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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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bottom 9th, two out. kendrick is struck out. 3-2 mets the final. they take the series from the dodgers and move on to the national league championship series against the cubs which begins tomorrow night at citi field. terry collins a little while ago made it official. matt harvey gets the ball for the mets in game one. >> i think it's the right choice. i think he's ready for it. i know physically his arm is fine. and hopefully, again, a little more consistent routine. i think he'll pitch well. >> i think i was mostly excited to get a chance to get back out there again and have a normal routine, normal rest period and i'm looking forward to it. russ: pitching for the cubs will be john lester. it should be an exciting week. back to you. dari: thank you, russ. mets fever is now officially an
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epidemic thanks to last night's win. >> jodi goldberg caught up with fans eager to show their team pride. >> to the plate. and he struck him out. and the new york mets have won the series. >> it was win or go home and the mets weren't leaving. >> once every 10 years. >> reporter: the amazing mets are set to take on the cubs and their fans have been waiting for this. >> very proud. very proud to even get through the two courses we had to face in l.a. >> reporter: some say murphy's home one was the icing on the cake. his opinion. >> if i wore a shirt, they lost the game. i won't wear it again. >> he's buying new orange and blue for the game saturday. eric had the same idea. new series, new shirt. >> i went to 16 home met games. they're 15 and one when i go. i wear certain things. this is my lucky hat. >> i have the jacket.
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i have the lanyard. i have the t-shirt on under the scrub top which has it is met logo on it. >> reporter: across the parkway, the spirit continues at the pine restaurant, the old bobby v's. >> everybody is excited to see them win. they're going to drink and we're going to work. it's going to be exciting. >> it happened in the '80s. for me, it's going to be a big deal. >> reporter: it's a big deal for nadine johnson, who admits she hasn't been loyal this season. >> if i had to choose between the mets and whoever is playing in the american league, i'm going for the mets. i'm in new york. >> maybe national league champs. world series, i don't know. i'm hoping. >> reporter: they did it in '69 and '86. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. >> we have breaking news on the
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condition of lamar odom. condition of lamar odom. >> he remains hospitalized in nevada tonight and is reportedly showing some signs of progress. >> he was found unconscious at a legal brothel in nevada. a representative said he woke up and spoke today. tmz is not confirming that. doctors performed tests on his heart but he's not out of the woods. they're trying to wean him off life support. >> this afternoon they put him off life support and put a breathing mask on him. they put him back on the ventilator. they're going back and forth at various intervals. he's not off it, but he's able to temporarily use the mask and, again, that's a good sign. >> authorities are investigating what happened at the brothel
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that may have led to this. dari: it is 5:03. we have breaking news out of queens. an off-duty nypd officer was attacked while walking her dog >> lidia curanaj has the latest on the officer's condition. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the officer was doing what any of us would love to do on this gorgeous, beautiful afternoon. she was walking her dog here in cunningham park. she was about to head into that bathroom when she was basically attacked. skyfox is overhead of the scene. it was a very busy scene. this all happened around 2:00 this afternoon. the officer was heading into the bathroom when she was followed by another woman. that woman tried to rob the officer of her purse. the off-duty officer didn't want to give up her purse. during the struggle, the cop was then slashed in the neck, possibly by a pair of scissors. the cop didn't give up her purse. the suspect then took off running.
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fortunately, there were patrol officers in the area and that suspect was arrested a short time later. this cunningham park is known to be very safe, very quiet. take a listen to what the nypd had to say a short time ago. >> virtually no reported crime here. this is the first robbery he's aware of in his over one year in the park. >> reporter: the off-duty cop has been with the nypd for about 14 years. right now, she is in the hospital, but she is expected to be okay. that's the latest here. christine and dari, back to you. dari: thank you. we've got this developing news. it's going to be a rough evening commute for people who get on the 4, 5 and 6 trains. mta officials are telling us southbound 6 train service is suspended at 14th street union square because of a broken gap filler. 4 and 5 trains will be affected because of that.
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expect delays and congestion on all three lines throughout the rush hour. and the violence in israel continues. there were numerous clashes between palestinians and israeli troops. in one incident, a palestinian man who was wearing a shirt that said press and standing near a group of journalists stabbed and wounded an israeli soldier before the troops shot and killed him. also today palestinians fire bombed a site revered by some jews as the tomb of the biblical figure joseph. steve: >> the hospital in afghanistan destroyed during an american military strike had been under surveillance for taliban activity. 22 people, including staff from the charity group doctors without borders were killed when an american gun boat bombed that facility. the pentagon admits the strike was a mistake. doctors without borders insists no weapons were inside.
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dari: doctors and lawmakers gathered at the icon school of medicine in mt. sinai today urging congress to extend the zadroga act permanently. the program, which helps provide healthcare to those who got sick after working at ground zero, began shutting down at the end of last month. more than 70,000 will lose benefits if the law is not put in place. >> if we do not renew it, the services will not be there for the men and women who saved lives and worked to restore and rebuild our great city. dari: the zadroga act is expected to shut down by next october. >> a long island school paying tribute to a detective killed in the line of duty in may. a tree has been planted in memory of detective brian moore outside of east plain elementary school in his hometown. the 25-year-old, a five year
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veteran, was shot while attempting to stop an armed suspect in queens and he died two day is later. >> the community to do something like this and the teachers and parents to show the kids what policemen means and what brian's sacrifice mean. >> the tree was grown from seedlings from the survivor tree at ground zero. dari: spencer stone, the u.s. airman who helped thwart a french train attack was released from a california hospital. he was stabbed in the chest during a fight near a bar in sacramento. he is expected to make a full recovery. stone became famous after helping stop a terrorist train attack in august. you decide 2016. don't count them out yet. vice president joe biden hinted yesterday he may still enter the race for president. in a letter to former staffers, an advisor said if he runs, it will be to change the balance in
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the u.s. economy and the political structure. the letter states a presidential run will need their help. no official decision from vice president biden. dari: the top two republican candidates for president are threatening to pull out of the next debate. donald trump and ben carson say the scheduled three hours is too long and a lot of people agree. they want a two-hour limit, including commercials. they insist the debate has opening opening and closing statements from every candidate. the debate, the next one is scheduled october 28th. it's not easy for millennials in the workforce. >> they're trying to pay off their student debt and find a job that will pay the bills. dari: alison morris will have more on the money challenges that millennials are facing.
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dari: studies indicate that millennials are the most highly educated, tech savvy and entrepreneurial generation to date. christina: and they're dealing with unique financial problems. dari: alison morris is joining us to break it down. >> hi. this is a very unique generation. i want to stay for starters i am not a millennial, but i am married to one. there have been so many reports
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on mental illennials. it is part of their story. this generation of young professionals is about to inherit a ton of money, they're purpose driven and a lot are struggling to get ahead. >> good-looking, stylish, bold, funny. >> reporter: that's how they describe themselves in a study. but there's a lot more to this >> millennials are about to undergo the biggest transfer of wealth in history, 41 trillion. >> reporter: james fox advises big banks on how to understand generation y and their financial habits. >> they're on the whole very socially responsible, entrepreneurial and interested in brands.
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to find and keep jobs in an economy with stagnant wage growth -- >> they have to figure out a way to make a living. it doesn't offer a lot of stability. they're trying to pay off student debt and find a job to pay the bills. it's challenging. >> that's putting them behind. >> sociologists say you have to do five things to be defined as an adult. finish school, leave home, get a baby. in 1960, 77 percent of all people had done that by the age of 30. in 2010, the number is 13 percent. >> reporter: lena is a retirement strategist at j. p. morgan. their report shows how detrimental it can be to delay
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saving saving until your 30s. >> if you graduate college, you start saving at age 25, you start saving in an employer plan, if you have access to it, you have the employer match, you're saving outside, social security doesn't change, inflation, the market doesn't change, you could save four to 9% in your account and probably do well in retirement. >> reporter: wait until your 30s or 40s and you'll need to save more. >> we think that the best retirement savings rate is 15 percent. >> reporter: half of millennials don't have access to an employer funded retirement plan and what's worse, this generation is less likely than others to invest on their own. >> 50 percent of millennials have their savings in cash versus about 20 percent of all generations. >> reporter: we know millennials aren't saving, but why aren't they? they're risk averse. they lived through the financial crisis and they're very skeptical of financial institutions, but that lack of
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saving and investing could mean they will have to work well into their 70s, health willing, to support themselves in retirement. really not a pretty picture. dari: bad news. use thank you. this is very sweet. the washington state house has gone to the dogs after a loyal pet was named the dog of the day. this is tilly. she was rewarded for her courage and loyalty. this was so touching. she refused to abandon another dog, her friend, that got trapped in a water holding tank. tilly stood by the other dog's side for a week, no food, no water until help arrived. in addition to the new title, tilly was given a written proclamation and a special ribbon for her courage. christina: amazing. dogs are loyal. a cat wouldn't do that. right, nick? what do you think? nick: depends on the cat.
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you could certainly make a case for that. dari: dogs are awesome. nick: they are. our weather has been rather awesome the last few days. today, breezy and sunshine with clouds here and there. we're heading for the chilly air as it arrives over the weekend. 64, 54 today. right about average. 87 and 34 in the records. and they were back both in the late 1800's. 62 now. very dry air. humidity only 35 percent. winds out of the west-northwest. we have some clouds out there. pressure 29.96. it is on the rise. we are watching a few isolated showers that are off to the north and west, way off to the north and west. if they hold together -- i don't think they will -- we might see a couple of sprinkles in the next two to three hours. as we get towards sunset, a lot of the showers will fall apart. it's low 60s most of the area. newark came in at 66. we had upper 60s in south jersey. mid 60s on long island and
5:18 pm
bridgeport and stayed in the upper 50s across north jersey. we stay in the 50s tomorrow. right now, 62 in town. about 60, 62 across long island. back to 58 at sussex and 63 as you get towards belmar. you can see the wind. it's averaging west-northwest 5, 10 miles an hour. it was gusty earlier. it will get breezy tomorrow. we have a freeze watch in effect for tomorrow night into sunday morning, particularly away from the city. then it will occur again sunday night into monday morning. there could be widespread frost across the area, not for the city, by in the northern and western suburbs. the showers are starting to fall apart. maybe a sprinkle or two north and west of town. you can see that on the satellite photograph. then the sky will go clear tomorrow. one cold front has gone to the east. the second one is coming from the northwest. the cooler air is located behind the second front. tomorrow, breezy, sunshine, clouds. 40s out the door in the morning.
5:19 pm
30s in the suburbs. 53 at lunchtime. we'll stop at 56 tomorrow afternoon. and you'll see the futurecast showing the front moving along. a good-looking day. flurries. sun and clouds on sunday. there could be a sprinkle in the afternoon, but i think for the most part it's dry and chilly. sunday. some clouds tonight. 47 in town. 30s in the colder burbs. tomorrow, no higher than 56. a gusty northwest breeze at 10, 15, up to 30 miles an hour. here comes the seven day. i want to show you the mets game. mainly clear tomorrow night. chilly at citi field. it will be in the 40s most of the game. and then 50 on sunday. sun and clouds. 30s in the morning. 52 monday. a nice recovery tuesday, particularly wednesday, mid and upper 60s. some 60 degree weather thursday and friday. cooler on friday with another front. cool this weekend, but recovers next week. dari: i like your pumpkin time.
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nick: i'm wearing my mets colors. dari: very nice. later. christina: macy's set up shop in the bronx. dari: jessica shows us how the department store's arrival could mean a big boost for other businesses in that area. >> macy's backstage made its way to the bronx. >> it's great. i like shopping. >> it's good for the community. like this. >> it's the marshal's of macy's. >> like an outlet. >> we're excited to have home apparel, handbags, a little something for everybody, including cosmetics and jewelry. >> located steps from the fordham bus plaza, it's the fifth store opened since last month and the first in the bronx. >> a fabulous location. we're next to the university at the metro north stop. there's a lot of energy here. the customer response has been great.
5:21 pm
employees, most from the bronx. >> we will add more seasonal help to come. >> creating jobs is very important for our borough >> reporter: the executive director said fordham road is the third largest district in new york city and no. 1 in the bronx. >> having macy's doing an investment in our district is a great opportunity. >> reporter: benefitting the 300 shops around. >> it helps the smaller businesses adjacent to the building. >> reporter: i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: a standup comedian is behind the steve harvey empire. christina: we have tips on building the hollywood brand. dari: and the technology that could turn a trolley station
5:22 pm
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christina: tv, radio, books, movies, steve harvey does it all. dari: he is an empire, but he couldn't do it without the help of a very talented and hard-working producer.
5:24 pm
the man behind harvey's empire. >> reporter: his name is mr. mcdonald. they're inseparable. they have been ever since they started out on the road as standup comics. he helped steve harvey become a multimillion dollar television titan and he's sharing his secrets for success. some people have called you the architect behind the steve harvey brand. summation? >> i think that's true. >> reporter: when executive producer mcdonald met steve harvey in '86, they were two unknown standup comedians. >> i done in the line. for cheese, all day. >> i read about a guy who could not swim who tried to rescue somebody who was drowning. bad idea. >> reporter: 20 years later -- >> we're friends. we're brothers, we're business partners. so we do argue and we have a separate opinion. one thing we share is hard work.
5:25 pm
and ability to achieve what most people think are impossible. >> reporter: who started the mustache first? >> he'll take the bald head credit. he took the mustache credit. >> reporter: he left stand up behind to help steve harvey. that launched the steve harvey morning show, syndicated to 8 million listeners. then came the book act like a lady, think like a man. one year later, steve became the host of family feud. in 2012, they created the steve harvey talk show. >> i saw a big upside if i focus my attention on steve. when i did that, then it just took off. >> reporter: none of that would have happened if he didn't take the biggest risk of his career, leaving a stable job in technology at ibm. >> i had faith in me. i felt that i had extended the
5:26 pm
now it's time to grow creatively. >> reporter: he found his calling in show business but never abandoned his mind-set. >> have a business plan. you should have a business plan for life. if people take the format of how businesses work to their personal life, they'll achieve amazing success. >> reporter: great advice. thank you. if you want to hear more, he'll be at the circle sisters event this weekend. i'll be there tomorrow morning. i'll see you there. dari: you will see me there. i'm going to be moderating a panel. should be great. the javits center will be filled with all kinds of wonderful things. >> reporter: inspiration, all sorts of things. christina: now that the u.s. and cuba have renewed diplomatic relations, celebrities are flocking to the island nation. dari: how investors are hoping to cash in on cuba's popularity
5:27 pm
among the a list. plus this. >> she just wants to feel like herself again. >> never thought i would be walking without relying on my cane. >> how this doctor is using a stem cell procedure to change the lives of his patients. >> these are happy tears.
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dari: a manhattan clinic is dramatically changing the lives of people who battle ms. there's a treatment that involves patients who use their own stem cells to fight off the disease. >> in this month's big idea, liz dahlem introduces us to a young woman who's seeing results. [music] >> it's a very emotional thing for me to watch myself walking down the aisle. >> reporter: vicki cherishes her wedding video. it helps her remember what it was like to walk without pain. not long after this video was taken, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. she was just 24 years old. >> i was diagnosed in february of 2,000. i knew something was going on
5:30 pm
two or three years before that. >> reporter: she was trying to keep up but the disease was progressing. eventually she couldn't walk. >> since 2008, i went from somewhat relying on a cane to barely being able to hold myself up. >> reporter: determined to find a better treatment, she came to this treatment center and met the doctor. >> she has been slowly getting worse over time and has begun to have experience a lot of falls. when was the last time you fell? >> probably -- >> reporter: the doctor started the center in 2006, dedicating his life to treating and researching the disease. >> it's a problem with the electrical system of the brain and spinal cord. when the electrical system affects the moving parts, you tend to get weakness of your legs. it can affect the eyes, bladder function, bowel function. >> reporter: 400,000 people have m.s. in the united states and 2.5 million around the world.
5:31 pm
there is still no cure. that's ground-breaking research happening in this lab. the team at the multiple sclerosis research center of new york is helping patients reverse their disability in a way that's never been done before. >> recently we have started an fda approved stem cell trial that uses the patient's own stem cells, which we take from the bone marrow, and we try to inject it into the spinal fluid, and we are hoping that we can regenerate the material that is lost. >> reporter: this video shows doctors extracting stem cells from the bone marrow. a large needle goes into the chest or hip. doctors aspirate a lifetime supply of stem cells. vicki had the procedure done. >> he said you're going to feel like you're breath is being taken care of. that's exactly how i felt for 10 seconds. >> reporter: in a process unique
5:32 pm
to them, researchers harvest stem cells from the bone marrow and manipulate them into brain-like stem cells. >> we are injecting the brainstem cells into the spinal fluid and hope that regenerates the insulin material. they go through areas of injury and then they can repair. seven of ten show signs of improvement. most will say they have a headache or a slight fever for a few days, but other than that, we haven't had any side effects. >> reporter: now vicki can walk without a cane for some time. her legs are getting stronger. >> with your leg strength, you should be walking without a cane. >> when he came up with this procedure, there was nothing to give people hope. >> hard for you to imagine going back, i'm sure, to the way things were. >> i don't want to go back. >> yeah. >> no. >> reporter: these are happy >> yes. happy tears.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: the study will continue through april and the findings will be submitted to the fda. the doctor hopes to bring relief to other patients soon. >> it will be the first time a neurological disease like m.s. that you can reverse the symptoms. that would be a very significant step forward. >> reporter: for vicki, she can envision a future where she walks again, maybe walking her daughters down the aisle. >> thinking about the future is exciting. who knows what the future can hold? i never thought i would be walking without relying on my cane and my counter and anything i could grab on to. >> reporter: liz dahlem, fox 5 news. dari: it is important to note that since this is a clinical trial, there is no cost to receive the doctor's stem cell treatment. pretty good news. and to see other big idea stories that feature science and technology like liz's, head to our youtube page. christina: the door to cuba is opening and now there's a rush to get through it and start
5:34 pm
dari: dan bowens has a look now at how american businesses and entertainers are flocking for opportunity. opportunity. >> reporter: from the same streets where seeds of the communist revolution were planted, something new is growing in cuba and it has roots limping linked to western entertainment. now that relations that thawed, sents are flocking to havana, like katy perry and mick jagger. two years ago, jay z and beyonce took a quick trip. the publicity only adding allure to the tropical island, considered a forbidden fruit to investors for decades says the managing editor of the realty magazine the real deal. >> developers are eager to get there. that's an untapped market and a tremendous amount of opportunity to develop in a caribbean paradise
5:35 pm
paradise. >> reporter: with the potential of an influx of american cash is complicated. >> once you read the fine print and realize there are a lot of obstacles, you'll have to be patient as an investor and developer. >> reporter: there are plenty of critics of the relationship, like bob menendez, a cuban american. he says looking to history as a guide is a prudent investment. >> americans had invested there years ago and saw their properties confiscated. there is no rule of law in cuba. there is a dictatorship. so your investment today can be gone tomorrow. >> reporter: 10 months after the u.s. and cuba declared the end of a half century of hostility, the mood has changed. some worry cuban citizens remain on the outside looking in. supporters believe this sense of optimism, this sense of opportunity, hasn't existed
5:36 pm
since fidel castro in the '50s. back to you. dari: promising. christina: thank you. you've heard of the highline. next we'll show you the lowline. dari: what you can expect from what could be the first underground playground. christina: you think one dip in the murky waters of the gowanus canal would be enough. but not for this guy. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute. a new exhibit opened on the intrepid today. the exhibition includes artifacts, photographs and film clips and is set up where men lived and worked during the intrepid's three tours of duty in vietnam. >> made three cruises to vietnam in 1966, '67 and '68. i served on board for 1-1/2 of those cruises. it does show what we were trying to do and how we were trying to accomplish it. dari: you can find out more by
5:37 pm
visiting intrepid >> the hudson square connection planted 4,000 daffodil bulbs today. they will bloom in the spring and make a bigger project more beautiful. >> this is our 2nd annual daffodil planting at hudson square. we're planting over 300 trees in the award-winning new way that makes for healthier trees and more shade and lower temperatures and cleaner air. dari: and that's your new york minute. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at
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christina: there's a lot going on under the streets of new york city. there could soon be a new element to life below the big apple. dari: it may be cool to see what's going on. linda schmidt shows us what an underground park might look like. >> reporter: when you're walking through this lush greenery, you feel you're in a park or garden. they're growing pineapples here. what the creator is hoping to do is to take this and turn it into the city's first underground park. how would you like to escape from the busy streets of new york to this? a nature oasis underground. it's called the lowline. plans are to build it in an old underground trolley station on the lower east side that has been unused since 1948. >> the idea is we can take
5:41 pm
the moment and turn it into a valuable community asset. >> reporter: founders james ramsey and dan barish are experimenting with the idea with their indoor solar technology lab. they're using solar panels to harness the sun's light, sending it through tubes into the building, enabling plants and trees to grow. >> the lowline lab is a live science experiment where we're testing how natural sunlight will come into the space and how the plants will perform. >> reporter: the same science would be used in sustaining the city's first underground park. they hope to break ground in the next five years. in the meantime, the lowline lab is free. it's open to the public every weekend through march so you can experience a real urban jungle. on the lower east side, linda schmidt, fox 5 news. dari: the clean water advocate
5:42 pm
gowanus canal is giving it another try. christopher swain tried to swim two miles on earth day, but he had to stop because the weather was so bad. the 47-year-old is putting on his protective gear and jumping back in tomorrow. he's trying to raise awareness about the gowanus' level of pollution and we believe him. christina: brave man. so the first thing you reach for in the shower is soap, right? dari: maybe it should not be. we'll talk about that when we check in with health news. christina: and it's an easy way to freak people out. who's behind the signs about fake movie shoots in our city? next. it took joel silverman years to
5:43 pm
but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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christina: in fox 5 health news, the future of treating hand injuries may be found inside a glove. dari: joining us is dr. devi. good to see you. okay. so what's the thought about this there are a couple of things that are new and put together, like from research in the past. this idea is that with burns, you have a few problems that, first of all, you have a severe hand injury, and you put some kind of bandage on it and you
5:45 pm
can relationship off the skin. just like when you put a band-aid on. having a silicone glove, which is what this is made of, makes it easier. it doesn't interact and pull off the skin and cause more damage. and also it's pretty safe in terms of interacting with the body. the other thing is because it's transparent, you can see the wound and see how it's healing which helps. christina: people use -- doctors use a lot of silicone therapy for scars and burns. what is it about silicone that heals that? >> it doesn't cause inflammation and get into the bloodstream and cause other problems. it stays separate. because it's soft, it molds to your body. if your body has a different shape -- i use this for my eye. i got poked in the eye once. i know. but it was like a contact lens. it molds itself around the wound and allows people to look and see what's going on so you can see if there's any redness or anything is going wrong. and i could see through it.
5:46 pm
doctors to see what's going on. they're using it for -- a prototype they're using for burns. there's another they're looking at for strokes. with burns and strokes, people can't move the hand easily, especially if it's weak. some can be from weakness. some can be from contracture. as the hand heals from the bandages or the splints or casting, it gets stuck in a certain position. because the silicone is soft, the person can move it and use tubes and other things to inject medication into the area. dari: that's very promising. >> it's very exciting. we have to see how the trials play out, but i think it's a good thing, a step in the right direction. dari: this is really odd to me. the next time you take a shower, don't go for the soap first or skip it because apparently it can harm your immune system? please explain. christina: too clean, i guess? >> exactly. that's the irony. we're always taught to get rid of germs and clean bacteria. you can be too clean.
5:47 pm
we have bacteria on our skin. we have bacteria in our gut and everywhere that help us. so whether they're helping us to digest food or on our skin, they kill the bacteria that cause acne. we have different germs that assist us. sometimes they kill yeast. if you remove everything in terms of bacteria, you can actually put yourself at risk for other things. it can cause really dry skin. it's very abrasive on the skin, which is one problem. the second thing is if you think about the cracks, this is what they're talking about. all the cracks you get from dry skin, things can seep through and cause other problems. dari: you're not supposed to use soap at all when you take a shower? >> you can. dari: this is revolutionary. >> i don't want to say that. it's just that you don't need to. soap is most helpful if you're talking about areas that are oily or dirty, like really -- if you see dirt, it's better to use soap. soap doesn't kill bacteria. what it does is it sort of lifts it off because it lifts off things that are greasy and oily
5:48 pm
and then pulls it into the water and gets rid of it. christina: i thought it burst the cell wall. i thought soap could kill the bacteria and you didn't need the chemicals. >> no. it just pulls it off and gets rid of it so it goes down the drain. dari: interesting. thank you so much. christina: be smelling differently. thanks, doctor. >> thanks. dari: did you know that, nick? nick: i'm willing to take the risk and use the soap. dari: if you're digging ditches -- nick: or you worked out. >> bad weather, too. nick: that will do it. something new to try. well, today we were right back into a typical october day with
5:49 pm
look at the highs back to buffalo and pittsburgh. that's our weather coming tomorrow. it will be cooler than that on sunday. fox 5 sky guardian, nothing nearby. a couple of isolated showers coming out of the poconos. they may just come across some of the northern parts of the area if they hold together. towards sunset, they'll start falling apart. we'll call for clouds in the sky. that will be it. it will start turning colder as temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the 30s and 40s. 62 in the city. now 61 at belmar. it's down to 52 at monticello. 61 poughkeepsie. and low 60s from bridgeport out towards montauk. the wind out of the northwest. figure on the northwest wind tonight 5, 10 miles an hour. tomorrow, the wind will be gusty, northwest, 10, 15, up to 30 miles an hour. it will be chilly for the mets game. first pitch at 50. after that, it will be in the 40s for much of the game. should stay dry.
5:50 pm
behind the second front is the gusty northwest wind moving into play. we'll have that in the forecast tomorrow. meantime, it's wet down there in south florida. look at the highs tomorrow. 51 only in chicago. mid 50s here. again, you can see where the core of the colder air is moving across the great lakes region. snow showers in upstate new york. 60s to atlanta. 90s as you head to san antonio. get up to dallas and they're cooler at 79. the showers disappear in the evening. we'll see just some clouds. tomorrow, sun gives into cloud, a gusty northwest wind in play. sunday, we'll start out with sunshine. it will be a chilly start. 30s in the city. could be some clouds billowing up and can't rule out a sprinkle in the afternoon. no higher than 50. 35 up to the north and west with clouds and a wind at 5 to 10. tomorrow, sun, clouds, a gusty northwest breeze.
5:51 pm
no higher than 56. only 50 on sunday. sun gives in to clouds. 38 in the morning. 52 monday. 36 city. back to 63 tuesday. almost 70 wednesday. nice recovery. upper 60s thursday and slightly cooler on friday. dari: thank you, nick. a lot of great movies have been ruined by bad sequels. so making it look like one of those bad sequels is being shot here in new york is an easy way to get reaction. christina: that's what someone did by putting up fake signs. mac king talked to the prankster about that today. >> reporter: most of us agree the godfather part 3 should have never happened. the prospect of part 4 should disgust most of us when it prevents us from finding a parking space. >> there was a great tweet. >> reporter: about a year ago,
5:52 pm
notifying passers by of temporary no parking signs. they fabricated the parking restrictions and made up the movie. >> sequels and prequels that destroy legacies of great films. >> reporter: annie hall 2, do the right thing 2 and godfather part 4 signage in little italy. >> it would be funny to boil some blood, posting some signs for terrible sequel ideas. >> reporter: jason and mike admitted to the gag this week, posting the template they used to a blog in case anyone wished to injection havoc in the lives of the parking public. >> we back dated the sign. we weren't keeping anyone from parking. >> reporter: those skeptical can check the web site of the mayor's office for tv and film production. >> godfather fans didn't recognize that a third one exists. i don't know if no. 4 would be
5:53 pm
better. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. christina: we'll see you at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. this is friday night. we're wrapping up our special breast cancer awareness week. tonight the value of education and awareness and people will talk about that. >> and we'll show you an interesting plan to clean up the polluted gowanus canal with a floating island. it's all new and just for you
5:54 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is friday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you once again for joining us. and what a great night it is for mets fans in new york city. the team celebrated a big win over the dodgers last night. very exciting. and now they're back in the city getting ready to take on the chicago cubs.
5:56 pm
the mets are hoping to win the national league pennant and play
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