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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ben: it is your turn on to speak first. porridge. will it look like that this weekend? ben: this weekend will actually look cold.
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married outside. ben: about 250 people were there. juliet: first, new york attorney general and now the fbi. investigating fantasy sports. making thousands of dollars on rival sites. the accusation, insider trading. taking the mound. against jack greg. it will be a good game. juliet: it will be like 9:00 o'clock in the morning. it is an evening game out there. mike: i stayed up to watch empire last night. i am a little angry this
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i am tired. ben: at your forecast may make some people angry. mid-october. mike: getting to be that time of year. high temperature. we made it up to 59 degrees. above normal temperatures. it is cooler out there this morning. seventy-one was your high at newark again. fifty-eight newark. 37 degrees the poughkeepsie. thirty-nine in monticello. you do not have any frost advisories or warnings or
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region soon. pretty thick drop out there in bridgeport. we do have a plainly clear skies. nothing going on with the rain or anything. we have this area of low pressure with that cold front. as it comes on by, it will not. we will have more and more of that cold air dropped into the tri-state region. dropping our high temperatures down to the 30s. today's high temperature is 64 degrees. eighty-four is a record high. sixty-four is your high today. sixty-seven for tomorrow. high of 57 for you on saturday.
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you'll feel it. there are some snow showers and parts of the northeast. let's bring in ines and show you what is going on. oh, boy. ines: watch out for an accident. it has a lame block. watch out for to lace. two lanes are blocked. all lather closed cousin of an accident investigation. 233rd street. no problem cell phone. if you are taking it northbound, you are in fine shape. ben: thank you.
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workers at a brothel have been released. ben: lamar odom was found unconscious on the bathroom floor. let's bring in teresa priolo. >> reporter: lamar odom is in the fight of his life. the nba veteran is in a coma and loves vegas. ten verbal fire growth pills during his three days at the love french. we were also hearing he may be using cocaine. listen as sex workers and employees attempt to get help for nba champ lamar odom. odom found unresponsive in the
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a three day binge on non-prescription pills. >> he apparently had some cocaine on him. >> reporter: he fights for his life. doctors monitoring his failing organs. the multiple strokes he has been reported to have been having. by his side is his estranged wife goalie kardashian and other kardashians. his father and son childhood friends from queens. the owner of the lover etc. "good day new york" keeping up with the kardashians upset walmart. his good friend passed away. >> i will always be there for
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him. especially with something as tragic as this happens. anything, i think, will set him to spiral. that is the last thing that i want. >> a long battle with substance abuse. a tragic clouds that has child. lemar lost his mother. last june he lost two friends from drug overdoses. he has a father who was a heroin addict. this guy has really been through it. juliet: kofi fry it was there yesterday as well.
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medical decisions for him right now. ben: she said she did not want their relationship to and a way that it did. >> i wish that he was still my husband. i love him so much and i wish we were still together. >> a little bit more reserved. throwing things out there. >> she certainly seem to love him. you are his wife, ex-wife, you want him to pull through. juliet: all right. 6:08 a.m. married to lazio. it was about security and protection.
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build affordable housing units. the president says the meeting was really an election rally. the mayor's office denied the allegation. ben: allegations of predatory and questionable practices. a draft kings king's employees making 350 grand while the arrival possibly used insider information. whether they accepted that or deposits. they're also looking into whether employees pass along draft king have acknowledged that their employees are among
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fighting for years to legalize. the case will now be heard by the full circuit court. ben: the american lakeside, toronto versus kansas city. we know the cubs are moving on. we did not do not know yet if it will be the mets or the dodgers. duke: tonight or early tomorrow morning. >> it is going to be tough. big money picture. all-star game was great this year.
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it has been an intense series so far. the in game. struck out 13. the mets have played 11 win or go playoff games. the only game that matters. >> really impactful. a huge game for us. i really thought that they would win one of the first two games out there. i do not know what to think. pivotal final games coming along. this team has come from behind.
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let's go mets. juliet: let's go mets. thank you very much. it is 6:11 a.m. we have an update for you. this was all over twitter. the woman that suit her 12-year-old nephew for $127,000 because he jumped on her at a birthday party, she says connecticut laws forced her to do it. ben: there is new information. the boys. insurance companies offered her just $1 to cover the cost of the pills. her lawyer said she had no choice under connecticut law, but to sue. that is what she is saying.
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it is not up to the relatives. >> i do not know. i do not know. ben: juliet huddy. juliet: mike is checking the weather for us. i am skeptical about it being sunny all weekend. mike: this is pretty cool stuff. we have sunny skies coming to you. temperatures in the low-mid 60s. it is actually just what is normal for this time of year. download the fox5 weather out.
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ben: we are back. it is 6:15 a.m. juliet: it is. mike: want to see? the day before and the day before. a lot of maintenance over there. juliet: look at that gigantic
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meter. put that one in the hallway over there. new addition. mike: ben simmoneau all over it. that will be one of our next periscopes. first of all, we have to talk about this color. we have peak color popping up here. i have some pretty pictures from there. upstate new york. over towards fremont and new hampshire higher. not a lot happening in most of the metro areas and lower elevation areas. we are definitely not near peak. a mainly clear skies. northwest wind coming through at
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the northeast. fifty-five in the nation's capital, washington, d.c. it will be another pretty one out there. not too much going on with the cloud cover today. this is our next cold front. high temperature is 64 today. northwest. sunny skies again. it is not even freezing yet. ines: let's talk traffic. a lot of problems out there. watch out for an accident on long island. accident investigation going on.
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blocking two lanes on the l.i.e. blocking two lanes on the l.i.e. now it is off to the shoulder. let's go to brooklyn. this is westbound with those delays. on the eastbound side, slow down for rubbernecking. as for the cross bronx, we're doing pretty good westbound. reports of a stall blocking a lane. trains are doing great this morning. street cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: looking good. do you have a meter? oh, wow. [laughter] juliet: war on the side there. have a quick turn.
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steve lacy. juliet: never seen a telephone through before. we scroll. we scroll. anyway. you look fabulous. a new report out. many servers are putting customers at risk by ignoring a simple rule. gloves. 500 transactions. only seven cases as a food later changed their gloves. handling food and money. >> equal to about 1%. almost 100% of the time. the researchers tell us that concern is real because bacteria was found from nearly one dozen dollar bills.
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juliet: use your brain as a calculator. ben: a big celebrity restaurant to her is ready to get rid of tipping at all of his establishments. robert moses joins us live with the story on this. we are speaking about danny meyer. when he does anything, people pay attention. one of the establishments that will be affected by this no tipping policy. would you go out to dinner at one of myers establishments, you will have to pay more upfront.
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he will soon eliminate shipping at the restaurant. they will no longer see a tip line on their bill. they gradually will do this over the next year. viewed as a game changer. myers says it simply is not fair to all of his 1800 employees. he wrote we will now have the ability to compensate all of our and poise adequate oblique, competitively and professionally. higher prices. myers says the total cost of dining will not differ much from what it is now.
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price for the lunch. in doing so, he discouraged tipping. it is really important to try to keep topline chefs. topline talent in the kitchen. he calls it a team sport. shoot me a tweet that is the latest. then a j, back to you.
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ben: we have a lot more coming the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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>> 6:26 a.m. you bullet can linger and some survivors for up to nine months. the fire is in semen samples from about half of them. however, they are not sure if that means they still may be infectious. juliet: a new study finds sitting may not be as bad for
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british researchers. balancing the database on a number of lifestyle factors, sitting seems to be no worse than standing for a person that does not otherwise move their body. should never take the place of promoting physical activity. i do not understand what that means. anyway. ben: top stories when we come
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juliet: you cannot force me to look at a picture of a mouse. i am not going to look at it. stop it. i cannot handle it. not this hour.
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cool, the brainy. will it mean snow, though? ben: lamar odom. he continues fighting for his life this morning here at new details emerging about the substances he allegedly took that landed him on life support. juliet: a chaotic and very unhappy scene at airports across the country. the computer system went down. it is back online this morning. ben: another wild night on empire. feuding between brothers. we have a full recap for you coming up in 20 minutes. juliet: thank you very much for joining us. ben: october 15.
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fly by. ben: right into thanksgiving. juliet: are we doing the halloween party? i do not remember yesterday. mike: i think you volunteered as a place to do the halloween party. juliet: i could do that. mike: you need a passport? juliet: new jersey, folks, are you listening to this? [laughter] teresa priolo is adhered to. watch it. mike: all right.
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>> we have to go. 52 degrees. 36 degrees in sussex. lots of 30s out there. we have a mainly clear sky. not much going on. high-temperature only managing to get up to 64 degrees today. a quick little shower tomorrow. let's bring in ines rosales. let's see what is going on. ines: columns in new jersey. you have one accident blocking a lane. this is by accident 41. an accident moved off to the shoulder. you do have to lace. there is an accident investigation on the southern states that had all those lanes closed. let's go to our camera. this is westbound by fort
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hamilton parkway. you have to lanes blocked with this accident. you have a slowdown. on the eastbound side, some rubbernecking delays. trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: traveling yesterday, you were probably not too thrilled. everything is okay. there was a computer glitch. ben: last night there were crazy long lines. a lot of delays. the computer system crashed. that made for some very angry fliers. >> there were people that could not walk. it was crazy. crazy. people that were in wheelchairs crying. waiting for hours. ben: the outages were reported
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charlotte and boston. officials do not believe that outage was caused by a malicious hack. juliet: a 911 call to a legal brothel outside of las vegas has been released. >> reporter: good morning. a pretty powerful story. lamar odom is in the fight for his life. he has had a lot of tragedy. friends and loved ones are hoping that he will rise again. he is in a coma after drinking and taking 10 herbal viagra pills. we are also now hearing that he may have been using cocaine. >> 911, what is your emergency?
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>> reporter: listen as sex employees and workers attempted to help for lamar odom. a white substance pouring from his mouth and nose. found unresponsive in the vip suite. >> they just told me that somebody just came up and said he apparently had some cocaine on him. the cause released as he fights for his life inside the sunrise hospital in las vegas. tubes coming out of his body. the multiple strokes he has been reported to have been having since he was found unconscious on tuesday. fellow nba kobe bryant, his father in some childhood friends from queens. his chance of pulling through is 5050.
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episode of keeping up with the kardashians upset lamar odom. >> lemar have suffered so much loss in his life. i will always be there for him. i am on high alert. anything i think will set them to spiral. >> reporter: the long battle with substance abuse. much of it playing out on cable tv. his troubles part of the dark and tragic cloud that has followed him since he was a child. >> reporter: including losing his mother at the age of 12. he lost a baby son. only one year old. it goes on and on and on. his father was a heroin addict for a long time.
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very successful nba career. >> you saw on the kardashians show, use all the struggles that he had with his dad did he just wanted his love and attention so much. >> reporter: they say that he still gives back. >> thank you very much. a big honor for former mayor. renamed in his honor. working on the campaign in 1989. administration. critics say his term had a record number of murders and other problems. the first and so far only black mayor. the affected products were distributed in 13 states including new york, new jersey
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and connecticut. the product has and enjoyed by date by october 15. if you would like more in your fridge or freezer, go to fox5 and or you can call the company. exposure by the way to salmonella salmonella can lead to all sorts of terrible things. they appear between 12-72 hours of exposure. ben: fox means business. juliet: joining us now is adam schapiro. >> reporter: good morning. the first airline to have free they will make that commitment by fall 2016. finished the service on all of their aircraft. if you're going to be flying
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jetblue, you'll most likely be getting some free wi-fi service. if you want to of great, you will pay for it. to upgrade, you'd be downloading stuff. downloading at 30000 feet does not work so great sometimes. free wife or -- free wi-fi. five dollars-$20 for wi-fi on the flight. depending on where you are and how long of a flight it will be. juliet: that sounds great. ben: adam on the fox business network. go to fox juliet: / channel finder. mike: some weather. it will feel a little bit cooler than what it was yesterday. another cold front on its way
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for us tomorrow. maybe a quick little shower. over the weekend, we have a blast of chilly air. the ready for that. a cool fall weekend. let's bring in ines. see what is slowing you down here. so far, it does not look so bad. traffic jammed up on the expressway. everyone on the eastbound side is slowing down to take a look. let's take a look at the lincoln tunnel. westbound lanes. home. 495 heading towards the lincoln minutes. two, what is going on in sports. duke: it all comes down to this. tonight in los angeles.
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hearing from mets manager. we have the latest entertainment news coming up.
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ben: the headlines on this thursday morning. six members of a church have. attacked. it was intended to get the teams to confess their sins. the voice pants are now charged with manslaughter. the mayor is leaving for israel tonight. he will be meeting with students at a cultural school. also visiting the western wall. this is a very very dangerous time to go over there right now. >> it is. economists say that there is little chance of an increase because it is based on a consumer price index. it has been drawn down by lower gas prices across the country.
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game tonight. duke: on the mound. the first four games. thirteen-seven win in game three. improving in front of the dodgers crowd. seven shutout innings. thirteen strikeouts. the man with the greatest care and all baseball. a scoreless inning. this year's all-star game. >> we are pretty positive still. our guys are up the beard nobody wants to fly all the way across the country for one game. >> that will be in my mind. going out there and trying to
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juliet: amen. duke: a rockstar flow. up in toronto, the blue jays. this game was crazy. i know that then can relate to this. sesame street going on here at making dinner. the game on. i am not understanding any of the craziness. i watch it back. rangers have runners on third. it hits off the factors back. the runner from third runs all. the play is called dead. after talking with each other, they ruled that game as a score. rangers take a three-two lead. we go to the bottom of the seventh. the rangers.
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the next batter grounded to first. then, toronto will lay it down. beltran's rose to third. dropping the ball. number three. the rangers did not like that. six-three. they win the series three-two. the first time they advance. kansas city last night. i do not feel that turning it off. runners on second and third. a two round score. the royals would add another. seven-two. they advance. less than a month away from the
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their big annual media date event. and a a lot of excitement in new york. beginning the first season as team head coach. he hopes his young squad can bring the glory days back. >> there will be a time for expectations. it is only realistic to put in the hard work, play together, play for each other. play disciplined basketball. the expectations will come. duke: your home for all games this year. i grew up in the big east. interviewing chris mullen yesterday. you scored somebody points. how many more would you have gotten? he said i do not know. i do not think i would have
6:47 am
i am just so floored by that. without question. i remember watching those games. juliet: like a little boy. [laughter] ben: thank you, duke. it is cold out there. juliet: chile. fall weather. space. mike: 52 degrees out at central park. forty-five in bridgeport. temperature changes. cooler for everyone. 13 degrees cooler in bridgeport. a pretty decent time change. lots of sunshine coming at you today. a couple of cold fronts. here is one.
6:48 am
it will try to bring us a few quick little showers. the main thing that we will see will be the cooler temperatures. way back to our northwest. i do not think anything makes it to us precipitation wise over the weekend. tomorrow we make it up to 67. it gets cooler and drier as we go through this upcoming weekend. highs in the 60s, lows in the 30s. it starts to warm up just a touch.
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juliet: welcome back. ines: problems with the commute this morning. in accident blocking a lane. staten island expressway. two problems in brooklyn affecting the expressway. it did cause rubbernecking delays. that is why the expressway is jammed up. what else is going on? let's go to our graphics. this is the gowanus. as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect.
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juliet: thank you very much. anna gilligan is ready for her wedding. have you ever had a wedding? nothing about tracy morgan. ben: he pokes fun at the brain injury that he suffered after that devastating car crash last year. >> tracy, it is such an honor to have you back. >> back where? >> snl. >> selected i used to work here? >> i can't even remember anymore. >> oh, my gosh. i am so sorry. [laughter] >> i am messing with you, bobby. spoiler alert. another sizzling night on empire. >> we see the fbi raiding fbi
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ben: i like your narration. his body was dug up. ben: you should keep going. it was all audrey's idea. he believed that he was out to get him in the murder case. jamaal came to a head. the next episode airs wednesday at 9:00 o'clock. ben: that was excellent. very soothing, actually. despite filing for bankruptcy, 50 cent is showing off his money on instagram. ben: posted a video of himself waking up covered in cash saying
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he filed for bankruptcy. the daily mail says he recently reduced the asking price. eight and a half million dollars. less than half. -- juliet: that does not have to do with every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell.
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