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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 18, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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christina: a palestinian gunman killed a soldier, and hurts 11 others at a bus rail. antwan: after a call for violence to end, i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park. antwan: violent come as mayor de blasio visiting the country on a mission of solidarity. >> it was planned to build relationships with israel but increased violent, have impacted mayor de blasio in the region, eand forced him to change his schedule. one israeli soldier was killed, and many others injured in a bus station attack, attacker, believed to be palestinian was killd. >> as a result of the attack, an
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were injured, 4 police officers injured in the central bus station. >> reporter: 52 people had been killed in the violence this month. on saturday, 5 palestinians were shot and killed for alleged stabbing attacks, the violent weekend comes as mayor bill de blasio is in the region. >> we're here on a moment where people are afraid, people are struggling because of the violence in their midstive day. lately, more and more, terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. something unacceptable. >> reporter: de blasio spoke about sent anti-semitism and the need for peace. tensions over an east jerusalem holy site in september had fueled violent, israeli security forces, are keeping tighter restriction. israel has started putting' 16
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creates more checkpoints, leaders on both sides have accused each other was not doing communities. now secretary of state john kerry is to meet with leaders on both sides, you know this is an vufl awful situation, and so much built up anger. antwan: the timing is interesting. >> thank you. christina: people here at home israel. antwan: midtown today, near times square, one supporting the israelis other pro palestinian, just about a block from each other. >> the soldiers in the cities, they are getting stabbed on the streets, and all we want to peace. we want to live in peace, we can't have it because the terrorism is in the streets. >> we vo we have a tradition among jews in it country to be a part of social justice movements
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that is what we're carrying. antwan: the rally stayed peaceful between the groups. christina: 12-year-old girl of who the shot in her home on long island has died, deja joyner pass away last night in miniola, joyner of shot in the head while in her home friday evening, investigator believe that someone opened fire on the street and a bullet report through the front window of the house, there a $75,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest, if you have information call crime stoppers, 1-800-244-tips. antwan: in florida, a zombie confestival turned into a real love terror night, . the gunman we understand is still on the loose, investigators are reviewing video from another by businesses, as many as 20,000 fans were expected there.
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super typhoon has torn through the philippines. antwan: when carrying children on their shoulders trying to escape, thousands of homes have been swept walker in the floodwaters -- swept away in floodwaters, in one point, the typhoon had winds up to 124 miles an hour. >> we would not expect as a tree would fall, i was outside speaking to someone when it happened, it flattened my house. antwan: the typhoon is to weaken tomorrow. christina: the mets are trying to get a step closer to world series. >> off their win last night in game one of national league championship series they are playing the cubs right now. christina: ryan asselta is in citi field where all of the action is. >> reporter: they are playing this place is electric again for second straight night, mets and cubs, game two of national league championship series, i tell you right now there is no
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when it comes to second baseman daniel murphy, the mets jumped out to a 1-0 lead, then a man on for murphy, he does it again, a 2-run home run, his fourth strielt game straight game with a home run, he sets an all-time record set by mike piazza. amazing stuff, right now, they are playing, 4-1 mets lead in top of the 6th. we'll have more on game two of the nlds on "sports extra," we'll put a wrap on the day in football, with jets with a big win today over the redskins, that is coming up on "sports extra" at the bottom of the hour back to you. antwan: all right ryan, we have our fingers crossed for the team.
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can't see that either. >> cross your toes. >> antwan: thousands jumped into the water. christina: an event celebrating african-american women, thousands head to jacob javits center this weekend. antwan: and what makes this halloween parade so special. samantha: it is chilly outside, we have a freeze warning in
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antwan: thousands more women came back for day two of circle of sisters event. christina: there are seminars, gospel performances and a fashion show, we're at the javit center for the final day. >> reporter: a huge success for vennors -- vendors and new businesses who are able to expose their products, here at an event where there are thousands of. over 250 boths. >> it nice to see them out in a large scope. >> reporter: closing, and entertainment, and make a booth to name a few, nicole, ceo of selfie cosmetics, took this opportunity to show his carry make-up line.
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>> the energy is contagious, a lot of successful entrepreneurs issue as well as consumers who are sisters of color. >> reporter: virginia kathy of the walking with her models showing off her faction. >> you could not -- fashion. >> you uk not ask for a better venue. >> reporter: old and young were at the javits center, circle of sisters is an event to to inspire women of color. >> this is to empower women. >> really? >> mm-hmm. >> yeah, i love girl power. >> reporter: i heard about food trucks. >> food trucks and restaurants as many things as i can do with food, i am a foody person. as you can see. >> reporter: at the, vent was hot 97 host, and fox 5 news reporter lisa evers, who was
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moderating the panel riker island reform. reporting for "fox 5 news." christina: some members spent part of the weekend there. antwan: there is dari right there. christina: beautiful, and alison. antwan: and lotty works at her hunter station. christina: and mike woods, a great event. antwan: audrey you were there did you have fun? >> i did it was bigger than i expected it was a great turn out. a lot of people love our fox booth, the character of from empire. >> a great turn out. >> it was. christina: did you expwee any shows you remember working? antwan: we had a great day for everyone to turn out. >> it was, sunshine, it was a chilly day, you had to bundle up we'll start the workweek just
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the same. we're below average with the highs, as i showed you. we have readings about 10 to 20 degrees below where we should be this time of year, central park a high of 50 at 12:30 this afternoon, normally we should be in low 60s, we'll slowly climb up to that, and be above average as we get to middle part of the week, right now a cold front, our humidity and dewpoint is comfortable, we have a bit of a friday out there, coming in about -- excuse me 12 miles per hour, it could be as high as 25 miles per hour, as we go through overnight, making for a bit of a chill, right now in 30s and 40s across many locations but monticello, cold up there, temperatures right now is 27 degrees, at 30 in poughkeepsie, 37 in bridgeport, islip 40 and montauk at 41. they are colder than last night, we have a freeze warning, that has been issue by national weather service, for were of the
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new york city, and nassau county from 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, tomorrow morning will be a cold start for many locations in area. wins are light -- winds are light but they will increase in speed they could gust to 25 mile% hour over night. it is coming out of the northwest that wind flow picked up moisture off of the great lakes their was flakes across the northern counties. but now they are quiet, with heap high. hype in -- high pressure in control, tomorrow sunshine, and a quite it weather pattern, but it will file cold across the area with a cold pocket over the great lakes into northeast and new inland, high temperatures in upper 40s to low 50s. to the west, there a spring in numbers, highs from 74 in min
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the of texas, 81 in miami, and out to west, readings in 50s and seattle, and 70s to l.a. so, for tonight we're going clear overnight, windy, tomorrow we have sunshine, with a few high clouds filterring in. same thing into tuesday, start out with sunshine, we have high clouds fillers in, in second half of the day, it should stay dry, we will stay quiet for the week, a battle with a mix of suns and clouds, but the big change in temperatures, will be what everyone will tax about this tonight about the cold, clear and cold, lows dropping into 20s north and west, tomorrow, sunshine, chilly with a high in upper 40s, and low 50s, we'll move to 60 tuesday. close in 70 to wednesday. feeling nice on thursday. mix of sun and collides a high of -- sun and clouds a high of
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71 in the city, no major systems for this weekend, i think we'll see dry, and big talk will be in temperatures, start chilly but get mild by mid week. antwan: we have a special musical monday for you tomorrow on "good day new york." just let me out >> oh,! >> yeah, i know. >> me too. >> and i'm working. >> i'll be there the band collective soul is performing live, they had huge rock hits in the 90s. they just released their ninth album, and join them on twitter twitter,. antwan: we have a lot more coming up. >> a message from fox 5 vice president and general manager lew leone. >> new york city is going to pot.
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de blasio forced his police commissioner to hole up this bag of fake dope new yorkers have taken it as an inhave invitation to light up, commissioner bratton stumbled upon a schoolgirl puffing away. >> there is that smell, i said what the hell is it 8:30, i had one of my officers with me, we were walking and i said turn around he said where the hell is that coming from. >> the detail gave her a verbal spanking, took the we'd weed, and walked her so school. >> i have seen an increase in the marijuana smoke smell on the street. we have a zoned out carefree attitude, times square has become a circus look at our schools at "new york post," the city continues to spend money on
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playgrounds and mayor drags his feet on producing suit able space for charter schools, and de blasio has been traveling to advance his progressive agenda committee he is using money from his slush fund to finance this committee. >> too many kids with pot end up in heroin, then lsd . >> however, i don't think that so far out that i see a link between pot smoking in the streets and a zoned out mayor on his way on iowa to promote a national agenda he should stay home and deal with new york city we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders.
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christina: soon you may need to let uncle sam know you own a drone, they are drayo drawing up plans for recreational drone owners to register the device with the u.s. government, hoping to enforce existing rules. senator chuck schumer said that special software installed in drones could help keep the airspace safe. >> geo fencing builds into the software that every drone has. prohibitions where they can't flying the geo fencing would not allow the drone to fly within 2 miles of an airport above 500
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feet. >> they have reported seeing drones more than 650 times. >> in texas, a huge scaffolding collapses. antwan: this happened friday at a luxury apartment building under construction in downtown houston, about 200 workers were at the site at the time, 6 people pulled from rubble, but officials say their injuries are not life threatening, no word on the cause. christina: people competing in escape from alcatraz triathalon had no problem jumping into the water today. after video surfaced of a shark attacking a seal last week near the island, most competitors were not worried since the shark has not been spotted since then. antwan: movie goose bumps scared away the competition at the box office this weekend. >> i create by own friends,
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antwan: the family friendly film based on book series book in 23.5 million in the debut weekend. the martian of the second. and cold war thriller, "bridge of spies" of third. >> i saw crimp vim -- crimson peak. >> how was it. antwan: it was okay also. >> no. antwan: what you need to know about tomorrow's k078 commute. >> route 9 northbound in woodbridge from smith street to main street the left lane will be close monday, and tuesday for
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christina: today hundreds of kids and costumes helped kickoff long island halloween parade and fall festival. this is first parade taking place since super storm sandy hit the area in 2012, today's festivities included a clam chowder contest and a firefighter's expo. >> thousands of new yorkers dressed in purple. antwan: for the walk to end alzheimer's. the new york city chapter to raise $1.2 million for vital and free services across the city, a big day today for two of our very own. >> fox 5 love story. antwan: we want to say congratulation to entertainment reporter anna gilligan and our evening anchor steve lacy
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for wedding today. christina: they are so in love. antwan: she pointed out that juliette huddy bridged them coming together. christina: is that how it happened. antwan: she will tell you, we wish them well. christina: good people find each other. antwan: hopefully they are bundled up someplace. audrey: a nice night for cuddling. we're expecting some chilly temperatures, a freeze warning for the tri-state area with exception of 5 boroughs and nasa county. tomorrow, a cold one, temperatures near 50. we get back to 60s and 70s further into the week, then we'll back down next week with no major storms in sight. antwan: thank you, we like the 70s. >> i do took i am christina park if you for watching. antwan: imantwan lewis with audrey puente, wake up on "good day new york" tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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