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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 19, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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six all right. how are we feeling this monday morning? i am rosa anna scotto. greg: we went to a wedding last night. details in a moment. it is like minus 50 degrees out. [laughter] rosanna: for you to say that, you know that it is cold. greg: something is happening out there. rosanna: we are following a story in westchester county. we will tell you about it coming up.
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greg: the mets. take that, chicago. rosanna: daniel murphy. he is unbelievable. a day off today. tomorrow. game three in chicago. rosanna: and to fire -- into violence in israel. greg: new york city. a number of complaints. we have a real problem with rats . rosanna: you want to know my theory? rosanna: there is a lot of construction.
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late side. steve lacy and anna gilligan are now man and wife. rosanna: it was really lovely. greg: i took this picture from the back. rosanna: are you allowed to do that? ceremony. it went right into the reception. rosanna: this is from steve's facebook page. greg: you told me you were going to delete that picture. greg: a lot of fun. we wish anna and steve, they are a great couple, let's face it, they were made for each other. rosanna: mike.
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good time charlie. the party continues. he was just a guest. greg: any big highlights? rosanna: i thought that it was beautiful. rosanna: they invited the person who found the pocketbook to the wedding last night. greg: sunday night feeling. audrey puente, sorry you were not invited. [laughter] rosanna: we are doing a special hash tag initiative today. it is called musical monday. let us know what your favorite candidates. i do not know what we will do
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will do something. rosanna: let us know. greg: collective soul will be here today. rosanna: we all have favorite local bands that you have to hear. >> thursday. thursday morning. greg: that is amazing. greg: we think that mike woods is in the hospital. [laughter] >> he is making sure that the good times continue. so very cold temperatures across
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the tri-state area. we have a freeze warning that is continuing for most of the tri-state area. we are at 36 degrees right now in central park. 30 degrees and islip and montauk. it is going to stay pretty chilly through the day. 22 degrees in bedford right now. white plains. we are in the upper 30s and frogs that. thirty-one in yonkers. thirty-seven. mainly clear skies out there. he'll looks like it will stay nice and quiet as we go through our monday. as we go through the rest of the
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pressure in control. the good news is, this high will fly to the east. on the backside of it, the southwest wind flow will help raise our numbers. as the kids head off to the bus, you may want to throw on a coat and a hat, too. it will stay pretty cool, too, through the afternoon. highs only in the low 50s. tomorrow will be in the 60s. we will drop back into the 60s as a going to the end of the week. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. ines: good morning. we do have some problems. let's start off with the bronx.
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major deegan southbound. cross prompts westbound earlier accident. new jersey, delays. let's go to our cameras. check out long island. driving into the city. the george washington bridge. both 30 minutes inbound. the holland tunnel about a 10-15 minute delay. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: we have a fire in westchester. rosanna: it is a strip mall over there. we do not know about the injuries right now.
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out in these pictures. >> reporter: the fire appears to be turning out. some of those hotspots are hard to get to. the fire department will time trying to get these hotspots out. the majority of the fire has been not down. a portion of the building has collapsed. this happened near north street in mount vernon. in the overnight hours. you may notice the playground. next door to where this fire was. trying to get this fire put out. the power turned off.
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the fire department still on the scene of the fire. at this point, no injuries have been reported. greg: thanks a lot. we're getting closer and closer to the world series. four-one over the chicago cubs. rosanna: we have the wind beneath our wings going into chicago. >> now they go to chicago and the mets have the best picture. just two wins away. picking it up early. here on the first inning. curtis granderson. and then it is daniel murphy again.
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a two run home run. the mets win four-one. they now lead the series four- one. >> and everything that you will be fortunate enough. you dream of it to be able to go to work with four-man that are absolutely awesome guys. we're having a lot of fun right now. duke: they had to wrigley field. it will be quite an exciting time there. a huge two-game advantage. they have rdp to chicago's two best pitchers. the series is far from over. rosanna: we were at the wedding
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checking the scores. okay. it was a good night. >> reporter: we came to grand central because this is where everyone seems to be rooting for this new york team. everyone was super excited about the wind last night. october baseball means that it is chilly outside. they were rooting for the team. another win. now they are leading the series. the team is traveling to chicago today. hoping they will close out the series and wrigley field. >> every morning i wake up and
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chance the mets will win again. >> they do not know who it is going to be. >> the team and fans will have the day off. tomorrow is game three. the mets are now only two games away from them world series. rosanna: thank you, liz. let's talk about what is happening in israel. ten of the people injured after a terrorist attack at a bus station in southern israel. greg: the back and back-and-forth seems to be getting worse. >> reporter: while he does not
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situation, he does condemn the killings. secretary of state john kerry will attempt to mediate this conflict. a conflict that shows no sign of stopping. >> we continue to urge everybody. israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens, as it has been. >> reporter: 821-year-old citizen of israel shot and killed in israeli's soldier. in the chaos that ensued, a security guard fired mistakingly believing that he was part of the attack. the migrant died of his injuries. the latest example of violence has enveloped israel this month.
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eight israelis and more than 40 palestinians have died in recent turmoil. mayor deblasio waded into this charge atmosphere. he met with benjamin netanyahu and visited the western wall. the mayor condemned the recent violence, but chose his words very carefully. >> people are afraid. people are struggling. more and more terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. something unconscionable and unacceptable. >> reporter: carry will meet
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greg and rosanna. greg: thank you. we had competing demonstrations. two rallies of both sides of the issue. the two demonstrations happening just about one block from each other. >> we cannot have the terrorists on the street. >> we have a tradition. social justice movement against racism and against depression. that is what we are carrying on. rosanna: the rally state peaceful between the two groups. greg: they are so cool. you can fly them around.
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take pictures. you have to use them responsibly. too many people have not. rosanna: new rules for drones today. drones for recreational use. hoping it will help them enforce it fisting rules. greg: speaking on a sunday. >> into the software that every drone now has. prohibition. it would say do not allow the drone to fly within two hours. greg: he has been talking about that for a while. rosanna: you should not be afraid of the drone.
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studio. rosanna: i felt like my eye was going to come out at some point. the faa says that pirates reported seeing drones more than 650 times since january and august of this year. greg: some guy was flying them around. >> by mistake. look at it hanging there. it is magic. greg: he was so happy last night. rosanna: i think that he thought he was getting there. >> starting out very cold. it is chilly outside. 31 degrees in bridgeport.
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the temperature is at 36. it is colder. we are not the only chilly once. so cold there is back over the great lakes. boston checking in at 21. we have high pressure and control. we have a southwest wind flow which will help our numbers rise into the 60s tomorrow and 70s by the middle part of the week. that will be nice. starting out mostly sunny. tomorrow, we will start out with mostly sunny skies. on wednesday, there will be a disturbance to our north. the big talk will be the
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they will be rising into the 70s. today, it is going to be chilly once again. we are struggling for highs to reach into the low 60s. tonight, it will be chilly again. tomorrow will be in the 60s. watch out for 70s on wednesday and thursday. let's see how it looks on the road this morning. county. your normal delays on the freeway. connecticut, 95 southbound. traffic moving slow. let's go to our cameras.
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a little below the speed limit. we had some earlier problems with the subway. i just received word. the signal problems. expect delays. greg and rosanna. greg: just rehashing the wedding last night. greg: by the way, mike desai that all weddings. rosanna: frank, he is 50 years old. celebrating his birthday today. party on, frank.
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>> we are in mount vernon. greg: throw out a dollar figure. >> half a million dollars. greg: wow. rosanna: the selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express building materials. to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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greg: more than half a million dollars. rosanna: be careful. greg: those pictures of manhattan are coming all the way from westchester county. that is impressive. you can see the city from the lookout. rosanna: a nice clear, crisp day. let's talk about people that live on long island. hopefully their kids are getting on the school bus this morning. we are hearing that the drivers will not be striking as planned. the union president, last night after speaking with the
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company's attorney, he believes both parties may feel to find some common ground. 15000 students take the buses to schools in nassau and suffolk counties. rosanna: rats. greg: we have a rat problem in new york city. rosanna: apparently complaints are going up. more than 24000 calls. one woman on the upper west side told the ap that she has made repeated calls over a colony of 200 rats in her neighborhood park. she says the only answer she got was that the city was working on the problem.
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quickly enough to complaints and that the mta should be cleaning subway stations more often. there is a lot of construction on the street. greg: take a look at this. how about the pizza wrap. they are still talking about this guy in milwaukee. greg: to rats fighting over a slice of pizza. rosanna: let's take a quick
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total greg: yonkers. wife by the highway there. rosanna: i have never been to
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greg: jim. greg: we would like to play craps. we just do not understand it. [laughter] rosanna: and makes no sense. rosanna: donna summers last night. greg: you are right about that. rosanna: people were asking me what was steve and annas wedding song. greg: they came out to the rolling stones. greg: steve in and got married
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rosanna: antelope beautiful. you miss the beginning of the ceremony. we were all warned to not go crazy on social media with pictures. this was a sanctioned photo that steve put up. very private. i do not blame her. what was that all about? it was a lovely evening. it was fun. it was a lot of fun.
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honeymoon? rosanna: we will find out and then we will crash it. [laughter] greg: everyone was well behaved. rosanna: i think so. i left at 1030. i get up at 4:30 a.m. >> everything crazy happens after 11:00 p.m. you want to people built up. it is cold outside. we do have a freeze warning that is continuing until 10:00 a.m. temperatures are below average for this time of year.
7:30 am
20s and 30s. islip only drop down to 29 degrees. tying the record i approach port. thirty-one is the current reading in bridgeport. twenty-one in sussex. 27 degrees. very cold temperatures at 21 at this hour. not a major factor for us this morning. the northwest wind northwest wind flow that brought and although cold weather. again, high pressure is in control. that will keep us nice and dry. normally we should be in the low 60s for this time of year.
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increasing clouds. tomorrow, we will rise up into the 60s. let's check in with traffic with ines right now. >> good morning. two problems. taconic southbound. there is an accident they are. one lane blocked within accident. as far as your commute in new jersey, garden state northbound, take a look at the delay. let's go to our cameras. take a look outside. things to slow down as you approach the verrazano. you are doing fine.
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watch out westbound. construction going on. if you are traveling with the trains, everything running on a close to schedule. greg: uber. almost everybody seems to be doing it. rosanna, you have tried it. i have tried it. it works. rosanna: i always like to hail a taxi first. >> not without controversy. the taxi industry, they have been fighting over it. look at those yellow taxicabs. the yellow taxi cab have gotten in on this. they work very similar.
7:33 am
an interesting story on this. welcome. >> good morning. thank you. i tried both of the new apps. rosanna: we should download it? >> definitely. pay. greg: whether it is for a yellow cab or uber.
7:34 am
can we see you? rosanna: all right. greg: go ahead. the things with the taxis, they are price surging. what was the price? >> it just went up to 2.8. greg: they started off really harper. >> i tested a couple years ago when they were a little newer in the city.
7:35 am
and sweet. some of the cars are not so clean anymore. i thought it will be so nice. a really classy experience. not much difference. >> a lot of the taxi drivers, some taxi drivers are leaving and joining uber. >> some say that you can make a lot more money that way. >> a yellow cabs are a little bit cheaper. automatically make some that are cheaper.
7:36 am
uber cars it took them 7.5 minutes. i tried a whole bunch of different neighborhoods. i went late at night. i went early in the morning. >> she really worked it. rosanna: let's check in with taylor and jessica. yet. the arrow at this saying that the yellow is one minute away. huber is saying it is two minutes away. greg: that is promising. let us know who gets there first. if you are in the northeastern part of queens, the yellow cab will not come there, but uber will.
7:37 am
taxis around. >> the yellow cab is here. rosanna: that is pretty fast. greg: they yellow cowboy wants it. >> this is my car, yes. this is my car. greg: where are you going, by the way? >> to the end of the path. greg: i hope that the driver is going to be cool with that. rosanna: to you think that prices are surging during rush hour? >> you cannot really calculate when there will be a price surge
7:38 am
get that at. greg: you also say you should have both uber in this arrow. greg: check around. let's take a peek. hopefully there is no argument. rosanna: it is all good. rosanna: we can say we are going to kennedy airport. rosanna: it is okay. it's all the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> a chilly start across the tri-state area. twentys and 30s. below average for this time of year. thirty and islip. thirty-six is the reading of montauk right now. elsewhere across the northeast, we are not the only ones dealing with cold temperatures. the great lakes all the way to
7:41 am
new england. dc is now risen up to 39 degrees. satellite and radar. things quiet. high pressure will be dominated. we do have a wind flow that will shift in. plenty of sunshine for your monday. it will stick with us until tonight. a few high clouds. it looks like i temperatures will only make it into the low 50s today. tomorrow, i think we will see more comfortable temperatures. tonight it will be chilly, but not quite as cold as last night. 70-degree readings. that will feel good. on our weather app, just do a search for fox5. let's see how it works on the
7:42 am
i knows. ines: good morning. if you are taking the whitestone bridge, you will have to lace here. stick to the frog neck bridge, if you can. more delays approaching queens boulevard. a slow ride heading southbound towards the cross bronx. construction is affecting the could view. let's go to the george washington bridge. forty-five minutes on the upper level. lincoln tunnel ... route three in the turnpike. the helix moving slow. with the subways, some problems. northbound only. local only between jackson heights and forest hills. everything else running on or
7:43 am
we have a big wedding, two. audrey and i. very good friends of ours. you guys have met them. audrey's birthday party. greg: congratulations to them. rosanna: utensil couple. rosanna: shot in the alley. never found back i. [laughter] let's talk about the mets. greg: they looked very cozy. i think we got the picture of one of those things. they go to chicago. today is a travel day.
7:44 am
the dose. >> i was at the game on saturday. rosanna: and then what happened? it was a chilly night indeed. citi field was rocking last night. bringing the hammer down. remember. they were facing one of the best pictures. david wright. one-night team. curtis granderson. david is daniel murphy. talk about being in the zone. a two run home run. four straight playoff game with
7:45 am
a home run. how about this play. curtis granderson. let's take one more look. said the guard loves it. that hardly picking off. dropping the hammer. five and two thirds inning. the for update saturday night. the mets when four-one. >> we have gotten tickets. we are getting big hits. guys on base. it seems like somebody will come up with a pit place or a stolen
7:46 am
>> it makes the job more easy. one of the best pitchers in the game right now. taking a bold off my shoulders. >> you know it is cold when you are wearing a ski cap at the press conference. the mets have to like where they are right now. they repeat the cubs to best pictures. football now. giants and phillies. tonight they are taking the phillies. reinjuring his hamstring last monday. fox sports reports the team will be rechecking tomorrow.
7:47 am
coming off. very next play. we would not show it to you unless it was fitzpatrick going in. getting in. twenty-13 lead. big day in the air. the jets go on to win 34-20. greg: man oh man. when you are four and one, you are not making a change.
7:48 am
coming back the other way. finally, this is really funny. check this out. the american league championship series. rosanna: did he break it? >> he was a very good high school football player from his junior year and then decided to concentrate. rosanna: watusi do? >> do not play ball in the house. greg: he has a number gag.
7:49 am
duke: no. >> he could not stop laughing. rosanna: good day is coming
7:50 am
rosanna: we will talk about some entertainment. greg: we got a memo. rosanna: from the boss. go ahead and tweet with this special hash tag. got to hear this. i think it started in the garage. rosanna: they all start somewhere. greg: this is pretty small. if you know a local band or a local solo artist. rosanna: hash tag us. we will talk about them coming up.
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greg: let's take a look at her. shower we? greg: the headline. it is freezing outside. highlight that you have not seen from a my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only
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had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call
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greg: hi, everybody.
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rosanna: it is freezing out there. greg: it is painfully cold. it really is. greg: jim, what boulevard are you flying over right now? >> that is route 28. rosanna: mets fans are in high gear this morning. two in a row. we are on our way. i do not want to jinx anything. >> going to chicago. meanwhile, donald trump. queens native. blaming president bush, it seems, for september 11, 2001. donald trump still on top of the polls. rosanna: the fight to take back the streets for brats.
7:55 am
it appears to be a losing battle. greg: 311. you ever call 311 and get any satisfaction? rosanna: no. i call you. rosanna: it was my pleasure. it was a nice weekend. greg: we had a wedding last anna gilligan is married to steve lacy. rosanna: she is debating on whether to take his last name on the air. greg: it is up to the guys. godfather. trying -- anyway. rosanna: how do you remember
7:56 am
bryant park. everything was going very nicely until right about here. rosanna: was that you? that was you. greg: watch. [laughter] greg: he likes the girl, by the way. watch what he starts doing. [laughter] greg: too late. [laughter] it just got crazy. rosanna: i have to say, there were plenty of opportunities. i thought for sure greg was going to say something. i was sitting there, i was holding my breath.
7:57 am
i was looking around the room. where is he? >> we wish anna and steve the best. rosanna: that was before you had a mental breakdown. [laughter] greg: lots of fun at the wedding. good luck, and that and steve. a six week trip around the world. i give them 60 years plus. they are going to die together. [laughter] i'm going to shut up.
7:58 am
age. >> let's talk temperatures. it is very cold out there. starting out with a freeze warning this morning. even if you are not under the warning, it is cold out there. we have readings in the 20s and 30s this morning. we have r&d program and tied records in places like islip in bridgeport. it will continue to be chilly throughout the afternoon. we are at 36 degrees out at central park. twentys right now in poughkeepsie. we have a few high clouds up towards the hudson valley. the wind is relatively light. it will still feel chilly today.
7:59 am
normally we should be in the low 60s. we have increasing clouds this evening. cool temperatures, two. some spots in the low 40s. tomorrow, we will bring back the 60s. by the end of the week, plenty of sunshine. temperatures will take a drop. a quick birthday shout out to a alumni daughter. celebrating her eighth birthday today. we want to wish you a happy birthday and get to school. >> problems with the commute. traffic slow heading into queens. off to the shoulder. take the frog's neck bridge instead. a solid cross the cross island. opposing across ireland as well as after.
8:00 am
a slow ride. been out there for over an hour. let's go to our cameras. traffic jammed westbound. 1 million blogs. now it is off to the shoulder. hov lanes, a little better, but still slow there. expect a five-10 minute you lay. everything else running on our close. greg: we have to start with a fire up in westchester. a pretty big one. it started in a basement of a deli. rosanna: spreading to nearby businesses. it looks like part of the building has collapsed. some kind of strip mall. what a shame. hopefully novy got her. these businesses come into the busy time of the year.
8:01 am
it does not look good for them. greg: meanwhile. awesome. two games in a row. we are on our way to the world series, it looks like. rosanna: do we seem obvious? >> sensational. there were a lot of cubs fans at the game. tickets in chicago are so expensive. it is actually cheaper to fly to new york and go to the game. the mets now have a two-game to none lead. let's show you what they did last night. daniel murphy. hey, you know what, go ahead. wright was one for night to you
8:02 am
and until that hit right there. daniel murphy. he has been sensational. a two run home run here. that's up three-zero. of two games to none on the series. >> the confidence of the teams remain high. we are going to chicago now. they will be back in their own comfort level. still very confident in what we have going. they will have their guys ready to go. it will be another tough matchup. duke: the mets have pizza cubs two best pitchers. greg and rosanna. rosanna: thank you so much, do. thousands of new yorkers are calling the complaint line. it seems that the number of
8:03 am
getting bigger and bigger. greg: we have a big problem. they say an old rule of the which may or may not be scientifically established, 8 million brats we are dealing with. rosanna: that is gross. ben simmoneau. any luck? >> no. no rats out here at 90th and columbus. that number was the above by a columbia university doctorate student. one thing is certain, though call about rat complaints. each of the past two years. the number is said to be broken this year. making 2015 a record-setting year.
8:04 am
some say although storms we had every couple of days, all the trash piled up. it led to a lot more rats. rats hiding in the city. more calls to 311. a lot of folks here are not surprised by these numbers. >> they look like cats. >> do they seem worse? >> yes. >> it does not surprise me. the city seems a little dirtier than that. >> this year they are on pace to exceed that. >> i guess i am not surprised. greg: one reason we cannot have seen any rats is because it is
8:05 am
a lot of the rats are still hovering. rats only need about 1 ounce of food aid a. that apple corps, banana peel, couple of crohn's, it may be enough. throw it away in a trashcan. that is the latest. back to you. he could not count them individually, of course. let's face it, somewhat reassuring. should we talk about the things you are doing in dc with brats there?
8:06 am
>> good morning. then has a tough gig. that is really tough. >> we have faulted on that beat at some point in our careers. greg: he is fine. do not worry about it. what is going on? >> there were some fireworks there. donald trump. doubling and tripling down. this was saying that george w. bush did not keep the country safe because 9/11 happened. following up after that is saying, trump prevented 9/11 policies. that set off jeb bush. the back-and-forth continues
8:07 am
today. greg: let's see donald trump on the sunday show. watch this. >> i doubt that those people would have been in the country. there is a good chance that those people would not have been in our country. with that being said. greg: i will argue this. it does not really matter. he has said while things before. >> he stirs the pot. it does not cost them anything. donald trump is for real. the question is whether he will be as dominant of a force as he has been. >> all right. we will watch you every day like
8:08 am
have a good one. anyway. let's talk about snow. some parts so a little snow. greg: this is from last year. drivers are not allowed to use snow tires with metal studs. putting a -- greg: a couple years ago, i went to a tire store. he said the tires you buy today are better than the snow tires of yesteryear. these tires will double. doing just fine.
8:09 am
>> we will not have any kind of accumulation in the next few days. >> right. definitely not the case today. temperatures are so cold. thirty-six in central park. thirty-seven out towards montauk park. temperatures chilly at 30 degrees so far. we are experiencing some below average temperatures. twenty-six up towards albany. high pressure is in control. that will keep things nice and quite across the northeast.
8:10 am
i think the disturbance to our north will throw up some clouds across the area. that will continue to be the case on wednesday. temperatures will be the big talk. today we're starting off very cold. normally, our highs should be in the low 60s. it will be chilly. you will want to be bundled up. overnight lows will be in the 30s. sixty-nine will be the high on thursday. we cool it down by the weekend. temperatures moving back into the 60s. upper 50s by friday. you can search for it under fox5 ny weather. let's see what is on the roads this morning.
8:11 am
a couple issues out there. first the cross bronx. you have to lace. construction going on. major deegan has had several incidents. both clear. you have to lace backed up to the freeway. let's take a look at the long island expressway. here we go. traffic moving slow. an accident in the area. not much of a difference. the turnpike. holland tumbled both approaches. >> okay. remember the cosby show?
8:12 am
greg: listen to this. [laughter] >> the wall? >> i hit the wall. greg: did not hear the first part of that joke. i am sure it was funny. you cannot interview somebody from the cosby show without asking him about cosby. rosanna: bundle up. >> 36 degrees. >> you just are not dressing for it. always bundled up as a kid when you go out what can i get for you? cream and two sugars, please? two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. on the spot.
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8:15 am
rosanna: they were eight queens dance. greg: yes. if you know a good local rock them. put the name of the band, you have got to hear this. possibly putting them on the show. rosanna: i think that that is awesome. it has to have the hash tag. greg: otherwise it is illegal. rosanna: how long does this last? >> i do not think until january. it will be a bit.
8:16 am
greg: a real upside to being pregnant. rosanna: there is maternity, to. greg: in america? >> two weeks for the guys. rosanna: we want you out of the house. how many babies can we have? we have an incident and then we have you. >> they are suing. according to amazon, these people sell their services for as little as $5. amazon is suing them. a violation of their contract. violating washington state. you hear about company suing people. this is
8:17 am
going after people with reviews that did not even by the product. >> have a feeling they have access to some pretty good lawyers. >> that is the issue they will probably bring up. greg: sometimes i wish that this thing was never invented. >> you know them. i think they have been around for like 20 years. we will have them perform for us. you have to hear this.
8:18 am
8:19 am
rosanna: shake it, shake it baby. greg: he was consistent. rosanna: i have to tell you -- oh, peck up your book. greg: the kids are on the way to school. rosanna: abc, 1, 2, 3, kids go to school. greg: michael jackson from the jackson five. here he is way back then. interesting family dynamic. the youngest brother was the lead singer of the band. rosanna: well. they are still living with that. >> we have met a lot of them. very nice. >> rosanna: yes. greg: michael, what talent. rosanna: and success can kind of ruin you. greg: to a peek outside, it is
8:20 am
cool outside. last night was cold. this morning is cold. it was like 20 something. here we go. rosanna, how are you coping with the cold? rosanna: i stay indoors. greg: why do you wear the skirts? it is like wearing short pants for the guys. rosanna: young kids don't want the shirts by the knees. in the catholic schools they measured for the proper likes and when walking out you hiked them up. greg: you catholic girls. billy joel sang about you guys. i made it in catholic school for six months. rosanna: what happened? >> i went to public school first and transferred in the second grade and i got in trouble when i got up to sharpen the pen sit. rosanna: even then you didn't listen to the rules.
8:21 am
>> greg: there were a lot of rules. rosanna: did you go to bathroom without asking too. you had an ask. >> my creative energy and the curriculum in the second grade conflict conflicted. i got my act together by college and i went to fordham. i got to sharpen the pencils all i wanted to. it was moot at this point. audrey: you meant a special woman this weekend. rosanna: i did. celebrated her boyfriend irthday over the weekend. she's looking great. so pretty. a beautiful outfit on. greg: and tall. rosanna: yes, they were celebrating. so nice to meet you. greg: oh, you are in the
8:22 am
see it yourself at fresco by scotto. rosanna: thank you, audrey. audrey: the temperatures in the 20s and in 30s across the tristate area, the numbers are below average for this time of the year. 34 islip. 37 in montauk. we are in the 20s north and west like in poughkeepsie and sussex. let's head up to westchester. cold along the hudson. throgs neck 38. 32 yonkers. 28 dobbs ferry. plenty of sunshine to be found. don't be fooled by the sunny skies, you are going to feel the chill stepping outside. high pressure is in yol control
8:23 am
the windchills are light. the low pressure is keeping us dry. and it looks like dominating in the next couple of days. as it is slided to the east, on the backside of it, a southwest wind flow and bringing in the milder temperatures across the area startling tomorrow. the week. the highs in the low 50s. tomorrow to the mid 60s. 71 for the high on wednesday with a mix of sun and clouds, 70 on thursday and cooling off by the end of the week. now to come meet with ines. ines: commute is doing okay. a lot of red in the bronx. major deegan with problems. all cleared away. the traffic is slow southbound headed to yankees stadium. bronx river parkway, construction going on, affecting the bronx river and an accident by the bronx zoo exit.
8:24 am
new jersey commute, 287 northbound by exit 1, an accident blocking a lane. delays back to the turnpike. garden state parkway is slow dween exits 132-140. now to the cameras, long island expressway, traffic at a crawl. hov lanes are doing okay. but the main line is moving slow. george washington bridge driving into the city, 45 minutes upper, 30 lower. if you are taking the lincoln tunnel slow there. backed up to route 3 and the turnpike. holland tunnel 15-20. delays on long island rail road. delays. >> greg: okay, thanks a lot. the mets won. freezing cold last night and the players with the masks on, you know, it didn't matter.
8:25 am
the bats were hot. they were jumping up and down to stay warm and with excitement. we have reactions and people feeling it, liz? >> reporter: definitely. the cold was the last thing on people's minds. we spoke to a couple of fans and they are feeling the team has the momentum to go all of the way. today is the travel day. we are looking at what the fans were doing in the stands. october baseball means keeping warm with all of the winter gear. nothing stopping the fans to cheer on the team. now leading the series 2-0. the team is travelling to chicago today and the fans are hoping to close out the series as wrigley field. >> they have beat the top two pitchers. dan yul
8:26 am
daniel murphy is on fire. >> i love them. they have the best shot in the world to win them all. i'm rooting for them. >> daniel murphy is the guy that the fans are talking about. the team will have today off as will the fans. things are ramped up again tuesday night in chicago. go mets. we are live from grand central. back to you. greg: thank you, liz. rosanna, it is warmer in chicago, the windy city, than in new york. 50 something degrees. here is a live look actually at wrigley field. that is where the cubs play. rosanna: we are coming for you. greg: more than a century they have won a championship. rosanna: no.
8:27 am
rosanna, it is called the curse. rosanna: we'll change that. greg: no, rosanna, we are going to reenforce that. rosanna: oh, i follow baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network available for all your devices.
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is 15
8:29 am
greg: it looks like, came out of leninggrad. rosanna: it is not that cool. it is 36 degrees. you are complaining about 36? greg: i wasn't expecting it and it is windy too. rosanna: she's got a scarf on. zipper up. greg: so many construction guys everywhere. with a vest and a stop sign and tem telling you how to drive. rosanna: the driver this morning saying it takes 15-20 minutes to get around a block. greg: look at that guy. rosanna: he's singing. greg: what is that thing? rosanna: maybe he's taking out the rats. to the meting. duke, hello. duke: good morning, i was at the
8:30 am
game on saturday and so many people are watching "good day new york" and saying hello to you guys. the mets fans don't care about the cold, they are two wins away before headed to the world series. daniel murphy doing it again. the amazin's going at it. he had been 1 for 19. doubles home curtis granderson. the mets are up 1-zip. murphy locked in. short, nice, swing. wow. another two-run homer just inside of the right field pole pitchers too. i mean, mets up 3-zip. cubs getting a run back in the second. granderson making a great catch
8:31 am
on the wall. that would have been gone there. noah showing poise. not pitching like a rookie. dominating. nine strikeouts. fa familia getting the save. >> we have gotten big hits. again, because of the pitching we are fiancesing we are not crushing the ball, but we are getting the big hits. the guys are getting on base and somebody comes up with a big hit or a big play or a stolen base when we need it. >> i felt pretty good out there. i wish i had gotten ahead of the hitters a little.
8:32 am
>> where is he from? >> texas. the mets have to feel great they beat the cubs two best pitchers, jon lester, and jake, who was one of the best pitchers in baseball this year. all right, football now, the giants are in philadelphia and taking on the eagles in monday night football. number two receiver probable. he has a hamstring. prince out with a torn pec. the team is talking too jason paul tomorrow. coming off a bye week, the game
8:33 am
quarterback ryan fits zpatrick and running that in. he had a nice day in the air also. later in the third, watch marshall coming back to ball here, makes the great adjustment and gone. 35 yard touchdown pass. jets win 34-20. 4-1 # for the season. hockey at the garden, rangers and devils. this goes to overtime. first rick nash denied there. later, it is the shot off the post right there. the devils come all the way back and former ranger there. finally, did you see this, i
8:34 am
a-rod expensive day on the job. the nfl sunday crew asked him to throw a football. he was a quarterback in high school. a pretty good throw. glazer didn't catch it. greg: it is just a little high. >> if you touch it, you have to catch it. he didn't really touch it. greg: it was a nice spiral too. duke: yes a good release. greg: i'm glad he had a solid season. he made serious mistakes but coming clean and thriving now. he had a fantastic season. duke: he did and working the post season. it is going to be interested. he loves baseball and knows baseball. this is going to be fun. >> hanging out with the football group.
8:35 am
i was at saturday night live and traci morgan is back. greg: where were you sitting? rosanna: up in the balcony.
8:36 am
listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs,
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greg: simon and gar funkel. and becoming super stars and tension between the two, but art was here and he sold out carnegie hall. rosanna: we are encouraging you to join in on the conversation about your favorite local band
8:39 am
use the #got to hear this. greg: they could wind up on "good day." rosanna: well, the skies the limit. tracy morgan is back. boy oh boy it was great. i had not been to saturday night live. it is so cool. the way they move the sets in and out the the actors in and out. it was fun to watch. tracy is back with full force. great jokes. greg: first to achieve real fame on saturday night life and he's and back and rosanna, you were there in the room, funny? >> rosanna: so funny. word. he had good lines. listen to this one... >> people are wondering can he speak, does hef a hundred percent mental capacity, but the truth is i never did. i might be a few points higher now.
8:40 am
rosanna: he was very, very funny. greg: he seems like the same tracy morgan. he's the same guy. rosanna: he was in a lot of skits. not just one or two things. he was very, very involved and also they had demi lovato on. and disney records was there, kent, charlie walk from republic lick, also, nick jonas, joe jonas and here demi singing stone cold... greg grg wow, she can sing.
8:41 am
brought down to house. greg: awesome. snl. i saw this online, they opened the show with a democratic debate. rosanna: yes, larry david played bernie sanders. greg: let's see it. rosanna: oh, we don't have it. greg: he sounded just like bernie. rosanna: he was very, very funny. greg: saturday night live, they have it over there. next time i'm going with you. rosanna: eddie murphy. greg: yes, debuting at age 19. he was honored at the kennedy center. rosanna: mark twain prize for american humor. poking fun at bill cosby. tracy morgan travelled to d.c. to honor eddie.
8:42 am
greg: no cameras in there. rosanna: no, it is on the down low. greg: native of roosevelt, long island. rosanna: a lot of people hitting the theatres over the weekend and loved goosebumps. oh man that reminds of when my kids were little. $23 million earning the top spot. greg, your movie, the martiat second place, still doing great. 21 million. greg: great sound track as well. hey, we are doing something we don't always do, oh, the rest of the top five... people are not talking about the movies like they used to.
8:43 am
rosanna: it depends on the movies. greg: less about the books. here is the lirrs, number one best seller in the country right now is survivor. let's see, e book? e and hard cover. rosanna: and the top nonfiction hard book and e book is killing reagan. let me tell you something, bill has more number one best sellers. greg: he's a book selling machine. e-book as well. rosanna: i want to find out how kay kelly's book is doing. greg: number 7 on the crime list. rosanna: fantastic. we have to make it number one. greg: download it or readette old school. >> collective soul, pump up the volume volume.
8:44 am
rosanna: oh yeah, it is a great song. collective soul will be here. you have to hear this. (vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. new delicious entr\es, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes
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