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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life! from "fox 5 news", this is good they wake up. >> good morning, i'm so excited about this week it will be so nice. good weather to go outside. get a cup of cappuccino. grab a jacket though before you go outside. it will going to be chilly but not as cold as yesterday. mike will have the forecast in a minute. >> kerry: the death of a person has been ruled out accidental overdose. kiersten died of acute cocaine and alcohol overdose. >> please say a man tried to
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square park. >> kerry: will he or won't he, that will be pres. biden's decision decision on whether he will run for president. ben is working late today. >> juliet: in for steve lacey later today. i have a black clutch purse and it has the spike things that come out of the side, it's an edgy looking thing. rather they go to another table and pick up another fork he just picked up my purse and started stabbing his food, eating it with my food. i have pitcher evidence.
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at least i did tweet the video. >> mike: we had a good time. congrats of course to stephen and anna. today we have not a bad start. high temps from yesterday was on the cool side, 53 was your high temp in central park, 52 in sussex. this is this is what we have out there today. temps dropping off a little bit, 49 central park, 50 park, 50 in islip, 54 in montauk, 34 in monticello. still capable of getting frost up to the north and west. temperatures are considerably warmer than they were 24 hours ago. it's a 90-degree bump up in islip, and 14 in central park. not as chilly this morning. a mixed sky and the area. we will the area. we will keep that around, showers in upstate new york will stay there. a cold front will want to drop
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have enough push behind it to bring it down. we'll keep the clouds to the north, eventually a week front will pull through on wednesday and that will bring may be a few quick showers on thursday. some changes, reports, temps are going up. sixty-four for the high temp today. the next few days we get up to a high of 73 tomorrow and thursday. a small shower chance on thursday and then cooler on friday and the weekend. let's bring in christina and take a peek at what is happening with the commute. >> ichristina: we have a couple of issues around town. let's take a look at long islands because northern state is close. i'm laughing because people are
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ensemble that we all brought inches the northern state parkway is close unfortunately both directions. we had a bad accident earlier in the investigation is ongoing. so east and west on the northern state is close. you will be detoured off the road. definitely don't go anywhere near this. we are starting to see delays on other places as well. it will be closed as well. a big improvement on the thorough way, accident is on the shoulder and construction is gone. delays have eased out quickly. that was a long delay, traffic is now flowing pretty much up to speed. that accident is a near 15a but on the shoulder. we are still seeing an accident and one lane of traffic. alternate street parking rules are in effect today. spee1 thank you you we been hearing chattered about vp joe biden and he will be announcing whether he'll be running for president sometime in the next few days.
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>> kerry: several reports say that he's still considering it. robert moses joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. look at it this way, neither neither biden nor his advisers the speculation. and now seems quite clear that an announcement one way or the other is eminent. the question is, what will that announcement be? will he or won't he? that is the question that seemingly everyone but joe biden himself is offering an answer. democratic from pennsylvania tweeted this, i i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for prez. the washington post showed a story that said biden to launch presidential campaign. the story was inadvertently published. biden appeared yesterday but med
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campaign. >> based on the fact that he is with the president twice before, i think it should be a clear indication that he believes he has something to offer to that debate and to offer to the country. >> reporter: for those who are in the race nbc wall street pulses donald trump with 25% of republican voters, the highest total he has gotten in that poll since entering the race. trump has a three-point lead over carson but that is within a margin of air, marco marco rubio is in third followed by crews and bush. on the democratic side, a new cnn poll shows clinton with a commanding 16.. lead over bernie sanders. biden, even though he has not yet announced his intention is in third. biden knows knows as well as anyone you have to be in it, to win it.
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democratic side for one moment, conference today, he is expected democrat and announced that he will run as an independent. that is the speculation at least. webb complained loudly that he did not get enough time to speak during the last abate. carrie, back to use. >> kerry: the death of all long island dermatologist found in the doorway of a chelsea apartment building has been ruled an accidental overdose. the medical examiner said she died of acute cocaine and alcohol intoxication. the 30-year-old mother three was found unconscious on october 4 after partying. please say they do not expect to make any arrests in the case. police are on the hunt for a man who try to assault woman inside union park.
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>> reporter: morning. this happens sunday around one pm here at union square. a man attacked a woman in her 60s and try to rape her inside a bathroom in the park. please say they know the suspect they are looking for but need the public's help tracking him down. >> the nypd released these images from surveillance videos of amanda try to rape a woman. he is believed to be in his 30s with a thin build, short hair, and a long goatee. on sunday please say he approached the 63 or old woman inside a park bathroom and demanded she suit, the victim was able to free. he then left the scene wearing a green army camouflage jacket, orange sweater, dark jeans and a back pack. he has not been seen since. >> reporter: she was taken to
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released. police are asking anyone who may know something about this incident or the suspect to give them a call at 18577t ips will live from union sq., park this morning. >> juliet: thank you. on long island a deadly head-on collision happened early this morning on the eastbound lanes of northern state parkway near deer park avenue. two people are dead, please are investigating if one vehicle was being chased. we'll have more coming up. >> kerry: there is a fire inside a building in chelsea has burst through the roof. jim is alive. firefighters on the scene of this fire. it is on fifth street between seventh and eighth avenue. in the last minutes while we notice a lot of smoke coming out the fire department is getting
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control of the fire. it is a multiple alarm fire. multiple firefighters are on the scene. seventeenth street is closed, 18th street closed as well as firefighters bring in equipment from the backside of the building. there are link closes on seventh or eighth avenue if you're trying to travel through the area. no injuries that we are re- aware of. the building was vacant and under construction. it was a six-story building and the fire was on the top three stories of the building. you can see smoke coming out it does appear that the fire department is getting it under control. back control. back to you in the studio. >> kerry: thank you jim. we have more still ahead including the new ad blocking features on iphone. spee1 mike is checking the weather for a. >> mike: a warmer day coming up for us today. start off temperatures 15 to 20
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yesterday at the same time. 49 as you step out the door in central park. it's below normal but we will see partly sunny skies, southwest breeze and temps will warm up this afternoon. daily and hourly forecasts are all on your phone if you download the fox 5 ny by the rap it is available at the google store or itunes store. we will be right back good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
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>> welcome back on this tuesday morning. >> nice chilly morning but it should get warmer today. >> mike: it's better than what we had yesterday. it was a bit of a shock. i'm not going out there who delivers? it was a weekend. we have clouds out there, still pretty dry, 49 at central park with ones coming in from the southwest. tense across the region, 49 degrees in boston, 46 degrees in albany, 41 degrees in williamsport. tents are fairly milo.
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wind. that's a funnel boundary which is trying to drop in and dropped to the south. it does not have enough push to force it to the south so it is going to get hung up just to the north of us. that's where the clouds and showers will be made. eventually as we had to thursday a cold front will try to come through the tri-state region. that is still a little ways out. today partly to mostly skies, 64 by midday and a high of 68 this afternoon. the front passing through on thursday. high temp gets 273, a afternoon but i don't think there will be much out of it. sunny skies and cool temps, highs in the skies and cool temps, highs in the low 60s on friday and saturday. we can get a little warmer for you. not much going on in the seven day forecast. if. if you want to the weather forecast text to you we will
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forecast on your phone. it cost you a message and data rates apply. let's bringing christina who is in for ines this morning. >> christina: we have a few a bad situation that happened on parkway. unfortunately both sides of the road are closed near deer park avoid this spot. and asks to investigation going on, unfortunately they were some fatalities involved in this accident. a big investigation investigation going on. northern state parkway will be closed down till further notice. the l ie is getting very congested so allow yourself extra time this morning. it will take a little longer to get to work if you take that roadway. a new incident on the northbound
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lane blocked. let's look at the l ie near willis avenue which isn't looking too bad. right now it is crowded but it is moving so that is good news. the george washington bridge, slow but moving minor delays it will take about ten for the inbound. alternate alternate street rules are in effect today. >> kerry: there's a new feature on apple ios nine to allow third-party app developers to develop ad blocking. >> juliet: we have more on that scoop. >> reporter: look, no one likes ads. but especially on your smart phones when you are browsing, you can get to a site where it
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because all you see is pop-ups. apple knows this and there are a few reasons why they decided to enable add up lockers. what they did was completely changed ios nine and allowed third-party developers to create tools that will allow you anywhere from three to a couple of dollars to block every single ad that will show up on your web browser. go to the the app store, some most popular is a one locker, ad blocker plus, you may recognize it from your desk top because it's been available on that for a long time. long time. ad blockers another one, crystal is an easy one. some allow you to get deep and set the kind of things you want, tracking, cookies, all kinds of stuff that you would not normally know what is happening to you. when you take a sophisticated one like refined a look at its features you start to realize how many different things you are being tracked and ways you are being targeted. and crystal for 99 cents you set
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you go into your safari settings then you hit your content blocker and you can turn them on or off and they show up immediately is available to you. why you want to tune them off? sometime content blockers get a little over jealous and block things you want to see. go to your favorite app store, the apple app store and download any add blocker you want, and browse ad free to your hearts content. >> kerry: does this run down your phone. >> know it just blocks the ads. sites load a lot faster because ads tend to wait on the site, one side i was on yesterday took 30 seconds to load the whole page without ad blockers and
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seconds. it's pretty awesome actually. spee1 i do like that you feel like your privacy is being exposed when you have all these people tracking you down. thank you very much. >> kerry: more to calm. >> juliet: there's a new study out on toxic chemicals and we
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welcome back. the fbi and secret service are reportedly investigating whether cia director personal email account was hacked. that the new york post first reported the story. the hacker's claim to have gotten in the aol e-mail account associated with brennan. information about his security information has been asked exposed. >> juliet: one person is going on a opera winfrey is going on a diet, she is taking a 10% spake steak at weight watchers. she is joining the company's board of directors. under a five-year agreement weight watchers will be allowed to use her name and
6:23 am
and services. she has gone out and said very nice things about weight watchers. she said she believes in the country. the stock it doubled in price after her announcement. >> kerry: i followed her friend gayle king and her friend is a big weight watchers person as well. >> juliet: and help watch a new study has found toxic nail polish chemicals in women's body. they say the chemicals block and occurrence of the body they found traces ten to 15 hours after women painted their nails people. is troubling the body absorbs it so quickly, it's called tph p has been linked to weight gain and obesity. a new study claims men would actually starve themselves for. a study done in britain looked at nematode worms, they found male worms had an extra pair of neurons in the brain hardwired
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than food. although they save in same neuron's can be found in humans the study was published in the journal of nature. >> kerry: it doesn't surprise me at all. >> juliet: so men are wormlike. be two more of your top stories that when we come back. why are ben carson and donald
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> juliet: good morning everybody. don't leave the house without a jacket this morning. you may not need it later this afternoon. it will be cool at the start but it will warm up to the upper 60s. it will be pretty nice. mike has a. mike has the full forecast. >> kerry: please are looking for a man they tried to rape a woman inside a bathroom at union sq., park. we'll we'll have a report coming up. signing a law that will
6:27 am
criminalize marijuana. the so-called blade runner-up is tell you why he may be going back. >> juliet: it is a 6:29 am, steve lacy is on vacation and anna gilligan is with him because they got married, so ben will be in later for steve. it was a quite the wedding wasn't it. >> mike: it was, we had a good time and got out of there at a reasonable hour. i think it was close to midnight. i put on quite a little spectacle i'm sure. spee1. >> juliet: could you give us a little demonstration. you did a weird, wormy push-up thing on the floor. it's a little magic mike i have
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to be honest with you. >> mike: people don't believe i can dance. >> juliet: i don't know if i would say it is good. i said it was interesting. >> mike: do not hate on me. let's say well we got. temps are are starting in the 30s, 40s, and one or two spots are in 50s. 54 in montauk, 50 and i50 and islip, 42 in sussex and poughkeepsie. temperature changes, it is mild about ten to 20 warmer than yesterday. 21 warmer in bridgeport. 18 warmer in montauk. southwest wind is coming in montauk. southwest wind is coming five to 17 miles per hour. that pulls up warm air but it
6:29 am
tri-state region. although it looks threatening it will not be here for a wild. mainly sunny skies this afternoon, high temps to 68 degrees around two or 3:00 o'clock. tomorrow high of 73, a shower chance coming on by tomorrow and a shower chance on friday or saturday. let's bring in in christina who is in brightness this morning. we'll see some action on the roadway. spee4 a lot of action on the roadway it is because of >> christina: an issue on long island the northern state is still closed down on the area of deer park avenue a bad accident happened early on where a car ended ended on the wrong side of the road. accident so an investigation is going on. detour in in both direction. a ton of traffic on surrounding roadways. a bumper-to-bumper delay so just
6:30 am
commute started. we do have a few other things like the vanwyk northbound through queens boulevard with a crash. also an accident around the l ie around queens boulevard. a lot of of heavy moving traffic around these two incidents. i'll bring in 80 in the area of exit 42 there are are some delays in the eastbound direction. definitely keep that in mind. we'll go to the van with, i will show you delays moving into the area. here is where the accident happened you can see we do have emergency activity and traffic is very slow moving into that. the vanwyk northbound is not looking good. alternate side parking rules are in effect today. spee1. >> juliet: thank you. vice president joe biden is still not talking about the
6:31 am
say he will announce later today >> kerry: several reports that he is still considering this. robert has the latest on us. >> reporter: good money too. biden himself really has stayed quiet so this has become a parlor game in washington. the speculation has gotten so rampant that yesterday the white house press secretary was actually debating joe biting's of body language or asked to speculate about his body language, he declined incidentally. everyone seems to be declaring biden's intentions except biden himself. congressman brendan boyle from pennsylvania tweeted i have a very good source close to joe that tells me bp bride will run for prez. washington post posted a story that says biden is in, but it was in the group's moment
6:32 am
was inadvertently published. there were like axes in the story where pertinent details would be filled and so clearly it was published in air but it may not be a mistake ultimately. this would be biden's the third presidential run and he is hoping it would be a chart. a tough battle, yes. he has a skeleton campaign structure, a lot of time and ground to make up. polls show clinton is doing very well especially after last week's debate. the press secretary was very careful as he was peppered with joe biden questions yesterday. anyone to make, as as terms of states. all my colleagues have certainly time and space he needs to make that personal decision. he will make make that on the timeframe >> reporter: clearly the timeframe is of his choosing for a a while. a new cnn poll
6:33 am
shows hillary clinton with a 16-point lead over sanders. don't pay a lot of tension because biden candid and see is really hypothetical. people are not really apt to vote for people in the polls who are not actually running. if aydin is actually running he could pick up votes very quickly. he could up the race on the democratic side. >> juliet: we're talking on this over the weekend, it seems inevitable that it will happen in the next few days. the feeling is that yes they think he will run. he is not necessarily as strong a candidate as a some people may think he is. when you put biden and hillary together they kind of take each other's demographic.
6:34 am
morning trump and carson could be getting secret service >> juliet: yes they will be getting it. currently they have been with their own bodyguards. mr. carson has not wanted by the guards up until now. according to sources they have met polling and fundraising has been getting an excessive amounts of death threats, some coming from chatter according to the fbi from terrorist websites. crowds, secret service service will keep the candidates safe prestige. >> isis could stage an attack, they would like nothing better candidate for the president of the united states. there is that threats that is always out there. it is just so important to protect these candidates because
6:35 am
democracies. >> secret service resume helped us with security and prestige. when people saw the secret service. >> juliet: only two other people have received secret service and that includes that barack obama then senator, and ted kennedy. >> kerry: canada has voted in its first new leader in ten years. they beat out the, prime minister, harper. he harper. he held the scene since 2006. the new candidate does not have term limits. at 43 years old, he becomes a second youngest prime minister in canadian history and has been likened to president obama. >> juliet: the olympic blade runner has been out of jail but
6:36 am
could be going back. he was released from the south african prison yesterday, he served only one year for the shooting death of his girlfriend, he was only convicted of manslaughter. he will will spend the next four years under house arrest. they are appealing the conviction and month hope to retry him on murder charges. >> kerry: police are looking for a man who tried to rape a woman in union square. it happened happened on sunday in one of the parks bathrooms. the two struggles and the victim was able to fight and get away. please have the they believed to be in the 30s, short hair, a goatee. if you have if you have any information about the pictures or the scotch please call crime stoppers. >> juliet: a deal has been reached regarding the school bus drivers. they worked out a new collective
6:37 am
months of negotiation. union members still need to vote on that tentative deal. it it expires in june 2018. >> kerry: mary diblasio will suck in the bill into law criminalizing synthetic marijuana. the mayor will also sign a separate belt banning the cell of k2. that is a type of synthetic marijuana. another bill will allow the city to revoke a businesses cigarette license if it is found selling synthetic drugs. >> juliet: fox means business. good morning adam. >> juliet: let's talk about u.s. airlines. >> reporter: while you may now feel free to move about the world with southwest airlines, they're going international. they open an international hub in houston. you houston.
6:38 am
central mexico, at fort lauderdale they're building in an international hub as well. right now if you want to fly you can go to put to canada, cancun, costa rica, liberia, nassau, montego bay jamaica, kabul son lucas and will be adding more fights later on. belize city is coming down and san jose puerto rico. this is big stuff or southwest. 45 years old and they have always been a domestic area. nothing direct from nothing direct from laguardia yet. but who knows, maybe that is coming next. >> juliet: we like that, we like more competition out there. let's get over to christina for a look at the traffic's before we have a bad situation going on
6:39 am
we'll go to the skyfoxhd. >> reporter: we are over the northern state parkway between exits 41 and 42. a serious accident and police investigation is ongoing. one of ongoing. one of the vehicles is severely damaged. right now it is shut down in the northern direction between 41 and 42. i have mild delay into the westbound closure. minor delays on the eastbound. >> christina: if you're traveling on l ie eastbound by queens there's a crash, vanwyk by queens is another accident
6:40 am
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>> juliet: checking out your headlights. a huge uproar over a job posting. a company looking for a nurse but specified no patients should apply. they said it was a mistake, to say the least. it has
6:42 am
attorney general has opened an investigation. >> kerry: there nearing a deal to buy peter cooper village for $5.3 million. >> juliet: a federal appeal court has appealed new york and connecticut laws banning semi automatic weapons and large capacity magazine. says they will appeal and expected to reach the supreme court. duke is here now with the look of sports. football will start off with. >> duke: ice watch this game, giants and phillies was a huge game. the giants made so many bad mistakes. poor penalties, penalties, poor decisions, turnovers, this was ugly. the only thing with eli manning hits odom beckham junior. you think i'm okay, this is going to be good.
6:43 am
that is all they could muster. away for an interception. eagles defense stepping in. after bad penalty from moore kept the drive alive, we hit riley cooper for a 32-yard touchdown, eagles. first-quarter 7-7. then another poor decision and eagles led 14 - seven. they go on to win the game. not happy afterwards. >> just very disappointed. i expected to come down here and expected it to be a close game. i thought our first drive was as that excited me. that excited me for the rest of the day. from that point on there was not a whole lot to get excited
6:44 am
about. >> duke: it the things that frustrated him or the giants fan is turnovers, and the poor decisions a bad penalties. you just can't have that. the giants will host at the dallas cowboys this week at metlife stadium on sunday. okay mets fans we have had a day off and it's back to business. day three in chicago will be taking kyle hendrix. the guys on the grass there laughing and keeping upbeats, collin is keeping them loose. according to stats the winner of the first two gains has has one at 83% of the time. they struck out 13 batters in game one and pitch six effective winnings. they will be more proud of that one day probably
6:45 am
then in game one. he talked about the challenges of pitching. >> it's windy here, the ball carries well. i think my game plan is to get a lot of ground ball outs. >> the cubs do very well here we haven't won a game here two years. it will be a certainly different atmosphere but i don't think they get caught up in a thing about doing what they do best and that is go out and play the game right. >> duke: gametime tonight, they fully expect harvey to go, there's some swelling in the right tricep. if harvey go then it will be jonathan. on the american league side of things, royals and blue jays game three. others decided to go to the
6:46 am
since 93. if you don't know kevin pilar's name, he might be the best outfielder in all of baseball. josh donelson the mvp would follow that with a two-run shot of his own. the jays when 11-8. down to the ice let's go. the rangers hosting the sharks in a debut of never to goalie. he had a great game but he got the early lead in first period. they rip one off the first of the season i made it one, zip. blocked all shots.
6:47 am
not too bad. the jets, brandon marshall used to play for the chicago bears went on twitter over the weekend and asked fans whether he should root for the chicago cubs or the new york mets. the fans and chose mets but here's what marshall did next. he photoshop to a hat on his portrait, it has mets colors but can you tell what is wrong here? that is not a mets logo, that is a yankees logo. either he logo. either he did not notice or he's having some fun. >> kerry: let's see if the fans notice may be. i'm sure he's aware. >> juliet: mets fans would notice. let's go to microtek at the weather. >> mike: we have a milder day temps getting close to 70 now through thursday.
6:48 am
on thursday and cooler weather. here's what we have for starters, 49 in central park, 43 in belmar, 53 in bridgeport. most are 53 in bridgeport. most are warmer than we were 24 hours ago. that's basically the call for the day, lingering showers showers to our north is not coming to us. high temps get to 68 degrees and partly sunny skies. small shower chants coming through and then cooler and trailer dryer as you wrap up the weekend. you can can get the fox 5 and why weather app you can download it for free and you are ready to go. carrie and juliet back to you. spee1 entertainment news, gilmore girls could be making a return to television. we
6:49 am
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maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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the morning everyone we are still seen this issue and have a feeling we'll sit for quite some time on the northern state parkway. it is closed down. a big accident happened early on
6:52 am
park avenue both directions of northern state has been closed down. i would completely avoid that spot. the l ie after queens boulevard there's an accident blocking one lane. there lane. there is an accident by vanwyk that is been cleared away but we are seeing residual volume there. let's take a look at the fdr drive in the area of the 70s, things are not looking so bad. alternate side is in effect today. >> juliet: entertainment news now. >> kerry: omar odom has been released and is back in los angeles. >> juliet: he was taken by helicopter with his estranged wife, chloe kardashian. she has claimed not to leave his side. he was found to on conscious last a brothel in nevada. he is improving and can move his arms and legs and can breathe on his own. he will need a lot every had. country superstar blake shelton has been in the headlines since it was announced he would be divorcing his wife.
6:53 am
tabloid magazine. >> in touch magazine is at fault, they say the cover story that he was heaven to rehab is false. he is suing the magazine for more than $1 million in damages. the story was published last month claimed shelton was drinking heavily and that contributed to his splitting up from miranda lambert. they asked for a refraction of the story and when they did not get one they did not get one so they're filing a lawsuit. >> juliet: twitter was going crazy since the trailer of the force awakens. he got 17,000 tweets per minute and was viewed on youtube more than 220,000 times in the first 20 minutes. diehard star wars fans will love this, on solos hugging princess leia. tickets tickets went on sale even though the movie
6:54 am
>> kerry: gossip about the gilmore girls making a comeback. the girl starting that went to my high school. this time it will reportedly be on netflix. it was on for seven years, the last season in 2007. the new gilmore girls will have
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