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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 21, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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you can't see both at the same time. your trihonda dealers remind you to put down your device and drive safely. bill: now on "chasing news". >> company president called the advertisement unsuccessful. >> an opportunity to galvanize. >> discrimination. bill: it seems to me that you have blown this up much bigger. >> here in jersey city chasing chico ram sell, the councilman who allegedly took government paychecks will being a no-show at work. >> regarding.
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government vehicle. >> crawling through some of northern new jersey, the best part. this halloween season. >> mother of freaking god. bill: you are chasing a story abouta story about a national healthcare firm that is on hot water friend had that specifically says no haitians. >> reactions are pouring in about that advertisement. interim healthcare said it had no idea. according to a statement released by the company's president calling the advertisement unacceptable. four days after the at 1st surfaced.
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online firestorm with officials in the community demanding answers. >> it gives the community at large an opportunity to galvanize and come together and show the world you cannot mistreat without repercussions. >> the haitian community is not alone in his demands. something local officials have been urging four. among those officials, democratic state senator who is with us in studio on skype. what do you find most appalling? what exactly do you want to see done? >> an investigation from the attorney general who has requested documents from interim healthcare. in rockland county we have one of the largest populations of haitian americans than any part of the country. bill: what do you mean by an investigation? i am envisioning the wheels
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at what cost? it seems like with the company apologizing, who got apologizing, who got hurt in your constituency that it would cause this kind of reaction. >> it's a pretty large company. they employ hundreds of people in our community. we have to take a look at the hiring practices which reeks of discrimination and racism that we need to root out wherever it exists. bill: have you ever had a complaint against this company before? >> no, i have not. bill: all of a sudden you are saying racism, employment discrimination. >> we will not tolerate any form of employment discrimination in our committee. >> what is wrong with an elected official doing his job? you may be right. it is certainly not funny, but there is nothing wrong with an investigation to get to the bottom of it.
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this happened. bill: i am skeptical of any politician that takes advantage of a small issue and makes it a huge issue command the taxpayers pay for it. >> anytime you have a blatant form of employment discrimination you have to take it seriously. this is something we are concerned about, and if there is ever a case we need to follow through on, it is right here. bill: thank you for joining us on "chasing news". >> the new york city medical examiner has found the dermatologist found dead passed away the medical examiner ruled that the death was accidental.
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jersey city councilman who allegedly took government paychecks. an investigation was launched by the improvement authority after it was revealed that the county vehicle he was driving revealed he was driving around the city while his timesheet shows there should have been at work. he was fired from this job. making about $49,123 and was 1st hired in 2008. i caught up with him in front of his home. >> really quickly. >> regarding. >> the use of the government vehicle you are being accused, being a no-show at work. >> i have to go.
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thank you. many are calling for him to step down. his situation. has spoken to him saying that if he plans to plead guilty or is found guilty he should step down. this is actually pretty surprising because he was seen as the white knight. in fact, in 2013 he is the one who initiated a gps tracking device system for city vehicles. >> 68 percent approval rating in jersey city. 65 percent among blacks.
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right now. bill: how is he still a member of city council? this is insane to me. he was in court on thursday. >> i will keep you guys updated. >> thanks. >> that, that was pretty good. >> northern new jersey's best attractions. this halloween season, the great pumpkin. we got started. >> expecting somebody.
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>> no doubt. >> they really do suffer. >> i thought you were one of them. >> constant fear. >> what do we expect year? >> high-energy. in your face. everything is just constant, high-energy. >> second haunted house of the night. buckle up buttercup. >> came along and we both got everything. are you down for it?
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>> okay. >> mother of god, mother of freaking god. >> you have already met one of our hosts for the night. >> i love this. >> the other one, of course, came up with a smart phone app. you can get prizes and ratings. >> the past 25 years. >> that is how we found our last stop, the haunted scare house.
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they follow storyline. >> i can't stand it. >> inside, hank. >> yeah. >> okay. >> here is what is amazing. i had to have my go perlite on. see what was coming. a lot of times in with the light on i could not and had to remind myself. it is a lot. we were petrified. bill: i'm a little tempted.
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>> well, you canwell, you can hitch a free ride back to the future wednesday in new york city. offering delorean rides for the low price of $0. rides will be free. you have to hit 88 miles per hour in the speed limit is 25. >> meet a highly specialized , trained back to the black lab. >> as far as we know we are the only recovery operation that has a detection dog. bill: what happens when they
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner.
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>> halloween is just around the corner. the legless zombie fellow is pulling pranks again. and my fight or flight reaction. >> me janine, a woman living on public assistance. she thought she could be
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the administration has cut the funding for the housing program. she was in the hospital and she got the news. >> i started going crazy. >> tuesday morning she got good news, a reprieve from the governor. the program has been extended. she has four or five months to try to find a new place to live. that is the one that pays the 821 of $921 of her rent. >> these are the people that are able -- that are able to work.
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intellectual disability. they have met never been able to work. >> you get ready for interview. it is kind of friends to her because she lives alone. bill: who pays for it? >> medicaid. her health insurance is to medicaid, and she is on food stamps. a person normally could go on social security disability insurance listen she had to work two or three jobs a lot of them were under the table. she does not have the approval necessary. there is a long waiting list for disabled housing, but she is way back at the back of the line. >> pointing the finger at
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extending it. where is the anger? it is the people that needed the most they get left out in the cold. the entire mess that we get in. >> you can get to the top of it which seems unlikely and a lot of these other people will be asked if not forced to move in with family. some of them live far away and do not have handicap accessible houses. i think that the state goal is to get some people off the program and a private organizations with the
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for the people left. >> most humans find docs to be there best friend, but this guy is there best ally. a highly specialized trained black lab who lives and works in this amazing space. the williamsburg house, sober living environment. he decided to incorporate into his treatment the program. people started calling him, the teenager or roommate and might have drugs in the house. >> as far as we know we are the only recovery operation dogs. i never wanted it to be policing. >> any drug, not just illegal drugs. the prescription drugs which keeps the community safer everybody and is also an emotional support animal. >> a therapeutic supporter as well.
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friendly. bill: tens of thousands of dogs are trained for emotional support or to find drugs. is he unique? >> the only one in the state of new york. not too intimidating. the way that he is trained is he basically does it in a really sly fashion. he will sit & by wagging his tail silently. >> he made it clear that they are not the police here. they do not turn people over to the authorities. bill: telly about the halfway house. maybe they have done some
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>> they released aa national poll today with donald trump in the lead. 28 percent of the vote. chris christie came in 9th place with 3 percent of the
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to bring it closer to home, the poll had trump in the lead. and found that they feel that governor christie should end his campaign. we have ashley in studio. the assistant director. when you look at the numbers , he is still in that is that a reason to stay in the race. >> back home, supposed to be the voters that are not telling him to end his campaign. bill: what do you see with trump's numbers? it seems that he was higher than that and has come down a little bit. >> i think it is an outsider perspective. donald trump, been carson, carly fiorini, there is this outsider fever.
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has other outsiders behind. bill: is your poll relevant at this point? you have a new jersey primary that will come far after any of the other major relevant primaries, iowa, new hampshire. by the time we get to new jersey we have pretty much picked the nominee and almost every election over the past decade. >> voters are saying we are tight of the governor being out-of-state running the campaign. he needs to come home. on a national front it is showing, if the voters are ones who are supposed to know you the best. >> this idea, it is not new. it is just knew that people realize it. republican governors association took him out of the state quite a bit. >> not new but not okay. the governor is not doing his job. any other election cycle if
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you tell people you are running 9th marks republican candidates you would be irrelevant. we have so many republican candidates. bill: at this time or a similar time and the last cycle michele bachmann was considered a republican front runner. anything can happen. thanks. outrage and accusations fly after a transgender teen is selected homecoming queen. >> will she keep here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
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