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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: talking about how much i hate her because she is perfect. let's do it, talk about something happy. temperatures are going to be very chill leave this weekend, very chill leave this weekend, mike will detail that in the forecast. >> mets and their waking up a little tired after beating the dodgers and heading to national league championship series. juliet: police shot a murder suspect they came to him after tonight. >> president obama keeping troops in afghanistan and
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reasons why for doing so. juliet: good morning antwan lewis. of little under the weather. i don't think he has taken as a day since he got here. those young ones never get sick. antwan: really aged. don't even know. juliet: technically a trainee, perfect, beautiful, played lacrosse for villanova, smart, funny it. i hate her. i want to adopt her, i want her to be my child.
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juliet: tailor any more -- we haven't had that. i am sorry. >> meteorologist: we have showers to speak of this morning, live radar creeping into the extreme northwestern sections around sullivan county toward orange county, light to moderate rain, pockets of heavier stuff toward the poconos, some will survive and make the ride over the ridge and bring a few scattered showers for the morning commute but not everyone has to deal with it. a few sprinkles and showers pass through quickly, 56 at central park, 51 and newark, 52 in poughkeepsie, wider scope look at the radar and satellite and general trend for the line to break up as it approaches us, the northern tier, northwestern sections, brief showers in that
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area. high temperatures 67 degrees, the next 7 days cooler temperatures and a lot of sun that a cold one, 51 jell-o dropping to 38. let's bring in ines and get a peek at what it is like to it the roads or the rails, all ines: nice and early, construction going on, the parkway all lanes closed westbound at flatbush avenue due to construction, you also have construction on the bqe. closing all lanes man andbound, looking great this morning, let's go to our cameras and look at rockland county, the thruway toward the tappan zee bridge, moving at the speed limit no issues, crossing the tappan zee bridge let's go to that camera shot the westchester doing fine, nice and clear for you, as for the trains running on or close.
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the first game. i know we did. fans probably little hung over, it was crazy all around the area. i was in buckley's center last night at a fish restaurant, everybody is watching the game and and what they did. antwan: champagne flowing after they beat the dodgers advancing to the series, national league championship series against the cubs. juliet: duke has the highlights. duke: jacob degram gutted it out five penzance it may have been daniel murphy who goes down as the hero of last night's game. he was incredible. top of the first, no score. murphy at the plate, swinging about that all series but locked in, one hop walk, right here who for my money the best pitcher in baseball, kiki hernandez has
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trouble, granderson comes in to score, murphy on third, the mets up 1-0. top of the force, something you don't see every day. i haven't seen this long time, dodgers with a huge shift, daniel murphy sees no one at third, takes a lot bag and later scored, game tied at two, top of the sixth game still tied at two, murphy and ties it, solo run, third of the series and mets go up 3-2 winning the game 3-2 and clinch the series after the game, murphy talks about a crazy play. >> running into second, look for it before and hoping nobody is there and give a peak and hope no one calls time out, somebody called time out, look like a buffoon, did not want that to happen so i take off, get a look at home no one calls a time out and i was fast enough to be able
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to get in and make it. duke: he is not regarded as a very good baseman. for him to make that play, i turned to my friend and said while. he has had his problems running the bases and here he was making the biggest play, mets back in the and lc as for the first time since 2006 against the cubs tomorrow night at city field, more highlights later in sports and i know the cubs were 7-0. people will talk about that. was a different mets team. this team changed drastically. we will talk about that later. duke: thank you. antwan: the mets breaking back to city feel. juliet: expected to arrive in a couple of hours and we sent liz dahlem to city filled with reaction to the victory. i guess there are not a lot of peopleeld with reaction to the victory. i guess there are not a lot of people to get reaction from. >> reporter: there are some buy
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hards who will make their way here in a little bit because the team will arrive in a few hours. in the area right now flying back to los angeles to the city, the excitement from that win quickly spread to the east coast, the whole city was alive last night. >> reporter: new york city went crazy last night. fans packed into the pub in midtown to take a call in. >> i feel good! >> reporter: mets fans wait a long time. fans have their eyes on the next series.
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in a 7 game series, harvey, matt, it doesn't matter who you bring out, it is over. >> reporter: we heard david right say in the locker room during the champagne shower that the champagne tastes even sweeter because the team has waited so long for this big win and they will have one day to rest before taking on the cubs in the nl c.s. the first game will take place at 8:00, 8:07 on saturday night, sure to be a pact city field. we are live this morning, back to you. juliet: before he was found unconscious, lamar odum spent a fortune at the legal brothel in nevada. the queens native was that the law french four days, at $75,000, and apparently there's friction between his axe, chloe kardashian and the owner of the
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kardashian wants in to stop talking to the press but she says he is just protecting his business. no official word on his condition but he is reportedly still on life-support. antwan: a murder suspect is recovering, jose alvarez was shot last night and taken to hackensack medical center. police say he is wanted for killing his estranged girlfriend and her son earlier this month. >> the suspect presented himself with the knife. there were a lot of police officers in a small kitchen area. one shot was fired to the abdomen area. i am told it is a non life running injury. he currently is in surgery at hackensack university medical center. antwan: police arrest we to women, saying alvarez was not in the building. >> police made an arrest in that molotov cocktail attack, thomas miles of queens is the guy they say did this, through a flaming
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men on west 37th street, no one was hurt. miles is facing several charges including attempted murder and felony assault. antwan: bill deblasio will arrive in israel to meet with leaders from around the world. he will be there all weekend for the annual conference of mayors to discuss challenges facing cities, he will also speak on the topic of, quote, anti-semitism in the west and how cities must lead. the trip was a gift to the city. >> president obama defending his decision to keep u.s. forces in afghanistan. the president vowed to end the war there before he left office but he has reversed course saying there will be 5,500 u.s. troops in afghanistan after you leave the office. mr. obama says extending their mission is vital to national security and it will help prevent terrorist attacks against the united states. >> the opportunity for stable and committed ally that can partner with us in preventing
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and the fact the we have an international coalition i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. juliet: the military has made gains but not as strong as it needs to be. antwan: we have a lot coming. juliet: it is 5:11, donald trump and ben carson, they usually don't see eye to eye but this morning there is one topic on which they agree. i want to hear this line. my face hurts. i can't feel my face when i am with you. antwan: you stopped reading. juliet: i wanted to hear that line, great line. they have one thing they are agreeing upon and we will tell you what that is. antwan: not at the line from this song. hello, mike.
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maybe she needs to go home. antwan: she just thought reading in the middle of the line. >> meteorologist: we will see a few morning showers and it becomes any later on, high temperatures 67, but if you want to keep look at what is going on with daily and hourly forecasts download the weather apps at the apple itunes store and it is 40.
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antwan: we're talking about cooler temperatures. >> meteorologist: it is going to get even colder over the weekend. you will feel it, a lot of folks will be crying about it. it will start feeling like fall/winter. here is what we have this morning, what to expect, passing showers out there especially in the northern tier of the tristate but there will be some sun later in the afternoon and a blast of chilly weather coming over the weekend. enough of that chilly air it is possible we could see our first frosts and/or freeze across the tristate saturday night, looks like we said that will be especially to the north, right now we have no frost or freeze advisories but that is a little ways out. here's what we see on live radar, showers coming through the catskills and the poconos, holding together but just
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barely, doesn't look like a lot will be holding together but the northern tier of the tristate, 6, warren county, passaic county, later this morning scattered showers through the lower hudson valley, they will probably see light rain for a short time and will break up. 56 is your current temperature, 51 at newark, 45 in monticello, a couple cold fronts working their way through with minimal oyster beds to one of the we have scattered lighter showers and that may affect some folks's morning commute, they're not here too long, not like you need the umbrella all that long but there will be passing showers for the morning commute, later in the afternoon here comes the sun. 67 later on by 2:00 p.m. that is what we are going for and as we go through the next seven days of high of 67, 56 tomorrow, still breezy tomorrow and looked at the cold start come saturday night, sunday morning, 38 degrees, even colder monday morning. low of 36, focusing more on the lows than the highs because we have not seen that in a long
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time and it makes people's all happy. not like it is a surprise. juliet: we were hoping it would change. >> meteorologist: you keep thinking coin. ines: no problems on the parkway, . ines: no problems on the parkway,. ines: no problems on the parkway,. ines: no problems on the parkway, 280 looks good. look at the long island expressway was found in these contracts move sailing, as for the bqe, for the brooklyn bridge, normal slowdowns did construction, the lane closed on luck bqe and a manhattan bound brooklyn bridge, no problems with the lincoln, holland or george washington bridge. juliet: i have not been able to be with you for the political roundups.
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ground. >> reporter: juliet and antwan lewis. antwan: we have the same hair. >> reporter: seems like we have either been recapping the previous debate or previewing the next one, so much intrigue on both sides of the aisle. the republican question is what format will the next debate take and how will the candidates influence it or not. on the democratic side the big question is whether the field will have a new candidate. is joe biden in or out? joe biden may announce whether he is in very soon, that according to former delaware senator ted kaufman who was a close adviser. in an e-mail obtained by the associated press that kaufman said the democrats to work for joe biden before kaufman wrote if he decides to run we will need each and every one of you. yesterday. the e-mail is another piece of evidence that joe biden is seriously considering it. some speculated hillary
5:19 am
clinton's commanding performance at the first democratic debate might discourage the vice president from entering the race. joe biden was mum as reporters shouted questions before he met with south korea's president yesterday. >> talk about that later. >> reporter: candidates who are already in their race disclose how much money they raised in the months ending september 30th, hillary clinton lead with $28 million, bernie sanders close behind at $26 million. on republican side ben carson raised $20 million, jeb bush $13.4 million and ted cruz $12.2 million. republicans will next debate on october 28th but there is a chance ben carson and donald trump may not be there. the two men have threatened to not show up if the debate is longer and two hours and if it does not allow for opening and closing statements. >> they want to make this an extra hour and i think it is unfair to the viewers because it
5:20 am
doing it because they want to make more money. juliet: it looks -- >> reporter: his tone has shifted in the last couple days. juliet: like it is wearing on him. >> reporter: less combative. he sounds a little more sort of political, a little more -- lady more toned down. cnbc says it is finalizing the debate format for the debate coming up october 28th in boulder, colorado. the network says it will take a candidate's's feedback into consideration. antwan: a lot more coming up, it is 5:20. to the 15 lucky charms lover's dream come true. this is a dream come true. got what i need. we will tell you why you could be lucky enough to get a box of cereal with just the marshmallows and what that
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>> new york city is going to pot literally and figuratively since bill deblasio 46 police commissioner to hold this back of fake dope new yorkers have taken it as an invitation to light up whenever and wherever they like. just this week commissioner bill bratton stumbled upon a young school girl, quote, happily puffing away as she heads to class at 8:30 in the morning. >> i said what is 8:thirty on wall street? i had one of my officers with me and we are walking along, he says where's that coming from? >> reporter: the girl got a verbal spanking, confiscated her we and center on her way to school. i walk in the city every day and it seems to me there has been an increase in the amount of marijuana smoke i smell a misread. many issues we have in new york city reflect this carefree attitude. take times square as an example which has become a circus. look what is happening to our
5:22 am
schools, the new york post points out the city continues to spend money on recess coaches in playgrounds to teach kids how to play, the mayor continues to drag his feet on producing space for effective charter schools. bill deblasio has been traveling the country to advance his progressive agenda. he is using money from his slush fund called campaign for new york to finance this committee. i am no joe friday. >> too many kids begin with pot and go to her when and lsd, heroin is the fuse, lsd is the bomb. >> don't think it is so far out that i see a link between pot smoking in the streets and a isn't out mayor on his way to ottawa to promote a national agenda when he should just stay home and deal with new york city's issues. >> i was going mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise?
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regulators ruled daily fantasy leagues like draft kings are not games of skill and as such they must shutdown in nevada and the employees receive gambling licenses. federal and state regulators have been probing sites for allegations that employees made fortunes on competing sites using inside information and exploiting paying customers. do you like lucky charms? antwan: i never even as a child. frosted flakes -- i tried them but they were not ago to serial of mine. i had those marshmallows, tasted them in college. juliet: we have done for a box of lucky charms, most of the normal people, for those little case in marshmallowy things. juliet: there's a new version made up entirely of this
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natural looking shiny wow nails. wow! the new electronic nail care system from amop\. love every step. >> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". juliet: hello, everybody, hello new york, hello mets fans. maybe they are drunk. 5:30 in the morning, you got to get some sleet. mike is going to watch the forecast. antwan: helping to beat the dodgers and move on to the
5:29 am
unusual play, they have gone to sleep. juliet: a peace plan between bill deblasio and michael bloomberg. looking to save money for students, what his plan is later i am antwan lewis in for ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy, always of pleasure. antwan: i have to come up with one for you. i always call you jules. all these years we have been friends. we have cooler temperatures and spotty showers. >> meteorologist: that is what we have out there. there are some showers mostly to the northwest of the city as of now. they are trying to work their way into the tristate and is barely holding together. that northwestern quadrant to the northwest of the city, that is where you are likely to see
5:30 am
the early part of the day, now through the morning commute and it breaks up and sunny skies make a come back and there are decent amount showers coming through sullivan county and orange county towards the 6 county through the poconos. at central park, 56 degrees, showers tried to roll through. another wave of low pressure keeping showers going all the way up, it will start to fall apart. whether it approaches with minimum moisture. for the most part, temperatures climb up to 63, more sun in the afternoon, as we go through the next seven days a high of 56 tomorrow, chilly temperatures the first few days of next week, we start in the 30s and end up in the lower 50s, we get deeper into the week.
5:31 am
let's bring in ines and see what is going on, dry commute so far. ines: let's look at the dry commute, traffic fine on long island, lie, northern state, all green there, new jersey, same thing, 287, 78, traveling to -- looking good on 287. let's go to our cameras and look at your commute on staten island, the expressway by victory boulevard for the verrazzano bridge you are fine east bound, no problems west bound, as for the trains metro-north, long island rail road, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. antwan: mets fans, they are calling in sick today, getting into workable late, very good reason for that.
5:32 am
>> celebrating with the champs. daniel murphy's goal and uncovered third base and scored the tying run and hit a go-ahead homer off tom zak greinke, they advanced the national championship series. antwan: liz dahlem has reaction to the big victory. >> reporter: good morning. i hadn't thought about the mets fans sick calls but there could be a couple rolling in this morning. it was an intense game and the next one to los angeles with a mission and mission complete. they are flying back victorious. you can imagine celebrations taking place on that plane, the team is expected to arrive at city field in a couple hours and new york city went off last night, lots of people celebrating this big win. as. it has been since 2006 since the
5:33 am
to celebrate the scene at foley's pub in midtown. >> nine years coming. >> of the cubs think they can be as in a seven game series, harvey, matt, doesn't matter who you bring out, it is over. >> reporter: mets fans are confident, among the champagne showers last night david wright said the champagne tastes even sweeter because the team has waited such a long time for the big win. we will see some die-hard fans out here in a few hours once the team gets back to their home turf. they will have one day to rest before saturday night's game which will kick off at 8:07. matt arby taking the route which should be a big one. live from city field back to
5:34 am
antwan: it is 5:30, bill deblasio and former mayor michael bloomberg apparently planned to bury the hatchet. during bill deblasio's campaign in 2013, very critical of michael bloomberg, they will make nice, joint news conference next wednesday, they will also planned the last 3 of the million freeze program started in 2007 to improve quality of life in this city. juliet: commuting to college in the city can be expensive said charles schumer is introducing a bill that would give fair discounts to college students. the senator met with students at the university yesterday, did they ever thousand dollars a year just to get to class. >> you add that to go for the month, $253 a month, and really hits my wallet a lot. things like textbooks, daily
5:35 am
experience that because i have to spend so much money on transportation, takes a huge hit on my account. juliet: that was very detailed, the senator's legislation will give the transit agency's funding to cover at least a 25% student discount which i think is important. that is a lot of money to be spending when you are a kid. antwan: a standard state driver's license to fly for at least another year, the department of homeland security is granted a 1-year extension to comply with a real id act which requires wires to have proof of citizenship before getting on any commercial flight. you don't have to prove you are a u.s. citizen before getting your license in new york, the state is in violation of the act, a is a encouraging you to upgrade to an enhanced drivers license compliance with federal law but costs an extra $30. juliet: it is chilly this morning. ben: possibly some rain coming through. >> meteorologist: it depends on
5:36 am
some folks, showers fall apart before they get here. got a little rain coming mainly to the northwestern sections but for the most part it is about cool temperatures we will see this weekend so let's give you a preview of the weekend, saturday, it will be breezy as the cold front goes by, temperatures much cool with highs in the 50s, today close to 70. tomorrow night you are going to see clear skies, cool temperatures, the possibilities of frost in the area, perhaps the first freeze in places to the northwest of the city and as we head to sunday that will bring back clouds, chile as well with highs going near 50 degrees so that is definitely a chilly day below normal temperatures making a come back. here is the radar, fox 5 sky guardian showing scattered showers mainly again to the northwest, a round sullivan county toward ulster county
5:37 am
moderate rain holding together but just barely, it will break down as it continues to coming to the tristate, partly cloudy and central park, 56, other regional temperatures, 52 in d.c. there is the cold front, a fairly weak one but a wave of low pressure looks like it will keep things going, that little additional piece of energy, through the northwestern section of the tristate in sussex county, the sake as well as bergen county seeing scattered showers and the lower hudson valley, but it is out of here later this afternoon, then that cooler air start settling in, we have reinforcing shot of cooler air and that makes temperatures drop back into the 30s by the time we get to saturday, sunday morning. sunny skies in the afternoon after a few quick morning showers, it is drier tomorrow but cool, high of 56 saturday, 51 sunday. weather apps at the
5:38 am
play store, download for free right now. juliet: you are ruining my weekend, pretty cold. i have a wedding day. books to read. ines: the commute this morning, cross county parkway east bound an accident involving a down pole, to the shoulder, you could have some slowdowns. putnam county were fine, 684. let's go to our cameras and see how things are moving this morning on 79th street traffic eastbound and westbound no problems this morning. as for the bqe normal delays from atlantic avenue approaching the bridge, all lanes closed for holding up traffic, as usual all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge so on and off delays, nothing moving right now. lincoln tunnel in bound you are fine, little delay as you approach the whole plaza, no significant delays. the holland tunnel or the george
5:39 am
take that, doing fine. you have a wedding, we have weddings. juliet: anna gilligan is getting married on sunday, i am looking forward to that. ben: we all know you -- it is legendary around here. >> i said three couples up and all three have gotten married. you need any help? come to me. i haven't done very well myself. ben: moved it. it is 5:41, we will come back and talk about the mets. juliet: celebrating around the city. duke:
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juliet: before lamar odum was found unconscious and then legal brothel in nevada he spent $75,000 over four days there. his axe, clique kardashian
5:42 am
brothel to stop talking to the press. but he says he is just protecting his business. antwan: assessment that girl died after her mother flew her out of our window. this happened in the bronx, police a she was screaming before she dropped her daughter. juliet: stop in and buy a lottery ticket, according to the web site it is the luckiest lottery locale in the entire state. the site says players there have a one in 2,000 chance of hitting a $25,000 pay outs or more. where is that close to? how far away is that? i will google. antwan: i have been to new hyde park, duke is here to talk about the nets. duke: every pitch was so intense, every move was so intense, matt and dodgers in l.a. make no mistake, this was
5:43 am
the first, terry collins, they all paid off, the best pitcher in baseball, that is the clutch, drives the ball to left-center field, kiki hernandez has trouble with it and granderson is going to score and murphy ends up on third, met up 1-0, bottom of the first the dodgers get a run back, justin turner, at the met's tender him after the 2013 season, we don't want you, he was on fire, goes the other way, rbi single, top of the fourth, something you don't see every day, lucas walks and daniel murphy notices because the shift is and no one is that third. it was huge, they tied it up with two and comes back in the sixth and unload its his third home run of the seas, solo shot
5:44 am
3-2, bottom of the ninth, i thought this was the mistake to leave him in for success. he was throwing the ball so well in the seventh, no way you can do this, absolutely no way you can ask him to get furrowing. but i was wrong. collins went with it and he gets save. going down swinging, they clinch the series, daniel murphy with two big hits, the extra base hit to first, the extra base hit to in the fourth inning that made the difference in this ball game. make no mistake, talk about it after the game. >> don't see me is the best way to describe it. lucas does such a great job to win that at bat, we have seen the ways that mixes pitches 3-one-3-2, they got a shift work on so running into second, i look forward before and hoping
5:45 am
home nobody calls time out, or somebody called time out, i looked like a buffoon and didn't want that to happen. juliet: they wanted to show that. duke: murphy is not known, anyone who watches mets baseball, the base running, for him to make the smartest best base running play at the most crucial time i am saying to myself go wild, mets and chicago cubs were bitter rivals when both were in the national league east, that rivalry will be released tomorrow night, matt harvey starting tomorrow night for the mets, jon lester will take them on for the chicago cubs, the seems never faced each other in the postseason, and that party spoke about that last night after the game. >> they showed up at home we are excited to get back, have the
5:46 am
duke: the cubs announced they will miss the national league championship series, he injured his hamstring, double, triple in the bottom of the fourth in monday night's game 3, the mets were 0-7 against the cubs in the regular-season. that means absolutely nothing, this team is so much different after the trade deadline. when i was a kid in 1988 the mets were 10-1 against the dodgers in the regular season that year. means nothing to all those records. juliet: what else means nothing is kansas city royals and blue jays. duke: plenty of fires in the championship series, the team features power arm and the other power back, please to binge clearing incidents. they do not like each other. there have been just ups.
5:47 am
starting game won to start marco estrada. duke: at new hyde park perhaps. duke: in suffolk county. you can catch a game 1, the first pitch 8:07. and rick lundquist and the rangers taking and the canadians of of the turnover, thomas sliceman will stay with the play, beat the kings and it is 1-0 canadians. he is going to skate in and plug it in for the goal. the islanders, the brooklyn islanders, hosting the predators, bangs it off of the post, 1-0.
5:48 am
2-1, nashville turnover, on the brakealway, puts it in for the goal and the islanders win 4-3 the final score. >> daniel murphy was only given a four year scholarship offer at jacksonville university. interested in him. money. a free agent at the end of the year. >> let's look at the forecasts. >> some showers to keep an eye on. sussex county. we see the rain action break up. the northwest quadrant, to the north and to the west, it is not a lot, not a big deal, 46
5:49 am
48 in montauk, 60 degrees, and temperature is a little warmer, we have that southerly southwesterly flow, temperatures of little bit warmer than it was 24 hours ago, 4 degrees warmer at central park, that is the last of it, color temperatures right behind the rain fall and the rain again trying to hold together but future cast as an saying all week long it is not going to do a great job hanging together because there's not a lot of moisture with a cold front coming in to town. only a few scattered light showers to the northwest and we will see clearing skies later in the afternoon, morning commute might get soggy, not too many and dries a band gets cooler, more cold air keeps dumping from canada saturday and sunday and looks like we might even have our first frost and/or freeze in the tristate region over the weekend. something to look forward to. maybe we can build the snowman.
5:50 am
enjoy the warmth because tomorrow is dropping down, all little rain to the northwest a drying out later in the afternoon, 56 is your high tomorrow, it will be a little pull and lack sunshine, slow gradual warm-up through next week. >> it is going to be cold. >> we are not ready for cold. >> it is going to be there. traffic this morning looking great, conn. no problems 95, a slight slowdown northbound as you approach that area but it is not a big deal, merritt parkway looks good both directions, 287 morris county moving good, let's take a look at your commute this morning on the bronx parkway 2 thirty-third street south bound for the cross bronx you are fine, no problems for the cross county parkway. as for the 59th street bridge upper lower-level looks great
5:51 am
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juliet: they you see this the antwan: we egg filling in for anna gilligan because she is busy. 5:56 the mets' big win, biggest >> almost like you saw a big foot or you what ghost stories. i don't think i saw it,
5:54 am
slow-motion, keep energy and actually happen. juliet: he was yelling his head on later on but we didn't want to show that what. it is very disturbing. he was freaking out when the mets won and offered a couple choice words for the dodgers's chase utley, if we watch this video. posting short videos, getting thousands of likes and now that they're going for the pennant, this should be more amazing. aaron and cruise has revealed how much she wants in damage left after being secretly taped in her tennessee hotel room. antwan: she is demanding $75 million. defile the suit against marriott and several other defendants but she filed amendment claiming they're responsible for filming her throw people inside the hotel room in 2008. she claims the hotel said she was staying there, agreed to put
5:55 am
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