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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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drones are pecked to to be the hot holiday gift this season. the new rules for drones would require most of them to be registered with the government. >> and the faa wants to get the law in place as soon as posable. jen lahmers is here. jen? reporter: how you popular drones have become and thing frightening store is where heard about drones coming too close to commercial jets and a crashing into public spaces. the faa has been trying here. this his the fed's first step to regulating what has become a massive industry. >> this is a large drone. reporter: jonathan is fascinated by aerial view and built a career
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now, he wants to try it using drones. >> when the drones started coming out, said, i got to check this out because, for me, a drone is essentially, a hurry picker on steroids. reporter: by the end of the crear, countless other drone operators flying in u.s.air space may have to reg for the drones with the government according to a new proposal by the faap and dep of transportation. >> registration will help us enforce the rules against those with operate unsafely and by allowing the faa to identify the operators of unmanned aircraft. >> a tax force is working under a tight deadline to have the regulations in place before the holiday. when a projected 1 million droneses will be sold to consumers. >> this is on the heels of hundreds of pilots. >> reports that doubled between 2014 and 2015. several of those close calls were at new york's
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that area's u.s. open, a drone crashed into seats tattediam. senator chuck schumer has been prk for drone regulation for months. >> what has within the problem with drones in we all mow. they try over places they should fot. close to airplanes, near airport and over of parades. right now the faa is a testing a the tapp would led drone operators know if the aircraft comes close. something atkin says most reck asal drone operator was need. >> drones are often fly. but most people who buy them not. i work very hard almost every other day flying my drone to develop skills. and senator schumer say there is even better solution than the app. he is actually pushing for legislation would require drone mervs to install geo fencing software would prevent drones from flying in certain airspace and that would actually shut down a drone. if it came been two meals of airport, 500 get over the fbi
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headquarters over a stadium or parade and shut it down as opposed to relying on the user to do it. >> thanks. >> thank. >> developing tonight at 10:00, the death of a long island dermatology found in the in try way has been ruled accidental overdose. the medical examiner says died of acute he cocane and alcohol intoxication. the 38-year-old mother thief was found unconscious early in the morning on october 4th after night of partying. police say they do not folks make any arrest in the case. a 12-year-old student was shot and killed inside of the home in hempstead. alberta's middle school is remembering who was struck in the head bay stray bullet while eating dinner on friday. grief councilors at the school all week long offering students support. >> we try to explain that, you know, that something happens sometimes we cannot control. >> yeah.
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>> or explain. >> police say join erwas not the intended target and a investigate aring gang violence as possible motive. a $75,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. al long island woman behind bars tonight accused of leading her four-month-old niece inside of a running car that was stolen with the child in the backseat. gayle has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and left the be about bin side of the unlocked vehicle while she went inside of a subway sandwich shop in pay shore. three people drove off and abandoned it a short time later. police say the infant was not hurt. >> a home health care company has a lot of explaining to do tonight after help-wanted ad posted in rockland county penny safer. the company was looking for nurse but made it clear, no haitians need apply. fox 5's jessica has mer on the fallout. reporter: the haitian come-dy not believe what they saw in the local
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penny safer. interim health care inc. posted this help wanted ad for in-home health care provider. the posting for female registered murs. it reads laid-back nurse. no haitians. eye had tears coming out of my eyes now, baits is outrage. >> the immigrant haitian community are very forth am coming when it comes to this type of work for are nursing, and if anything, it is very much, muchp encouraged. for an ad to expolice sitly isolate and take these people out is part of helping people and caregiving and it is a big slap in the face. the state senator is calling on the new york attorney general to do a thorough investigation and he says the ad posted is illegal. >> both situations with employment discrimination, which is illegal in new york, and then, also, with companies that have contracts the state of new york, they have to be held to a high standard. >> the haitian american nurses association is
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demanding an planes nation. >> we would like to know exactly why and what happened to me because i don't feel like apology is enough. >> in a statement to "fox 5 news." it apologize and calls the ad unacceptable and offensive. it is hiring a third party to conduct, a thorough investigation. >> it is outrageous. if it pis. it should never happen anywhere but even here. the haitian american nurses association says it has received a phone callle from interim health care inc. stating they want to have a sitdown meeting and the association will do that. 5 news." israel after several weeks violent attacks by palestinians. over the weekend, be in the migrant mistaken for attacker at puss station was shot by israeli security furred and wasn't in by angry mob and died. far eight israelis have been killed and now isis is fanning the flames. the terrorist group has launched a social media campaign calling on palestinians to continue their attacks in israel.
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joe biden has turned out the political wild card in the democratic party. word is he will announce this week whether or not he plans to challenge hillary clinton for the presidential nomming that is. sharon the news room with more on how bind's decision could can in pack the race another white house. sharon? ing if. reporter: always interesting, dari. political analyst willing theres predict that it will hurt hillary clinton's campaign the most. he is peckedded to draw her supporters away. and we have not heard officially if he he is going to make decision this week, but the chatter started early this earl think and streed the internet. >> climate change is not just, not just environmental were shoe, it is moral issue, but it is a national security sure. vice president joe biden talked about climate change, today, without menging whether he plans to jump into the presidential race. the 72 year old vice president has been weighing whether to run for be months now. speculated by opinion
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aday in morning after pennsylvania congressman brendon boyle tweeted "i have a good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for president. "what prompted reporters to grill the white house spokesman. >> he has been considering this for some time. i am confident that once he has made decision, that he hill announce it. he will do so on his time frame. >> some political analysts say a biden campaign could help front run ter hill clinton the most. >> i think the question is how much and in what state. >> bind has run for the white house twice before said he is considering the emotional cost of campaigning as he still grieving the loss of his son. other political analysts said by opinion's thing sy is at stake. >> he has had terrific run as vice president. republicans democrats and pent pents alike, they think of him as the most you a on the tick ol tigs in the game,
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lot of accomplishments he can point to. this guy, very hard road. he is not like troy win it. he coos very well lose in legacy on the way out. >> now, f bind does announce, his decision would come before hell ry clinton's testimony before a house committee on benghazi. back to you. >> thanks so much, sharon. >> million clinton set to testify about benghazi on thursday. on september 11th, 2012, killed four americans. clinton's aide testifies behind closed doors on capitol hill last wook. democrats arele calling this investigation politically timed to embarrass clinton during the run for president. are republican front run remember ben carson and a donald trump been to get secret service protection and have see serious security concern cans so the calm put in the usual request. each candidate has veffed a grow up this per of death threats. normally candidates are not give opinion secret service poe tex until after they within the
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party's nomination 123-4678. >> well, breaking news out of long island today. tentative deal has been reached averting a possible school bus driver strike. union leaders in the company which prance ports 15,000 students across nasa counties worked on ap new collective bargaining agreement after mons of negotiations in. the union members still need to vet on the tentative deal which ex pierce in june of 2018. >> le will get am with aer tomorrow. still a chill in the air tonight. >> yeah. you immediate to layer if you are out and about this evening. you may be able to shed the layers hopefully we are expecting a warm-up. >> we are. that is good news. you will see marked improvement in temperatures tomorrow. already from last night. a big improvement. look at the low has morning. boy, it was frosty and cold. only 280 in sussex this morning. 19 monticello. close to freezing in manhattan. 28 bellmawr. youer 20's across long island this then we recovered to the 50 that he afternoon.
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lower 50's in town. low 50 tee prigport. 40's though at montauk and also monticello. right now, those temperatures have not changed that much. we are still 46 tee the north and west. still 50 in the city. why because a nice southwesterly wind and hold that temperature tonight and again for tomorrow. you can see some clouds coming down here. it is generally the southwesterly airflow in play here. look at the high temperatures. they disappeared. the high temperatures to the west in the 60's-70's in the middle 60's as we head to tomorrow and looks like again, 70 plus weather coming in on wednesday. 4's tonight. 35 the coolest suburbs. that is not as bad. clouds tomorrow up to to near 60 by lunchtime. again, high tomorrow afternoon, 67. that is a little bit more tolerable. >> thanks, nick. >> all right. >> well, getting paid to write fake product reviews. >> amazon not having. how the company is
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plus this -- >> he is saying hands pre. we cannot believe it. it is blowing people away including matt king as he takes the self-driving tesla for ride around cc. and this this -- >> this new star war's trailer about to unveiled how it is
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>> when it comes to on-line shopping, product reviews carry a lot of weight. they can make-or-break a sale. amazon is cracking down on those writing fake reviews. lidia curanaj show is how. >> amazon is threading e retailer in the united states with almost $90 billion in sales in 2014 alone. many of amazon 270 million users rely on reviews when making a purchase. now it turns out some of those reviews are fake. amazon has now filed a breach of contract
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lawsuit against more than 1,000 people whole allegedly offered to hire stems out as reviewers. when you sign up for amazon or ann web site, you agree certain conditions and terms. hin this case, one with of them is you won't post reviews and get paid for dog. >> an attorney who special. >> s in social media case. could be damage damages to am zon and seeking triple the damages in one claim so these people could be subject to big liability. >> amazon found the stake revir on the on-line marketing web site. just put in a search of am zon verified reviews. you can see the list of people offering fake reviews for dollars 5 is endless. >> think it is just great that amazon is going after this in such aggressive way. such a good thing or the industry and very strong message. >> danielle lemons the offer of a book on how businesses can fight fake reviews. he believes per chants who pay for fake reviews should be held liable. >> this is driven by
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to juice reviews to make consupers into big their product. persuasive. it is a tiny tep of the iceberg. >> lidia curanaj, fox 5 moose. facebook says sit is trying to poe tk the account were the big brother and the social media guy ant announcedded it would warn users if it detects accounts being target or hacked by government or government group. users will first receive messaging saying please secure the account us now and be ad viced to turn on the facebook's two-step logging process. facebook says it doing this because government attacks tend to be more dangerous. >> oprah winfrey is going on another diet. except this one could end up making her wallet reallile fat. this 2:00 is a 10% stage weight watcher force $43 million and joining thep company's board of dickers un's of five-year agreement weight watchers will be alod to use the nim and image to endorse the products. grammy award winner
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farrell william has something new to be happy and chose pine the school of arts as the artist. wilt kick off a break to today at the town hall in midtown he will have in-depth discussion with student and staff of about the kay learn to he music this is about. one airline is encourage the pass certain gers to let it go. west jet unveiled the new froz continue themed plane. the animated movie's most beloved characters have been painted on to, look at that, next nan and sale are creating snow he magic while upfront olaf is enjoying the heat under umbrella on a peach. that is so cute. inside, each of the 54 overhead have special crackers and decals as well. every parent will be beggedded by their kids to get on that. >> really smart. >> all right. >> another thing kids will love. gas station may not be around any more. still year, as you can see, it has fire truck. it guess on sale on-line starting november 1st.
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some malls will also sell the truck. the head truck debuted in 1964. area's version costs $31. okay. put on the seat belt now. tesla drivers got quite shock behind the heel this weekend. the carmaker launched the software update that lets the car drive itself. yeah. no hands. are? he well, our matt king tested it for ups. take a look. >> oh my gosh. it is changing lines its own. oh my gosh be, it is changing lanes on its wow. that is cool. >> woe. >> last week, owners of newer molds of the tesla s turned on the vehicles and discovered their cars could now drive themselves. >> nothing. absolutely nothing. >> yes, tess that feels so confident in the new auto drive can't an e-mail from a g mail account a couple hours later may land report by the $7 thousand machine steering wheel doing
10:20 pm
very steering while driving 50 miles per hour on the island of manhattan. >> friday, get in the driver seat. officially, tesla describes vehicles running the 7.0 software as semi autonomous. requiring the driver to drive at all times? if i were to want to change lanes into. but with autopilot engaged, they change lane, brake, accelerate, diesel rite and a avoid obstacles. >> i thanks to a are forward look camera, a forward radar, a gps system and 12 sensors giving the car 16 feet of awareness at any speed all working together to change can lanes on winding highway without any driver assistance. >> well, there with we go. >> woe. >> google self-driving car project has dispatched vehicles in small u.s. cities. vole vo claimed response k for any future accidents caused by the future self-driving cars, bouffes last thursday, tesla pam the
10:21 pm
first auto america to dif consumers of existing vehicles the ability to switch to autopilot. >> totally hands free. >> hands tree. >> one of the coolest things about the threes software updates is they happen automatically overnight so the car's wi-fi system. so when tesler owners like stephen colbert woke up last week and found the smart cars even smarter after night of charging, many likely wondered perhaps while the vehicle drove them around and if this is both possible and available, what is next? foo are we there if. >> for real. >> somewhere on the west side highway, i am matt king, "fox 5 news." if. >> mets fans are flocking to the facebook page after every game. [cheering and applauding] >> yeah, yeah. talking to physician ny man jim pru we're about
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are coming all the rage. >> the breeds so rater is close to hopping on in the dangered species list. what the queen's zoo is
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this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business.
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financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. >> that is comedian jim pru we're be and when it tom coms to rooting noters, he is supe ser diaper fan and documenting the reaction to the team's postseason's success with videos like this posted on the facebook page.
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and recaps are getting more and more popular with mets' fans every day. our linda schmidt caught up to find out hoy is taking the team spirit to a whole new level. reporter: i have toll you, i have a great assign tonight and interviewing jim pru we're, with you take a look at this. this what is i am dealing with here tonight. >> go, mets, wab buy. >> this is our year. this is it. >> this is it. >> this says it all. [cheering and applauding] if if. >> comedian jim pru we're facebook posts have become epic. pru we're who is a mets' fan post video recaps after each mets' playoff game f. somele from the home, car and in the stands with fellow fans. >> mets. >> let's go, mets! [cheering and applauding] >> looking at the videos, there has been a couple of them, i swear
10:26 pm
i think your head is goes, plode. and the video. i just looks the head is going to explode. >> well, sometimes if it is going to explode. and part of me laughs at when they clinch against the dodgers which is me there running back and forth through the house. oh, my god, okay. >> luna tick. the comedian actor radio host and former cast member on saturday night live fries valley stream, long island much? is a lifelong mets' fan. >> this crear, i think, are i keep going, this is, this is really happening. like whack? are with thed? >> are we doing? i am just taking a game at a time. a series at time. i take it like a brand-new birthday gift every day. i won! physician. reporter: now pru we're started the facebook video recap this season and it was all his wife's idea.
10:27 pm
u yell after each game. you celebrate like they went the world series. why don't you start making those as videos? you know what? that is a really good idea. i had no clue it would snowball. reporter: keep check out pru we're facebook page because there are more mets' recap videos to come. linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." 3:00. >> what it likes growing up homeless in new york city. >> local teen is baring it all in essay that may help them get to the college of his dreams. >> and the former gangster now on trial for decades old mob
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> a high school students using histamine, living in homeless shelters to pav the foote col listening. college. as fox 5 shows us, he is using the experience as inspiration in his essays. >> this is accurate description of what it
10:31 pm
like to be 12 years old, homeless, nowhere to stay in new york city. reporter: a young man, se, out of the control, the raw truth about homelessness and the kids caught in the mild told in a college entrance says. >> living in a teeny apartment in queens. my fm father goes off on alcohol binges every couple of days. >> pass ket ball has been the ex escape. the dribbling ball, a physic, met forefor his life. when thrown down resilience to bounce back. eye hadn't the slightest idea where i was going to or when the next meal was going to come from. reporter: he seats light at in the of the tunnel. >> how aim goes, plain like eight years. >> how many people are homeless in new york city? hundreds. no. maybe thousands. sebastian is just one. >> you know, numbers can homeless. the number don't tell you what toes people go through.
10:32 pm
homelessness like out of body, a stock this the system, unnatural. for the last year, he and the mother have opinion here at the carve houses. >> i want to go to american university. literally be a dream come true because if when somebody hob iced to having nothing, and unfortunately, it am abouts your standard. you pecks to just continue having hill to nothing. >> a major international relation tells me. his way out. he has got b plus average in the chase loom pavement pret ty nice looking jump shot on the court. >> having known what it like to not have. i will do everything i can to make sure less and less people have to go through i went through for eight years knife life. reporting in manhattan, "fox 5 news." >> well, lamar odom continues making progress in a las vegas hospital. he spent self days in a coma. hes now breathing on his own. there are reports he could be transferred to a hospital in l.a. over the next if few days.
10:33 pm
doctors believe that odom will survive but could be pepper ant damage. tmz says it will take mobs of therapy and rehab to see how far odom can recover. >> a hard road, doctors say. he is still not out of the woods. he has organs that failed. they think they can, he will survive. this is not going to be easy for him in the next forceable future. >> odom's estranged wife, khloe kardashian, is vowing to stay with him through the entire length of the rehab. the divorce is not yet tablized. now under house arrest in south africa. the olympic played run arer serving only a year of the five-year sentence for the shooting death of his girl friend, reva stein calm after 7-month trial, the double amputee was found guilty of manslaughter. prosecutors have appealed the verdict of manslaughter and will seek murder conviction next month. >> well, a mob trial nearly 40 years in the
10:34 pm
pegs ever and a plot pont in the movie good fellas. fox 5 lisa evers at the courthouse today. reporter: prosecutors are charging 80-year-old with multiple federal racketeering and extorsion charges. this stems are the alleged role in the heist of $6 million m in cash and cruel ry at jfk airport back in 1978. the long arm of the law caught up with him in january of 2014 when arrested along with four others including his own son. the robbery was so bold, the take so large, the crime was immortalized in the movie good fellas. >> it turned out the biggest heist in american history. lufthansa heist. >> many are now dead like the alleged mastermind who was portrayed in good fellas. a queen's house jimmy
10:35 pm
once open owned way searched by the fbi and found the remains of the mob rat. he is charged with murder of cats by allegedly strangling whim a dog chain. >> now the attorney diane says the government's case based on mob and con artist. if he is convicted he could be take look at life behind bar. downtown brooklyn, lisa evers, took news. >> a debut tonight during monday night football. of course on find out what pans are saying about the new "star wars" trailer and how you can start preordering tickets. >> and does new york have more dog lover or cat people? find out. >> first here is test tonight's thork minute. >> nba a hosted a cling today at the antonio school in harlem. hall of famer teresa weirds was joined by
10:36 pm
kick off the first ever junior nba week. 3:00 all over this country. 5 million youth through hacker and canada. >> wig hon the scotto family today. our own row son na scotto in a her mom were honored as the 2015 mothers of the queer by the american cancer society. >> we're actually such a close family. that when mom needs immediate attention, she could be hard. when she shouts, absolutely, everything must. >> yes. >> since the event's inception, the hotter of the year luncheon has raised nearly $5 million f. that's the new york
10:37 pm
the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. >> cottontails are now under federal
10:38 pm
the only two zoos in the country now trying to save then from extinction. well, they may look like officials say elimination of their species could affect the entire heco systems. >> their be habitat which is secondary growth and beginning to disappear and less and less farming being done and more and more forest are may turning less and less habitat for them and less and less places to avoid redtors. >> well, you cannot see any new england cotton tales on display at the queen's a zoo because they arencetive and shy. oh. >> good. >> yeah. new york has really gone to the dogs and the poll proves. it is says 57% of new yorkers identified. as dog people compared to 17% who have cats overall, hoge, 42% of new yorkers say they have one pet. >> i like them both. >> okay. yeah. i feel like new yorkers very much, you know, you we're coalp.
10:39 pm
the hype for the new sar star wars movie hit warped speed. it revealed what it vales the force awakens. a in a ap kids' party. the 4-year-old who wanted a birthday bash based on her obsession. baby!| mom!
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>> yeah, it is quite possible there are are more star war fans watching than actual football fans. >> disney unveil the trail forethe much, much-anticipated new star are wars movie during halftime. in case missed it, simone boyce here with a look. >> my adrenaline levels are still log onto the body. we have seen does not disappoint. it is verbally beautiful, stung. here we're witnessing disney rollout calculated marketing tragedy. stay new poster yesterday. the first official trailer tonight plus high pee man to purchase advanced tech ket around the world. crash sites and theaters
10:42 pm
and many others in a matter of minutes just earlier this evening. so it has been a big night for star war fans in case have not heard. the film are reignites and a whole host of new cast member wes learned a lot more about in the new trail sore hoo legal major revelations still a lot to wagger at this point, though. we see a shot of decare darth vader. i will finish what you started. harrisson ford ac knowledging to new cracker the dark side jeded eyes all the events of the original tril lo gy is all real and we see hooded luke see you walker who makes pairance on the trailer although noticeably absent cred. the one that gives me the field is image of hugging. everybody is freaking out on-line. here is what fans are saying in our area. she says pretty sure i didn't breath while watching the "star wars" force awakens trailer scream. can't wait.
10:43 pm
agree with you. at sabrina lily says little tears of joy an exkitement shed. looks leak it is amazing. can't wait. we got one more for you. he is bring in a little bit of a more balance perfective to this. he says still nothing worth bracking about and not getting my hopes up and wait until i see it. i respect that. you want to measure your expectation. but experts on this he other hand where betting big on this within. they are predigging $165 million in ticket sales once it open twos months from now on december 18th. guys may be the last preview before the film comes out. >> safe thor one. has several hundred thousand hits on-line. i will be watching it tonight. >> do you have plan has >> clear my he schedule for that. >> a lot of people are going to be waiting >> all right. thank you. >> thank, guys. >> yes. >> decibel december 18
10:44 pm
keith be cold. >> do you have the forecast ready? >> well, a little time work on that one; however, it is a milder than average stretch of weather as we go to january. we'll see. could be good or cold. i am not saying its no got get cold but the average overtime is probably going to be higher than it should be. all right 53-35 today. that was below where we should be. 62 show the average high. we'll be do better than tomorrow. in the m mid to upper 60's here. we were close to than the city. i showed you earlier. low at 36 and that 20-degree range. 508 now. so definitely a marked improvement with the southwest wind making the trick here. that few high clouds in the sky. is raising. so those high clouds are prodoings any precipitation. we don't see any coming ex set for maybe isolate should we're. that is about it. our dry forecast that is the bad part because while we're chill hi now and start warm things up tomorrow. low 50's again to the city today.
10:45 pm
success. we had 40's and only 51 back to 48 throughout onest thatnd really? right now, bass clipper 40 tee 50. we have not fallen off look we did hast pight. right off the cliff last night. that clear sky and the light wind. 43 at bellmawr. 39 at monticello. you can see what i mean. difference? 10 to 20 pof where we were. this is the reason. southwest wind and a littledy zin places. 15 to 20 mir. tomorrow. you can see that southwest wind is going to thereafter. look at detroit, still at 63 at hour. 50 at bitsburg the same in new york. 44 in boston. pack to 48 in d.c. high clouds that id to. they will not be anything of a concern. our big weather maker down here. high pressure. on this side of it. out comes the southwesterly airflow and tackle warm conditions. there is a cool front that will try get down ear and will not make it as you will see here. meantime, highs tomorrow, 60's through
10:46 pm
we have are 80's to texas and look to the west. 728 chicago. then 70 here dains and thursday. then we are mid to upper 60's around here tomorrow. in fact hook at the compute. >> er temperature forecast model here. middle to upper 60's across the area and zip wednesday. by then we fop the lower 70's do that again on thursday as well before things cool down. 40's now. 36 answer the suburbs but getting up to near 60 by lunch time. pretty good look digging a with a come pi nation of sun and the mid to high deck of clouds so the front think of north. the front says there. we are in good shape wednesday. lots of soon. low 70's. throw to middle 70's on thursday. that that front may kick off a shower thursday tight or so. don't look for much. then cooler. not as chilly tonight. 46 hin city. some clouds. sun and clouds tomorrow. then about 67. then there is 73 on wednesday. 74 on thursday. more clouds around on thursday. that approving cold front. 50's at night. only 508's.
10:47 pm
you earl's friday and saturday. back down the 46's by then as well. overnight lows briefly as to the mid 60's then sunday then another cool front on monday. chicago tomorrow night for the mets' game. could be couple of showers. in the 60's. a all right. >> okay. thanks. >> i am ines he rosales. the harlem river drive both direction tomorrow and wednesday. one lane will be closed for construction. this is by 150's street from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. expect delays.
10:48 pm
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reporter: thet mischin chy tonight as they get ready for game thief national league champ wrinship series up 2-0. the team ride of today flying high and after amazing weekend out. >> to the right. that is pretty deep. that ball is gone! [cheering and applauding]
10:51 pm
daniel murphy has struck again! reporter: if you didn't know him, you sure do now, daniel m hr if i put the months the pack with five postseason home runs, the rest of the mets' line-up stay hot at wrigley field. a that is where the mets held the offday workout monday fully aware with there is plenty of series left to be played? we haven't won a game here in two years, sob we understand, he is a >> am the confident of the teams remain high at the same time. he with got to realize they with it get the home fans and the stadium and back to the comfort level. the mets are col fortable with the game three pitching match and send up the thighs mound against hendricks. now making the third start of the postseason says he loves being on the big playoff tage. >> yeah, a lot of fun. that is who we play for. you know? we may, we play to get this chance and you never know how many times you will get it. so when get this chance, best of. >> i some concerns the health of matt harvey
10:52 pm
scheduled to pitch game five if necessary. he announced today. harvey's arm is still very sore after taking a line drive off the tricep on saturday night. >> we sit here today, and that can certainly change in the next couple of days. >> game five for larvae be thursday fitting andp a couple of days to hear heal there. game three is tomorrow night at 8:00 out in chicago. all right. american league championship series shifting to toronto tonight. game three plu jay and royals down two dimes mon. the jays came alive on their home turf. 3-2 to ron tow. troy goes deep. a 3-1 shot made it 6-2 and jays lead one 10-4 as they play on in the 8th inning now football. they are in philadelphia tonight. taking on the eaglance not going well. the eagles lead this game 24-7 and as they my on the third quart and be sure to head over this certificates station right after the game for guy ants' post game sew and the comeback in them tonight, guys.
10:53 pm
elsewhere, over at thed garden tonight. the rangers end up plank was the final. we're a baseball crazy town right now. >> keep on the mets tomorrow night at game three ating wherely. >> all right. >> okay. >> for little girl's birthday party. distheme like frozen or kitty. no one is going to cop ny hill one. 40-year-old of fayetteville, arkansas haze something entirely different are in mind. hatch pi birthday to you happy birthday to you >> original. >> obsessed with cbs pharmacy so her mom went all out. >> cake, didn't know theyxisted. a cbs badge for her to wear. everything red and white. you may wonder what the fascination. it turns out iris flavors the only cvs in town and watched it
10:54 pm
being construct during the dally rides to school when they heard all about this. well they sen over tons goodgies for a special day. that is really incredible. >> yeah. unbelievable. >> yeah. >> curious how you will give your kid original party pause every kid has party. >> this is great. >> irish wins. see you tomorrow.
10:55 pm
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