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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 15, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> ah, gramercy tavern, one of those iconic new york spots that danny meyer owns and operates. >> it's very fancy, and if you work there and you do a good job, you'll get a nice tip, right? that's the way it's supposed to work. 20% is pretty much standard these days. if you go to france, guess what happens? they actually bill the tip into the prices of meals. >> although i have to say the wait staff does hope that you'll throw them a few extra, you know, pounds -- >> francs, euros. >> whatever it is.
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meyer that his restaurants will soon go to a no-tip formula. they'll include the service charge in the price of the meal. some people think this is -- well, everybody seems intrigued. after that there's not that much agreement, right? >> oh, yeah. i mean, it depends on, you know, if you work for the business, whether you own a business. as a worker, some of the staff there not so happy if you're a waiter. you can make a lot of money in tips. now your going to have getting a salary, and everything's going to be taxed. now, if you work in the back of the house, you might be happy -- >> what do you mean by back of the house? >> we're talking about -- >> the busboys. >> the busboys, the people on the kitchen line, you know, who work stove and stuff like that, who do the prep. they will probably get a raise under this system. >> so what they're going to do, they're going to try it out. danny meyer, who started shake shack, by the way, he's got a restaurant called the modern next to the museum of modern art.
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it happens next week -- next month in that restaurant, the modern. and they'll see how it works. >> he doesn't even know. last night he mailed me, i tried to get him on the show today. he's a little talked out. he's also, like, been hit by the tsunami of everybody going what are you doing in the business? anyway, he said to me, you know, at this point it has not been implemented yet, it's just a theory. he's going to start it next month, and then he'd be willing to come out and talk about whether it's working or not. our facebook page, fox 5ny and my twitter account @rosannascotto blowing up this morning. >> blowing up. >> a ott lot of people who are customers are are saying what's our recourse if we get a really bad waiter? what do we do? do we ask for a reduction in the bill? no, you go to the owner, or you go to the manager of that restaurant, and you let them know you were not happy with your server. >> don't do what my friend sean did, i think the statute of
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back in high school we were at the garden city sandwich shop, something happened, i don't remember. he took a thing of sugar, that made a big mound and put a penny on top. >> interesting. >> can you hajj? how insulting -- can you imagine? >> i think there's also something deep-rooted in this decision by danny meyer. the restaurant industry, a lot of people don't want to talk about it, but it's being decimated right now by lawsuits. >> oh, yeah? >> there are two people who are going out there and i suing every high profile restaurant in the city -- >> yes. >> i would imagine so. >> and state legislators need to wake up, otherwise they're going to lose a lot of good restaurants in new york city. this may be a way to get those lawsuits off the table, if you just put everybody on salary. >> if you spoke for another eight seconds on that topic, you would have had to register as a lobbyist. i'm like paul sorvino, i don't
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know how to make a restaurant. see that tipping footage one more time. it looks like a greasy spoon in our b roll. scott rosenberg, an owner of a sushi restaurant in manhattan, said a couple years ago he had eliminateed tipping so his restaurant could more closely follow the customs of japan where tipping is rare. he also hoped his customers would enjoy leaving the table without having to solve a math problem. [laughter] >> you know what? customers are going to feel a difference in the prices on the menu. >> it's going to go up. >> there's no way, it has to go up. >> there's one restaurant i go in, i like to tip -- >> where, mcdonald's? >> no. >> that is your favorite restaurant, tell the truth. >> my second favorite, the monkey bar. i like to tip there because they generally give me one of those booths in the back. >> oh, you love those booths. >> right. it's the one place i tip like a big shot. shot. [laughter] >> let's move off the subject.
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that's near and dear to my heart, emojis and bitmojis. if you're not into them, now there are bitmojis where you can customize them to somewhat look like you. >> let's back up a second. rosanna, okay, a couple years ago these things started popping up in text messaging, right? take a look, please. the smiley face. this guy looks greedy and, quite frankly, anxious sexually. [laughter] this is what they call the resting rbf be, right? >> oh, yeah. >> now, rosanna a couple of weeks ago downloaded this new app, and every time, hey, meet you for lunch, she'll write back not words, she'll write this: word -- >> we're done when i'm finished talking to you. >> and then there's this if she's feeling happy, on one of those occasions where she's looking forward to talking to me again. [laughter] she'll send me this message. so rosanna be, this is a new thing, your face in it. >> in fact, ines and mike just
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made themselves bitmojis today. we started talking about this because there's an article in the new york post that says, basically, civilization is over because now we're only using emojis and bitmojis to converse. >> this is from are kyle smith of the new york post. and he writes this, and let's take a look at one of those goofy faces. tens of thousands of years ago humans communicated in pictures. the thoughts they sought to convey weren't complicated, cavemen. language offers subtlety, complexity, shades and layers. leaving the region corner of your brain -- language corner of your brain to grow cobwebs isn't a bold leap into the future, it's a giant leap backward in ambition and maturity, rosanna, and in evolution. humor. things. it's a way to sometimes say exactly. without being so nasty. you can kind of send that to
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which canning out of it, and -- chuckle out of it, and then maybe you'll think did i say something that upset her, do you know what i mean? >> that's what we have language for. >> it takes the sting out of language. >> yeah. >> and it makes you laugh. sometimes you just need a good laugh in the middle of the day. i have to say sometimes my friends will send me a random bitm be oji, and i'm laughing. >> i know. because you are experiencing life through a screen. and, rosanna, you're not alone. everybody, we're ignoring everything else but these silly things. it's like the movie, "the matrix," it's all fake. let's bring in rob shooter, an expert on culture and other how are you? >> good to see you. >> who won that debate? >> i say a draw? both know. >> are you into emojis? >> not at all. i don't like them. i don't know how to pick one to sum up what i'm saying. i always say the wrong thing. >> keep it up. >> yesterday they released larry
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david bitmojis, so that was pretty, pretty, pretty good. >> it's too complicated. it's easier to say no or yes. >> thank you for being here, seriously. >> all right. can we talk about other things? lamar in the hospital. >> this is bad. >> how is it looking? >> he is clinging to life. he is fighting for his life. he collapsed on tuesday at a brothel just are outside las vegas. he was then rushed to the local hospital. they tried to get him in a helicopter to get him to a hospital in las vegas, he couldn't fit in. he is 6-10, so they had to put him in an ambulance, got him to the hospital. he's still unconscious. they're saying lots of drugs were found in his system, and thousand the kardashians have all rushed to vegas to be by his bedside. >> let me ask you something. khloe and lamar signed documents saying they were going to get divorced. >> that's correct. >> but the judge hasn't weighed in. >> absolutely. so they signed their divorce documents, they have signed it. now, because of a backlog in the
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system in l.a., a judge has not signed off. so, technically, they are still signs -- >> they're still married -- >> sorry, they're still married. >> so does khlo to e inherit -- >> she not only inherits, she's in charge of all his medical decisions while he is still in the coma. she has paid to fly his two teenage kids and some family members to be in las vegas, and now i can break on your show this is not anywhere yet, the family's hired a lawyer to try and take those decisions away from khloe. >> i'm sorry, the odom family has -- there's resentment between to.coms and kardashians. >> remember are, he does not have a will -- >> how do we know that? >> it's out already. >> he doesn't have a will? >> he's estimated to be worth about $50 million. >> so at this point if the judge does not sign these papers, khloe could inherit -- >> she does. she gets everything. >> could the judge sign the
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papers today and end that a? >> it's very, very tricky. that's why lawyers are getting involved. >> i feel like it's too early. we want him to get through this. >> i know. it's dire, right? what are you hearing? >> it's really bad. this is going to be a miracle. this morning kris jenner tweeted to say prayers for him, i think that's where a lot of people are, but it's bad. >> 35 years old, a native of south jamaica queens. first started playing basketball in our city. rosanna, i mentioned this to you guys earlier, he has what so many people think they want, fame and fortune. >> i know. >> and they're never enough or they never solve the problems we think they'll solve. look, never met lamar odom, i am saying a prayer for him. i do find it sad and confusing that, again, celebrities are so vulnerable to this. and i guess other people from all walks of life. >> he's just like any of us or, you know, any family member that problems. >> right, right.
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>> and, rob, i think you know this. he's been battling addiction practically his whole life. >> he's been quite honest about this. greg, you're right. what fame and fortune does is adds a magnifying glass and money to this situation. he has access to drugs that would be very difficult for us to get hold of. >> alan alda said, the guy from m.a.s.h., that if you -- whatever problems you have, fame will make them worse. >> interesting. >> isn't that kind of wild? >> now, can we talk a little bit? yesterday we had the owner of the love ranch on. >> yes. >> and he was talking that the girls in his place noticed that lamar got upset, he got a phone call sunday night after watching, somebody watched keeping up with the kardashians, and they called lamar and let him know. >> on the episode on sunday night khloe was talking about how he'll always have a special place in her heart. there's rumors that they've got cameras at the hospital, that is
9:12 am
not true. >> we show you a clip or two of keeping up with the kardashians? >> this is from sunday that might have set him off? >> yes. >> that's nelly. i think we have the other one. hit the other button so we can see keeping up with kardashians. >> what can't you take? >> the fact that when he decides to come around and be friendly, you're like flirting with him. >> flirting with him how? by answering the phone and saying hello? >> you're just way more attentive. if it was, like, friends, you'd be -- >> why would french and lamar even be in the same category? >> i just think -- >> one i was married to and one i -- >> you totally disappeared and completely broke your heart -- he totally disappeared and completely broke your heart. >> i love lamar and care about him a lot. it makes me feel good to hear his voice and to know that he is doing okay. kim's stance --
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>> it does make sense that him from that. >> he got a phone call about it, was very upset. he was at the bunny ranch for four days -- >> i this think the love ranch. >> owned by the same people. it is a place we should point out, too, that prostitution is legal in this place. it's not an illegal brothel. but he was there for four days, and then they said on the day he received a phone call, he didn't want any ladies, think girls to changed. that's going to be really interesting to see if that did, in fact, set him off. what this tells us is on that show they can talk about you whether or not you're on that show. you don't have to show up for a taping -- >> and more critical things have been said about lamar on that show than that little snippet. >> that's right. >> anyway. kris kardashian asked for them, we're sending them, prayers. >> rob, thank you so much. you're working on something? >> yeah. i became a u.s. citizen -- >> thank you, thank you. >> i passed the test. question? >> the hardest question was what
9:14 am
the constitution called. >> oh, gee. >> ten amendments. they have a name -- >> the bill of rights. >> boom. that's the hardest question. longest river in america? >> the longest roofer? >> river. >> oh, the mississippi. oh, gosh, we could be citizens. [laughter] >> tonight, 2080 is throwing me a little party. it's at the stand which is a comedy club where tracy morgan just came back to. >> to welcome you to america? you've been here, like, 18 years. >> can any of us go? [laughter] >> were you ever here illegally? >> never, ever. came in on a student visa, worked really hard to get a green card and now -- i'm thinking ahead. now i'm a citizen. >> very good. did you renounce your -- >> i'm a dual citizen. when i pledged my allegiance to that flag, i got a little emotional. >> we got into a war with britain, which side would you be in?
9:15 am
person passport -- american passport because they're meant to be much better at rescuing than the brits who are drinking tea and biscuits. >> you want the navy seals showing up. >> the americans will get you out. >> we love you. all right, congratulations. >> love you both. thank you. >> all right, mike, what's going on? >> welcome, rob are. very good. >> welcome to america. >> congratulations. bitmoji time. what do you think of this guy? oh, yeah. >> is that you? >> i'm trying to do my part here making the world better. they're not even paying >> better how? >> because it's me. >> i think it kind of looks like you. you need a bald head though. >> i'm not quite bald. [laughter] this is the shortest they had. i thought it was pretty close. >> okay, fine. >> thanks, rosanna, for introducing us to our new obsession. want to give you a look at what's going on with the weather here. look at these beautiful backgrounds we have. bright blue skies today, a few
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the most part, sunny skies. it will be cooler outside this morning and this afternoon, and there's more cold air on the way. there's another cold front heading this way, and it'll be here by tomorrow. there could be an early shower, though it look like most of that rain will stay to the northwest of the tristate maybe up around sullivan county. a few light showers through there, then a blast of chilly for the weekend. a lot of folks want to do some apple picking, it'll be perfect for that and no rain. sunny skies today. your current temperature, 53 degrees. here's the radar and satellite, mainly clear sky around the tristate region. few clouds up to the north and west of us, and that's what we're going to see as we get further into the day, but we've got to keep an eye on these cold fronts, a couple of them lined up to come down from canada pulling in that cooler air. a few light showers that are in the area, but it doesn't look
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like they're going to hold together too much. if anything, again, as i mentioned, they affect the extreme northwestern sections of the tristate. up around the catskills, yes, maybe a few sprinkles, same thing towards the poconos. going forward into this evening, you're fine, clear skies. nice and dry. there's the showers coming through here. they did touch through the catskills and poconos, but it wasn't that big a deal at all. the main cold front will be coming through tomorrow morning, and then we just have reinforcing shots of cool air coming at you today or the next few days. high temp up to about 65 today, sunny and cooler, high of 67 tomorrow and then 57 on saturday. and, yeah, cool over the weekend. highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s, so just keep that in mind. you're going to have to dress up, add a few extra layers. speaking of birthdays, hey, angel lee, it's her birthday. believe she's turning 7 years old. happy birthday from your grand ma, wheel and bebe.
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>> nelly, the rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, house. 30 million albums under his belt -- or records sold, that is. york. how about a little music to hello. him. >> nice to see you, buddy. >> i'll dance to your music later, but first of all, you're here because you're in town, you're here for the nick cannon rocks times square benefit concert for st. mary's children's hospital. with us is the co-chair of st. mary's, steve wells. nice to have you here with us. >> glad to be here. >> so how did you get involved with st. mary's? >> well, you know, he called me up and he was like, yo, nelly, i [laughter] seriously, nick is a huge, he's a really, really good friend of mine. cannon? >> obviously. and the work we were able to do on real husbands and just a bond that we've created. he helps me out with a lot of things i do back home in st. louis, and this is one of those know?
9:19 am
>> steve, tell us about st. mary's. >> st. mary's is the oldest children's hospital in new york. it was originally founded in 1870 in hell's kitchen, and today it's the only pediatric postacute care hospital that serves medically-complex children with special health needs in all of the metro are poll tan area. we serve over 2,000 children a day in their homes, in their communities and at the hospital. and we really -- the critical thing is we work with families so that we can realize each child's potential. >> and the thing is, steve, i've actually been to st. mary's -- >> yes, you have. >> -- to talk to the children there, and it's great. it's a whole variety of things that you do with these children. it's not just kids who are suffering with a terrible disease, it may be they might have some kind of cognitive -- >> exactly. >> -- challenges. >> and that makes it more difficult, because when you have medically-complex situations, it becomes very challenging. we had the first permanent
9:20 am
in 1983 we started a home care program taking care of aids babies. we do a number of remarkable things. >> a lot of those kids are going to be at the hard hard rocca fay -- >> and you're going to be hosting. >> i'm going to be, like, nick cannon's little buddy. [laughter] >> you're a mini-me. >> and we have for pote of you -- >> t-shirts. >> oh, my gosh. >> can anybody come tonight or are tickets sold out? >> go to www st. mary's and buy tickets or go the door. and just in case you can't remember who's going to be singing tonight -- >> on the back. >> oh, look at nelly's name. >> and i didn't even get a t-shirt yet. >> nelly, let's get to your roots, if you don't mind. talk about the early days. you grew up where? >> i grew up -- i was actually born in austin, texas, because my father was in the air force. so he was on a military base. and my mother was in st. louis, and she went down to visit, and
9:21 am
about a month early. >> kelly air force base? >> your dad was in the service, so you -- >> austin. force base. not good. >> if you want, i can do your genealogy for you. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, knock me in. >> tell us about st. louis. >> st. louis is a beautiful place as far as we're a people city. we're not quite as a tourist attraction as new york city, but we're more of a people city, and i love it, and i'm not going anywhere, you know? go, cardinals. [laughter] >> nelly, when did you realize that, you know, you have a gift? >> actually, my uncle realized it first. >> how old were you? >> about 6. about 6. he started getting me training singing old jackson five records and things of that nature. he's no longer with our family, no longer. but it's a beautiful thing, man. >> and now you still live there, and you give back in your own community, not only in our community.
9:22 am
but in your own community you're working on affordable housing, right? >> of course. we're working on a bunch of different things, you know? i've also been able to send two kids to college for the past ten years through our charitable organization to and our black and white ball, i've also been able to get over 5,000 people signed up on bone marrow stem cell registry, people who may need stem cell transplants. my sister who's no longer with us, people battling lieu chemoya. we continue to fight to this day. >> and by the way, that swab is easy. then you're in the database. >> you're in there. >> nelly, you ready to sing for us after the commercial? >> i'm ready to knock it out. >> i think he's going to warm up the vocal cords. i want to hear a michael jackson song. [laughter] >> i don't know if i'm ready for that one. next time. >> you have a new song that you're going to sing for us. >> yeah, my song called the fix featuring my man, jeremiah, who's not here, but we're going to kill it anyway. >> thank you so much. nelly, we're ready.
9:23 am
quick break. >> steve wells, thank you so much. greg, get ready for tonight. >> thank you, fox 5. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100%
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i got sexual healing. baby, talking about, baby. that's what i'm hollering now be, hey, baby, i can't hold it much longer, i'm getting stronger and stronger. when you need that fix, that medicine, i know you like it like. when you get that itch, adrenaline, heart beating out of your chest. and when this pressure's building, i got what you need. when you get that feeling, i got sexual healing. baby, talking about, baby >> thank you. >> oh! it's getting hot in here. that was great! oh, so fun. >> you're awesome, man. >> thank you very much. >> all right. we can still get tickets tonight
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to see you sing. >> yes, please do, please. >> greg will be there introducing everybody. >> small, minor way. nelly, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> hey, marvin gaye. >> yeah, man. >> oh, man, i love that. sounds like a tribute. >> shout out to st. mary's. make sure you all come out and support the cause, it's a wonderful cause. >> fantastic. can we do a little it's getting hot in here? >> yeah. and if you want to see the rest, come to the show tonight. we're going to rock that out. [laughter] >> anyway, we should take a break. >> we should take a break? let's do it. >> who's that, by the way? >> oh, that's my deejay. shout out. >> all right. we'll put out the information. >> he'll be there tonight too. >> go support st. mary's.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. alaska. finally. the search for
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denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that' s cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it' s more than a card. it' s the gear that gets it done. >> ah, jamal's boyfriend. you know, every time he's there, i get a little nervous because i feel like he could turn and stir the bot a little bit with what -- the pot a little bit with what's going on at empire, how about you? >> rosanna, you are totally up-to-date on the show. >> i am so into it. >> i am several episodes behind. rafael dela fen today from
9:33 am
empire joined us recently. >> don't call me that. you don't love me. i love you. you're in love with your music. you don't have room for anyone else. >> you know what? i'm back, and i'm really, really excited for the audience to see what's coming. >> you still in a love relationship, or are you back in another way on empire? >> he's back in the scene, but it's a new dynamic. and it's going to be intense. really intense. >> i feel like you were a ball and anchor around jamal. i'm sorry! i just felt like you were holding him back a little bit. >> well, i think that michael was very in love, and he just didn't understand the demands of show business, because he's not in it. he just didn't understand the
9:34 am
demands of it, and i feel like that's what -- it was, it all came from a place of love, i think. but we're going to see that change a bit. >> and when? can you give us a hint on how it changes for the new season? >> well, he comes in no expectations -- with no expectations this time but with a tougher attitude. >> intense. you know what? we have not seen too many same-sex relationships on network prime time television. >> i know. >> and we see it here. and it's not -- i think it's handled quite well, quite handled. it just happens to be a >> right. and i think that empire's blazing a trail are. i think that we are shedding light onto a community that has often times been misrepresented. and it's literally tv history, and i'm really excited to be a part of it. >> i'm just wondering when you took the role for empire, did you know what kind of impact it would, and were you concerned taking on a gay character?
9:35 am
>> well, you know, there's always a part of you as an actor that, you know, doesn't want to get pigeon holed or doesn't want -- but when i knew who was involved in the show, i just had to be a part of it. and i couldn't believe that fox was actually going to have this show. like, well, we didn't know at that point because it was for the pilot. but i just thought that it would be historic if a show like this, you know, came out on fox, on network tv. and it just seemed like ap opportunity to -- an opportunity to make a change. >> yeah. and you've maximized that opportunity. congratulations. >> thank you. >> seriously, this is a big deal. how did you start? >> i started out when i was about 19 years old? >> wheresome. >> i'm venezuelan, born and raised. and i sang all my life with my dad and stuff.
9:36 am
and i was always interested in acting but never really did it until i moved to the states and i started taking acting classes in college and started just reading and getting more involved with it. and then when i moved to miami after graduating in 2009, i started auditioning for stuff, and in 2011 i booked a job, a series regular in a -- well, i don't know if i can say the network. >> sure. >> kids, nickelodeon latin america. and i did that, and that was a huge learning experience, and that's what kind of got me going. >> so will you sing on empire this season? do you know? >> michael's not sing singer. you know what? i've been partying a lot. [laughter] i'm still kind of recovering. >> it's okay. my voice is a little shot. >> we'll see you wednesday at 9
9:37 am
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who will stand up for you? >> jennifer lopez, whoa, that's backwards. she live ared on the block. >> can i tell you something? she has just gotten better with time. incredible shape. >> we've met her a couple of times, and she is amazing. she is in incredible shape. she's in her mid 40s now.
9:39 am
one of the reasons why she's in such great shape? she eats very, very well, and this guy, ron, is her personal chef. over the years he has made many a meal for one of the greatest superstars in the world. >>nitis to see you -- nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> how would you describe jlo's every day kind of what's on the menu for her? >> day-to-day it's different. some days we skip meals and do shakes and have one meal, some days it's one shake and two meals. >> does she ever pig out? >> no. >> she doesn't have one day, like, sunday for me is pigout day. pasta, everything, she doesn't have one day -- >> right. sometimes that bleeds over into monday. [laughter] >> not that i've seen, no. >> how did you meet her? how did you get the gig? >> through facebook, believe it or not. >> are you serious? is. >> stop it. how did that happen? >> a chef friend of mine 15 years ago that i knew through the business was derek jeter's private chef, believe it or not, for eight years and put a post, i got a high-end division, anybody interested? sure, i am.
9:40 am
>> that facebook is okay. >> that's unbelievable. now, i know a lot of times when you work for these big stars you take this oath of omerta, you're anything. you, obviously, have jen's about it. >> yes, of course. >> we don't want any lawsuits. >> we also don't want you to lose this sweet gig. >> i got the okay. >> what are we making? what's something that she likes? >> jennifer loves any kind of white fish. nothing else, white fish. could be halley butt, grouper -- halibut, sea bass. one of her favorites, we always balance between different white fish. today we did a little bit of parsley and orange and lemon zest, and we seared it. >> it's beautiful. >> while greg attacks it, let's make it. >> all right, great. >> so what is this, extra virgin olive oil? >> extra virgin olive oil and sea salt flakes. >> how come? >> it's natural, it's hand-harvested and has a really unique taste to it. i don't believe there's a better salt.
9:41 am
>> i also see, chef, basically it's all about portion size too. >> right. correct. >> that's a nice little piece. >> 5-6 ounce portionings -- portions on our fish. >> i'm going to need something filling. >> he needs -- >> sometimes at lunch but >> >> rarely are. so what do you do first? >> we sere the fish. >> okay. >> let's pretend the pot is hot >> all right. >> okay, it's not bad. so while it's cooking -- >> while it's cooking, i prepare a salad. noaa -- >> while you're doing that, what kind of boss is jlo? [laughter] >> demanding? >> well, not demanding, but she's a good boss. she knows what she wants -- whether she expects excellence. >> good for her. >> do you sit down and talk with her once a week about the menu,
9:42 am
or is it -- no. >> very busy. she keeps herself busy, so everything on her menu is my idea. >> oh, okay. and you kind of rotate new things in there every now and then? >> yep, sure. >> beautiful. >> gives you some latitude. >> do we use any kind of -- does she have cheese? >> very little. >> cheese, greg, i have to tell you years ago i learned from sly stallone, he was dating a good friend of mine -- >> no kidding? it was that girl with the pets, with the dogs. >> right. cornelia. he said to us, he was starting a movie, he was taking all dairy out of his diet because it bloats you. it makes your face fat, it bloats your stomach. >> that's one thing about sly, he's got the angola lahr face. >> yeah -- angular face. >> so you put in there olives, >> correct. >> some sea salt.
9:43 am
>> a little oranges, a little lemon juice and some olive oil. >> so no vinegar. >> as sed we -- acid we get -- >> i'm sorry. jlo's in the neighborhood, she's else. >> what do you think? >> i think it's excellent. >> and it's healthy, right? >> i notice you didn't try your pom gran gnat pearls. >> what's that? caviar to me. >> it is. >> really? >> try it. >> no, it's pomegranate. >> the red stuff? it's not caviar? >> it's pomegranate juice that i made into caviar. >> how is it? >> you're lucky. [laughter] if that tasted fishy, i was -- >> it's pomegranate. >> so, chef, if we wanted to hire you, we want to try your cooking in real life, where can we find you? i know we're not getting an invitationing to jennifer be lopez's house, right? >> right now i'm at blackstone steakhouse in melville five nights a week.
9:44 am
>> oh, you are? okay. and i'm going to be opening a restaurant with the scotto restaurant group -- >> they're not related to my family. they're the scotto brothers, right? i think that? >> use ared to be the scotto brothers, now it's the anthony scotto restaurant group. >> are you going to see j lo anytime soon? >> yeah, sure. when she's back in new york. >> great. i will. >> we'll put the recipe on our web site. what's the name of the restaurant? >> blackstone steakhouse. >> will you go. and when we come back, we're relationships. is it really -- should we all be married for the rest of our lives, til death to can us part? >> isn't that how it works? >> i don't know. we're going to talk about it with neil strauss and, apparently, there should be an addendum to it. >> there already is, right?
9:45 am
>> when he come back. >> in our book club, greg, this one is all about commitment. neil strauss wrote the book "the game" about the secret world of
9:46 am
>> the new book is called "the truce: an uncomfortable book about relationships." and by the way, the book -- if we can for a moment be, rosanna, it's designed like the bible. [laughter] embossed. [laughter] hello, neil. [laughter] >> what is up with, i mean, it looks like a holy book. why this? why this design? >> i wanted this to be the bible for people who were struggling in relationships or for people who have problems with intimacy or commitment which are a lot of people based on the ashley madison scandal. >> right. from the very beginning, you get hooked on this book. the following pages contain one of the host terrifying and obscene words in the english language, commitment. and then he puts, like, a little notice for his now-wife, warning for inning rid: if you are reading this, please stop now, do not turn the page. >> by the way, turn the page? it's another warning just in case she turned the page. [laughter] >> you mean business.
9:47 am
basically, this is your story. >> which is what? >> obviously, as you mentioned earlier, i wrote the game which is a book about pick-up artists, and i was terrified to meet -- >> you were a pick-up artist? >> believe it or not, i was a writer at the new york times who heard about this community, went in -- i was so lonely, horrible with women. wrote this book. a friend of mine said, oh, you learned this, why are you still so unhappy? why are row not happy? i said, i don't know. i got in a great relationship with someone, still not happy. and she was perfect. cheated on her, obviously, i'm a jerk. [laughter] you know? went to -- and then i'm like, okay, you know what? i've got to admit everything i'm thinking is wrong. i know nothing. why am i an expert, so i went to rehab for sex addiction to say, you know what? i obviously have a problem with intimacy, with commitment, and it took me, like, five years and however many pages are in that
9:48 am
>> wow. people. addict? >> i don't know. >> you went to rehab for it. how long did it take to fix this addiction? >> funny thing. see, real life is different than the movies. all the guys in rehab were guys who maybe cheated on their wives once or twice. they definitely were liars and had issues or problems. they weren't like the guys you'd imagine -- >> do you think it all comes "commitment"? is it something that's really >> yes. there's a movie that says man has a fear of anything that is irreversible, and we have this fear -- i'll speak for myself -- a lot of people i talk to, oh, my god, it's forever. can i be with one person for the rest of my life with no romance or sex with anyone? thinking of the future for guys especially like myself just messes you up. >> so how do you come to terms with it in this book?
9:49 am
but i eventually realize it's this which is your entire template of how you see relationships is formed by your first love experiences which are with your -- >> your mother. why do you guys always have to blame everything on your mother? >> it's not blame, it's just understanding yourself. it could be mom, it could be dad, whatever gender you're attracted to. >> so we go through that rigamarole -- [laughter] and then where are we? >> greg and i were talking -- >> thank you for that enthusiastic, ringing endorsement. [laughter] by the way, that's what was my problem. i said the same thing. i learned it was about that, i thought, oh, that's stupid, that's ridiculous, i left rehab. then i destroyed my life for two more years and said, you know what? maybe there's some truth to it. >> how long have you been married? >> two years now. >> do you think you can go the distance? >> here's the deal, i'm absolutely, 100%, fully happy -- >> committed? >> you're only two years in. >> see, you need this book. [laughter]
9:50 am
whatever issues -- [laughter] >> hey! >> the thing is, neil, the thing is this. when people started the institution of marriage, we weren't living that long. >> right. not only that, it wasn't about love until the 18th century. marriage was only about getting more workers, you know, for your farm and getting extra property from your wife's family. it wasn't about love til the 18th century, and it wasn't even, like, an equal partnership til recently, so it's always changing. and today it's changing again in the sense that it's now a little bit more you can design your own type of marriage. >> i've heard about that. >> you mean like open marriages and stuff like that? >> that's not happening anytime soon. >> how about the woman from vegas who became a call girl during her marriage? >> yes, that was a brutally sad story. >> check this out. i was so scared of commitment, i said, you know what? i need to be in an open relationship because i need to be free. two weeks later -- >> your partner. >> yeah. this wasn't ingrid. two weeks later i get exactly what i want, she goes to mexico
9:51 am
so much pain. so be careful what you wish for. >> neil, you don't strike me a as a guy who doesn't like a one-man, one-woman kind of thing, you know what i mean? >> right, yeah are. it was -- my parents had a horrible relationship, you know, and overcontrolling -- >> all right. now listen, do me a favor, i want to flash back to the game, the pick-up -- >> this is more his stuff! [laughter] >> just as we wrap up -- >> we can still talk about it. >> i could write book. [laughter] i am the king of relationships. give us, give us a little technique. give us a little something -- >> a little tip. >> rosanna is a beautiful stranger. you've never seen her, you're single. you on the bus, what do you do? >> you know what? >> do it. >> ten years ago i'd tell you the exact techniques. today i'd tell you if you're looking to meet women, it's about self-esteem. >> you feel great about yourself and then what? you've got to have an opening line. >> that looks like an awesome book you're reading. >> oh, boy. [laughter]
9:52 am
is that pick-up artist stuff -- >> a lot of people think it really works. you want to read that book. i promise you, it's insane. it tells you exactly what to say and what to do. for me it became like a, if someone likes me and they're attracted, maybe i'll feel good about myself. >> so the bottom line is can you change your ways? >> right. can you change your ways? absolutely. but you need a few things. one is you need to do it for yourself. here's the deal, you can't
9:53 am
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