be limited to one third of the yellow cabs to start i think and then -- >> getting in the cab at 3:30 or 4:00. ben: the off button is never easy. duke is here because it is a critical day for the mets big time. duke: do or die. it is going to be interesting. jacobs was sensational in game one. winner-take-all tonight in l.a. jacob on the amount an intense series of far.
5:20 am
for my money really is sensational last week. 7 shutout innings, struck out 13 in their franchise history, the mets have played 11 winner go home games, play of games and their 7-4 in those games all those games are relevant because the only game that matters. >> we were excited as we were the other night, the first game is impact will. now we know this is a huge game for us. you talk to the guys in the clubhouse before we left and there excited. >> meteorologist: ines duke: he made his debut against the yankees subway series and there's a ton of pressure in those games and he was great in his first-ever playoff game. he is really calm, really cool, he faces the best pitcher in baseball this year. ben: what does your gut tell you?
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pen game. ben: extra innings? duke: you know, i don't know. i am working all morning and hoping to get over 11:00 on the dog. ben: whoever wins faces the cubbies saturday. juliet: a lot more coming up, toyota goes back to the future everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement.
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juliet: more struggles for volkswagen's. it says some 2016 models will be delayed due to additional bad software. the hits keep coming with the world's largest auto maker told regulators there's more programming in next year's diesel models that allow exhaust systems to run cleaner during testing. different software, the company revealed last month. the environmental protection agency says it has a, quote, long list of questions about this. ben: mcdonald's says all day
5:24 am
breakfast has been a huge success according to an e-mail sent to all franchise owners by the company's ceo. he did not give specifics how successful a big breakfast rollout has been but he did hint at the next big idea, a nationwide value plan. it will likely include new advertising. juliet: they were smart to take away the diluted things. ben: next wednesday big dig, 21st day of october, the day marty make fly travel to from 1985 and the love film back to the future part 2. juliet: never saw it but i am told it was great. toyota is commemorating that with a new ad. here is the preview. >> 3d movies. >> bigger print technology?
5:25 am
>> they have fax machines still around. >> fax machines. >> who do you fax? >> i faxed the people i fax. >> a guy in ohio. juliet: they have fax machines in every room in that movie. he got fired by fax in the movie. to leave it the ad features christopher lloyd, quote michael j. fox discussing which true. it also promotes toyota's new sedan which runs on a hydrogen fuel cell. juliet: is crazy. is that true? ben: got to run.
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maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life! >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: a little thing every day. nice skies, cooler temperatures.
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mike will tell us when. juliet: such chaos, long lines, this doesn't even capture how horrific it was linda and a friend who was flying yesterday. airports around the country, this happened because the computer system that checks the terror watch list went down. back on line this morning but not without a bunch of damage. ben: the contractor being investigated in a seattle gas explosion pleaded guilty to bribery in an unrelated case. the post's says he will get three years probation and community service. juliet: a body being dug up on empire and more shooting between brothers but what did cookie say? that is what i care about. i like her mind. what is her line? what is it? boobook katie. ben: i am ben simmoneau.
5:29 am
juliet: i am juliet huddy. is it good or what? ask mike. what does it mean? >> meteorologist: it was explained to me boo boo katie could be substituted for another the word. juliet: take it over -- >> meteorologist: a lot of people don't think of it. all right, let's show you what is going on, cooler temperatures as you step out the door this morning from 24 hours ago, 18 degrees, a lot cooler in poughkeepsie, even bridgeport 11 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago, and degrees cooler in islip, the mainly clear sky right now, some clouds working their way in our general direction.
5:30 am
what did that guy right there and this one those are cold fronts that will drop into the tristate region but as is usual, they won't bring much moisture with them so we are going to be looking at fairly dry weather as the cold fronts pass by, i temperatures 64 degrees, as we go through the next 7 degrees, a small chance of a shower in a morning, then dried in the afternoon, really cool over the weekend, lows in the 30s, highs in the 50s. they have a lot of things. absolutely gets day on tv. juliet: to clarify, she said you don't want to be called that. let's talk traffic. lot of things going on, all lanes closed on the southern state parkway exit 21 nassau road and the accident blocking a lane on the lie by willis avenue. let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving, if you are taking the northern state
5:31 am
parkway by hicksville, problems in both directions as far as the trains running on or close. ben: travelers trying to get through customs was a nightmare. they should not have a problem because the computer glitch has been fixed. juliet: there were so many long lines on the terror watch lists, that made for some very unhappy people. >> people out there couldn't walk, it was crazy, crazy. people in a wheelchair were crying, waiting for hours. >> really hot enough, going to be there. juliet: when you don't have information why are these lines this long? a computer glitch, at least you get information. it is all about control. the outages were reported in new york, los angeles, dallas and boston.
5:32 am
outage was caused by out malicious act. there was a bizarre cocaine bust at jfk airport, customs officials and passenger on a flight from mexico city at 11 pounds of liquid cocaine and six oil and vinegar bottles found inside a man's luggage and have street value of 2 and did thousand dollars. and security is taking the case over. how did they figure that out? the frantic 911 caller from workers at the legal brothel in nevada have been released. ben: they describe what happened when lamar odum was found unconscious on a bathroom floor. teresa priolo, here this morning with the latest on his condition and some new information. >> reporter: it is pretty incredible when you look at what has transpired for lamar odum, he was said have ten of these herbal viagra pills in his isn't taking them over the course of three day is coming in these 911
5:33 am
calls you hear the ladies at the brothel talk about the fact that he had also ingested cocaine. >> what is your emergency? >> holder is the patient? >> i don't know. he is not breathing and it is a quiet. >> reporter: listen as workers and employes at the above branch brothel in nevada attend to get help for nba champ lamar odum. a pink and white substance pouring from his mouth and nose, he was found unresponsive in the vip suite after a three day binge on nonprescription one 6 one enhancement pills called remote. >> they add this to it. they told me someone came up to me and said you can have some cocaine and has finished and did this on saturday. >> he fights for his life inside the sunrise hospital in las vegas, tubes coming out of his body, doctors monitoring his failing organs and multiple strokes is reported to have been having since he was found unconscious tuesday.
5:34 am
by his side is a strange wife chloe kardashian and other kardashian, odum's father and childhood friends from queens. the owner of a love ranch said upset of keeping up with the kardashian upset him. in this clunky delivers the news that his good friends passed away. >> he has suffered so much loss in his life. i will always be there especially when something as tragic as this happens. i am on high alert because anything i think will set him to spiral and that is the last thing i want. >> the 14 year veteran and reality star has waged a battle with substance abuse much of it playing out on cable tv. his troubles seemingly a part of the dark and tragic cloud that has followed him since he was a child. >> he has been throughout the lost his mother, was raised by his grandmother, she died ten
5:35 am
less than the year-old, his father was a known heroin addicts in queens, he admitted that as well. he lost two of his friends from the governesses, that is what he wanted to run away from. >> within a week of each other right thing. >> it was a week or two. this is a guy who time and time again if you talk to his friends as lisa evers did last night, people in queens, they said he is such a caring and wonderful guy, signed a peaces for people and put their kids through school and done so much for people just because he is so appreciative. >> chloe kardashian seems he has been a rock for him. it is a powerful thing. >> the contractor at the heart of the investigation into the deadly gas explosion in the east village happened in march.
5:36 am
this guy was in court for an unrelated case but here similarities, the blast killed two people and injured more often 20. authorities say an illegal gas hookup caused the explosion. five are prime suspects, they could face murder charges in that case. this guy copped a plea deal in an unrelated case, admitted paying an undercover investigator $600 last year to dismiss building violations at two properties he honed. avoided jail time with that deal in exchange for three years probation, 200 hours community service and a $4,000 fine. imagine going into a restaurant, you sit down and your bill comes in and you pay the number, don't have to deal with figuring out a tip. ben: that is happening in this city. your meal is going to cost more to make a difference. robert moses outside grammar it tavern downtown, with what we
5:37 am
and how is going to work. >> reporter: that morning. how much to tip is a question that the devils diners all over the place the soon those who patronize grammar tavern here will not have to answer that question anymore. the man who runs this place says he no longer has the stomach for tipping day. in a move that could what the appetite of a restaurant's to follow suit, the head of the union square hospitality group guinea meyer says he will eliminate sitting at the group's new york restaurants, beginning in late november, those who died at the modern inside the museum of modern art, will no longer receive a tip line on their bill, chipping will be eliminated at the group's other new york restaurants like union square cafe over the next year. it is you is a game changer, certain restaurant workers like looks, reservationists and
5:38 am
share in the tips diners leave. myers says that is not fair to all of his 1800 employees. in a letter announcing the decision he wrote we will now have the ability to compensate all of our employees equitably, competitively and professionally. so what does this mean for the dining public? higher prices. myers says the total cost of dining will not differ drastically from what it is now. last month chef took a similar step and started including service in the price for lunch at his flagship restaurant craft. in doing so he discouraged tipping. not leaving a tip is very common in europe but is just now gaining traction in the u.s. and specifically in new york city. in that letter i mention danny meyer how called hospitality at team sport and he seems to think his policies should reflect that.
5:39 am
that is the latest, back to you. juliet: i wonder it will it be equal to 20% or 17% or 12% like it is in europe? >> the hourly wage they end up getting. juliet: it is interesting, i am curious to see the mathematics after this happens. ben: it is chilly out there. >> temperatures keep dropping hour by hour, 53 degrees central park, 52 at newark, 30s out there to the northwest, 37 in poughkeepsie, 38 in sussex, 39 in monticello. we have mainly clear sky, not much happening, high pressure in control and a couple cold front head as a change in this direction, this one comes through tonight into tomorrow but there is little to no moisture with it, that is why we don't expect much out of it in terms of rainfall, maybe a quick splash of a shower to the northwest in the city we won't get anything.
5:40 am
i temperatures 64 with mainly sunny skies today, 67 tomorrow, a few showers northwest but that is it, cooler and drier over the weekend and breezy too on saturday. the weather apps has daily and hourly forecasts all set up, check it out on the apple itunes store, google play store where you can download it for free. let's bring in ines, thursday morning. ines: your commute doing good northbound, south bound you have delays, traffic slowing down as your projects that 2 and long island, the lie, two lanes blocked with this accident by willis avenue. eastbound of the southern state parkway still closed for an accident investigation, exit 21. let's take a look at staten island expressway by victory boulevard no problems eastbound or westbound, driving into the city the lincoln tunnel doing great, no issues everything on a
5:41 am
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juliet: strange and disturbing story. left one team that and another hospitalized. the attack was intended to get teens to confess their sins. this was a call to church, the boy's parents are charged with manslaughter. ben: bill deblasio is meeting with students at a multi-cultural schools that was the target of an arson attack visiting the western wall. juliet: the government will release cost-of-living adjustment for social security recipients economists say there's little chance of an increase because it is based on consumer price index and that has been dragged down by lower gas prices. very exciting night going to be, an exciting game and a game we will win. juliet: their 7-4 historically
5:45 am
in those games. duke: el a jacob on the mound versus zack and matt out for the dodgers' 19-16 in the first four games. take out that anomaly, three runs or less. he proved unflappable in front of dodgers crowd in game one, seven shut out innings, three strike outs, he threw 120 pigeons but i doubt he will be exceeded in this game. the man with the greatest care in baseball right now all showed that he is calm under pressure. the all-star game in july made his debut against the yankees and he was good. >> we are pretty positive categorize our of beat, nobody wants to fly all the way across the country for one game. >> biggest game i ever pitched so i think that will be on my mind and go out and try to put zeros.
5:46 am
key can take out from behind his years? saying goodness. i would like to curl it straight iron that hair. it would be so long. in the it could have sleek hair like ines had yesterday. duke: it flies out when he has the act on. juliet: we like shoulder length. ben: they have that great starting pitching rotation but there interesting guys. duke: in toronto blue jays taking on texas, you can relate to this, the baby on the couch, making dinner, sesame street going on, and in the lower portion of the tv, sesame street on the tablet and then get any of the full screen. ben: too much screen time. duke: russell more tries to
5:47 am
bad and it is called dead as the runner runs home so what is going on here? they overrule it and say that run counts, the rangers take the lead, fans start throwing debris on the field, that was crazy. the rangers, russell martin ground ball to short, andrews can't make this played. and then to the first, right there. and laid down the bunt, the throw to third, andrew dropped the ball, aaron number 3, makes two in the beginning, bases loaded with no outs, jose batista rips the go-ahead three run shot left, roger center explodes as the days go up 6-3 arrangers were all little upset with that. they got a home run that far and that fast. blue jays win 3-2, 6-3 the final and they are excited in toronto, accused in and kansas city,
5:48 am
fifth inning this game, kansas city has runners on second and third, it goes down to the fields, comes in to score, i felt that way. ben: nobody who is outside -- oklahoma, texas. juliet: i am glad it is the royals but got to be the cubs. duke: i fell asleep at 9:00. ben: thanks. let's check the forecast with michael. >> meteorologist: it is cool out side again, 53 at central park, clear skies, winds from the northwest at 9 miles an hour and look at this cool air over the great lakes dropping into as in the tristate over the next few days, 45 syracuse, 44 in pittsburgh with a mainly clear
5:49 am
nothing going on will produce any rainfall at this point in time that there's a small shower a threat right there. that cold front will try to pick up some moisture as slides this way but not that successful in doing so so it will pass by on the driver's side, high temperatures 64 today, tomorrow a chance of a shower to the northwest in the morning and then it is out of here, cooler and drier over the weekend, highs in the 50s. and let me guess, you are going on. ines: a couple problems on long island, southern state parkway delays that there because of an accident closing all lanes, an investigation going on. two lanes closed by willis avenue. and off of the tappan zee bridge
5:50 am
across westchester or the saw mill. lebron parkway, 2 thirty-third 3 no problems outbound or northbound, 59th street bridge, to that camera shot apparent
5:51 am
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now with more icing. >> to one vacation anna gilligan so we have entertainment.
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juliet: if you are watching which you are not the we were sleeping, and the beginning of the episode, we see empire's headquarters, trying to find information to get lucia's behind bars. ben: this is the spoiler. if you haven't seen it, unmuted your television. juliet: uncle vernon is brought back into the story line, his body dug up by randa and audrey. ben: he was accidentally killed in season 1 by ron but. getting back in lucius's good graces by proving vernon is dead. lucius, i believe vernon was out to get him in the murder case that put him behind bars and on there was making good with lucius the tension between the other line brothers came to a head, shooting a music video. the next episode of empire airs next wednesday night on fox 5.
5:54 am
as the queen of empire. ben: she stands on the cover of essence. look at the november issue of the magazine. the eminem and a actress talks about the business of acting and her hollywood career and seems like a nice person. obviously the character is not a nice person but in real life she spills what viewers can expect from her character quote key on empire this season. >> fashion taken to another level, like when you first meet her she is 17 years behind the curve, has to find her footing, she got it now. ben: the november issue of essence -- juliet: this f-cat in laverne and surely. ben: it hundred million views on youtube being turned into a reality tv show.
5:55 am
juliet: in the video the band performs real-life weddings, nbc loved it so much they asked the coach adam levine who makes a fortune to create an hour-long
5:56 am
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