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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 20, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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breaking news now. nypd officer has been shot in east harlem. now. this is east 120th streetp help that fdr drive t. that officer has opinion rush ared to harlem hospital. our dan bowens is there. no word on his condition. this. with have linda schmidt. linda, a do we snow. reporter: i have to till, this is an active scene out here along the fdr drive. there are hundreds of cops out here as well as officials. fdr is shut down between 125th street. no traffic is moving between 120 and 125. from what i am being told, something went down around 104th street and first avenue a hour and a half ago. something, something to the effect of man wo was seen with a one.
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somehow some firing ends up, gunfire ends up happening between the police officer and the suspect. i don't know who started firing first police then pursued the suspect here at fdr drive. i spoke to a witness. the wagner houses are here lit lair stone's throw away trillion the fdr drive. i spokek to a woman who lived here. he was tell meg what she heard and what she saw. here is what she had to say. by the way she didn't want to show her face on camera. you will see my face but hear her voice. here is what she had to say. i heard five shots. very close. very near. as the person was shooting, he, or the person that was shooting, the shooter was running up to pleasant to 120. he shot four more shots. are were vom the person the was pursuing where that person kept firing
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and firing and firing as he was running from the cops? >> yeah. cre. he kept shooting. reporter: okay. i have been able to confirm that the police officer the housing cop was psa5 which is in this neighborhood here. like i said, a very active crime scene here. also an active crime scene at 125th and 1st avenue. there is a the police found a man who was also shot. now what that man is the suspect. we don't know at this point be, he was taken to weill cornell hospital. in the meantime, the officer was taken to harlem hospital. i am told, hospital has he quested a blood bank, which is not a good sign. so i think, a lot of thoughts and prayers need go out to that police officer tonight. hopefully, that turns out not to be the case. that is what we're hear sog par. for nu, that is the latest here. >> axe lit there, linda, thank. we'll get details that officer's condition or some information.
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as we mentioned, our dan bouwens at harlem lop the officer was taken. >> yeah, dan. the commissioner just arrived there. what do you know tonight? reporter, dari, we saw them aof rife hearing at harlem hospital in the last few minutes. harlem hospital on malcolm x boulevard. 2.5-miles from where the officer was shot. the mood here in a word is tense. we have seen dozenses of officers walk into the hospital, shall aring to be the trean trains of the emergency room. others fathering done in the lobby below. you heard linda speak back the blood bank. possible many looking to donate and had the chance to speak previously with james o'neill as he entered the emergency room door. he was dressed in jeans and sweat shirt and looked like he had come from home. i asked does he update on the officer's condition. he said at this point, it is just too early to tell. we know harlem hospital is a level one flam center. we know the may area and the police commissioner are here and expecting
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they will give update on this officer's condition and the details leading up to the incident earlier this afternoon. am we are pecking toking have that update sometime within the hour. dari i, pen. dari: thank you. while police conduct their investigation. we should let you know. the fdr drive is a mess. joe has been flying high pof the scene now. joe, it justice awful all. the city how to. reporter: dari, the whole east sides ground a halt. some of the cars here at drive. these have been sitting in the vehicle since 8:45 when they shut down the fdr drive. crime scene tape crosses the entire fdr drive, so it is closed in both directions. they are trying to set up detour points off the fdr drive down in the 60's also at 96th street. also the southbound harlem river drive. they have not started to dethour yet.
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all they can do is attempt to u-turn traffic here as it comes street. you can he the harlem locked. now the frk bridge at manhattan. looks like in the process of shutting that leg over to manhattan down, that they just started in the last few minutes, so only able to go to the pron ex, the willis avenue bridge, that is closed from pan hat tan over to the bronx. you just cannot get there shall, and even some of the police vehicles, the emergency vehicles, we hear them, stuck in traffic, so imagine we have the lights and see you reb rebs and you can not get through traffic? now this is closed for awhile, midpiece is several hours until they do a complete and thorough investigation, i would tell the folks, avoid the whole east side, first avenue, second avenue, third west side. some of the upper avenues or the westside highway, henry hudson parkway. back to you guys.
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>> thank you. i of we appreciate that. we'll not story once again. the police officer. actually hearing the housing drop psa5 has opinion shot in east harem and taken to harlem hospital. our dan pow went withs is there. we'll got the latest from that and our search from lynn sh pit. ohm news this night as well. a woman fleaing a traffic stop on long eye be lan went the wrong way and crashed head-on into another car around 2:30 in the morning on the as bound side of the northern state parkway in dicks hill. the woman and the driver of the other vehicle both died at the scene. police tell us that it started when an fer stopped the female driver near central islip but refused to cooperate. >> when fleeing from the scene, she almost truck the police officer at the scene. the police officer then engaged pin police pursuit with that suspect. >> all right. well the parkway was closed for seven hours after the crash. neither drive ter has been publicly identified. >> a live look at this hour.
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laguardia airport where they are investigating a drone sighting that was reported earlier this evening. the faa says the drone was spotted by a passenger and were ared to the crew of the american airlines flight as they were bringing the airplane in for a landing this was 4:30 late afternoon. the flight did land safely. the faa is looking into how and why that drone got so close to the airport. >> princeton university oh frags confirming an outbreak hand foot-and-mouth disease ob campus. so far, be there have have been 19 reported case of the virrage fection. symptomsp include fever, painful mouth sores and skin rashes on the hands and feet. disease is common among children under five years old. it can spread through coughing and also sneezing. >> al new call for camp in the middle east tonight coming the united nations secretary cen general. ban ki-moon is in israel to meet. tensions have opinion rising over the past few weeks over the most holy
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jews and muslims. ste died the violence along with 4 plane ms israeli prime minister ben jap min netanyahu blames mau media bass for fanning the flames. well, eaye base not condemned a single one of the 330 terrorist i attacks on israelis over the last month. >> earlier today, the israeli pill tary arrested a top hamas learned accused him of citing recent attacks. >> governor christies wants a ban on all flights until a deal is worked out for a return of a fugitive wanted in the murder of a state trooper. he sent a let he were to the port authority chair pan saying it is unacceptable to resume flights to cube pa untille joanne is expedited back to the u.s. if convicted of kill k a state trooper in 1977. she then escaped from prison two years later. went to cube a, be are where she had has been living under dave rent name. >> break new on capitol hill tonight, wisconsin conpesman paulle ryan,
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moving closer to becoming the next speaker of the house. he is saying will run for the job if he can truly unite the party than the means having the support of hod rite and conservative factions in the house. ryan continues to meeting tomorrow. the port you a hor i may hold al design contest to replace the age bus terminal on the west >> a resolution will come up for a vote on thursday. calling on executive director patrick foil to conduct an international design competition for new bus terminal. the 65-year-old terminal is becoming obsolete and needs to be updated by replacing it it could take up to 15 years and cost $10 billion. >> yeah. that is not pad. a little bit of money. that is loft money. >> all right. how of ten do you goog? all the time. how did we cope without google if. >> well, the new york public library knows. we are taking a look back in time when people actually call the library looking for
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the questions are hillary zoo is plus, a lot of stores offer you a billing discount if you a i ply? it could be enticing are the perks worth it? allison takes a look at the pro and the cons. >> have avenue in the mets' fans friends been wearing the tame jersey for days? haib the same one. drinking from the same mug, not changing underear. he with are talking fan superstition to make the home team run coming up. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> it happened again. the nyfd is looking for a prisoner who got away. he escaped this morning. the police come is ner is not happy. >> handcuffed in police custody and they say they host him somewhere around here, george go and new lots avenue here in east new york, so where did brooks go? you mow who really wants to snow commissioner
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>> once again embarrassment for the department. something that we'll deal with severely as far as the officers involved. they are embarrassment to themselves in terms of the professional skillors lack of them. once again letting prisoner escape in the city. they will be dealt well appropriately. >> here that is guy. >> gerald brooks. according to police, it startedded around 6:00 this morning when members of the squad picked brookes up. >> put them downstair and put him into, put him the van. he was able to push one of the detectives out of the way and hes skipped a. >> a heavy police press he is sense tonight including the checkpoint on atlantic. police would not confirm if it with as related to pracs, a career criminal who has been locked up 54 times. the folks ten neighborhood are a bit concerned. >> it sounds scary to me f. the fifth time that year when someone in police custody has escaped in. this is individual grow a man who took off on police in harlem back in june. pracs, a 39-year-old
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wanted for doe mestic violence questioning is described as having brown ice, long black dread locks and last seen wearing a blue hooded backette can and a blue jeans. >> still wearing the cuffs. >> yeah. >> at his res mean? you know, i don't know if it was his residence, okay. he has numerous once on him. he has a warnt are a on him, too. meap, that was what we talk about all the time. this is, this is, this is a guy that is a problem. this is who i want the warrant squad to get. you know, they need to hold on to. you know, out of all unit ten police department, they are all barrassed. >> commissioner prattton mentioned the three officers responsible for keeping tabs on brooks face severe dislynn. reporting here. zachary keish, "fox 5 news." >> commissioner not happy about too. >> all right. the pay gap widening. the weekly earning posser men working full-time was $889 in the third quarter m. nicer than 2% increase a year ago.
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working full-time earn $721. that, though, is up less than a per sen people in point. it markel the third straight quarter. okay if you are thinking of opening up a retail credit card you may want to think base to this. the new credit card survey found the interest rates on retail are much hiver than the average credit card. to cards in par tk clue are the worst phoners. zill's jewelry company and tap pell's office supplies with interest rates of more than 27%. wow. >> yeah. retail cards can offer great perks if you don't kara pal hance on them, though. here. i am sure it is a part of your life at home. hard to believe actually. we had to look stuff up without it. so what did people do before they had answers a at stroke of a key poured. >> well, i is using instagram toll show suss
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sharon crowley explains. >> people need a place to go to ask questions. that place still the library. >> inside of the new york public library, you will find a senior reference live a are in matthew jay. like detective. his job is to hunt for answers inside of thele m misof bookstores here. >> i love the answering questions. i love being involved in the dice find the information. he and a small group other reference libraries condition! answered 10,000 questions a month. tackling tongues tongues from the curious around the world to can't find it on going tolele. >> another one was i am writing about clio. what were the shoes made it of. >> last year they found this pox here at the new york pubic library. in it, questions that were given to reference live arburys are dating back to the 1940's decided to post some of those questions on the instagram page.
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here is one them from 1956 that reads what kind of apple dl eve eat? >> i hope it was mcintosh pause in most of the images i have seen, it is red. it is not green. i don'tp think it was granny smith. >> here is another one posted on the stain gram account. this is a full moon every night. dated 1961. that would be nice, wouldn't it? >> is there ever a question you cannot answer? be on we try hard. if it is a really hard question, we will take some time to get back to them, but generally, be we try to answer just any question that comes in. >> sol the next teem you final yourself perplexed, puzzled wondering where to turn. you may want to reach hit to experts that have been solving psstries of the munds since the 1900's. >> almost any question that could be posedded can be answered here if you use the reyourselfs. >> at the fork public library. >> sharon crowley, fox 5 thus.
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>> fascinating. >> all right. a kiss. just a kiss. unless it is made by a certain candy company. talking with sheers sy. the candy company is putting out the kiss deluxe. are you ready? it debuted there two years ago. that is maybe a test market. the deluxe kiss has goldp wrappers in he stead of silver. the american version will have rice crisp instead of a wheat so it could be gun into free. they are twice as big as regular hersey kisses. >> some kind of a nutten the middle. >> looks like a al pond. >> yeah. it is. it is knockoff. >> okay. >> just in time for the ol days. >> yes. >> yes. >> all right. there is some serious star power in brooklyn tonightyon say, jay-z hitting the stage at par clay's. our simone boyce there ises aaz well and bring highlights from the concert. >> and update on lamar odom.
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what is ahead's arrives in ha for some serious
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>> a done sert sin brooklyn tonight. some of the biggest names in mikes at the barclay sen tercel brating the streaming service reaching
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1 million subscribers. >> sy bone boist is about on the red carpet before the big event and takes us there. reporter: dari, you would think it is grammy night when you look at the list tonight. jay-z, beyonce, nicki minaj, little wayne, nick jonas, a knife i have hitters performing for good cause for the charity benefit concert that jay-z is growing. if i spoke with them on the black car bet the history being made tonight. >> huge. huge. huge. >> open the door. be if! >> p jay-z josh whatever he is doing, people shall love. just see him.
10:23 pm
ever happen like this. somebody put a show like this together. >> prince, beyonce, you know, ti, wayne, ross, everybody. 3:00. reporter: famously dated khloe kardashian who is stand buying lamar odom's side as he recovers are the mem. here is what sheetier had to say. >> think every woman should do what khloe kardashian did. when somebody is doing a critical situation, you should be by their side. you may the person who saves their life, you fever know. it is a beautiful thing that she is doing. a i hope lamar gets better. >> tonight's concert was sold-out but also streaming on-line because both member and a non-members of ty dal. i would give any tin to be inside of there. back to you. >> good show at the par class. >> thanks. >> all right. la marl odom is being treated at at los angeles hospital tonight. he was transferred from
10:24 pm
vegas yesterday where he had been since being found unconscious a drug binge at brothel. odom remains on dialysis. some reports suggest his kidneys could rare transplant. his he isng straked wife khloe kardashian remains by his side. earlier today sh he released a statement saying in part, the past week has been incredibly difficult. am hankful to family, friends and fans who sent nothing but prayer and well we shalls to lamar much? want to tank everyone at sunrise hospital. that was the hospital including the amazing doctors and nurse force their kindness and diligent work. >> all right. coming up. update on the breaking news involving the housing officer shot in east harlem. the city take through steps to get a dangerous drug off the street. >> a the new law signed today that is supposed to stop the sale of synthetic marijuana. tracy morgan's big announcement what hes telling about his return
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break newing us now. >> fdr is shut down. we are tollle lowing the condition of a police officer shot in east harlem tonight. linda schmidt is looping the fdr drive with the update. linda. reporter: that is right. good evening. that officer was critically injured when he was shot here along the fdr at 120th street. i though we have sky fox overhead. the fdr is still shutdown between 120th street ap 125th as this investigation continues. learning so far. something happened at around 1049th street and first avenue. a report of a man with a gun. police responded to that location. and a gunshot then fired and the suspect took off on foot running from police. now i spoke with a woman who livedded in the neighborhood. here. a ston's throw from from now. she was telling m me that the suspect was fire withing prettily at the police. she could see him running from thep cops
10:28 pm
his gun at them. the police officer was then shot here at of. hospital. i am also told that another man was found with a gunshot wound at avenue. he was taken to weill cornell hospital. i am told, that he is the suspect. he is in custody now. but the police officer, a housing cop with psa5 in this come in the now in harlem hospital in critical condition. for now you the latest from here. pack to you. >> all right. linda, thanks very muchp. come messing inner bratton which is the officer. mayor de blasio tweeting now. we'll update soon, new yorkers. please keep the nypd officer who was shot in your thoughts. >> we should let you know, they are setting up a podium getting ready to gives a press conference when we get it. we'll give it to you. in the meantime, major de blasio sign lead to
10:29 pm
today that makes sell k manufacturing synthetic marijuana also known as k2. violators could face year in jail and finds. stores repeat violators could lose the tobacco license and be shutdown. >> an apartment building under construction in chelsea is longer in damage of collapse. it started early this morning on the fourth floor of that building on west 17th street and quickly lead to roof. the building waslated to be almost luxury condos but vacant at the time. they said there were no serious injuries reported. the cause tonight under investigation. >> three long island high school students are being called farris buleer for allegedly hacking into the school's computer system and change schedules and also grades, fm. police say that daniel sur rezp and eric flock the commack school district computer network in july. they are accused of altering class skedlual force 300 students then changing grade force two others.
10:30 pm
all three are charged with computer tampering. suarez are is facing barring ry and identity theft charges. >> tracy morgan, i don't know if you say it. l. he was hilarious. says he is getting ready to go back on tour. tracy morgan picking the pieces kick off february performance at a.c., at lap tick city, mu brunswick, westhampton. this il with the first comedy tour since last year's deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike that left him seriously his friend. lots of women are wondering what to think tonight after the american cancer society posted new guidelines for mammograms and want women to get them later but more often. sharon crowley has more. >> the american cancer society has new divideline force breast cancer screening and healthy women with average risk of developing breast cancer are now being advisedded to get the first mammofrom at age 45 and continue every year until age 55 when they
10:31 pm
should get screened fever two years. earlier, it had been recommend women start getting mammograms at age 40. the doctor is a chair of the american cancer society guidelines panel. >> the risk of breast cancer slowly increases from the mid 30's only the early 40's! then really starts increase around the age of 45 to 49. >> some doctors think the new guidelines are a his take. >> ty think that that most aggressive breast cancer come in women that are 40, in their 40's. throats the witness we want to dematerially so they don't grow large. >> one of the reasons the american cancer society is calling for these changes, it is because health hi women can often get false ostives and that can cause stress and unnecessary invasive tests. even though carmen sierra had three false positives she shies sneeded to start the mammograms at age 40.
10:32 pm
i believe we should get one every year. is very important for women especially as you get older. on the end, doctors say, be if you are confused, you should check with your individual caretaker. sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." all right. not monsters in the bed. that is not a shock. or clowns. else that ily on my list. the americans are most afraid of. >> would you believe, maybe we are not surprised. meashs are afraid of corruption of government official. that is cording to chapman university second annual survey of american fears. cyber terrorism corporate tracking of personal info and terrorist attack and government tracking of personal info round out the top five on the list. >> very seriousng thises there. >> other fears we have. reptiles. public speaking number 26 and heights also one of mine. 28. >> major relief. ghost ups and zombies which off the list. >> we know athletes have their superstitions.
10:33 pm
baseball players he is pushily. the fans are wad, too. we asked to reveal how tar they goil they try help the team win. >> one day erupts the next dare down. why consume er reports is pulling the plug on the glowing report of tesla cars. >> and be sure that check out the fox 5n weather tapp features daily forecasts and live interactive are a door track storm us where are. plus we can get weather headlines and storm alerts and even warnings near pi. grab the free app today. search fox 5 in the youtube store on on
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but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> apparently these days, it is making a comeback and a becoming popular among fitness buffs. >> some think i it could the them get cleaner. next perts say it it is still very dangerous. >> it was wonderful for the first few weeks until it turned on me. >> katherine was a teenager within she tried ghw. count send is how to a freelance writer for the daily beastp and wrote article about her
10:36 pm
experience. she had done what many people do. next the drug with alcohol. at a new year eve's party. i did not listen to advice. i actually did have just a couple of beers, a small a. alcohol i was comatose. i was ton the floor. i had people after the party stelling me that you know, i run around the party act crazy. thank god i had the right people taken after pe. i never did that drug after this. >> its the date rape drug but now celebrities and physical fitness buffs are using it to lean out the body mass and referred to as a fat,er. mz has wered that actor john stay moss was under the influence of ghb when race for du i back in june. tmz says sta moss was thighs drug to debt shred before shooting the new tv show. >> the physical fitness people say look all of these things it increases growth hormone
10:37 pm
hormone is going to help you build muscles. s that a lot of bull. he is the senior managing health ed for knocks news so he says fans are being led down a dangerous road. >> if you take it, you know, pes pushily if you come pine with it alcohol or any other drugs, and you could have or stop breathing. cue pass out and aspirate then actually die. >> i would say any time 2:00 that something is advertised as fat burner fict is going to appeal to a lot of people? and i just, i would never say don't do it. he is not worth it. >> linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." >> got to be careful. >> all right. >> 10:40. we told you how tesla had launched some. >> some software. >> new software. >> the newest models drive themselves. we were blown away. but today consumer reports magazine says the rating for the company's luxury electric car the model s is worse than average for predict oed
10:38 pm
so now, the hands moon feature. the magazine says the 1400 tesla owners who answered the annual reliability survey complained about problems related to drive train power, commitment and sunroof leaks. the model s sticker are price starts at drab 76,000. >> wow. >> unbelieve? all right the diehard mets' fans will do anything to try to hem the team win. >> all right. >> that includes wearing the same shirt for every game. sitting in the same spot in front of the tv. fans are revealing their superstitions text.
10:39 pm
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>> there is a lot of falk the cubs being haunt bid the curse of the billy goat. >> yeah. started back in 1945 when a fan kicked out of wrigley field for trying to bring the pet goat into the stadium. the fan said the cubs will never win again. as he left. >> all right. well it turns out the goat's name was murphy. that sends him having a lot of fun with it given the second baseman's name daniel murphy on a home run terror.
10:42 pm
russ will talk about later. but first jen law mer showseses the goat that is win this superstitions that fans are clinging to tees days. u know what they say? the higher the climb, the harder the fall. that sort of the mood of the moment with the mets' fans knowing next two games and they are optimistic and getting a little bit superstitious, too. if. >> let's go met. at the club they kick off every game the same way. >> come here. get the crowd going and let's go met and get them pumped up another dm and those kind of rite outs that are supposed to bring were us good luck. >> don't watch the game well well my wife. she is bad huck. >> don't watch without this jersey. >> this special cuss time jersey i got. >> sure. i gets cue say it is all superstition and the mets can thank sheer talent for the 2-0 run. doll we really want to leave it to chance? >> however, every other met game in the postseason to within the
10:43 pm
so let me ask you this? do you bar? do you wash. yes. >> yes. >> i do. >> question. dow. >> that is a lie. >> re, i do. >> as often as i can. i keep my mouth shut. >> you though? i don't, i done say anything. >> until the mets take home a world series win. you can expect their fans to keep knocking on wood. >> keep going. 3:00. >> sore think guy's wife. keep watching the game well the guy. >> i have to go to the par. the only reason i am ear. >> you are take one for them a. >> for the tamly. >> see how tonight go. if in midtown, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> well maybe al the superstitions work. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> tings are looking all right now. >> all right. >> okay. >> nope. >> getting close. >> nice day. >> nice day. >> putful day. right. another one am coming tomorrow. temperatures that jumped her to side of this
10:44 pm
scale. the last couple of strays been chilly. below average. today we went to 70 that was high are by average of 8 degrees here. the average high should be 62. morning low was on target. tomorrow though going to be milder. in the 0's bun the 50's and maybe even upper 50's here. 62 and 49 that is where we should be. we are back toward friday and pee beyond. 80 and 31 in the record. 6:09 the set time. a few high clouds now at 64 so still piled thanks to the south west wind. not so bad. pressure the rises. all right. as we take a look at fox 5. it is just high clouds. nothing to report to you on as far as rain tonight. that is a bad part of this forecast. beautiful throughout. we head to rain. nothing coming except for a shower at some point thursday evening. poughkeepsie tonight. 75 was their high. 70 down the jersey shore and upper 60's as far as mon ty cycle low goes. they are usually the chely spot. 64 on the east side. in the lower 60 around
10:45 pm
the city. 63 on the east end to 50 at the sore. 65 at the hudson valley. 67 as you get north and west. 14-15-16 degrees warmer yeah. s the the reason f. southwest wind. 5 to 10 percent. stay that way tonight. southwest wind pack tomorrow. still talk mild temperatures in fact the northeast now. in the mid upper 50's to 60 or greater as you go boston philly a. little cooler washington, d.c. ski. see them here. that is about the worst that with he'll sea see. those high clouds are am coing the cold front that is on making the move toward us. that is not going to make it any are her to the south. high pressure sure it to block it. that gives us the southwesterly airflow in play. the cold front again right about this position here. base this where it is going to stay. we take look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. again, that front is north of us. look at the 70's from the city on down top atlanta. back to chicago. 80's down the gulf coast.
10:46 pm
toward denver. 49. a rather wet day in denver. 82 l.a. again future cast temperature showing back to the 70's tomorrow. again, on thursday, if that is when well a he see a little change though. notice a drop by thursday night. the cool front will approach. 50's out the done that city. 68 by lunchtime tomorrow. putful day. there goes the rent. again looking at temperatures to stay mild tomorrow. mild again thursday. this front move brings that shower threat thursday evening or fight. not much rain on the side of that front. cooler is a noon weather returns friday. some clouds tonight. 40's to lower are 50's. took the lower to mild 70's tomorrow. good look digging a. do it thursday a at 774. breezy. sunny. about 59 though. stay around 60 saturday. a lot of clouds come in sunday. another cold front approaches. 65 after this happens. then hovering near 60 monday and tuesday. >> all right. nice. >> there you go. thank you. >> we're doing it. >> ross. coming up next in
10:47 pm
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reporter: nets were at wrigley field in chicago tonight. looking to go up three games to none on the cubs to tick a stranglehold in the national league championship sr. is for the fifth postseason game in a row for the mets, it was murphy's law striking a aday in. yes, indeed, na man aday in. daniel murphy. top of the third unloading on kyle hendrex. bye pi, so long well, farewell. five bombs in the last five games. six of the postseason. 2-1. then here. the cubs answer. off jacob. he also says bye-bye, so
10:51 pm
long, farewell. solo bomb of his own. can be buys believe in that. a deuce piece. get a load of this. top six. on the third. two-out. swings and misses. strike three. the ball gets away from the catcher allowing set bus to score and mack mack 3-2 and maybe there is a curse on these can be buy because topp seven now at the corner. now at the plate. draws a shot to left. kyle should have made the catch. he didn't. david wright scoring from third. making it 4-2. now 5 hp 2 now in the top of the ninth inning. wow. wow. meanwhile in the as. the plu jays were looking to their series at two games a piece up in toronto earlier. bin stead former mets' cy young award winner knuckle bear got ups a big-time tuckle sand britch the roy cannials. just a second beater of the game. if for get about it. al 2-1 bomb making it quickly 2-0.
10:52 pm
it would be 4-0. then, top two. it is just quickly becomes 5-0 in the second batter. alex rio in loads a solo bomb. royals go ton win. 14-2 take a come manning 3-1 head. they go on tomorrow afternoon again up in to rondo. other base wall business. the yank i haves have done this met force some medical assistance. that is right. dr. david, the medical direct for for the mets operated today on yankees' ace right hanker at the hospital for special surgery. the prod sood door was author skopic to remove a pone spur the he'll be on the ice tonight. they are vying 4-0. devils beat coyotes in overtime. 3-2. how those mets? also de. >> yeah. >> i am scared to say anything. now i am feeling superstitious. >> yeah. >> up 3-0. >> the thing we have been doing. >> sense last week. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. we want to recap the
10:53 pm
breaking new on those officer shot in east harlem. he is in critical condition and being hospital. both the may area than the police commissioner are there. >> the officer has not been identified but we're told he is a housing cop who voice oning to a calf shots fired in the area this is 120th street and the fdr. another person possibly a suspect was also wounded. in the meantime, the fdr is closed partick cln the area of the 120 he and complete details for you tomorrow morning on gooded day starting at 4:30 a.m. and also, as we await that press >> traffic don't mess. >> horrible. >> really tragic night. >> yeah. that is our new force tonight. >> all right. good night.
10:54 pm
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