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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit juliet: watching our show. especially when i am talking about her on the air. she is ignoring us. one of the most beautiful people i have ever met in my life. everything is perfect. sun shine this afternoon. mike will tell us what is going on with the forecast.
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odom's time at the brothel. reports that he spent thousands and thousands of dollars there. he remains on life-support this morning. antwan: we will keep you updated. police say they shot a motor such a trip -- antwan: everything is good in my life. everything good in your life? how was your breakfast? i did not put enough water in the oatmeal. it was too crunchy. [laughter] a little syrup on it.
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what is paneling, anyway? >> i was wondering. just checking. good morning, everyone. it is friday. here is the radar. we have some scattered showers. mainly light stuff. notice how it is breaking up. notice sussex county. not too many folks will have to do with the rainfall. that is probably good news. six -- ages behind in terms of the year. the sun is still not out for a little while. fifty-six in central park. fifty-three and boston. forty-two in pittsburgh.
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moisture and minimal list. only held together for a little while longer. mostly cloudy skies for most of us here. the clouds will break up. after judaic, the temperature start coming back down again. cool air is back behind it. that just kind of works its way through. continuing to work its way by. frosty temperatures. let's talk about colors. high temperature today goes up to 67 degrees.
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let's bring in ines. ines: not a lot of problems so far this morning. off to a good start. ballpark way, all lanes were closed here. construction was found. new jersey, middlesex county, you are fine. let's go to our cameras. rockland county, you are fine. no problems on the northbound side. a slow ride their northbound. as far as a lincoln tunnel, 15 editing inbound.
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the mets are on their way back home. >> a are now advancing. duke is here. >> make no mistake. a lot of heroes. staying. in the first. daniel murphy at the plate. he will want off the wall. he is doing this against the best pitcher in baseball this year. that will bring curtis granderson into score. murphy winds up on third. daniel murphy. no one is covering third. no one is there. murphy unloads.
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the mets go up three-two. the mets when it. talking about the crazy play. >> i have never been in the playoffs before. it is absolutely massive. always tell me to keep your head up. keep your head up. fortunately, we came out on the right end of it. >> make sure that you show that play. the first time since 2006. the game against the cup tomorrow night. >> that is awesome.
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last night. >> probably on the plane. >> here to new york. they will give a pink warm welcome from the entire city. a couple of diehard fans. it is pretty early. the celebrations continuing her out the night. >> the new york mets have won the series. >> new york city went crazy last night. fans packed into the pop in midtown to take it all in. the fans have waited a long time
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for this. the team has not been in the playoffs since 2006. they have their eyes on the next series. >> it does not matter who you bring out. it is over. >> you can see the stadium lived up. you see a lot of fans driving by here. they are excited about this game. starting at 8:07 p.m. tomorrow night. we are live at citi field this morning. back to you. juliet: thank you very much.
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spent a fortune. juliet: about $75000. some friction between his ex- quality car -- and in the owner of the love french. people have been very critical of how things were handled there. antwan: the man is fighting for his life. >> still no condition on lamar odom. rumored to still be on life-support. a murder suspect who police say attacked them with knives is recovering this morning. >> wanted for killing his estranged girlfriend. police caught up with him and a duplex and have a sack over night.
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>> the suspect presented himself with a knife. a lot of police officers in a very small kitchen area. i am told that this time that it is a non-life-threatening injury. he is currently in surgery. antwan: police arrested two women last night as well. juliet: we have a lot more coming up. including the presidents decision to reverse policy on keeping troops in afghanistan. mike: there are a few morning showers out there. we will see more son later in the day. an hourly forecast. the fox5 weather app. downloaded on the google play store.
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antwan: back now at 6:13 a.m. on friday the 16th. mike, we're talking about temperatures coming in. showers.
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[laughter] something now. antwan: this is why i only come once every couple months. mike: nothing but love. passing showers. mostly to the north and west of the city. barely holding together, but a little bit of it is. more of the cool temperatures continue to combat us as we come to the weekend. it looks like it wants to come to us. we do have some rain. this has showers coming through. it is making its way to the north and northeast. it does not look like a lot of
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that is going to hold together. you will see some of it holding together. your current temperature is 56 agrees that central park. good amount of cloud cover here. that will all scoot on. again, the rain out of this whole thing will not be impressive at all. closing in on 7 inches. temperatures make it up to 63. high of 56 to borrow. your morning started off start off temperature is only 38 degrees. you do have sunny skies. high temperatures getting close
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let's bring in ines rosales. the weather is not a challenge out there. >> good morning, mike. connecticut, we're doing okay. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the gowanus. traffic slowed. a little blurry because of the time. let's check out the cross bronx, alexander hamilton bridge. we are doing okay. as for the family ask, everything okay. this is southbound.
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looking good. >> i also put it on my facebook page. antwan: making the announcement yesterday. he has reversed course. 5000 troops in afghanistan once he leaves office. helping to prevent terrorist attacks against our country. >> opportunity for a stable ally. we have an international coalition. i am convinced that we should make this extra effort. >> backing military is not as strong as they need to be. >> a very violent time. meeting with leaders around the world.
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they are there to discuss challenges facing our countries and world. israeli entrepreneur agreed to pay as a gift to the city. antwan: the father back in december of 1988 took the lives of 278 people. the on named libyans are expected of involvement. they want to send officials over. >> a fantasy sports website. that state will now regard the state as gambling.
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fantasy leagues like draft king are not. they must shut down until they receive gambling licenses. allegations made fortunes. antwan: doesn't seem like your iphone is using battery power? >> the facebook app is not properly closing down. it is refreshing content in the background. even if you specifically cannot option off. >> well, yeah. , on facebook.
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antwan: back now at 6:22 a.m. the hectic days of modern life may be robbing us of some much-needed sleep. the study suggests that gathering tribes. about six in a half hours of
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slightly less than the average american. juliet: do you hear that? if there is somebody in the building that is hammering, can you maybe stop? a voluntary recall because of mold. we calling products. june 30, 2016 and july 26, 2016 bid that applesauce does not pose a health risk. head to our website, fox5 and antwan: -- juliet: during renovations at the rotunda, originally built inside.
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two fireboxes that provided heat. students at the time were terrified of workstations. so interesting. antwan: green clovers. i did not really eat the cereal. many have dug through a box of lucky charms. >> i like the cereal -ish part of it. general mills is coming out with a new version of its delicious cereal. made up entirely of the magically delicious marshmallows juliet: that is 80s rap icon. he came up with the song "you
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he is promoting the new cereal. you can get your hands on the cereal if you are lucky. the company is only making 10 boxes. to get one, you have to win their selfie contest. you can post it over social media. i would imagine it is probably how you surround your picture. juliet: a box full of just marshmallows. juliet: i bet if you get one of these boxes, you are lucky. you will win something. antwan: just get a 5-pound bag of sugar. juliet: and then you are set. antwan: 6:25 a.m. juliet: your top stories would
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound.
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juliet: antwan lewis. that is the empire state building. just seeing if you were awake. [laughter] we have some cool temperatures coming up this weekend. antwan: the mets did eat the dodgers last night. their champagne celebration. there now headed to the national league. juliet: the race for president. joe biden may announce whether or not he is going to jump into the race.
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seriously considering it. antwan: u.s. airways. completing the merger with usair. i always like them. juliet: virgin is the way to go. great airline. antwan: good morning. i am antwan. juliet: ben simmoneau was not feeling well yesterday did i am glad that he is not here today. >> let's call him and see how he is doing. >> he did time that out just right, though. having friday off. antwan: the man was sick. juliet: so was i when i was in london. >> i had a cold two weeks ago
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the whole sinus thing. exactly. i did not have to get on a plane. weather, there's not a whole lot going on. the showers are holding together just barely. over towards putnam county. you have some light showers that will scoot through here for a everyone else's more about the cloudier skies" temperatures. fifty-nine of bridgeport. 45 degrees of monticello. the cold front is working its way through. lot of rain out of it. just a little bit. mainly to the north and west of the city. plenty of sun in the afternoon. all right. let's bring in ines and see
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what's going on. backups out there that you need to know about. ines: let's start off with route one and nine. local lanes blocking two lanes. nassau county, you are fine. things are starting to slow down. you are okay. let's go to our cameras and see how things are looking this morning. eastbound heading towards the verrazano bridge, you are okay. westbound side, you are fine. gowanus, traffic really slow this morning. you can see the flashing light. i'm going to move out of the way. once you pass that, you are moving better. the stall is backing things up. do not forget, we have that game coming up. you do have a song.
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heard this yet. 2006. brought it back. antwan: what is the name of it or should mark. juliet: isn't is it the one that shelly palmer was involved in? good job. we are all singing let's go mets. the mets won last night. a lot of fans are feeling tired. perhaps, hung over. antwan: daniel murphy. that is a cool slide. champagne, as you can see, was flowing after the game. very optimistic about their future. >> no matter the outcome of this season, the light at the end of
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juliet: at the mets are back in the first time since 2006. game one against the cubs will be tomorrow night. duke is going to give us some details coming up in sports. meanwhile, rumors surrounding whether joe biden will be entering the race for president are really heating up. >> reporter: good morning to you. will he or won't he. that is the question. joe biden has to answer that question fairly quickly. the e-mail we are referring to is sent by a close confident to joe biden. he is giving the presidential run some serious thought. he will announce whether he is in very soon. that is according to a close advisor. he wrote if he decides to run, we will need each and every one
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of you. the e-mail is another piece of evidence that biden is seriously considering it. biden himself was mom as reporters shouted questions at him before he met with south korean president yesterday. the candidates who are already money they raised in the three months ending on september 30. hillary clinton led with 28 onion dollars. for the republican side, ben carson raised 20 million. ted cruz 12.2 million. republicans will next event on october 28 on cnbc. the chance that carson and trump will not be there. the two men have threatened to not show up at the deviate is
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does not allow opening and closing statements. >> i think that it is unfair to the viewers. they are doing it because they want to make more money. >> reporter: cnbc is still finalizing the debate format. ted cruz and grandpa have also indicated they want opening and closing statements. clearly those opening and closing statements are important because they give and uninterrupted. you have these two entities. >> maybe if they join together in solidarity they can get their way. 6:36 a.m. before he was found unconscious,
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lamar odom spent a lot of money at that legal brothel in nevada. antwan: $75000. apparently, there is some friction between his ex and the owner. juliet: kardashian wants him to stop. he is just trying to protect his business. there is still no official word on his condition. lamar odom is reportedly on life support. antwan: another baby has died after being thrown out a window. she dangled her daughter out of a window yesterday afternoon. stunned neighbors say she was child. she has not been charged. the third child thrown out the window in the last few months.
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for u.s. airways takes off. antwan: it was the part san francisco just before 10:00 o'clock. headed to philadelphia. u.s. airways and american airlines are completing a big merger. it will still take a few months for american to replace their planes. there is still caught in a note. antwan: r baffert eastern airlines. juliet: 6:38 a.m. antwan: joining us from the fox business network. let's talk about hangovers. [laughter]
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it sounds that it was a drag of $249 billion. they describe binge drinking for men five or more drinks. for women, four or more drinks on one occasion. i have a trip question for you. which city out of all the cities in the united states has the greatest economic drag on the economy because of hangovers. antwan: new orleans. juliet: i'm going to go for a crazy one and say dallas. now we have an explanation to why nothing gets done in washington, d.c. we can now explain why nothing happens.
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have a great weekend. juliet: this gorgeous girl hayley o'neill. here is her boyfriend. people have birthdays all over the place. it looks like he is strangling his cat. he takes it off for walks on a leash. i am not even joking. fortieth birthday today. we love him. >> you guys have seen the pictures. when is he going to start acting like it? antwan: all right, mike.
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here is what is to be expected here. passing showers. there will be more sunshine for everyone later in the afternoon. then a blast of chilly air. yes indeed we can see our first frost. perhaps even a phrase for parts of the tri-state. let's get to ines and see what's going on. we know we have some backups out there. there is a stall on the jackie robinson are quick. central parkway newark bound, traffic moving slow. one and nine north bound and the local lanes, there is an accident. no problems through 280. as far as the trains, running on or close to schedule. duke: coming up in sports.
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what a night he had. what a night for the mets.
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antwan: back now at 6:44 a.m. a man wanted for killing his wife was shot last night. he was shot once in the stomach. prosecutors say they have identified two new libyan suspects in a 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103. both scotland and the u.s. want to send officials to interview these people. a voluntary recall because of mold. best by dates between june 30, 2016 and july 26, 2016. the big news is that the mets won last night in los angeles. >> what a game. i second-guessed terry collins a couple of times. especially in that eighth inning.
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i was wrong. let's pick it up in the first inning. it is daniel murphy. facing the best pitcher of basalt they share. driving the ball to left side to field. granderson comes in to score. murphy, double. bottom of the first. the dodgers get the run back. 2013 season. on fire this series. go see other way. tied at one. something that you do not see every day. daniel murphy know notices that nobody's on third. he takes it. it was a huge point in this game. solo home run. the mets go up three-two. bottom of the ninth, it is still
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i had some fun. he was lights out in the seventh. one hundred rounds. he gets this. the mets went three-two. they clinch the series. double. home run. three-four. the pig baserunning play in the fourth. that was a different thing. >> don't see me is the best way to describe it. doing such a great job to win that at that. making this pitch three-one and 32. i am kind of running into second. i have looked for it before. kind of giving a peek and hoping nobody calls timeout. duke: a couple things that are
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he is not a great base runner. the other thing is, that sand sweetmeat. beyond this, did you watch terry collins? he had the hot hand. came to the plate in the bottom of the eighth. this move is really bad. chase utley in the bottom of the ninth. it was just a long fly ball. there you go. the mets and chicago cubs were once rivals in the l.i.e. used. that rivalry will start monday. the mets have never faced each other in the postseason. they will have home field advantage.
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excited to get back. obviously have a day off tomorrow. >> the cubbies will travel to nothing. this is so different. remember, they did not have kelly johnson. remember, when i was a kid, they dodgers. they lost that year. food jay's. plenty of fireworks. the teams feature the power arm. the blue jays have power back. they do not like each other. they both worked out yesterday. that series will start tonight on fox5.
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here on fox5. coverage starts at 7:30 a.m. henrik lundquist in the rangers taking on the canadians. the rangers. they started over there. he makes them pay. he flicks it in. the canadians go on to win three-nothing. it will take a little bit to get second. down two-one. breaking the other way. the mets tied it to. nelson, wide shot. they went four-two the final score. mets fans waking up.
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it is going to be fun. juliet: screaming and cheering for everybody. you have been to l.a. there are a lot of fans. antwan: let's check in with mike. 6:51 a.m. mike: and looks like they are kind of backing down for us. now. orange county, putnam county. into dutchess county. moving pretty quickly. fifty-six is your temperature in central park. wind coming in from the west, hour. 42 degrees in pittsburgh.
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through the northeast in the tri-state. a little bit of light rain is pretty much all we are going to see. we do have much cool or air. fifty-six tomorrow. parisi. our low struck down to the 30s for a couple days in a row. fox5 has the weather at. it is at the apple itunes and google play store. download it for free right now. antwan: 6:52 a.m. entertainment news is coming some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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>> we are back. some problems in queens this morning. approaching the grand central parkway, there is a stop blocking a lane. the l.i.e., you have some slow spots. traffic moving slow. as for the trains, long island railroad, better north and the patterns are looking good this morning. running on our close. antwan: 6:55 a.m. antwan: anna is getting married on sunday.
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antwan: lady gaga. such a connection with at risk youth. last year she admitted she was raped by an unidentified man. taylor swift. the rumor mill is working overtime. hoover megahit that lead is about. antwan: a lot of people think that it is about her feud with katy perry. she does not mind if people think that the song is about perry, just as long as they to not think that it is about her love life. juliet: check out this video. a box of chickens. falls in love with this great and ms. block.
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she would like to put them on top of her head. coco has nurtured several kittens like they were her own babies. juliet: that thing is bigger than coco. thank you so much for coming in today. always wonderful to see you.
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