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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: an update on the death of a dermatologist, investigators release the cause of her death, she was a long island dermatologist found in the doorway of the manhattan building, we will give you an update. presidential kids donald trump and then cars and have requested secret service fee protecting usually not given in to a person is nominated. lamar odum was discharged from las vegas hospital and moved to los angeles, the latest on his condition coming up. via m carey dream for ben simmoneau. juliet: dennis will be doing that evening the the rest of the weekly diane juliet huddy, 4:30
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kerry: let's go to michael. action. there were rumors flying are rounds. the only ec whetting. >> meteorologist: good morning, let's get you going on tuesday morning. all little cool out side not as cold as yesterday but on chilly side. let's check your temperatures, 49 at central park, same in islip, 54 in montauk, fairly quiet, a little wind from the west southwest at 3 to 14 miles per hour and it won't be that windy but of the bed of a breeze later, a little cooler than it actually is that fairly quiet start it will hang in the same general region, some clouds and showers to the north of the tristate but here in the
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coming to you with temperatures cool but not actually bad at all for start is compared to what we will see later this afternoon, it is cool stuff but it will warm up nicely later on. coming to 64 degrees by noon and 68 is will we are targeting later, but above normal temperatures go away, 73 is your high tomorrow, same thing thursday, small shower chance as the front squeezes by but it does drop your high temperatures down a decent amount into the upper 50s by friday. we will bring in christina stoffo who is in for ines and she has more, feels and monday but it is tuesday. let's see what we have got out there. >> we are dealing with an issue if you're traveling on long island so we have the northern state parkway close in both
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investigation ongoing here so you definitely want to avoid the northern state and further notice, i will keep you up-to-date with what is going on on that and if you're traveling in new jersey, 17 will be affected by some construction, two lanes closed in both directions until 6:00 this morning sell another spot we will keep you up-to-date with as people get on a road and it may get have before you, let's go to the staten island expressway, traffic moving away and nissan saw by bradley avenue and honest and not an expressway moving well and to the gwb which is moving, an early morning construction being lifted but others and that it is fine, not looking too bad. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. juliet: thank you, bill deblasio will sign a bill into law criminalizing synthetic marijuana. it makes it illegal to sell it with intent to sell, and applies
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to synthetics known as bath salts, the mayor will also have a separate bill banning sale can 2 which is a specific type of marijuana and another bill that will allow the city to revoke a business at cigarette dealer license if it is counseling synthetic drugs. the data along on an dermatologist found in the entryway at the chelsea apartment building has been ruled an accidental overdose. the medical examiner after office said she died of cocaine and alcohol interpretation, the mother of three was found unconscious on october 4th after a night of partying in the city. police say they don't expect to make any arrests in this case. republican presidential candidates donald trump and ben carson will be getting secret service protection any day now. the two have been hiring their own bodyguards but according to the agency, they meet polling and fund-raising standards. there has been an issue with threats. mr. carson is getting an excessive amount of debt threats.
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terrorist chatter mentioning his name, mr. trump has in drawing huge crowds and secret service protection not only keep a candidate safe and they will go ahead of time, and at an element of procedure. >> they would love to take out a top candidate for the president of the united states of errors that threat that is always out there, and it will be important to to protect these candidates because fascination nullifies democracy. >> not -- when people saw the secret service detail, people feel presidential. >> two candidates have received secret service protection earlier in campaigns, barack obama and ted kennedy. here is the big question everyone has been asking and no
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one seems a bit answer, is joe biden running for president? democrats are waiting for the current vice president will get in to their race. robert moses joins us as awake decision. >> reporter: if he runs joe biden offers an alternative to bernie sanders but hillary clinton continues to have a whole lot of momentum social and yet be harder to beat, she comes off of their really commanding debate performance. also remembers that joe biden has no campaign infrastructure joe biden appears to be hoping the third presidential run. will he won't he. anyone but joe biden is offering an answer, joe biden will run for president.
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story on its web site with the headline joe biden to launch presidential campaign but click on not wink and a slight tells you the story was, quote, inadvertant we published. joe biden appeared on a summit on climate change the did not shed light on his thinking. josh earnest only offered this. >> based on the fact he has run for president twice before i think it should be a clear indication he believes he has debate. and to offer to the country. >> reporter: as for those that are in the race a new nbc news wall street journal poll shows donald trump with the support of 25% of republican primary voters, highest total he has gone in that poll since entering the race. donald trump as a three point lead over ben carson but that is within the margin of error. marco rubio is in third followed by ted cruz and jeb bush. chris christie got so little support in that already is in danger of being left out of the
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on the democratic side a new cnn poll shows hillary clinton with a command in 16 point lead over bernie sanders. joe biden even though he has not announced his intentions is in third but as joe biden knows as well as anyone you have to be in it to win it. this could be a busy day in the political world in washington, democratic presidential candidate jim webb will hold a news conference, he is considering dropping out of the race as a democrat and launching an independent bid for president so we will be watching. that is the latest from the newsroom this morning. >> lamar odom was released from a las vegas hospital and is back in los angeles this morning, he was taken by helicopter with chloe kardashian. the realities are promise not to leave his side. he was found unconscious last week in a brothel in nevada. according to indy news the
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former l.a. lakers improving, he can move his arms and legs and can now breathe on his own but is reported going to need a lot of rehab. proving the old adage there's no such thing as bad publicity bookings at the love ranch where lamar odom was found have skyrocketed according to the establishment's owner, business has tripled, the average number of customers was 20 a day, now is 75. there's a month long waiting lists that lamar odom had just before he was rushed to the hospital. still ahead on "good day early call".
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: let's get you going out the door, high temperature made up to 53 degrees and it was chilly in the morning, that was your high temperature in central park, 54 newark, below normal temperatures all over the place, 53 in poughkeepsie, a lot warmer than we had yesterday in terms
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get ready for a warm-up coming up soon enough. and mostly cloudy skies in central park, winds from the west of less than 9 miles per hour in central park, some clouds, rainmakers and newark, 45 in allentown, we did have winds to the northwest and frosty conditions, we are on the upswing and freezing temperatures in the tristate. there is a week that tour cold front dropping into the area but it won't make -- cloud cover from that and not getting precip out of it. that is what we are going to enjoy for the next few days, the cold front lingering to the north keeps cloud cover and showers there, we are in a clear, and with westerly winds
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in the low 70s for couple days. and that brings a sprinkle. 67 degrees with mainly sunny skies and that afternoon, 73 tomorrow, 73 thursday, a small shower chance, temperatures take it, in the upper 50s to low 60s, daily and hourly, at the apple itunes store, and we are ready to go. let's get you going out the door, see if there's construction delays. duke: a bad accident happened this morning on the northern state parkway, east and west bound lanes are closed because of this accident investigation that is ongoing, eastbound is going to be detoured, west bound will be detoured, definitely
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something to keep in mind, definitely until further notice, also seeing early-morning construction lingering on 17, two lanes are blocked off in both directions so definitely going to mess things up as you get out on the road. they say it will be wrapped up by 6:00 so keep you up-to-date on that. at the yard drive not looking terrible in the area of 79th street, hardly any traffic, next on as the law, the grand central, traffic coming towards me, this is running up to speed in both directions no problems to report on long island expressway, back to you. >> it tentative deal involving a possible strike by his school bus drivers on long island. about 15 students across nassau and suffolk counties, worked out a new collective bargaining agreement. after months of negotiations union members need to vote on
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the deal which expires in june of 2018. when shopping online which i do too much of product reviews can carry a lot of breaks to consumers. those. lidia curanaj shows us how. >> reporter: amazon is the leading e retailer in the united states, $90 billion in sales in 2014 alone. many of amazon at 270 million users lion reviews when making a purchase with alan turns out some of those reviews are fake. amazon filed a breach of contract lawsuit against 1,000 people who allegedly offered to hire themselves out as faith gravures. >> when you sign up for amazon or any web site you agree to certain conditions and terms. one of them is you won't post reviews and get paid for doing so. >> an attorney who specializes
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>> they are seeking in one particular claim but could be subject to the liability. >> amazon found fake reviews on the online marketing web site cyber. put in the search, amazon verify reviews and you could see the list of people offering fake reviews for $5 is endless. >> amazon is going after this in an impressive way, working for the industry since a strong message. >> daniel lemon is the author of a book on al businesses can fight fake reviews. merchants to pay for fake reviews should also be held liable. >> this is driven by merchants who are trying to choose their reviews and make -- tricked consumers into buying their products, this is a tiny tip of the iceberg. >> lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. juliet: apparently the people who love star wars are going crazy apparently. i have been hearing this the last day or so, before us is with the new star wars trailer
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last night, fans went nuts. >> the force. juliet: that a portion of the trailer, twitter said that triana got 17,000 tweets per minute. it was viewed on youtube 420,000 times in the first 20 minutes, diehard star wars fans will love this, on solo hugging princess leah, tickets went on sale last night. open until september. fans were so excited they even crashed best and they go night. so many people say this really give a more excitement than all the movies that came after a return of the jedi. the eagles blog big blue for first place, duke is next with
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>> i hope today's war in yesterday. >> it is supposed to be glorious. >> meteorologist: it will be the majority, it will be quite nice
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yesterday, that hurt over the weekend. today and not quite the same, chilly for starters, as you head out the door for the bus stop, trains of we will see partly sunny skies, breezy chilly conditions, temperature around 47 degrees, you want something extra in the morning, right now until we get out the door but later on we should be able to shed a few layers because it will be pretty warm, 49 central park so far with are the cloudy sky here, 52 in bridgeport, 49 in islip, should be a pretty nice they all together, temperatures have a chance to warm up because we have more westerly and southwesterly wind coming back to the tristate and look like stormier wetter weather is to the north so here's what your high temperature pattern will look like today, expected high 60 degrees, average high today 63 so we are above normal again but still staying away from a record but at least not warm-up will come up and make folks happy, warmer tomorrow with 73 then, 73 there is a with a small shower
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the week but lots of sunshine too. >> did you see steve weatherford's posting of the giants jersey over the statue? >> meteorologist: somebody put new jersey on. duke: the philadelphia police called it a crime of humanity so i stayed and watched the giants game, giants were not good. terrible football game, giants, eli manning over the middle, 13 yards for, backham without getting touched, fantastic on this derived, giants driving again end here is where it goes wrong, to larry janelle, an eagle rock and rips it from the interception, eagles defense
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against the giants can't get past, 2 for 32 touchdown, eagle's first, first order touchdown of the season 7-7, same score on the deep end, eli throws, a terrible interception, picked off by nolan ryan, takes the back 6 and eagles up 14-7, best thing about this game, they go on to win 27-7 after the game. >> very disappointed. unexpected it to be a very close game. i thought our first drive was as good a driver as we had and that excited me for the rest of the day and from that point on it it wasn't a whole lot to get excited about. >> meteorologist: duke: the giants 3-3, and at metlife stadium hosting the dallas cowboys, we have a day
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the in 3 of the n l c s from chicago kyle hendrix, mets worked out yesterday, a great flow, and beat according to staff, the winner of the first two games of the best of seven series 83% of the time, struck out 13 batters in the 1 of the an lc s despite not having these in game 5 soaker 6 effective innings, and i actually thought that was one of his best performances of the season, talk about challenges of pitching in famous racing. >> the ball carries pretty well, going into this, try to get a lot of ground ball out, >> we have an won game here in two years so we understand you will be a different atmosphere but i don't think they get caught up in anything but doing what they do best, play the game right.
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duke: they and time 8:07 tonight. over the american league, game 3 between but whales and the blue jays, canadians went out to those elections and the this went to the game, maybe something going on, first lc as game in toronto since 1993, kansas deep to center, maybe the best defensive outfielder in the game right now, great catch, skip ahead of a third, six runs, hits a three run blast making it 672, josh donaldson will follow the lead to run shot, jays go on to win this at eighth, we did games to one, interesting note, a sale of beer in the upper deck, the last series against texas on to the field to argue of call. on the ice rangers toasting the
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debut of the number 2 goalie, there we go, rangers gave him the early lead, mark stahl rips one of of the crossbar and in and his first of the season made it 1-0. he was a brick wall who made all the stops, 22 shots he faced, rangers wind it 4-0, 58 years to get a shot out in the ranger game here. the jets, brandon marshall who used to plan went on twitter over the weekend asking fans whether he should read for the chicago cubs or the new york mets. the fans chose love mets but here is what marshall did next, on to his portrait, that is not the colors all right, wrong logo, that will be the yankees logo. he is having fun with fans. >> thanks very much, thank you
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