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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 16, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". greg: they did it! the mets, good stuff. welcome to you. rosanna: thank you for inviting me into your life air and your home. october 16th, and rosanna scotto. greg: greg kelly. mike did say it was going to rain. is that really going to happen? >> meteorologist: a little mixed in the northwest. rosanna: don't give too much away. >> to the plate and struck him out and the new york mets. rosanna: i wanted to hug somebody too. greg: 3-2 over the dodgers. even with that sickening slide
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is made fools, take us to the championship game at shea stadium, city field. rosanna: prayers going out lamar odom. new information about what the basketball star was doing before he was found unconscious. a story of triumph and overcoming the odds. we talked to a career criminal turned criminal defense attorney. can you imagine, on both sides of the law. greg: serious drug felonies and now he is a prominent member of society, productive member of society working as criminal defense attorney. that was a long time ago. how about the nets? the paper today, someone said they are no longer the lovable champions. let's go to the video tape, the series comes to -- rosanna: new york saturday. greg: give us --
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rosanna: saturday. i don't know. it is not going to be saturday unless you work your own connections. greg: it was all about yankees. rosanna: i want to get back into the huddle. can we do our and jumping up and down? >> meteorologist: don't want to be on the bottom of the dog pile. greg: they have a ways to go. the world series. rosanna: how is the weather looking for saturday night? >> it will be breezy. rosanna: we are used to this weather. >> meteorologist: then again chicago, the windy city, kind of cold. we will see, should be fine. a little rain coming at you today. look at the radar, the showers pass by to the north of us, in
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the city most of this broke up, a sprinkle here and there, pretty much what we expected. as you head up the hudson valley not that impressive with the rain fall because there's not enough moisture or lift to bring out a lot of water so we are getting some. dutchess county into putnam county, lighter showers are working their way through but after that goes by we need to break the cloud cover and bring lots of sunshine later in the afternoon. temperatures now 55 at central park, 63 in montauk, 43 in monticello, temperatures warmer than it was 24 hours ago, 17 degrees warmer in poughkeepsie, they're doing that swing back and forth. on the upswing 17 degrees warmer in poughkeepsie, 4 degrees warmer in central park, 3 degrees warmer in newark and allentown, cloudy skies, cold front coming through, the cold front did not have a lot of lift or moisture to squeeze out so and not much happened with low rainfall, sussex county, parts
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of passaic county got showers but it is moving on already. from this point for we break up those clouds and get you into the sunshine in a few hours, 63 by mid day, high temperatures 67 later on, tomorrow you will see a cooler day, high of 56 in breezy on top of that and lows from saturday in to sunday and sent into monday dropping in to the 30s for the first time in a long time and you will feel it, maybe frost and freeze conditions around the tristate. let's bring in ines rosales talking about several issues. i am looking at one that is not good at all. ines: let's start with putnam county, problems on 84 east bound by exit 19, watch for an accident blocking a lane, new jersey doing fine and 78 for the parkway, no problems with 280, let's check the staten island expressway by victory boulevard, your normal slow down as you move farther east closer to the verrazzano, west bound your
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that camera shot, traffic slow because of a stall. in this area tough to see, flashing lights approaching the prospect these bounds of towards the brooklyn bridge slower than normal, west bound you are okay, a little slow down there, grand central parkway delays eastbound two things going on by the jackie robinson parkway, accident on grand central parkway toward the jackie robinson parkway east bound where it merges with the grand central, there's a stall, exceeding delays, taking of an elected to the left, you will be fine, trains, everything on or close. greg: we did it. in los angeles limits are coming home, not quite champs but on our way. rosanna: they celebrated like rock stars after the mets won last night. it was a big game, they beat the dodgers by a score of 3-2. duke castiglione, where's the champagne this morning on "good day new york"?
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every page, every at bat counted. one of those games you bite your nails the whole game. this is one we won't forget for long time, daniel murphy we won't forget for a long time, he is at the plate in the first inning, curtis granderson on bass, murphy will drive in in and kiki hernandez has trouble, granderson comes in to score, winds up on third and mets are up 1-0. top of the fourth, the play of the game, something you don't see every day, huge shift right here and nobody sees covering third base, he takes at a walk and scores of sac fly and that is huge, tying the game up in two and comes up and unties it. murphy unloads the solo home run, his third of the ceres, mets go up 3-2, winning the game 3-2, clinching the series. murphy was 3 for 4, the extra
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base hit, he had a single in this game, that was based running play, based running play that tied it up was so cute in this game. >> everybody is from the windup, you have an opportunity to get in rhythm with him, the first at bat, jumps on news so much the first two surprise me so i had to get my foot down earlier so once he got to the stretch, got your feet on the earth or he will chew you up and spit you out. >> he wants to get his stride down and make sure he is on time, he smacked that home run. the first time since 2006, game 1 will begin for the cubs to my night at 8:07 and city field, more highlights and post-game reaction later in sports. greg: the players are expected in city field presume. from dodger stadium to an
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sports bars and at home really enjoyed the course. rosanna: lots of excitement surrounding the team, liz dahlem is at city field, what time is the team expected to show what? >> reporter: in half an hour, we can see the team rolling in, grab their cards and head home to get some rest before tomorrow night's game, you see the big delivery trucks lining up outside, more baseball to play. there was a big celebration in this city and every one that was superexcited about this big mets win. >> the new york mets have won the series. >> reporter: the mets celebrate their when on the field in los angeles, new york city went crazy last night. fans packed into foley's pub in midtown to take all in. mets fans have waited a long
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time for this. the team hasn't been in the playoffs since 2006. >> nine years coming, nine years coming. >> reporter: now fans have their eyes on the next series. >> the seven game series, harvey, it doesn't matter. it is over. >> reporter: during a celebration in the locker room david wright put it best, the campaign tastes even sweeter because the team has waited a long time for this. live at city field lot of drivers and truck drivers sitting by to give us the hong kong bullhorn to let us know they're happy about this victory as well, the game will kickoff tomorrow night at 8:07 at city field. live from city field, back inside the. greg: the budweiser truck is there. rosanna: it is for the people
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greg: say hi to the nets. rosanna: in other news going on a murder suspect who police say attacked them a knife is recovering. greg: jose alvarez is wanted for killing his estranged girlfriend and her son in jersey city. police caught up with him and shot him after they say he came after them with a knife. take a look. >> the suspect presented himself with a knife, a lot of police officers in a small kitchen area. one shot was fired to the abdomen area. i am told that this time it is a non life running injury, currently in surgery at hackensack university medical center. >> two women were arrested, they lied to police officers telling them santos alvarez was not in the building. greg: politics, it is fun this time, donald trump and ben carson taking in all kinds of
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about skipping the next presidential debate. rosanna: ben carson and donald trump reportedly will spit if the event format is not changed. greg: they say it doesn't too long. rosanna: they see nbc just wants to throw more commercials in and make more money. greg: joe biden, is he going to run for president to give people close to him by saying stay tuned, something is going to happen any minute. rosanna: it is imminent. greg: the eminent art is he might not do it. eminem he will tell you whether he will do or not. rosanna: robert moses has a crystal ball. what do you see in the future? >> reporter: i think he is going to run. rosanna: i don't think so. greg: who knows? >> reporter: here is why i say that. get our best evidence yet, here is the evidence, it comes in the form of an e mail one of his advisers and his supporters, it is a message to rally the troops
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because if joe biden does decide to jump into this race he has a lot of catching up to do. joe biden may announce whether he is in very soon, that according to former delaware senator ted kaufman who is a close adviser. in an e-mail attained by the associated press he sent a democrat who worked for joe biden before kaufman wrote if he decides to run we will need each and every one of you yesterday. the e-mail is another piece of evidence that joe biden is seriously considering it. some have speculated hillary clinton's commanding performance at the first democratic debate might discourage the vice president from entering the race. joe biden himself was mom as reporters shouted questions at him before he met with south korea's president yesterday. >> we will talk about that later. >> reporter: candidates who are already in the race disclose how much money they raised in the two months end please -- ending september 11th, hillary clinton
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sanders at $26 million, on the republican side ben carson raise $20 million, jeb bush $13.4 million and ted cruz $12.2 million. republicans will next debate on october 28th on cnbc but there's a chance carson and front runner donald trump may not be there. the two. to have rented not show up if the debate is longer than two hours and if it does not allow for opening and closing statements. >> they want to make this an extra hour and i think it is unfair to the viewers because it is too much, too much to watch and they're doing it because they want to make more money. >> reporter: cnbc is finalizing the debate format, they want to make the debate as fair as possible but it will consider the desires of the candidates. part of the reasons of many of them want this opening and closing statement is day only uninterrupted time to make their pitches. greg: you got everybody up
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there, all these people running. the republican side, it is huge, 75 people running for president, you got to get these guys to drop out. rosanna: the opening statement is might be favored part of the whole thing because it feels scripted and wrote and hokey. it is like get rid of that stuff. let's be more conversation about the whole thing. the only time you might get to the meat of the situation is when you are going at it with each other. greg: donald trump has been getting what he wants. rosanna: let's talk about that chef at that uconn school who tackled the so-called mack and cheese student. that chef says she forgives that young man to point. >>, the american cheese. greg: ready getting into it with
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the head chef bill mackay rustling luke gatti to the floor. he has apologized for it. the chef accept the apology and what else about this? rosanna: he could still be expelled and some people even have suggested he joined the military to get his act together. he says he is ashamed by his behavior, he is facing charges, he is doing court next month. >> meteorologist: we are keeping an eye on things in terms of what weather around town. in the week and everyone wants to know what is happening. saturday we have mainly sunny skies back again but it will be breezy and much cooler than we have out there today. saturday night, looks like we have clear skies and maybe our first frost in parts of the tristate, even a freeze as you head north in higher elevations than that lasts into sunday because we will see bret cloudy
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high temperatures around 50 degrees so below normal by decent amount too. right now 55 degrees at central park with mostly cloudy skies, not much happening with rain over the five borrows, more to the northwest, temperatures, 46 in syracuse, 41 in d 4, 43 in pittsburgh, 52 in d.c. but this is the radar, picket showers as they approach as expected according to future cast so that before, they are saying most of the rain falls apart, that is what happens, the lenore west here saw the showers pretty light coming in and out fairly quickly, all little left over in dutchess, should be going away soon after. drier cooler air is going to work its way back in, that is wide temperatures are dropping 10 degrees as far as highs go tomorrow and another reenforcing shot of cold air comes across saturday and sunday and that makes it downright chilly, this
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below normal and significantly. today it is on the wilder side, 63 by midday, high of 67, morning showers not that big a problem for too many folks. it is more about sunshine today and tomorrow high temperature comes down 11 degrees, high of 56 and breezy too. look at that low sunday morning, 30 degrees is what we are talking about, frost and freeze conditions possible sunday and monday morning, high temperatures in the lower 50s for those two days. chilly weekend coming up, the last of the normal ones. let's bring in ines rosales, multiple issue is with our commute this morning. ines: you make it sound personal. westchester, you are okay off of the tappan zee bridge, a slight delay is approaching the tappan zee bridge from the thruway, connecticut turnpike 95 southbound approaching exit 13 in connecticut experiencing delays, normal delays, the parkway looks good and putnam counties to trying to clear away
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an accident, of to the shoulder and 84 east bound as you approach 684. let's go to the cameras and see helping them moving on the lie over by the old road, no problems west bound or east town, george washington bridge delays 30 minutes on the upper level right now, 15 to 20 at the lower, lincoln tunnel 45, in down holland tunnel as the 20 minute wait for me to approach. greg: we believe this is the mets' team parking lot, those cars right now, they belong to the team and they are in the air right now coming from l.a..
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odom's condition as he >> tempted to call where the mets play shea, a city field, six years later. rosanna: it is a nice place, they have the shake shack, the food is very good at city field. stop it now. so like a festival for that stuff. greg: i was looking at the ken venturi about the old shea stadium. greg: 7 one with billy joel? greg: billy joel made an
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appearance. you here in the background shea it ain't so. a great line. rosanna: we are waiting for the team to bring it to you. we want to get you up to speed with other things happening around the country. this one has to do with lamar odom, the ex nba star is not getting any better. doctors are saying his chances of survival are 50/50. greg: of the web site reports four vital organs are failing and he is not breathing on his own. doctors believe he is severely brain damaged at this point. lamar odom. rosanna: better days with his wife or ex-wife, though the judge hasn't signed that rosanna: she was found unconscious tuesday at the leva ranch, a legal brothel in nevada.
7:21 am
he has been there since saturday, he spent $75,000 at the love ranch. rosanna: greg: he is speaking of the the place about what he found, details of lamar's condition as he knows some. the kardashians have been saying maybe you could not talk so much about that. rosanna: that is ironic since the kardashians court the press all the time. greg: in this case i understand. if you have above the one found at a brothel first thing i would try to do is minimize that. rosanna: he is trying to protect his business. or promote it. depending on how you look at it. there are reports, don't know if they're substantiated, there are reports that kim kardashian was holding walmart's hand yesterday in the hospital room and he squeezed it back. there was some kind of muttering activity by his eyes and he gave her a squeeze on her hand.
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greg: let's hope so. miracle could happen here. pretty powerful story on the front of the new york times about his upbringing in queens and for a lot of folks this was not a surprise. greg: rosanna: please make an arrest and that molotov cocktail attack in midtown. greg: police say he threw a flaming bottle of liquid and a group of men on west 30 second street rosanna: no one was hurt. mr. miles is facing civil charges including attempted murder and felony assault. greg: a cute gorilla with a baby kitten. that is koko the gorilla who was on the cover of time magazine along time ago. is believed cocoa understand something like 1,000 to 2,000 word and is good with sign language. rosanna: cocoa celebrated her birthday, she fell in love with mr. gray and miss black and was put on top of her head. over the years cocoa has
7:23 am
they were her own babies. greg: what happens when the kittens become cavs? are they still tight? we did something similar. with those two baboons playing with kittens. greg: i am crazy about cats, the a spca in new york city was putting those cats up for adoption. hopefully they found homes. coming up on "good day new york" we have a guest here who was addicted to drugs, even sold some. he served hard time in some of new york's toughest prisons. greg: here he is as a criminal defense attorney. he spent a decade in jail and turned his life around in a huge way and now does a great job in the courtroom.
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total will go. antwan: take a close look at that little dot in the middle of the parking lot. i did not know that we have that. they actually marked off home plate in the middle of the parking lot. that is the pitcher's mound. rosanna: who knew.
7:26 am
greg, thank you for that information. how did you know that? greg: dave and the baptist told me that. i miss the old stadium. i can look to home plate and say my father took me to that. greg: you can run the bases. you can say you actually ran the bases. greg: that is so cool. jim, of course, is right next door. citi field. right there. i like that. rosanna: it will be standing room only on saturday night. greg: the mets are coming back and playing the cubs. is your brother a bond not a big executive at that stadium?
7:27 am
space. greg: send them a nice e-mail and see what happens. rosanna: mike woods. mike: only a few showers from what is coming through this morning. parts of long island. live radar. just to the south of long island. out near the south fork, south part of long island. it looks like it could come into places like near fire island end of the of the hamptons. direction. another little patchy shower for a wild showed up. bad. the rain we have been dealing with is breaking up and moving on. moisture.
7:28 am
showers. the general trend is for the connecticut, you are also looking at a decent amount of rain. if you get the showers, it is only out there for the morning. we have cloudy skies with 55 degrees out at such a part. fifty-two in newark. fifty-six in bridgeport. wind coming in from the southwest around three-13 miles per hour. morning showers, yes, they will be here. 67 degrees by 2:00 p.m. you have some sunshine back at that time as well. it is going to be pretty chilly this afternoon. only a high of 56 tomorrow. mainly sunny skies. parisi, two.
7:29 am
it will be quite chilly as we kick into the next workweek here. all right. let's give it another look at what is happening with your friday morning commute. ines: learning, mike. queens on the l.i.e., normal delays. just cleared a stall by the grand central parkway. new jersey commute not too bad. normal delays. route 46, the turnpike doing okay. let's go to our cameras. take a look at traffic. it is been doing great. belt parkway in front of jfk, we do have some problems. trying to get on the parkway. there is an accident here behind the tree.
7:30 am
you still have normal delays. the cross bronx, also an accident. center lane blocked. center lane pocked with traffic moving slow. greg and rosanna. greg: thank you very much. let's take a look at our next guest. rosanna: he is not your typical criminal defense attorney. greg: a great lawyer. does very well for his clients. he was a packed guy on the wrong side of the law. he spent 10 years in jail. serious drug felonies. spent time in saying -- he turned his life around. got a law degree. now is working for justice. rosanna: nice to have you with
7:31 am
us on good day. you have a really unique look when you are defending their clients. >> i probably still have a rough edge that shows it self to a jury. rosanna: really, in what way? >> i talk loud indicates in-your-face. it is kind of a characteristic that up in jail. you have to show yourself to be strong. greg: new york times profile to earlier this week. someone sits you down and says you have a choice here. can you tell us about that, please. >> the last sentence in 1972, i met a woman that was a clergy volunteer.
7:32 am
an incredible human being. she made me look at who i was and who i could be. it has a very genetic impact of my life. i did not have a lot of self-esteem in those days. how to work to make my life different. rosanna: what did you do to land in jail? >> i was basically a drug seller. greg: you are in your 30s. that is a tough time. >> if people are going to reinvent themselves, they will do it in their 30s. there is a lot of data collected over the years. there is a right for change. i spent a lot of time in jail with no success. it was not a very successful criminal.
7:33 am
made money. it did not last very long. do you want to spend the rest of your life looking into a rearview mirror. i remember in those days i was always constantly worried. was i going to be arrested or who was following the. a very schizophrenic life that you live. you make bad choices. i made that choice is. rosanna: how do you think your now. >> i think that the bonding between the client and attorney is a crucial part of any case. you need to know the facts. if you are armed with the facts, you are always better at what
7:34 am
i think that because, in my experience, i have the sensibility to know when a client was not telling me the truth. i can feel them out in a way that makes them still feel comfortable. i do not tell most of my clients but i have been imprisoned. i do not want to start from there. greg: nyu, did they have a problem with your criminal background at first? >> well, no. committee. i think people were very perceptive to what i was trying to do with my life. very supportive. you cannot accomplish much in life and less people are willing to give you a chance. rosanna: i know you went to nyu. something in the paper about another young man.
7:35 am
schools in new york. when you and to nyu, they didn't ask you? so you. >> total disclosure. and undergraduate. total disclosure. we discussed my path. we discussed the fact that i had been in eight or nine different i was not really raised in a family setting. i mean, everything was discussed. out long enough. had a nice track record. greg: the president of nyu said your story should reflect. kind of a beautiful statement. the nyu president was one of your teachers while you were in law school.
7:36 am
>> beautiful man. i knew him and his wife well at that time. greg: were you ever considered a prosecutor? >> i do not think that i ever would have. i guess maybe where i come from i look to help the disadvantaged. it is kind of by nature. i do not think that i ever would have considered it. i have met many, many prosecutors that are incredibly good people. it does not bother me if somebody is a prosecutor. when you go to law school, you are taught to turn everything inside out. i think that helps you grow in a number of ways. >> your story is very inspiring. greg: this allows to get a hold of you, how can they reach you? >> i am not looking for clients.
7:37 am
i am busy enough. i do death penalty work. i do pretty bad stuff. almost exclusively in federal court. one case can last a year. i'm not really looking for a ton of business. greg: thank you very much. nice to meet you. the bats are in town. landing right about now. rosanna: citi field.
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mike: welcome back, everyone. tgif. we are ready for the weekend. some cooler temperatures. 47 degrees in sussex. a lot of clouds. the showers are not that impressive. thunder showers popping up over the south fork, primarily. all the way throughout the east. brief showers and perhaps some
7:41 am
thunderstorms. there is a little bit of energy. area of low pressure firing things up. that is the last of what will be coming through. the cold front just did not have a whole lot to work with. we did not see too much when it comes to showers and storms. of course, there was that risk. that is what we have at this point in time. expect some showers to stick around for the morning. a quick passing shower or thunder shower in the area. 67 degrees today. it looks like it will be pretty cool tonight. temperatures dropping out pretty quickly. high of 56 tomorrow. breezy as well. our morning weather drops out to 38. there could be some frost in the tri-state over the weekend and
7:42 am
download the applet that apple store for free. it is all set up now. i have a happy birthday. happy birthday tomorrow. hope you have a fantastic day, my friend. let's bring in ines. see what else is going on. as always, we have problems. ines: of course you'd just a slow ride this morning. gowanus, bqe. coming off the tap top of the bridge, normally we have read. a little lighter. there are still delays there. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute this morning. look at ames on long island. pretty much okay. no major issues.
7:43 am
about a 50-60 minute delay. traffic is so jam to your. everything merges between route free and the turnpike. you have that delay. it still continues to move flow. if you want to take the holland tunnel, that is about 30 minutes from each approach. self boys, problems with the five and six trained. some of the trains are running southbound. northbound local only between the brooklyn bridge and 125th. again, that is some of the trains. greg and rosanna. greg: ines, thank you. baseball. the second half of october. it is awesome. duke is ready radio. there is the stadium. rosanna is busy trying to get us
7:44 am
tickets. i was surprised. well. duke. duke: i was quick to call of them. they started making trades. of course they treat right before the deadline. that changes the whole season. here we are. what a ballgame last night. i was on the edge of my seat watching this game get mets and dodgers out in l.a. no score top of the first. drives it to left-center field. how about this. coming into scored easily. murph will line up on third did one-zero bats.
7:45 am
was on fire this series. tie the game up that would. this is the play of the game. this is what we'll be talking about for a long time did nobody covering third. daniel murphree who is really not a great baserunner, scores. game tied at two. solo home run. third of the series. this is unbelievable. bottom of the ninth still three-two. i thought jerry, jerry collins should've left demand for the eight. going down swinging. chase utley, by the way, did appear in this game. he flipped a highball. everybody was holding their
7:46 am
the mets win the game three-two. it is the extra base that he took in that fourth inning. >> don't see me is the best way to describe it. i think we have seen the way zach can mix his pitches. to win it, they have the shiftwork on him. i look for it before. hope that nobody is there. hope that nobody calls timeout. i look like a buffoon. i did not want that to happen. baserunner. he makes a great baserunning lay right there. just one of those games. mets in the cubs. going at it.
7:47 am
pitching tomorrow night. the cubs and that's have never met each other in the postseason. >> they are rocking citi field. obviously have the day off tomorrow. come back stronger on saturday. duke: special hats. the cubs will travel to new york. they will be here for games one and two. greg: zero win's. duke: so much different than the last two times these teams faced each other. they upgraded their team and strengthened a lot.
7:48 am
lineup. mike: i noticed you are calling them the cubbies. duke: i think that mets fans are still more worried about marty mcfly. he travels to 2015. here he is. the cubs finally when the world series. we want to access the movie. the man who made this movie wanted to think of the most unlikely scenario that he could. rosanna: we can always rewrite the ending of that movie. rosanna: and we are going to rewrite it. plenty of fireworks in the championship series. team speaker had it powerful
7:49 am
tonight. that will be on fox5. you can catch the pregame. all right, hockey. rangers taking on montre al. no score. the rangers will turn this over to montre al. here we go. one-zero. canadians go on to win three-nothing. islanders hosting the predators. nashville for the turnover. the breakaway. puts it back. all tied at two. rocky nelson. wide shot. they win it four-two the final
7:50 am
score. how different they are. it will be an interesting series. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: we may be a little late. baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices.
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greg: this is potentially cool. there are a lot of old sites that are off for the public. a classic example of architecture. rosanna: open house new york. more than 100 new sites you can get into see. the twa play center. it will be open on saturday afternoon. greg: leonardi 02 caprio walks through it. rosanna: the middle of renovation. you can also check out the new york state pavilion. you and i went there. i went there as a kid. you and i kind of brief visit. greg: they opened last year. for some reason, we decided to where space suits. or space helmets.
7:53 am
you can see the full lineup on open internet. greg: thank you for supporting good day. rosanna: mildred. hats off to you. we want to know your secret.
7:54 am
rosanna: we are sending her a for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
7:55 am
>> all right. friday. we did it. i am rosanna scotto. greg: i am greg kelly. mike says light rain. he will have the details in a moment. rosanna: the mets and their fans have a reason to celebrate. a tense went against the los angeles dodgers. we are waiting for the team to show up at citi field this morning. greg: president obama pledged to have u.s. troops out of afghanistan by the time he left office. in some ways, rosanna, that war started right here in new york. rosanna: i do not know if you take a taxi.
7:56 am
if you do and you are annoyed by those tvs, there is a decision. whether this technology will be replaced. greg: let's say that you were partying last night. you are probably not at your best this morning at work. the good people at the cdc figured out all the money being lost when we are showing up to work and are not as productive as we should be. rosanna: they had to pay our tax payer money to figure that out? i could have figured that out. what do you do with the information? >> i think you could have given a first-hand testimony. rosanna: i did not celebrate last night, but i wanted to. i am celebrating this morning. greg: the players are going to
7:57 am
be there any minute. went right to the air force. took the redeye to new york. rosanna: we are keeping an eye on things. the weather is looking pretty good this weekend. mike: it does look really good. today, we are still dealing with a few scatters and storms. look at radar. getting beat up. check it out. we have scattered charges and storms. that is only location in a tri-state that is getting significant showers and storms. out with the east end. out towards wantagh. the rain is coming to you.
7:58 am
it looks like maybe out towards long island you may have some swarms. anyhow, you have that little disturbance rolling on through. we will see though showers rather quickly. that is all we have libby have these disturbances coming on by. fifty-five right now central park. sixty-three and wantagh. that is where you will see the showers and storms roll through over the next two. the wind will not be that big of a deal. as we head into headed to the afternoon, the clouds break up. you will see more sunshine out there. fairly comfortable temperatures today. after the storm skipped by, we will have a lot of cool layer spilling across the tri-state.
7:59 am
to the lake. right now, no. it will just be colder. tomorrow we will see a high of 56. fifty-one only with a partly cloudy sky coming to you on sunday. over to our ines rosales. there are some issues out there. ines: a lot of red out there. to lace. sl county. you are fine on l.i.e. same goes for the southern state parkway. eighty. not as bad as the last couple days. this wording, a little lighter than normal. note to lace on 2827. but see how things are moving this morning. i surfed the northbound side did that is the cell phone type.
8:00 am
tunnel, that is an hour too late. is causing a script delays. greg: thank you very rise. it is awesome. they've beat the dodgers last night. rosanna: and put them in the national league championship series against the cubbies. we are going to say cubbies. we hope that it incites a little argument. greg: i hear fans. a really cool game. let's go to duke. rosanna: let's go to liz first. any sign of the team? >> not yet. the players will get off the bus and walk into this area and grab their cars.
8:01 am
they will be back off to the city or wherever they lived. tomorrow is the big game. last night is what all the sole ration began. [cheering] >> the new york mets have won >> reporter: while they celebrated, new york city would raise the last night. fans struck into so is bob in midtown to take it all in. they have waited a long time for this. the team has not been in the playoffs since 2006. >> let's go mets. >> have their eyes on the next series. >> harvey. it does not matter who you bring
8:02 am
it is over. greg: the player should be arriving any minute now. again, they will have one days rest and tomorrow to answer that 807. it should be a good one. rosanna: the champagne was flowing last night. for good reason. they have not been to the championships since 2006. greg: that was too concerned. duke: what a ballgame this was. it was a nailbiter. daniel murphy, let's show you what happened. birth came to the plate. curtis granderson on first base.
8:03 am
out there. plant the game here. everyone is talking about this today. a massive shift. nobody covers third-base. you know what, i am going to take third-base. 90 feet away. tying the game up at two. daniel murphy. a solo home run to right field. it turned out to be the game-winning hit here. that is a third of the series. the mets went three-two. >> i have never been in the playoffs before. starting to understand how valuable 90 feet is. it is absolutely massive. keep your head up. that was just a situation where
8:04 am
duke: games one and two will be at citi field saturday and sunday. then they traveled to chicago for three games. then they will be back for game six and seven. it will be interesting. rosanna: we cannot go sunday because we have a wedding. greg: you heard about anna gilligan. she is marrying steve lacy. the nighttime guy. rosanna: what is it with you? greg: whatever. duke: . news yesterday from washington, d.c. the war will continue beyond president obama stern and office. rosanna: 5500 u.s. troops in afghanistan after he leaves office. extending their mission is vital to national security and will
8:05 am
against the u.s. >> opportunity for a stable and committed ally. the fact that we have an international coalition. i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. rosanna: the military has made gains. not as strong as it needs to be. i remember when you went to afghanistan. greg: 15 years ago this war started. i was there, quite frankly, for 36 hours. rosanna: you are therefore "good day new york." greg: i was really curious to going. i never thought that we would still be there 15 years later. you think about if that were started here.
8:06 am
finance from afghanistan. rosanna: chris wallace is in dc. were you surprised about the president decision? >> no. gradually evolving. the situation in afghanistan has been worsening. isis is now in afghanistan. they even have al qaeda training camps. there was growing pressure for the pentagon for the president to slow down the pullout. greg: let's talk about donald trump. i thought that you both were good at the debate. i would like to see a picture of donald trump. chris wallace on fox news sunday. there is ben carson as well.
8:07 am
phone? >> no. i have absolutely refuse to allow it. sundays are built around the idea of a death face to face interviews. allowing him to call in. i put that on the other shows. they have never done that for any other candidate. we have refused to do that. i will be sitting down face to face with donald trump. interviewing him. it is quite remarkable. a fairly substantial margin in the national polls. >> as you know, speaker of the house. he said that he thinks it will actually be donald trump as the nominee. >> i am going to say i am a downer for quite some time. i'm not saying that he will be the nominee. we're still four months away
8:08 am
from people even voting. he is in the 20s. i guess that carson is in double digits. everyone else's in single-digit. all the famous names, they are all seven, 8%. i think any of them would be happy to trade places with donald trump right now. greg: it is amazing. no energy. zero energy. >> it will be huge. it will be huge. rosanna: all right. we will be watching sunday morning. right here on fox5. greg: some local business. tough stuff from the bronx. a baby was thrown out a window. rosanna: angling her six -month-old daughter out of the
8:09 am
neighbors were stunned. they say that the woman was screaming before she dropped her child. the mob has not yet been charged. the little girl is the third child thrown out the window in the past few months. greg: when you get into a taxi cab, you have those little tv screens. rosanna does not like them. rosanna: because they make me sick. greg: go to the videotape, please. it looks like they will be getting rid of about 1000 of these. the new system will be less intrusive and arguably less annoying than the old one. rosanna: there will be new ways that you can pay with your credit card. it will happen in the next few months. i say i look forward to it with bated breath. sometimes you do not want to hear somebody talking. i hate when they say, hello taxi rider.
8:10 am
greg: that is really hard. don't you like it when they show the clips from jimmy kimmel? rosanna: i like the questions. you have to guess what the answers are. that part is fine. i have to open the window. put my head out so i do not get sick. greg: really? maybe you should walk. rosanna: i walk, two. greg: you have to put your head out of a car. rosanna: if you have motion sickness, you know that is what you need to do. mike: i understand. anyhow. let's get you going. there are still a few little weather bumps in the road here. it is mainly the southport. there.
8:11 am
one way. the showers will fire up real quick and then get out of the area. a wave of low pressure. kicking up the showers and storms. we have missed out on most of that. anyhow, it does not look like too much going on from this point forward. we should look a little bit better. partly to mostly cloudy sky. 55 degrees. temperatures throughout the region, well, it is cool. it is going to be getting cooler. some 30s as you head to the northern plains states. 34 degrees. that is going to start dropping into the tri-state and bring us the cool air. more and more of the cool air from canada. we have been looking at this since last weekend. we have the showers. last of it pulling through a
8:12 am
it looks like it will be clear, dry. a pretty quiet weekend. that is the reasons we have some of the color. here. catskills. it is happening right now. not as much in the city. all right. for us today we have morning showers. only for the east of long island at this point. it looks like more sunshine as we get into the day. afternoon. high of only 56 tomorrow. breezy, to come up with a lot of sunshine. highs getting up into the upper
8:13 am
60s. an hourly forecast. it breaks it all down for you. let's bring in ines and see how the roads and rails are. >> staten island expressway. bridge. new jersey, middlesex county, things are fine. 287, you have some slow spots. nothing significant. looking great here. normal delays heading towards the 59th street bridge. northbound side of 96 street looks good. you do have some problems with the subways this morning. mechanical problems. some of them are running
8:14 am
northbound only. as far as the rest of the mass mass transit, everything is on our close. greg: thank you. who remembers that movie rudy. i want to hear a clip. rosanna: shon outspent. >> i wanted to run out of that tunnel for my dad. greg: what a classic movie. rosanna: talking about the new movie. greg: waiting for the players to come back and jumped in there. on their way to citi field on
8:15 am
rosanna: good day it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme...
8:16 am
rosanna: where are those players? greg: we believed they landed at
8:17 am
how do they do to the stadium and how do they get home. it is no big mystery. they drive. most of them do drive themselves. some of these guys, they could afford a caravan. rosanna: let's get down to business. fox means business. >> quite a few people may be getting to sleep early. waking up with quite a bit of a hangover. having a hangover has an economic drag on this economy. $249 billion in lost productivity in the extra healthcare costs. that dropped in 2006 when it was $223 billion. they are describing the hangover as coming after a binge type.
8:18 am
women for or more drinks. washington, d.c. now we understand why nothing gets done in washington. they are all hung over. greg: oh, come on. >> you are not laughing. rosanna: we are armed with this information. what do we do with it? >> we do not go to work. the lost productivity will not be as bad. greg: we drink responsibly. rosanna: oh. okay. i think that it is the 20 somethings. the rest of us, one and done. rosanna: one and done. adam, have a great weekend. >> you, too. greg: one and done? i know what it's like when it's
8:19 am
tequila time that press goes. rosanna: it is friday night. that's a different story. greg: 24. kiefer sutherland. rosanna: -- greg: pretty funny. take a look at this, please.
8:20 am
intense. pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some.
8:21 am
alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) should you get a flu shot? here's what one new yorker has to say. will you get your flu shot this year? i sure will! and why? well, because of my job. i come in contact with a lot of people that have the flu so therefore i try to protect myself. so you're a firefighter and you're out in the public and you want to make sure you're protected and probably they are too, right? correct. yes. if you have the opportunity to get a free flu shot, why wouldn't you?
8:22 am
greg: this is an a.m. radio version. rosanna: all right, pump it up. let's hear it. greg: the turntable is a little fast. all right, everybody, it is our friday morning 8:30 tradition.
8:23 am
we are going to listen to it, embrace it. what about the cubbie in town? >> we are psyched about this. rosanna: she's a native new yorker. the ear pods in. the coffee. sunglasses. in swagger. you know? they hold the coffee cup like an award. rosanna: it is the most important thing in the world. wait, a bus. greg: getting off the bus at citi field. how about that. rosanna: yeah, yeah. that is awesome. let's see how they look. greg: they have been flying all
8:24 am
rosanna: they have charter jets, greg. it is a team plane. greg: that is neat. they go into a little area. watch this. theette manies are on board the two buses. congratulations, guys, welcome home. rosanna: can we see them? we have the chopper, don't we? do we have the chopper? >> greg: it landed. they are back. tomorrow night playing at citi field. today rest up. rosanna: mike woods, nice weather coming home to? >> yes, the rain backed out and we have a nice weekend coming up for us here. sunny, cool, fresh fall like. frosty temperatures out there too. at least at points this weekend. to what is happening right now, we have something to keep your
8:25 am
eyes on. the showers are headed to the east. the rain is clearing the tristate region. you have showers and storms along the south fork and coming down pretty good in some of the places right there. they are getting a little bit and then out of town. we had passing showers mostly to the north and to the west. the cold front is coming in without much to work with it they might be getting hit out as you head to new england and coastal areas, rhode island and back out to the cape of massachusetts. but for us, it is just about out of here. 63 montauk. 58 islip. 55 central park. 53 newark. 47 in allentown. we have a couple of cold fronts working in the region. the first coming through right
8:26 am
now and again without the moisture, it is hard to skeez out the rain. it is pulling out to the east and the cooler and dryer air coming back with it. there is another shot of cold air swinging this way and dryer, but it has more of the cold air from canada and that is dropping the highs down to i think we can call it chilly in the tristate for this time of the year. below temperatures by sunday. today we are above normal. high up to 67. sun in the afternoon. the next seven days, 56 tomorrow. breezy too tomorrow. and then, partly cloudy skies and 51. lows into the 30s sunday and monday morning and frost is possible. as you get outside of the five
8:27 am
a slow warm up headed into through the next week. all right, now let's peek at what's going on, train troubles, happened. i don't know, anything better for us, ines? ines: we have problems with the commute. 21 northbound an accident there. not a bad ride on the turnpike. doing fine on the spurs. queens delays on the l.i.e. travelling westbound and eastbound approaching the parkway. driving into the lincoln tunnel an hour delay this morning. a stall earlier. 495 moving slow as you head up to kennedy boulevard. holland tunnel 20. george washington bridge 30 upper, 20 lower. trains are running on or close. street cleaning rules in effect. greg, rosanna?
8:28 am
the bombing of the pan am flight 103 over-scotland in 1988 all the people killed on the flight and on the way to new york from london. rosanna: they have identified two new libyan suspects and expected to be involved with the only person convicted in that attack. both scottland and the u.s. want to send officials to interview them. when we get more information we'll bring that to you. a lot of people from our area on that plane, a lot of young people studying abroad. greg: yes, from syracuse university. one of the people believed responsible was released from prison. you remember that? rosanna: i do. >> well, to fantasy football, the investigation is happening
8:29 am
oen the websites. nevada is regarding the websites as gambling. greg: daily fantasy leagues, be big ones are not games of skill and have to shutdown in nevada until they receive gambling licenses. they have been probing the sites over the allegations that the employees made millions and exploiting the customers. rosanna: there is report that ta los angeles police department may have cooked the books on the crime stats during bratton's tenure as the police of chief. >> 14,000 cases may have been altered with new data showing violent offenses 7% higher than was originally reported. bratton served as head of the land 2002-2009. rosanna: mayor deblasio and
8:30 am
bloomberg could be burying the hatchet. greg: mayor did he believe z is going out of his way to praise mayor bloomberg. this was pot not the case on inauguration day when sworn in. rosanna: well, there is turn around in the deblasio administration. he and former mayor bloomberg are getting together and going to talk about planting the last tree of the million trees program that started under bloomberg back in 2007 to improve the quality of life in the city. greg: wow a million trees plant flood the city since '07, wow. rosanna: and a few in brooklyn. remember that book. it was a book. any way, still ahead on "good day new york", the con venns at the apollo.
8:31 am
you like to break dance. greg: i look lessons. rosanna: i would love to see you spin on your head. greg: i can't do that. pivot on the shoulders. rosanna: we have break dancers coming up at 9:00 and appearing this weekend at the apollo. "good day" is coming right back. >> new york city is going to pot. literally and fig tifly. since the day that mayor deblasio forced the commissioner to hold up this bag of fake dope. they are lighting up where ever they want. a young girl was puffing away on the way to school. the smell. it is 8:30 on wall street.
8:32 am
me and the smell, where the hell is it coming from. >> she gave her a verbal spanking and sent her on the way. many other issues in new york city reflect this sort of zoned out carefree attitude. like times square, and look at the schools, the city continues to spend money on recess coaches and flay grounds to teach kids how to play and the mayor continues to drag his feet on suitable space for effective charter schools and traming the country and using the money from the slush fund called campaign for one new york to campaign. >> marijuana is the flame. >> however, i don't think it is
8:33 am
smoking in the streets and the zoned out mayor headed to iowa when he should stay home and
8:34 am
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8:36 am
cotter. remember that show? the sweat hogs. and this was in the very opening of the show. the 4th largest city in america. rosanna: it still is. greg: we love brooklyn, of course. rosanna, you mentioned a book a tree grows in brooklyn. rosanna: it was required reading in grammar school and written in 1943, the story focuses on an impoverished and second generation, irish american girl in williamsberg, brooklyn in the century. greg: i will check that out and cotter. shall we? >> they beat the team that used
8:37 am
they used to be the brooklyn dodgers. rosanna: this is coming back to citi field. greg: taking red eye. i forgot about that. that was a long time ago, right. rosanna: hey, mets fans are happy about what happened last night and did you watch the game, it was a nail biter. the daniel murphy show, unbelievable. we have the high lights here and let's pick it up in the first inning. murphy comes to plate and a lot of people thinking he was the best pitcher, well, murphy going the other way. curtis granderson scores and murphy on third. dodgers get the run back. justin turner, remember him, a base it h. goes for the rbi.
8:38 am
top of the 4th. dodgers with a huge shift on duda. murphy not known for the base running, he was last night though, look at this play. so heads-up. he would score on an sac fly. top of the 6th, murphy unloads and solo home run. third of the series. mets are up 3-2. bottom of the 9th. coming out for sixth out save. getting the save. and kendrick. the final out there. the once brooklyn dodgers lose to the mets 3-2. murphy with two big hits, huge, but really the turning point in
8:39 am
and scored on the sac fly. >> hope nobody calls a timeout. i take off, kind of give a look and hope nobody calls a timeout. i was just fat enough to make it. >> we said no matter the outcome of the season, it's the light at the end of the tunnel is here and it is a bright future for this organization. >> all right, mets are taking on the cubs tomorrow night in the national league championship series. it is going to be a great match up. harvey and lefter. they talked about the home field advantage. >> mets showed up and they were rocking citi field. we have a day off tomorrow and working on saturday. >> greg: what is that?
8:40 am
>> he's excited to be at home field advantage. the cubs are travelling to new york for games 1, 2. this mets team is so much difficult now. so many improvements at the trade deadline. they faced each other on july 2nd, honestly the mets team is looking nothing like then. come on, greg. greg: risso on there? >> yes, young talented line up. marte mcfly. he travels to 2015, and travelling to flexion wednesday, october 21, 2015, and finds out the cubs finally win the world series. well, it is just a movie. that means nothing. the cubs haven't won the world
8:41 am
series since 1908. i have insider information here. yes. a couple of months back, well, baby charlie, she was telling me a while ago, she's 14 months old, she told me her feeling about the mets team. momma, dadda and she's thinking that the mets' young arms are going to take it on. rosanna: he's unbelievable. >> and watch out for the mets starting pitchers. rosanna: greg was there at the beginning of the season and saying that too. duke: we were there and met in the hallway. greg: he was heckling the mayor. rosanna: he just asked the questions about hilly clinton.
8:42 am
i admire you. going to citi field. are you all right, rosanna? rosanna: yeah, i'm fine. greg fwreg who is that? rosanna: security guard. greg: the players just got back. rosanna: fantastic. hopefully they rest today.
8:43 am
so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. rosanna: all right, we are in charge of entertainment while anna is getting ready for the big day. >> yes, she's getting married to steve lacey. rosanna: yes, the anchor of the news at night. >> the actor ran day quaid and his wife out of jail in vermont. they were in court on charges of
8:46 am
randy quaid did a number of movies. >> his brother is dennis quaid. >> they are facing charges for vandalism in california. there is not enough probable cause to extradite him back. there is talk of mental health issues here. we wish them the best. by the way, homeland. greg: i am up to date until this season. it is on showtime. download it. the sets are very, very realistic and taking care of the detail, someone snuck on to the set and wrote naysty things. rosanna: this season the show is taking place in the middle east and they hired street artists to paint the sets, they used the opportunity to create their own
8:47 am
the creator said he wished he caught the messages before hitting the air and admires an act of artistic sabotage. >> the redhead is no longer on the show? >> right. he's in a new show. greg he was the marine turned terrorist. it was wild. rosanna: with the mets big win, they had their biggest fan go wild. [laughter] greg: wow, this man is enthusistic. that is a comedian. rosanna: he's been our show and screaming his head off and offering choice words.
8:48 am
about the road to world series and getting thousands of likes and now the posts will be more amazing. greg: see that one more time. rosanna: he's so funny. greg: losing it. a good dude. rosanna: i like the enthusiasm. greg: there we go. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weight is so good... and low-calorie. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real
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8:51 am
rosanna: thank you so much for saying nice things about us. >> they watch from pelham. good people. rosanna: we have a lot of things
8:52 am
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