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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ben: all right. can'ts tell by that, but the mets and the fans are celebrating this morning going up in the series and living up to the nickname amazing. >> and mayor deblasio is calling for an end to violence. >> big drone owners are looking at a change in the future that is required. good morning. big problems here at fox 5. >> good morning. we are having technical difficulties
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difficulties. ben: yes, we are. you can hear us but not see us. there we go. there we are. there is audrey. kerry: just in time. audrey: how'd you feel this morning. kerry: very cold. ben: the guys last night for the game were overdressed. i didn't wear anything besides this into work today. audrey: it is not that bad unless the winds are calm. we have a freeze warning in effect for much of the tristate area through 10:00 this morning. this is mostly doing with the growing season. the temperatures are going to be cold across the region.
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starting in the 20s and 30s. 31 in bridgeport. 37 central park. poughkeepsie down in the 20s right now. same thing for sussex and monticello. 35 newark. belmar 30 degrees. we are headed to northern new jersey and readings in the 20s and 30s. bundle up in pine brook, 28 degrees. it is nice and dry out there. no rain or snow is anticipated. a few thin clouds and waking up with mostly sunny skies and staying dry throughout the rest of the day. the winds are nice and light right now. across the northeast, we have
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in the afternoon mostly sunny. we should be in the low 60s for the highs. some spots not even cracking 50 this amp. 60s tomorrow and 70s by wednesday and thursday. that is check on the weather and now to roads this morning. ines: good morning. monday morning, off to a good start. westchester county no problems. new jersey compute along 78 and 287 no problems to report. now to the cameras and long island expressway, traffic is looking good. in queens the l.i.e. with no issues. now to grand central parkway, moving fine. trains are running on or close. street cleaning rules in effect. ben, kerry.
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are excited, they have a 2-0 lead. two wins away going to the world series. >> the captain david wright with a hit to center to sdoer one and then danny murphy another home run, this one a two-run shot. he's homered in four straight playoff games. the mets win it 4-1 #. here is the captain after the game. >> >> contributing early. you know, getting on like he's been doing and getting in scoring position for murphy. >> african, more highlights
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and -- again, more high lights coming up. >> we are joined live from >ed central. good morning, liz. >> this is where a lot of mets come to catch the 7 train to head to citi field. not today though they are headed to chicago. a lot of people braving the chilly temperatures. but the fans can't care. they left it all on the line. the mets now lead the series 2-0. now to sound. >> let's go mets. >> every morning i wake up and
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>> this is the best pitcher. >> reporter: daniel murphy again the player of the night. i bet we'll see his jersey here later on. the mets have a break tonight and gearing up for the game on tuesday night in chigago. >> mayor did he believe z is speaking oup the violence in middle east. >> we have more on the later. >> ben, kerry, good morning to you, this is a trip that many of the new york city mayors have made but this is coming as violence is in the region and violence that is showing no signs of stopping.
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israel killed an israeli soldier in the southern part of the country. in the chaos, a security guard fired at a migrant and believing he was part of the attack. the migrant died from the injuries. the attack at the bus station is the latest violence. israel enacted new security measures with check points and walls between the neighborhoods and 8 israelis and 40 palestinians have died in the recent turmoil. mayor deblasio waited into the atmosphere. he met with the prime minister. the mayor condemned the recent violence and chose the worlds carefully. >> people are afraid and
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violence in the midst daily and more and more attacks on innocent civilians. something that must end. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry scheduled to meet with the prime minister and the israeli president and meeting with them separately. that is a latest. >> ben: robert, thank you. people were protesting the violent situation in israeli here in new york city. two rallies held yesterday near times square. the two demonstrations happened just a block from each other. >> the soldiers and the citizens are getting stabbed on the
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and live in peace and we can't have it because of the terrorists on the streets. >> we have a tradition among jews in this country and being against racism and oppression and that is the tradition we are carrying onment>> the rally stayed peaceful between the two groups. >> soon you may have to let uncle sam know you own a drone. the new rules are that owners have to register the devices with the government and hoping to enforce the existing rules, including the ban on flying them near the airports. the senator is saying that the special software can help keep the air space safe. >> gps is build into the software.
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fly and saying that wouldn't alow the drone to fly close to airport. >> they have reported drones 650 times between august of this year. >> still ahead, fall freeze as cold weather hits the area. audrey ask here with the chilling details. >> ben: we know it is a real rat race, humans against rats and it
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if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. audrey: good morning, it is a cold start across the tristate area and cold enough for a freeze warning, that is for the areas in purple. it is cold for everyone. we have a lot of readings in the 30s. islip 32 degrees. 31 # bridgeport. poughkeepsie 24. sussex 22. monticello 19 degrees at this early hour. elsewhere across westchester in the 20s.
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door dobbs ferry. we are not the only ones in the freeze, it is cold across the northeast and into new england. boston 32. state capitol 36. pittsburgh upper 20s. we have high pressure in control. that is keeping us nice and dry. expect plenty of sunshine for monday here. don't be fooled when you look outside of the window. it is cold when you step out the door. going into the afternoon hours, the temperatures mostly 50 degrees. that is below average for this time of the year. 60s for tomorrow. 70s for wednesday and thursday and dropping as we go into the weekend. if you want the track the whether with us, you can do so with the fox 5 weather app.
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connecticut, 95 doing fine. l.i.e. northern state southern state we have green. to the commute. staten island expressway fine both directions. headed to the tunnel, holland, george washington bridge doing fine and so are the trains. ben: new york is losing the rat race, the rat complaints to 311 are soaring this year. there are 24,000 calls in each of the past two years, one woman on the upper west side told the associated press she's made 200 calls about the rats in the neighborhood and the answer she gets is the city is working on
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the mta has not been cleaning the subway stations as often as it should. >> joining us live in the studio is curtis sliwa and curtis, do we have a rat problem? >> who pro edicted the mta said behavioral modifications and taking the garbage cans out of the subway stations. that is common sense. what is mayor deblasio your mayor saying you may think there are more rats based on the complaints but the rat population is holding steady. can't this guy acknowledge anything. hey, you are the mayor of the
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we are not counting the two legged rats. imagine if we added those rats in the wnz protection program. ben: let's talk about the mets. they are headed back to chicago. >> you had one of your ace reporters out there, liz, making this statement, wish couldn't be more wrong. the whole city is rallying rnd the mets. ben: i sent you an email. lenny was out there. >> lenny who? >> continue. >> you keep looking for the email. daniel murphy never hits a home run, he's lucky to hit 12 a year and 5 already and four in a row.
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give him a little cup. and looking like a mask on. what is up with this. 95-mile-per-hour fast ball. it is impossible that murphy hits four home runs. >> a quote from the new york times, the past week had the yankees fans scoffing at the amazin'. even lenny, super fan, in orange and blue. >> wait, wait. he's supporting. what is wrong. not the daily news, not the post. the people going to work two
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jobs to make it work. it is read the daily news and the new york post and i'm telling you know, i should be saying whater is kerry is saying, take me out the the ball game. go cubs. take the mets. kerry: is city is around the mets except for curtis. ben: why wouldn't the yankees fans support the mets. the yankees are out of it. it is argument about which team is left in the post season. what is wrong with the mets? >> what is wrong with you? ben: nothing is wrong with me. what is wrong with you. the phillies are no longer playing. >> why should i suddenly become a mets fan and putting them on
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the pedestal and i trash them every day of the year. ben: they haven't won for a long time. >> i'm for a team that hasn't won since 1908. i hate the mets. go america's team. >> it was 1908 that the cubs last won. but i like the mets. thank you, curtis. >> the jets are flying high as
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audrey: good morning, it is a cold start across the area. we have a loed of readings in the 30s, 20s and the teens. metropolitan monticello 19. freezing mark in islip. bridgeport 31. freeze warning is continuing. bundle up up as you head out the door. the winds are relatively light
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and the high pressure is in control. we are going for a high today just 51 degrees in central park. that is below average for this time of the year. ben, kerry, over to you. ben: thank you, audrey. we have a special musical monday coming up on "good day new york." kerry: the band collective souls will be performing on "good day new york" live. they just released an any album and joining in on the conversation on twitter. use the #got to hear this. >> citi field was rocking as the mets take a 2-0 lead over the cubs. >> ben: the amazin's giving them
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gets a did i believe to center. granderson from first. as danny murphy, yet again, watch this, a huge bomb for him, here it comes, another home run. that is his 4th straight home run in the playoff games. mets up 3-0. a long fly ball to the right and granderson makes the catch at the wall and keeping the cubs off the board. nine strike outs for him. in the 9th for the save. the mets win it 4-1. they are up two games to none as the series heads to the windy city. we have gotten big hits. again, because of pitching we
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crushing the ball but getting the big hits. we are getting the guys on the base. >> i felt pretty good out there. i wish i had gotten ahead of the hitters a little more. >> game three at wrigley field tomorrow night. it is a hundred-year-old field there. the cubs didn't play there the last time they played in the world series in 1908. >> giants down in philly tonight. no. 2 receiver randall is probable.
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paul to check on the access. jets coming off a bye week and the game citied in the second half. kicking off kirk cousins deep. after the pick, quarterback taking it in on his own and running for 18 yard touchdown and yets 20-13 lead. fitzpatrick with a big day in the air and hitting marshall and a great move going in for the touchdown pass. the jets win 34-20. improving 4-1 for the season. >> on the eyes, the rangers hosting the devils at the garden. nash's goal is denied. sweeping the puck away. devils come back the other way, former ranger taking the pass.
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a couple minutes away from 5:00.
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